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Chapter 566

Castro, with red eyes, strode like the wind, walked in front of the prison wagon, raised his hand and drew his saber, with a violent wave!


The prison car broke to pieces! Kendra fell softly, and King Castro grabbed her waist at once. Hold her in his arms.


At this time, Kendra was surprised and delighted, his red lips lightly opened, and he said two words weakly. I can’t go on.

On a rainy day, the people who were paraded in the streets and watched the crowds smashed them with various things, and Kendra almost lost his life.

“Madam is not afraid, I’m here, here…” King Castro comforted a few times, heartbroken! That kind of pain, as if being pierced by a thousand arrows!

Castro saw it. Kendra was covered with wounds, his face was beautiful, pale at this time! The breath is sluggish! Obviously suffered a brutal torture!

“What the hell is going on! Who gives you the right, dispose of Madam!” Wang Guangping looked around. The tone is hoarse, and the anger in his heart is also rising! He has been busy these days and has no idea what happened. At this time, seeing his wife injured, Ya’er also fainted to the ground, his anger was uncontrollable! Surge up!

In the next second, Castro stared at the captain of the guard next to him: “The woman who dares to treat me like this, do you…want to die?”


When the voice fell, the captain of the guard trembled, knelt down, and said tremblingly: “Wang…Master, it’s not that the subordinate wants to do this to the lady, it’s the lady who…she did something sorry for you… .”

As he said, the captain of the guard glanced at Kendra’s back. Behind her, the “guilt card” was erected.

On the charge card, it was written that Kendra did not obey women’s way..

At this time, King Castro’s gaze also fell on the guilt card. At this moment, Castro clenched his fist!


Madam, she…. Colluding with the groom, spending a good night together? !

How is this special code possible! Mrs. Bing Qing Yujie. How is it possible to collude with the groom?

At this time, Kendra was leaning on King Castro, and he was weak and fainted at any time, intermittently said: “Master, I…I didn’t do…I…I was wronged….”

Upon hearing this, Castro came back to his senses and nodded: “Madam.. You are weak now, don’t say anything, this king believes in you, of course he believes in you!”

“My lord, the groom committed suicide in fear of crime…” the captain of the guard said tremblingly.


Upon hearing this, Castro was furious!

“You guys will listen carefully to me!” The king of Guangping was angry at Dantian and looked around the people in the city: “Madam, she was framed. In the future, whoever dares to talk about Madam, I will kill you.”

The sound is not loud, but half of the imperial city can be heard clearly!

The rain wet the clothes of Castro, and Castro stood in the rain. Like a king over the world!

“Madam, let’s go back to the house!” King Castro put his arms around Kendra’s waist and whispered.


Kendra only felt warm in his heart. This man really gave her a full sense of security. At this time, the lady nodded weakly, suddenly thinking of something, and eagerly said: “Yes, child, child…still in the prison car!”


Hearing this, King Castro’s heart tensed, and he hurriedly looked at the prison wagon, his eyes were blood red and his veins were exposed!

King Castro saw that the young Gary was lying there quietly, his face pale. I don’t know how long I have been in a coma, and I don’t have an umbrella around me, let the rain hit me. There is rainwater under the body!


At this moment. Castro glanced around slowly, his eyes were extremely bloody.

At this time, the Castro was completely furious and roared to the sky!


This roar, as if the sky is falling apart!

Angrily shocked the mountains and rivers!


The surrounding people were covering their ears one by one, and many people suffered from the shock of the eardrum cracking!

The gaze of Castro, slowly staring around! Suddenly, he was swept by the eyes of King Castro, no matter the guards. The people who were still watching all around, all trembled in their hearts, and couldn’t help but breathe in cold air.

This look is terrible!


The captain of the guard who was kneeling there was even more frightened, his tongue knotted.


Castro walked over and kicked it over! The captain of the guard snorted and flew out directly!

“Wang Ye…” at this moment. Huang Dan anxiously walked out of the sedan chair, pointing to Kendra and said, “Lord, this b!tch woman is not worthy of you doing this for her.. She steals a man behind your back, she is mean, she…”

“Slot you, shut up!” King Castro roared, slapped Huang Dan’s face with a slap!


With this slap, Huang Dan flew out dozens of meters and fell heavily on the wall!


Suddenly, half of Huang Dan’s face was swollen, and his whole person was dumbfounded. He looked at King Castro blankly, furious and panicked.


He beat himself for an unqualified woman?


The prince actually did something to the princess?

See this scene. Everyone present blasted the pot! There is a lot of discussion!

Huang Dan on one side was even more heartbroken: “Master, I am the wife your Mingzhong is marrying, you are for this b!tch. So to me, why is this! Kendra has done such a scandal, and I dragged her out to show the public. , Is to maintain the dignity and reputation of our palace. Am I wrong?”

