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Chapter 621

In the evening, Darryl sat on the bed and lit a cigarette. The little fairy snuggled up beside him shyly, and said slowly: “Darryl, you, will you marry me?”

The voice fell, and the little fairy’s face was red like an apple.

All his most precious things were given to Darryl. At this time, the little fairy only hoped that Darryl would marry herself. Even if she is willing to serve Darryl with Sister Elsa and others.

“Yes, I will.” Darryl nodded heavily and kissed the little fairy on the forehead: “Er Qing, I will definitely marry you. Can you give me some time?”

“Yeah!” The little fairy nodded happily, and asked subconsciously: “How long, I have to prepare well and marry you beautifully.”

Darryl touched the little fairy’s hair, looked out the window, muttered to himself: “Wait for me… seven years.”

Seven years!

Darryl had already thought about meeting Lily seven years later. Then hold a grand wedding with a few women! Marry them gracefully.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.” The little fairy nodded and kissed Darryl again.

The two embraced tightly.

time flies.

Seven years later.

Apocalypse! Mingjiao General Altar, Guangmingding!

Behind the Guangming Hall, there is a training ground. On the training ground, Lu Jiechen sat in a chair with a relieved smile on his face.

In the open space in front of him, there was a young man playing a set of sword skills very skillfully. He saw that his body skills were dexterous and changeable, and his sword skills were even more exquisite!

This boy is about ten years old and looks handsome and handsome! The immature face reveals a calmness that is inconsistent with his age!

It is Gary!

At the beginning, Gary and Tian Qi brothers and sisters worshipped Lu Jiechen as their teacher and became closed disciples.

Among the three disciples, Gary had the highest talent and was also appreciated and liked by Lu Jiechen the most.

In seven years, Lu Jie gave him almost all of his unique skills!

Not only that, even Lu Lingshan loves Gary very much, and has passed him a lot of exercises, even Lu Lingshan intends to train Gary into the next generation of Mingjiao master.

The brothers and sisters Tian Qi also cared very much for Gary, the younger brother.

It can be said that Gary has lived in Mingjiao for seven years. Everyone likes him. He has regarded Mingjiao as his home.


Finally, after practicing a set of swordsmanship, Gary wiped the sweat from his forehead, ran over, and said to Lu Jiechen: “Master, how am I practicing?”

“Not bad!”

Lu Jiechen smiled and nodded, eyes full of love and appreciation, and then he said: “Ya’er, in the past few years, Master has taught you everything that Master should teach you. You are now good at swordsmanship, exercises and practice. But you lack actual combat experience, so it’s time to go down the mountain to practice.”

“Really?” Gary was full of excitement when he heard this.

Over the past few years, I have always wanted to go down the mountain to find my mother and father, but the master said that he was too young and was not strong enough, so he always disagreed.

And now, I can finally go down the mountain.

Seeing him happy, Lu Jiechen smiled and nodded: “Yes, but the experience I’m talking about doesn’t make you run around. A hundred miles northwest of Guangmingding, there is an ancient battlefield ruins. Recently I heard , There are many spirit beasts there, you can go and break it. Kill a few spirit beasts to increase your actual combat experience. Are you afraid?”

Ancient battlefield?

Spirit beast?

Hearing this, Gary suddenly became interested, and nodded quickly: “Okay, okay! The disciple is not afraid!”

Lu Jiechen showed a slight smile. He was a precious disciple, not only with excellent talent, but also with inherent bravery. It’s really cute.

Soon, under Lu Jiechen’s arrangement, Gary went down the mountain.

After half a day, Gary arrived at the ancient battlefield.

The ancient battlefield was the battlefield where the two armies fought in ancient times. There are many ancient battlefields on the Apocalypse Continent. These places used to be full of corpses, with many broken weapons.

Among the many ancient battlefields, this one is the one in front of you, with the largest area!


Seeing the ancient battlefield in front of him, Gary couldn’t help taking a breath.

The ancient battlefield in front of you is extremely vast, with a radius of thousands of miles! Looking up, there are all broken walls and shingles, and there is a breath of vicissitudes and ancient times everywhere.

At the same time, Gary noticed that not far away, there were many people from all walks of life searching everywhere.

Obviously, these people in the arena are here to look for spirit beasts.

Any cultivator wants to have a spirit beast of his own! But spirit beasts are not common.

