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Chapter 4664

When speaking, Boss Wu frowned and looked at Darryl, and couldn’t help but muttered in his heart.

Madd, are you missing something? Is this kid a hidden master?


At the same time, Darryl frowned when he saw Shao Lingfeng being tied up with five flowers, and then sighed.

This idiot, if he hadn’t been poisoned, the situation wouldn’t have gotten so complicated.


Just as Darryl was muttering secretly, he saw Feixue being hit in the back by the palm of Wu Boss. At that time, Feixue’s delicate body was shocked, and a muffled groan came out of his mouth, and his face turned pale instantly.

“Flying Snow. I’ll help you.”

Seeing this scene, Darryl was already in his heart, and he quickly shouted, and was about to rush up to help.

Just before he took two steps, Boss Wu sneered, and grabbed the long knife to intercept Darryl directly: “The boy still wants to help, I came to learn and teach, what skills do you have?”

When he said this, Boss Wu looked cold and arrogant.

Feixue was slapped just now, and there was no longer any threat. More than a dozen subordinates could easily subdue her. In this case, Darryl was left in front of her.


At this time, Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense, he breathed a sigh of relief, and said lightly: “You are not my opponent, you should surrender quickly.” Originally Darryl did not intend to reveal his strength, but this Shao Lingfeng is really unreliable. make a mess.

What? what did he say?

At this moment, Boss Wu was stunned, thinking that he heard it wrong, and tilted his head: “What did you just say?”

This person is crazy, he is the only one left, how dare he be so arrogant?

“Surrender!” Darryl said coldly.

“Ha ha….”

Hearing this, Wu Laoda laughed in anger and stared at Darryl: “Boy, who do you think you are? Gu Qianqiu from Heaven? Let me surrender? Hehe, do you have that strength?”

Two masters from Heavenly Dao, one was poisoned, the other was besieged, it can be said that the situation is firmly under control, and this little-known kid in front of me dares to speak madly to make me surrender, it is really ridiculous.

Seeing Boss Wu’s contemptuous expression, Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense: “If you don’t surrender, you will be at your own risk.”


At this moment, Boss Wu’s face changed suddenly, his anger rose, and he stared at Darryl and roared, “Go to Nima, the brat who doesn’t know the sky and the earth, dare to threaten me? You will die for me.”

At the moment when the last word fell, Boss Wu’s whole body exploded with strength, and then rushed like a cannonball, hitting Darryl with a palm.


This palm contains Wu Lao Da’s nine-success power, and when he sees the palm of his hand, the air is twisted, and the power is amazing.

However, Darryl was full of disdain, standing there as steady as Mount Tai, and then raised his hand and collided with the palm of Wu Boss.


The next second, the palms of the two collided, and a roar was heard, and the powerful fluctuations of power swept the audience. Then, Boss Wu groaned and was directly knocked back dozens of steps.

Darryl, on the other hand, was as steady as Mount Tai, and did not move at all.

To be honest, Darryl’s strength has not fully recovered, otherwise, with this palm down, Boss Wu would have died.


At this moment, Boss Wu stabilized his figure, stared at Darryl, and was shocked. How is this possible? The palm just now, even these two masters of the Heavenly Dao, are not easy to resist, but this person in front of him has nothing to do.

Feeling the shock in Boss Wu’s eyes, Darryl looked indifferent: “I said, you are not an opponent, surrender quickly.”

Go to Nima…

Hearing this, Boss Wu became angry and pointed at Darryl and shouted: “Go, give it to me, kill him.” When he shouted, Boss Wu’s eyes flashed with madness.

How is the strength? If you have too many people, you will be consumed by energy.


Hearing the order, the bandits present rushed up one after another, slashing at Darryl with the long knife in their hands. Darryl sneered and stepped forward.

bang bang bang…

I heard a sound of vibration, and in just a few breaths, several mountain bandits were knocked to the ground by Darryl and lost their combat effectiveness.

As for the other bandits, seeing Darryl being so brave, they couldn’t hide the fear on their faces.

