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Chapter 4944

Of course, Darryl would not let him take it away. He raised his right hand without hesitation at that time, swung a palm, and hit the old man.


Seeing Darryl’s palm strike, the white-clothed old man swiftly dodged away, he was not very angry, but smiled and said: “Boy, do you want to do it? Okay, the old man will practice with you.”


After the last word fell, a powerful force erupted from the whole body of the white-clothed old man, his figure was as fast as lightning, and he fought fiercely with Darryl.

Seeing the old man in white, with his agile and graceful movements, he was able to avoid the cold attacks of the surrounding white lotus while fighting Darryl, which made Darryl very surprised.

When did such a No. 1 figure appear in the Jianghu of Tianxin Continent?

But no matter who the other party is, no matter what today, he can’t let him snatch away this natural talent and earthly treasure.

the other side.

A hundred miles southwest of the Great Yan Emperor’s Capital, there is a mountain range that is shrouded in clouds and mist all year round, like a fairyland. The highest mountain in it is even steeper, named Yunyi Mountain.

On the top of Yunyi Mountain, a magnificent building can be vaguely seen, patchwork and antique.

This is where the main altar of Li Tiandao is located.

At this time, on the mountain road below the mountain, a group of people was slowly coming, each with a strong aura, and the leader was Xiao Jue. In the middle of the team, there are two slim figures.

It was Yan Bingyu and Feixue.

It can be seen that Feixue’s expression at this time is indifferent, without any emotional fluctuations, his eyes are slightly hollow, and his expression is a little less.

That’s right, Feixue has been completely controlled by Xiao Jue.


When he arrived at the stone steps leading to the main altar, Xiao Jue looked up at the faintly visible buildings on the top of the mountain amidst the clouds and mist, feeling deeply moved in his heart.

“Twenty years…Twenty years have passed, and I, Xiao Jue, have finally returned.”

When he said this, Xiao Jue’s eyes were calm, but his heart couldn’t hide his excitement and excitement.

At the same time, Yan Bingyu looked at the building complex on the top of the mountain and was shocked: “Is this the Li Tian Dao General Altar? It looks really majestic…”

Although Yan Bingyu is Xiao Jue’s disciple, he has lived in seclusion for more than 20 years and has never been to Litian Dao General Altar. When he came here for the first time, he was naturally very excited.


At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps ahead, and then, several patrolling disciples came quickly.


When they came to him, several patrolling disciples scolded him one after another.

“Who? Dare to trespass on my way of leaving heaven?”

“Huh?…the altar masters…”

After shouting angrily, and seeing several altar masters in the crowd, these patrolling disciples were stunned for a moment, but when their eyes fell on Xiao Jue and Yan Bingyu, they were all vigilant.

At this time, one of the altar masters stepped forward and said coldly: “You are blind, can’t you see who we are?”


Several patrolling disciples looked at each other in embarrassment, and then saluted one after another: “I don’t intend to offend you, so please don’t blame the altar masters.”

Saying that, one of the disciples looked at Xiao Jue and Yan Bingyu, and couldn’t help asking: “Are these two…”

Before he could finish asking, the altar master said coldly: “This is our new suzerain, don’t be rude, get out of the way!”


The new suzerain?

Hearing this, several patrolling disciples were taken aback.

At this moment, Feixue took a step forward, her delicate face was full of indifference: “Hurry up and send the order, all elite disciples, gather in the main hall.”

The tone is soft and pleasant, but there is no doubt about it.


Seeing Feixue speak, the patrolling disciples didn’t dare to neglect, they all responded and left quickly.

Speaking of which, these patrolling disciples were very puzzled, but they didn’t dare to ask more questions, after all, Feixue was Gu Qianqiu’s direct disciple and had a special status in Li Tiandao. Even if the elders meet, they will be courteous.

Half an hour later, the main altar hall.

Li Tiandao’s main altar hall is magnificent, not inferior to the imperial palace at all. At this time, there are nearly ten thousand elite disciples standing neatly in the hall and on the square outside the hall.

Li Tiandao’s forces spread all over the Tianxin Continent, and the disciples who can stay in the main altar are all the elites among the elites.