“Dang!” King Castro walked quickly, stretched out his big hand, and pinched Huang Dan’s neck fiercely!

“Uh…” Huang Dan only found it difficult to breathe, his face turned purple.

“I’m telling you. In this world, no one can bully Madam, no one can bully Ya’er! Whoever bullies will die!” Guangping Wang shouted with red eyes: “If you are rude to Madam again, I, So I gave up you, and then slaughtered your whole family.”


After saying this, Castro let go. Huang Dan fell on the ground like a puddle of mud, breathing in fresh air.

“Hurry up and call the imperial doctor.” Wang Guangping looked at the captain of the guard coldly, with an extremely cold voice: “If the child has any accident, all those who participated in the parade today will be buried with him!”

Funeral for all!

The last four words resounded like a bolt from the blue sky, resounding in the ears of every guard!


In the next second, the surrounding guards all knelt down, panicking!

“Yes, the subordinates will go…” Enduring the pain in his heart, the guard captain struggled to get up, greeted a few people, picked up Gary, and returned to the palace first.

The other guard rushed to the palace to get a doctor.


At the same time, all the people onlookers present were in an uproar!

“This…what’s the situation?”

“Kendra is so non-observant of women’s way, the prince is still facing her?”

“It must be this b!tch woman who used some magic tricks to confuse the prince…”

There was constant discussion. Castro was extremely angry, pointing at the people around him, and said coldly: “Shut up all the special code! Come here, catch all the untouchables who just threw stones and leaves. , Break into the jail!”

Chapter 567


At this moment, Huang Dan also slowed down. She took a few deep breaths, and walked over again, biting her scalp, tears bursting in her eyes: “Master, for this Kendra, you almost strangled me, I am your princess. This woman, Kendra, did such an unconventional scandal, which caused the entire palace to be put to shame. I hanged her in public, and it was the people’s desire! Why are you protecting her? Even if you kill me today, I will not accept it. !”

“Want to die, right, I will perfect you.” At this moment, King Castro slowly turned his head, his eyes were extremely blood red, and he walked towards Huang Dan step by step! Holding a long knife in his hand, he was murderous!


Seeing King Castro’s eyes, Huang Danjiao’s body trembled faintly, his eyes were extremely terrifying. She really didn’t expect it. Castro really wanted to kill himself!

“Wang Concubine!” King Castro held the knife, put it on Huang Dan’s neck, and said coldly: “What kind of person Rong Yin is. I know what kind of person you are! You said. Madam colluded with the groom, and the groom died, right. I asked you, how did the groom die? You looked into my eyes and answered!”

The voice fell, and a powerful aura burst out from Castro.

Feeling the pressure of Castro’s breath, Huang Dan’s eyes wandered and he was inexplicably flustered, but he still acted fearlessly: “Darryl Tian was tempted by this woman and did things that I was sorry for the prince. He knew that he had no face to face the prince. I have committed suicide and apologize. Everyone in the palace knows about this.”

“Suicide?” Guangping Wang red eyes: “Good reason, you really played a good hand! I am too lazy to talk nonsense with you, husband and wife, I will let you die today. If you have another life, remember not to provoke your wife! “

When the voice fell, Castro chopped it down!

Even if the princess is the wife he is marrying, so what! Offend Madam, she will die!

“Master, no, no!”

At this moment, the surrounding soldiers knelt for a long time. These soldiers are the confidants of Castro.

“The prince. She is the princess after all. If you kill the princess because of Madam Kendra, the world will only say that the madam killed the princess!” Several soldiers knelt over and whispered to persuade.

“Yeah, Lord, Lord, think twice…”

A cry of prayer sounded. Castro coldly slammed the knife to the ground! Looking at the princess, said: “Today, I will spare you not to die. If there is another time, no matter who stops you, you will die.”

When the voice fell, King Castro raised his hand again, slapped it fiercely again, and threw it on Huang Dan’s face!


How powerful is this slap? I saw blood flying across Huang Dan’s face, and his whole body flew more than fifty meters away. After falling to the ground, he passed out.

King Castro didn’t even look at the princess, put his arms around Kendra, and whispered: “Madam, let’s go back to the house.”

Kendra nodded weakly.

In the past few days, her tossed life is almost gone, and she has no energy to speak. However at this moment. Seeing that Castro not only almost killed the princess for himself, but also arrested the people who made trouble. Kendra only felt moved.

“Master…” Kendra wiped away the tears, looked at King Castro, weakly said, “Doing this for me… is it worth it?”


