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Chapter 506

On the other side, on Hongqi Street in Donghai City, Lily walked absently wearing a mask.

On behalf of the Liu family, Liu Zhiyuan pressed forward step by step and asked Lily for fifty million. Lily just feels wronged, how can I get this fifty million? If it is not possible, Liu Zhiyuan will sue his father.

Walking aimlessly on the street. Lily was thinking of ways to collect money. Along the way, I heard people discussing the martial arts conference.

Lily didn’t feel in the mood to care about this at all. Liu Zhiyuan came to get the money in the evening, where did she get fifty million.

Lily only felt distraught. At this moment, the bus stop on the side of the road was fat, and the voice of a man and a woman chatting came.

“Have you heard? The leader of the martial arts conference has been selected.”

“Really? Who is the leader?”

“Hey. A friend of mine is a Wudang disciple. He told me that just now, Tianmen Sect Master Darryl. He was elected as the leader of the martial arts with his outstanding talents and was elected as the leader of the martial arts. Son-in-law, can achieve such an achievement now.”



Hearing this, Lily’s body trembled, her heart could not stop excited and joy!

She thought that Darryl was still at Mingwang Mountain in the Apocalypse Continent, but she never expected that he had already returned and became the leader of the martial arts!

At this moment, Lily only felt that she was about to jump out of her heart.

What family persecution.

What fifty million.

All left behind!

Lily walked quickly to the man, her eyes full of eagerness: “You… are you true? Darryl is in Shangwu Academy? You have also become the leader of Wulin?

Having said this, Lily could not conceal her inner impulse at all.

The man was taken aback and nodded: “Of course it is true, my friend is a Wudang disciple, can I lie?”

When the voice fell, Lily turned and ran towards Shangwu Academy!

Lily at this time. Wanting to give birth to a pair of wings, immediately rushed to Shangwu Academy.

Of course, Lily didn’t want to meet Darryl, she just wanted to look at Darryl from a distance.

Even one look, even one look at him! Really, even looking at him from behind, I’m satisfied.


Shangwu Academy, playground.

Darryl stood there, and the heads of the various sects surrounded him, all admiring politeness.

Just now, Darryl paid homage to heaven and earth and made an oath. At this time, the three sticks of incense in his hand had already burned out.

“Everyone, I’ll leave first.” Darryl turned around and said with a smile. He was anxious to find Brother Wen and the others for a drink.

“Leader Yue walks slowly.”

“Leader Yue, go slowly!”

Everyone spoke up.

Darryl nodded and walked out of Shangwu Academy slowly.

Becoming this martial arts leader, I am afraid that things will continue in the future… I will be too busy.


As a result, as soon as I walked to the gate of the school, I saw a slender figure and walked quickly. Darryl was too late to dodge. Just hit it with a full bosom.

D*mn, who is walking in such a hurry.

Muttered in his heart, Darryl was about to say a few words to the other party, and when he fixed his eyes, he was stunned.

I saw each other in a beige dress, which was unspeakably s3xy and charming.

It is the class teacher who hasn’t seen for a long time, Ji Yun!


At this moment, seeing that it was Darryl, Ji Yun was surprised and delighted, stepping on her high heels to greet him quickly, unable to conceal his inner excitement: “Darryl, do you remember me?”

When he said this, Ji Yun was excited and touched again!

After more than a year, his students have become heroes that everyone admires!

She is a teacher. Be happy from the bottom of my heart.

“Mr. Ji, of course I remember, how could I forget it.” Darryl smiled and looked at her: “You are so anxious, why are you going?”

When talking about this. Darryl looked at Ji Yun up and down.

I have to say that Ji Yun is also a rare beauty. She has not seen her for more than a year. Her figure is more s3xy and charming, and she has become more beautiful.

It’s just… the strength, it’s still a military commander.

Ji Yun didn’t care about Darryl’s gaze, her delicate face was a bit embarrassing. Biting his lip, he whispered: “I…I’m here to look for you, Darryl, have you forgotten? There are still a few small pills that haven’t been given to me yet.”

A year ago, Ji Yun took an ineffective Spirit Tempering Pill, her strength plummeted and she became an ordinary person. Only Darryl’s Xiao Huan Dan could help him recover his strength. Every small huandan. Can restore her two short periods of strength.

In the beginning, Darryl gave Ji Yun a few small reward pills, and Ji Yun’s strength had been restored to the level of a general. But since the lion slaughter conference, it is difficult for me to meet Darryl anymore. This difference is more than a year.

