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Chapter 471

“You let her go!”

King Castro’s face was pale, watching Lu Jiechen grabbing his wife and child, his heart suddenly picked up.

“Let it go?” Lu Jiechen smiled, raising his hand without warning, and slapped Kendra with a palm!


With this palm, Kendra spurted out a mouthful of blood, and was directly shocked by the child in his arms! Flew a full dozen meters. Landed again and again, life and death unknown!

Although Kendra protected Ya’er, this palm had extremely strong penetrating power! How old is Ya’er, how can he bear this palm?


The king of Castro gave a howl, feeling that his whole heart was dripping blood! He rushed over, picked up Kendra and Ya’er, and kept calling. But the mother and son, their mouths were full of blood, and they couldn’t wake up no matter how they called them.

“Master.” At this moment, Qin Shousheng pointed not far away: “The imperial city defenders are here.”

Heard this. Lu Jiechen turned his head to look, and saw the direction of the imperial city, a mighty group of people, nearly a thousand people, all in black armor.

It was the defender of the imperial city. They heard the fighting here and knew that Castro was in trouble, so they hurriedly came to support.

Lu Jiechen sneered, he was naturally not afraid of these guards. With Qin Shousheng, he swaggered away.

Thousands of guards, holding spears one by one, faced Lu Jiechen and did not dare to rush forward! These guards had been completely crushed by Lu Jiechen’s aura, and they separated their way automatically, allowing Lu Jiechen and his apprentice to leave.

“Madam, madam!” Castro’s unspeakable heartache shouted at the guards behind him: “Quick! Quickly escort me back to the palace and go to the palace for a doctor! Quick, quick!”

When the voice fell, King Castro held Kendra and the child. Stumbled and rushed towards the imperial city, the whole person was almost crazy.

Madam, you can’t do anything.

There must be nothing wrong.


the other side.

On the Apocalypse Continent, on the West Sea, thousands of sailing ships have come across the ocean!

From a distance, I saw people standing on these sailing boats. These people were uniform in black and filled with a sense of murder!

Three big flags are planted on these sailing boats!

The first banner, bright red, has three characters written on it: Hall of Longevity!

The second banner depicts a pair of axes, the axes are crossed, and three characters are written on it: Huaguoshan!

The third banner, with nine dragons coiled around it, with four large characters on it, is particularly eye-catching: Walk the way for the sky!

That’s right, these people. It is Tianmen, the Palace of Longevity, the disciple of Huaguoshan!

The disciples of the three sects will gather together in a mighty and mighty, more than 300,000 people! From a distance, the entire ocean seems to be overwhelmed by the crowd!

At this time, on the foremost ship, three men stood side by side.

It is Darryl, Peter and Lorenzo!

Beside them, Krista and Elsa.

Behind them are the four great gods under the Tianmen seat, the two generals of Huoha, the ten heavenly kings, and the great Dharma kings of the Longevity Hall. Huaguoshan Elite!

Today, the three brothers come to Apocalypse. Exterminate Mingjiao!

At that time in Fuyao Palace, after Darryl helped to bury the two fairies, he immediately returned to the Ouyang family. After the three brothers converged, they set off immediately!

Thousands of sailing ships. After arriving at the Apocalypse Continent, after walking for a long time, the three brothers Darryl came to a small town.

On the way, Darryl kept frowning. Because he found that no matter which city he went to, there were many people from all walks of life going to the Mingjiao General Altar.

at this time. In the tavern in the town.

Darryl frowned, with a look of doubt: “Strange, why are so many people rushing to Mingjiao?”

When the words fell, Peter and Lorenzo looked at each other, also feeling strange.

“who cares!”

Regardless of this, Peter sneered: “When we arrive at Mingjiao, let’s just kill it!”

Lorenzo shook his head. Frowning: “You can’t be so reckless, it’s better to feel the situation.”

As he said, Lorenzo told the disciple next to him: “Go and find out what’s going on, why do the people from the rivers and lakes of the Apocalypse Continent have to go to Mingjiao?”


Hearing this, the disciple walked out quickly.

After a while, the disciple returned and respectfully said: “Go back to the lord, to find out clearly. Mingjiao guru Lu Lingshan, and deputy guru Lu Jiechen, are siblings. Tomorrow is their birthday, those we met along the way People from all walks of life go to Mingjiao to celebrate their birthday.”

The leader of Mingjiao, Lu Lingshan, was only a few hours older than Lu Jiechen.

and so. Both birthdays are on the same day.

Mingjiao is the oldest sect on the Apocalypse Continent, and it is powerful.

