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Chapter 586

“Haha, this little baby is really pleasing. At a young age, his mouth is so sweet.” Nangong Jue touched Gary’s head, his eyes full of love. While talking, he grabbed another grilled fish and ate it with big mouthfuls.

Since Krista left, Nangong has never had such a delicious grilled fish.

quickly. The three ate the fish.

Watching Raquel put out the bonfire, Gary still had some thoughts. Raising her face, she said to Raquel, “Sister, let’s eat grilled fish tomorrow, I’ll help you catch fish!”


Raquel stretched out her hand and stroked Gary’s head, and nodded with a smile: “Ya’er is really good, and I know how to help.”

When he said this, Raquel glanced at Nangong.

Raquel is smart and astute. It’s not comparable to an average woman, she can see that Nangong is so strong and has lived here for a long time. Certainly know the way out of this canyon.

Just now, Nangong absolutely made his own grilled fish and was full of praise.

Then use food as a bait to find an opportunity for him to tell the way to leave.

Nangong Jue didn’t know Raquel’s thoughts. When he was full and satisfied, he beckoned to Gary: “Little baby, it’s getting late, it’s time to rest.”

Gary obediently responded, walked over, and Nangong Jue went into the cave to rest.

Although Nangong absolutely agreed that Raquel should be with him, the male and female friends were different, so he and Gary slept in the cave, while Raquel was resting outside.


Seeing the two enter the cave, Raquel breathed a sigh of relief and began to sit cross-legged on the rock, preparing to meditate and rest.

“your Highness!”

At this moment, Yan Xiong cautiously walked over and called out softly.

Before Nangong was absolutely there, he didn’t dare to come over. Only when Nangong was absolutely resting, did he have the courage to come over and talk to Raquel.

See Yan Xiong coming over. Raquel couldn’t conceal the resentment in her heart, and said with no good air: “What’s the matter?”

This Yan Xiong looks annoying. If it weren’t for him, he wouldn’t be trapped in this canyon.

Yan Xiong smiled and flattered his face: “Princess, what’s so good about this lame man? As the body of ten thousand gold, why should the princess roast fish for him personally to please him?”

When he said this, Yan Xiong felt sour in his heart.

D*mn, as a consort, she hasn’t eaten the delicious princess cooking. This old, undead lame, was fortunate enough to eat the princess’s grilled fish.

“What do you know?” Raquel was too lazy to talk nonsense, coldly said: “This senior is so strong and lives here, so he must know how to leave. You didn’t ask politely before, can this senior tell you?”

Hearing this, Yan Xiong suddenly realized that he couldn’t help but praised: “The princess is really smart!”

Raquel was impatient and waved his hand: “It’s okay, don’t bother me. When I know the way to leave, I will take you away with you.”

“Thank you princess!” Yan Xiong nodded with a grin, then quickly turned and left.

the next day!

After getting up early in the morning, Gary came to the edge of the pool enthusiastically and started catching fish. He wants to eat fish grilled by Raquel.

Nangong Jue and Raquel looked at Ya’er with a smile. He saw Gary, riding his horse and running his internal force, and soon, an internal force was condensed between his palms. A palm hit the water!


Suddenly, the pool water is surging! I saw a dozen fishes were shaken out of the pond!

Ya’er’s set of hands was taught to him by Castro. Regardless of his young age, but this

With one palm down, the water splashed everywhere, and the power was not small.

“Caught it!”

Gary cheered in excitement. He clapped his hands and shouted, and then said to Raquel: “Sister, Ya’er caught a fish!”

“Not bad, Ya’er is great.” Raquel smiled and clapped her hands in praise. He smiled and said: “But next time, don’t call my sister, you have to call me sister, you know.”

Ya’er is Darryl’s son. If he is called his sister, wouldn’t it be a mess of generations, he should be called aunt.

“I know. Auntie.” Ya’er said with a grin: “Auntie, you are young. Ya’er was called sister before.”

“You little baby.” Raquel was delighted in her heart. This child is too good at talking.

Nangong Jue, who was next to him, couldn’t help but smile, and touched Ya’er’s head: “Ya’er, I didn’t expect that at your young age, your words are sweet. Also. The one who caught the fish just now One palm, good power. You doll, is a good material for cultivation!”

With that said, Nangong definitely beckoned to Gary: “Ya’er, come over, and grandpa will teach you more powerful tricks. You can easily catch fish without much effort.”


Hearing this, Gary’s eyes lit up and he walked over happily.

Seeing this scene, Raquel hurried to the distance, pretending to watch the surrounding scenery.

