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Chapter 4978

“Also, after the teleportation array is repaired, when you enter the array, you want to go to the right, until there is no way, then turn left, remember!”

Only Jiaolong could hear this sound transmission secret technique, and Haotian was completely kept in the dark.

What? Haotian God King?

At this moment, Jiaolong was shocked when he learned of Haotian’s identity, but under Darryl’s warning, he didn’t show it and just nodded.

At this time, Haotian couldn’t wait any longer: “Where is the teleportation formation?”

“Front!” Darryl responded, and walked in the direction of the teleportation formation.

Haotian followed closely.

Soon, when he arrived in front of the teleportation formation, Darryl said slowly: “This formation has been abandoned for nearly a thousand years, and it will take some time to restore, so you have to be patient.”

When he said this, Darryl looked serious, but he was paying attention to other things in his heart.


Haotian nodded, his expression was indifferent and unwavering, but his heart was indescribably excited and excited.

Sure enough, there is a large teleportation formation here, it’s great, I can finally return to God’s Domain.

Darryl stopped talking nonsense, walked to the north wall of the formation, opened the hidden mechanism, opened a secret door, and took out all the crystals inside.

After placing these spirit stones in various positions in the formation, Darryl began to repair them.

Haotian stood aside, looked at the surrounding environment, and waited quietly.

Jiaolong was in a complicated mood, but with Haotian around, he didn’t dare to act rashly.

“Your Excellency Darryl!”

Finally, Jiaolong couldn’t bear it anymore, and using the secret technique of sound transmission, he asked Darryl, “What’s going on here?”

Darryl didn’t hide anything and told about his grievances with Haotian.

Knowing the situation, Jiaolong was both shocked and anxious: “If that’s the case, why do you still want to help him return to God’s Domain? As long as your Excellency is willing, I will cooperate with the surprise attack.”

In Jiaolong’s heart, Darryl is the Dragon Lord of the Shellmound family, seeing him being coerced by Haotian, he couldn’t help it.


Darryl took a deep breath and responded using the secret technique of sound transmission: “Haotian is powerful. With my current situation, even if we join forces, we are not opponents.”

“But don’t worry, I already have a countermeasure.”

Hearing this, Jiaolong was a little unwilling, and hesitated for a while: “But…after you repair the big formation, he will kill you…”

Ha ha!

Before it finished speaking, Darryl smiled: “Don’t worry, he can’t kill me. You just need to remember what I told you before when the time comes when you enter the big formation, go to the right…”


Just as he was speaking, he saw a ray of light glow in the center of the teleportation formation, and then the light quickly spread to the entire formation, and then, a powerful force burst out from the formation.

It’s fixed..

Seeing this scene, Haotian’s eyes flickered, and the excitement on his face couldn’t be concealed.

At this time, Darryl slowly walked out of the formation, and said to Haotian: “Okay, after you enter the teleportation formation, turn left and walk ten steps, and then inject the power of the primordial spirit into the black pillar, and you will be able to Turn on the teleport and leave.”

Haotian nodded, and looked at Darryl complicatedly: “Darryl, you are indeed a generation of geniuses, if not for the different positions, I really don’t want to kill you.”

Darryl smiled slightly: “Let’s do it.” Then he closed his eyes.


Haotian stopped talking nonsense, the power of the primordial spirit exploded, and then slowly raised his right hand.

Seeing this situation, Jiaolong couldn’t help shouting: “Your Excellency Darryl…” Shouting, Jiaolong wanted to rush over to stop it.

“do not come!”

Darryl stopped immediately, shook his head, and said, “Don’t participate in our grievances, and leave with the God King later.”

Hearing this, Jiaolong gritted his teeth, and finally resisted the urge to do something.

“Goodbye, Darryl!”

At this moment, Haotian said coldly, his right palm containing terrifying power, and slapped Darryl’s head all at once.


Hearing a muffled sound, Darryl fell down in response. The moment he fell to the ground, flames shot up all over his body and burned quickly.

“Your Excellency Darryl!”

Seeing this scene, Jiaolong couldn’t help shouting, with indescribable sadness in his heart. But soon thinking of Darryl’s advice, he quickly entered the formation.

“it is finally over!”

At this moment, seeing Darryl being shrouded in flames, Haotian felt relieved and then strode toward the teleportation array.

