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Chapter 576

Lu Lingshan bit her lip. As the leader of Mingjiao, when has she been touched by a man! At this moment Darryl pinched her chin, Lu Lingshan only felt a burst of anger, and she brushed it up!

“kill me?”

Darryl showed a slight smile, his eyes were extremely bloody, and he walked to Lu Lingshan step by step and slapped his face severely. Thrown in her face!


With this slap, Darryl exhausted all his strength, and when he heard Lu Lingshan hum, he was slapped to the ground.

Darryl didn’t have pity for Xiangyu, and looked at Lu Lingshan coldly: “Master Lu, when I abused me that night, I didn’t expect my retribution to come so quickly?”

Thinking of that night, only half his life was left to be abused by her. Darryl was extremely angry.

D*mn was not only abused, but the Panlongjing he had gotten was also robbed.

Although Panlongjing had snatched it back now, he felt bad in his heart. But I couldn’t swallow it anyhow.

Lu Lingshan was almost blinded by the slap, but a pair of eyes still stared at Darryl with endless resentment: “Darryl, you better kill me immediately, otherwise, one day, I will break you. Ten thousand corpses!!!”

The man in front of him had destroyed the Mingjiao, and now he dares to beat himself!

This hatred is not shared!

Darryl smiled and walked over and looked at her condescendingly: “Lu Lingshan, you are really a hero of the female middle school, you’ve all gone for it, so you can talk harshly to me?”

As he said, there was a wicked smile at the corner of Darryl’s mouth: “Don’t worry, I won’t let you die happily, and let you experience the feeling of “you can’t survive, you can’t die,” you said to me that night. . This is called one report for one report.”

When the words fell, Darryl sat down in front of Lu Lingshan stabbingly, and then took off his shoes.

That’s right!

Darryl wanted to humiliate Lu Lingshan and hit her strong self-esteem severely.

Isn’t it the first female leader in Mingjiao history?

The goddess of the rivers and lakes of the Apocalypse Continent, right?

From today, I want you to be in front of me, completely unable to look up.


Seeing Darryl’s movements, Lu Lingshan’s body trembled faintly, her heart full of resentment, and a bad premonition arose: “What are you going to do?”


No nonsense, Darryl picked up Lu Lingshan and laid it flat on the ground. Then he breathed a long sigh of relief, stood barefoot in front of her, and stepped on Lu Lingshan’s white face, chuckling softly: “Lu Lingshan, your face is so fragrant, I’ll add a little powder to you. “

This woman stepped on herself with her foot that night, and now on Darryl’s face. There is also the mark of high heels! This account must be settled!

“Darryl, you, you are looking for death!” Feeling Darryl’s feet, stomping on her face, Lu Lingshan collapsed and shouted angrily: “Darryl, I want to kill you, kill you, you Get out, get out!”

Women love beauty, so does Lu Lingshan.

At this moment, the face was stepped on by Darryl’s foot, and it was even more uncomfortable than killing himself directly! And the younger brother is still watching, this kind of humiliation hits self-esteem!

But when she spoke. Darryl’s feet were directly inserted into her red lips.

“Darryl, go away, go away!” Lu Jiechen on one side. My chest hurts sharply, and I feel angry when I see my sister being stepped on by a man!

Seeing the two brothers and sisters, they looked extremely angry, Darryl couldn’t express his joy.


Lu Lingshan, that night, I was almost beaten to death by your red phosphorus whip!

Now I just stomped on you with my foot, and it’s such a big reaction.


Pain is right.

Darryl smiled. Looking condescendingly at Lu Lingshan: “Lu Lingshan, you have whipped my dozen or so whips, you haven’t paid it yet.”

“Darryl, I curse you not to die, not to die.” Lu Lingshan shouted loudly with red eyes.

Death is not terrible to her.

What made her unacceptable was that Darryl humiliated herself in every possible way!


But at this time. Only heard the sound of footsteps, accompanied by a strong breath!


Darryl frowned, turned his head and looked outside the door, and was stunned.

I saw dozens of people rushing in, there were men and women, and all of them were not weak.

And one of them is Fang Shixian!


How did these people find here?

At this moment, Darryl’s eyes flickered, and at the same time, he was also complaining in his heart.

