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Chapter 626


Finally, Darryl and Kendra embraced each other tightly!


Suddenly, Qin Rong couldn’t help himself, and burst into tears: “Darryl, is it you? Is it really you? I thought…I won’t see you for the rest of my life.. Do you know, I’m ok Miss you… miss you so much…”

ten years!

During these ten years, Kendra thought day and night, dreaming that he was looking forward to meeting Darryl again. Now that I saw him all of a sudden, all the longings turned into tears!

“Ma’am, it’s me, it’s me…” Darryl hugged her tightly, looking at her sad look, heartbroken, unspeakable guilt.

However, at this time Kendra’s tears couldn’t stop at all: “Darryl, where have you been all these years? Why didn’t you come to me? Do you know that when I heard that you fell into the crater, I thought I’ll die immediately and go with you, but for the sake of our children, I have survived…”

As he said, Kendra’s jade hand clenched his fist, and kept beating Darryl’s chest: “Our child is called Gary. In order to let him grow up healthily, I stayed in Castro Palace. The King Castro treats me very well. All I have been thinking of is you, do you know? Later, Castro was convicted by the emperor for me. I had no choice but to take the child and leave, but… the child was separated from me again, and has been separated for seven years. In the past seven years, I have searched many places but have not found it. I wish you could show up and search for our children with me, but where are you and where are you? Darryl, I hate you, I hate you….”

Listening to Kendra’s words, Darryl only felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry..”

Darryl hugged her tightly and gently wiped the tears from her face, distressed, and kept saying: “Madam, I’m sorry, I have suffered so much for you…for these ten years I didn’t give up looking for your mother and son. I’m sorry. God finally made us meet again. Don’t worry, I will find our child. Don’t be sad, okay…”

Speaking of this, Darrylng couldn’t help himself, and he kept kissing Kendra’s face, feeling extremely distressed.


Seeing this scene, Ji Linglong and Zheng Chunqiu standing there also breathed a sigh of relief, feeling a moment of fear.


Fortunately, Darryl came in time, if one step later, this woman named Kendra was injured or died in the melee, then it’s over!

For a time, on the huge grassland, there was silence, with hundreds of thousands of people present, and all of them were full of atmosphere and did not dare to breathe. Only Darryl’s gentle voice of consolation continued to sound.

Finally, under Darryl’s comfort, Kendra’s emotions were not so excited, but he still hugged him tightly, for fear that Darryl would disappear in the blink of an eye.

At this time, Kendra completely let go of his reservations, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of people around him watching.

She only knew that the man in front of her had missed her for ten years, and now she finally meets again, and will never be separated in the future.

Darryl hugged her tightly, feeling the warmth of reunion after a long absence.

“Brother Darryl!”

At this time, Zheng Chunqiu reacted, traversing thousands of troops, and walked over with a smile: “Don’t come here without any problems.”

When he said this, Zheng Chunqiu couldn’t help but glanced at Kendra.

Just now the two armies fought, and almost injured Darryl’s woman by mistake, so he should come over and resolve the misunderstanding.

At the same time, Ji Linglong also came over, biting her lips tightly, not daring to look at Darryl’s eyes, lowered her head and spoke softly: “Ji Linglong… have seen the master.”

Seven years ago, Darryl gave Ji Linglong the Tongtian Pill.

Even if her heart was unwilling, Ji Linglong had to surrender. In the following years, Ji Linglong needed to get the antidote from Darryl every year. How dare to see Darryl at this time.

Ji Linglong’s voice was so small that no one else could hear it, but Zheng Chunqiu heard it clearly.


The female commander of the Xi Cang army actually called Brother Darryl to be the master?

All of a sudden, Zheng Chunqiu was surprised and shocked in his heart.

This brother Darryl is really a strange person. Every time I meet with him, I make unexpected discoveries. Thinking about it, Zheng Chunqiu looked at Darryl’s gaze, full of admiration.

Darryl smiled slightly and said to Danzong Sect Master Zheng Chunqiu: “Brother Zheng, I came to Dongao Continent this time to pick up my wife. Nothing else, we will see you later. In a while, you will go to Earth Continent. , I will order good wine and food to entertain you.”

“Okay!” Zheng Chunqiu laughed and patted Darryl on the shoulder.