Today Shangwu Academy held a martial arts conference, and learned that Darryl was also here, Ji Yun rushed over.

“Teacher Ji, you haven’t recovered yet?” Darryl was amused by Ji Yun’s appearance.

Ji Yun nodded, bit her lip and said: “Over the past year, I have tried many other methods, but none of them worked…”

Darryl couldn’t help but smile, and said: “If you want to recover your internal strength, you can only eat Xiaohuandan.”

Hearing this, Ji Yun couldn’t help holding Darryl’s hand. Looking forward and eagerly on his face: “Darryl, you must help the teacher to completely restore my strength. Even if the teacher begs you.”

Seeing her like this, Darryl couldn’t bear to refuse: “Okay. It’s just that I don’t have a small reward.”

“Aren’t you good at refining? The school has alchemy rooms and all kinds of materials.” Ji Yun stared at Darryl unblinkingly, and said quickly.

See her expression. Darryl couldn’t help laughing, and nodded: “Good good…”

This teacher Ji is so interesting, this is to refine Xiaohuandan for her on the spot, for fear that he will not come back if he leaves. Haha…

A few minutes later, Darryl and Ji Yun came to the academy’s alchemy room.

At this time Darryl, as his strength increased, his attainments in alchemy techniques also improved a lot of realm.

Soon, Darryl selected the materials, lit the fire, and began to refine. While refining, he deliberately said: “Teacher Ji, my legs are sore.”

“You…” Ji Yun bit her lip. When Darryl was practicing alchemy, she had asked herself to beat his legs and rub his shoulders. In a blink of an eye, a year has passed, and Darryl has become a great hero that everyone admires. He is not so serious yet.

Ji Yun looked at Darryl angrily, walked over with high heels, squatted in front of Darryl, and beat his leg.

Darryl only felt refreshed, and he simply pulled a chair over and sat down with enjoyment on his face.

“By the way, Teacher Ji. Has anything major happened to Shangwu Academy in the past year?” Darryl asked casually.

“A lot of things have happened.” Ji Yun said while beating her legs: “Last winter, there were two boys who pursued Nalan Xinran at the same time, and they fought. These two boys are both children of a big family. Later, the two big families had a fight, resulting in more than 100 casualties.”

“Also in February this year, Yin Zheng, the monitor of our class, walked into an ancient tomb by accidentally hitting and getting a lot of treasures, and his strength improved by leaps and bounds.”

“There is also March of this year…”

Ji Yun smiled and talked to Darryl. I don’t know how long it took, but only heard a “bang”, a burst of blue smoke from the furnace, and a few small pill leaped out!

“Teacher Ji, the pill is ready.” Darryl said with a smile, and handed a few pill over.

Ji Yun stood up from the ground, her body trembling, she received a few pills, her face couldn’t contain the excitement!

Chapter 507

“Darryl, thank you.. Thank you…” Ji Yun didn’t know how to think, and hugged Darryl as she touched it. Then happily walked out of the alchemy room.

Darryl only felt a gust of fragrant wind blowing on his face, and in a blink of an eye, Ji Yun was already far away.

This teacher Ji, can’t wait to eat Xiaohuandan. Darryl laughed and walked out of Shangwu Academy.

At the gate of the college, Darryl took out the phone and prepared to call Peter. I want to ask where he and Wen Ge are drinking.


At this moment, Darryl was shocked! He felt that a murderous aura suddenly came!


Darryl looked back subconsciously and saw that not far away, Monica brought a dozen Emei disciples, holding a long sword to greet him.

At this time, Han proudly, still wearing the previous suit, jeans and slim suits, extremely s3xy.

“Darryl, I won’t say much nonsense. You killed my Miaoyuan Junior Sister, do you commit suicide and apologize, or do you want me to do it myself?” Monica said coldly.

In the martial arts conference held just now, in front of the heroes of the world, she did not do anything. Now Han proudly leads his disciples. Stop Darryl, how can you spare him? !


This is endless.

He whispered in his heart, Darryl said angrily: “The head of the cold, I said, I didn’t kill Master Miaoyuan, let alone where she is.”

Monica didn’t believe it at all, and stared at Darryl coldly and said: “Darryl, you don’t quibble with me. You and my junior sister disappeared together. You have come back well. She is unclear about her life and death. What is it that you killed? “

Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense: “I have no time to talk nonsense with you, anyway, Master Miao Yuan is too alive or dead. It doesn’t matter where people are! Also, on the day of the crater, you took a picture of me with your palm. Haven’t looked for you yet, did you come to me?! I am in a good mood today and don’t care about you.”

