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Chapter 4742

When reporting this, the general’s face was also extremely sad.

Hundreds of thousands of troops have suffered so much damage at once, and no one can accept it.

less than fifty thousand…

Hearing this, Ji Beiye’s face was ashen, and his anger rose. Looking at the direction of Qingyun City at that time, he gritted his teeth and said, “Darryl, I remember you. If this revenge is not repaid, I, Ji Beiye, are in vain.”

clap la la…

At this moment, there was a sound of water splashes on the river surface. In an instant, all the soldiers present looked at him. Seeing this, everyone was shocked.

I saw that dozens of warships of the Qingyun City Navy were coming quickly.

Every station on the boat is full of soldiers, all of them are also very firm and imposing.

Especially those generals standing on the bow, all of them are more ambitious, they are all guilty, and at this time they are eager to capture Ji Beiye alive to clear their previous crimes.


At this moment, seeing Ji Beiye on the north bank of the river, the gazes of more than a dozen generals instantly locked him and shouted one by one.

“The soldiers obeyed the order, defeated the remaining enemy soldiers, and captured Ji Beiye alive.”

“Ji Beiye is here, capture him alive.”

The voice fell, and the soldiers on the warship also shouted loudly.

“Defeat the enemy and capture Ji Kitano alive.”


Hearing the slogan shouted by the other party, Ji Beiye’s face was extremely ugly. He had been on the battlefield for decades, and he was in no position to lose. When did he lose so miserably?

And now, even the young sailors in Qingyun City dare to clamor for me alive?

Under the resentment, Ji Beiye wanted to fight immediately, but looking at the more than 50,000 remnants around him, he finally held back, gritted his teeth and shouted: “Quick, evacuate to the back valley, quick…”

The voice fell, and the surrounding generals also shouted: “Everyone quickly retreat, retreat to the valley behind…”


Hearing the order, tens of thousands of soldiers acted one after another and followed Ji Beiye to evacuate towards the valley not far away.

It was at this time that the Qingyun Marine Corps had already landed, and when he saw Ji Beiye leading his army to escape, the sound of killing immediately shook the sky.

“Kill, don’t let them run away!”


Hundreds of thousands of sailors let out a thunderous howl and quickly chased after Ji Beiye.

Ji Beiye’s remaining tens of thousands of remnants, who were swimming desperately in the river just now, were exhausted at this time, and their speed was naturally not as fast as the imposing Qingyun Marine Corps, and they were caught up in a short while.


In the face of the swarming Qingyun Marines, no one reacted at that time. In just a few seconds, thousands of soldiers fell in a pool of blood.


Hearing the screams of the soldiers behind, Ji Beiye scolded secretly, and when he looked back, he saw the Qingyuncheng navy chasing after him. He was shocked and angry at the time.

Just as Ji Beiye was thinking, thousands of soldiers fell in a pool of blood.

“Mad, I fought with you guys.”

For a time, Ji Beiye couldn’t hold back his anger any longer, he drew out his long sword, and was about to rush up to fight the opponent to the death. Just before taking two steps, he was stopped by the general next to him.

“General, don’t be impulsive.”

“The enemy is outnumbered and I am outnumbered, rushing up now is to die.”

“Yes, General, let’s find a way to cut off the pursuers now.”

Listening to the dissuasion of several generals, Ji Beiye took a deep breath and calmed down immediately, yes, going back to fight now is undoubtedly a death sentence.

But…. the enemy is in hot pursuit, what should we do in this situation?

Thinking to himself, Ji Beiye looked around and said to the surrounding generals, “What good strategy do you have to cut off the pursuers.”


Faced with the question, the generals present looked at each other, frowning one by one.

The enemy was chasing so tightly that it would be difficult to get rid of them.

At the time of the crisis, a general saw a pontoon bridge in front of him, and immediately said excitedly: “General, it is saved, cross quickly, and then burn the pontoon bridge, the enemy will have nothing to do.”

Hearing this, Ji Beiye hurriedly looked over, and sure enough, he saw a pontoon bridge connected to the cliff in front of him, and below the pontoon bridge was an abyss dozens of meters high.

As long as the pontoon bridge is burned down, the army behind will probably have to take a long detour.