After Lu Lingshan and her brother took charge of Mingjiao, they had birthdays every year. Congratulations from all major sects will be drawn, and it can be called a grand event.


Upon hearing this, the three brothers Darryl looked at each other.


Peter patted the table, unable to conceal his anger: “Slot special code. This Lu Jiechen, dare to hold a birthday party?!”

After the words fell, Lorenzo followed with a sneer: “Since it is a birthday banquet, then Lu Jiechen must be in the main altar. Let’s just give him a urn to catch a turtle.”

When I said this, Lorenzo was full of excitement.

He asked, this Lu Jiechen likes to travel around the world the most, and his whereabouts are uncertain.

Zheng was worried about Mingjiao and couldn’t find him.

Darryl groaned, clenched his fists, and a touch of coldness curled up at the corner of his mouth: “Since it is a birthday party, how can we go empty-handed.”

When saying this, Darryl couldn’t hide his inner anger! Can’t help but think of Lily again.

My Lily, died in your hands, you dare to hold a birthday party!

Darryl gritted his teeth and instructed the surrounding disciples: “Go, bring me all the skilled craftsmen in this town. Since tomorrow is Lu Jiechen’s birthday banquet, I will prepare a copy for Mingjiao. Great gift.”


There is an inn next to the tavern where Darryl is located.

At this time in this inn, Leng Yan was sitting on a chair in the room, rubbing her sour legs while resting.

In front of the window sill, Lily looked out the window in a daze.

Lily and Leng Yan have been following Darryl secretly.

First from Ouyang Mansion, followed Darryl to Fuyao Palace. Afterwards, he followed Darryl to the Apocalypse Continent.

When Hu Sanyang set the fire in Fuyao Palace, Lily watched in the dark.

At that time Lily was anxious, for fear that something might happen to Darryl, she even wanted to rush into the fire.

After seeing Darryl safe and sound, Lily was indescribably delighted.

It can be said that Lily’s mood has been fluctuating along with Darryl’s safety along the way.

At this time, the inn where Lily was located was only a hundred steps away from the tavern where the three Darryl brothers were drinking. As long as Lily used her body skills, she would be in front of Darryl in the blink of an eye.

But Lily resisted.

She can’t do it! She never dared to face Darryl!

She didn’t want her husband to see who she was now.

She only wished to guard quietly in the dark, just looking at Darryl from a distance.

Chapter 472


At this moment, Leng Yan looked irritable, and said coldly at Lily: “Come here, send this letter back to Lingyin Pavilion.”

Leng Yan was in a irritable mood. For seven days, he and this ugly monster followed Darryl all the way, but there was no chance to start. The content of this letter is for Lingyin Pavilion to send more assassins. Help assassinate Darryl.

In Leng Yan’s heart, he thought that assassinating Darryl would not be a big problem.

But after several days of tracking, after seeing Darryl’s strength, Leng Yan was almost desperate. More importantly, Darryl hardly ever placed a single order.

For example, right now, Darryl led three sects with hundreds of thousands of disciples! How do you do this? !

In addition to these hundreds of thousands of disciples, there was also Peter beside Darryl. Lorenzo, Elsa, the Four Great Gods, the Ten Heavenly Kings, and other masters, never leave.

Assassination. Must succeed once! If it is not successful at one time, the target of the assassination will be alert. There will be no way to do it in the future.

After much deliberation, Leng Yan had to write a letter, requesting support from Lingyin Pavilion.


Lily bit her lip and looked back at Leng Yan: “Senior Sister, I’m going to deliver the letter…then…who will monitor Darryl?”

In the past few days, the task of monitoring Darryl’s whereabouts has always been Lily.

Lily is also used to it. Not only can she see her husband, she can also protect his safety.

Leng Yan sat there and said angrily: “Let you go, you just go, why so much nonsense? You haven’t seen Darryl bring so many people, and it’s eye-catching everywhere, do you still need surveillance? !”

Lily lowered her head and couldn’t help asking again: “Sister, what is written in this letter…”

“Don’t ask if you shouldn’t ask.” Leng Yan didn’t even look at her, with disgust on her face, she urged coldly, “Go!”


Lily responded in a low voice, nodded, looked at Darryl’s direction very reluctantly, and then turned and left the room.

After leaving the inn, Lily hurried to Lingyin Pavilion.

At this moment, Lily just wanted to finish sending the letter quickly, and then come back quickly.

She was used to seeing Darryl from a distance every day. Suddenly left, feeling a little empty in my heart.


after one day.

Mingwang Mountain. Bright Hall.

The Guangming Hall of Mingjiao General Altar is the most sacred place in the hearts of all Mingjiao disciples.