There is a big difference between spirit beasts and ordinary beasts. Spirit beasts can all be cultivated, just like the cultivator, their strength is from strong to weak, and they are also divided according to the’Martial Master, Martial General, Wuhou, Martial Saint, Martial Emperor…’

Over the past thousand years, as human beings have become stronger and stronger, most spirit beasts have been hiding in ancient forests. Places like the ancient forest are too dangerous. There used to be many humans who wanted to venture into the ancient forest to catch spirit beasts. But most of them have gone and never returned. Because the spirit beasts in the ancient forests repel humans very much, once humans enter their territory, they will immediately launch a group attack.

There have been rumors recently that many spirit beasts appeared in this ancient battlefield. So many cultivators came from all over, trying to try their luck and catch a few spirit beasts.

After all, catching a powerful spirit beast to recognize the master is the dream of every cultivator!

The same is true for Gary!

At this time, seeing those martial arts people, Gary didn’t care.

Everyone does not offend the river. They catch theirs and their own.

Thinking about it, Gary quickly walked toward the depths of the ancient battlefield with Nai’s eagerness.

However, Gary walked in the ancient battlefield for more than an hour without seeing a spirit beast. Perhaps because there were too many people from the rivers and lakes, the spirit beasts were frightened and all hid. In this ancient battlefield, there were either broken walls or broken tiles, or some scattered old weapons. Under the baptism of the years, most of these weapons were decayed and unusable.

Except for these, Gary didn’t even see the shadow of the spirit beast.

Seeing that it was getting dark, Gary was going to find a place to take a break and continue to explore tomorrow.

what is that?

As a result, at this moment, Gary was taken aback and saw that there was a crack on the mountain wall not far away. This crack, revealing a faint light, is eye-catching!

Could it be…what’s the treasure in this crack in the mountain wall?

Thinking about it, Gary was full of doubts and walked over.

When I got to the front, I saw that this crack was actually the mouth of a cave. Inside the cave, it was very dark.

Don’t look at Gary as a small person, but he was very courageous. He didn’t even think about it at the time, and walked in directly along the crack. The crack was very narrow, and Gary, a ten-year-old child, was just able to pass.


Walking all the way into the cave, Gary couldn’t help but breathe in the air! I found that this cave is huge, almost the same area as Guangmingding!

In front of Gary’s eyes, there was a huge stone platform. This stone platform is more than ten meters high! Covered with mottled moss, it looks ancient and vicissitudes of life.

Gary has lived in Mingjiao for seven years, and he has also read a lot of books. He knew that the stone platform in front of him should be an ancient altar. The ancients were very superstitious and believed that there were mountain gods in the mountains. Therefore, in every mountain, a cave is dug, an altar is built, pigs and sheep are killed every year, and mountain gods are sacrificed.

However, after thousands of years of vicissitudes, the entrance of this altar has been buried.

Recently, the mountain has split a crack, and this ancient altar will see the sky again.


In the next second, Gary’s eyes fell on the altar, and his whole person was stunned.

On the altar, a huge hammer was quietly placed.

This hammer is more than three meters long, and it exudes spiritual power fluctuations!

What a big hammer!

After a few seconds, Gary leaped slightly and jumped onto the altar.

When he arrived, Gary was shocked that he could not tell, he saw the hammer, covered with ancient inscriptions, and the surface was covered with a layer of rust.

On the handle of the hammer, there are vaguely engraved three archaic characters, which are particularly eye-catching!

‘Overlord’s Hammer’!

Gary took a sharp breath, and he could clearly feel that there was a very powerful force in this hammer.

Overlord’s hammer? !

Treasure… this hammer is definitely a treasure!

Gary was inexplicably excited, he didn’t have time to think about it, he wanted to hold it in his hand, but this hammer was too big, it was more than three meters long! I can’t even touch the handle of the hammer!

For a time, Gary was anxious and helpless.

The treasure is right in front of me, but I can’t take it away!

Gary scratched his ears and scratched his cheeks anxiously. Finally, he looked at the Overlord’s Hammer and said to himself with a wry smile: “Overlord’s hammer, Overlord’s hammer, if you can become smaller! You are so big, how can I get it in my hand?”

Although Gary is much more mature than children of the same age, he is only ten years old after all, and he still retains a bit of childishness. Therefore, in these few words, Gary was just talking about it, but he never dreamed that the moment when the voice fell, an astonishing scene appeared!


With a crisp sound, I saw the Overlord’s Hammer in front of me, gradually getting smaller, and finally, it shrank into a palm-sized shape and fell into Gary’s hands.


Gary was stunned! The whole person is dumbfounded!

This… can this hammer really become smaller? !

At this moment, Gary only felt his brain dazed, holding the Overlord Hammer in his hand, after a long time, Gary reacted and danced with excitement.


