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Chapter 4988

Behind Darryl, Gary, with a cold smile all over his face, looked at Darryl with deep blessings.

Immediately afterward, under the eyes of everyone, the brides slowly appeared on the stage. For a while, the audience cheered, and the eyes of many male guests were full of envy.


Not only beautiful but more importantly, a total of eight beautiful brides.

Maria, Raquel, Bessie, Kendra, Monica, Long Qianying, Ora, Lily… any one of them is a goddess, and at this time they walked towards the wedding stage hand in hand.

More importantly, many of these brides are of good status, some are empresses, some are heads of clans… It can be said that Darryl at this time has reached the pinnacle that countless men dream of.

The expensive silk wedding dresses showed their charming figures to the fullest. Standing together at this time, each has its own merits, each of them is like a fairy descending from the earth, presenting an ultimate visual feast to the guests present.

Soon, the wedding ceremony progressed to the couple’s salute, the atmosphere of the audience reached the extreme in an instant, and the applause of the audience could not stop for a long time.

After performing the ceremony of husband and wife, Darryl walked over and kissed the cheeks of all the beautiful wives one by one.

When he finally arrived in front of Lily, Darryl saw her complex expression, and immediately asked with a smile: “Xuan’er, what’s the matter? Are you unhappy?” Among these beloved wives, only Lily experienced the most and ate a lot Bitterness made Darryl feel distressed.


Lily smiled lightly, and then said softly, “It’s just…compared to them, I don’t think I’m good enough for you.”

Hearing this, Darryl hugged her in his arms: “Fool, no matter how high my status is, you will always be my first wife, my eldest wife, don’t think about it like this again, or you will be punished.” Give me more children.”


Hearing this, Lily’s face turned red, and she couldn’t help but slapped Darryl: “Be serious.” It’s really embarrassing to see so many guests around.

Ha ha!

Seeing Lily’s shy face, Darryl laughed and kissed her deeply on the face.

The wedding banquet lasted for three full days.

During these three days, the host and guest had a great time. Every guest present felt Darryl’s boldness and freedom and was deeply impressed by it. Under the indirect influence of this wedding, Tianmen became the number one sect in Kyushu. .

night of the third day.

The moonlight outside the window was bright, and in the wedding room, the lights were shining brightly.

The eight brides, sitting quietly on the marriage bed, are charming and charming, just like a beautiful picture scroll, waiting for the appreciation of their sweethearts.

At this time, night.

“Squeak–” The door was pushed open, and Darryl walked in slowly, his face couldn’t hide his excitement. He had just sent off the last guest, and he couldn’t wait to come back to enjoy the wedding ceremony.

“Wife, I’m coming!”

After closing the door, Darryl raised his eyebrows and said.

All the girls pursed their lips and smiled, with shyness and sweet anticipation in their eyes.

Seeing this scene, Darryl was almost overwhelmed with beauty, and couldn’t wait to say: “It’s such a beautiful day, and all the wives are overwhelmed, who should accompany me first?”

As he said that, Darryl smiled at the nearest Raquel, “Yingying, why don’t you go first?”

Raquel smiled, but said seriously: “Okay, but recently I figured out a formation, if you crack it, I promise you.”

ah? The wedding night in the bridal chamber is still going to be broken?

Darryl rolled his eyes and smirked at Ora next to him: “Why don’t you accompany your husband first? Hahaha…”

Ora smiled slightly: “You let me seal the acupoints, and if you can untie them within a moment, you will pass the test.”


Darryl gritted his teeth, then smiled happily, and hugged Maria: “How about Qingyan to accompany my husband…”

“Our Wenzong has a rule that before the wedding night in the bridal chamber, the groom needs to compose a poem.”

I rely on!

Darryl didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Okay, you guys teamed up to play tricks on me, right?”

“That’s not it.” Maria hugged Darryl’s arm.

Her soft voice made Darryl instantly masculine, and at that time he was unwilling to admit defeat: “When I write poetry, I write poetry, let me think about it!”

Hahahaha, the women laughed happily. As his woman, everyone knew that Darryl didn’t have any ink in his stomach, so it’s strange that he could write poems!

Darryl scratched his head, closed his eyes, and spent his entire life thinking about poetry.

But the moment he closed his eyes, countless memories suddenly emerged, and the scenes of the past appeared in his mind like a movie.

“Darryl, pour out the water for washing my feet…”

“Darryl, if you can come up with five million, I will call you Dad…”

“Darryl, the Ziyu Company is now yours…”

“Brother Wen, Great Sage, we three brothers, vow to guard this city gate! Protect the people of Li in the city!”

“The three brothers can die, but the people in the city must not be harmed!”

“The sun, moon, mountains and rivers will always exist, and the Dragon Banner of Tianmen will not fall!”

Scenes of images flooded in, and the corners of Darryl’s eyes became moist. This journey was not easy, and there were some pains that he could not forget. Fortunately, the ending is good. Search the official account: Yu Beiyuan.

He raised his head, looked at the eight beautiful women, and showed a smile. He had no regrets in this life.

Darryl coughed twice, shook his head, and said:

Gentle North-South Lane,

Indulge in shallow and deep.

to ask who am I

Bedside whirlwind!


The girls were ashamed and angry. When they heard the first two sentences, they thought he was really going to write a poem, but they didn’t expect that he couldn’t get ivory out of his mouth.

However, before they could react, Darryl waved his hand, hugged all the girls in his arms, and overturned them all on the bed.

“Since everyone is unwilling to come first, let’s go together!”



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