“This woman is really here!” At this time, Fang Shixian was extremely excited! Before Lu Lingshan took the Panlongjing, Fang Shixian sent people to look around. But after searching for a long time, Lu Lingshan was not found. Just now, several friends in Wanhai City, Shixian said. It seems that I saw Lu Lingshan in this club. That’s why Fang Shixian took people and found here.

“Darryl? Why are you here?” Fang Shixian asked subconsciously while looking at Darryl.

That evening. Darryl was beaten in blood in the ancestral hall, and only half his life remained.

How long did it take to recover?

and. Why is he here?

And what made Fang Shixian even more shocked was that he felt Darryl’s strength at this time and turned out to be in the realm of Emperor Wu.


At the same time, the eyes of the surrounding masters of the rivers and lakes also gathered on Darryl’s body.

Immediately afterwards, a woman in a white dress couldn’t help but ask Fang Shixian: “Patriarch Fang, do you know this person?”

When she was speaking, her gaze couldn’t help but look at Darryl.

This woman is called Ye Zhixin, the patron of Yuyao Pavilion.

Yuyao Pavilion is the first sect in the Xuanye Continent, which has been passed down for thousands of years!

Hearing Ye Zhixin’s question at this time, Fang Shixian’s face flashed with a bit of complexity: “He…he is the bodyguard of my two daughters!”



A little bodyguard, unexpectedly has the strength of Emperor Wu?

Hearing this, everyone present was stunned.

Seeing this scene, Darryl looked calm and didn’t panic at all. Anyway, Panlongjing has already got it, so I don’t need to pretend it.

At this time, Fang Shixian looked at Darryl closely: “Darryl, you haven’t told me, why are you here?”

“This one…”

Under everyone’s gaze, Darryl smiled slightly: “Of course it is to help the patriarch Fang to chase this woman.”

With that, Darryl pointed at Lu Lingshan.

Fang Shixian slowed down and looked at Darryl: “You help me deal with this woman? Your duty is to protect my two daughters.”

After that, Fang Shixian asked quickly: “Where is Panlongjing? Has Panlongjing come back?”

At this moment, Fang Shixian was very excited when he mentioned the family handed down baby, and his tone trembled.

Panlong Jing is of great significance to the other family, after all, it was uploaded by the ancestors.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t call so many people in the community to help recover Panlong Jing.

“Panlong Jing, got it!” Darryl nodded, his expression relaxed: “It’s on me.”


Hearing these words, Fang Shixian breathed a sigh of relief, and a rock hanging in his heart finally fell to the ground, his last expression of urgency: “Quickly, hand over the Panlong to me!”

Chapter 577

Darryl looked at Fang Shixian and said solemnly: “I’m sorry, Patriarch Fang, Panlongjing, I won’t give it to you. Because I want to use it to save people.”

“what did you say?”

Fang Shixian’s expression changed, furious. All the masters around him frowned.

Darryl said with a calm face: “I don’t hide it anymore. I’m from Earth Round Continent. My identity is the Sect Master of Tianmen! This time I came to Xuanye Continent, condescending to be a bodyguard, and the purpose is to take the game. Long Jing, then find and save my beloved woman.”

As he said, Darryl looked at Fang Shixian seriously: “So, Panlong Jing, I can’t return it. But I won’t take it for nothing. In the future, if Patriarch Fang has any requirements, you can just mention it to me as long as Darryl can do it . I will go all out.”

After a word, Darryl came from the bottom of his heart.

After all, Panlongjing is a treasure handed down by others, and you can’t take it for nothing.


Sovereign of Tianmen?

For a moment, Fang Shixian was stunned, looking at Darryl blankly, speechless.

Tianmen Sect Master Darryl, who has never heard of this name! When Fang Shixian worked as a bodyguard for his daughter, he felt that Darryl’s name was a bit familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere, but he didn’t think much about it at the time.

But why didn’t he expect that the young man in front of him turned out to be a well-known figure in the Earth Round Continent!

At the same time, everyone else around was also exclaiming!

“Tianmen Sect Master? Is that the one who destroyed the Mingjiao of the Apocalypse Continent before?”

