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Chapter 4900

Bai Mingqi looked indifferent.

This little baby took the initiative to die, so let him go.

In Bai Mingqi’s heart, the most important thing right now is to use the poisonous gnat to kill Peter, so as to get the Skybreaker, he didn’t care about the little baby at all.


At this moment, seeing the golden ring poisonous gnat rushing towards him with its mouth wide open, Zhu Xiansheng was suspended there, motionless, and said coldly, “You want to eat me? Do you think I’m easy to bully, my lord?”


After the last word fell, Zhu Xiansheng’s whole body strength exploded, and in an instant, the air was twisted.

Seeing this scene, whether it was Lorenzo, Peter, or the masters of the various sects around them, they all froze for a moment, secretly startled.

This little doll… is so strong?


Just when everyone was startled, Zhu Xiansheng opened his mouth, spit out a ball of flame, and went straight to the eyes of Jinhuan poisonous gnat. The flame was not very big, but the temperature of the surrounding air suddenly increased.

Yes, this flame contains the power of demons, which is not comparable to ordinary fire.

At this time, the golden ring poisonous gnat has already rushed to the front, seeing the little doll spouting fire, instinctively wanting to dodge, but it is huge, and it is too late to dodge at this time.

chi chi chi….

In the blink of an eye, the flame hit the huge head of the golden ring poisonous gnat, and it burned rapidly and saw puffs of thick smoke, and its two eyes were burned instantly.


The severe pain came, and the golden ring poisonous gnat let out a burst of roars. In addition, its eyes were blind, and its huge body, like a headless fly, swayed crazily.


Seeing this situation, everyone present was stunned, looking at Zhu Xiansheng with complicated eyes.

“What a powerful little doll, who can breathe fire from his mouth…”

“This trick is too beautiful…”

At the same time, Peter also regained his composure, looked at Zhu Xiansheng complicatedly, laughed and praised: “Good trick, haha, which doll are you from?”

At this time, Peter was very excited.

He thought that the little baby’s life would be in danger if he rushed forward hastily, but he never expected that he would blind the eyes of the golden ring poisonous gnat in just a moment.

“My name is Zhu Xiansheng!”

Facing the question, Zhu Xiansheng responded with a proud face on his immature face: “My father is…”


It’s just that before he finished speaking, the long tail of the Jinhuan poisonous gnat suddenly swung towards him, Zhu Xiansheng quickly stopped, and quickly dodged backward, avoiding the blow of the long tail.

Seeing his agility, Peter was amazed: “Good movement, well hidden…”

At this time, Bai Mingqi regained his composure, and stared at Zhu Xiansheng closely, with a hint of coldness.

Ma De, originally the situation was about to be firmly controlled by him, but suddenly such a little doll appeared, this little doll appeared, and his plan was messed up.

For a moment, the more Bai Mingqi thought about it, the more annoyed he became. He looked at Zhu Xiansheng with murderous intent.


Zhu Xiansheng didn’t notice Bai Mingqi’s gaze, but yelled, and quickly rushed towards Jinhuan poisonous gnat: “Your eyes are already blind, quickly die.”


As soon as the words fell, Zhu Xiansheng’s strength exploded, and he punched Jinhuan poisonous gnat on the head.

However, although the golden ring poisonous gnat was blind, its senses were very quick, and it instinctively tilted its head to dodge, and then spit poisonous juice at Zhu Xiansheng.

Peter was well aware of the power of the venom, so he yelled: “Be careful!”

As soon as the words fell, Peter rushed over quickly, grabbed Zhu Xiansheng, and dodged to the rear.


When the venom met the air, it immediately formed a cloud of poisonous mist, covering where Zhu Xiansheng was before.

Seeing this situation, Zhu Xiansheng was secretly startled: “This bedbug is quite powerful.” After saying that, he rushed up again. Peter also held the sky-opening ax tightly, his whole body’s strength exploded, and he and Zhu Xiansheng fought against the golden ring poisonous gnat together.

Jinhuan poisonous gnats used up a lot of strength when they fought fiercely with Lorenzo and Peter before, but now they are blinded and their fighting power is greatly weakened.

And at this moment, facing the cooperation of Zhu Xiansheng and Peter, although the Jinhuan poisonous gnat is still fierce, it is difficult to reverse the situation.

Chapter 4901

“go to hell!”

