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Chapter 4920

This aura fluctuates and disappears from time to time, but Darryl is still keenly aware of it.


At this moment, Darryl immediately concluded in his heart that the person who emitted this wave of aura must be the rumored dragon. One must know that Darryl is the dragon master of the dragon clan after all, and he is very sensitive to the breath of dragons.

But Lingluo, Qiangwei, and Yan Yitao couldn’t perceive it at all.


At this time, Yan Yitao couldn’t hide his excitement when he heard Darryl’s words, and said to his companion, “Quickly, go over there to check.” When he spoke, Yan Yitao’s eyes were full of excitement.

The journey went smoothly just now, so Yan Yitao didn’t doubt Darryl’s words at all.

Moreover, he is not afraid of Darryl playing tricks, after all, they are only three people, and they don’t have the guts at all.


Hearing the order, several companions accompanied Yan Yitao and quickly walked to the right to investigate.

The three of Darryl followed slowly.


At this moment, Qiangwei couldn’t bear it anymore, and asked in a low voice: “How do you know the layout here, have you been here before?” When asked, Qiangwei’s eyes were full of curiosity.

After the words fell, Lingluo couldn’t help muttering: “These people are not good people, and you still help them find treasures…”

Ha ha….

Sensing Lingluo’s displeasure, Darryl smiled slightly, and said in a low voice, “Where have I been here before, I just lied to them.”

While talking, Darryl looked at Yan Yitao in front of him and continued: “When you encounter a situation, you should quickly hide behind me. Remember, don’t make a move, you know?”

He just felt that the flood dragon was on the right side. As for the strength of this flood dragon, Darryl was not sure for a while.


Hearing this, Qiangwei suddenly realized, nodded, and said: “I knew it, you won’t help them for no reason.”

Lingluo’s face also softened a lot, but she still couldn’t help but said: “Why are you so troublesome, now that they have relaxed their vigilance, why don’t we make a surprise attack?”

Darryl smiled lightly: “They will be attacked in a short while, why do we have to do it ourselves?”


At this moment, both Qiangwei and Lingluo were taken aback.

In the next second, Qiangwei frowned slightly: “How did you know they would be attacked? Who attacked them?”

At the same time, Lingluo also looked closely at Darryl, waiting for his answer.

Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, and lightly recovered two words: “Jiaolong.”


Hearing these two words, both Qiangwei and Lingluo shuddered, and their delicate faces couldn’t hide their fear and panic. You know, they have seen that dragon with their own eyes. It was this dragon that suddenly appeared on the lake before and attacked Master by surprise, making Master’s life and death unknown.


Shocked, Lingluo couldn’t help but said: “How do you know Jiaolong is here?”

Darryl opened his mouth and was about to answer, when he heard Yan Yitao and others in front of him cheering, all of them looked very excited.

“I’ll go, so many treasures!”

“Haha, get rich, get rich…”

“This…isn’t this a dream?”

The cheers of several people came, Darryl and the three looked at each other, and hurried over.

Turning a corner, there is a majestic hall in front of you. At this time, Yan Yitao and the others are standing at the door outside the hall, and each of them is very excited.

The three of Darryl couldn’t help but look inside the hall, and they were all stunned for a while, with a burst of exclamation in their mouths.

This… is too luxurious.

I saw that the inside of the hall was full of gold, silver, and jewels, and even the pillars inside were made of pure gold. Looking around, it was dazzling and dizzying.

Seeing this scene, both Lingluo and Qiangwei were shocked, there are so many treasures, they might not be able to spend ten lifetimes.

But while shocked, Lingluo was still a little puzzled, didn’t Darryl say that the flood dragon was nearby? Why didn’t you see it?

Darryl’s face was serious, and his eyes were fixed on the top of the hall.

“Ha ha….”

Just when Lingluo was puzzled, Yan Yitao laughed loudly: “It seems that today is not in vain.” After speaking, he rushed into the hall impatiently.

Several companions followed closely behind.