This hammer can really become smaller!

Treasure, it really is a treasure!

Excited, Gary’s childlike heart broke out, and he placed the Overlord Hammer on the altar, his eyes flashed with excitement, and exclaimed, “Overlord Hammer, can it become bigger? How big it is!”

When he said this, Gary’s eyes were full of excitement and expectation.


The voice fell, and a violent breath broke out from the Overlord’s Hammer!


In the next second, I saw the Overlord’s Hammer, which continued to rise at the speed that the naked eye could see. In a blink of an eye, the top of the mountain collapsed, and the Overlord’s Hammer had not stopped!

In the end, the Overlord Hammer became 200 meters high, like a vertical mountain peak, very spectacular!

Chapter 622


Seeing the Overlord Hammer that was more than 200 meters high, Gary was shocked! Unspeakable shock! Unspeakable excitement!

“Overlord’s hammer, Overlord’s hammer, you become smaller!” Gary pressed his excitement and said tentatively.


Gary’s voice fell, and he saw Naha Wang’s hammer, which quickly doubled!

“It’s still too big, Overlord Hammer, you become smaller and the smallest!” Gary raised his head and said.

Sure enough, the voice fell, and the Overlord’s hammer instantly became smaller, becoming the size of an embroidery needle, and falling into Gary’s palm.

“Good baby, good baby!” Gary bounced around holding the Overlord’s Hammer, and couldn’t put it down to play.

The spirit beast was not found, but he got the Overlord’s Hammer by accident. It was an unexpected joy!


However, just when Gary was very excited, he heard a sound of footsteps coming from behind.

Gary hurriedly looked back, his face suddenly changed.

I saw dozens of people from the rivers and lakes, not knowing when they came in, staring at the Overlord Hammer in their hands closely, with greed and shock in their eyes.

Obviously, the Overlord’s Hammer just became bigger, smashed the top of the mountain, and caused the shock, which attracted these people! At this time, nearly a hundred people surrounded Gary!

“Sacred tool, what this kid holds in his hand is definitely an artifact!”

In the crowd, no one yelled, and the eyes of other people became hot.

“Such a magical soldier, being found by a little doll is simply a violent thing.”

“Whatever it takes, whoever grabs it will get it.”

For a time, everyone yelled, and at the same time they urged their figures to rush towards Gary.

“You old birds, you still want to grab my hammer. It’s really shameless.” Gary snorted, watching the crowd rushing and ran away.

“Boy, stop!”

“Little Wawa, you give me the hammer, I won’t treat you badly!”

“Don’t listen to them, I am the head of the Holy Sword Pavilion. As long as you give me the hammer, I will give you a blue-tier weapon.”

Hearing these words, Gary immediately laughed. Others are big little ghosts, how can they believe their words!

“A bunch of silly birds, come after me!” Gary turned his head and laughed and ran away quickly.

Compared with his father, Gary, this kid, was worse than his father, and he didn’t speak seriously.

Hearing what Gary said, the faces of these gangsters turned red, and they were almost furious. Among this group of people, there are many people with good looks, but at this time they were mocked by a child and felt greatly humiliated.

“Good boy, dare to scold me?”

“The kid is looking for death!”

In anger, these people urged their internal forces one by one, and in a short time, the surrounding air was distorted, and the power was amazing.

If it were seven years ago, Gary would definitely be panicked.

But over the past seven years, Gary had obtained Lu Jiechen’s true biography, so he didn’t panic at all, and led the people behind to circle in the ruins of this huge ancient battlefield.

the other side!

The land is round the mainland, Mount Emei.

The deepest part of the Emei School is the hall of the head of Han Ran proudly. In the fragrant room, Monica sat on the edge of the bed in a dark purple dress.

I have to say that Monica is indeed a recognized goddess.

Seven years later, Monica became more s3xy and charming, but the years never left a trace on her face. Her face was as beautiful as ever, and her figure was still tight and graceful, just like a fairy in the sky, not eating the fireworks in the world.

On the bed, a little girl who was carved with powder and jade was lying there sleeping soundly.

The girl looks seven or eight years old, in a pink little Luo skirt, very cute and cute.

This girl is the daughter of Monica and Darryl.

Monica named her Tracy, making her like herself, cold and aloof, outstanding, and proud of the world.

At this time, Monica looked at Tracy quietly, with compassion and tenderness in his eyes. Since becoming a mother, Monica’s mood is much gentler than before.

Of course, Monica has this gentle side only when she is alone with her daughter. In front of outsiders, she is still the head of the high Emei school.


