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Chapter 4702


Halfway through speaking, when he saw Darryl standing at the door, King Shaoyang was shocked, surprised and delighted.

This… is this Mr. Darryl? I read it right.

In shock, King Shaoyang rubbed his eyes and looked again.

“Ha ha…”

In the next second, King Shaoyang reacted, burst into laughter, stepped forward quickly, and hugged Darryl: “Sir, this king really misses you so badly.” The words were full of words. sincere.

At this moment, Ying Kuang also saw Darryl, and was so excited at the time that he almost jumped up and stood up: “Great, Mr. Darryl, you are finally here.”

At this time, Ying Kuang was very excited, but he held his own identity. Instead of hugging Darryl, he rubbed his hands excitedly.


Seeing their happy appearance, Darryl was also indescribably happy, and immediately smiled: “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, stay safe.” Speaking of which, when he came to this continent, Darryl made very few friends. The King of Shaoyang and Ying Kuang can be counted as two.

At this time, Qingyu came over and stuck out his tongue at King Shaoyang: “Brother, you already know how to blame me. You always thought that I would do bad things. Now you understand that I brought surprises.”


Seeing her playful appearance, King Shaoyang laughed, nodded and said, “Okay, okay, just now it was my brother and I blamed you.” When he said this, King Shaoyang’s eyes were full of love.

My parents are gone. In the world, except for Your Majesty, I am the last relative in front of me, Qingyu.

The brothers and sisters chatted and laughed for a few words, King Shaoyang calmed down and patted his forehead: “Look at me, I forgot about the business, Mr. Darryl, sit down.” After speaking, he pulled Darryl to the sand table.

Darryl was not polite and sat down on the chair beside the sand table.

King Shaoyang and Ying Kuang also came to sit down, and then King Shaoyang looked at Darryl up and down and couldn’t help asking: “Mr. Darryl, in Qizhou City before, you and that mysterious powerhouse were shocked by the world. Zhan, when I saw you fall outside the city, I immediately sent someone to look for you, but in the end, I couldn’t find your whereabouts.”

Having said that, King Shaoyang and Yingkuang looked at each other and continued: “My Majesty and I are almost in a hurry. Now that we are safe and sound, we are relieved.”

The words are full of concern.

When the words fell, Ying Kuang nodded again and again and said, “But I believe that Mr. Darryl has a great fortune, and he will be fine.”


Hearing the words of the two, Darryl was very moved: “Your Majesty and the Prince are worried.”

Seeing him say this, King Shaoyang was a little displeased, and he waved his hand and said, “Oh? It’s all my own. If you say that, Mr.

Ha ha…

After saying this, the two looked at each other and laughed.

At this time, Darryl was in an unprecedentedly relaxed mood. Although King Shaoyang and Ying Kuang were both distinguished, they were approachable and had no pretense at all. It was the easiest to get along with them.


At this time, Ying Kuang looked closely at Darryl and asked curiously, “Sir, where did you go after the decisive battle in Qizhou City that day? Why did it take so long to come to us?”


At this moment, the eyes of King Shaoyang and Qingyu were also fixed on Darryl, waiting for his answer.

Facing their expectant gazes, Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief, sorted out his remarks in his heart, and said slowly: “It’s a long story, after the battle, I was seriously injured, fell into the moat, and was finally rushed for dozens of miles. outside, and was rescued by the two masters and apprentices of Mingyuemen.”

“At that time, I went to Mingyuemen with them because of my injury… Later, when I left Mingyuemen, I met someone from Nuliha…”

In the next ten minutes, Darryl explained his experience in the Hu people in detail.

For a while, Ying Kuang and King Shaoyang listened carefully around Darryl, daring not to make a sound, for fear of interrupting Darryl.


At the end, Darryl showed a smile and said with emotion: “Speaking of which, my luck is not bad. I rushed over after leaving the Hu people. Although there was a little trouble in the middle, I finally met His Majesty and the Prince.”

Chapter 4703

The experience was… simply too thrilling.

At this moment, after listening to Darryl’s narration, King Shaoyang and Ying Kuang looked at each other in dismay, their hearts were indescribably shocked.