She knew that Nan Kong Jue was going to teach Gary’s stunts. In this case, it was best to avoid suspicion.

Nangong absolutely admired Raquel’s actions.

Immediately afterwards, Nangong Jue sat on the rock and smiled at Gary and said: “Little baby. Your grandfather has only accepted one apprentice in my entire life, and I only have this one in my heart. So, I tell you. These tricks. It just depends on our grandfather and grandson, you don’t need to call my master, you understand?”

Gary nodded: “I know, Grandpa.”

“it is good!”

See him so well-behaved. Nangong Jue became more and more happy, nodded and stood up: “You are optimistic, my trick is called “the dragon catcher”.”


The voice fell. An internal force exploded from Nangong Jue’s body, and then he raised his right hand and turned his palm into claws. In a short time, he saw a giant dragon morphing out.


In the next second, the dragon whizzed out and rushed into the pool, and suddenly, it seemed as if an earthquake had occurred! The fish in the pool were all flew high by the shock!


Seeing this scene, Gary’s small heart was indescribably shocked.

Nangong Jue smiled and looked at him: “Study?”

“Study!” Gary nodded heavily, his immature face was full of firmness: “Grandpa, I will study hard and won’t let you down.”

“Okay! If you want to learn, grandpa will teach you!” Nangong Jue laughed, and began to teach Ya’er to catch the dragon.

Although Gary was still a child, he studied very seriously and did not neglect in the slightest. After all, he has experienced too much, and his mind is much more mature than children of the same age.

Before long, Ya’er learned the dragon catcher taught by Nangong Jue and fully understood the essence of it.

This made Nangong absolutely gratified. The child was gifted and intelligent, and he did not see the wrong person.

Next, Nangong Jue taught Ya’er a few more tricks, and Ya’er was even more happy to learn.

Faced with this situation, Raquel was secretly anxious.

The grandfather and grandson, one is eager to teach, the other is serious in learning, and he has no chance to get close at all.

When can I ask the way out and leave here.

Chapter 587


the other side!

Above this canyon, on the edge of the cliff, tens of thousands of people stand mightily! The leader, wearing a golden dragon robe, is full of majesty! It is the Emperor of Apocalypse!

At his side, it was Xing Yao and the national teacher!

“Your Majesty, the princess is in this gorge.” The national teacher pointed to the cliff and said in a low voice.

“Quick!” The Emperor Apocalypse excited his face and waved his big hand: “Quickly let go of the ladder and rope. Everyone, all go down to search for the princess, no mistake!”

“Subordinate Zunzhi!” The voice fell, and hundreds of thousands of Yulin Army responded. Deploy the prepared ladder and rope on the edge of the cliff, and then quickly climbed down one by one.

Thousands of ropes hung below the cliff.

In less than ten minutes, the hundreds of thousands of Apocalypse troops reached the bottom of the canyon.

Immediately afterwards. Under the protection of Xing Yao and the national teacher, Emperor Tianqi also came down.

In the canyon, Yan Xiong is sitting on the ground, eating wild fruits. He couldn’t eat the fish that Raquel grilled. Can only eat wild fruits to satisfy their hunger. Originally, he was desperate, thinking that he could not do without this canyon. But at this moment, he saw the Apocalypse army descend from the sky, and he was overjoyed! Throwing away the wild fruit with excitement.

Saved, saved!

“Your Majesty!” Yan Xiong almost didn’t cry, he knelt on the ground, and kept kowtow: “Yan Xiong paid respect to his Majesty, the minister was incompetent, and the minister failed to destroy Tongtianjiao…”

Yan Xiong was ashamed when he said this.

Before he finished speaking, Emperor Tianqi waved his hand and asked eagerly: “Okay, let’s not talk about this, what about Princess Yueying?”

In the heart of Emperor Tianqi, the most worried thing is the baby girl.


As he was speaking, he heard a happy voice coming from the woods not far away, and then Raquel walked out quickly.

When he arrived, Raquel smiled: “Father, why are you here?”

Just now, when I heard something happening here, Raquel came over to take a look. Unexpectedly, it was Father Father who came with the apocalypse army, and he was so excited that he could not tell.

Seeing his daughter safe and sound, the Emperor Tianqi laughed again and again: “My dear daughter, you scared the father to death. You are fine. It is fine if you are fine.

The Emperor Tianqi was extremely excited, and kept looking at Raquel to see if she was hurt.

Raquel’s heart was warm. Although the father had forcibly engaged himself in a marriage contract, in the end, he still loved him in his heart.