Darryl nodded, took Kendra’s hand, and led hundreds of thousands of disciples from the Celestial Sect to leave in a mighty manner.

Seeing Darryl’s figure go away, Zheng Chunqiu and Ji Linglong looked at each other, embarrassing each other.

The other party is Darryl’s acquaintance.

Will this war continue?


the other side.

The Apocalypse Continent, the remains of the ancient battlefield.

In the gloomy woods, two children walking hand in hand, it was Gary and Tracy.

In the past few days, the two of them have been in the ancient battlefield together, and they have become very good friends, almost intimate.

Today the two plan to leave the ancient battlefield. After leaving the ancient battlefield, Gary was ready to return to Mingjiao, and Tracy was ready to return to Emei.

“Brother Gary, will we meet again in the future?”

When he was about to leave the ancient battlefield, Tracy blinked his big eyes, looking at Gary with dismay.

I don’t know why, the longer I stayed with Gary, Tracy felt more cordial in his heart, and didn’t want to leave him alone.

However, Master Miao Yuan was waiting for herself outside, and she would return to Emei with her after all.

“Of course it will! Of course we will meet again in the future.” Gary nodded heavily and looked at Tracy with a smile: “My hometown is on the Earth Continent, and I will go back to the Emei pie to see you in the future. “


Hearing this, Tracy was very happy, and immediately stretched out his little hand: “Then let’s pull the hook! Don’t forget, you must come to Emei Mountain to see me when you return to Earthland Continent in the future.”

Seeing her cute look, Gary smiled and stretched out his hand, and hooked her.

After a few more words, the two left the ruins of the ancient battlefield.

Master Miao Yuan was at the exit of the ancient battlefield and had been waiting for many days. Seeing Tracy came out, Master Miao Yuan took Tracy’s hand and returned to the Emei School. Tracy was reluctant to part with Gary, so he turned his head three times and waved at Gary continuously.

Gary stood there until Tracy’s figure was no longer visible, and then he set off to rush towards Mingjiao.

After several hours of rushing, Gary finally returned to Guangmingding.

At this time, in the Guangming Hall.

Lu Jiechen sat there with a smile on his face.

In front of him, Gary danced and narrated his experience this time: “Master, this time I descended from the mountain, the disciple got a magical tool!”

With that said, Gary took out the Overlord Hammer and demonstrated with excitement: “Look, Master, this Overlord Hammer can become bigger and smaller.”

Lu Jiechen suddenly stood up from the chair, only feeling that his head was blank! The hammer in the hands of the disciple is really extraordinary, it is really a magical weapon!

Chapter 627

“Good! Good!”

Lu Jiechen looked at him with a smile, his face full of gratification and admiration: “Ya’er, in the past seven years, Master has not hurt you in vain, and you have not disappointed Master.”

At this time, Lu Jiechen was very happy.

My beloved disciple is highly talented and clever, and now he has a magic weapon. With such a disciple, why can’t Mingjiao be carried forward?

With that said, Lu Jiechen couldn’t help concealing his expectations, and looked at Gary and said seriously: “Ya’er, Mingjiao will rely on you to revitalize in the future! Master should also tell you some things.”

Hearing this, Gary hurriedly put away the Overlord Hammer, respectfully listened to the instruction, and said cleverly: “Master, please say!”


Lu Jiechen took a deep breath, his eyes gleamed a bit fiercely, and said every word: “We Mingjiao, there is a great enemy who does not share the sky, that is, Darryl, the sect lord of the Heavenly Gate of the Earth Round Continent! Seven years ago, Darryl and him The other two worshiped brothers together and wiped out our Mingjiao. Master’s injuries were also bestowed by him. In the future, you will become stronger. You must avenge your master, you know?”

When he said this, Lu Jiechen clenched his fists, feeling extremely resentful in his heart.


You wait for me!

Even if I can’t beat you in this life, I can’t take revenge myself! But I still have an apprentice who is a genius in cultivation. The enmity between you and me, sooner or later must be clear.


It’s this Darryl again.

At this moment, Gary frowned, his expression serious.

Seven years ago, aunt Raquel took herself to escape from the imperial city. At that time, she stayed overnight in a ruined temple. Raquel mentioned Darryl.

