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Chapter 491


As a result, Lily was on the way, only to hear a surprised voice behind her. Lily’s body was shocked, she looked back, and she was stunned.

I saw Leng Yan standing there with a look of surprise, behind her, following a carriage.

On the carriage, there were three people lying side by side. His face turned blue, and his vital signs were gone.

It was Wu Yong, and the other two Lingyin Pavilion elite killers.

At this moment, Lily only felt her brain buzzing.

what happened?

Why are the three Wu Yong dead?

Could it be… they went to assassinate Darryl? Thinking about it, Lily’s heart grabbed her heart and walked over: “Senior Sister Leng Yan, what’s the matter? What’s wrong with Senior Brother Wu Yong… why died…”

When she said this, Lily was extremely worried. Wu Yong’s life and death. She doesn’t care. But she was afraid, afraid that Darryl would be stabbed and killed by them!

Leng Yan looked at Lily coldly, gritted her teeth and said: “Yesterday, a woman beside Darryl. The name was Elsa. She killed three Wu Yong.”

Speaking of this, Leng Yan looked gloomy and continued to ask: “Lily, did I send you to Heifeng Mountain?”

When talking about this, Leng Yan was full of doubts.

Lily went to Heifengzhai, but she didn’t die? God doesn’t have eyesight.

Lily bit her lip tightly and whispered: “I, I went to Heifeng Mountain, and I was caught by the people from Heifengzhai, and then I escaped.. Sister, what shall we do now? Isn’t it in the future? Don’t assassinate Darryl?”

Three people died at once. This assassination mission was a failure.

Lingyin Pavilion should give up the mission, right?

If this is the case, my husband is safe, and I don’t have to think about his safety all day long.

Leng Yan gritted her teeth secretly and said angrily: “We, Lingyin Pavilion, never give up in assassination. First send the bodies of Wu Yong’s three people back to Lingyin Pavilion, and then slowly decide. This task is too tricky, look. I need my master to come out.”

Leng Yan’s master. It was Ye Xue, the deputy chief of the pavilion.


Has the deputy cabinet chief himself been involved?

Hearing this, Lily was shocked, the deputy pavilion master was terrified, and it was said that none of the targets she was staring at could escape. If the deputy pavilion master made a move, Darryl would be really dangerous.

Looking at Lily’s reaction, Leng Yan couldn’t help but said: “What are you doing so nervously? Looking at you like this, it seems that you are worried about Darryl.”

With that said, Leng Yan stared at Lily closely, and continued: “Since seeing the goal of this mission, you have been absent-minded and disheartened. You honestly explain, do you know Darryl?”

In the last sentence, Leng Yan’s tone rose a bit, with an aggressive momentum.


Lily bit her lip, panicking in her heart.

Leng Yan didn’t give her a chance to think, and shouted: “Quickly explain it honestly. Do you know Darryl?”

Lily reacted nervously, and Leng Yan became more suspicious.

Facing Leng Yan’s strength. Lily knew that she couldn’t keep it, nodded, and said quietly: “I know…he…he is my husband.”

what? !


Hearing this, Leng Yan was stunned for an instant!

“Just like you are ugly, Darryl will be your husband?” Leng Yan pouted her lips, very bitter and mean: “People are dignified, the Sect Master of Tianmen, who will fall in love with you? Do you not be passionate here?”

“It’s true.” Lily was anxious and explained: “My previous appearance was not like this…Master sister, when I return to the Lingyin Pavilion next time, can you help me beg the Deputy Pavilion Master? Let’s abandon this task.”

Now that his identity has been exposed, it’s better to speak up.

Leng Yan frowned, looked at Lily tightly, and said with a sneer: “Abandon the mission? You said it because of you. Our Lingyin Pavilion took on the mission and never gave up. Even if you and Darryl were in Together…”

As he was talking, Leng Yan’s voice suddenly stopped, and then a bit of resentment appeared in his eyes. The voice changed: “I see, it turns out that you, the ugly monster, betrayed us! It must be you, who secretly revealed our whereabouts to Darryl, and then Darryl sent that Elsa to take Wu Yong Three killed, right?!”


Heard this. Lily’s body trembled: “Senior Sister, what did you say? I didn’t…”

Before she finished speaking, Leng Yan interrupted sharply: “Shut up, don’t hide it, it’s definitely a good thing you did!”