Outside the hall, a large flag was erected, reaching a height of one hundred meters! On the banner, a blazing flame was engraved with the word “明” written on it.

This banner is the “sacred fire banner” of Mingjiao!

In the bright hall, in the innermost position, there is a big tripod! Inside the cauldron, a raging fire is burning! This flame, named Guangming Sacred Fire, ranks twelfth in the list of different fires! This light torch is the faith of Mingjiao disciples.

There is a saying of Mingjiao, which has been spread for thousands of years: Mingjiao will not die, and the holy fire will not go out!

This means that as long as Mingjiao still exists, the holy fire in this cauldron cannot be extinguished!

On weekdays, the Guangming Hall is solemn and solemn, but today, it is very lively!

Because today is the birthday of Mingjiao leader Lu Lingshan and deputy leader Lu Jiechen. The birthday party will be held in this Guangming Hall!

At this time, outside the Guangming Hall, the entire Mingjiao General Altar was full of flags and voices!

In addition to the Guangming Hall, there were also a lot of people in the side halls next to it at this time. It can be said that it is a sea of ​​people!

Mingjiao is one of the oldest sects in the Apocalypse Continent. It is not only famous in the Apocalypse Continent, but also in other continents!

At this birthday banquet for the two sisters and brothers, not only the various sects of the Apocalypse Continent, but also the sects of other continents also came to congratulate them. It can be said that this Mingjiao birthday banquet was extremely grand, just like a quagmire held in nine continents!

This kind of rare scene in a thousand years. Not to mention ordinary people, they are masters of the world,

I’m afraid I won’t see it in a lifetime!

At this time, at the door of the Great Hall of Light, Lu Jiechen and his brothers. He was welcoming guests with a smile on his face.

Lu Lingshan wears a black cheongsam, and her tight and graceful figure is looming, too beautiful! Coupled with her strong aura, people dare not blaspheme.

Behind the two siblings, Qin Shousheng and a few elite disciples entertained the guests with smiles.

Today, Qin Shousheng is also extremely excited.

Not only because it’s Master’s birthday, but more importantly, there are so many masters here today. I can take this opportunity to expand my network!

Now he is Lu Jiechen’s closed disciple, whoever sees it will give face.

Hundreds of seats were set up in the Guangming Hall. Those who can sit here are all prominent figures on all continents!

Looking from a distance, unfamiliar figures: Dongao Continent, Danzong Sovereign Zheng Chunqiu, Darryl Family Young Master Sean, and his fiancée, Olga, the wealthy top brand, are all among them.

Speaking of Olga. She is now in Dongao Continent, which is really a household name. Last time Darryl wrote her a sweet song, which really made her popular all over the country!

Now the barriers of the nine continents have disappeared, and many people on the continents have faces, who are interested in making friends with Mingjiao.

I have to say that this birthday party is a gathering of talents.

The faces of all the distinguished guests were filled with smiles, and the entire Guangming Hall was filled with a lively and cheerful atmosphere.

It was already noon at this time, and the banquet was about to begin, but there were still guests coming! The Mingjiao disciple who was in charge of receiving the gift was almost hoarse.

“Dongao Mainland, the Chen family, give a golden Buddha!”

“Leader of Wuyou Valley Li Gu, send two thousand-year-old snow ginseng!”

“Iron Wolves, give me a pair of mutton fat and white jade bracelets!”


At the entrance of the main hall, the gifts have been piled up into mountains, and when you look around, they are all treasures of heaven and earth. Wonderful stone and beautiful jade!

“Sister, let’s Mingjiao, haven’t it been so lively for a long time.” Lu Jiechen looked at the lively hall and said with a smile.

Lu Lingshan smiled lightly, nodded and said, “Yeah. The opening of the sky axe was born some time ago, and the barriers of nine continents disappeared. Only then can we get together with the heroes of these continents.”

With that, Lu Lingshan’s eyes flashed with arrogance: “I believe that after this birthday party. Our Mingjiao will be completely famous in the nine continents!”


At this moment, I saw only a Mingjiao disciple running over with excitement: “Report to the leader, Commander Xing Yao. Princess Yueying, come to congratulate!”

“Shou Li, a pair of Yu Ruyi! One hundred Lingluo! Ten thousand gold!”


Are the female war gods and princesses of the Apocalypse Continent here?

Suddenly, the entire Guangming Hall was in an uproar! All look to the door!

At the door, two charming women came slowly.

It is Xing Yao and Raquel!

Mingjiao is the strongest sect in the Apocalypse Continent, so when the Lu family’s sisters and brothers celebrate their birthdays, the Apocalypse royal family will come to celebrate their birthdays.

