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Chapter 4674


Sure enough, Feixue didn’t have the slightest doubt when she saw what Darryl said, and nodded immediately: “Okay, let’s get out of here quickly.”

As he said that, Feixue bit her lip and said fiercely, “When I regain my strength, I will seek revenge from these bastards.”

To be honest, Feixue really wanted to take revenge on the mountain bandits immediately, but after the fierce battle, his strength was drained a lot, and now his body is very weak, in this case, he can only choose to leave first.


As soon as Feixue finished speaking, Shao Lingfeng quickly nodded in agreement.

Darryl didn’t talk nonsense, he walked over to untie the rope for Feixue, and said with a smile: “Okay, let’s go quickly, I guess they will be back soon.”

When the words fell, Darryl turned around and walked out the door, without even looking at Shao Lingfeng, he didn’t mean to untie him at all.


Seeing this situation, Shao Lingfeng became anxious and shouted at Darryl, “Stop, don’t you see another person? Come and untie me.”

The words were full of arrogance and no respect.

In Shao Lingfeng’s eyes, Darryl was just a little gangster who didn’t get into the rivers and lakes. He took the initiative to talk to him, which was already giving him face.

This fool!

Darryl scolded secretly, stood up and looked back at him, and said with a half-smile, “I’m not your friend, why should I help you?” When he spoke, Darryl held back his anger.

Mad, this idiot didn’t even care about Feixue’s innocence just now in order to save his life. He just wanted to kill me. Now that the situation has reversed, he wanted me to help?

What about daydreaming?


Hearing this, Shao Lingfeng’s face flushed, and he opened his mouth for a while, but he quickly reacted and said coldly, “Boy, are you threatening me?”

He had endured humiliation in front of mountain bandits before, and now he was mocked by Darryl, so he couldn’t stand it.

Ha ha!

Seeing him say this, Darryl couldn’t help sneering: “Threatening you? You look down on yourself too much, I’m just telling the truth, aren’t you very powerful? Maybe you can save yourself before those bandits come back.”

The words were tepid, but they left Shao Lingfeng speechless.

At this time, Shao Lingfeng couldn’t refute at all. After all, he had tried every means to want Darryl to die, and now he wants the other party to save him, which is indeed shameless.

Thinking of this, Shao Lingfeng’s face was gloomy and uncertain, and he was very anxious.

Without Darryl’s help in solving the acupoints, and relying only on himself, when will it be possible to expel the poison and clear the acupoints?


Seeing that the two of them were talking more and more stiffly, Feixue couldn’t bear it any longer, she walked over, bit her lip and said to Darryl, “Darryl, what Shao Lingfeng did was wrong just now, I know you blame him, so let me do it for you. He apologizes to you, so don’t have any common sense, life is at stake, save him first.”

When he spoke, Feixue’s delicate face was full of complexity.

Speaking of which, Feixue also despised what Shao Lingfeng did just now, but no matter what, he was a fellow from Heavenly Dao, so how could he not be saved?

Now that his strength has not recovered, he can’t relieve Shao Lingfeng at all, so he can only beg Darryl.

“He killed me a few times just now, and you want me to save him now?” Darryl looked at Feixue with a smile, and said slowly, “Is this too much?”


In order to survive, this Shao Lingfeng deliberately wanted to kill me. His life and death have nothing to do with me.

Hearing this, Feixue felt very complicated and said in a low voice, “I know it’s embarrassing for you, but…”

“Flying Snow!”

Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Shao Lingfeng, and said very excitedly: “Don’t apologize for me, I just didn’t makeup what I said just to save my life, what’s wrong? You two have indeed worshipped. .”

“Besides, this kid ruined your innocence. I treated him like that for your own good. Don’t ask him for mercy, look at his triumphant appearance, don’t you just want me to bow my head? Hehe, is he worthy too?”

At the end, Shao Lingfeng looked at Darryl coldly: “Boy, if you think you can threaten me like this, you are wrong. I, Shao Lingfeng, stand on top of the sky, and I don’t need your help at all.”