Castro took a deep breath, his face full of compassion, with a trace of determination: “Madam, for so long, don’t you understand my intentions? For you, even if I am an enemy of the whole world, I have nothing to do. fear.”

Speaking of this, Castro’s tone was soft: “Okay, madam, stop talking, I will take you back to the house to rest.”

When the voice fell, King Castro hugged Kendra and strode towards the palace. The heavy rain poured down, and the king of Castro came from the street. He took out an oil-paper umbrella to shield Kendra from the rain, but he was soaked all over.

At this moment, Kendra had mixed feelings and stopped talking. He pressed his face tightly to the heart of Castro, and only felt safe and secure.

On the street at this time, many people were arrested by the guards. They were all the people who had stoned Kendra before.

“My lord… I was wronged!”

“Wang Ye Paste

Paint! “

For a time, there was chaos on the street, and hundreds of people wailed.

The crying and pleading of the people behind him kept coming. Castro didn’t say a word, and there was not the slightest fluctuation on his cold face.

Even if these people are innocent, they bully Madam and Ya’er. The price should also be paid.

Back at the palace, King Castro put Kendra on the bed and gently covered her with a quilt.

“Quick! Go and prepare the ginger soup!”

Castro urged the maid.

He could see that Kendra was cold and pale. At this time, the heart of Castro felt much distressed.

After a while, Jiang Tang was brought in, and King Castro personally fed Kendra and drank it.

Seeing Kendra’s face slowly recovering some rosy, Guangping Wang’s face was full of tenderness. He stroked her hair and said slowly: “Madam, it’s okay, don’t worry, no one will mention this again from now on. No one can bully you anymore.”

Thinking of the scene just now, Castro clenched his fists, unable to stop the anger in his heart.

Hearing this, Kendra was very moved, and his red lips lightly opened: “Master, thank you…”

When he said this, Kendra’s heart was extremely complicated.

Over the past few years, he has been occupied by Darryl in his heart, and he has never done anything to King Castro.

Until today, Kendra realized that King Castro cares about himself so much.

How lucky I am to meet such a man who loves me wholeheartedly. At this time, Kendra only felt ashamed of King Castro.

“Madam, what are you talking about? You are my woman. Of course I want to protect you.” King Castro said with a smile.


Kendra nodded, a happy smile appeared on his weak face.

The two looked at each other, for a while, the atmosphere of the room. It’s also a little more subtle.


As a result, at this moment, an immature voice sounded outside the door. I saw Gary trotting all the way, pushing the door in.

Gary fainted before parading the streets. At this time, under the timely treatment of the imperial physician, he had already woke up.

“Mom…” Gary ran over. He threw himself into Kendra’s arms, raised his face, and said in fear: “Mom, when shall we go to Diyuan Continent? I don’t want to be here anymore. This is all bad guys…”

As he said, Gary turned his head to look at King Castro, Tong Yan Wuji: “Father, you also go to the Diyuan Continent with us.”

Before, Kendra told the child that he was going to Diyuan Continent to find someone, but he didn’t say whom to go back to.

Gary kept it in his heart.

Go to Earthland?

Suddenly, Castro was stunned.

Kendra also bit her lip, softly coaxed the child a few words, and whispered at King Castro: “Master, the news that Darryl is not dead, I already know, a few days ago…I…I thought I’m going to take Ya’er and go to Diyuan Continent to find him…”

At this moment, the king of Castro only felt that his mind was blank: “Madam.. It turns out.. It turns out that he is not dead, you already know… I blocked the news specially before, you… would you blame me…”

Kendra smiled lightly and said softly: “How could I blame you? You blocked the news because you were afraid of me leaving, right?”

“Yes!” King Castro’s eyes were red, and he couldn’t help holding Kendra’s jade hand, his tone trembling: “I…I can’t bear you…”

Kendra looked at King Castro, only to see this magnificent seven-foot man, who was about to cry at this moment. The wife felt a pain in her heart. She looked at Castro and said in a low voice: “You know what, I am really lucky to meet you… All these years, you have treated me well, I remember it in my heart, and I remember it clearly. Today is today. , You are angry about me again for me, I… I’m really touched. Do you know that, in my heart, I really owe you…”

King Castro firmly grasped Kendra’s hand and looked at her expectantly: “Madam.. So, so.. Do you want to leave.. Do you want to find him..”

Chapter 568

“Madam, if you don’t go to Darryl, I… I will be really happy, really happy… Do you want to find him…” When asked this, the King Castro looked forward to it. My heart trembled even more!

Castro is used to seeing strong winds and waves, but he has never been so nervous before.

He loves Kendra too much, and is afraid that she will leave him like this!

If it’s gone, ma’am. Let alone being a prince, being an emperor makes life meaningless.