Gary clearly remembered that at the time the aunt said that she had suffered a loss in Darryl’s hands.

And now, Master said that Darryl was the great enemy of Mingjiao, and that Master’s injuries were also given by him.

In an instant, Gary’s anger rose, and he remembered the name’Darryl’ deeply in his heart.


In the next second, Gary clenched his fists, and nodded to Lu Jiechen: “Don’t worry, one day this Darryl falls on my hand, and the disciple will make him pay a heavy price.”

When he said this, Gary’s face was full of firmness.

“Good, good!”

Lu Jiechen smiled, very pleased.


On the other side, Dongao Continent!

After Darryl and Kendra left the battlefield where the two armies were fighting, Darryl sent hundreds of thousands of Tianmen disciples back to the Earth Circle Continent. Darryl himself took Kendra to a cliff.

“Madam, I’ll take you to see my master!” With a smile on Darryl’s face, he took Kendra’s hand and said: “My master is an old man, known as a sword demon, named Nangong Jue, he is a swordsman, unparalleled in the world! “

At this moment, Darryl was talking endlessly. At this moment, he was carrying roast chicken and fine wine in his hands, with an excited smile on his face.

Darryl found Kendra, and he was very happy. Originally, he wanted to take his wife and return directly to Earth Yuan Continent. But suddenly thinking of Master Nangong Jue, he decided to come and visit.

In those days, Darryl and Krista fell from the cliff and were trapped in the deep valley below. Fortunately, they met Nangong Jue.

Under the guidance of Nangong Jue, Darryl not only successfully left the valley, but also learned the world’s best’Tiangang Sword Technique’.

Darryl will never forget this kindness.

Ten years.

It has been ten years since I and Master have seen each other, and I don’t know how old Master Master is now.

Thinking about it, Darryl quickened his pace, and his mood was extremely urgent. He knows that Master loves to drink, so he bought roast chicken and fine wine specially, and later he was ready to get drunk with Master before taking a break.

Soon, to the edge of the cliff.

Looking at the bottomless cliffs in front of him, Kendra’s delicate face was a little pale, and he said softly: “Darryl, Master, is it right down here? How did he live in such a place for so many years? Isn’t the master having a weird temper?”

On the way here, Darryl told Kendra about his worship of Nangong Absolutely as a teacher.

Knowing that Nangong Jue was once a powerful figure in the world, Kendra couldn’t help feeling a little nervous.


Hearing this, Darryl smiled slightly, and comforted: “Madam, don’t be nervous, the old man is amiable, the person is very nice, and the temper is not weird at all!”

When the voice fell, Darryl hugged Kendra in his arms, jumped, and jumped down.


At this moment, listening to the whistling of the wind in his ears, Kendra hugged Darryl’s waist tightly, and his heart hung up.

If it were someone else, jumping from such a high place would surely fall to pieces.

However, seeing Darryl’s confident smile on his face, Kendra immediately breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time he was unspeakably happy and sweet. This is his own man, standing upright, he can’t be troubled by anything.

Soon, after landing on both feet, Darryl held Kendra in one hand, carrying wine and roast chicken in one hand, and walked towards the canyon with a smile on his face.

As he walked, Darryl shouted: “Master, Master, I’m coming to see you!”

Kendra looked around his surroundings, secretly surprised!

Unexpectedly, this canyon has such a beautiful scenery.

“Master! Did you hear that.”

At this moment, Darryl came to the edge of the water pool, but when he saw that there was no one, he suddenly frowned.

Master likes to bask in the sun the most. Why aren’t you here today?

“Master, I am Darryl, I have come to see you…”

“Master, where are you?”

After shouting a few more times, there was still no response, and Darryl was a little anxious.

When he and Krista left, he invited Master to leave together, but he refused.

Darryl remembered very clearly that Nangong Jue said that he was frustrated and had no intention of fighting between the rivers and lakes, and wanted to live in seclusion here for a lifetime.

Therefore, it is impossible for him to leave.

But where did the people go?

Seeing Darryl’s anxious face, Kendra couldn’t help but softly speak to comfort him: “Darryl, don’t worry, Master is getting older, he may still be resting right now.”


Ten years have passed, and Master’s body is definitely not as good as before. At this moment, I should rest in the cave.