At this time, at the entrance of the cave not far away, Nangong Jue and Gary also quietly watched the situation here.

Nangong laughed absolutely. It turns out that this female doll is a princess. Although Raquel’s identity is noble, Nangong Jue’s heart is not too shocked.

Back then, I had seen all battles across the world, so seeing Emperor Apocalypse and the hundreds of thousands of Apocalypse army, Nangong absolutely remained calm and composed.

However, Gary, who was beside him, was nervous, and subconsciously grasped Nangong Jue’s sleeves tightly with both hands.

“Ya’er, what’s the matter?” Nangong couldn’t help asking.

Gary whispered: “Grandpa, these people are bad guys, I’m afraid…I’m afraid they will catch me.”

When he said this, Gary’s voice trembled a little.

Nangong Jue smiled slightly and comforted: “Don’t be afraid, grandpa is here.”

Gary nodded and hugged Nangong Jue’s arm tightly.

Not far away at this time, Emperor Tianqi found Raquel, and he was in a good mood. With a wave of the dragon robe, he ordered: “Since the princess and General Yan have been found, prepare to go back.”

“His Majesty!”

As a result, at this moment, Yan Xiong suddenly took a step forward and hurriedly reported: “Your Majesty, there is a lame man and a child in this valley. That child was caught by the minister in the Tongtianjiao cottage, and he must be with Tongtianjiao. That group of traitors has something to do! Can’t

Let go of that kid! “

As soon as the voice fell, Raquel’s expression changed, and she shouted at Yan Xiongjiao: “Yanxiong, don’t talk nonsense, it’s just a child, why is it related to the Tongtian Sect traitor?”

Ya’er has always lived in the Castro Palace, so Emperor Tianqi has never seen Ya’er.

Yan Xiong looked helpless, and said: “His Royal Highness, this child was indeed caught from the Tongtianjiao cottage, and you were there at the time. If he has nothing to do with Tongtianjiao, how could he be in that cottage?”

“This one….”

Hearing this, Raquel glanced at Emperor Tianqi with a complicated expression and didn’t know how to answer. She can’t tell her father. Ya’er has nothing to do with Tongtianjiao, but he is actually Darryl’s son.

You know, the person that Emperor Tianqi hates most is Darryl!

Back then, the Apocalypse Continent attacked the Earth Yuan Continent, because Darryl alone turned the tide of the battle.

Later, the Heavenly Qi beads of the Imperial Family of Apocalypse were lost, and the prince led troops to the Ouyang family to retrieve the Heavenly Qi beads. In the end, he died in Darryl’s hands.

If Emperor Father knew that Ya’er was a child of Darryl, he would definitely not be merciful.

For a while, Raquel did not know how to explain.

Emperor Tianqi frowned, did not hesitate, waved his hand: “Catch the kid here.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Yan Xiong quickly responded.

Immediately, hundreds of thousands of imperial forest troops quickly surrounded the cave. Pulling out the knife, he stared at Ya’er.

See this scene. Gary had a pale face, hiding behind Nangong Jue, and tremblingly said: “Grandpa, these bad guys are here, what should I do?”

Nangong didn’t change his face, and calmly said, “Don’t be afraid, Ya’er, Grandpa won’t let them hurt you.”

When he said this, Nangong looked around with absolute gaze, looking at the hundreds of thousands of troops in front of him, without the slightest panic, just smiled faintly.

The Emperor Tianqi looked at Gary without any hesitation. He raised his hand and waved: “Go, let me catch this child.”

In the eyes of Emperor Tianqi, Nangong was nothing more than a lame man, without any deterrent.


When the voice fell, dozens of imperial forest troops immediately walked to the cave and wanted to catch Gary.

“So many people, dealing with a child. Don’t you feel ashamed?” At this moment, Nangong said coldly.

When the voice fell, Nangong Jue suddenly raised his hand, black long sword, pointing diagonally to the sky! It is the starting style of Tiangang Sword Jue. The sword refers to the setting sun! Immediately after he waved his hand, he saw a mighty sword aura that flew directly to the hundreds of Imperial Forest Army!


Suddenly, he picked it up sharply, tearing the air!


The Imperial Forest Army was taken aback. Wanting to dodge, but it was too late, one by one was swept by the sword energy, screaming loudly, and fell directly into a pool of blood!


See this scene. Everyone present sucked in air-conditioning.

Strong…. Really strong!

The strength of this lame man is really terrifying!

Emperor Apocalypse also took a deep breath, a lame man, with a single sword, killed hundreds of imperial forest troops! This is simply a shame to the Apocalypse Royal Family!