Kendra bit her lips tightly, and her heart became entangled. After only one word, she couldn’t speak anymore.

The king of Castro in front of him, after paying so much for himself, is he going to leave him cruelly?

Suddenly. The atmosphere of the entire room has become more subtle.

King Castro and Kendra looked at each other and fell silent…

the other side! Apocalyptic imperial city, on the street.

The princess was slapped just now by the king of Castro. He fainted directly, and he was already awake. Several maids supported her.

For a while, the guards of the palace arrested a lot of troubled people, and the whole street was in a mess.

“Where are the prince and that b!tch?” Huang Dan couldn’t help asking.

Tanchun’s expression was complicated, and he said cautiously: “His Royal Highness, the prince… brought that woman back to the palace.”


That b!tch did a scandal, and the prince took her back to the house? !

At this moment, Huang Dan was shocked and angry, and his heart was full of resentment! At the same time, he felt that his face was still hot, Huang Dan couldn’t help but recalled the situation where Castro slapped himself, and his body trembled faintly!

“Very, very good!” Huang Dan bit his lips tightly: “Master, you beat me for that woman, OK, OK…”

After speaking, Huang Danjiao shouted: “Go. Go to the palace.”

Huang Dan has an older sister named Huang Yan who looks pretty.

Two years ago, Huang Yanyuan married the Nanyun Continent and became the princess of the Nanyun Royal Family. Half a year later, the prince succeeded to the throne and became the emperor. Huang Yan’s identity rose with the tide and became the queen of the Nanyun Continent.

Recently, Huang Yan visited her hometown and now lives in the palace!

Nanyun Continent and Apocalypse Continent have always made good friends. As the queen of the Southern Cloud Continent, Huang Yan, the Imperial Family of Apocalypse also respects Huang Yan very much.

Huang Dan believes. As long as I tell my sister about the situation, my sister will definitely support herself.

At this moment, the imperial palace garden.

Huang Yan, the Queen of Nanyun, was standing there admiring the flowers in the company of several court ladies.


Huang Dan walked in quickly and called out softly, his expression aggrieved.

See her look. Huang Yan hurried over and asked, “Sister, what’s wrong with your face?”

Huang Yan clearly saw that her sister was incomparably swollen in love, and was obviously beaten.

While speaking, Huang Yan waved her hand to let the surrounding palace ladies retreat.

“Sister, my life is so miserable. The prince was fascinated by a b!tch, and he did something to me for her…” Huang Dan walked over with a miserable face and cried out the matter again!

Of course, she didn’t say that she framed Kendra. Instead, Kendra said that Kendra was very mean.


Hearing this, Huang Yan was furious, and Jiao Chu was trembling: “Oh, you are the Castro, my sister has one heart and one mind for you. It’s fine if you don’t appreciate it, you actually did it for a b!tch woman?”

Talking, Huang

Yan said with relief: “Sister, don’t be sad. I’ll call you the shots, and I will go to see Emperor Tianqi.”

As the Queen of Nanyun, the entire Apocalypse imperial family gave herself three points of courtesy, and must let the Emperor Apocalypse give justice.

Besides, the king of Castro was confused by a b!tch, and it was so wrong.

“Thank you sister…” Huang Dan choked and wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes. But I was so happy in my heart that someone finally got justice for themselves.


On the other side, Tianqi Continent, Clint Mansion.

Patsy walked into the hall with a face full of spring breeze, embraced by a few maids for the first time. At this time, Patsy’s mood was unspeakable.

Just now, when Kendra was paraded to the public, Patsy also went to see it.

See Darryl’s woman. After being scolded by thousands of people, Patsy’s heart is not to mention the hatred. Although King Castro rescued people later, Kendra’s hooking up with people is now known to everyone! In the Apocalypse Continent, everyone recognized that Kendra is a scumbag!

In the hall, Clint was drinking tea slowly.

“Wife, what’s the matter so happy.” Seeing Patsy’s eyebrows and smiling, Clint asked with a smile.

Patsy was full of pride and couldn’t conceal the resentment in her heart: “What else could be? Of course it is Kendra’s b!tch woman who was paraded in the street just now. This woman is in collusion with the groom and deserves it!” Patsy didn’t tell Clint, but it was her own design. Framed Kendra.

“Really? She colluded with the groom?”

Hearing this, Clint was stunned, feeling a pity in his heart.

Is that woman so stray? I knew she was so casual. I should look for a chance before, tease her, maybe it’s easy to get it.

Now it’s cheaper for a groom…

Seeing him with a thoughtful look, Patsy said with no anger: “What do you think? It is a pity for that b!tch woman. You have begun to pity and cherish jade, right?”