At this moment, the door was gently pushed open, and a woman walked in slowly. It is Master Miaoyuan.

Like Monica, after seven years, Master Miao Yuan is still too beautiful and full of charm.

“Senior Sister, Tracy is asleep?”

When he got to the front, Master Miao Yuan looked at the ice on the bed, and smiled softly: “This girl has a high talent and is very hardworking in her practice. She was practicing swords just now and she hasn’t rested. She must be exhausted. “

Monica hummed softly, with a bit of relief on his face. Indeed, his daughter is extremely talented. At the age of seven, she has mastered her unique knowledge, the Big Ice Dragon Palm.

Master Miao Yuan continued: “Our Emei school, with a disciple like Tracy, will definitely be able to carry forward in the future. Senior sister, I think we can cultivate Tracy into the next generation of Emei’s head. As for Elisa’s. Girl, we can’t count on it anymore.”

When Elisa was mentioned, Master Miao Yuan was disappointed.

Elisa was originally a master sister of the Emei school, and has been placed high expectations by Monica and Miaoyuan Master. He is also a candidate for the next generation head.

But since Elisa met Darryl and experienced so many things, the whole person was decadent. He didn’t care about cultivation at all, and was absent-minded all day long.

Hearing this, Han smiled proudly and did not respond.

In her heart, she also intends to train Tracy to become the head of the next generation, but the child is still young, and Han proudly plans to talk about it in a few years.

“Senior Sister Master!” At this moment, Master Miaoyuan looked at the sleeping Tracy too quietly, and curiously said: “Tracy’s appearance, how come you look more and more like Senior Sister Master. It must be a beauty.”

With that, Master Miao Yuan couldn’t help but smile and said, “Senior Sister, sometimes I think, Tracy, will this child be your lost daughter!”


Hearing this, Monica’s face flushed, and she groaned: “What is the missing daughter? Tracy is the child I picked up back then, so I won’t say this anymore.”

When saying this, Monica was calm on the surface, but panicked in his heart.

That’s right!

The fact that Tracy is his own daughter, Monica has been concealing it all the time. Except for Mr. Hong Ye, no one in the whole Emei knew that Tracy was Han Auran’s daughter.

Monica declared that Tracy was the child he picked up.

Han was pregnant proudly and married Mr. Hongye. After thinking about the marriage, he said that he was pregnant with Mr. Hongye’s daughter. But Monica changed his thoughts. In the future, his daughter is getting older and older, but she is not at all like Mr. Hongye. People on the rivers and lakes will definitely make irresponsible remarks.

Therefore, Monica decided to declare to the public that Tracy was the child he picked up.

Originally Master Miaoyuan didn’t doubt this matter. However, as Tracy grew up year after year, Master Miao Yuan noticed too much that the longer the child grew, the more he looked like Senior Sister Master, especially the beautiful face, which was exactly the same as Han proudly.

“Senior Sister Master, Tracy, the child, looks very similar to you..” Master Miao Yuan said in a low voice.

“Junior Sister Miaoyuan!” With this time, Monica completely straightened his face, and looked at Master Miaoyuan said too: “I’ll say it again, don’t talk about it again in the future! I heard it!”

Chapter 623

Seeing Han proudly angry, Master Miaoyuan nodded and said, “By the way, Senior Sister Master, I heard that there is an ancient battlefield in the Apocalypse Continent. Recently, traces of spirit beasts appeared in this ancient battlefield. Since Senior Sister is going to train Tracy into the next generation leader, do you want her to experience it?”

Hearing this, Han sighed proudly for a moment, then nodded: “Well, let Tracy go to the ancient battlefield for some experience. Maybe if you are lucky, you can catch one or two spirit beasts.”

Although Tracy is his own daughter, Monica did not spoil her too much.

In the future, Tracy will take over the Emei pie, so she will have to suffer a little bit and get more experience.

After a while, Tracy woke up from sleep.

Under Monica’s arrangement, Tracy followed Master Miaoyuan, left Emei Mountain, and hurried towards the Apocalypse Continent.

After several days of rushing, finally, Tracy and Master Miao Yuan arrived at the ancient battlefield.

It was the first time for Tracy to travel far away, looking at the ancient battlefield in front of him, his face flushed and he was very excited.

“Tracy, since it’s an experience, I can’t always follow you. Go to the ancient battlefield by yourself, and I’ll wait for you outside.” Master Miao Yuan said with a big smile: “If you encounter danger, you will send a signal. , I will rush over as soon as possible.”