Before Lu Jiechen shot King Castro, he beat the wife and children of the leader, the life or death is unknown. Naturally, Emperor Tianqi also knew about this matter. But the emperor didn’t want to care. After all, Kendra’s life and death didn’t matter. It’s not guilty to be a woman, torn apart with Mingjiao.

Therefore, for today’s birthday banquet, Emperor Tianqi asked Xing Yao and Raquel to come to Mingjiao to give birthday gifts.

You know, Xing Yao is the female God of War of the Apocalypse Continent.

Raquel was the emperor’s favorite daughter.

The two of them were able to come, giving enough face to Mingjiao!

At this time, Xing Yao, wearing a black long skirt, had a beauty that could not be seen thousands of miles away.

Raquel is dressed in white silk and satin, setting off the tight curve. To be honest, this woman Raquel, even if she wears loose clothes, can hardly hide her figure. Looking at the audience, which woman does not envy Raquel’s figure? !

Chapter 473

When Raquel and Xing Yao appeared, the audience was in an uproar!

“Even the princess and the Xing commander are here, Mingjiao really has face.”

“Does this need to be said? Mingjiao is the first sect of the Apocalypse Continent, and it has a pivotal position in the world. Even the royal family dare not underestimate it.”

At this time, Lu Jiechen also reacted and quickly walked up. Greeting with a smile: “Princess Yueying, Xing Yao war god.”

Raquel smiled slightly and said: “Master Lu, the two brothers and sisters can be called the heroes of the world, and are admired by the same people in the rivers and lakes. Today, two birthdays, I wish you today every year. Every year you have the present.”

Hearing this, Lu Jiechen laughed and said in a low voice: “Princess Yueying, Commander Xing Yao. You can come. It’s really giving me Mingjiao face. Ashamed, not long ago, I was a little unhappy with King Castro. .Injured his wife and children…”

“Master Lu.” Raquel waved his hand: “No need to mention this matter. Our royal family didn’t want to care about it.”

“Hahaha, good, good!” Lu Jiechen laughed loudly: “Quickly, the princess and the Xing commander, please come to your seat!”

At this time, Lu Jiechen was indescribably proud.


Even the princess and the commander-in-chief Xing Yao came to congratulate themselves, and ask who has such an honor in Kyushu? !

Soon, surrounded by everyone, Raquel and Xing Yao were invited to the Guangming Hall.

Lu Jiechen’s face was full of smiles, his anger was deep in his dantian, and his deep voice spread throughout the audience: “Everyone, everybody! Thank you for coming to our sister and brother’s birthday banquet. I have a few words to say.”

The voice fell, and the audience was silent, one after another looking at Lu Jiechen.

At this time the guests are almost there. Sister Lu Jiechen, of course, had to say a few words before the banquet could begin.

However, at this time, a disciple rushed over and knelt down on Lu Jiechen’s face: “Report—Sect Master of Tianmen, Master of the Palace of Longevity, Head of Huaguo Mountain, come to celebrate your birthday!”


Sovereign of Tianmen? Hall of Eternal Life…

Isn’t this the sect of Earth Round Continent?

Originally, there was a lot of joy in the Guangming Hall. At this time, it quieted down. Everyone looked at each other in unspeakable surprise.

You know, the relationship between the Apocalypse Continent and the Earth Circle Continent has always been tense.

Therefore, the sects of the two continents hardly communicate with each other. Now three came at once, which is really shocking!

At this moment, Raquel, who was sitting as the guest of honor, faintly trembled. Can’t help standing up, walking to the door of the hall, and looking out anxiously.

Sovereign of Tianmen?

Isn’t Tianmen Sect Master Darryl? !

No… he… didn’t he fall into the crater and die a year ago?

At this time, Raquel was full of confusion!

Lu Jiechen on one side was also dumbfounded. Mingjiao had a very extensive network, but he had never heard of this Tianmen or the Palace of Longevity.

“Sister, what kind of Flower and Fruit Mountain, the Palace of Longevity, is this your friend?” Lu Jiechen looked at Lu Lingshan and asked in a low voice.

“I, I don’t know either…” Lu Lingshan kept recalling in her mind, but she really couldn’t remember.

At this moment, Qin Shousheng walked quickly next to him. Panicked and said: “Master, this…this Tianmen Sect Master, is Darryl… It is rumored that one year ago, he fell under the crater and died… That Peter and Lorenzo. I was beaten by you last time… You let the disciples slap them a few times, have you forgotten?”

Lu Jiechen was even more confused: “What mess, I forgot, I don’t know these three people.”