Finally, Peter found the right opportunity, and a golden light erupted from the sky-opening ax in his hand, slashing fiercely on the back of the poisonous gnat, and a roar was heard, and the huge body of the gnat was broken in two.

Seeing this situation, Zhu Xiansheng took advantage of the situation to give chase, his young figure was like lightning, he rushed over quickly, his whole body exploded with strength, and he punched Jinhuan poisonous gnat on the head.


Hearing a muffled sound, the golden ring poisonous gnat uttered a mournful cry, and immediately died out of breath. Before he died, he opened his mouth wide and spit out an inner alchemy that shone with green light.


Seeing that the golden ring poisonous gnat was killed, everyone present was extremely excited.

“This beast is finally dead!”

“It’s really not easy.”

While admiring, many people couldn’t help looking at the inner alchemy. The inner alchemy of Transcending Tribulation Realm can be regarded as a rare treasure.

“Ha ha!”

At this moment, Zhu Xiansheng laughed excitedly: “Is this the spirit beast’s inner alchemy? It’s mine.” After the words fell, he urged his figure to catch the inner alchemy.

Peter smiled and didn’t stop it.

After all, to be able to successfully kill this golden ring poisonous gnat, this little baby contributed a lot, and more importantly, with Peter’s current strength, he doesn’t need any inner alchemy.


However, Bai Mingqi, who was facing him, changed his expression.

This little doll disrupted my plan and now wants to snatch the inner alchemy. How can there be such a good thing?

Thinking to himself, Bai Mingqi didn’t think too much at the time, and yelled angrily: “Stinky baby, you want the inner alchemy too, so die to me!” After the words fell, Bai Mingqi’s figure erupted, and he slapped Zhu Xiansheng’s back hard. Call to go.

This inner alchemy of crossing the tribulation realm is rare in a hundred years, and no matter what, it can’t fall into the hands of this little baby.


Seeing this scene, everyone’s expression changed, and they were shocked and angry.

“It’s too shameless to attack a child.”

“Will the leader of Tianli Sect only attack from behind?”

“There is no bottom line at all, it’s too despicable.”

At the same time, Peter was also very frightened and angry, and shouted: “Be a careful baby.” Shouting, he rushed over quickly.


Sensing the danger coming from behind, Zhu Xiansheng was also taken aback. He wanted to dodge at that time, but it was too late. Fortunately, Peter arrived in time and protected him.

In the next second, Peter’s eyes were bloodshot, and he raised his hand to meet Bai Mingqi.


In an instant, the palms of the two collided, and there was a shock, and then both were pushed back by the volley.

Obviously, neither side took advantage of this palm.


At this moment, the inner alchemy fell to the ground and finally rolled in front of Lorenzo. Lorenzo held it in his hand and said to Zhu Xiansheng, “Little baby, I will hold the inner alchemy for you. You wait to get it.”

Like Peter, Lorenzo’s current state does not need inner alchemy to improve his strength. For the time being, I will help Zhu Xiansheng take care of it.

“Thank you!” Zhu Xiansheng responded.

Immediately, Zhu Xiansheng turned his head, looked at Bai Mingqi coldly, and cursed: “You are really shameless, you even attacked me behind the scenes? Do you think I am easy to bully because I am young?”

After the last word fell, Zhu Xiansheng exploded with all his strength and went straight to Bai Mingqi.

“Shameless scum, even a child will not be spared, go to hell!”

At the same time, Peter cursed loudly, and followed closely behind, holding the sky-opening ax tightly. Together with Zhu Xiansheng, they besieged Bai Mingqi.

Speaking of which, Peter insisted on his identity, and normally would not bully the few with more, but this Bai Mingqi is really hateful, first, he attacked Brother Wen by surprise, and now he plotted against a child.

For such a person, there is no need to abide by the rules of the world.

bang bang bang…

For a moment, the three of them collided back and forth in mid-air, and there was a roar. It was seen that although Zhu Xiansheng was young, he was small in stature and flexible in movement. Cooperating with Peter, he quickly suppressed Bai Mingqi.


Finally, Zhu Xiansheng found an opportunity, raised his hand to condense a ball of fire, and flung it towards Bai Mingqi.

The fireball became bigger and bigger, and the temperature of the surrounding air suddenly increased.

Seeing this scene, everyone present was extremely excited.

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