“No, sister, you misunderstood, I didn’t!”

“Haha, no? You said it yourself just now. Darryl is your husband. You must have told him that our Lingyin Pavilion is going to assassinate him. Otherwise, how could Elsa find Wu Yong and the three of them?”

“I…” For a moment, Lily’s face was ugly, she couldn’t argue. Unspeakable grievance in her heart. Before, it was Leng Yan who led her to Heifengzhai and wanted to frame her, but now the other way round, Lily betrayed Lingyin Pavilion.

Is there any reason?

“If you reveal the whereabouts of the same sect, you are tantamount to betraying the sect, and you are not worthy of being a disciple of Lingyin Pavilion.”

At this moment, Leng Yan’s body flashed and rushed directly to Lily!


Lily was taken aback, trying to dodge, but it was too late.

Leng Yan is too fast. Moreover, she is much stronger than Lily. As the famous “cold killer” of Lingyin Pavilion, Lily can’t contend at all.


Next second. Lily was directly spotted by Leng Yan, her delicate body trembled and she couldn’t move a single movement.

Leng Yan was too lazy to talk nonsense and threw Lily on the carriage. Coldly said: “You are ugly, not only ugly, but also vicious in your heart. You killed three Wu Yong. Waiting to return to Lingyin Pavilion to be dealt with.”

When the voice fell, Leng Yan drove the carriage towards the Lingyin Pavilion.

Lily was anxious and angry, trying to struggle, but was blocked by the acupoints, and couldn’t move at all.

On the other side, Mingjiao General Altar, Mingwang Mountain.

All the Tianmen disciples gathered on the square, ready to go back to the Earth Continent.

Just now, Peter and Lorenzo came back. A few days ago, the three brothers destroyed the Mingjiao. Peter and Lorenzo originally went after Sister Lu Jiechen, but they did not catch up. In the past few days, the two brothers have been looking for this sibling, but they have not found it. Came back.

At this time, Darryl held Krista and sighed helplessly. Krista was seriously injured, because she was not a cultivator, and her recovery ability was very poor. Even if Darryl input internal force and saved her life, she was still in a coma.

In addition to long-term cultivation, Krista’s current situation also needs some nourishment from heaven and earth treasures.

The foster father’s Ouyang family has many treasures.

Therefore, you must go back as soon as possible.

But leaving like this, Darryl was a little unwilling and left empty, always feeling that there was one less person around him. He tilted his head to look at Bessie and said, “Yuruo, do you know where Kendra is?”

That’s right, what Darryl was worried about was the teacher’s wife.

Chapter 492

The wife is still pregnant with her own flesh and blood. Counting the time, the child is already over a year old. In the first battle against the Star Tower, Clint caught Yu Ruo and his wife. Yuruo should know where the wife is.

However, Bessie’s expression was indifferent, her red lips opened, and she simply uttered a few words: “I don’t know.”


do not know?

Hearing this, Darryl was stunned.

In the next second, Darryl reacted. His eyes were full of urgency: “Yu Ruo, weren’t you two captured by Clint together?”

Bessie shook his head: “I really don’t know.” When he said this, there was no expression on Bessie’s face.

Darryl let out a sigh of relief, worried about his wife, and worried to death.


On the other side, Lingyin Mountain. Lingyin Pavilion.

In the valley, light smoke is lingering, and the warm sunshine is pouring down, like a paradise on earth.

however. In the main hall of Lingyin Pavilion, there was a depressive atmosphere.

In the main hall, the deputy pavilion master Ye Xue was sitting there quietly, with a bit of coldness on his delicate face.

Beside her, Leng Yan and several hundred elite disciples of Lingyin Pavilion stood quietly.

Below, Lily stood there, her face pale, because she was tapped on the acupuncture points, she couldn’t move.

Next to Lily, there were three bodies of Wu Yong.

“Lily, let me ask you!” Ye Xue looked at Lily quietly, her expression unchanged: “Why did you betray the teacher?! Three Wu Yong died tragically!”

When she said this, Ye Xue showed a trace of sadness in her eyes. Wu Yong’s three were outstanding among the younger generation of Lingyin Pavilion, elite killers, and they died just like that, which is so regrettable.

Lily bit her lip tightly. The body trembled faintly: “I…no…”


Ye Xueqiao’s face sank: “Your elder sister has told me the situation, so don’t quibble.”