“It’s no wonder so young, so there is such a cultivation…”

Before Lu Lingshan’s sister and brother held a birthday banquet at Mingwang Mountain, many sects from all continents went to congratulate them. Later, Darryl extinguished Mingjiao, and this matter spread across nine continents, who didn’t know.

For a while, the audience was silent.


At this moment, Fang Shixian calmed down, and his tone was beyond doubt: “Panlong Jing is a treasure of our Fang family. No matter what exchange terms you offer, I will not agree to it. I hope you can return it.”

When saying this, Fang Shixian looked resolute.

Darryl shook his head: “Since this is the case, then there is nothing to say, Chief Fang will treat me as a gun!”

According to Darryl’s previous personality, it would never be difficult for others.

But… Panlongjing is the only treasure to save the little fairy, even if someone says it violates the morals of the world, he can’t return it!

Otherwise, wouldn’t it be a waste of toss to come to the Profound Industry Continent by yourself?


It didn’t seem that Darryl would answer so simply, Fang Shixian’s face flushed, and he was speechless.


at this time. A master of the rivers and lakes took a step forward and watched Darryl closely: “The so-called gentleman does not take the favor of others, not to mention that Panlong Jing is a family heirloom of the Fang family. Moreover, you Darryl is on the Diyuan Continent and you have a good face. Character, you just take Panlong Jing as your own, isn’t it appropriate?”

When the voice fell, everyone else nodded in agreement.

“Yes, Darryl, if you do this, you have lost your morals.”

“Let’s not talk about it. Before, as a bodyguard, I mixed into Fang’s family, and it was a bit unreasonable!”

Everyone, you. In one sentence, I was accusing Darryl of not doing it.

Seeing the situation, Darryl was very big head and didn’t bother to explain. He hugged a fist at Fang Shixian: “Patriarch Fang, I still have something to do, so I won’t bother you. We will have some time later.”

When the voice fell, Darryl turned around and leaped out the window. If you continue to struggle, I’m afraid to fight, and quickly slip away. After saving the little fairy. I’m thinking of a way to find some natural treasures to compensate Fang’s family.


Is this gone?

All of a sudden, Fang Shixian felt a pain in his chest and almost fell to the ground.


“Well, Darryl, do you really think that there is no one in Xuanye Continent?”

“Stop him!”

Accompanied by angry shouts, everyone urged their figures to chase Darryl.

the other side!

Apocalypse! Tongtianjiao cottage!

The gaze of the Master Tongtian looked at Kendra closely. The expression is fluctuating. Ya’er said just now that his mother’s name was Kendra. When this sentence fell, the Master Tongtian was shocked, confused, and had a headache.

“You? That’s Kendra?” At this moment, the Master Tongtian was holding his head, howling in pain, and then asked again.

Seeing him like this, Kendra knew that his madness had not healed, so he said softly: “You got it wrong, the kid is talking nonsense.”


Master Tongtian nodded and said to himself: “My wife is beautiful, as beautiful as you, but she has no children, and you…the children are all this old.”

Heard this. Kendra’s body shook, and he realized something in an instant.

It turned out that the wife who was obsessed with Master Tongtian was her former self.


Want to understand these. Kendra couldn’t help but sighed secretly, feeling even more guilty for Master Tongtian.

Afterwards, Kendra calmed down the leader of Tongtian and went out with Gary.

“Ya’er. Don’t say mother’s name anymore, you know? Especially in front of this strange uncle.” Outside, Kendra said seriously to Gary.

Gary’s face was innocent and curious: “Why, mother…”

Kendra breathed a sigh of relief. Caressed his head and said, “Because this uncle will get angry when you say your mother’s name. When he gets angry, he won’t let us go, and we won’t be able to return to Earthland, you know. ?”

“Oh! Got it, mother.” Gary nodded as if he didn’t understand.

In the next few days, Kendra did not rush back to Diyuan Continent, but helped the Master of Tongtian to rectify and establish Tongtian Sect.

Although it was a female stream, Kendra was the wife of the leader before after all. She was the best at controlling people.

Soon, with the help of Kendra, the reputation of Tongtianjiao gradually became louder, and its scale continued to grow. In just a few days, it had grown from a few thousand to tens of thousands.


the other side!

There is a royal hunting ground a dozen miles north of Apocalypse Imperial City.

This hunting ground is specially provided for the royal family. Every spring and winter, the Apocalypse royal family will hunt.