Chapter 4665


Seeing that the situation was getting worse and worse, Boss Wu’s face was extremely gloomy. He tilted his head and saw Feixue was not far away.

Seeing Boss Wu rushing towards him, Feixue bit his lip and wanted to fight back, but he was injured just now and was very weak.

clap clap!

In the next second, Boss Wu quickly tapped Feixue’s acupuncture point, put the long knife on her neck, and shouted at Darryl: “Hurry up and stop this, otherwise, I will cut off her head. “

“Treading the Stars”

When shouting these, Boss Wu’s face was fierce.

“Flying Snow!”

Seeing this scene, Shao Lingfeng was in no hurry and couldn’t help roaring loudly.


At the same time, Darryl also stopped suddenly, his fists clenched tightly, his eyes staring at Boss Wu, his heart was full of anger, this mountain bandit is really cunning, if he can’t beat me, he will use Feixue to threaten.

Out of anger, Darryl wanted to kill Boss Wu immediately, but he held back and did not dare to act rashly.

Darryl could clearly see that Boss Wu’s long knife was tightly clinging to Feixue’s neck, and Feixue would lose its fragrance with just a little force.


After a few seconds, Darryl calmed down and shouted at Mr. Wu, “Let her go immediately.”

“Ha ha!”

Boss Wu sneered, his face full of jokes: “Do you think it’s possible? But I can negotiate a condition with you, you can capture her immediately, and I won’t hurt her life, otherwise, don’t blame Laozi for being tricky and destroying flowers.”


Hearing these words, Darryl did not respond, but his face was extremely cold.


At this moment, Feixue bit her lip and said in a complicated tone, “Don’t worry about me, hurry up, this is something we have to do away from Heaven.”

When he said this, Feixue was in a mess.

When the words fell, Boss Wu laughed evilly: “Hehe, the three of you, none of you can leave.”

With that said, Boss Wu impatiently urged Darryl: “Make a decision quickly, I don’t have the patience to waste time with you.”


At this moment, Darryl took a deep breath, nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll take it easy, you have to keep your word and don’t hurt her.”

Hearing this, Boss Wu immediately gestured to several of his subordinates.


A few of his subordinates understood and quickly walked over to tie Darryl Wu Hua with ropes. Darryl did not resist, but let them tie his hands and feet.

To be honest, Darryl didn’t want to compromise, but if he didn’t, Feixue would die in the fall of Wu Boss.

However, Darryl also made a plan in his heart, to show weakness for the time being, and when he finds an opportunity, he will counter Boss Wu. As long as Boss Wu is restrained, the other bandits will not be a concern.


However, at this time, after several bandits tied Darryl, one of them took out two poisonous needles and slammed them into two acupoints on Darryl’s back. , with a cold glow.

The moment he was stabbed in the acupuncture point, Darryl only felt a numbness that spread all over his body in an instant. This kind of paralysis did not penetrate deep into the meridians, but stiffened all the muscles in the body.


Feeling the paralysis all over his body, Darryl was furious.

There are still many methods for these bandits. This poison needle is so strange that it can make the muscles all over the body stiff, and it has not penetrated into the meridians. If it penetrates into the meridians, the red lotus in the body can be expelled, but now it is just muscle stiffness.. . This is a bit of a hassle.

“Why are you so stupid.”

Seeing that Darryl couldn’t resist and let the other party tie him up, Feixue stomped her feet in a hurry, and at the same time, she was also somewhat moved inexplicably.

Darryl originally had a chance to leave, but for my safety, I would rather be caught by the other party.

He… how can he be so stupid.

Hearing Feixue’s rebuke, Darryl smiled slightly: “What do we say, we have worshipped before, how can I bear to see you in danger and ignore it.”


Hearing this, Feixue’s delicate face instantly flushed red, ashamed and angry.

This Darryl is really not serious, what time is it, and he is still in the mood to joke.

“Ha ha….”

At this time, Mr. Wu laughed and walked quickly to the table to sit down: “Tie the three of them, then bring out the wine and meat, and have a good drink tonight.”

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