Tracy nodded obediently: “I know! Aunt Miaoyuan, wait for Tracy to catch two spirit beasts.”

When the voice fell, Tracy walked toward the depths of the ancient battlefield.

Along the way, Tracy looked east and west, this huge ancient battlefield was ruined everywhere, strewn with bones. After walking for a long time, I didn’t see the shadow of the spirit beast.

“There are no spirit beasts here either…” Tracy said to herself. After walking for a long time, she only felt tired at this time. Seeing the sun was going down, she wanted to find a cave to rest.

At this moment, I could only hear the sound of footsteps not far away. Tracy was curious in his heart, followed the sound, and was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him.

Not far away, I saw a group of people from the rivers and lakes chasing a young man.

The teenager’s hand is holding a hammer. Obviously, these people in the arena are trying to grab his hammer.

The boy was chased in sweat, but his face was not panicked at all. The boy is Gary!

Tracy frowned her eyebrows tightly, and it was really D*mning that a group of adults went after a child!

Seeing this scene, Tracy couldn’t mention much anger. She was influenced by the Emei School and had a strong sense of justice since she was a child.

At this moment, seeing Gary running towards him, Tracy did not hesitate, suddenly raised his hand, and the cold words came from her mouth.

“Big Ice Dragon Palm!”

The voice fell, and the light beside Tracy was brilliant! Only an ice dragon appeared beside her in vain! The ice dragon roared wildly, almost shattering the world!

This big ice dragon palm was handed down to Tracy by Monica himself. Although Tracy is young, he has great talent and has a deep understanding of this trick.


In a moment, an ice dragon roared and flew directly to the crowd!

“What skill is this?!”

“So powerful!”

Seeing this ice dragon flying, the faces of the people in the rivers and lakes changed drastically and hurriedly resisted.

Taking this opportunity, Tracy ran to Gary quickly, took his hand, and shouted, “Quick, run.”

With that said, Tracy took Gary’s hand and rushed towards the distant woods.

At this moment, Gary was extremely grateful. This little sister, who didn’t know each other, actually saved herself.


I don’t know how long I ran, and seeing the people behind, did not catch up, Gary breathed a sigh of relief, and then smiled at Tracy: “Little sister, thank you.”

When saying this, Gary couldn’t help but look at Tracy.

I don’t know why, even though it was the first time I met, Gary felt a warm and intimacy from Tracy.

Tracy smiled lightly: “Don’t thank you, please help me if the road sees injustice!”

As a disciple of the Emei school, Tracy had a sense of justice since he was a child.

Hearing this, Gary laughed and asked: “Which school are you disciple, are you here to catch the spirit beast?”

Gary felt the power when Tracy used the Big Ice Dragon Palm just now. This little sister in front of her is definitely not an unknown person.

Tracy smiled and said, “I’m from the Emei school, my name is Tracy, how about you?”

“I am a disciple of Mingjiao, and my name is Gary. Since we are all here to catch spirit beasts, let’s be a companion.” Gary sent out an invitation with a sincere expression on his face.

With that, Gary stretched out his hand.

“Good!” Tracy nodded. Stretched out his small hand and held Gary together.

the other side!

Diyuan continent, Ouyang family.

It is early spring at this time, and the spring flowers are blooming.

The weather is good today. In the garden, Darryl is sitting in the long pavilion, looking at the phone screen, counting the days silently in his heart.

Seven years.

In the past seven years, Darryl worked hard to develop Tianmen. Today, Tianmen is already the first sect in the land of the earth!

In the past seven years, Darryl has never forgotten two things.

The first one is to send people around to find out about Kendra and the child.

The second is the seven-year agreement with Lily.

“Today on the nineteenth!”

At this moment, Darryl looked at the time and date, his face couldn’t hide the urgency, and said to himself: “The day we agreed with Lily back then was the 22nd, three days… and three days, seven years. The appointment is here.”

When he said this, Darryl stood up from his chair suddenly, his face full of eagerness.

Lily, do you know?

In the past seven years, I have been looking forward to this day all the time!


At this moment, a Tianmen disciple hurried over.

When he arrived, the disciple couldn’t help concealing his excitement, and said excitedly: “Report to the lord, we have found out the whereabouts of Mrs. Kendra. She…she seems to be in Dongao Continent now! There is a city in Dongao Continent called Jiangbei. City. Our Tianmen disciple took the portrait of Mrs. Kendra and showed it to nearby residents. The nearby residents said that they had seen Mrs. Qin just yesterday! So it was concluded that Mrs. Kendra was in Dongao Mainland, near Jiangbei City! “


Hearing this, Darryl’s spirit was shaken, he was indescribably delighted, and quickly waved his hand: “Quickly, go and gather all the disciples, and let me meet Madam!”