Seeing this, Ji Beiye couldn’t help taking a deep breath. He was very excited and shouted: “Quick, everyone crosses the pontoon bridge, and the speed is faster…”

Chapter 4743

When the voice fell, Ji Beiye and the generals around him accelerated and rushed towards the pontoon first.

Hearing the order, the soldiers behind, stimulated by the desire to survive, also burst into speed and quickly rushed towards the pontoon. Even so, there were still hundreds of soldiers who were too late to keep up and were killed by the Qingyun City navy behind.

“Quick, fire up!”

Finally, when all the soldiers crossed the pontoon bridge, Ji Kitano screamed.


Hearing the order, several soldiers who had prepared torches threw the torches on the pontoon one after another, and the fire ignited instantly with the help of the wind.

Almost in the blink of an eye, the flames completely enveloped the pontoon, and then completely burned.

Mad, finally escaped!

Looking at the burning pontoon, Ji Beiye took a deep breath and relaxed his tense spirit.

Opposite the pontoon!


“Damn, they burned the pontoon.”

Seeing that the pontoon bridge was engulfed in flames, the Qingyuncheng navy soldiers who had chased them in front of them stopped one after another, their expressions both angry and unwilling.

“Quick! Detour and block!”


In the next second, one of the generals shouted and rushed down the cliff first, preparing to take a detour to intercept Ji Beiye’s remnant soldiers. Then, other soldiers followed.


On the other side, Qingyun City.

In the sub-altar of Li Tiandao, Shao Lingfeng was sitting in the main hall, his face was full of sinister.

He originally thought that this time, Ji Beiye’s army made a chain ship with iron chains and could easily break through Qingyun City. When Darryl and the little emperor fled in a hurry, he would have the opportunity to ambush in secret.

But in the end, I never expected that Darryl actually used fire to defeat Ji Beiye’s army, and it took less than an hour to take control of the overall situation.


At this moment, Shao Lingfeng cursed secretly, the more he thought about it, the more annoyed he became.

Why..why is this?

The better Darryl is, the more unbalanced he is.

“Senior Brother Shao!”

At this moment, a disciple standing next to him asked cautiously, “Then Darryl has defended Qingyun City. I’m afraid it will be difficult to catch him. What should we do next?”


Hearing the question, Shao Lingfeng became more and more upset. He took a deep breath and said coldly, “The little emperor will definitely hold a celebration banquet at night, and the defense of the entire palace will be weakened by then.”

“You pick some elite disciples, sneak into the palace quietly, and look for opportunities to capture Darryl alive. You have to be careful, you know?”

When he said this, Shao Lingfeng’s eyes flashed with madness.

Darryl, no matter what happens tonight, you won’t be able to fly.

“Yes, Brother Shao!”

The disciple understood what he knew, and hurriedly went out to prepare.


At this moment, the city gate tower is here.


Darryl stood there, looking at the woods on the north bank of the river, and could vaguely hear the screams of killing, but he secretly prayed that this time, Ji Beiye would be captured alive.

As long as you catch Ji Beiye, you can know Haotian’s whereabouts.

The King of Shaoyang and Ying Kuang, who were standing on the side, were also indescribably excited and excited at this time.

If Ji Beiye can be captured alive this time, the situation can be completely reversed and the prosperous Dayan can be restored.

However, they knew that it was impossible to capture Ji Beiye alive. After all, he was very cunning. Otherwise, he would not have broken the imperial capital.

Soon, an hour later, the chasing Qingyun City navy returned.


Seeing that there was neither Ji Beiye nor any captured enemy troops in the team, Darryl sighed, feeling a little disappointed.

It’s a pity that Ji Beiye was finally allowed to run away.

Soon, more than a dozen generals returned to the city gate.

“How’s the battle going?”

At this moment, King Shaoyang couldn’t help but ask, “Where’s Ji Beiye?”

A dozen generals glanced at each other, and then explained the situation in detail: “Back to the lord, we were fighting hard at that time, but Ji Beiye was very cunning and burned down the pontoon…”

“Afterwards, we took a detour to pursue them, but the valleys were dense and wooded, and they could no longer be found.”

After saying this, more than a dozen generals lowered their heads subconsciously, not daring to look at King Shaoyang.


Knowing this, King Shaoyang couldn’t help sighing: “It’s a pity.”

At the same time, Ying Kuang’s face was also unable to hide the loss, and slowly said: “This traitor, luck is not bad…”

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