Speaking of this, Lu Jiechen’s face showed a hint of displeasure: “We Mingjiao is famous all over the world. Although we have many friends, these cats and dogs are also worthy to come to my birthday banquet?”



Has not fallen. Only a loud noise was heard, and it suddenly came!

The door of the Guangming Hall was kicked open!

Three men came in stride!

The man on the left is holding a giant axe! Sickness! Huaguoshan, Peter!

The man on the right, holding a white paper fan, is gentle! The lord of the Palace of Longevity, Lorenzo!

Darryl’s face was expressionless. In the middle, with blood red eyes!

“Darryl?!” At this moment, Raquel stood up all of a sudden, with surprise and joy on her face!

Is Darryl dead? He is not dead!

Raquel didn’t know why, she was so happy, she felt that her delicate body was trembling again and again!

Xing Yao on one side is also frowning! She also didn’t expect that Darryl fell into the volcanic crater and didn’t even die! The last time the battle to pick up the stars was because of this Darryl, that caused the Apocalypse Continent to retreat! Now seeing him again, Xing Yao feels angry!


“Brother Darryl!”

At the same time, two more voices sounded. It is Olga, as well as Dongao mainland, Danzong lord Zheng Chunqiu!

Olga was very happy to see Darryl! It was a sweet song at the beginning. It spreads all over the mainland, and it is the streets and alleys that are singing. Olga always wanted to let her master write another song for her!

The Danzong Sect Master Zheng Chunqiu was extremely happy to see Darryl! Last time in Danzong. Zheng Chunqiu’s wife suffered a strange disease because of two mirrors. Darryl saved his wife. After this matter. Zheng Chunqiu and Darryl had a good chat at first sight. Later, Darryl left Dongao Continent. The two hadn’t seen each other for a year, and they missed it very much. Unexpectedly, I met here!

The gazes of the audience were all focused on Darryl!

But at this moment Darryl couldn’t hear the calls around him at all! His gaze locked Lu Jiechen firmly!

“The three of you are not my Mingjiao friends, please leave.” At this moment, Lu Lingshan slowly stepped forward.

“Today is the birthday of your sister and brother.” There was no expression on Darryl’s face, and a few words were almost squeezed out of the teeth: “My three brothers, I have heard of your famous Mingjiao, here to celebrate your birthday. .”

When the voice fell, the audience laughed!

“Haha, it turned out to be here especially!”

“Now that Mingjiao is famous all over the world, these influential people all want to come to favor Mingjiao.”

“Yea, haha!”

There was a lot of laughter, and even Lu Lingshan couldn’t help but laughed, covering her mouth and laughing: “Since we are here to congratulate our elder brothers and sisters, don’t they bring birthday gifts?”

“Haha, yeah, I want to curry favor with others, but don’t bring birthday gifts, what do you think about it!”

“Come to the birthday banquet empty-handed, just act like this, still wanting to court Mingjiao?”

“Haha…” Darryl slowly raised the corner of his mouth, squeezing out an extremely ugly smile: “Yes, you can’t come empty-handed when you come to the birthday banquet. Naturally, I brought the birthday gift!”

“Where is it?” Lu Lingshan frowned and asked.

“Come on, bring birthday gifts!” Darryl shouted loudly, his voice already hoarse!

When the voice fell, only four disciples from the heavenly gates broke into the door!


The door of the Guangming Hall was kicked to pieces in an instant!

These four Tianmen disciples came in stride, carrying two huge coffins!


Two black coffins fell to the ground! The coffin is dark and lifeless!

“This is the gift from me.”

Darryl’s eyes were red, and the blood-drinking sword burst out of the sky!

“I wish you two brothers and sisters, every year there is today, every year there is today!”

Chapter 474


At this moment, the audience was boiling!

Are these three people tired of life and gave two coffins to their birthday banquet? !

“You are looking for death!” Lu Jiechen’s face was extremely ugly, and he clenched his fists!

Lu Lingshan next to her was also trembling with anger and anger!

“Mingjiao!” At this moment, the Four Great War Gods also walked slowly! Mathew looked around and sneered: “These two coffins are specially customized by my master, please accept the gift from your two masters!”


“I’ll pick you up!” Lu Jiechen roared. All the internal strength!

He has been walking the rivers and lakes all these years, and he is so famous, who dares to be so disrespectful! Now facing the two black coffins, Lu Jiechen couldn’t help it anymore, staring directly at Darryl: “Kneel down, apologize, leave your whole body!”

“Leave my corpse?” Darryl’s eyes were red, a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth, and then he took a step and scanned his eyes coldly. Finally fell on Lu Jiechen’s body: “Lu Jiechen.”