When he said this, Darryl was extremely excited!

Madam, after so many years, there is finally news from you! Thank goodness, thank goodness!

You have to pick up your wife quickly, and then find Lily again.

If these two things are done, I will have no regrets!

“Yes, Sovereign!”

Feeling Darryl’s excitement, the disciple hurriedly responded, turned and walked away quickly.

In a short while, the Tianmen hundreds of thousands of disciples were assembled, and under the leadership of Darryl, they set off for the Dongao Continent with great strength!

Chapter 624


On the other side, Dongao Mainland.

Jiangbei City, located on the northwest border of Dongao mainland, belongs to a transportation fortress.

At this time, on the road outside Jiangbei city, a woman slowly walked towards the city gate.

This woman has a charming figure and a beautiful face, just like a fairy who doesn’t touch the world’s fireworks. However, between her beautiful eyebrows, she was a bit tired.

This woman is Kendra.

In the past few years, Kendra left Tongtianjiao, looking for Ya’er alone. In these seven years, Kendra has traveled almost nine continents, but there is no clue.

However, Kendra never gave up. Recently, Kendra came to Dongao Continent to search for it.


At this time, seeing Jiangbei City not far away, Kendra lightly breathed a sigh of relief.

After entering the city, find a place to eat first, and then continue to search for Ya’er.

Thinking about it, Kendra quickened his pace.


After entering the city gate, Kendra couldn’t help taking a breath after seeing the scene in front of him, and he was stunned!

Kendra saw that the huge Jiangbei City in front of him was silent, and there was no one on the wide streets!

The shops on both sides of the street, the doors are open, the roadside stalls are full of dazzling things, and the pots of the food stalls are still steaming…

This Jiangbei city is a big city, and it should be a scene of people coming and going, extremely lively. But… but there is not a single figure.

The whole city is silent and scary, as if everyone had disappeared all at once.

How could this be?

Where are the people here?

Frozen for a few minutes, Kendra slowed down, couldn’t help but mutter to himself, feeling a little uneasy in his heart.

A whole city, everything is there, but people are gone.

It’s weird!

Thinking about it, Kendra quickened his pace, crossed the street, and walked out of another city gate.

Kendra didn’t have time to think about it. He only felt that the empty city behind him was quiet and frustrating. He just wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

Outside Jiangbei City, there is a vast grassland. After Kendra left the city gate, he came to this grassland.

“Strange…” Kendra looked around, the empty grassland, there should have been many herdsmen, cattle and sheep everywhere… But at this time, the grassland was also extremely quiet, there was no one.

Kendra walked on the grassland, only feeling that his heartbeat was speeding up inexplicably.

Da da da….

At this moment, I could only hear the sound of horses hoof not far away!

Kendra hurriedly tilted his head to look, and his body trembled suddenly.

Just to see Kendra’s left hand, an army of hundreds of thousands, neatly lined up, galloping! These hundreds of thousands of soldiers, wearing uniform black armor, can feel the murderous spirit on them from a long distance away!

The head is a woman, this woman is wearing a long teal dress, with delicate features and charming, coquettish and charming! Exactly… Ji Linglong!

Ji Linglong was originally Mateo’s subordinate, but she also used the mind control technique for Bessie. Later, Ji Linglong followed Mateo to find Darryl for revenge, but was caught by Darryl and forced her to take Tongtian Pill. Then he put her back and returned to Mateo. Darryl asked her to monitor Mateo at all times.

Mateo is the prime minister of Xicang Continent, and now, Ji Linglong is Mateo’s most powerful subordinate. It can be said that Ji Linglong has a very high status in Xicang Continent!

At this time, the hundreds of thousands of soldiers behind Ji Linglong were the elites of the Xicang Continent!

Seven years ago, the Xicang Continent wanted to attack the Nanyun Continent. Before sending troops, the Xicang Continent specially sent an envoy to the Nanyun Continent to investigate the situation. At that time, the envoy posed a problem to the queen of Nanyun Continent. Wear the jade with a red string. As a result, a little eunuch in the Southern Cloud Continent solved this problem easily. Therefore, the Xicang Continent believed that the Southern Cloud Continent had courage and strategy. Therefore, the Xicang Continent abandoned its plan to invade the Southern Cloud Continent and instead attacked other continents.

