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Chapter 4948

“All right!”

Seeing that Darryl was neither arrogant nor impetuous, Immortal Bai Yi nodded approvingly: “Since you are here to save people, then I will let you, but you have to remember what you just said, you owe this old man a favor.”


Hearing this, Darryl was overjoyed: “Thank you, senior.”

Immortal Bai Yi nodded without talking nonsense, and then disappeared without a trace.

Seeing Immortal Bai Yi leave, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, then grabbed the Yunshui Xuanjing, and quickly left the earth, stunned.

When I returned to the Crystal Palace, I saw that Jiaolong was still waiting there.

“Your Mightiness!”

At this moment, seeing Darryl came back safely, Jiaolong was overjoyed: “You’re finally back, I’m worried about you.”

As he said that, Jiaolong was even more shocked when he saw the Cloud and Water Profound Crystal in Darryl’s hand: “Your Excellency is really amazing, you actually got the treasure, I’m really happy to congratulate you.”

Darryl smiled slightly: “Maybe it’s my luck.”

Said, Darryl looked at Jiaolong, and slowly said: “You spare no effort to help me, you must ask for something, tell me, what do you want?”

“Your Excellency’s lesson.”

Being guessed by Darryl, a trace of embarrassment flashed in Jiaolong’s eyes, and then he said embarrassingly: “I have stayed in this Crystal Palace for nearly a thousand years, and my only wish is to leave here and return to the land of the Dragon Clan.”

“I hope you can take me with you when you leave.”

After saying this, Jiaolong looked into Darryl’s eyes, full of anticipation.

It turned out that I wanted to leave here.

Hearing this, Darryl was stunned and nodded without thinking at the time: “Okay, I promise you. I will take you with me when the time comes, but before that, I have other things to do.”

“You stay here first, keep an eye on the teleportation array, and I will come back to find you when the time comes.”

Following an order, Darryl bid farewell to Jiaolong and left the Crystal Palace.


Soon, when he reached the island in the lake outside, Darryl couldn’t help but take a deep breath, feeling extremely happy.

Tiancaidibao has been obtained, hurry back, I am afraid Hong Shao and Li Muchen seniors are also waiting impatiently.

After an hour’s flight, Darryl finally returned to Qingyun City Palace.

After entering the back courtyard, I saw Hong Shao and Li Muchen sitting in the pavilion to rest. After two days of recuperation, Li Muchen’s face returned to the blood, and he seemed to have almost recovered.


“Brother Yuefeng!”

Seeing Darryl coming back at this time, Hong Shao and Li Muchen were very excited, and they quickly got up to meet him.

When he got to him, Li Muchen couldn’t hide his urgency: “How? Have you found the treasure?”

At the same time, Hong Shao’s eyes were full of expectation.

Ha ha!

Darryl smiled slightly, and took out the Yunshui Xuanjing: “I’m pretty lucky, I didn’t disappoint the senior.” As he said that, he gave a general account of the situation encountered by the Crystal Palace.

Of course, Darryl didn’t mention anything about Lingluo and Qiangwei.


Seeing Yunshui Xuanjing, Li Muchen and Hong Shao was extremely exciting.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Darryl quickly approached the room and began to use Yunshui Xuanjing on Gu Qianqiu. At that time, Li Muchen and Hong Shao stood quietly by the side, not daring to show their breath.

After using Yunshui Xuanjing, Darryl stood aside and waited, feeling a little nervous.


After an unknown amount of time, Gu Qianqiu slowly opened his eyes, his pale face had regained some color, but he had been in a coma for too long, and he was still a little weak at this moment.

Ha ha…

Seeing him wake up, Darryl was very happy, and immediately said with a smile: “Brother, you finally woke up.”

Li Muchen and Hong Shao beside him were also very excited.

“Great, the suzerain finally woke up.”

“Haha, I knew that nothing would happen to the suzerain, who is auspicious and celestial, but then again, this time it all depends on Brother Darryl.”

Hearing the jokes of the three, Gu Qianqiu came to his senses with a blank expression: “I… I’m not dead?” Before he passed out, he had already accepted his fate.

Seeing his bewildered face, Li Muchen smiled and said: “Sovereign, you have stepped into hell with one foot, but in the end it was Brother Darryl who pulled you back.”

Afterwards, Li Muchen explained in detail what had happened in the past few days.