Chapter 4921


Seeing this situation, Qiangwei couldn’t help but said, “Let’s go in and have a look too!”

Darryl shook his head: “The dragon is in this hall, let’s not go in and cause trouble.”

What? Flood dragon is in this hall?

Hearing this, Lingluo and Qiangwei trembled delicately, and they couldn’t hide the tension on their delicate faces.


At this time, a soul-stirring roar of the dragon’s roar came from the hall, and the terrifying aura swept across the entire hall. Immediately afterward, a huge figure swooped down from the top of the hall, only hitting Yan Yitao and the others.

His whole body was covered with dark scales, tens of meters long, and his eyes gleamed fiercely.

It was the dragon that attacked Granny Honghua before.


Yan Yitao and the others were immersed in great joy, when they suddenly saw Jiaolong appearing, they were all dumbfounded and gasped.


Almost in the blink of an eye, Jiaolong rushed forward and bit a companion into two pieces with one bite, blood sprayed out immediately, the companion almost died before he could scream.


This is the rumored Jiaolong?

Seeing this scene, Yan Yitao’s face was extremely pale, and he stared blankly at Jiaolong’s huge body, full of fear in his heart.

The other companions behind him were also shocked at this moment, only feeling their legs go weak.

Jiaolong is indeed here.

At the same time, when Lingluo and Qiangwei saw Jiaolong, they were also indescribably terrified.

Darryl, on the other hand, looked calm, and quickly took their hands: “Get out of the way first!” After the words fell, he took the two sisters and quickly hid behind the pillars outside the hall.


At this time, in the main hall, Yan Yitao regained his composure, and shouted at his companions: “Run!” Speaking of which, Yan Yitao’s self-confidence is not weak, but the strength of the dragon in front of him is too terrifying, and he has no strength at all. The courage to fight.

After the last word fell, Yan Yitao turned around and rushed out of the hall.


Hearing the shout, several companions also reacted, urging their figures to flee.

However, how could Jiaolong give them a chance to escape?


At this moment, Jiaolong tightly locked onto Yan Yitao and the others, let out a sky-shattering roar, his huge body roared out, chased after them, and at the same time swung his sharp claws fiercely.


With the dragon’s sharp claws waving, the sky twisted instantly, and then, bolts of lightning burst out, covering several of Yan Yitao’s companions directly.


Under the raging lightning, several companions screamed, and then fell one by one at the entrance of the main hall. The moment they landed, they were all scorched and dead.

It’s over!

Seeing this scene, Yan Yitao was startled and angry, this flood dragon actually attacked with lightning?

At the same time, I felt a little hopeless.

It’s over, my brothers are not weak, but they can’t even block the dragon’s move, so I have to die here?

Thinking to himself, Yan Yitao looked at the three Darryl hiding behind the pillar, and suddenly his face became gloomy: “Good boy, how dare you play me!”

No matter how stupid Yan Yitao was at this time, he could guess that Darryl had lured them here on purpose.


Hearing Yan Yitao’s furious shout, Darryl remained calm and said with a smile: “You are too naive to think that you can get the treasure without any effort, how can there be such a good thing in the world?”

After the words fell, Lingluo behind her couldn’t help but said: “You guys are too greedy, and you deserve what happened.” In order not to disturb Darryl’s plan, she had been forbearance. Now seeing Yan Yitao’s heavy casualties, I couldn’t bear it anymore.


Hearing this, Yan Yitao’s expression was extremely gloomy, and when he turned his head to see Jiaolong rushing, he didn’t have time to think about it, so he pushed his speed to the extreme and rushed toward Darryl and the others.

Yan Yitao made up his mind and attracted Jiaolong to Darryl and the others. If he could successfully divert Jiaolong’s attention, he would have a chance to escape.

This man is insidious enough.

Seeing Yan Yitao rushing, Darryl frowned.

Lingluo and Qiangwei also changed their pretty faces, as if they didn’t expect that Yan Yitao would be so insidious that he wanted to attract Jiaolong.

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