Thinking about it, Darryl took Kendra and walked towards the only cave in the valley. Darryl remembered clearly that there was only one cave in this canyon, and that cave was where Nangong must rest.


As soon as he arrived at the entrance of the cave, Darryl couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw that the whole cave was densely packed with arrows, these arrows, I don’t know how many years they have gone through, they have been decayed.

On the ground next to it, there were hundreds of bones lying in random directions.

Obviously, there has been a tragic battle here.


Seeing this scene, Darryl suddenly had a bad feeling and rushed into the cave.


As soon as he entered and seeing the scene inside, Darryl’s body trembled and his whole body froze completely.

I saw that, leaning against the mountain wall, there was a figure sitting quietly, motionless, with a stiff expression.

It is Nangong Jue.

Darryl saw that Nangong Jue’s body was covered with scars, and his clothes were broken into pieces. There were no less than a hundred feather arrows in his body, and he almost became a blood man. His blood had turned black, his body was stiff, and he was gone. breath.

To be precise, Nangong Jue has been dead for seven years.

At the beginning, Emperor Tianqi adopted Yan Xiong’s suggestion to kill Nangong Jue. The smoke and arrows were again, and Nangong Jue was tortured all over his body.

After the Emperor Tianqi left with his army, Nangong was absolutely lonely, no one was around to help him, and he died of anger without having survived the next day!

Chapter 628

When he reached the state of Nangongjue, his body would not rot even if he died, so his body would have been preserved to this day.

“Master…Master…” Darryl rushed over with red eyes and hugged Nangong Jue in his arms.

Darryl felt that Nangong Jue’s corpse was icy and bitter. After several years of weathering, the broken clothes and flesh were all melted together, which was almost horrible.

“How could this be? Master… I’m sorry, the disciple is late, the disciple is late…”

In an instant, Darryl cried and became a tearful person, tears falling down.

Especially seeing Nangong’s miserable death, Darryl only felt that one of his own hearts was grabbed.

At this moment, Kendra was also trembling, and his mind was blank.

There is no good place all over the body. It is conceivable how tragic the old Master Master went through.

“Darryl.. Don’t, don’t be sad…” Kendra couldn’t help but comforted gently, but she knew that even persuading Darryl would be useless. At this time, Darryl’s eyes were already red and he was not crying like what it was.

Darryl held Nangong Jue’s corpse tightly, his voice was crying dumb, his whole body was trembling!

“Master, the disciple brought you wine and roasted chicken, Master, see if I am okay…” Darryl’s eyes burst into tears, and he felt that his mind was blank, and he was about to faint.

At this moment, Kendra suddenly exclaimed: “Look at Darryl, there are words on the mountain wall next to it.”

That’s right, on the stone wall behind Nangong Jue, there were a few rows of bloody characters, but after too long, the writing appeared dark and black. If you don’t pay attention to it, you won’t be able to see it at all.

Darryl’s energy has always been on Nangong Jue’s body, so he didn’t pay attention.

Obviously, these blood words were left by Nangong’s own blood before he died.


Hearing this, Darryl’s tears flickered, and he looked towards the stone wall.


In an instant, after seeing the blood word, Darryl’s inner anger was instantly ignited, and his eyes were blood red and blood red!

I saw forty-one words written on the stone wall, all words of grief and anger!

‘My Nangong is absolutely brilliant and aboveboard. Tiangang swordsmanship is invincible in the world. Retire from the arena and have no intention of quarreling. The apocalyptic royal family, sinister and despicable, designed to harm me, I… ‘


The last four words, like a heavy hammer, hit Darryl’s heart viciously.

“God! Angry! Royal! Room!”

Darryl gritted his teeth, spit out these four words word by word, his eyes breathed fire, burning with anger!


In the next second, Darryl punched fiercely, hitting the mountain wall, and the whole cave suddenly shook.


God seemed to feel Darryl’s anger. At this time, the sky outside suddenly rolled in dark clouds, followed by a heavy rain!


The heavy rain can never quench the anger in Darryl’s heart!

“Master, don’t worry, if this revenge is not reported, I, Darryl, swear not to be a man!” The cold voice came from Darryl’s mouth.

When the voice fell, Darryl held Nangong Jue’s corpse tightly and walked out of the cave step by step!

