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Chapter 4914


Hearing this, Lingluo was very delicate, but also panicked.

Because she clearly felt that the cold air covering her whole body had begun to invade the meridians…

In case the meridians are attacked, all of my skills will be really useless..

But… how can those two words be pronounced?

“never mind!”

Seeing that she was still unwilling to call out, Darryl stood up deliberately, and said lightly: “Since you don’t call out, then I wish you good luck.” Saying that, he pretended to leave.

“You…don’t go!”

Seeing this scene, Lingluo was completely anxious: “I… My name is… Dad!”

When she yelled those two words, Lingluo was so ashamed and angry that she couldn’t speak, she lowered her head and didn’t meet Darryl’s eyes.

It’s the second time!

This is the second time being teased by Darryl, why is it like this? Is this man destined to be my nemesis?

Ha ha…

Seeing that she finally called out, Darryl felt indescribably happy, but it wasn’t over yet, so he leaned over and pulled his ears: “What did you call me? The voice is so low, I can’t hear it.”

the bastard….

Lingluo could see that Darryl did it on purpose. At that time, she was so angry that she couldn’t get angry, so she yelled again: “Father!” .

From childhood to adulthood, with the protection of the master, whoever saw it was not afraid of three points, but in front of this Darryl, he was always frustrated…


Darryl accepted it as soon as he saw it, and stopped teasing at that time, nodded and smiled: “Good daughter, you are so good, dad will help you get rid of the cold air now.” After the words fell, Darryl sat cross-legged behind Lingluo, with his hands resting on her back , began to stimulate the power of the law industry red lotus.


All of a sudden, Lingluo felt a scorching force coming from behind, and then slowly spread into her limbs and bones. After a while, the ice all over her body melted, and the cold feeling disappeared, replaced by a warm and comfortable feeling.

This… This exercise is amazing.

For a moment, Lingluo regained her freedom, and she was indescribably surprised.

Although this Darryl was very hateful, it had to be said that he did have some abilities. There was nothing he could do about the cold air, but in front of him, it was so easily dispelled.

At this time, Lingluo still didn’t know that what Darryl was cultivating was not a fire attribute technique at all, but a red lotus with the dharma karma that only appeared once in thousands of years in the God’s Domain.

“Good girl!”

Just when Lingluo was secretly amazed, Darryl smiled and stood up: “The cold air is dispelled, you will be fine after a little movement.”


Lingluo responded, for the first time, she didn’t speak harsh words but nodded obediently. Speaking of which, Lingluo originally hated Darryl, but after several encounters, she was gradually convinced by his ability…

But Lingluo was arrogant and didn’t want to show it.


At this moment, Qiangwei, who was unconscious in the grass next to her, let out a low and light sound, and Yoyo woke up.

The moment she opened her eyes, Qiangwei looked around vigilantly, looking very nervous. You must know that the terrifying strength of her surroundings had cast a shadow in her heart.

“You’re awake!”

At this time, Darryl said with a smile: “Don’t panic, I have already killed that Qiwei.”

When he said this, Darryl admired Qiangwei up close, and couldn’t help admiring secretly in his heart.

It has to be said that this Qiangwei is top-notch in terms of appearance and figure, especially at this moment when she looks weak and pitiful. Any man who sees her will find it hard to hold her own.


Hearing this, Qiangwei was taken aback and looked at Darryl in disbelief.

She has fought against Wei Wei twice, and she is well aware of the terror of the other party. Such a powerful existence was actually beaten to death by Darryl, no one would be able to calm down.


At this moment, Lingluo couldn’t help but said: “He really killed it, I saw it!” Afterward, Lingluo explained the situation at that time in detail.

Seeing that her junior sister said the same thing, Qiangwei no longer doubted it.

But the next second, Qiangwei realized something, first looking at Darryl, then at Lingluo, feeling very puzzled.


Didn’t junior sister always hate this Darryl? How did they get along so well in the blink of an eye?