Patsy knows Clint best, her husband is good everywhere, just too lustful.

“How can it be.”

Clint squeezed out a smile and explained in a whisper: “A mean woman. What pity do I have, in my heart, wife, you are the most beautiful.”

“Greasy mouth is slippery.” Patsy said grimly. But not happy in my heart. Which woman can accept the sweet words of a man?

Patsy kissed Clint. I felt very uncomfortable. At the beginning, I was tortured by Mateo day and night, this matter. Clint didn’t know until now. Patsy’s heart was always sorrowful, and she felt ashamed of Clint.


At this time, Castro Palace.

In the room, King Castro and Kendra were sitting there, and the atmosphere was still a bit awkward.

King Castro asked Kendra if he wanted to go to Darryl, but Kendra has not answered yet.


At this moment, a guard walked out the door and spoke respectfully: “Your Majesty wants you to go to the palace.”

What did your Majesty look for?

King Castro frowned, then stood up and smiled at Kendra: “Ma’am, I’ll go to the palace, let’s talk again when we come back.”

“Okay, you go, I’ll wait for you.”

Kendra smiled slightly, watching King Castro speak, his face was gentle.

Castro said no more, turned and walked out of the room.

When he reached the door, Castro thought of something and said to the guard: “From now on, always protect Madam. No one can enter this backyard without my order.”

When talking about this, Castro had a cold face. He was afraid that someone would bully his wife again. The wife is her own heart, and she won’t allow her to be bullied anymore.

Chapter 569

“Yes, prince! The subordinates will always guard the lady’s door!” The guard quickly responded, not daring to slack in the slightest.

Castro nodded and left the palace directly.

After a while, Castro arrived at the palace hall.

As soon as I entered the hall, I saw Emperor Tianqi with a gloomy face, sitting on the dragon chair next to the eunuch. Everyone dared not come out, trembling.

The entire hall was enveloped in a dull and depressing atmosphere.

Obviously, the emperor just got angry.

Seeing this scene, Castro’s heart tightened and he became nervous inexplicably. He walked forward quickly, kneeled and saluted: “Chen. See Your Majesty.”


Emperor Tianqi did not have any fluctuations in his expression, nor did he let King Castro stand up, staring at him so faintly: “Kuangping King, I heard that this imperial city is very lively today. Do you know what’s going on?”


Could it be that your majesty summoned it because the lady was parading in the streets?

This is not a big deal, how did he know?

Thinking about it, King Castro pretended to be calm, and said slowly: “I don’t know what your Majesty is talking about?”


As soon as the voice fell, the Emperor Tianqi slapped the dragon chair abruptly, and said angrily: “You still pretend to be confused, right? The Kendra that I gave you before, not observing women’s way, colluding with the royal mansion, was paraded to the public, you But he stopped, not only that, but also beat the princess in public and arrested many innocent people.”

Speaking of this, Emperor Tianqi pointed at Castro, and his eyes burst into flames: “For an unscrupulous woman, against public opinion, my royal face was completely lost by you. What crime should you be?”

Just now, Huang Yan, the Queen of Nanyun, met her and filed a complaint with Emperor Tianqi to seek justice for her sister Huang Dan.

Upon learning of the situation, Emperor Tianqi was furious.

“His Majesty!”

King Castro’s heart trembled, and he said in fear: “Your Majesty, things are not what you heard. Kendra didn’t do anything with the groom. She was framed…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Emperor Tianqi: “Okay, you don’t need to say more about this. In the presence of the people in the city, you openly shelter a lowly woman. Do you know what the consequences will be? ?”

When he said this, Emperor Tianqi looked serious.

As an emperor, he doesn’t care whether a woman is wronged, he only cares about the reputation of the royal family.

“Chen…” Castro sweated profusely, bowed his head and said, “I will let my men go and let the people go.”

“Is it enough to just let the people go?”

Emperor Tianqi looked at Castro. Said coldly.

Feeling the coldness of Emperor Tianqi, Castro’s heart tightened, and said in horror: “What does your majesty mean…”


The Emperor Tianqi took a deep breath and said lightly: “Immediately put that woman to death, in order to behave like you.”


Suddenly, Castro’s complexion changed drastically, and said anxiously: “Your Majesty, this…”

Before he finished speaking, Emperor Tianqi coldly interrupted: “What? Are you still defying the imperial edict?”

At this moment, Castro only felt his brain humming, and he replied in a low voice unwillingly: “Chen… dare not!”

When talking about this, Castro only felt that his heart was being pulled.

Executing one’s beloved woman is even more uncomfortable than killing oneself! Madam had just suffered so much, she couldn’t help herself.