When the voice fell, Ye Xue waved his hand at Leng Yan: “Call me.”

Leng Yan suddenly understood, and with his wrists, he drew a soft whip and walked straight to Lily!

When he arrived, Leng Yan’s eyes were cold: “You are ugly, telling Darryl that you have killed three of your colleagues, and you still don’t admit it, and you are still stiff!”


The voice fell, and the soft whip in Leng Yan’s hand slapped Lily’s body severely.

The soft whip was extremely tough, with barbs on it. Only in that moment, blood poured out, soaking Lily’s long skirt.

Lily cried out in pain, trying to struggle, but couldn’t move.

Ye Xue, who was sitting on the side, picked up the tea cup and took a sip. Said: “Lily, my Lingyin Pavilion treats you very well. You were dying in the sea, and the pavilion master kindly brought you back, not only saved you, but also accepted you as a closed disciple. Over the past year, you have worked hard to cultivate , I also appreciate it, and have high expectations of you, but what about you? The first time I followed out to do a task, I killed my fellow mate. What crime should you be?!”

“Deputy head, I…” Lily’s tears were about to flow down, her lips were pale and pale: “I didn’t betray Lingyin Pavilion, and I didn’t tell Darryl.”

If I wanted to see Darryl, I would have seen it a long time ago, so would I have to wait till now… my own face. How do you see my husband…

As soon as the voice fell, Leng Yan shook it with a whip again: “You are ugly, don’t you admit it? You mean, I wronged you? You said it yourself before. Darryl is your husband. Since it is your husband , It must be your whistleblower, there is no need for anyone to frame it!”


At this moment, everyone around was staring at Lily closely, with complex expressions one by one.

Ye Xue’s expression became more and more gloomy: “Lily, is Darryl really your husband?”

Lily nodded, her eyes flashed with complex emotions: “Yes…”

“Then you told the informer?” Ye Xue said coldly.


Lily took a deep breath. Gritting his teeth tightly, very firm: “I don’t have one.”

“Good! Good!”

Ye Xue was annoyed, and Yu pointed at Lily: “At this point, if you still don’t admit it, continue to beat me until she admits it!”

When the voice fell, Leng Yan waved the soft whip again.

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

There were waves of whipping sounds, and everyone around was shocked.

But Lily gritted her teeth tightly. Enduring the pain, did not shout out.

After a while, the clothes on Lily’s body were completely stained red with blood, and the whole person was extremely weak and sluggish, but her eyes were still determined.

Lily looks delicate, but in fact she has a tough personality.

She will not deny what she has done. But even if you die, you will not admit what you haven’t done.

Seeing that Lily was about to faint, Ye Xue stood up and raised Yu’s hand.

Leng Yan put away the soft whip, but the look in Lily’s eyes was still full of resentment.

“Lily, I’ll give you one last chance, don’t you admit it.”

Ye Xue walked slowly to Lily. Said coldly.

At this moment, Lily only felt pain all over her body, she didn’t even have the strength to speak, but her expression was still firm. Shook his head.

At this moment, Ye Xue suddenly patted the table, her face full of anger, and a cold light flashed in her eyes: “In this case. Don’t blame me.”


The voice fell, and a powerful breath broke out from Ye Xue.

In the next second, Ye Xue raised his palm. He hit Lily’s dantian fiercely, and under the crushing force, Lily’s dantian collapsed instantly!


Lily exclaimed, only to feel the only power in her body, instantly dissipating!

Ye Xue said coldly: “You are not worthy of being a disciple of my Lingyin Pavilion because of public favoritism and torture of the same family. I have abolished your dantian internal strength. Tomorrow, I will execute you. You personally apologize to Wu Yong three! “

With that said, Ye Xue said to the surrounding disciples: “Put her in death jail, and at three quarters tomorrow, we will cut her with a thousand swords!”


Upon hearing these words, all Lingyin Pavilion disciples present couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning.

Lily, who was lying on the ground, paled, and her body trembling.

Thousands of swords are the most terrifying way for Lingyin Pavilion to deal with traitors. On a steep slope, tens of thousands of steel knives were inserted, and then people rolled down.

It can be said that people are cut into pieces if they can’t reach the bottom.

For a moment, there was silence around, and everyone present looked at Lily with indifference and no sympathy.