“If you have something to say, let’s die.” Lu Jiechen’s eyes narrowed slightly, his fists clenched tightly! His anger can’t be suppressed!

The gazes of everyone in the audience also focused on Darryl. Each one looks complicated!

This kid dares to provoke Mingjiao!

Is this… looking for death? !

Darryl ignored everyone’s gaze, staring closely at Lu Jiechen: “Lu Jiechen, I ask you, did you kill a woman named Lily a year ago? Didn’t you?”


Hearing this, an ugly face appeared in Lu Jiechen’s mind in an instant, and he suddenly said, “Hehe. I see, after a long time, you are the ugly husband.”

He remembered that at the time Qin Shousheng said that that ugly husband was named Darryl.

Thinking about it, Lu Jiechen looked contemptuously and said with a chuckle: “Yes, I killed it.”

Darryl only felt a pain in his heart, gritted his teeth and resisted his anger: “You have no grievances with her, why do you want to kill her!”

Lu Jiechen smiled indifferently, and walked forward for two steps: “I have been working for Lu Jiechen all my life, never asking why. It’s just an ugly monster, kill it when you kill it, why? Do you still want to avenge her?”


At this moment, Darryl’s eyes were blood red instantly, his fists were tightly clenched, and his nails were deeply embedded in the flesh!

“Vengeance?” Darryl gritted his teeth. The anger can no longer be controlled: “Not only do I want revenge, but today, I want to smash your Mingwang Mountain and destroy your Mingjiao. I want your Mingjiao up and down millions of disciples to pay for my Lily.”

A cold voice came from Darryl’s mouth, echoing through the entire Mingwang Mountain, just like coming from hell!


At this moment, the whole presence inside and outside the hall was silent.

Many sect masters looked at each other!

However, after a few seconds of silence, many people burst into laughter!

“Hahaha…what did he say? He wants to flatter Mingjiao?”

“I’m so ridiculous, where did this kid come from, hahaha!”

“For a period of Wu Huang, dare to speak arrogantly? Haha!”

Everyone said, I heard a big laugh, Lu Jiechen couldn’t help but sneer, looking at Darryl mischievously: “Boy, I’ve been around for the rest of my life, Lu Jiechen, I’ve heard a lot of jokes, the one you just said. , Is the most innocent and arrogant joke.”

“Really?” Darryl smiled lightly, the next moment. He suddenly jumped up and hovered in the air! The cold voice spread throughout the audience: “Me! Tianmen Sect Master, Darryl, Yue Wudi! Where is my brother?!”

“Subordinates are here!”

When the voice fell, only one deafening sound was heard! A burst of footsteps came through the air!

From a distance, more than 300,000 people, armed with swords, gushing from all directions, surrounding the Great Hall of Light!

The headed Mathew, carrying a one-hundred-meter-high flag, fluttered in the wind!

It is the Tiandao Nine Street Flag!


At this moment, the whole hall was silent, and the guests here were sweating coldly!

Three hundred thousand people, at this time, the Great Hall of Light has been closed, and the surrounding water can’t leak! The blasts of murderous air made people feel chilly!

“You…” Lu Jiechen’s face. Changes in vain! I can’t say a word!

Darryl stood in the air, and the blood-drinking sword uttered low noises!

“No one, wait, give in!” Darryl almost roared out, his eyes flushed!

“Today, which of your sects. Or which family, if you want to help Mingjiao today, I, Darryl, will be destroyed!”

Darryl’s voice spread throughout Mingwang Mountain!


What a mad tone!

Hearing this, everyone present changed their expressions, and their inner breath faintly trembled! Faintly angry!

You know, the people who come to Mingjiao to celebrate their birthday today are all famous sects and cultivating families from all continents. Pull out one at random, it’s a hero!

These people, when would anyone dare to speak to them like this?

But Darryl in front of him regarded them as ants.

How can this be tolerated? !

However, no one dared to stand up!

At this moment, Lu Lingshan finally reacted, her beautiful face was pale, and she pointed at Darryl from a distance: “This friend, I don’t know where our Mingjiao has offended you. If you retreat now, I can ignore your recklessness just now! “

“Hahaha, hahaha!” Darryl laughed wildly with red eyes!

“You don’t know where you have offended me?” Darryl held the Blood Drinking Sword tightly, trembling all over: “I tell you, my Lily is dead, my Lily is dead! Today, who stopped him? Who dies! I, Darryl, will destroy your Mingjiao!”


At this moment, a tyrannical internal force flashed through, and a large tower with a height of 100 meters rose from the ground straight into the sky! It is the Linglong Pagoda!