Chapter 4915

Thinking about it, Qiangwei couldn’t help but said: “You…”

She clearly saw that junior sister Lingluo was drenched all over, and she couldn’t help but think about it…


At this moment, Lingluo’s face turned red instantly, she didn’t know how to respond, after all, she was too ashamed to ask Darryl for help just now, how dare she say it?

At this time, Darryl hurriedly smoothed things over: “It’s nothing, she and I dealt with Wei Wei just now, maybe she was too tired.” He could see that Lingluo was very embarrassed, so he couldn’t help but help her out.


Hearing this, Qiangwei nodded and didn’t ask any more questions at that time.

The next second, Qiangwei turned her head to look in the direction of the cave: “That monster called ‘Zouwei’ is really terrifying in strength.” When she was speaking, she still had lingering fears when she thought of the scene of fighting with Tuowei just now.

After speaking, Qiangwei couldn’t help being curious: “It’s strange, we didn’t provoke this monster, why did it come up from the water and attack us?”

Lingluo was also a little puzzled.


Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, and said with a smile: “As far as I know, Tuowei doesn’t always live underwater, and this cave should be its resting place.”

“We’ve taken its place, and it’s going to go crazy.”

Hearing this, both Lingluo and Qiangwei suddenly nodded.

But in the next second, Lingluo thought of something: “Even if it’s a place to rest, there’s no need to fight us hard. It’s so big here, so it can just find another place? Could it be that…there is a cave in this cave?” secret?”

Yes, why didn’t I think of that?

At this moment, Darryl came to his senses, patted his forehead immediately, and said to Lingluo: “Good… Fortunately, you reminded me, let’s go in and check later.”

He originally wanted to say good daughter, but when he saw Qiangwei present, he quickly changed his words.

After the words fell, Darryl took the first step and walked toward the cave.

Lingluo’s face was red, and she followed quickly.

“Wait for me…” Qiangwei yelled and hurried to catch up.

At this time, the ice in the cave has begun to melt, and the melting of the ice completely absorbs the heat of the cave, making people feel chilly. When the three of Darryl came in, they all shivered subconsciously.


When passing by the dead body, Lingluo couldn’t hide her resentment, couldn’t help cursing, and then kicked her hard.


Seeing her temper the child, Darryl and Qiangwei couldn’t laugh or cry.

However, at this moment, a slap was heard, and a shiny green object fell out of the body of Wei Wei.

“What is this?” Lingluo was surprised, quickly picked it up, and held it in her hand to read.

At this moment, Darryl and Qiangwei also quickly surrounded him.

I saw that this is a fist-sized bead with a halo on the surface, which is somewhat different from the inner alchemy of the spirit beast, which is very strange.

Lingluo and Qiangwei couldn’t recognize what it was, and they were secretly amazed.


Darryl frowned secretly, and while thinking, he said: “This should be the ‘inner alchemy’ of this Chuwei, but he is a strange beast, so it is very different from the inner alchemy of ordinary spirit beasts.”

After saying that, Darryl took the beads and began to study them, but after looking around, he couldn’t see any tricks.

“Let’s go inside and have a look.”

At this moment, Qiangwei suggested: “Perhaps there is something to gain from it.”

Darryl nodded in agreement, and then the three of them continued to explore the cave. It’s just that the cave isn’t that big, and the three of them turned around but didn’t find anything suspicious.


Lingluo was very bored and couldn’t help but said, “Could it be that this is just a resting place, we’re all overthinking it?”

Qiangwei also gave up, and said softly: “Forget it, it’s almost dawn, let’s take a rest quickly, and we have to go into the water to find Master tomorrow morning.” Thinking of Master’s life and death being unknown, I feel very uncomfortable.

Lingluo nodded, and then the two sisters found a dry place to rest.

But Darryl couldn’t take a rest no matter what, holding the beads thoughtfully.

its not right!

The desperate effort of Naowei just now shows that this cave is not as simple as a resting place, but why is there no clue?

Unable to understand, Darryl urged the power of Faye Honglian to inject it into the bead.

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