When the voice fell, Darryl turned and left.

“Stop him!”

The sword in Monica’s hand was whispering, and a cold voice came from her red lips!

“Yes, the head!”

The voice fell. Several female Emei disciples pulled out their long swords one after another, rushed over quickly, and stopped in front of Darryl.

Darryl frowned, did not even look at those Emei disciples, and chuckled proudly at Han: “Head of Han, just these disciples, do you think they can stop me?”

At this time, there were already many passers-by around, watching the excitement with great interest.

“Isn’t this Darryl? It seems to be fighting with the Emei faction!”

“Gosh, is this the head of the Emei School? What a goddess.”

“Beautiful… so beautiful.”

“This is the head of Emei, who is known as the goddess of icebergs, is Han proud? There are rumors that the head of Emei is as beautiful as a god. I didn’t expect to be fortunate to see it today. It is more than beautiful, it is simply a country…

Many men’s eyes straightened, and some even took out their mobile phones and took photos proudly at Han.

Some people still wanted to get closer, but they were all driven away by the Emei school disciples.

Monica ignored the discussion around him, staring at Darryl closely, and said coldly: “Darryl, you don’t give me a satisfactory explanation today, don’t want to leave.”

Hearing this, Darryl was speechless, and said with a smile: “Han proudly. You are not after me, right? You left Shangwu Academy before and waited for me outside. What do you want to do? I know. I became the leader of the leader and want to be the wife of the leader? I can’t say it straight, so I always use Master Miaoyuan as an excuse?”

“you wanna die!”

Hearing these words, Monica only felt a wave of effort, spontaneously, and patted Darryl with a palm!


Wherever this palm passes, the air seems to be frozen!

Monica at this time is already a section of Wuhuang, and this palm is infinitely powerful!

Really hands-on.

Okay, then I will play with you.

With a whisper in his heart, Darryl showed a smile, raised his hand to condense a protective film, blocking the palm, and then, the figure rushed up to fight with Monica.

To be honest, although Darryl is also a martial emperor. But the strength is above Han proudly!

But at this time in the urban area, none of Darryl’s ultimate moves could be released. After all, once those skills are released, the innocent will be harmed. Therefore, Darryl didn’t use all his strength, just hand-drinking blood sword. Using Tiangang swordsmanship, he kept colliding with Han’s proud sword.


Seeing this scene, the people watching around were all excited and excited.

Monica, this rumors of the world’s best goddess, exists like a fairy. At this time, he is in a battle with Darryl. With that perfect figure, many men’s eyes are straightened, and they feast their eyes!

In a blink of an eye. The two have fought for dozens of rounds!

Unlike Darryl, Monica had so many worries, every move she had had a killing intent! However, Darryl relied on Tiangang swordsmanship and pure Yang internal force to not only resolve her attacks one by one, but also laid a protective film on the surrounding people.

Without Darryl’s protective film, I’m afraid the people watching the excitement around him would have their internal organs cracked.

Monica didn’t realize that Darryl was protecting the people. Fight against yourself on the one hand. She only knew that Darryl’s internal strength was like a vast ocean, no matter how much she attacked, she couldn’t hurt him!

For a while, Monica felt anxious.

Darryl had a leisurely look, and at the same time he fought against him, he did not forget to shamelessly appreciate Han’s proud figure.

“Head Han, did you wear this s3xy dress for me on purpose?”

“By the way, your sister Miaoyuan once called my husband, would you like to call me too, let me listen?”

Darryl said with a smile, with a blood-drinking sword flying in his hand, constantly blocking Han proudly attacking.


Listening to Darryl’s words, his actions were so frivolous and rude, Monica’s delicate face was full of coldness, and he gritted his teeth and said: “Darryl! I must kill you today.”


Seeing Han arrogantly not light. Darryl was even more proud, and continued to ridicule: “Han Sect, you are wrong, I know you stopped me not to avenge Master Miao Yuan too much. But because you like me, why you have to fight and kill. You can’t be gentle, maybe, I promised you to be the wife of the leader.”

“You shut up!” Monica’s face is like frost!

He is in charge of Emei’s dignity, cold and noble. How could Rong Darryl be so humiliated.


At this moment, Monica slowly raised his hand, and saw a terrifying breath constantly erupting from her body and the surrounding air. Extremely distorted!


I saw an ice dragon more than fifty meters long, slowly surrounding her!

Big Ice Dragon Palm!

Darryl took a deep breath! Clenched fists! This Han arrogantly, really special code is crazy! In this urban area, even use this skill! Big Ice Dragon Palm, that’s Big Ice Dragon Palm! This palm can smash even a mountain!

