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Chapter 4730

“Ji Beiye has already agreed with me to seek a great cause together. As long as you continue to follow me, then the glory and wealth will be inexhaustible.”

When he said this, the city lord’s eyes were full of expectations.

He firmly believes that the subordinates he brought out will never betray him.


At this moment, more than a dozen generals looked at each other, all of them in shock.

The city lord actually secretly united with Ji Beiye. This… is a crime of great treason. However… even if they continue to serve the Dayan royal family, they are the direct descendants of the city lord after all, and they will probably be suspected by the little emperor at that time.


Soon, after some thought, a general took the lead and knelt down and said loudly: “This subordinate vows to follow the Lord of the City to the death.”

The voice fell, and the other guards knelt down and shouted in unison: “I vow to follow the adults.”

Ha ha……

Seeing this situation, the city owner was in a very happy mood, and laughed loudly: “Okay, good, good! He will accomplish great things in the future, and I will not treat you badly.”

The guards nodded.

Afterward, one of the guards said, “Sir, what to do next, tell me.”


At the same time, the other guards were also staring at the city lord, waiting for his instructions.

The city owner took a deep breath, thought about it, and smiled mysteriously: “Don’t worry, everyone, I’ll see someone first, and have a look. You can hide behind for a while.”

With that said, the city lord opened the secret door of the study, and there was a secret room inside. At this time, although a dozen generals had doubts in their hearts, they did not ask any further questions. Instead, they followed the instructions of the city lord and entered the secret room one after another.

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The city lord closed the door and called his guard again: “Please come to Zheng Chao’s guard, remember, don’t be discovered.”

“Yes, City Lord.” The guard nodded and left quickly.

ten minutes later.

The guard took Zheng Chao back to the study.

When he got to the front, Zheng Chao bowed to the city lord: “Sir city lord.”

The city owner chuckled, raised his hand and said, “It’s all my own, so don’t be so polite.” After speaking, he sighed deeply.

“City Lord!”

Seeing him like this, Zheng Chao made a look of sympathy and asked: “Your Majesty has taken military power before, what is the city lord going to plan?” When he said this, Zheng Chao was calm on the surface, but he was indescribably excited.

Mr. Darryl is really predictable, the city owner really came to me.


The city owner took a deep breath and smiled bitterly: “I really didn’t expect that this little emperor acted so decisively and dared to take my military power today, but it doesn’t matter, I will tell Ji Beiye the situation later, and he will be able to respond quickly. …”

Having said that, the city lord looked at Zheng Chao: “Where is the little emperor, what’s the latest news?”

Hearing the inquiry, Zheng Chao responded: “Before I came, the little emperor was discussing countermeasures for the battle situation with Darryl and King Shaoyang in front of the sand table.”

“How do you say?” The city owner was instantly excited and asked quickly.

Zheng Chao pretended to look outside the door, and lowered his voice: “Then Darryl is very happy to have the military power. Coupled with the unique geographical advantage of Qingyun City, he is ready to defend it for a long time.”

Ha ha….

Hearing this, the city owner couldn’t help but sneer: “Qingyun City Navy, I have been in business for more than ten years, fighting on water, and I am invincible. That Darryl is naturally happy.”

Saying that, the city owner looked at Zheng Chao closely: “Brother Zheng, is there any other news?”


Zheng Chao pretended to think for a moment, scratched his head and said, “Let me think about it… By the way, the little emperor asked Darryl how he would attack Qingyun City if he was Ji Beiye’s military advisor.”

At this moment, the city owner was instantly interested, and quickly asked: “Then how does Darryl answer?” Speaking of which, Qingyun City is easy to defend and difficult to attack, otherwise Ji Beiye would not have waited until now.

In this case, the city owner would like to know how he would attack Qingyun City if it was Darryl.

Seeing that he was fooled, Zheng Chao was very excited, and immediately explained the strategy of the iron-chained chain ship according to Darryl’s explanation.


After listening to Zheng Chao’s words, the city owner couldn’t help but take a deep breath and was shocked.

This Darryl is indeed very resourceful, he can even think of connecting all the warships with iron cables…

Chapter 4731

Ha ha….

In shock, the city owner couldn’t help laughing: “Darryl, Darryl, I’m afraid you never thought that Ji Beiye would use your method to break through Qingyun City.”