Also, Ya’er is so young…how could he not have his mother…

but. Your Majesty has made an order, and resisting the order by himself is a big rebellion!

Seeing Castro’s expression on his face was sad, and his whole body was desperate. Emperor Tianqi couldn’t bear it, and sighed: “Kuangping King, in the entire royal family, I have always been very optimistic about you. Don’t let me down, let alone ruin your reputation for a woman.”

After speaking, Emperor Tianqi waved his hand: “Go!”

“The minister retire!”

Castro slowly stood up. Responded and walked out of the hall silently.

Outside, the cold rain was still falling, just like the mood of King Castro at this time, cold and desperate.

Castro didn’t know how he returned to the palace.

From the imperial palace to the imperial palace, a short journey. Castro was exhausted. When he arrived in the backyard, Gary saw it from a distance, so he trot over and shouted: “Father, you are back.”

Kendra leaned at the door with a gentle and graceful expression.

Seeing this scene, Castro squeezed a smile on his face, but his heart felt like a knife cut.

How to do?

Do you really want to execute Madam?

But… How can I do it myself?

“Master, what’s the matter with you?” At this moment, Kendra greeted him and asked in a soft tone, with a concerned expression on his face.


King Castro took a deep breath, stroked the child’s head, and smiled bitterly: “Madam, you…you take the child, go back to the mainland…you…you go to Darryl…in the future… .. Never come back again.”

When talking about this. Castro’s heart trembled.

Yes it is!

He couldn’t bear to execute Kendra, but he couldn’t disobey the imperial edict.

The only way is to let Kendra leave with the child.


Hearing this, Kendra’s body trembled. Looking at Castro blankly, he was speechless.

Isn’t the prince most afraid of leaving him?

Why… take the initiative to let yourself go now..

Seeing Kendra’s full face of doubt, King Castro reluctantly said: “Madam, your majesty just learned about today’s affairs. He…he asked me to put you to death!”


When the voice fell, Kendra’s pretty face changed, and he staggered back a few steps: “Your Majesty… want you to execute me?”

King Castro nodded and looked at Kendra’s gaze. There was a deep reluctance: “I can’t disobey the imperial decree, but let me execute Madam, I can’t do it, so you take your children and go quickly…”


At this moment, Kendra understood the situation, and was so touched that he suddenly threw himself into the arms of King Castro, his face wet with tears: “Master, I’m sorry, I am the one who caused you…”

When he said this, Kendra had mixed feelings, and besides being touched, there was endless guilt in his heart.

This man has paid too much for himself. Now for my own sake, I don’t hesitate to disobey the military order! You know, in the Apocalypse Continent, imperial power is supreme! As a heavy court official, Castro was unfaithful and unfilial if he disobeyed the imperial edict! If it is spread out, the reputation of Castro’s life will be ruined! For men, fame is more important than life! For his own sake, Castro does not hesitate to bet his reputation!

“Madam, don’t cry, you didn’t bother me, it’s because I’m not good, I didn’t protect you.” King Castro gently patted Kendra’s fragrant shoulders, softly comforting, and felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

Kendra raised his head with an eager look: “Master, if you let me go, your majesty will definitely blame it. Why don’t you go with me and Ya’er. Let’s go to the Earth Continent together, okay?”

Chapter 570

King Castro shook his head and said with a wry smile: “It’s okay, madam, I won’t go to Diyuan Continent with you. There is Darryl in Diyuan Continent, he…he will take care of you… Madam, don’t worry about me. .Your Majesty has a lot of places, and he has to rely on me, and he won’t do anything to me.”

After that, the king of Quang Ping breathed a sigh of relief, enduring the grief in his heart, and said to Gary: “Ya’er, father can’t be with you in the future, you have to be obedient, and when you grow up, you must take good care of it. Mom, you know?”


Gary raised his small face. Nodded.

Although Gary was young, he realized something at this time, holding the legs of King Castro: “Father, you will go with us, Ya’er will eat the candied haws you bought.”


Upon hearing this, Castro could no longer restrain his emotions, and tears flowed down.

In the next second, Castro squatted down, his face full of tears, and a smile appeared: “Ya’er, wait until you return to Earthland, and when you see your father, he will buy you candied haws…”


Hearing this word, Gary looked puzzled.

At this time, Castro stopped talking and stood up. He shouted at the guard outside: “Call in Jiang Hu.”

After a while, Jiang Hu walked quickly and respectfully said: “Master, what’s your order?”

Jiang Hu is the confidant of Castro and the person he trusts most.

King Castro’s voice was hoarse: “Jiang Hu, I order you to start now, escort Madam and Ya’er all the way back to the Diyuan Continent. Until you meet Darryl, you can’t make any mistakes!”