Because Lily’s murder of her fellow family is unforgivable! There is a saying that good rabbits don’t eat grass on the edge of the nest. This Lily betrayed Lingyin Pavilion. Even if she was put to death, it would not be a pity!

Under Leng Yan’s leadership, several disciples dragged Lily out of the hall. Tuck it directly into the prison.

In the prison, Lily’s tears fell down, her whole body trembling uncontrollably. Looking at the copper walls and iron walls all around, she was completely desperate.

Darryl, Lily might not be able to hold it this time.

We.. See you in the next life..

Lily can’t protect you anymore…

Chapter 493

Zhongzhou! Ouyang family!

The weather is good today, the warm sun is shining, and the whole mansion is quiet and peaceful.

In the hall, Oliver was slowly drinking tea.

Beside him, Darryl was sitting there with a lingering sadness in his brows, very gloomy.

Darryl led Tianmen, and after returning from the Apocalypse Continent, he came directly to the Ouyang family. The first thing in the family was to give Krista some genius treasures. After taking it. Krista’s situation has improved a lot, her breath has stabilized, but she is still in a coma. Krista is not a cultivator, and her recovery ability is too poor.

However, this was not the main reason that made Darryl depressed.

When he returned from the Apocalypse Continent, Darryl had planned to get some news from Kendra from Bessie’s mouth.

As a result, Bessie asked three questions.

Darryl couldn’t help but left some Tianmen disciples and went to the Imperial City of Tianqi to find out Kendra’s whereabouts. The teacher’s wife was not around, and Darryl only felt empty in his heart. I can’t do anything to raise interest.

“Little wind.”

At this moment, Oliver put down his tea cup and looked at Darryl with a smile: “Don’t be too upset, you have to take it slowly.”

Looking at Darryl’s uncomfortable look. Oliver sighed. In his heart, Darryl was not a son, he was better than a son, and he didn’t want to see him so depressed.

Darryl smiled bitterly: “Foster father, I’m fine.”

Oliver patted him on the shoulder: “Mr. Darryl, your mood is all written on your face. The foster father tells you, a man, at any time, don’t be upset and try to calm yourself down. Yes. No, you go to my study, write or draw, to cultivate your mood. If you sit here all the time and think about it, your mood will get worse.”

“Okay…” Darryl nodded, got up and went to the study.

The foster father was right. Instead of frowning, he should write and paint to calm himself down.

Oliver has three major hobbies. Reading, writing, and tasting tea. So his study is very particular. The number of books here is like a library.

In the innermost part of the study, there is a large desk with complete pen, ink, paper and inkstone.

As the saying goes, writing calligraphy can best cultivate sentiment, and this sentence is true. Sitting at the desk, Darryl felt better, but he didn’t know what to write or draw.


Darryl slapped his legs, got up and went back to his room, and took out a picture.

This writing was originally given to Darryl to Riyue, Wang Xizhi’s “Ping An Post”! Darryl has been keeping such valuable things properly.

Anyway, I don’t know what to write, just copy this “Ping An Post”.

With a whisper in his heart, Darryl unfolded the “Ping An Tie” and began to copy seriously, every stroke, all with extreme earnestness.

Soon, Darryl entered the artistic conception of calligraphy, and his mood completely calmed down.


On the other side, Lingyin Mountain.

It was late at night, in the gloomy prison, Lily was tied there, unable to move.

The night is as cool as water. Lily’s delicate body trembled faintly, and while feeling cold, Lily’s whole body was also in pain.

During the day, Leng Yan whipped her with a whip, and it was so cruel that she almost killed Lily’s life.

At this moment, feeling the cold surrounding her, Lily’s face was extremely pale, and she felt that she couldn’t make it through tonight.

Are you going to die in this prison tonight?

Lily bit her lips tightly, hugged her knees with her hands, and squatted down, feeling a lot warmer. But she still looked desperate. Even if you survive tonight, what can you do? Tomorrow, he will suffer from the “thousand knives and ten thousand cuts”, and it will be impossible to escape death.

Thinking about it, Lily’s heart was ashamed.


However, at this moment, I heard a sound of footsteps outside the prison door. The footsteps are very light and light! A few seconds later, there was a slight noise. The cell door was gently pushed open a gap, and then, a slender figure quickly flashed in.


Did Master Leng Yan come to torture herself again?