Three days later, the Apocalypse Continent! The palace!

The weather is bad today, and the rain is continuous!

In the main hall of the Apocalypse Palace, there is a relaxed and lively atmosphere.

The Emperor Tianqi sat on the dragon chair with a smile on his face.

The following civil and military officials are all relaxed and comfortable.

In the past seven years, the Apocalypse Continent has enjoyed peace and security, and the people have lived and worked in peace. The Emperor of Apocalypse and the hundreds of civil and military officials are all very pleased.

“Everyone, Aiqing!”

At this time, the Emperor Apocalyptic looked around and said with a smile: “This year, we are on the Apocalypse Continent, and the weather is good. The people of the Li people can enjoy peace. You must contribute to the dinner. Tonight, I and everyone love Qing, we must have a few drinks. .”


After the words fell, the civil and military officials hurriedly knelt down to salute, and responded respectfully one by one: “Thank you, Your Majesty, Long En!”

For a time, the whole hall was filled with a festive atmosphere.

However, Raquel, who was standing next to the dragon chair, was uninterested.

In the past few years, the Emperor Tianqi proposed to hold a wedding for her and Yanxiong every time he was happy, but Raquel had to delay it for various reasons.

Because of this, Raquel was almost exhausted.

Tonight, the emperor father will host a banquet to invite hundreds of civil and military officials, and he will definitely mention this again at that time!

When the time comes, what reason should I use to refuse?

Thinking about it, Raquel frowned her eyebrows, her heart was unspeakably irritable!

“It’s not good, Your Majesty, it’s not good, there is a man outside holding a red broken sword and slammed into the imperial city!” At this moment, only a small eunuch was seen, staggering, and kneeling suddenly. In the hall, his face was pale!

“What?!” The Emperor Apocalyptic slapped the table abruptly and glared at the little eunuch: “In broad daylight, what nonsense?! My Apocalypse imperial city is heavily guarded, who can break in? Stop talking nonsense, then nonsense, I. .”


Before the words fell, only a loud noise was heard, and the gate of the palace hall was suddenly kicked open!

Immediately afterwards, I saw a figure, holding a blood-drinking sword, and strode in.

It’s not Darryl, who is it? !

At this moment Darryl, dressed in a black robe, was tied with a striking white filial piety belt on his right arm! Eyes are blood red, murderous awe-inspiring!

At that time in the deep valley of Broken Tiger Cliff, after Darryl buried Nangong Jue by himself, he wanted to avenge Master! He didn’t have time to summon the Tianmen tribe, and directly broke into the imperial city single-handedly!

Master died tragically, Darryl was almost crazy!

Even if he knew the masters of the Apocalypse Royal Family were like clouds, Darryl still came single-handedly.

Angrily the mountains and rivers!

Today, Darryl is going to step down this apocalyptic palace to comfort Master Nangong’s soul in the sky!

Darryl went all the way from outside the imperial city to the imperial palace. He didn’t know how many Apocalypse soldiers hacked to death! Today, he is full of scarlet blood, just like a murderer!

This… is this Darryl?

why did he come here?

At this moment, Raquel’s body trembled, and her delicate face was full of shock.


At the same time, the hundreds of civil and military officials present were all in an uproar!

“Tianmen Sect Master Darryl?”

“So bold, how dare you break into the palace?”

In recent years, Tianmen’s strength has continued to grow, and Darryl’s reputation has spread throughout Kyushu. Therefore, most of these civil and military officials recognize Darryl!


This person is Darryl?

Hearing Baiguan’s discussion, Emperor Tianqi’s complexion changed, his eyes gleaming with brilliance.

Ten years ago, the Apocalypse army invaded the Earth Yuan Continent, and it was because of this Darryl that it was defeated.

In the following years, it was because of Darryl, Tianmen, and the Apocalypse Continent that they could never find the opportunity to enter the Diyuan Continent again.

It can be said that Darryl is the thorn in the eyes of the Apocalypse Royal Family! Stabbed in the flesh!

Today, Darryl came to the door voluntarily, how could Emperor Tianqi not be angry?


Emperor Tianqi slapped the dragon chair violently, glaring at Darryl and scolded: “You are Darryl? You are so bold, you dare to go straight to the palace!”

