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Chapter 4930


The next second, Qiangwei looked at the big formation in front of her, her delicate face couldn’t hide the complexity: “What is this?” Seeing Master trapped in the fire formation just now, Qiangwei also had a shadow in her heart. The big formation in front of me made me very nervous.

Seeing that Qiangwei took the initiative to talk to Darryl, Granny Honghua was very displeased, but she kept her identity and didn’t open her mouth to reprimand.


Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, and said slowly: “This is a teleportation array, but it has been useless for a long time, and there is no danger, so you don’t need to be nervous.”

Hearing this, Qiangwei heaved a sigh of relief.

At this time, Lingluo discovered something and couldn’t help but said: “Look, there is a stone tablet over here.” In her words, she couldn’t hide her excitement.

After what happened today, Darryl is almost omnipotent in Lingluo’s heart, as long as he is around, all troubles will be solved easily.

While speaking, Lingluo quickly walked toward the right side of the stone formation.

At this moment, Darryl heard the sound and looked, and sure enough, he saw a stone tablet standing on the right side of the stone formation. The stone tablet was not very high, about three meters, and it was densely engraved with words.

This should be specially engraved by the people of Yulongmen.

Seeing this, Darryl muttered something in his heart and walked over slowly.

Qiangwei quickly followed.


Seeing this scene, Granny Honghua’s expression suddenly became gloomy. The two apprentices walked so close to Darryl, and no one could bear it, and immediately shouted angrily: “Lingluo, do you still have something in your eyes?” My master? Why don’t you come over and help me as a teacher?”

When she said this, Granny Honghua gave Darryl a cold look, her heart full of murderous intent.

This brat, in just one day, has mesmerized my two apprentices like this, if this continues, will I be able to pay back in the future? He must be eliminated as soon as possible.

“Yes, Master!”

At this time, Lingluo had already arrived in front of the stone tablet and was waiting for Darryl to solve his doubts. Hearing Granny Honghua’s scolding, the smile on her face froze immediately, and then she responded, and reluctantly returned, helping Honghua Flower’s mother-in-law.

Granny Honghua hadn’t finished yet, she said coldly to Qiangwei: “You go and find a place to rest for Teacher.” Her tone was cold and unquestionable.

Ha ha…..

Seeing this situation, Darryl couldn’t help laughing secretly.

This red flower mother-in-law is really interesting. She was forced to agree to my conditions just now, and she was suffocating in her heart, and now she is venting her anger on her apprentice.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl pretended not to hear it, walked to the stone tablet, and looked carefully.


Hearing the master’s order, Qiangwei hurriedly responded, and went to the side to clean up an open space, and then she and Lingluo supported Granny Honghua to rest.

But Qiangwei’s eyes kept paying attention to Darryl’s side, she really wanted to know what was written on the stone tablet, but because of Master’s presence, she didn’t dare to ask Darryl at all.


Seeing that the apprentice’s attention was always on Darryl, Grandma Honghua was very annoyed, she couldn’t help but said coldly: “What did my teacher tell you before? How did your senior sister die back then? Have you forgotten?”

“A lesson learned from the past, as a teacher, I hope you can rein in the precipice.”


Hearing this, Qiangwei’s face immediately turned red. She is a smart woman, how could she not understand the meaning of these words, bit her lips lightly, and said in a low voice: “Master, you misunderstood, I have nothing against Darryl. what.”

When saying this, Qiangwei feared that Darryl would hear her, so her voice was very small.

Granny Honghua snorted coldly, obviously not believing it.


Qiangwei hesitated for a while, and continued to whisper: “I don’t think this Darryl is a bad person, and he saved Master just now, why does Master keep targeting him?”

It’s okay if she doesn’t mention this, but when she mentions this, Grandma Honghua will not get angry, and immediately scolded: “Shut up, what do you do as a teacher, I need you to teach me. Why? What do you think of being a teacher? Wrong, now you want to teach Master the other way around?”

When she said this, Granny Honghua’s face was full of hostility, and her eyes almost spitfire. I felt even more resentful towards Darryl in my heart.