Recently, Xicang Continent has been eyeing Dongao Continent. Therefore, Emperor Xi Cang directly ordered Ji Linglong to lead an army of 150,000 to conquer Dongao Continent!

At this moment, Kendra’s heart tightened as he felt the murderous aura of the Xi Cang army, only that it was difficult to breathe. No wonder, no wonder the people in the city all ran away. It turned out to be a war!

In the next second, Kendra glanced to the right, and the Jiao body shook again.

I saw that hundreds of thousands of soldiers also came in the wilderness on the right!

These hundreds of thousands of soldiers are wearing white armor!

Yes, this is the soldier of Dongao Continent! Dongao mainland has four major sects: Wenzong, Danzong, Jianzong, and Yuzong.

Knowing that the West Cang Continent was invading at this time, the four major sects of Dongao Continent organized one after another to send out disciples to resist the West Cang Continent! The commander-in-chief headed by Dongao Continent is the Danzong Sect Master, Zheng Chunqiu!

At the time, Zheng Chunqiu’s wife was seriously ill because of the destruction of Darryl Shui due to two mirrors. It was Darryl who cured his wife.

Seven years have passed, and Zheng Chunqiu’s appearance has not changed at all, but he is still personable.


At this moment, Kendra’s tears were about to shed. Seeing the armies on both sides, she felt uncomfortable. I walked to the battlefield where the two armies were fighting. I’m afraid today… I’m going to die here.

“The whole army listens to the order!”

At this moment, Ji Linglong, who was suspended in the air, stared at Dongao’s army closely, and said coldly: “Kill Dongao Continent, the disciple of the four major sects, kill a piece of armor without leaving it, so as to strengthen me. Wei!”


When the words fell, the hundreds of thousands of Xicang army below issued a howl that shocked the world, pulling out their weapons one after another, rushing towards Zheng Chunqiu.

Zheng Chunqiu looked solemn, took a deep breath, turned around and shouted: “Brothers of the four major sects, swear to defend their homes, never back down, kill!”


“Defend your homeland!”

When the voice fell, hundreds of thousands of the four major sect disciples responded in unison, and the momentum shook the sky, rushing up like a tide!

In the blink of an eye, the two armies collided head-on, and a fierce fight broke out!


Suddenly, shouts of killing, roars, constantly sounded, blood kept splashing, and the earth was dyed red.

Seeing this scene, Kendra, who was in the melee, faintly trembled, and his face was extremely pale.

The two armies suddenly fought, Kendra was completely too late to react, let alone a chance to avoid it.

Seeing blood splashing all around, Kendra was terrified.

How to do?

The two armies are in chaos, and they are in the middle position, and they will definitely be injured by mistake.

Could it be…Is it destined to die here?

At this moment, Kendra was frightened and desperate.

I haven’t found Ya’er yet, so I’m reunited with Darryl.

Ya’er, my mother misses you so much.

Darryl, where are you? I haven’t reunited with you yet, I don’t want to just die like this!

At this moment, Kendra screamed helplessly, and tears kept streaming down.

Chapter 625


With a scream, only soldiers from the two armies fell down one by one. This grassland has been dyed red with blood!

Both sides are hundreds of thousands of soldiers, such a war, of course, the battlefield is tragic!

Kendra’s face was pale, and he ran continuously in the battlefield. At this time, she had only one belief, and that was to leave the battlefield. She doesn’t want to die! She hasn’t found Ya’er yet, and she hasn’t found Darryl, so she can’t die!

“Where is the woman? Go to the dead!”

At this moment, a Xi Cang soldier, straddling a tall horse, with a long knife in his hand still dripping blood, slashed directly towards Kendra!

The two armies were fighting, and this woman was running around, getting in the way, it would be better to kill her with a knife!

“No…” Kendra only felt blank in his mind as he watched the long knife fall!

With this cut, she can’t hide it!

Kendra stood there with red eyes, waiting for the sentence of death.

It’s over… it’s over…

With this cut, I will die..

Kendra’s tears fell down!

It doesn’t matter if he died, but before he died, he couldn’t find Ya’er, Kendra was not reconciled!

Ya’er.. I’m sorry, mom..

The soldier’s long knife fell fast, blinking, and it was in front of Kendra!

At this moment, Kendra closed his eyes tightly, tears gushing out instantly! Before dying, all that reverberated in his mind was the appearance of Darryl!

“Darryl, where are you… Do you know, I will never see you again…” Kendra’s tears were like broken pearls, she shouted hoarsely: “Darryl, where are you? what!”

“Who dares to move my wife, I want you all to die here!” At this moment, only a roar came from the horizon!

