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Chapter 4984


Seeing Tian Buyou, Maria’s pretty face turned cold, she was indescribably ashamed and angry.

Lorenzo and Sun Dasheng all frowned secretly.


Finally, Tian Buyou gave a wicked smile, and looked Maria up and down: “Miss Su, don’t come here without any problems.”

As he said that, Tian Buyou’s eyes fell on Nalan Xinran: “Beauty Nalan, you slapped me just now, we have to settle the account later!”

When saying this, Ayumi Tian looked at Nalan Xinran’s charming curves unscrupulously, very arrogant.

Sensing Tian Buyou’s gaze, Nalan Xinran was very angry, and said coldly: “You shameless person, the palm just now didn’t kill you.”

After finishing the words, Maria also yelled coquettishly: “Tian Buyou, you despicable villain, I will kill you later.” Thinking of being almost defiled by this person, Maria couldn’t calm down.


At this moment, Lorenzo and Sun Dasheng all reacted.

Sun Dasheng has a fiery personality, and at this moment he glared at Tian Buyou: “Shameless villain, die!”


After the words fell, Sun Dasheng pulled out the sky-opening axe, burst out a golden light, and slashed at Tian Buyou fiercely.

Tian Buyou didn’t panic at all, and sneered at the time: “Want to kill me? I’m afraid it’s not that easy!” After the last word fell, Tian Buyou’s figure flashed, dodged Sun Dasheng’s axe, and then put his hand in his mouth and whistled.


When the whistle sounded, there was a commotion in the eyes of the secret room, and everyone was surprised when they heard the sound and looked up.

I saw that the secret room was staring at countless bats lying on their stomachs. These bats were all gray and white, and their eyes were blood red and blood red. They were obviously poisonous!


These bats were dormant at first, but when they heard Tian Ayumi’s whistle, each of them seemed to have received an order, so they flew up quickly and rushed toward the people below.

Countless bats swooped down together, the scene was very spectacular, not only that, these bats carried a unique powder, and with the vibration of their wings, the powder spread in the air, forming a white poisonous mist.


Seeing this, Lorenzo was shocked: “Everyone, hold your breath, don’t inhale those powders…” Lorenzo held his breath, swung his long sword, and stabbed the bats that rushed up.

Hearing this, everyone quickly held their breath and killed the bats one after another.

However, it was too late, the powder on the bat was highly poisonous, as long as it was inhaled, it would cause it to lose its sanity and consciousness.

Plop plop!

Just in the blink of an eye, many masters of the sect turned black and fell to the ground unconsciously!

Even though Lorenzo and Sun Dasheng didn’t fall down, they all felt dizzy and weak at this moment, unable to exert their internal strength at all.


The poison of this bat is so overbearing.

For a moment, Lorenzo was secretly startled, and then wanted to activate his internal force to expel the poison, but the more he tried to activate his internal force, the faster the poison would spread in his body.


Seeing this scene, Tian Buyou was full of complacency, and laughed loudly: “The master of the Palace of Longevity, the head of Huaguo Mountain, will be defeated at my feet today.”

The tone is arrogant and extremely arrogant.

“Shameless villain!”

Sun Dasheng’s eyes were bloodshot, he let out a roar and rushed forward through gritted teeth. Wen Chou and Chou rushed up one after another.

Tian Ayumi chuckled lightly and charged forward.

bang bang bang…

Before the two met, Lorenzo and the others were pushed back at the same time. They were all poisoned, and their internal strength could not fully erupt. Naturally, they were not Tian Ayuu’s opponent at this time.

Before Lorenzo and the others stood still, Tian Buyou let out an evil laugh, rushed up quickly, and sealed the acupoints on their bodies.


Maria was extremely ashamed and angry, and said coldly: “Shameless villain, let us go.”

At the same time, Lorenzo and Sun Dasheng were also very angry. They have seen all kinds of turmoil for so many years, but it is a shame to be caught by a shameless villain at this time.

let you go!

Tian Buyou smiled coldly: “Miss Su, don’t look at me like that, I said I want you to be my woman, how could I let you go so easily?”

Chapter 4985

“But don’t worry, I won’t wrong you, hehe, when I become the leader of the martial arts, you will be the leader’s wife.”