Chapter 4675

Standing tall?

Hearing these four words, Darrylqi smirked, this Shao Lingfeng is really shameless to the extreme.

It’s a perfect example of a hypocrite.

Thinking to himself, Darryl didn’t bother to pay attention to him either, so he turned his head to Feixue and said, “Feixue, you heard it too, people are arrogant and don’t bother me to save them, I think you don’t have to worry about it.”

The last word fell, and Darryl strode out of the door.


Seeing that the situation completely froze, Feixue stomped her feet in a hurry, and hurried to catch up: “Darryl, don’t try to figure it out with him.” As he spoke, Feixue gave Shao Lingfeng a speechless look.

What time has this happened, and he still slaps his face and makes him fat.

Is it so difficult to be soft to Xiang Yuefeng?

However, Shao Lingfeng didn’t know Feixue’s good intentions, he looked awe-inspiring: “Feixue, don’t beg him, you first find a safe place to restore your strength, and then come back to save me…”

“shut up.”

Just before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Feixue coldly. At that time, he said angrily: “My strength will take at least two hours to recover. Do you think you can wait here for that long?”

“I’m afraid that in less than an hour, the bandits will come back. At that time, you will be the only one of the three. How do you think the bandits will deal with you?”


Hearing this prosperity, Shao Lingfeng immediately woke up and couldn’t help swallowing his saliva.

Feixue is right. These bandits are ruthless and kill people without blinking an eye. If they come back later, I will be the only one left, and they will definitely torture them in various cruel ways.

Especially thinking of Wu Tianlin’s cruelty, Shao Lingfeng shuddered even more.

“What are you still doing?”

At this moment, Feixue was so anxious that she urged, “Quickly apologize to Darryl. Only he can save you now.”


Shao Lingfeng took a deep breath, and looked up at Darryl, very reluctant, but still whispered: “Darryl, I’m sorry before, I hope you don’t take offense.”

“The First Cause of All Realms”

He spoke politely, but his expression was still cold and arrogant.

To be honest, if it weren’t for the critical situation and Feixue’s urging, Shao Lingfeng wouldn’t even intend to apologize.

Ha ha…

Seeing his attitude, Darryl chuckled lightly, without even looking at it.

There is no sincerity at all, and you still want me to save you? really interesting.

“You…” Seeing that Darryl was unmoved, Shao Lingfeng was very angry. At that time, his face flushed and he wanted to shout, but he held back.

Feixue looked outside and was completely anxious at this time, came over and took Darryl’s arm and said: “Darryl, time is running out, don’t be as knowledgeable as him, save him, even… even if I Please…” At the end of the sentence, Feixue lowered her head, feeling extremely complicated.

Speaking of which, she is aloof and arrogant. She has never asked anyone since she was a child. Today is the first time.

I go!

Is this still that high, icy blizzard?

At this moment, when he heard Feixue’s request, Darryl was stunned for a moment, and then looked at her with a smile: “Okay, just for your sake, I can help him, but… Since it’s asking for help, you can too. Always show some sincerity.”

At this time, Darryl had a wicked smile in his eyes, and he also paid attention to Shao Lingfeng’s reaction.

Seeing Darryl say this, Feixue hurriedly said, “Okay, how can you be sincere?”


However, Shao Lingfeng took a deep breath, knowing that Darryl’s words were not that simple, and his heart suddenly froze.


Darryl scratched his head, pretended to think for a while, then looked at Feixue with a half-smile and said: “We are so familiar, why should I make you embarrassed? Well, if you really want me to save him, just call I’m a good husband.”

Darryl put forward this condition not to take advantage of Feixue, but to deliberately anger Shao Lingfeng.


The moment the words fell, Feixue’s delicate face instantly flushed red. She never thought that Darryl would make such a request. She has a cold personality. How can she pronounce those two words?


Shao Lingfeng’s expression also changed, and he couldn’t help shouting at Darryl, “You think beautifully.”

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