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Chapter 4830

“Stinky turtle, go away!”

Just when Darryl was speechless, Lingluo couldn’t help urging: “What are you stunned for? Do you want to die?” At this time, Lingluo was very irritable.

If it weren’t for this Darryl’s use, I really wanted to kill him directly.


Darryl took a deep breath, immediately dragged Lingluo with both hands, and quickly ran towards the woods.

To be honest, Darryl felt reluctant to give Lingluo a contemporary walking tool, but the acupoints all over his body had just been washed away, and his strength had not fully recovered.

What’s more, the dagger in Lingluo’s hand has been lying horizontally around her neck, and if she is not careful, it will cut her throat.

In this case, Darryl is really not good at taking risks.

“Run faster, a little to the left…”

Seeing Darryl running, Lingluo was also relieved, and at the same time did not forget to give Darryl the direction. After all, in her heart, Darryl was still blind.

At this moment, Mu Yunfei is here.


Seeing Lingluo escape, Mu Yunfei was very annoyed, and said to Granny Safflower, “Old witch, you and your apprentice can’t escape today.”


As soon as the words fell, Mu Yunfei’s strength exploded, and the long sword in his hand swung out cold beams, covering Granny Safflower.

At the same time, several companions around also performed stunts one after another and burst out toward Granny Safflower.

Granny Safflower is strong, but she can’t stand the siege of so many masters.


Soon, a soft sound was heard, and Granny Safflower was stabbed in the shoulder by a sword, and the blood was dripping all of a sudden, and the speed of the whole person also slowed down a lot.

Ha ha….

Seeing this scene, Mu Yunfei was very excited, and said to a few companions: “The old witch is already injured, I am enough to deal with it alone, you all go after that stinky girl, make sure not to let her run away life or death.”

When saying this, Mu Yunfei’s face was full of confidence.

When the two sides were at their peak, he was one-on-one with Granny Safflower, and he was not sure at all, but now that Granny Safflower was injured, there was no need to worry.


“Brother Mu, be careful.”

Hearing this, several companions responded one after another and then chased in the direction Lingluo fled.

Seeing this, Granny Safflower was a little anxious, and she was about to step forward to stop her.

However, Mu Yunfei didn’t give her a chance at all, and the long sword burst into a cold light like a dragon, stabbing at several points of life on Granny Honghua’s body, and laughed at the same time: “Old witch, are you in a hurry now?”

“I tell you, I also want you to feel what it’s like to lose a loved one.”

With the last sentence, Mu Yunfei almost roared out.

“you wanna die!”

Stopped by Mu Yunfei, Granny Safflower could only watch a few masters disappear into the woods. She was immediately shocked and furious, and said coldly, “Since you are looking for death, my old lady will do it for you.”

The words fell, and the strength of the mother-in-law Honghua exploded, and she fought fiercely with Mu Yunfei again.


the other side.

In the woods a few miles northwest of Luoyan Valley, Darryl ran unhurriedly with Lingluo on his back.

Lingluo’s face was full of disgust: “Will you run faster?”


Darryl took a deep breath and responded, “I’m covered in injuries, so I can’t run fast at all. If you think it’s too slow, just get down and walk by yourself.” In fact, Darryl can completely improve his speed.

But she was tortured to death by this little witch before, how could she be satisfied at this time?


Seeing that he dared to speak back at this time, Lingluo was so angry that the dagger on Darryl’s neck suddenly added a bit of strength: “I think you really don’t want to live anymore.”

This bastard, who is now my slave, even dares to talk back, it’s just courting death.

Feeling the coldness coming from his neck, Darryl simply stopped, looking like a dead pig is not afraid of boiling water: “Okay, then you kill me now, anyway, I’m blind, so life is meaningless.”

When he said this, Darryl’s face didn’t matter.

Darryl didn’t really want to die but was deliberately angering Lingluo. He knew very well that Lingluo was in a hurry to escape and needed him as a means of transportation, so he would not kill him.

“Then go to hell!”