When talking about this, Ayumi Tian couldn’t hide the ambition on his face.


Hearing this, Maria’s pretty face changed: “You want to be the leader of the martial arts? Are you worthy?”

Tian Buyou was not angry at all, and smiled and said: “I have already practiced peerless poisonous kung fu, why am I not worthy? Here are the famous Master Wen Dian and Master Sun. In their name, I will invite heroes to post. Gather together, and I will catch them all in one go, hahaha… When will the entire Kyushu rivers and lakes be mine?”


At this moment, both Lorenzo and Sun Dasheng’s expressions changed.

This person is indeed insidious, to use such despicable means.

Shocked and angry, Sun Dasheng shouted angrily: “How dare you!”

Ha ha..

Tian Buyou chuckled lightly: “Sun Dasheng, you are just my prisoner now, so don’t show off your prestige, dare you, let’s wait and see.”

At this moment, Zhu Xiansheng couldn’t help cursing: “You despicable villain, do you know who my father and master are? Let us go quickly.”


Tian Buyou was stunned: “Who are your master and father?”

Zhu Xiansheng looked arrogant: “My father, Zhu Bajie, and my master is Lu Tianshi, the Holy Zong.”

Hearing this, Zhu Xiansheng was stunned for a moment, and then laughed: “Little baby has a lot of background, you just reminded me that the Holy Sect is powerful, and it is also a part of it, and I will use you In the name of bringing Lu Dongbin here, I want to see if he, a fairy-like figure, can block my peerless poisoning skills.”

“Bastard, shameless villain…” Zhu Xiansheng cursed angrily.

Tian Buyou didn’t pay attention at all, but walked over, checked the crowd, and made sure that Lorenzo and the others couldn’t break through the acupoints, so he turned around and bowed to the coffin a few times.

Afterward, Tian Buyou took Lorenzo and the others out of the ancient tomb and drove towards the Earth Circle Continent to cover up their eyes and ears.

Along the way, Lorenzo, Maria, and others tried to open the acupoints, but Tian Buyou was very cunning and would re-seal the acupoints of everyone every two hours, which made Lorenzo and the others have no chance at all.

Soon, when they arrived at the Tianmen General Altar in Donghai City, Tian Buyou took control of the situation with a thunderbolt, and then sent out invitations to all sects in the name of Lorenzo and others.

All of a sudden, upon receiving the invitation, the heads of various sects rushed to Donghai City one after another.

On the other side, there is Zhongzhou City in the mainland.

The Evilman Valley in the north of Zhongzhou City was once a forbidden area for the local people many years ago, but later, after the ten villains entrenched here were subdued by Darryl, it was also developed into a scenic spot.

It is late autumn at this time, and the maple forest in the valley is like fire, and the scenery is charming. The unique scenery has attracted many young men and women, as well as photography and video enthusiasts.

“The scenery here is really nice.”

At this time, on the winding mountain road, a handsome man was recording a video with his mobile phone and said while recording, “Hi everyone, my name is Kissing Wolf. My official account is: Yu Beiyuan.”

“Click on Weixin, the magnifying glass in the upper right corner, and then click on the official account, search: Yu Beiyuan

“This place is so beautiful, so I have a typo in my words! Please ignore the typo automatically”

“Look here… the scenery is so beautiful. If you have a chance, you must bring someone you like here once.”

“According to legend, this is the place where Darryl, the hero of Kyushu, and the little fairy privately decided to spend their lives. It is said that the little fairy was seriously injured back then, and her time was running out. Darryl hugged her here and looked at the stars… It’s romantic just thinking about it.”

This man’s name is Kissing the Wolf, and he likes to write articles. His prestige name is Yu Beiyuan.

He specially came to the Valley of the Evil to play today.


While shooting, suddenly a huge energy vortex appeared in the sky, and then, a huge figure burst out of the air.

It is a 100-meter-long flood dragon.

I go!

Seeing Jiaolong suddenly, the wolf who kissed the sky was shocked, staring blankly at Jiaolong, he was dumbfounded.

This… is this the legendary dragon?

This aura…is too strong.

However, what surprised him even more was that there was a person sitting on the back of the jumping dragon, with a strong and suffocating aura around him.

That’s right, it was Darryl and Jiaolong who were teleported back from Tianxin Continent.

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