Laughing loudly, the city owner patted Zheng Chao on the shoulder: “Brother Zheng, you really did a great job this time, haha.”

This chain of chains is really good, it’s simply impeccable.

For a while, the city owner became more and more excited. Speaking of which, he had been guarding Qingyun City for many years and was good at fighting water battles. At this time, when he learned about the iron chain chain ship proposed by Darryl, he could not think of a solution for a while.

At this time, the city owner didn’t know that all of this was Darryl’s strategy.


At this time, seeing him so excited, Zheng Chao was also secretly relieved, and his heart was indescribably excited.

It’s a good idea sir, this thief really fell for it.

Thinking to himself, Zheng Chao pretended to be hesitant: “Lord City Lord, do you plan to tell Ji Beiye this method?”

“It’s natural!”

At this time, the city owner was in a very happy mood, nodded with a smile and said: “Ji Beiye’s army is brave and good at fighting, but most of the soldiers below are not knowledgeable about water, and now there is a method of iron chain chain boat, the army is on the linked big boat, It’s like walking on the ground, crossing the river easily and breaking through Qingyun City will be as easy as the palm of your hand.”

After finishing speaking, the city lord praised Zheng Chao again: “Okay, you hurry back to King Shaoyang, continue to investigate, and be careful not to reveal anything.”

“Yes, Lord City Lord.”

Zheng Chao nodded and did not forget to say, “The city lord also takes care of himself.”

The city lord responded and watched Zheng Chao leave.


As soon as the forefoot left, the city lord opened the door of the secret room. Suddenly, more than a dozen generals who were hiding inside came out one after another, all with excited faces.

“Your Excellency is amazing, you actually subdued this Zheng Chao.”

“Yeah, it is said that Zheng Chao has been following King Shaoyang for many years. It can be said that he is a trusted confidant. The city lord can actually subdue him…”

For a time, under the admiration of a dozen generals, they looked at the eyes of the city lord, and they also flashed with admiration.

Ha ha…

At this moment, the city lord said with a smile: “Everyone has heard about the situation just now. This Zheng Chao is one of ours now, and he is paying close attention to the little emperor and King Shaoyang’s every move.”

“Wait, I will tell Ji Beiye the method of chaining the chains. When the time comes, when Ji Beiye’s army comes, you will pretend to be invincible and flee in all directions. Remember to preserve your strength.”

Speaking of this, the city lord’s face turned gloomy: “When Qingyun City is destroyed, I will settle accounts with the little emperor and that Darryl.”

“My subordinate understands.”

Hearing the order, more than a dozen generals responded in unison, then quickly left and returned to the naval camp.


On the other side, Li Tiandao sub-altar.

Shao Lingfeng sat in the main hall, made a pot of tea by himself, and drank it slowly. Seemingly calm, but actually very upset.

One day has passed, and all the disciples of the entire sub-altar have been sent out, but there has been no news of Darryl.

“Senior Brother Shao!”

At this moment, a disciple walked in quickly, sweating profusely, but his eyes flashed with excitement: “There is news.”


Hearing this, Shao Lingfeng stood up immediately and couldn’t hide his excitement: “Have you caught that Darryl?” As long as you catch Darryl, you can not only avenge the deer altar master but also vent your hatred.

At that time, if the sect master knows about this, he may be happy and give some rewards.

Shao Lingfeng didn’t know about this, but Darryl and Gu Qianqiu had already become brothers.

The disciple took a deep breath, shook his head, and said, “No!”


Hearing the answer, Shao Lingfeng was inexplicably angry and couldn’t help scolding: “What did you do when people didn’t catch you? Are you entertaining me?”

The disciple wiped the sweat from his forehead and said cautiously, “Senior Brother Shao, Darryl did not catch him, but we found out his whereabouts. Do you know why there has been no news of him? It turned out that this person was a distinguished guest from the royal family and left that day. After that, I went straight back to the palace, of course we couldn’t find it anymore.”

Royal guest? Still living in the palace?

Hearing this, Shao Lingfeng sighed secretly and immediately thought that Darryl had escorted the little emperor before, and it was reasonable to be treated by the royal family, but he never thought that the treatment given to him by the royal family was not small, and he could actually be treated by the royal family. Live in the palace.

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