The two hundred thousand soldiers on both sides trembled at the roar and looked for their voices!

At this glance, the two hundred thousand soldiers were all dumbfounded!

I saw that there was a huge figure on the horizon, flying at extreme speed!

This is a giant beast, more than fifty meters long, resembling a tiger or not a tiger, with a dark purple body, a pair of wings on its back, and its body surrounded by the light of thunder and lightning. Exactly… poor strange!

On Qiongqi, there is a man standing, this man, with sharp facial features, extremely cold! It is Darryl!

After seven years, Xiao Qiongqi’s body length has reached more than fifty meters! Three-dan Wuhuang level!

Darryl stood on Qiongqi, majestic! Behind Darryl, hundreds of thousands of people followed! It is Tianmen disciple!

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

There was a tidy footstep! Tianmen disciples, uniformly dressed in black Tang suits, holding long swords! The headed Tianmen disciple carried a 200-meter-high banner! On the banner, there are nine golden dragons and eight blood characters embroidered!

‘Punish evil and promote good! Walk for the sky’

The strong wind blows, and the flag flies fiercely!

Tianmen, Tiandao Nine Cage Flag!

The audience is silent! The huge battlefield is silent at this time! Everyone looked at Darryl!


At this moment, Qiong Qi at Darryl’s feet suddenly let out a terrifying roar!

This huge roar came from the fierce beast Qiongqi, shaking the sky and shaking!

The roar of Qiongqi fell, and the whole grassland, all the horses, were all crawling on the ground, trembling!

Coercion, coercion from blood! Qiongqi, one of the four fierce beasts, is as famous as the Azure Dragon and White Tiger! With a roar, the beasts surrender!

The audience is quiet and silent!

“Qung Qi, it turned out to be a divine beast, Qiong Qi!” At this moment, I didn’t know who shouted in horror, and finally broke the silence. In a short time, the East Ao army and the Xi Cang army were all talking!

“All Xicang soldiers, listen to my orders, stand still and put down their weapons! Don’t hurt that woman!” At this moment, Ji Linglong pointed at Kendra and shouted! The voice spread across the battlefield!

Darryl once gave Ji Linglong a Tongtian Pill. So Ji Linglong called Darryl the master! In the past few years, every time Tongtian erysipelas had an attack, every time, Ji Linglong would look for Darryl to get the antidote.

Now Ji Linglong saw the Tiandao Nine Cage Banner and knew that Darryl was coming, and Ji Linglong also heard that just now Darryl was in charge of this woman, her name is Madam. Therefore, Ji Linglong ordered all Xicang soldiers to put down their weapons!

“Dongao Continent, the four major sect disciples follow the order and put down their weapons! Don’t hurt Brother Darryl’s wife!” At the same time, Danzong Sect Master Zheng Chunqiu also shouted!

Eight years ago, Zheng Chunqiu’s wife became seriously ill. Fortunately, Darryl saved his wife. Therefore, in Zheng Chunqiu’s heart, I am extremely grateful to Darryl!

At this moment, seeing the nine-cage flag of Heaven, fluttering in the wind, Zheng Chunqiu knew that this woman who strayed into the battlefield was definitely very important to Darryl! So he issued an order to let the four major sect disciples put down their weapons!

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

In the blink of an eye, the two armies that were in a bloody battle actually put down their weapons one after another! On the huge battlefield, more than 200,000 soldiers stood there with bare hands, staring at Darryl blankly! No one knows what sacred Darryl is! It was possible that the coaches of both sides could temporarily stop the war!

“Madam! I found you, I found you…”

Darryl’s tears were like the rest, and he jumped from the body of Xiaoqiangqi, fell on the ground, and ran towards his wife!

“Darryl… Darryl… is that you?” Kendra’s eyes were red, and the moment she saw Darryl, she collapsed!

This… is really Darryl!

Are you dreaming…

Kendra rubbed his eyes in disbelief, and looked again.

That’s right, it’s really Darryl, it’s Darryl!

Ten years…

Ten years, ten years! I finally saw him. When they parted with Darryl, Ya’er hadn’t been born yet. Now Ya’er is nine years old. They really have been separated for ten years!

Kendra cried with joy, ten years, ten years! My own man, ten years later, finally stepped on the colorful clouds and came to pick him up..

The wife was in tears, and after several seconds, she reacted and ran towards Darryl!

The two were galloping in the army and ran to each other.

Wherever they passed, the Xi Cang army and the Dong Ao army backed down and gave way to a spacious road!

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