The weather is good today, and it is warm in winter.

At this time, many imperial forest guards were set up around the hunting grounds, and inside the hunting grounds, flags were also fluttering.

Today, it was the day of the royal winter hunting. I saw that Emperor Tianqi was dressed in uniform and unspeakable formidable. Behind him, he followed hundreds of civil and military officials, everyone riding a tall horse, holding bows and arrows.

At this time, Raquel was wearing silver soft armor, but she still couldn’t hide her charming figure. These days, Raquel’s figure is becoming more and more s3xy, and the curve is getting more and more exaggerated. This kind of figure, I am afraid that any man will like it when he sees it.

Chapter 578

But no one noticed, Raquel has been depressed. It was because that Yan Xiong also followed to hunt.

The father insisted on letting himself marry Yan Xiong, but when Raquel saw Yan Xiong, he couldn’t tell the irritability.

“Okay, now the hunting has started, but this year let’s have a match, a group of two.” At this time, the Emperor of the Apocalypse looked around with a smile: “Which group has the most prey down. Even if it wins.”

With that said, Emperor Tianqi glanced at Yan Xiong: “Yanxiong, you are with Princess Yueying!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Hearing this, Yan Xiong was full of joy, and then stood with Raquel with joy.

Yan Xiong knows that this is his Majesty’s opportunity for himself and the princess. Can you be unhappy?

Raquel was full of reluctance, but there were so many people around him that he couldn’t defy his father’s will. Had to hunt with Yanxiong.

Yan Xiong saw that Raquel didn’t want to be with him, but he didn’t care either.

In order to win Raquel’s favor, Yan Xiong uses all his body skills to make full use of his hunting skills. In a short while, I will gain a lot.

By the end of the game, Yan Xiong was already far ahead. He hit a bunch of rabbits, deer, and even shot down two eagles.


At this moment, looking at the pile of prey offered by Yan Xiong, Emperor Tianqi was very happy and praised: “As expected of King Pingxi’s son, good, good!”

Then he said loudly: “Today’s hunting, Yan Xiong is the first, and rewarding BMW!”

At this time, Emperor Tianqi was more and more satisfied with Yan Xiong.

Yan Xiong’s eyebrows were open and smiling, and he quickly got off his horse and bowed down: “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

The Emperor of Apocalypse laughed and raised his whip: “Go back to the palace, everyone performed well today, and I will all be rewarded when I go back later.”

When the voice fell, Emperor Tianqi took the lead and headed towards the palace. Everyone behind him followed closely.

Yan Xiong rode a sweaty BMW, followed Raquel, smiled and said: “Your Royal Highness, how is my hunting skills?”

Raquel breathed a sigh of relief, and said without annoyance: “Just hit a few beasts. What’s so proud of? Do you still want to say that with your talents, it’s more than enough to marry me?”

Uh …

Yan Xiong looked embarrassed and scratched his head: “The princess laughed, I don’t mean it, but then again, there seems to be no one who is better than me in this manchuria.”

Raquel smiled softly, unable to conceal his contempt: “Yanxiong, I’ll tell you seriously, my man must be the kind of man who stands up to the ground, has the talents of the world, can live in peace and stability, and can be sympathetic to the people. , Which one can you do?”

With that said, Raquel stopped talking, urging the horse to catch up with the front team, leaving Yan Xiong far behind.

“it is good…”

At this moment, looking at Raquel’s pretty back, Yan Xiong clenched his fists and said to himself: “Princess, do you think I don’t have what you said, right? Don’t worry, I will soon Prove it to you, and I will let you accept me.”

Back to the palace, the grand party has been deployed.

At the party, Emperor Tianqi and a hundred officials of civil and military coquettish ambitions and joyful harmony.

Three rounds of wine, five flavors of food.

“His Majesty!”

At this moment, Li Chao, the commander of the imperial city’s defenders, walked over quickly and reported to the Emperor Apocalypse: “Your Majesty, I just got the news that the White Clothes Sect has revived and changed its name to Tongtian Sect!”


The White Clothes Resurrection?

Has it been renamed?

All of a sudden, the hundreds of civil and military officials present were in an uproar.