Chapter 4979


The moment Haotian entered the formation, the raging fire completely engulfed Darryl, and finally turned into a piece of flying ash.

Seeing this scene, Jiaolong felt unspeakably sad, and very uncomfortable.

Your Excellency Darryl said this Haotian can’t kill him!

But… people have been burned to ashes, is there any possibility of resurrection?

At this time, Haotian came to the pillar Darryl said, circulated the power of the primordial spirit, and then put his hand on it, ready to start the teleportation.


Seeing this situation, Jiaolong came to his senses, thinking of Darryl’s previous advice, he hurriedly turned in the opposite direction. Turn right and continue to rescue, then turn left, and you will see the exit of the teleportation array in front of you.


At this moment, Jiaolong was even more puzzled.

Why did it come out again? Mr. Darryl, what does this mean?


At this time, Haotian also sensed that something was wrong, and shouted at Jiaolong: “What? Are you planning to leave?”

Jiaolong was about to answer, but at this moment, he saw a strange force surging from the place where Darryl was burned to ashes, and immediately after that, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth in the entire Crystal Palace also frantically gathered.

buzz buzz….

Under the surge of terrifying power, a huge red lotus was slowly condensed, and in the center of the lotus, a figure could be seen faintly.


Seeing this scene, Haotian’s heart was shocked, and he suddenly had a bad premonition.

Darryl is going to be reborn?

No…he only has the power of Faye Honglian, it is impossible to be reborn…

At the same time, Jiaolong was also stunned, looking at the scene in front of him in amazement, his heart was both shocked and complicated.

This… This is Your Excellency Darryl, is he about to be resurrected?

This power is so strong and so special.

Hoo hoo…

Just when Haotian and Jiaolong were shocked, they saw the bloody lotus spinning rapidly until finally disappearing, and the illusory figure gradually became real.

It was Darryl.

That’s great… His Excellency Darryl is really resurrected.

Seeing this, Jiaolong was ecstatic, couldn’t help laughing, and said: “Haha, Your Excellency Darryl is a gentleman, I thought you were really dead just now.”

When saying this, Jiaolong couldn’t hide his excitement.

To be honest, just now Jiaolong really thought that Darryl was dead, and he was still sad in his heart, but now seeing Darryl revived, he was almost overjoyed.


Haotian stared at Darryl, completely dumbfounded…

This is impossible, he is obviously dead, how can he be resurrected?

At this time, Haotian clearly felt that Darryl was not only resurrected but also his strength had returned to its peak…


Just when Haotian was secretly shocked, Darryl showed a smile and said slowly: “Didn’t you expect that? Speaking of which, I still want to thank you, without your palm just now, I wouldn’t be reborn from Nirvana! “

At this time, Darryl was smiling all over his face, and his mood was indescribably relaxed.


Haotian reacted and looked closely at Darryl: “Impossible, even if the red lotus of the law industry has rebirth, it is impossible to return to the peak state.”

At this time, Haotian became more and more confused when he thought about it.

Ha ha!

Darryl smiled lightly, nodded, and said: “You’re right, the law industry red lotus really can’t bring me back to the peak, but you overlooked one point, I once got the bird ancestor of Suzaku in the place where the monster clan was sealed in the God Realm. Power, the power of the bird ancestor has the characteristics of Pan Nirvana.”


Hearing this, Haotian’s expression changed, and he finally understood what was going on, and immediately glared at Darryl: “You’re kidding me!”

Darryl’s smile grew stronger: “It’s not that I’m playing tricks on you, but that you are too confident. Ants are greedy for life, how could I send you to kill them in vain? I’m just using your hand to stimulate the power of the bird ancestor in me It’s just rebirth from Nirvana.”


Hearing this, Haotian was furious, and the power of the primordial spirit burst out, howling: “What if you are resurrected? I will kill you again.”


After the last word fell, a terrifying force erupted from Haotian’s body, and then the figure erupted, about to rush out of the teleportation array.

Seeing this scene, Jiaolong immediately became vigilant, ready to help Darryl fend off the enemy.

However, Darryl stood there with a smile on his face, not panicking at all, and said calmly: “Haotian, I’m afraid you won’t have the chance to fight me. I have really repaired this teleportation formation, but the opening method I just told you , not leading to the realm of the gods, but the chaotic void…”

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