The moment this ice dragon appeared, the protective film under Darryl’s cloth shattered instantly!

“Monica, don’t you care about the lives of these people!” Darryl said coldly, sweating profusely. At that time, he waved his hand, and two protective layers separated the nearby people!

Darryl at this time had already disregarded his own safety!

In his mind, the first thing he thought of was to protect these people! This big ice dragon palm, just the aftermath, can tear these people to pieces! If you don’t protect them, I’m afraid there will be blood flowing here!


With two protective layers, the surrounding people instantly protect it! But at this moment, that ice dragon had already arrived in front of Darryl!

If this ice dragon hit Darryl’s body, he would definitely die if he was Emperor Wu!

At this moment, a woman walked in from the crowd of onlookers. She has a tight and graceful figure, wearing a mask, only revealing a pair of autumn eyes.

It is Lily!

Just now, when she learned that Darryl was in Shangwu Academy, Lily hurried over.

At this moment, seeing Darryl’s life hanging by a thread, Lily’s heart trembled!

“Husband… be careful!”

In a hurry, Lily’s eyes turned red, and she couldn’t help but let out a soft cry.

Lily’s voice is very small! But how powerful is Darryl, how could he not hear him? ! At this moment, Darryl only felt his head buzzed! My mind is blank!

This… is this Lily’s voice?

He and Lily have lived together for three years, and Lily’s voice has been burned in the depths of Darryl’s soul. He will never hear it wrong, and will never hear it wrong!

Chapter 508

“Lily… Lily?! Is that you…” Darryl was already very excited!

At this moment, the ice dragon that Han proudly released had also arrived in front of Darryl!


In desperation, Darryl leaned to avoid him, and at the same time raised his blood-drinking sword, resisting in front of him!

Darryl’s speed was already very fast, but even though he had avoided the dragon’s head at this time, he still failed to avoid the dragon’s tail! The tail of this ice dragon. Draw it directly on the blood-drinking sword! There was a loud noise, and Darryl was taken back dozens of steps!


A mouthful of blood spurted from Darryl’s mouth!

Darryl only felt that the internal organs were about to be shattered! This time, he really suffered an internal injury!

But at this time he also ignored the injury, looked around, his eyes desperately looking in the crowd!

“Lily? Is that you?”

Darryl’s eyes were red. Roaring loudly, his voice hoarse!

The husband was careful just now, Darryl was sure that it was Lily! Lily is not dead. Lily is not dead…

At this time, Darryl was not in the mood to fight with Han proudly, Lily was full of his mind!

Darryl’s tears rolled in his eyes, and his eyes kept searching in the crowd. But there are too many people watching the excitement around, and I haven’t seen Lily for a while.


Seeing Darryl’s gaze swept over, Lily’s heart trembled! Tears burst into tears!

Husband…Listen to my voice..

He hasn’t forgotten me, he still loves me in his heart!

Lily couldn’t help herself. She really wanted to run over and hug him tightly!

But in the next second, Lily gave up this idea. No, I can’t see Darryl myself.

Now I am already ugly, I don’t even dare to look in the mirror, how I am worthy of my husband.. My husband will be frightened when he sees himself..

Thinking of this, Lily only felt that her chest was blocked, she almost couldn’t breathe uncomfortably, tears streaming down her eyes. Turning around, crowded out the crowd and ran away.

“Husband, I’m sorry, I can’t see you, I really can’t see you…” While running, Lily wiped her tears, but the tears couldn’t stop.


Darryl’s gaze searched hard in the crowd, but in the crowd, where is Lily’s shadow? !

“Darryl, you die for me!”

And at this moment, seeing Darryl distracted, Monica slapped again, and went straight to Darryl’s heart to shoot!


Darryl rushed to chase Lily, but he had to turn around to meet him. An anger was released, he lifted his dantian with air, and turned around to resist Monica’s blow!


When the palms touched each other, there was a dull vibration. The huge impact made Han proudly retreat several steps.

“Head of Han, I don’t have time to play with you now, but don’t force me either.” Darryl looked at Monica tightly, and said coldly.

When the voice fell, Darryl no longer wanted to fight, swept the Emei disciple with a blood-drinking sword in his hand, and then turned and walked towards the crowd.

“Lily, where are you, Lily…” Darryl was trembling all over, looking west in the middle of the crowd, but Lily had already walked away.


Why would you refuse to see me? You are still alive, you must be alive, the voice just now must be you!