The Emperor Tianqi furrowed his brows and turned his head to look at Xing Yao: “Commander Xing, I remember that there was a Tongtian Sect in Diyuan Continent, and he went to our Apocalypse Continent. That Tongtian Sect. Is it related to the current Tongtian Sect? “

Xing Yao shook his head: “I don’t know.”

As soon as the voice fell, the national teacher stood up and said earnestly: “Your Majesty, now this Tongtian Sect. Since it was renamed by the Baiyi Sect, it must be a chaotic party. Just destroy it.”

Emperor Tianqi nodded and looked around: “Which general is willing to lead soldiers to destroy this Tongtian Sect?”


At this moment, the many generals sitting on one side looked at each other, and no one wanted to go.

“Your Majesty! The minister is willing to go!”

At this moment, Yan Xiong stood up. He held his fist at the Emperor Tianqi and opened his mouth with a firm face.

Yan Xiong stood up, there was an uproar at the banquet! All civil and military officials all give a thumbs up!

“General Yan goes out in person, the Tongtian Sect will be destroyed.”

“Yes, General Yan is really a hero in the world.”

The Emperor Apocalypse also showed a smile, and nodded approvingly at Brother Yan: “Okay, okay, you are such a talented person, it is really a blessing for my Apocalypse Continent, I wish you a triumphant return soon.”

Talking. Emperor Tianqi pointed at Yan Xiong and raised the cup far away.

“The minister must live up to your majesty’s expectations!”

Yan Xiong hurriedly responded, then raised his cup and drank it all in one fell swoop.

Immediately, under the gaze of everyone, Yan Xiong strode to Raquel and said with a smile: “His Royal Highness, when I return in triumph, the princess is willing to join me on a boat trip on Crescent Lake to enjoy the scenery?”

Crescent Lake, on the outskirts of the imperial city, is picturesque and is a favorite place for scholars and young lovers.


At this moment, Raquel’s face flushed suddenly, and she was indescribably ashamed!

This Yan Xiong said such things in front of so many people.

This should be the meaning of dating in the earth circle continent.

But now there are so many people, there is no way to refuse him. I thought. Raquel said irritably, “Let’s talk about it when you destroy the Tongtian Sect.”

“it is good!”

Yan Xiong nodded with a smile, then quickly left the banquet and began to deploy troops.


On the other side, Xuanye Continent!

It was already past nine o’clock in the afternoon, but it was a bustling city. It’s still busy. Darryl was running fast on the side of the street.

More than a hundred meters away behind Darryl, more than a dozen figures, like a night owl, were chasing after him.

It is Fang Shixian and those masters of the arena.


Are these people crazy?

Have chased most of the city. Still not willing to give up?

At this moment, seeing the situation behind him, Darryl wanted to cry without tears.

“Darryl, return my Fang’s Panlongjing quickly, otherwise. Even if you run to the end of the world, I will not let you go.” The cold voice came from Fang Shixian’s mouth.

Panlong Jing is the Fang family’s treasure handed down, how could Darryl take it away?

At the same time, those arena masters also yelled.

“Darryl, anyhow you are also the master of a family, don’t you feel embarrassed to do this kind of thing?”

“Hurry up, we still have room for negotiation…”

An angry shout from behind him continued, Darryl gritted his teeth secretly, and continuously increased his speed.

Darryl could feel that the people chasing him behind, there were even a few Fourth Duan Wuhuang! It is estimated that these people are the top masters in the entire Xuanye Continent. If caught by them, not only will Panlongjing be snatched back, but even his life will probably be lost here!

They must be thrown away!

While running, Darryl looked forward. Not far away, there was an office building. In the office building, several floors were lit up. Darryl didn’t have time to think about it, so he rushed in.

Chapter 579

Seeing Darryl digging into the building, Fang Shixian frowned secretly.

“Patriarch Fang, what should I do?”

“This seems to be an office building, shall we follow up?”

For a time, many masters of the arena hesitated when they spoke.

There is an unwritten rule in the arena, the affairs of the arena. Use the quack method to solve it, and it can’t disturb ordinary people.

The office building in front of me has lights on on several floors, and there are obviously people working overtime.

For a time, these arena masters all hesitated.

Wait a minute, what if you chase Darryl and hurt the innocent in a fight?