It’s all Darryl who just forced me to retreat into the world, but now even my disciples are helping him to speak.

Chapter 4931

Sensing Master’s anger, Qiangwei was terrified, and hurriedly said: “Master, I don’t dare, I don’t mean that…”

At this time, Qiangwei felt very wrong.

All along, the master has always been kind to me, and has never been so unreasonable and scolded me like this…


Seeing her like this, Granny Honghua took a deep breath, adjusted her mood, and said lightly: “Okay, you have to listen to Master from now on, so Master won’t blame you, you know?”

Qiangwei nodded but felt an indescribable sadness in her heart.

At this time, Darryl is here.

Arriving in front of the stele, Darryl carefully read the inscriptions on the stele, and his heart suddenly became clear.

It turned out that the patriarch of Yulongmen came from God Realm back then, and was originally a general of Dilgog Palace. Because he violated the rules of heaven, he was demoted to Tianxin Continent as punishment.

And this teleportation array was prepared by the founder of Yulongmen to return to God’s Domain, but some accidents happened later, the teleportation array was not fully completed, and it has been idle until now…

With emotion in his heart, Darryl continued to read: “I have sealed up a lot of spirit stones within the northwest wall of the formation…Using spirit stones can push the energy of the transmission formation to the extreme…”


Seeing this, Darryl couldn’t help being a little excited.

The so-called spirit stone is also a product of the creation of heaven and the earth. Like the inner alchemy of the spirit beast, in some places with the abundant spiritual energy of heaven and earth, spirit stones will be produced.

For so many years, Darryl traveled to many places, and rarely saw spirit stones, but he never expected that many of them were sealed up in this underground crystal palace.


With these spirit stones, when the time comes to activate the formation, it will be even more effective.

Thinking to himself, Darryl showed a smile, and then quickly walked to the wall in the northwest of the formation, and sure enough, he found a secret door hidden in the wall.

It’s just that outside the secret door, a talisman array was deployed.

Talisman formations and ordinary formations are in the same line. The only difference is that the talisman formations are invisible, invisible, and intangible. They need internal force and special means to crack.

However, Darryl’s mastery of the formation technique has reached the point where it is difficult for others to match, so it is not difficult at all.


At this moment, after Darryl found out the rules of the talisman formation, he immediately took a deep breath, silently activated the power of the primordial spirit, and began to decipher the talisman formation. Soon, Darryl was so engrossed that he completely forgot about things outside of him.

Seeing this scene, Lingluo and Qiangwei who were not far away looked at each other in surprise.

What happened to Darryl?

What is he doing standing in front of a wall?

The two sisters couldn’t perceive the talisman array on the wall, so they were a little curious to see Darryl standing there motionless.

The Honghua Granny raised the corners of her mouth, revealing a sneer.

The opportunity has come.

Grandma Honghua is considered a top powerhouse in Tianxin Continent. Lingluo and Qiangwei couldn’t tell, but she could clearly feel that Darryl at this time was urging his skills to crack something.

Moreover, with such full concentration, wouldn’t it be an excellent opportunity for a surprise attack?


At this time, under Darryl’s cracking, the wall trembled, and then a ray of light flickered, and a secret door appeared on the wall.

Darryl was sweating profusely. Because his strength had not fully recovered, he had consumed a lot of soul power to crack the talisman array just now, but he was very excited.

The talisman array will soon be cracked, and the spirit stone inside will be obtained immediately.


Seeing the secret door emerging from the wall, both Lingluo and Qiangwei trembled in shock.

On this wall, there is actually a secret door hidden.

And…how did Darryl find out? What kind of tricks did he use just now?

“Stinky boy, go to hell!”

However, at this moment, Grandma Honghua let out a loud cry, her whole body was like a vulture, suddenly bursting up and rushing toward Darryl.

Granny Honghua could tell that Darryl was at the critical moment to crack the talisman formation, so she immediately shot without hesitation.


In the blink of an eye, Granny Honghua rushed to Darryl’s back, unleashing all the remaining internal energy in her body.

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