“Your Majesty, don’t have to worry, the minister will kill this lame man!” At this moment, the national teacher looked solemn, his voice fell, his body leapt up, and went straight to the south sky!

“Very well, national teacher, you go.” Emperor Tianqi waved his hand casually. In his heart, the national division is invincible! To deal with this cripple, the national teacher is more than enough!

I saw that the national teacher was extremely fast, suddenly stretched out his hand, and slapped Nangong Jue with a palm!

This palm is so powerful! If it were hit by this palm, even a Wuhuang strong would not escape death!


Nangong absolutely just stood there quietly, fearless!

Chapter 588

“I don’t know what I can do.” The cold words came from Nangong’s mouth. Holding the profound iron sword, he avoided the palm of the national teacher, then jumped into the air, and fought fiercely with the national teacher.


At this moment, everyone below stared blankly.

Who in the Apocalypse Continent does not know the strength of the national teacher? ! That’s a great master! However, the national division and the lame man fought fiercely for only a dozen rounds. The national teacher fell into a disadvantage! Suppressed everywhere!

And everyone can see that this cripple didn’t use his full strength at all!

For a while, the entire valley was sorrowful!

This cripple is too scary, right? ! He… what is his strength? ! How to beat the national teacher like this? !


At this moment, Nangong Jue waved his hand, a sharp sword aura, forcing the national teacher back, and then the figure flew back to the cave.

When falling by Gary’s side. Nangong looked around and said coldly and arrogantly: “You are not my opponents, you are acquainted, leave quickly, I have a lot of blood in my hands for the first half of my life. In the second half of my life, I don’t want to kill anymore. Let’s go. This child, I won’t let you take it away.”

Speaking of this, Nangong waved his hand absolutely: “If you insist on taking your children away, today, hundreds of thousands of you will be buried here.”

When the voice fell, Nangong Jue returned to the cave with Ya’er.


All of a sudden, the huge canyon is silent! Hundreds of thousands of Yulin Army’s eyes are shocked!

The face of Emperor Tianqi was extremely ugly, and his eyes were full of anger!

As the ninety-five supreme, he was even despised by a lame man!

If you leave here, where is the royal majesty? !

At this time, the national teacher also retreated.

“Your Majesty, the minister is ashamed! It’s not this lame opponent.” The national teacher flushed and whispered.

The national teacher has also experienced many battles. He knew in his heart that the lame man in front of him was really too powerful. Even if the three were tied together, he would not be his opponent.

Emperor Tianqi did not respond, his eyes fixed on Nangong Jue, unable to hide his anger.

“His Majesty!”

at this time. Yan Xiong walked up mysteriously and said in a low voice: “To deal with this lame man, the minister has a way. We can put poisonous smoke to smoke him!”

As he said, Yan Xiong showed a vicious look in his eyes: “While we put the poisonous smoke, let’s release arrows again to block his cave entrance and prevent him from coming out…”


Hearing this, Emperor Apocalypse nodded and shouted: “Quickly, prepare for poisonous smoke, archers line up!”


When the voice fell, tens of thousands of Yulin Army, bent bows and arrows, aimed at the entrance of the cave.

At the same time, other soldiers quickly lit the poisonous smoke at the entrance of the cave. After a short while, thick smoke billowed and spread towards the cave.

“Father!” At this moment, Raquel on one side couldn’t help but walk over and grab the arm of Emperor Tianqi: “Father, they are just an old man and a child. Putting poisonous cigarettes, isn’t it a bit too much.

The poisonous smoke of the Apocalypse Royal Family is notoriously poisonous!

“Raquel.” The Emperor Apocalyptic waved his hand: “That lame man. It would not be a pity to provoke the majesty of the Apocalypse imperial family, even if you die ten thousand times. That child is related to Tongtian Sect’s rebellion against the party, and he does not need to be merciful to this child!

“Father!” Raquel still wanted to say, but Emperor Tianqi didn’t listen at all.

At this moment, Nangong Jue and Gary were sitting in the cave.

“Grandpa, they put poisonous smoke.”

Seeing the poisonous smoke coming in, Gary’s face changed drastically, and he couldn’t help screaming.

Nangong Jue frowned and pointed to a small pool in the corner: “Ya’er, you hide first and use the tortoise breathing technique I taught you to hold your breath! When I call you, you will come out.

The sink was used by Nangong Jue to wash and rinse, and Gary was so young that he could just lie in it.

Gary responded and lay down in the pool quickly. Exercising turtle breathing power, hold your breath.