“Don’t panic everyone. Look for it layer by layer. After you find Darryl, don’t do anything.” Fang Shixian’s face was gloomy, and he quickly spoke.


Heard this. Everyone nodded. Rush into the office building.

Immediately afterwards, the crowd dispersed and began to search layer by layer.

At this moment, Darryl is here.

After entering the office building, Darryl suddenly regretted it.


There are all offices here, so there is no place to hide.

Anxiously, when he passed a room on the second floor, Darryl was taken aback.

I saw a big two words written on the wall inside: calligraphy.

Obviously, this is a calligraphy class.

And on the chair inside, there is a charming figure sitting, writing brush calligraphy, obviously, it is a calligraphy teacher.

This calligraphy teacher, in a long white dress, set off the s3xy curve, giving people a very charming feeling, and at the same time revealing a temperament that can not be profaned.

I go!

Why did you bump into her again?

Darryl’s eyes widened in an instant, D*mn, this calligraphy teacher. Isn’t it Master Miaoyuan?

“You… Darryl?”

At this moment, Master Miao Yuan also discovered Darryl, her red lips were slightly opened, and her face was surprised.

Since meeting Darryl the last time, Master Miao Yuan has made up her mind and went to find Darryl these few days. She wanted Darryl to help her and help herself return to the land.

But never expected that Darryl would suddenly appear in front of him tonight.

The two looked at each other across the door. In the next second, Darryl reacted quickly, walked in quickly, and said hello to Master Miao Yuan: “So you are a teacher in the calligraphy class.”

While talking, Darryl looked around. There are no more students in this calligraphy class at this time. However, there are various calligraphy on the wall, and some calligraphy works are signed by wonderful fate.

Unexpectedly, this Master Miao Yuan writes too much and looks pretty.

“Why are you here?” Master Miao could not help asking.

“This is a long story. I’m here, it’s a coincidence!” Darryl said in a low voice, looked back to see if anyone was chasing him, and then said anxiously: “Quick, quickly, do you have any here? Where to hide? Let me hide now!”

Fang Shixian’s group must have chased in. I must find a place to hide.


Upon hearing this, Master Miao Yuan’s delicate face was full of stunned: “What did you do? Who did you provoke?”

After that, Master Miao Yuan thought of something too, with a complicated tone: “Which woman did you provoke? Are you being chased by someone?”

The dignified Tianmen sect master is not serious at all, and there are flowers and grass everywhere. Needless to say, this time, he must have provoke some women.

after all. What talisman did he use before to make himself call his husband.

Thinking of this, Master Miao Yuan blushed too subconsciously, a little angry.


Provoke a woman?

Why add another…

I am in your heart. Is it so inconsistent?

Seeing Master Miaoyuan’s expression, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry, but he didn’t have time to explain at this moment: “I’ll tell you when it’s safe later.”


As he was speaking, he heard a rush of footsteps outside, and immediately, a breath fluctuation also passed over.


Coming so fast.

At this moment, Darryl quickly looked around. I didn’t see a hiding place around, so I felt anxious.

But then, he glanced at Master Miao Yuan, and saw Master Miao Yuan wearing a long skirt, Darryl quickly bent over and got in.


Darryl’s movements frightened Master Miao Yuan too much, both frightened and angry. His face was blushing: “What are you doing, come out soon…”

This Darryl was too courageous.

It turned out to be… I actually drilled my own skirt. If this is seen, it would be shameful.

When saying this, Master Miao Yuan was too anxious to stand up quickly, and at the same time kicked Darryl with his feet.

Master Miao Yuan had no internal strength, so she could only kick with her feet.


Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry, and quickly waved his hand to appease: “Master, don’t be like this, I really have no place to hide. You can help me. As long as you help me, I will promise you what conditions you offer next.”


Fang Shixian’s group is coming soon, there is no time. Now these four weeks. There is no place to hide, hiding under the skirt is the best!

“You, you…” Master Miao Yuan felt trembling all over. She dignified Elder Emei, when was a man crawling under the skirt? This Darryl is really looking for death!

But now. Master Miao Yuan has no internal strength, Darryl can’t come out from under the skirt alive, she can’t help it!

“Do you agree to any conditions?” Finally, Master Miao Yuan still gritted his teeth. Lowered his head and asked.