Lily’s heart trembled. She thought it was Leng Yan who came, but she took a closer look. His face was immediately happy: “Sister Qingqing?”

Through the dim light, I saw this woman in front of me, with beautiful facial features, a graceful figure, and a feeling of gentleness and grace.

This woman is called Qingqing, Lily’s fifth senior sister, in the entire Lingyin Pavilion, except for the pavilion owner, Qingqing is the best for Lily. Everyone disliked Lily. Only Qingqing didn’t mind Lily’s ugly face.

At this moment, Lily was surprised and delighted the moment she saw Qingqing. She didn’t expect that Senior Sister Qingqing would take advantage of the darkness to quietly come to the prison and visit her.

“Fifth Sister, why are you… here?” Lily couldn’t help asking.

“Don’t ask so much…” Qingqing glanced outside very vigilantly. Then he walked over quickly and helped Lily untie the chains on her body. Her soft face was full of distress, and she said softly, “Lily, how do you feel?”

Although Lily’s face was ugly, Qingqing knew that she was kind-hearted. Therefore, among the entire Lingyin Pavilion disciples, only Qingqing regarded Lily as a friend and a good sister.

In the hall during the day, Qingqing felt distressed when she saw Lily being beaten.

“Five Senior Sister…I’m fine…” Lily’s pale face squeezed a smile. But when she said this, Lily felt sour, and she almost shed tears.

Lily is wronged in her heart! I have never betrayed Lingyin Pavilion, but why don’t you believe me…

Qingqing looked at Lily distressedly: “Lily, the disciple guarding the prison, was knocked out by me, you should go quickly, the farther you go, the better!”

After speaking, Qing Qing took out a bottle of wound healing elixir from her body. Handed it to Lily’s hand: “You also take this medicine, you left Lingyin Mountain, don’t come back again.”

“Fifth Sister…” Lily looked at Qingqing blankly: “Fifth Senior Sister, you…you want to let me go?”


Qingqing exhaled and smiled: “Lily. Although we have not been together for a long time, I understand you. If you say you didn’t do those things, you definitely didn’t do it. Others slandered you. Doubt you, but Senior Sister Five believes in you.”


Hearing this, Lily couldn’t control her emotions anymore, she threw herself into Qingqing’s arms and burst into tears.

“Okay, okay…” Qingqing hugged her tightly. Very distressed and pitying: “Lily, time is running out, let’s go quickly and listen to the words of Senior Sister Wu.”

When the voice fell, Qingqing took Lily and walked out of the prison quickly.

Taking advantage of the darkness, the two of them left Lingyin Mountain, Lily took Jingjing’s hand, and her tears kept running: “Five Senior Sister, I don’t know when I will see you next time.. Lily. I can’t bear you…”

“Okay, Lily, don’t cry.” Jingjing held her face and said: “Fifth Senior Sister is also reluctant to bear you, but you have to go. Staying here is a waste of life. Lily, it’s too early. , Go quickly.”

Lily nodded choked. Looking back at Senior Sister Wu, she finally gritted her teeth and left.

Chapter 494

On the other side, the Ouyang family.

For two days in a row, in addition to taking care of Krista every day, Darryl spent his free time in the study, writing and painting.

During these two days, Elsa has been by Darryl’s side. She likes a quiet place like the study room very much.

Elsa loves Darryl very much. She wants to follow where Darryl goes. So just watching Darryl’s writing quietly is also a kind of enjoyment. not to mention. Darryl’s handwriting is really beautiful.

At this time, Darryl was sitting at the desk, quietly writing calligraphy, and Elsa was beside him, flipping through a collection of poems.


At this moment, Elsa trembled inexplicably, her red lips lightly opened, and said: “Ask the world, what love is. Directly teach life and death…..”

After reading it again, Elsa tilted her head to look at Darryl in surprise: “Darryl, isn’t this the poem you wrote back then? How could it be in this collection of ancient poems?”

“Ah? Uh…” Hearing this, Darryl scratched his head, turned his head and looked embarrassed.

D*mn. At the beginning, I was in Dongao Continent, in order to pretend to have a literary talent, I used the poems of ancient sages in the earth to use for my own use. However, Darryl never expected that one day Elsa would follow him to round the continent, and now that he has a literary talent, he will show his stuff..

Darryl smiled, and didn’t know how to respond: “This…I…”

This is how to do?