At this moment, Nangong rushed out of the cave with a profound iron sword in his hand! I didn’t want to care about these people just now,

But I didn’t expect them to be so vicious. Poisonous smoke was even released.

“People are coming out, let go of the arrows!”

However, as soon as Nangong Jue rushed to the entrance of the cave, he heard a loud shout from outside.

“Huh! Huh! Huh!”

Immediately afterwards, countless arrows were shot out, forming a rain of arrows.

clang! clang! clang!

Nangong Jue had already limped on one leg and was a little inconvenient to move. Seeing this rain of arrows now, my brows suddenly frowned, and he could only raise his hand with a wave to form a protective layer. Blocked the rain of arrows all over the sky.

At this time, near the cave was already filled with poisonous smoke.

While Nangong absolutely resisted the arrow rain, she also performed the turtle breathing power to prevent herself from inhaling poisonous smoke. But he never expected that this poisonous smoke was too powerful. The poison smoked into Nangong Jue’s eyes, and Nangong Jue only felt the pungent tingling in his eyes, and instantly he was blind.

“Blind!” At this moment, Yan Xiong on one side yelled: “He is blind, everyone rushed forward!”

The voice fell. Tens of thousands of imperial forest troops, holding their spears tightly, rushed up quickly!

Nangong Jue couldn’t see with his eyes, so he could only wield the mysterious iron sword indiscriminately. However, he couldn’t avoid the attacks of these imperial forest troops at all!


At this moment, dozens of imperial forest soldiers, holding long spears, pierced Nangong Jue’s body at once, and blood spurted out instantly!

“Ah!” Nangong uttered a long roar, and under the severe pain, he swung a sword violently and swept towards the Imperial Forest Army!


Accompanied by a scream, thousands of Yulin Army screamed continuously, one by one fell in a pool of blood!

At this time, Nangong Jue was full of holes, and the blood continued to flow! The breath also weakened.

“The lame man, seeing you are so brave, I will give you a happy one.” The national teacher said with a solemn expression. Then he leaped forward and slammed straight to Nangong’s heartless mouth.


This palm contained the internal strength of the national teacher’s ten layers, and Nangong absolutely flew out, blood spurting wildly. Finally hit the rock wall of the cave and slid down.

“You guys…” Nangong Jue spit out another mouthful of blood, pointing at the national teacher and Emperor Tianqi, his face pale and his eyes closed. I don’t know life or death!

“Senior!” Raquel, who was not far away, saw Nangong Jue falling in a pool of blood, she felt her heart trembled, and she couldn’t help but tears!

“Father, this predecessor is lame. Living in the canyon for a long time, alone and alone, it is pitiful enough!” Raquel’s tears slipped down: “Why do you hurt him, why…”

Emperor Tianqi stood there without saying a word.

This lame man dares to provoke the imperial family Tianwei, this is the end!

At this time, more than a dozen Yulin Army rushed into the cave and grabbed Gary out.


At this moment, seeing Nangong Jue lying on the ground, Gary collapsed in an instant, crying and crying, tears wet his clothes, and wanted to rush to hug Nangong Jue.

However, several Yulin Army held Ya’er tightly, and Ya’er couldn’t break free at all.

“Grandpa, grandpa, it’s Ya’er that’s not good, it’s Ya’er that hurt you…” Ya’er burst into tears, crying not like that.

“Go, class teacher back to the court!”

The Emperor Apocalypse on one side waved his big hand and said coldly.

Soon, a hundred thousand army passed the ladder and left the canyon. Back to the imperial city of the apocalypse mightily. Gary’s little hands were tied, tied behind a horse, and following the apocalyptic army.

But Ya’er is so small, how fast can he keep up with an adult. He didn’t go far, he fell to the ground and was dragged by a horse. Rubbing on the ground on the body is all wounds.

“Ya’er.” Seeing this scene, Raquel disregarded Emperor Tianqi’s opposition, walked quickly over, took out a long sword, cut off the rope in Ya’er’s hand, and held Ya’er in her arms. Distressed, tears shed.

Ya’er leaned his head on Raquel’s chest, and said weakly, “Auntie…you don’t care about Ya’er.. Your father thinks that Ya’er has something to do with Tongtian Sect.. He sees you holding Ya’er and will meet You are angry… Ya’er wants to make auntie happy, not to make auntie and father angry.”

“You stupid boy, you are hurt like this, and your mouth is still so sweet, and you still think for the sake of my aunt.” Raquel burst into tears, and hugged Ya’er tighter.

Chapter 589

the other side.

The land is round the mainland, and the Plaza of the Star Tower.