“Promise everything!” Darryl nodded repeatedly.

Master Miao Yuan gritted her teeth too tightly and let out a long sigh of relief. She knew that even if she let Darryl come out, Darryl would not come out. He is a ra5cal! At that time, Master Miao Yuan had no choice but to recognize it, and sat down again, and said in a low voice: “Darryl, I let you hide here today, but you have to take me back to Earth Continent.”

“Good, good.” Yue’s limelight was like pounding garlic. Hiding under the skirt, took out a Guixu Pill from his pocket and stuffed it in his mouth.

Guixu Dan can hide the breath of cultivators.

When Shixian and those people below, they were really going to come in, they couldn’t perceive their own existence.

Master Miao Yuan was also nervous, her face faintly hot.

When will this Darryl hide?

Who is chasing him?


Just when Master Miao Yuan was thinking too much, the door was pushed open, and then Fang Shixian walked in quickly.

“Teacher Miaoyuan, you haven’t left yet?”

At this moment, Fang Shixian was stunned when he saw Master Miao Yuan sitting there.

It’s a coincidence.

Fang Shixian has become obsessed with calligraphy recently, and every week, he will come to the calligraphy class. Master Miao Yuan is exactly Fang Shixian’s calligraphy teacher.

Although Master Miao Yuan didn’t have any internal power, in Fang Shixian’s eyes, he was just an ordinary person, but he was also a teacher after all, so while surprised, his attitude was also very polite.

“Fang… Patriarch Fang?”

Master Miao Yuan was also stunned.

Of course she knew Fang Shixian’s identity. This was the head of the first-class family in Wanhai City.

Why is he here so late?

Could it be… he chased Darryl?

Thinking about it, Master Miao Yuan smiled too shallowly, and said calmly: “Well…I am practicing calligraphy here.”

Chapter 580

“Teacher Miao Yuan!” Fang Shixian turned around in the room, and asked Master Miao Yuan: “Did you see someone coming in just now?”

Master Miao Yuan bit her lip too tightly, she knew that Fang Shixian was catching Darryl. But at this time Darryl was hiding under his skirt.

Master Miao Yuan said softly: “Patriarch Fang, I am the only one here. I have been practicing calligraphy and I haven’t seen anyone come in. What’s wrong? Patriarch Fang.”

When I asked the last sentence, Master Miao Yuan was very natural.

Hearing this, Fang Shixian looked disappointed and smiled: “No…nothing! Teacher Miaoyuan, please be busy, I won’t bother.”

With that, Fang Shixian walked out quickly.

As soon as he got outside, those martial arts masters also gathered around.

“Patriarch Fang, I didn’t find that kid Darryl.”

“I didn’t find it either!”

“This Darryl is too cunning.”

Hear the words of his companions. Fang Shixian’s face was extremely ugly.

At this moment, a person next to him suddenly realized something: “Patriarch Fang, could that Darryl deliberately lead us to this building. Then he sneaked out?”



Fang Shixian’s face changed drastically, and he waved his hand quickly: “Quick, go out and chase!”

When the voice fell, Fang Shixian urged his figure to rush out. The rest of the people looked at each other and hurriedly followed.


Darryl heard the dialogue between Fang Shixian and those masters clearly, and at this moment he heard their footsteps go away, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

Haha… it’s safe this time!

At this moment, Darryl felt that the skirt was lifted by a corner, and then Master Miao Yuan looked down at Darryl too much, his face flushed: “People have already left, you, are you still not coming out? Get out!”

“I’ll come out, come out…” Darryl was amused by her actions, and quickly got out.

After Darryl came out, the atmosphere was indescribably subtle.


After stiffening for a few seconds, Master Miao Yuan recovered too much. Biting his lip, he asked curiously: “Why is the family chief chasing you?”

This Darryl must have done nothing good.

Darryl smiled and said lightly: “It’s nothing, just took away their Fang family’s Panlong Jing.”


Panlong Jing?

At this moment, Master Miaoyuan bit his lip too tightly! Righteously said: “Then you give it back to others.”

Having been in Wanhai for so long, Master Miaoyuan certainly knew that the Fang family is not only a first-class family in Wanhai City, but also a treasure handed down in the family, “Panlong Jing”.