Darryl’s heart ached. Before he could think about it, he hurried to Lily’s house.

“Head, how are you?”

“Are you all right, boss.”

Darryl left. The surrounding Emei disciples hurriedly gathered around and asked Han Auran worriedly.

“It’s okay.”

Monica spoke coldly, looking at Darryl’s leaving back, coldly said: “Go, summon Emei disciples. I can’t spare Darryl.”



On the other side, Lily rushed home desperately.

On the way, all she thought of was Darryl. Tears kept streaming, and my heart was cut like a knife.

The one you love the most is right in front of you, but you can’t come forward to hug!

The more Lily thinks about it, the more aggrieved, she blames Lu Jiechen! Tears kept falling down her eyelashes.

When I returned home, I saw Alexandra sitting on the sofa, playing on his mobile phone.


Saw Lily coming back. With red eyes, Alexandra quickly stood up and couldn’t help asking: “What’s the matter with you? Liu Zhiyuan called you again to urge you for money?”

Lily’s face was miserable, she squeezed a smile, and shook her head: “No…”

“Lily! Are you here, Lily!”

As a result, as soon as he said two words, he heard a knock on the door, it was Darryl’s voice!

Husband…he’s chasing me!

Lily’s heart trembled, and her whole body was so flustered that she was so moved, she felt her nose sore, and a few tears fell.

“Mom, when Darryl comes, you just say that I’m not at home.” Lily gritted her teeth and said in a low voice. After her voice fell, she quickly walked upstairs.


I am like this now. I can’t see you, I really can’t… Lily only hopes that Lily is beautiful in your mind..

“Clang clang!”

Darryl knocked on the door a lot. In the end, he was so anxious that he smashed the door with a palm and walked in quickly.

At this time, there was only Alexandra in the room. Darryl was sweating profusely. The eyes were red: “Aunt Alexandra, where is Lily? Where is Lily! Did she just come back, where is she? Where is she!”


At this moment, Alexandra was completely stunned. My heart is also extremely complicated. Ever since Darryl became a mainland hero, Alexandra regretted his previous harshness.

But she also knew that the fate of Lily and Darryl had also come to an end.

The so-called twisted melon is not sweet, Darryl and his daughter have no chance after all.

At this time, her daughter’s face was completely ruined. If you let Darryl meet his daughter, wouldn’t it be humiliating for himself? Alexandra let out a long sigh and said: “Lily… she is not at home.”

not at home?

Darryl was stunned, and rushed directly to the second floor. When he reached Lily’s room, he saw that the door was locked.

Bang bang bang!

Darryl patted the door and said loudly: “Lily, are you inside, right? Why did you leave just now? Why didn’t you see me?”

When he said this, Darryl’s heart was blocked, and his eyes couldn’t help getting wet.

More than a year, more than a whole year.

I thought Lily was dead. Whenever I think of it, I feel heartbroken. I blame myself for letting go. If you don’t let go, these things won’t happen.

Knowing that Lily was not dead now, Darryl couldn’t express his joy.

Now he just wanted to hold Lily tightly in his arms, never let go, stay with her all his life, never let her go again!

in the room.

Lily leaned against the door and heard Darryl’s cry, only feeling that her heart was about to break, and her whole body was crying into tears.

She really wanted to open the door and rushed into Darryl’s embrace.

But she didn’t have the courage, really didn’t!

“Old… Darryl!”

Finally, Lily tried to calm herself down through the door, subconsciously trying to call her husband, but she stopped forcibly.

In the next second, Lily took a deep breath and tremblingly said: “Darryl…Don’t shout, I…I don’t want to see you!” I am no longer worthy of him, so let him give up.

Chapter 509


Darryl was stunned, only to feel that his heart was punched invisibly, and said hoarsely: “Why? Lily, why did you refuse to see me? Why, tell me…

When he said this, Darryl’s voice was hoarse and he was uncomfortable.

“Darryl, between us… it ended as early as a year ago, don’t you come to me again, okay?” Lily couldn’t help crying. Scenes of the past came to my heart, tears could not stop streaming down.

Husband, I miss you so much, as if being held in your arms, talking to you.

But, I really can’t see you like this, really…

Just forget me.

Hearing this, Darryl’s heart was blocked, and he said hoarsely: “It’s over? In that case. Why are you going to the Apocalypse Continent to find me? I know that you were cheated by Qin Shousheng, and that you were killed by Mingjiao, I will avenge you. Now, Lily, what have you been through. Tell me, okay?”

Darryl didn’t believe that Lily would be so unfeeling, there must be a secret.