Ora looked at Han proudly, and said with a smile: “Head of Han, I will ask you one last time, the big ice dragon palm cheats, do you hand in or not? If you break a finger, for a beautiful woman like you, can It really hurts.”

Monica just gave a cold snort. Did not speak.

“You really are toasting and not eating, you have to eat fine wine.” Ora frowned and said coldly.

Master Miaoyuan, who was hiding not far away, was anxious to see this scene! Before, she had seen with her own eyes that Master Kongwu and the real person Lingbao had their fingers broken. If the head sister is also severed, what can I do!

“Darryl. I beg you, please help my senior sister, I beg you…” In a hurry, Master Miaoyuan prayed again. Pulling Darryl’s arm, said in a low voice.


There was no response from Darryl’s mouth, but his eyes were tight and long.

This woman is so cruel.

To be honest, Darryl at this time wanted to come forward very much. Not because of worrying about Han Auran, but about the five fairies of Fuyao Palace! After five fairies, if their fingers were severed, then Darryl really couldn’t bear it!

Darryl wanted to rush over, but after careful consideration, Darryl still held back. This Ora is too strong, even if he rushes over, he can’t beat her!

At this time, Ora, who was not far away, finally had no patience.

“As expected to be the Goddess of Frost, her personality is indeed arrogant.” Ora looked at Monica with a smile, and said coldly: “It seems that there is nothing to say.”

When the voice fell, Ora raised his hand. A man next to him saw Ora’s gesture. Immediately holding the steel knife tightly, walking towards Han Auran, lifted the knife and started to chop.

Monica had no fear, and said coldly: “Ora, you’d better kill me directly, otherwise, I will make you pay for it.”


In an instant, the other masters of the river and lakes present also squeezed a sweat for Han proudly.

Although the head of Han is a woman, in terms of strength, she is definitely the top of the earth! She is the recognized goddess of frost in the arena.

If even her finger was chopped off, then the whole world of the continent would be completely ashamed.

“Wait, don’t break her finger.” At this moment, Ora’s red lips opened, and he said a few words softly, looking at Ora with a smile but not smiling, leaning over and lowering her voice, jokingly. : “The cold head. I suddenly thought of a way to torture you. It is 10,000 times more powerful than cutting off your fingers.”

“Do you have any means, just use it.” Han proudly smiled: “Big Ice Dragon Palm, you don’t want to get it.”

“Okay! The head of Han is really hard, I see how hard you can be.” Ora smiled, and then looked up and down Monica: “A beautiful woman like you, even if her finger is chopped off, I am still the goddess of the rivers and lakes, so I am going to play with you individually.”

Ora’s voice was very small, only Monica could hear it. Immediately afterwards, she took out a black vial from her body.

This black vial is extremely exquisite in workmanship and contains a pill.

A bottle is so delicate, and the pills in it are definitely not ordinary things.

At this moment. Monica frowned.

Is this poison?

“Head of Cold!” Ora’s face showed a faint smile, and shook the vial in front of Monica’s face: “Do you know what’s in it? This is a kind of wonder medicine in the world, called” Huanxi Dan”!”

Talking. Ora took out the pills, slowly

Explained: “This Huanxi Dan, after you take it, you will feel extremely hot and want to be close relatives with men.”

Speaking of this, Ora’s delicate face is full of playful abuse: “Of course, take this medicine. It will not happen immediately. It will take effect after five hours. Within these five hours, If you are willing to hand over the big ice dragon palm, I will give you the antidote. If you insist on not handing it over, after the medicine takes effect, you will let go of your restraint and can’t help yourself.”


Hearing this, Han trembling proudly. His face was pale, and his heart was frightened and angry.

At this time, Monica did not expect that the same woman, Ora in front of him was so vicious, he wanted to take this medicine for himself!

Seeing her reaction, the corner of Ora’s mouth evoked a trace of complacency: “The goddess of the dignified Emei school, if she did something that would shame the whole Emei, she would surely surprise the whole world.”

When the voice fell, Ora suddenly raised his jade hand and stuffed the pill into Han Auran’s mouth.

She shot too quickly, and Monica swallowed directly before he could react.


All of a sudden, Monica’s face was full of shame and anger, and Jiao body trembled even more!

Thinking of the name of his own pill, Monica couldn’t wait to die immediately!


this moment. Other people around were also in an uproar!

Because Ora spoke in a low voice just now, they all thought that she was taking poison for Monica. Suddenly. These arena masters are filled with righteous indignation!