Hearing this, Lingluo was so angry that she immediately clenched her dagger and was about to cut Darryl’s neck.

Chapter 4831

Just the next second, Lingluo stopped again, biting her lips, her delicate and beautiful face was full of complexity.

Killing him is a relief.

It’s just…. His leg is still injured. If he really wants to kill him, how can he escape to a safe place by himself?


Thinking of this, Lingluo suppressed her anger and said angrily: “Okay, I won’t rush you, you go quickly.” As she spoke, she looked back at the situation behind her.

Hearing this, Darryl showed a smile on his face and then carried on her back.

While running, Darryl rushed to the smooth touch from his hands and couldn’t help but admire it.

This girl’s figure is not to say, the skin is also good…

At this time, Lingluo also realized that it was inappropriate for her to be carried by a man, and her body was immediately tense, her heart was also in a mess, and she was inexplicably nervous.

This bastard, who should have killed him, now let him carry…

With this kind of thought in mind, Lingluo felt more and more awkward, and couldn’t help being picky: “You…don’t move your hands!”

Ha ha!

Hearing this, Darryl smiled bitterly and said lightly: “My hand has been dragging you, how can there be any disturbance? This mountain road is rough, how can I walk smoothly with your back?”


Lingluo frowned and wanted to refute, but she couldn’t go on with just one word.

Seeing her misfiring, Darryl continued: “It’s not bad that I can run behind your back, so don’t pick and choose, or show me the way, lest I fall off the cliff, and we’ll be finished together.”

When speaking, Darryl’s expression was indifferent, but his heart was secretly pondering.

This stinky girl is not young, but she is cruel and cruel, and being with her is like a ticking time bomb, you have to find a way to get rid of her.


Hearing what Darryl said, Lingluo was very unhappy, but she knew that what he said was the truth. The most important thing right now is to escape to a safe place, and then find a way to turn with the master.

Thinking of this, Lingluo had no choice but to suppress her anger and continue to guide Darryl: “There is a stone two meters ahead, turn right…”

“There is a pit, jump…”

A few minutes later, Darryl carried Lingluo for a few more miles, successfully avoiding many obstacles.

For a while, Lingluo couldn’t help but praise her despite her contempt: “I can’t see it, you are blind, and your sense of direction is pretty good.”

At this time, Lingluo didn’t know that Darryl was not blind at all, and had long since regained his sight.

Ha ha!

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help but sneer, Nima, I was almost blinded by you before, and now I still have the face to talk about this topic.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl didn’t bother to pay attention.

At this time, Lingluo had a childish temper. Seeing that he did not answer, she immediately frowned and said angrily, “Are you dumb?”


Darryl opened his mouth to respond when he heard hurried footsteps behind him. At that time, Darryl glanced at him from the corner of his eye, and was immediately taken aback.

Just a few dozen meters away, several of Mu Yunfei’s companions were chasing after him.

Under the darkness of the night, the long knives in the hands of several people flickered with cold light, which was terrifying.


At this moment, Lingluo heard the movement and quickly turned around to look. Seeing that it was Mu Yunfei’s accomplice, her pretty face suddenly changed: “They are chasing after him.”

With that said, Lingluo hurriedly urged Darryl: “Run, run!”

When urged, Lingluo was very anxious.


Without any hesitation, Darryl immediately took a deep breath and rushed forward with all his strength, more than three times faster than before.

Seeing this situation, Lingluo was stunned: “Why are you running so fast all of a sudden?”

“Life and death, if you slow down, you will die,” Darryl responded while running.

Lingluo is not stupid, and at this time also realized that he was brushed by him just now, and said angrily: “Don’t lie to me, you were deliberately slow before, right?”

When speaking, Lingluo wanted to teach Darryl a lesson, but she held back because she wanted the situation to be critical.

Darryl ignored it and ran forward quickly.


At this time, several experts in the arena behind them also discovered Darryl and immediately shouted angrily.


“Hurry up and spare you not to dying.”

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