Thinking of this, Darryl felt unspeakably distressed and pityed: “Lily, no matter how much wrong you have suffered, I will face it with you. You open the door, okay!”

Hearing Darryl’s shout, Lily’s body became weak, and she almost couldn’t stand still. She cried and shook her head: “Darryl, I’m fine… Go ahead, forget me, I don’t want to see you, I don’t want to …”

At the end, Lily’s voice became smaller and smaller, she cried completely into tears, and could faint at any time.

At this moment, Lily’s line of defense in her heart was on the verge of collapse.

However, Lily still gritted her teeth and endured the urge to open the door.

She is afraid!

She was afraid that her appearance would be seen by Darryl! She really didn’t have the courage to see Darryl!


Darryl was sweating profusely, and of course he could break in, but Lily was standing behind the door at this time. If you insist on entering, what will Lily do!

“Lily. Husband please, can you open the door, husband please, husband please!” Darryl cried loudly, slamming his fist against the wall, tears streaming down his face.


As a result, at this moment, I only heard a loud noise downstairs! Immediately afterwards, I saw Liu Zhiyuan walking in with a wicked smile, followed by several men behind him.

Alexandra, who was downstairs, reacted immediately, walked up to meet Liu Zhiyuan, and yelled at Liu Zhiyuan: “What are you doing here?”

“What are you doing?”

Liu Zhiyuan’s face was cold and arrogant: “Did you forget? I said before that I will come over to get the money today. If you can’t get 50 million, your villa must be mortgaged.”

As he said, Liu Zhiyuan’s mouth was treacherous: “Have you seen these men behind me? They are second-hand housing agents.”

Speaking of this, Liu Zhiyuan looked back at these intermediaries and said, “Come here, you guys, aren’t you the most professional intermediaries? You look at this villa and estimate the price.”

When the voice fell, the staff of those second-hand houses took the list. When he approached Alexandra’s bedroom, he began to make an assessment, but he didn’t pay attention to Alexandra at all.

“You…who let you into my room? Get out, all out!”

“Liu Zhiyuan, you simply lose your conscience. This villa was bought by my daughter with her own money, not your Liu family.”

Alexandra was annoyed and wanted to drive those people away, but she was a woman who had no deterrent power.

Liu Zhiyuan smiled wickedly: “The money your daughter made? She worked in the family business before, but didn’t she make the family money? Get out of the way quickly, or I will let people throw you out.”

As he said, Liu Zhiyuan looked around: “By the way, what about your ugly daughter? Can’t get the money, can’t run out and hide?”

“Slot you? You have a special code to get out of here!”

At this moment, there was a loud shout on the second floor, and he saw Darryl with a cold face, striding down the stairs!

“Huh? There is a man hidden in the house, I…” Liu Zhiyuan raised his head cursingly, and stared at Darryl at the moment. His body shook and he almost couldn’t stand firm.

Darryl! ?

A year ago, it was rumored that Darryl died under the crater. But recently people say that Darryl is not dead. Has been living in the Ouyang family.

But now… why is he here? Hasn’t he already divorced Lily…

After a few seconds, Liu Zhiyuan recovered and said to Darryl: “Darryl, what are you yelling at me? I tell you, this is my Liu family’s business, and it has nothing to do with you.”

When he said this, Liu Zhiyuan was very nervous.

If it had been in the past, Liu Zhiyuan would never look at Darryl directly.

However, now Darryl is the master of Tianmen, the hero who saves the entire Earth Round Continent. Admired by others, the status is no longer what it used to be.

But Liu Zhiyuan was not very nervous either.

No matter how high Darryl Jianghu’s status is, he has no right to take care of other people’s family affairs.

After all, Darryl and Liu Family had long been okay.


Is he Darryl?

Suddenly, the people in those second-hand houses were all stupid.

The whole earth circle continent, who doesn’t know Darryl? This name is simply surreal!

Darryl clenched his fists tightly without any expression on his face: “I’ll say it again, get out!”

Lily didn’t open the door for herself. Darryl felt uncomfortable in his heart.

At this moment, seeing Liu Zhiyuan coming to look for something, Darryl only felt the anger in his body, soaring!


When the voice fell, the few people in the second-hand house didn’t dare to let out the atmosphere, and left in a hurry.

However, Liu Zhiyuan did not leave, his face flushed, and he looked at Darryl and said, “This villa will soon belong to my Liu family, why are you letting me go?”

“Why should I?” Darryl’s eyes were blood red!

After three years of marriage with Lily, Liu Zhiyuan bullied Lily for three years! Darryl endured Liu Zhiyuan for three full years!