“Ora, right? You woman, just like your Sect Master Darryl, is a despicable villain! You Tianmen. The method of acting is too despicable, and you have the ability to use a real sword! Now you are actually taking poison to the head of the cold , What kind of hero?!”

“Yes, we have the ability to let us go. Let’s fight it upright.”

Hearing these words, Ora smiled lightly and looked around: “Shut up all of you one by one. Which one of you is not one of my defeaters? They were all caught by me personally, and I have to fight I did it with a real sword? When I caught you, neither poisoning nor sneak attack. Who of you defeated me?”

The voice fell, and there was silence everywhere, and the head of the boss who had just called out was embarrassed.

Ora was too lazy to talk nonsense, waved his hand to let his subordinates take Han proudly aside.

In the next second, Ora’s gaze turned and fell on the head of the Tianshan School. His charming eyes flashed with an impulsive aura: “I heard that your Tianshan School’s “Six Suns Zhemei Hand” is also Jianghu. A must, how is it? Have you thought about it? Can you pay it?”

When he said these, Ora was impatient for a long time.

It’s getting late, and after asking a few questions, there is no gain. At this time, Ora feels a little irritable.

The head of Tianshan snorted coldly, and shouted at Ora: “You demon, go tell Darryl, our Tianshan faction is not a person who is greedy for life and fear of death. If you want a stunt, right, okay, let him go Come out and see me.”

Hearing this, Ora was completely impatient and waved at will.


When the voice fell, a subordinate next to him immediately pressed the head of Tianshan Mountain, his hand lifted the knife and dropped, and bloody fingers flew out!


The head of Tianshan screamed, his face instantly pale, and his whole body trembled violently.

Ora looked around coldly: “Okay, very good, you martial arts, one is harder than the other, right, okay, I don’t have time to play with you today. Let’s stop here, let’s come tomorrow, what I have is Ways to deal with you.”

Chapter 590

After speaking, Ora waved his hand and said to the surroundings: “All the masters of the earth circle continent will be locked up in the Star Picking Tower. I will play with them tomorrow. Tomorrow, see if they hand in cheats. No. If you do, I will try my best to torture them.”

“Yes!” The voice fell, and many people in black escorted the heads of various schools and shut them into the Star Picking Tower.


Saw Ora’s masters of these arena. Being imprisoned in the Star Picking Building for a while, Darryl, who was not far away, couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief secretly.

To be honest, Darryl was really afraid that Ora would continue to severed his fingers. It doesn’t matter if you give someone a severed finger, Darryl doesn’t matter, but the five fairies of Fuyao Palace can’t be hurt!

At the same time, Master Miao Yuan subconsciously grabbed Darryl’s arm: “Darryl, this Ora, gave me the head of senior sister poisoned. You must find a way to save her tonight, okay… .”

Master Miao Yuan also thought that the pill Monica took was poison.

When I thought that Senior Sister Master might be poisoned to death, Master Miao Yuan couldn’t stand up too suddenly. My heart is extremely anxious.

Seeing her face full of urgency, Darryl was very helpless: “It’s OK, I’ll save it if I have a chance. But it’s definitely not possible now. There are too many guards in the Star Reaching Building, and Ora is too strong and can only wait until later In the middle of the night, I found an opportunity to sneak in.”

When saying these, Darryl’s face made no secret of his fear of Ora.

No way, the woman is Wu Duan Wuhuang.

You have to be counseled if you don’t.


Master Miao Yuan nodded too heavily.

Without internal strength, he can only rely on Darryl, what he says is nothing.

After speaking, the two went into hiding.

Unconsciously, a few hours passed, and the night was late. The patrols around the Star Picking Building decreased, and there was silence all around.

Darryl looked at the opportunity and quietly touched it.

“Slap! Slap!”

In the next second, Darryl quickly shot with lightning speed, stunned several guards of the Star Picking Tower, and then dashed into the Star Picking Tower.

Master Miao Yuan came out from the hiding place and followed closely behind.

I go!

When he got inside, Darryl was stunned when he saw the situation in front of him.

More than a dozen large prisons were set up in the Zhanxing Building. I saw people from all the major sects, none of them were missing, and they were all locked up in prison.

Faced with this catastrophe, the heads and disciples of every sect have a sad expression, and there is no such thing as an expert in the world.

Moreover, everyone was sealed with acupuncture points, chained to their bodies, and looked extremely miserable.

It can be said that everyone here is the representatives of the rivers and lakes of the earth circle continent, and the end is so miserable, it is really embarrassing.

For a moment, Darryl couldn’t help but sigh secretly.