Five hundred strong men emerged from the first floor of Linglong Tower!

“Mathew, I want you to slaughter the disciples of Mingjiao!” Darryl yelled frantically, his mind was full of Lily, and he had completely lost his mind!

“Mateo, I want you to destroy this Guangming Hall!”

“Maddox, I want you to break the statue of King Ming.”

“Red-Eyed Bear King, I want you to extinguish the light flame!”

“Hmph, second general, I want you to level the entire Mingwang Mountain!”

“Ten heavenly kings. I want you to destroy the holy flame flag!”

“I want this Mingjiao up and down to pay for my Lily! All my Lily pay for my life!”

“I want the Tianmen banner to fly on the top of Mingwang Mountain!”

“I want the light of the heavenly gate to shine on this land! Kill me!” Darryl’s heartbreaking roar!


The voice fell, three hundred thousand disciples. Crazy influx into the hall of light! One of the figures draws out an afterimage, like two shocks, killing in the forefront! It is Maddox!


In the next second, everyone hasn’t slowed down yet. I saw the statue of King Ming in the main hall, crashing to pieces! Dust filled!

Maddox held a long knife and drank to Darryl respectfully: “Maddox, lead!”

Hum! Hum!

At this moment, a burly figure. It was like a divine soldier descending from the sky, crashing down on the eaves of the Guangming Hall, and the sacred flame of the light was kicking fiercely!

“The confidante bear king leads!”


As soon as the voice fell, the holy fire flag outside the hall was abruptly cut off!

“Ten Kings, take the lead!”


More than a hundred thousand disciples of the Tianmen, drew out their long swords in unison, shocking shouts resounded throughout the entire Mingwang Mountain: “Tread the Mingwang Mountain, punish the Mingjiao, and the disciples lead the way!”

The momentum shook the sky and resounded across the sky!

“The disciple of the Palace of Longevity listened to the order, destroy the Mingjiao, kill!” At this time, Lorenzo ugly raised his dantian, and his voice spread out!

When the words fell, hundreds of thousands of disciples of the Palace of Longevity roared out one after another, rushing into the Hall of Guangming without life!

“Disciple of the Palace of Longevity, take the command!”

Chapter 475

“The Huaguoshan disciple listened to the order!”

At the same time, Peter roared out: “Take down Mingjiao today, kill them without leaving a piece of armor!”


The roar keeps ringing! The shocked people’s hearts trembled!

Lu Jiechen clenched his fists, his Mingjiao had millions of disciples! But there are only 300,000 people who stay in the general altar! Even if we win this battle today, Mingjiao will be greatly injured!

Lu Jiechen let out a long sigh of relief, his anger surged!

Mingjiao has been established since its establishment. Everyone admires it for all over the rivers and lakes! Now he was beaten to the door of his house! How can this be tolerated! Even if your vitality is severely injured today, you have to fight to the end!

“Mingjiao disciple, kill me!” Lu Jiechen roared coldly, and the voice fell. Hundreds of thousands of Mingjiao disciples poured out from the apse, and the two sides instantly killed together!

The sound of weapons crashing. The screams are constantly echoing in Mingwang Mountain!

All the guests present were also panicked at the time, and hurriedly left the hall. Watching this battle from afar.

At the beginning, when the three brothers Darryl appeared, these guests looked down on the three brothers in their hearts.

But when the Four Great Wars, the Red-Eyed Bear King, and these hundreds of thousands of disciples appeared, everyone was dumbfounded!

Who is this Darryl sacred? Can mobilize so many masters!


This is not over yet.

“Brother Darryl!”

Among the guests, Danzong Sect Master Zheng Chunqiu, strode out, holding a white spear: “Brother Darryl, I can help you!”

After speaking, Zheng Chunqiu looked around and said loudly: “Princess Danzong listened to the order, and tried his best to help Darryl and destroy the Mingjiao!”


When the voice fell, hundreds of Danzong disciples walked out one after another and joined the queue of Tianmen! This time Zheng Chunqiu. Although only a few hundred people were brought, these few hundred people were all Danzong elders! All are masters of masters!

At this time, Zheng Chunqiu was a little excited! He didn’t expect to be able to meet Darryl here, and he didn’t expect that Darryl turned out to be the head of the group.

At the beginning, in Dongao Continent, Darryl saved his wife, and promised that in the future, if something happened to Darryl, he would definitely help.

Zheng Chunqiu is open and upright, and has always done what he said!

He was unfamiliar with Mingjiao at first, so he only wanted to make friends with Mingjiao before he came to the birthday banquet. Of course he is on Darryl’s side now! ,

Seeing the Danzong disciples join the melee, everyone was dumbfounded! The eyes gathered on Darryl one after another, and each expression was shocked and complicated.