Seeing Darryl’s bewilderment, Elsa was amused all of a sudden, and said softly: “Look at you nervously. At first I liked you, indeed because of the poems you chanted. But over time, I like you, yes. Because of your character, you value love and righteousness, and your righteousness, that’s why you will fall in love with you.”

When she said this, Elsa’s eyes were tightly looking at Darryl, her eyes were still full of appreciation: “Even if you steal ancient poetry, it doesn’t matter.”


Speaking of this, Elsa didn’t know how to think, stepped forward, and kissed Darryl’s face like a dragonfly.

Darryl only felt a gust of fragrant wind blowing across his face. He was immediately refreshed, and he held Elsa’s waist with his backhand and wanted to k!ss it deeply.

As a result, at this moment, anyone only heard a soft voice coming from the door.

“Brother Darryl, sister Elsa!”

I saw Cynthia push the door and enter, humming and ran in. When they arrived, Cynthia smiled and said, “Brother, did you write calligraphy today?”

“Uh…” Darryl hugged Elsa awkwardly and quickly withdrew his hand. Cynthia is still young, this scene is not suitable for her to watch.

When Cynthia arrived, the ambiguous atmosphere in the study suddenly broke.

Elsa smiled and took Cynthia’s hand, unable to conceal her affection. This girl, with a sweet mouth, is clever and well-behaved, who likes it when she sees it.

“You girl, want to show off to classmates with my calligraphy again?” Darryl put down his pen and looked at Cynthia with a smile.

Two days ago, Cynthia saw Darryl’s copy of “Ping An Post” in the study, and she liked it very much, but she couldn’t admire Darryl. Then she took the copy post and told her classmates and friends to see it.

Darryl loved Cynthia very much. Let her take it away. After all, I copied it by myself, not the real thing.

Seeing Cynthia coming again today, Darryl couldn’t help teasing her.

When it comes to this, Cynthia gets excited all at once: “Brother, you are so amazing. Your [Ping An Post] is also very good. My classmates thought it was authentic! By the way, brother, you write I made the decision without authorization and gave it to a classmate. My classmate likes the word very much and begged me to give it to her. When my heart softened, I gave her the word. Brother, you won’t Get angry…”

Darryl laughed and touched her hair, pretending to be angry and said: “Of course you are angry, you give your brother’s words to others. Can your brother not be angry?”

“Brother…I…” Cynthia lowered her head, like a kid who did something wrong.

“Haha, let’s do this, if you rub your elder brother, your elder brother won’t be angry anymore.” Darryl said with a smile.

“Hmm!” Cynthia blushed. Squatting gently in front of Darryl, rubbing his legs carefully, he said while rubbing: “By the way, I heard that tomorrow Zhongzhou City will hold an antique exhibition, which is very lively! This exhibition, exhibition There are a lot of antiques and ancient calligraphy and paintings. Let’s take a look tomorrow. I heard that many celebrities are coming. It’s very lively.”

Antique exhibition? He whispered in his heart, Darryl didn’t even think about it: “Don’t go, it’s boring.”

If you want to see antiques, you might as well go to Yuruo’s house. Her house has all the antiques in her house, which is richer than the exhibition.

Hearing this, Cynthia became anxious, took Darryl’s arm, and said coquettishly: “Brother go. Sister Elsa has been here for so long, and you haven’t taken her to get better. You always let sister Elsa follow you. Together, staying in this study is so boring. Besides.. Besides, I also want to go, and I want my brother to accompany me.. It is said that many celebrities are going, and Cynthia wants to see celebrities…”

When she said this, Cynthia’s eyes were full of expectation.

Seeing Cynthia like this, Elsa couldn’t help but smile, and said to Darryl: “Or, take Cynthia to see tomorrow?”

Cynthia was right. When she came to the Diyuan Continent, Elsa had long wanted to go around and appreciate the local customs here. Especially for some paintings and calligraphy, Elsa has a strong interest. After all, she is the master of Wen Zong, who knows everything about piano, chess, calligraphy and painting.

Hearing Cynthia said that there were a lot of calligraphy and painting in this exhibition, and Elsa was a little moved.

Seeing Cynthia and Elsa looking forward to it, Darryl smiled and nodded: “Well then, let’s go and have a look tomorrow.”

“Yeah. I knew my brother was the best to me.”