These experiences, put on others, do not know how many times they have died. And Mr. Darryl, every time he can turn danger into danger, this is not good luck, it is enough to prove that Mr. Darryl is a century-old genius.


With emotion, King Shaoyang took a deep breath, looked at Darryl and praised: “In the world, I am afraid that there is only one gentleman who can go through this and still be safe.”

When the words fell, Ying Kuang also looked at Darryl with bright eyes, unable to hide his excitement and fascination: “This experience is really wonderful. If I have energy in the future, I must go out with Mr.

When saying this, Ying Kuang couldn’t hide the expectation on his face.

Although he is precious as the emperor, but after all, he is too young, and he still retains a bit of playful innocence in his heart.

Hearing this, Darryl smiled slightly.


King Shaoyang and Qingyu, on the other hand, looked at Ying Kuang with complicated expressions.

“I’m just saying…”

Under the gazes of King Shaoyang and Qingyu, Ying Kuang scratched his head embarrassedly, and said with a smile, “I know, I am the emperor, and I have to take responsibility for the world, and I can’t always think about playing…”

In Ying Kuang’s heart, although King Shaoyang is not a biological brother, he is more than a biological brother, so he is very respectful in his heart.

Seeing what he said, King Shaoyang smiled: “You are the emperor, and the entire Dayan belongs to you. You can go wherever you want, but it’s impossible to go to the world.”

The voice fell, and Qingyu said: “After killing Ji Beiye and revitalizing Chaogang, it is also possible to bring a few more guards around and visit the rivers and lakes.”


Ying Kuang nodded heavily, clenched his fist, and said, “Ji Beiye, I will not let him go.”

Saying that, Ying Kuang thought of something and looked at Darryl: “Sir, you just said that the queen of the Hu people wrote the covenant in her own hand, is it true or false?”

“The Guard is Here”

At this time, Ying Kuang was very calm on the surface, but he couldn’t hide the excitement in his heart.

If the Hu people turn their backs and help them deal with Ji Beiye, it will be just around the corner to recover the lost ground.

For a time, King Shaoyang and Qingyu were also inexplicably excited, staring at Darryl, waiting for his answer.

Ha ha.

Darryl smiled slightly, nodded and said, “Yes, at that time, I helped the queen eradicate the traitor Nuliha. The queen wrote the covenant in her own hand to express her gratitude and the sincerity of the Hu people, and I was there at the time.”

“At that time, Commander Xing took the covenant and left the Hu people before me.”

When he said this, Darryl looked relaxed, but he couldn’t help but mutter in his heart, strange, it is reasonable to say that Xing Tiance has already arrived in Qingyun City, why is there no one now?


Knowing the situation, Ying Kuang and King Shaoyang were indescribably excited.

In the next second, King Shaoyang thought of something: “Since Commander Xing left first, he should have arrived long ago, but… I haven’t heard the news of his arrival in Qingyun City.”

When the words fell, Ying Kuang and Qingyu couldn’t help but glance at each other, with some doubts on each other’s faces.


Darryl took a deep breath, thought for a while, and said, “Maybe there is trouble, but Commander Xing is very strong, and even if he encounters danger, he can save it.”

Seeing him say that, King Shaoyang and Ying Kuang both nodded.

Immediately afterward, Ying Kuang looked at Darryl and asked, “Why didn’t Mr. Xing go with Commander Xing at that time?”


Faced with the question, Darryl’s image of Yan Luobing appeared in his mind, and he scratched his head in embarrassment: “I had a little trouble to deal with at the time, so I couldn’t go with Commander Xing…”

Yan Luobing’s identity is special, so it’s better not to talk about it for the time being.

Ying Kuang was young, but he could see that it was inconvenient for Darryl to say more, so he didn’t continue to ask at that time, but said with concern: “Sir, you must be very tired after coming all the way, and you must have a good rest later.”

Darryl nodded.

At this time, Qingyu on the side couldn’t help but said: “Sir, you are more than tired. Just now at the gate of the palace, you were almost caught as a spy.”

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