Chapter 4945

At this time, nearly ten thousand elite disciples gathered inside and outside the hall, each of them looked extremely complicated, and many couldn’t help but whisper.

“what’s the situation?”

“I don’t know…”

“It seems that something happened to the suzerain, and Feixue brought back a new suzerain…”

Discussions continued come, and the entire forum was filled with an unusually dignified atmosphere.

Inside the hall.

Xiao Jue sat on the throne, Yan Bingyu and Feixue separated on both sides, and several altar masters stood quietly by the side.


At this moment, an altar master came out, looked around the audience, and said loudly: “Everyone is quiet.” The altar master’s name was Xu Shangzhi, among several altar masters, he was the first to take refuge in Xiao Jue, and he was very loyal to Xiao Jue .


As soon as the words fell, many elite disciples immediately stopped discussing, and their eyes focused on Xu Shangzhi.

Xu Shangzhi nodded in satisfaction, cleared his throat, put on a sad look, and said slowly: “I tell you some sad news. A few days ago, the ancient suzerain was framed in Qingyun City and died, unfortunately.”

As he spoke, Xu Shangzhi pretended to wipe away his tears.


Hearing this, all the disciples present were in an uproar.

“The suzerain is dead? This…”

“Impossible, the suzerain is so powerful, how could he die?”

Almost all the elite disciples present had incomparable respect for Gu Qianqiu. Hearing this news at this moment, they couldn’t accept it for a while.

“Everyone be quiet.”

Seeing them discussing again, Xu Shangzhi frowned and said loudly: “When the ancient sect master was dying, he specially appointed senior Xiao Jue to succeed him as the next suzerain master.”

“Senior Xiao Jue, twenty years ago was our deputy suzerain from the way of heaven. He is extremely powerful and highly respected. It is really a blessing for us to succeed him as suzerain.”

After finishing the last sentence, Xu Shangzhi turned around and saluted Xiao Jue.


At this moment, the eyes of the audience all focused on Xiao Jue, and many disciples were secretly surprised.

These disciples only joined Li Tiandao in recent years, they don’t know what happened twenty years ago, so naturally, they don’t know Xiao Jue.

However, there have been frequent incidents in Qingyun City recently, and many disciples in the main altar got wind of it. At this time, they all expressed doubts about Xu Shangzhi’s words.


Soon, a disciple walked out of the crowd, first looked at Xiao Jue, frowned, and said, “A day ago, I received news from Qingyun City, the news said that the ancient Sect Master is not dead, but just unconscious.”

“Besides, when the ancient suzerain was in a coma, he wanted Darryl to succeed the suzerain. How could it be this Xiao Jue?”

After the voice fell, many disciples around nodded in agreement.

“That’s right, even if someone takes the place of Suzerain temporarily, it will still be Darryl.”

“Master Xu, don’t try to fool us…”


Hearing this, Xu Shangzhi’s face changed, and he wanted to refute it, but he didn’t know how to speak.

Xiao Jue also frowned, but he didn’t panic at all but nodded to Feixue on the left.

At this time, Feixue was already under Xiao Jue’s control, and he understood it at that time, so he took a step forward and said to those doubting disciples: “You all be quiet.”

Seeing Feixue coming out, those disciples not only did not calm down but became excited one by one.

“Feixue, you are the direct disciple of the ancient sect master, you should know the situation best, tell the truth quickly.”

“Yes, we are thousands of years away from heaven, and our foundation cannot be destroyed by some people with ulterior motives.”

“Senior Sister Feixue, what’s going on?”

These disciples were extremely loyal to Gu Qianqiu, and they were unwilling to accept the fact that Xiao Jue would succeed him as suzerain, so they pinned their hopes on Feixue at this moment.

However, none of them knew that Feixue couldn’t help herself at this time, and was completely controlled by Xiao Jue.


Under the attention of everyone, Feixue took a deep breath and said slowly: “Everyone, what you got before was all fake news, not only you, I was almost deceived at that time.”

“Master never passed on the suzerain position to Darryl.”

Hearing this, those disciples were taken aback.

At this time, Feixue continued: “That Darryl is cunning and despicable. Back then in Qingyun City, he created an opportunity to get close to Master and win Master’s favor. Master was deceived by his appearance, so he swore brotherhood with him.”

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