Seeing Darryl’s promise, Cynthia cheered, and immediately hugged Darryl, and went out of the study happily.


Donghai City, Liu Family.

Alexandra sat in the living room. She is wearing a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, and her figure is getting better. At this moment, she was holding a photo album in her hand and looked at it silently.

This album is all photos of Lily.

Alexandra can watch every one for a long time. Depressed, full of loss.

More than a year. Since leaving at the wedding, her daughter Lily has been away for more than a year without any news.

Over the past year, Alexandra has adopted various methods. To inquire about Lily’s news, there was no progress.

At the same time, Alexandra also bears various rumors outside.

Some people say that Lily is dead a long time ago.

Others said that Lily followed the young master of the Qin family and Qin Shousheng went to the Apocalypse Continent, but her whereabouts were unknown.

No matter which rumor, Alexandra was heartbroken.

my daughter.

Where are you?

Did you hear the call from mother’s heart?

Alexandra fumbled for the photo lightly, tears could not stop in his eyes.

“Bang! Bang!”

But at this moment, a knock on the door suddenly came.

Alexandra put away the album, got up and opened the door: “Who is it?”

The moment Alexandra opened the door, he was taken aback.

Seeing a pretty figure standing outside the door, covered with dust, and seeing that face, Alexandra’s heart tightened.

How could there be such an ugly girl? That’s right, it was Lily who was standing outside.

After being released by Senior Sister Qingqing, Lily didn’t know how much she suffered along the way in order to return to the mainland. In any case, he finally returned to Donghai City safely, and returned to his long-lost home.

Finally, Alexandra recovered and couldn’t help but speak: “You…you…”

Seeing her mother standing in front of him, Lily could no longer control her, tears came from her eyes, and she softly shouted: “Mom! It’s me, Lily…I’m Lily…”

Suddenly, Alexandra’s body trembled, almost unable to stand, holding the door frame with his hand, and then eyeing Lily up and down tightly.

“Lily… you are really Lily…” Alexandra was delighted and distressed, and hugged Lily all of a sudden: “My daughter, how did your face become like this?”

When she said this, Alexandra’s hands trembled, gently holding Lily’s face, his heart was broken.

What a beautiful and perfect face of my daughter, it turned out to be like this.

Lily did not answer, the mother and daughter embraced and wept, crying heartbreakingly.

Chapter 495

The mother and daughter hugged each other and didn’t know how long it had passed. They only heard a rush of cell phone ringing. Alexandra took out his cell phone and took a look. The call was from Liu Zhiyuan.

“Mom answer the phone.” Alexandra whispered, then answered.

“The grandmother is going to hold an emergency family meeting, come quickly, don’t be late!” After the call was connected. Liu Zhiyuan said a few words coldly and hung up the phone directly.

After hanging up the phone, Alexandra frowned.

Lily had just returned, and she just wanted to talk to her, but the old lady was about to hold a family meeting.

Seeing Alexandra’s face, Lily said softly: “Mom, it’s late, grandma is calling a meeting at this time. There must be something important, let’s go and take a look.”

After more than a year, these relatives are all okay.


Alexandra sighed and nodded: “Okay.”

When talking about this. Alexandra looked at Lily with distressed eyes. The daughter really hasn’t changed at all, her heart is too kind. I just came back from the field, before I had time to rest, I couldn’t help worrying as soon as I heard that there was something in the family.

Lily went upstairs to take a shower, changed her clothes, and went out with Alexandra. But Lily did not forget to dress up deliberately, wearing a mask to cover the ugly half of her face.

Ten minutes later, Lily and Alexandra arrived at the villa where the grandmother lived. I saw that many cars had been parked outside the villa.

At this time, the hall of the villa was already full of people, and the old grandmother of the Liu family was sitting on the first seat, her wrinkled face covered with a cloud of clouds.

No one spoke, and the whole hall was full of depression.

When Lily and Zhang Yin got married a year ago, everyone in the Liu family thought. In the future, the Liu family and Zhang Jiaqiang will join forces and become the first-class family in Donghai City!

Unexpectedly, something went wrong at the wedding, Lily recovered her memory and ran to look for Darryl. This incident made the Liu family once again the laughing stock of Donghai City.