Jiang Hu was shocked, completely stunned.

The prince cares about his wife so much, he wants to send her back to Darryl?

This…what the hell is going on?

Thinking in his heart, seeing the uncomfortable look of Castro, Jiang Hu didn’t dare to ask more, and said: “Don’t worry, the subordinates will do their best.”

King Castro nodded, then turned his head and smiled at Kendra: “Madam, before your majesty has sent someone over to check, you can take Ya’er and go quickly.”

Having said this, Castro turned his body to one side, tears falling down wantonly.

What’s the point of being a prince?

But even his own woman can’t protect it.


At this moment, Kendra was also unable to cry, and looked at King Castro closely, and said in a bitter voice: “Lord, take care.. Take care..”

Gary was infected by the parting atmosphere, and also cried: “Father, father, I don’t want to leave you…”

Castro did not respond and did not turn around.

He was afraid that he would be even more reluctant to see the mother and daughter when he looked back.

Soon, Jiang Hu took Kendra’s mother and son and left from the back door of the palace.

At that moment, listening to the sound of footsteps, Castro suddenly turned around, tears streaming from his eyes.

lady! Ya’er!

You must take care.

the other side!

Clint Mansion.

In the hall, Clint and Patsy were sitting there, with expressions of incomparable consternation.

In front of them, there was a minion kneeling.

“Master Yue, just now the slave found Kendra’s mother and son at the gate of the Guangping Prince’s Mansion. They left the Guangping Prince’s mansion as if they were going to the Diyuan Continent.” The slave whispered. This minion had been with Clint for several years and knew that Clint hated Darryl.

“what did you say?”

At this time, Patsy’s delicate face was full of flames: “As everyone knows, the emperor made an order just now to order Castro to execute the b!tch, and Castro returned to the palace. He secretly gave the b!tch and the wild species. Let go?”

When she said this, Patsy couldn’t express the resentment in her heart.

It’s really hateful.

He finally set up a round, and in the end, this Darryl woman was still safe and sound.

What Patsy didn’t expect was that Castro loved Kendra so much, he would rather defy the imperial decree than kill her.

She is just a b!tch. How can she be able to make a prince treat her like this?

The servant respectfully responded: “Mrs. Hui, the villain is right. The one who escorted the mother and son of Kendra was the personal guard of Castro, named Jiang Hu!”

Patsy’s face was gloomy when she heard this, and she was very unwilling.

“Wife, why are you so angry.” At this time, Clint came over with a smile and comforted: “It’s not easy to deal with this mother and son? They lived in the palace before, so we have to do it, how much more care do we have, but now It’s a long way to go back to the mainland from here, we just need to send someone to intercept and kill.”

As he said, Clint’s eyes flashed fiercely: “The one who escorted the mother and son is Jiang Hu alone. No matter how strong he is, he can’t stand the crowd.”

Patsy’s eyes lit up, and she gave him a furiously white look: “Only you are smart. However, this method is really good.”

Immediately, Patsy thought of something, and said in her tone: “Clint, not to mention that woman, that child is Darryl’s son and the flesh and blood of your Yue family. He wants to call you an uncle. Are you cruel? “

“Yue Family?”

Clint couldn’t help but sneer slightly: “When I was hunted and killed by various big sects in the battle of the Star Retriever Building, I had nothing to do with the Yue family. The brotherhood with Darryl had long been broken, as long as my wife Happy, why don’t I kill his son?”

Upon hearing this, Patsy nodded in satisfaction: “You can talk!”

Soon, Clint called his confidant and asked him to lead someone to kill Kendra’s mother and son halfway.

At that moment, the smile on Patsy’s face couldn’t conceal the cruelty in her heart.


Because of you, I was humiliated by Mateo in every possible way, and now I get paid for my murder of your woman and child.


The mountain road on the outskirts of the imperial city.

Under Jiang Hu’s escort, Kendra took Gary’s hand and moved forward silently.

Along the way, Kendra felt uncomfortable.

She thought that one day she would be very excited when she left here.

But I didn’t expect that when I left, I would be so unwilling to give up.

At this time, Kendra was really ashamed. Guilty Castro. This man treats himself so well, but he drags him down time and time again.

Gary was crying and crying all the way. He grew up in the palace and had never traveled far away. He left the Guangping King who loved him, Gary’s young heart, and was very shocked.

I don’t know how far I have gone. Gradually, the imperial city behind me can no longer be seen, and the sky is clearing.

“Madam, let’s take a break in front.”

At this time, Jiang Hu pointed to the woods in front of him. Said respectfully.

Kendra nodded. The child is too young and he should take a break after walking for so long. While speaking, Kendra looked at the surrounding environment, surrounded by high mountains and mountains, inaccessible.