Chapter 4949

When narrating, Li Muchen’s face was full of approval.


Knowing the situation, Gu Qianqiu was indescribably moved, and said to Darryl: “Brother, this time is thanks to you.” It is really an honor to know such a brother in this life.

Darryl smiled slightly: “Brother will be offended when he said that.”

As he said that, Darryl took out a few pills from his body: “Brother just woke up, and his body is still very weak. These pills can help you recover your strength sooner.”

“Okay, okay!” Gu Qianqiu took the pill with a smile.

Immediately, Gu Qianqiu looked around, and suddenly thought of something: “By the way, where is Feixue?” He and Feixue are like father and daughter, and seeing her present at this time, he has some bad premonitions in his heart.


At this moment, Darryl and Hong Shao looked at each other and could not help but sigh.

Hong Shao bit her lip lightly, hesitated for a moment, and responded: “Sovereign, Feixue…she has been missing for three days. When you were unconscious, Feixue and I brought you to the palace, and Darryl lured you away. Enemy, Darryl didn’t come back after a long time, Feixue went out to look for…”

After speaking, Hong Shao told the situation at that time.

As soon as the words fell, Darryl said with a face full of self-blame: “It’s also my fault, I didn’t make proper arrangements at the time. Otherwise, these things would not have happened.”

At this moment, Darryl felt indescribably worried.

At that time, Feixue’s whereabouts were unknown, so he ordered Bai Haijian to investigate, but after three days, there was no news of her disappearance, and it seemed that something had happened.


Knowing these things, Gu Qianqiu took a deep breath, and said slowly: “This girl Feixue is kind-hearted, I hope she can turn evil into good luck.”

After finishing speaking, Gu Qianqiu took the elixir and began to meditate cross-legged to recover.

Darryl stood guard for a while, then walked out of the room, ready to meet King Shaoyang and Ying Kuang.

As soon as he walked out of the door, he saw Bai Haijian walking quickly.

“Mr. Darryl!”

Seeing Darryl, Bai Haijian immediately quickened his pace and came up to him.

When he arrived, Bai Haijian couldn’t hide his excitement: “Sir, you asked me to pay attention to the situation of Li Tiandao branch, and finally let us find some clues.”


Hearing this, Darryl was very excited: “What clues did you find?”

Bai Haijian responded: “We found out that just before Senior Li Muchen returned to Qingyun City, a woman went to the branch forum, named Yan Bingyu.”

Yan Bingyu?

Xiao Jue’s female apprentice.

Darryl nodded, and continued to ask: “Then why is Yan Bingyu coming back?”

Bai Haijian scratched his head, and said in embarrassment: “We didn’t find out what the woman came back for, but when she left, she was accompanied by a woman, and my subordinates guessed that it should be the missing Miss Feixue.”


Knowing this, Darryl was shocked: “Are you sure?”

Bai Haijian nodded: “It shouldn’t be wrong.”

For a while, Darryl pondered and frowned, didn’t Feixue look for me? How could it be in Qingyun City’s sub-forum? Did she get caught?

If she was caught, where did Yan Bingyu take her?


While Darryl was thinking secretly, Bai Haijian continued: “Besides this matter, we just got some news about Li Tiandao.”


Darryl regained his composure, nodded and said, “Speak!”

Bai Haijian’s face turned serious, and he said slowly: “According to reliable information, that Xiao Jue arrived at Litian Dao General Altar yesterday, and with the support of the disciples of the General Altar, he has successfully sat on the position of suzerain.”


Upon receiving this news, Darryl couldn’t help but curse secretly, this Xiao Jue acted very fast, and he took control of the situation in the general arena so quickly. Looking at the situation, Yan Bingyu should have taken Feixue to the main altar with Xiao Jue.

Realizing this, Darryl couldn’t help feeling a little worried.

That Xiao Jue was cruel and ruthless, if Feixue fell into his hands, it might be more dangerous than good.

Thinking of this, Darryl said to Bai Haijian: “Okay, I got it, thank you Guard Bai.”

“You are welcome, sir!”

Bai Haijian responded, then saluted and withdrew.


Seeing Bai Haijian walking away, Darryl couldn’t help but let out a long sigh, and couldn’t calm down for a while.

At this moment, Li Muchen and Hong Shao came out, they had heard the conversation between Darryl and Bai Haijian just now.

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