“I have a special code to let you go!” Darryl roared loudly, suddenly raised his slap, and slammed Liu Zhiyuan’s face fiercely!


After this slap fell, Liu Zhiyuan flew up all at once, flew a full ten meters away, and fell outside the living room door!


Liu Zhiyuan was beaten dumbfounded, his brain buzzed, got up, and covered his face with one hand. Pointing at Darryl and tremblingly said: “Okay, Darryl, you…I…”

He wanted to talk, but seeing Darryl, he was walking towards him step by step! Looking at Darryl’s eyes. At this moment, Liu Zhiyuan seemed to feel that he was being stared at by a beast! At that time, he didn’t know where his strength was, so he got up and ran! There was no shadow in the blink of an eye.


Darryl let out a sigh of relief and turned his head to look at Alexandra: “Aunt Alexandra. What’s the matter? Why did he sell the house just now? What qualifications does he have to sell your house?”

Darryl clearly remembered that Lily bought this villa for live broadcast.

At that time, I also spent a lot of money in Lily’s live studio.


Mention this. Alexandra bit his lip and said: “The Liu family has recently fallen into a financial crisis, and they forced Lily to take money. Lily sold all of her beloved Crystal Love. They were not satisfied yet, and they insisted on forcing us to sell the house. .”


Hearing this, Darryl’s eyes instantly became blood-red, and his anger was soaring.

Crystal Love, that was his first gift to Lily.

They actually forced Lily so much!

Is this special code still human!

Darryl clenched his fists tightly, tears dripped down, and his dantian became angry, and said loudly: “Lily, if you don’t want to see me, I will come to you every day and speak with Lily through the door. Starting today , My husband won’t let Lily suffer a bit of grievance.”

When the voice fell, Darryl’s eyes were full of anger, and he turned and left.

Chapter 510

In the afternoon, Liu’s villa.

The old grandmother of the Liu family was sitting on a chair, under which stood hundreds of family children.

Everyone has a smile on their face.

Just yesterday, Lily transferred 100 million yuan to the family account and successfully solved the family fund problem.

Recently, however, the old grandmother of the Liu family came to see another project. This project is not too big, but it also requires ten to twenty million principals. Liu Zhiyuan has taken someone with him. Went to urge Lily to sell the villa.

As long as you get the money to sell the house, you can do this project! It will definitely make money at that time!

As for the ugly monster Lily, how to live without a house has nothing to do with them.

At this time, the Liu family and even the old grandmother were waiting for Liu Zhiyuan’s good news.


At this moment, a cry came from outside the door, and then Liu Zhiyuan stumbled in.

He saw half of his face blushing. The eyes were swollen, very embarrassed.

“What’s the matter with Zhiyuan? What’s the matter with your face?” The old woman was startled and quickly stood up.

Other people around also looked at Liu Zhiyuan one after another. Obviously, he was beaten by someone else.

“Zhiyuan. Who beat you?!”

“Dare to move our Liu family, so bold.”

The old grandmother patted the table angrily. Liu Zhiyuan was her most beloved grandson. Seeing him be beaten like this, the old grandmother felt full of anger!

Upon hearing the question, Liu Zhiyuan was very aggrieved and cried: “Grandma, I took someone to Lily’s house just now to ask for money. When Darryl was there, I didn’t say anything. Darryl just did it to me, you see. Beat me, grandma, you have to be the master for me.”



All of a sudden, the old woman froze!

Everyone around the Liu family also changed their expressions. They were all filled with righteous indignation, and they all closed their mouths at once.

Darryl, this door-to-door son-in-law who was once looked down upon by the Liu family, is now a different one, he is the hero of the entire continent!

Just now, news broke out that Darryl became the leader of the martial arts!

The Darryl at this time was already an existence that their Liu family looked up and couldn’t reach!

If someone else beat Liu Zhiyuan, the Liu family could still ask for some justice.

But as for Darryl, who would dare to be presumptuous in front of him? !

Seeing this scene, Liu Zhiyuan cried out: “Grandma. No matter how high Darryl’s status is, you can’t just hit people casually. Besides, this is our Liu family’s own family affair. Even if he is the leader of the martial arts, he has no right to intervene.”


Hearing this, everyone around suddenly broke into heated discussions.

“Yes, even if he becomes the supreme martial artist, he can’t bully people casually.”

“He has nothing to do with our Liu family, so why should we care about our Liu family?”