At this moment, someone saw Darryl and couldn’t help but yell.


In an instant, everyone’s eyes focused on Darryl, one by one couldn’t conceal the anger in his heart, and wanted to devour him alive.

Immediately afterwards, everyone slowed down and yelled.

“Darryl, you finally appeared.”

“You are a wolfish ambition thing, caught us, want our town school cheats. I tell you, dream…”

“Darryl, you scum, you will get retribution.”

The curses come and go one after another, and one is even more uglier than one curse.

In the hearts of the people of these sects, they completely believed in Ora’s words, and believed that this demon girl was Darryl’s subordinate.

Everyone said, my curse came, and Darryl’s anger surged.


The strength of these arena masters is not low, why are they all so simple in their minds? Isn’t it a brainer?

The last time Raquel pretended to be herself, pretending to be Tianmen and arrested them, this time Ora repeated the old trick, and they believed it again.

So easy to be used by others,

You deserve to be caught.

Thinking about it, Darryl didn’t bother to pay attention to them, looking around, looking for five fairies.

Even if no one is saved, you can’t help but save the five fairies! How many of their sisters have helped me. More importantly, their Seventh Sister Fairy. I also used my own energy to save myself.

It can be said that the relationship between the seven fairies of Fuyao Palace and themselves cannot be summed up in one sentence of life and death.

The surrounding masters of the rivers and lakes did not speak when they saw Darryl. Rather, it faintly swept away from him, and in a moment, everyone on the scene scolded even more fiercely.

“Darryl, you are a thunderous thing, because we admired you so much before, and recommended you as the leader. I didn’t expect you to be so despicable!”

“Darryl, my Tianshan faction is not at odds with you.”

“If I don’t die this time, I will see the people of Tianmen in the future. I must kill them cleanly.”

Everyone is scolding. Suddenly, a slim figure rushed in and appeared in front of everyone.

It is Master Miaoyuan.

“Senior Sister!” The moment she entered, Master Miaoyuan looked around and anxiously shouted: “Sister Master! Where are you!”

There are too many people in this big prison, and Master Miao Yuan hasn’t seen Monica for a while.


Master Miao Yuan?

All of a sudden, all the masters in the arena closed their mouths. Staring at Master Miaoyuan without a blink.

She… Didn’t she disappear because of an accident? There are rumors that she was killed by Darryl.

Why did you appear with Darryl?


At this time, a happy voice came from the crowd, and then Elisa walked out quickly and greeted Master Miaoyuan: “Master, Master Master is here!”

In the Emei School, Elisa has two masters, one is Master Miaoyuan, and the second is the head of Han proudly.

He saw Han proudly sitting on the ground weakly beside Elisa, with a trace of paleness on his beautiful face, and a trace of pain between his eyebrows.

“Sister Master, how are you?” Master Miao Yuan walked over too quickly and asked Han proudly. When the sisters meet again, Master Miaoyuan is both happy and worried.

Monica was also delighted. Weakly nodded: “I’m fine, don’t worry. Junior sister, you are not dead, you are not dead…”

When saying this, Monica held Master Miaoyuan’s hand tightly. She always thought. Master Miao Yuan was too much harmed by Darryl. Now that the younger sister is not dead, I feel so happy.

While happy, Monica was still a little uncomfortable. The Huanxi Pill that I took before has now begun to take effect. At this time, Han proudly, his body faintly hot.

Master Miao Yuan didn’t notice that Han proudly was wrong. Softly said: “Sister Sister, don’t worry, I will definitely save you out.”

As soon as the voice fell, Elisa held her hand tightly: “Master, you…Where have you been for so long? My apprentice misses you so much.”

Talking. Elisa suddenly plunged into Master Miaoyuan’s arms.


At this moment, the eyes of the surrounding people also gathered on Master Miao Yuan’s body.

Master Miao Yuan suddenly disappeared, and this incident went crazy in the arena.

Now that people come back suddenly, everyone is naturally curious.

Under everyone’s gaze, Master Miaoyuan bit his lower lip too lightly and said: “I was teleported to the Profound Ye Continent at the time. Only recently, with the help of Darryl, did I successfully return.”


Did Darryl bring Master Miao Yuan back?

Hearing this, everyone present was stunned.

Especially the disciples of the Emei school, looking at Darryl’s gaze, were indescribably embarrassed.

After all, Emei had always believed that it was Darryl who killed Master Miaoyuan. Now this statement is completely self-defeating.

Especially Monica, while silently resisting the seizure of Huanxi Pill in his body, he looked at Darryl complicatedly.


I misunderstood him!

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