Danzong also helped Darryl? !

What is the charm of this Darryl!

Even Sect Master Dan was willing to help him! You know, Danzong is one of the four major sects in Dongao Continent!


See this scene. Lu Jiechen’s expression suddenly changed, staring at Darryl closely, and sneered: “Okay, very good, Darryl, right? I tell you, that ugly monster, I killed it! What can you do to me?! I teach you to make trouble, you die for me!”


The voice fell, and a powerful breath filled Lu Jiechen’s body! Raising his hand suddenly, hit Darryl with a palm!

At the same time, Lu Lingshan also walked forward slowly, staring at Darryl coldly: “A bunch of mobs, dare to come to my Mingjiao arrogant, and I will tell you to come back today!”

Lu Lingshan at this time. Frosty on your face! A soft sword appeared in his hand, the Jiao body flew into the air, and went straight to Darryl’s chest!

Raquel on one side bit her lips tightly. An inexplicable trace of anxiety emerged in his heart.

She also just learned that Lily had died in Lu Jiechen’s hands.

At the beginning, Raquel and Lily had the best relationship in the Diyuan Continent.

Knowing that Lily was killed by Lu Jiechen, Raquel was a little sad, but also a little angry.

At this moment, Raquel very hoped that Darryl could succeed in revenge.

But her heart was very tangled, and she didn’t want Mingjiao to be destroyed!

Because before coming, the Emperor Tianqi specially explained. There is no enchantment between Kyushu, and the situation is volatile. The royal family needs to draw in more arena forces to stabilize its dominance.

Mingjiao is the first sect on the Apocalypse Continent. It has a long history and profound background. If Mingjiao could help the court, the Qi royal family would be fearless that day!

I thought. Raquel wanted to rush forward and stop the war.

“your Highness.”

And at this moment, Xing Yao quickly stopped Raquel, with a solemn expression: “Princess, the situation in front of you cannot be stopped by one person, don’t go, be careful of being injured by mistake.”


Hearing this, Raquel lightly breathed a sigh of relief, and had to step aside, her heart squeezed.


Darryl raised his hand and collided with Lu Jiechen’s palms!

Just listen to a loud noise! The moment the two palms collided, a tyrannical internal force wave swept the audience!

Lu Jiechen and Darryl snorted at the same time, and both of them stepped back more than ten steps!

No one took advantage of this palm!

But in Lu Jiechen’s heart. Suddenly shocked! You know, his current strength is Sandan Wuhuang! And Lu Jiechen’s internal strength is extremely strong. Even if it is against the four-stage martial emperor, it is not inferior! But this palm is even with this Darryl? !

“Lu Jiechen, today is your death!” Darryl shouted. Holding the blood-drinking sword, rushed over again!

“Come on!” Lu Jiechen snorted coldly, without fear!

On the other side, Peter. Lorenzo, the Red-Eyed Bear King, the Scarlet Flame Snake King and more than a dozen martial emperors also broke out and surrounded Lu Lingshan!

Although Lu Lingshan is a woman, her strength is the highest in the audience! In the face of a dozen Wuhuang emperors, she just smiled slightly: “You, don’t even want to leave alive.”

As the words fell, behind Lu Lingshan, the air suddenly twisted, forming a huge black vortex! In the whirlpool, huge internal forces gather! This.. is the supreme martial arts of Mingjiao, the boundless power of heaven and earth!

“Dangdangdang!” Lorenzo, Peter, a dozen or so martial emperors rushed over, and they couldn’t even gain the upper hand!

On the other side of the battlefield.

Darryl and Lu Jiechen fought fiercely for a few minutes, and they were unable to suppress each other.

Lu Jiechen’s third martial emperor was two ranks higher than Darryl.

However, Darryl cultivated the Pure Yang Zhenjing, and his internal strength was extremely vigorous, and he was on par with Lu Jiechen.

For a time, neither of them could do anything about it, and both became a little anxious.

“You die for me!” Lu Jiechen’s eyes were blood-red, and he shouted angrily, flipped his wrist, and a purple-red flame appeared in his hand, instantly slamming towards Darryl!


This purple-red flame is amazing! Wherever he went, the air was cracked!

Lu Jiechen’s purple flame, who doesn’t know the entire Apocalypse Continent? ! This purple flame is a sign of Lu Jiechen. Only he owns the entire continent!

This flame is the seventh “Zixiao Divine Fire!”


When the Zixiao divine fire appeared, the air was burned! With such a domineering and unparalleled momentum, everyone below was extremely shocked!

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