Not only that, in one year, the Liu family’s grandmother failed to invest, and the Liu family’s business was not as good as each day. Until today, the capital chain has been severely broken, and an investment of 100 million yuan is urgently needed, otherwise the huge Liu family will collapse. But this one hundred million, who would vote for the Liu family?

At this time, Lily and Alexandra walked into the Liu’s villa.

For a moment, the whole villa was silent!



“Lily is back?”

Although Lily was wearing a mask, the Liu family present recognized it at a glance.

For a time. There was a lot of discussion in the whole hall, looking at Lily in countless numbers, full of surprise and complexity. The expressions are more exciting than one.

“Lily?” The old grandma’s muddy eyes flashed with light, and she couldn’t help but shout.

Lily hurried over and said softly: “Grandma, Lily, I’m back.”

“Okay, just come back.”

The old grandmother’s eyes flickered, and then she smiled: “Lily, it’s time for you to come back. Our Liu family is going bankrupt, and you can’t bear it. Let’s fall.”

As soon as she saw Lily, the old woman was very disgusted in her heart. After all, because of her, the Liu family became a joke of Donghai City. But the old grandmother, the creamer, was so sophisticated, and his mind changed. There is a new attention. It’s better to let Lily invest in the Liu family.

Lily still didn’t understand the situation, and said softly, “Grandma, what’s going on?”


The grandmother sighed: “There is a problem with the family business. The capital chain is broken, and there are nearly 100 million funds that cannot be renewed.

“Then…” Lily bit her lip: “How can I help?”

The grandmother smiled and said: “Of course I can. I remember that there are several wealthy young masters who have been thinking about you all the time. I am going to choose one for you. When you get married, your husband will definitely not sit idly by, when the time comes. Let’s The problems faced by the Liu family will be solved.”

When the voice fell, Liu Zhiyuan and the others around, came to their senses one by one, nodding in agreement.


“Grandma still has a way.”

The problem of the capital chain caused headaches for everyone present and could not find a perfect solution.

Now that Lily is back, things are not difficult.

Anyway, Lily has been married twice. It doesn’t matter if you marry a few more times.


Lily’s body trembled, staring at the old grandmother blankly, and was stunned.

As soon as they came back, they were anxious to marry themselves out?

In their eyes, is their own lifetime happiness, in front of the family, so insignificant?

Alexandra next to him couldn’t stand it anymore and couldn’t help but said: “Lily just came back, you guys…”

Before she finished speaking, the grandmother interrupted: “Don’t talk for now.”

As he said, the old grandma showed a smile and waved at Lily: “Lily is my granddaughter. Of course I feel distressed. Come, you have been away for more than a year, let grandma take a look.”

Lily hesitated. Still walked over.

As a result, as soon as he walked over, Liu Zhiyuan stood up and accused Lily: “Lily, why are you not polite at all now. Seeing grandma still wear a mask?”

“Yeah, after leaving for more than a year, the rules are gone.”

“Hurry up and take off your mask, what does it look like.”

Although it depends on Lily’s marriage. To save the family business. But seeing Lily still wearing a mask, these family children couldn’t help but criticize.

After all, in the entire Liu family. Lily has always had no status.

Facing everyone’s questioning, Lily bit her lip tightly, after hesitating for a few seconds, she took off the mask.

She had no face to face Darryl, but in front of the grandmother and the others, she didn’t need to hide. After all, his appearance will be exposed sooner or later.


Suddenly, seeing Lily’s ugly face, the whole hall was silent, and many people couldn’t help but breathe in the air.

Is this…Is this still Lily?

How did it become so ugly?

“Lily, you…”

The grandmother was shocked, and then her tone became colder: “What’s the matter with your face?”

When she said this, the old lady couldn’t hide her inner anger.

Originally this granddaughter was very beautiful, but now it has become so ugly, who would marry her, those rich young masters?

“Tsk tusk, Lily ah Lily, I finally understand why you suddenly came back because you became ugly, and Darryl doesn’t want you anymore, right?” Liu Zhiyuan stepped forward and said deliberately loudly.

As soon as the voice fell, everyone else pointed at Lily.

“It’s really a shame for the Liu family.”

“Yeah, after running for more than a year, there is no news. Now I have become such a ghost, I am willing to come back.”

“I still count on her to turn the situation around for the Liu family, ha ha, what use is there now?”

At this moment, in the hearts of everyone in the Liu family, Lily had no use-value, and she was not polite to speak one by one.

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