Kendra would definitely be a little scared if there were only his own mother and son.

But Jiang Hu was escorted by him. So there is no need to worry about danger at all.

Kendra hugged Gary and sat on a rock to rest.

At this time, looking at the high mountains and forests in front of him, Gary’s child’s nature was revealed, and he asked curiously: “Mom, what is the Earth Round Continent like? Is it fun?”

“Of course it’s fun. Diyuan Continent is a place of high-tech development. There are many interesting places. When that time, my mother will take you to play.” Kendra said with a loving face and smiled.

“Great, I like to play best!”

Gary clapped his little hand, very excited.

Jiang Hu stood aside, looking at Gary so cute, he couldn’t help but smile.

Hula la…

At this moment, in the woods on the side. Suddenly there was a sound of footsteps!

Immediately after that, more than forty people were seen rushing out, all of them uniformly dressed in black, holding swords in their hands, their faces were not good, and their eyes were fierce.

These people were the killers sent by Clint to intercept Kendra’s mother and son.

“It’s them, kill me!” The headed man glanced at Kendra’s mother and her son. Without hesitation, he shouted angrily!

The voice fell, and more than forty companions beside him rushed up!

Seeing this scene, Jiang Hu was shocked and angry, and shouted angrily: “You are so bold. Do you know who I am? I am Jiang Hu, the guard of King Castro.”

However, the other group of people didn’t say a word, and directly raised the sword in their hands. Before coming, Clint confessed that he should make a quick fight and not reveal his identity! In this case, they will naturally not talk nonsense with Jiang Hu!


Jiang Hu clenched his fists tightly. He had already seen that these people had made a special trip to intercept the wife, mother and son.

I am deeply entrusted by the prince, and I can’t shrink back, I can only challenge!


Jiang Hu took out his pocket sword and rushed over without any hesitation!

“Jiang Hu, be careful!”

Seeing this scene, Kendra became anxious, and tightly protected Gary behind him, slowly retreating to a safe place.

Gary was even more scared with a pale smile, holding Kendra’s arm tightly, speechless.

In a blink of an eye, Jiang Hu was already fighting the opponent.


As the most appreciated guard of Castro, Jiang Hu is strong, and he is the strongest in the entire palace. In a few blinks of an eye, several people who rushed up were easily repelled.

But these people sent by Clint are all very strong. Seeing Jiang Hu so brave, all of them were blushing. Clint said, if anyone could kill Kendra’s mother and son, he would reward him with ten thousand gold!

Under the reward, there must be a brave man!

After a while, under fierce fighting. Jiang Hu couldn’t do what he wanted.

There are too many people on the other side, so it will be exhausted after a long time!

But Jiang Hu did not flinch, still gritted his teeth.

The prince is not thin to himself.

Say nothing to harm the wife and the child.

“Kill this guy first, kill him!”

The leading killer, his eyes red, howling loudly. Then rushed over without warning, and slashed Jiang Hu on the back!


With this knife going down, blood poured out immediately!

“Ginger Tiger!”

Seeing this scene, Kendra’s heart trembled, and his delicate face was full of anxiety.

Hearing Kendra’s call, Jiang Hu gritted his teeth and said loudly: “Madam, leave me alone. Take your children away, let me stop them!”

“Haha, today you three, none of you want to leave alive.”

The leading killer sneered, then waved his hand, dozens of companions. Raised the sword again and surrounded him.

Jiang Hu roared and greeted him again.

In less than two minutes, Jiang Hu was covered in blood. From head to toe, there was no one intact place. Numerous wounds were bleeding continuously, just like a bloody man!

At this time, Jiang Hu knew that he was going to die, but still gritted his teeth, insisting on his last breath.

That’s it!

Seeing Jiang Hu’s tragic situation, Kendra stomped anxiously, and his heart was extremely desolate.

Why is your own destiny so bitter?

Are you and your children going to die in this barren mountain today?


However, at this moment, a powerful aura suddenly permeated from not far away!

In the next second, a cold voice sounded in everyone’s ears: “If you disturb my seat, you will all die…”


The moment the voice fell, a tall man whizzed up and saw him in a black robe, with unkempt long hair dangling, looking mad, and his eyes flashed like a violent lion.

This man…

What a scary atmosphere!

Suddenly, no matter it was Jiang Hu or the killers, they couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning.

Seeing this man, Kendra trembled even more, his face was full of horror, and at the same time he tightly protected Gary who was beside him, his pretty face pale, and he was speechless in horror.

“Teach… the leader…” Kendra’s red lips opened slightly.

That’s right, this man, it’s… it’s… the Lord Tongtian!

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