The old grandmother frowned, thought about it, and said solemnly: “Yes, Darryl intervened in the affairs of our Liu family. It is not reasonable, let alone fight Zhiyuan…”

With that, the old grandmother looked at Liu Zhiyuan: “Where is Darryl? Come here, go to Darryl! I want to ask for an explanation for Zhiyuan.”

Liu Zhiyuan was her most beloved grandson. Seeing him being beaten, the old grandma felt very distressed.

“You don’t need to find me. I’m here.”

At this moment, only a cold voice came from outside the hall, and then, a straight figure slowly walked in.

Exactly… Darryl!


Darryl… also came by himself.

At this moment, the whole hall was silent. The gazes of all the Liu family members gathered tightly on Darryl’s body, each with a complicated expression, showing fear.

At the same time, feeling the powerful aura of Darryl, no one dared to speak.

They can clearly feel that the Darryl in front of them is no longer a trash that was mocked and mocked by them a year ago.


At this time, the old grandmother took the lead to slow down, watching Darryl coldly and said, “What are you doing?”

After all, it is a person who has lived for half a lifetime, and the experience of the old grandmother is not comparable to that of the young people of the Liu family. Even in the face of a person with a big identity like Darryl, she can still maintain a somewhat paternal style.

Darryl looked around, no nonsense, looked at the old grandmother, and said every word: “I don’t want to talk more nonsense. Lily’s 100 million will be returned to me without any difference! Otherwise!”

Speaking of this, Darryl paused. Looking around: “Otherwise, I will let you Liu Family be removed from your name!”


There was a sound of air-conditioning!

In these two sentences, Darryl’s tone was gentle, without any fluctuations!

But the voice fell. The audience was shocked!

“Darryl!” Liu Zhiyuan finally reacted, standing up and yelling at Darryl: “You are an outsider who is gesticulating with my Liu family, do you have any laws?”

When the voice fell, the other Liu family members around also all agreed.

“Yes, you have nothing to do with our Liu family. Why do you care about our Liu family?”

“Let us refund the money to that ugly monster, you are naive.”


At this moment, Darryl’s eyes were extremely bloody red! Looking around coldly.


this moment. Seeing Darryl’s gaze, everyone present trembled.

What a terrible look.

At this time, Darryl looked at Liu Zhiyuan closely: “I ask you, why do you say Lily is an ugly monster, what’s wrong with her?”

Liu Zhiyuan didn’t answer. When he saw Darryl’s eyes, Liu Zhiyuan panicked. How dare to speak at this time!


After a long time, the grandmother stood tremblingly on crutches. Looking at Darryl, he said without the slightest emotion: “Darryl, you are not what you used to be. The superior martial arts leader, with your current strength, can indeed easily destroy my Liu family!”

Speaking of this, the old grandmother turned her words: “But everything can’t be said of a single word. You are no longer the son-in-law of my Liu family, and you have nothing to do with Lily. You have no right to interfere with our family affairs! That one hundred million, I No. So please leave immediately.”

When she said this, the old woman was also a little nervous in her heart.

After all, there is a Tianmen behind Darryl, and as long as he says a word, the Liu family will be wiped out.

But the grandmother was sure that Darryl would not use this extreme quack method. Once he did so, he would be morally condemned by the entire quack!

You know, a Jianghu sect. It would be shameless to use force against an ordinary small family!


As soon as these words came out, the surrounding Liu family members secretly recovered their confidence.

Yes, even if Darryl’s current background is stronger. You can’t bully with a gun.

He is now the leader of the martial arts, and his every move has attracted the attention of the entire Earth Continent. As long as he dares to use force against the Liu family, his reputation will be ruined.

Hearing this, Darryl suddenly laughed.

“Grandma. You mean, Lily’s 100 million, you don’t plan to pay it back.” Darryl said with a sneer at the corner of his mouth, slowly speaking.

The old grandma sneered coldly, and said without thinking: “Darryl. You don’t have to scare me, I won’t be scared by you when I am old. Even if your cultivation is strong, you can’t do anything to my Liu Family! Dignified martial arts leader, if we use force against us, what is the reason of heaven?! I also tell you, that one hundred million, I will not pay back. Not only that, I will get another fifty million from Lily. After I get my hand, Lily and Liu’s family are completely okay.”

Speaking of this, the grandmother said with a resolute expression: “After getting the fifty million, our Liu family will never pester Lily anymore.”

“Hehe…” Darryl slowly walked up, staring directly at the grandmother, and her voice was cold: “I just wanted to ask, why Lily’s money should be given to you for nothing?! My Darryl’s wife, should you bully? !”

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