Darryl took away the family heirloom, can they not be in a hurry?

Master Miao Yuan was so righteous and awe-inspiring that he couldn’t rub any sand in his eyes. Even if he didn’t have internal strength, he wanted to take care of the situation after learning the situation.


Seeing Master Miaoyuan’s expression, Darryl knew that her sense of justice had come again, and couldn’t help but smiled bitterly: “I said Master Miaoyuan, things are not what you think. I take Panlongjing to save people. Yes, oh, forget it, don’t tell you more. Thank you this time, I’m leaving now!

With that, Darryl turned around and was about to leave.

After finally getting rid of Fang Shixian’s gang, of course he quickly slipped away.

“Oh, stop!”

After just two steps, Master Miao Yuan’s eager cry came from behind.

Darryl stopped, looked back, and saw Master Miaoyuan’s hesitation on his face.

“What’s the matter?” Darryl said with a smile.

Facing Darryl’s gaze, Master Miao Yuan said in a low voice: “You just said, as long as I help you, you promise me one condition, I want

You take me back to the mainland of Diyuan. “

Darryl secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly said: “Okay, I’ll take you back.”

Master Miao Yuan was too happy and nodded quickly.

At this moment, Darryl realized something. Looking up and down Master Miao Yuan: “However, now you have no internal strength at all, and you can’t fly in the air, what should you do? Now the Fang family is chasing me everywhere. I can’t accompany you back to Earth and Yuan. “


How can this be done?

Master Miao Yuan was too anxious, and whispered: “Why don’t you…you carry me?”

After saying this, Master Miaoyuan’s face was inexplicably flushed.

“With you behind my back, how can I fly?” Darryl couldn’t help but cried.


Master Miao Yuan bit her lip too tightly, as if she couldn’t speak, she glanced at Darryl, then lowered her head: “Or…or you hug me…Hold me!”

When this is over. Master Miao Yuan’s face is too delicate, extremely red, like a ripe apple.

I go!

Is this still Master Miao Yuan?

In order to go back, I let myself hold her. Darryl laughed and nodded: “Well then, I’ll take a bit of a loss to hold you and fly. Who told you to call my husband before, right?”


Heard this. Master Miao Yuan’s complexion became hot, and he stomped angrily: “You still said…”

This Darryl really hasn’t changed at all, no matter when, he is not serious.

Darryl would accept it as soon as he was good, so he was no longer teasing.

Immediately, Darryl picked up Master Miao Yuan, urged his figure, and quickly left the office building.


At that moment, the soft fragrance entered his arms, and Darryl couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air.

So soft and so fragrant.

Master Miao Yuan’s body was tense tight, feeling a heart about to jump out, very nervous, and at the same time indescribably shy.

once. He was thinking about how to get rid of Darryl all the time.

But now, even Master Miao Yuan didn’t expect that he would beg Darryl to bring himself back to the Diyuan Continent.

and. Still holding yourself.

Soon, Darryl took Miaoyuan Master and disappeared into the night on the outskirts of Wanhai City, and the two quarreled. Also ringing in the night sky from time to time.

“Hey… don’t move your hands!”

“I didn’t move, but you did it yourself…”


“By the way, when I return to Earthland, I am not allowed to hide things under my skirt. Talk nonsense.”

“The mouth is on my body, so you still have to worry about what I say. But if you call my husband again, maybe I will agree…”

“Darryl! You are such a ra5cal…”

After a long flight, the two arrived at the boundary of the Earth Round Continent, and only then did Darryl put Master Miao Yuan down.

At this moment, when he set foot on the land of the Earth Round Continent, Master Miao Yuan had mixed feelings and felt like a world away.

I… finally came back.

After that, the two of them rushed to the Emei faction without stopping.

To be honest, Darryl wanted to return to the Ouyang family immediately and use Panlongjing to save the little fairy.

But in the end Darryl decided to send Master Miaoyuan back to Mount Emei first. Before the head of Emei, Han arrogantly, always thought that he killed Master Miaoyuan. I have troubled myself several times.

Even when he was on the Apocalypse Continent, he hit Darryl into the crater with a palm.

Darryl wanted to see what kind of expression Monica would look like when he returned to the Emei Hall with Master Miaoyuan.

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