Darryl’s eyes were cold, he didn’t speak, his face was gloomy, and he walked towards Emperor Tianqi step by step!

“I’m not only going to break into your palace.” Finally, Darryl said coldly, loudly!

“I want to smash your Qianyuan Palace, burn your 72nd house, and even your head on your neck, to be buried with my master!”

Chapter 629

Emperor Tianqi looked at Darryl, what Darryl said just now, did not put the royal family in his eyes at all, this was a great humiliation in the heart of Emperor Tianqi.

Royal Tianwei, no blasphemy!

Otherwise, they must be punishable!

The Emperor Tianqi had cold eyes, and said patiently: “Darryl, in the past ten years, my Apocalypse Continent and yours have circled the Continent, and there is no dispute. Today, you broke into my palace, what is the so-called?”

At this moment, Darryl stared at Emperor Tianqi closely, without losing his momentum, and asked loudly with red eyes: “Dongao Continent, there is a cliff, and a lame old man lives in the valley below. Did you order it to kill? “


When the voice fell, the entire palace hall was in an uproar! All the civil and military officials stared at Darryl one by one, furious!

How dare you use this tone to question His Majesty the emperor, it’s almost death!

“The lame old man?”

The Emperor Apocalypse was also furious, but he still frowned and stared, and then responded coldly: “How about the lame man who was killed by my order? A mountain villager who violated the emperor’s prestige, death is not a shame!”


Hearing this, Darryl’s eyes were extremely bloody red, his expression instantly sullen, and he said word by word: “Okay, then today, let you the Apocalypse Royal Family, bury him for his elderly!”


It’s crazy!

Hearing this, everyone present changed their expressions and became angry.

You know, the Apocalypse imperial family has ruled the Apocalypse Continent for thousands of years and has a very strong foundation! Even if it is other continents, integrating all the power, it is impossible to easily destroy the Apocalypse Royal Family!

And Darryl in front of him was just the lord of a small sect. Single-handedly rushed into the imperial city, he even dared to say arrogantly that he wanted the Apocalypse imperial family to bury an old man.

How can this be tolerated? !

This is no longer arrogant, but reluctant to live and die!

At this moment, Yan Xiong rushed out, glaring at Darryl, and howled: “Dare to be disrespectful to your Majesty and seek death!”

The voice fell, and a spear appeared in Yan Xiong’s hands, and then he rose into the air!


A powerful breath erupted from Yan Xiong’s body! The spear in his hand burst out with a sharp glow, piercing straight towards Darryl’s heart. In a short time, the air in front of him was distorted, and the power was amazing!

Seeing Yan Xiong attacking, Darryl’s cold face did not fluctuate at all!

“Go!” In the next second, Darryl shouted angrily, summoned the blood-drinking sword, and waved vigorously! He heard a roar of thunder, and immediately afterwards, a bloody light directly enveloped Yan Xiong!

Not bad! What Darryl displayed was the’Tiangang Sword Art’ taught by Nangong Jue!

Tiangang Sword Art is unparalleled and domineering! Fast and unbeatable! Yan Xiong was too late to react and was directly swept away by this sword!


With a scream, Yan Xiong flew out from the main hall, sprinkled a rain of blood in the air, flew a full 100 meters away, and finally landed heavily on the square outside!

The moment he landed, he saw Yan Xiong’s flesh and blood, and he had died!


one move?

It was just a move to kill Yan Xiong, who had achieved great military exploits?

Seeing this scene, the hundreds of civil and military officials present couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning, all of them were dumbfounded and speechless!

They all know that Darryl, as the master of Tianmen, is powerful.

But Yan Xiong, who is not an ordinary man, was actually killed by him with a single move!

This…this Darryl’s strength is too terrifying, right? !

And Raquel, who was standing there, stared at Darryl blankly, biting her lips, a trace of complexity appeared in her heart!

Darryl killed Yan Xiong, so he didn’t need to fight the marriage anymore! If Yan Xiong is alive, his father always wants to marry him.

“Come on!”

At this moment, Emperor Tianqi was furious, pointed at Darryl, and shouted angrily: “Take it down, take this person down for me, beheaded on the spot, beheaded on the spot…”

When yelling the last sentence, Emperor Tianqi almost roared.

His beloved general, and his own commissioner, was actually killed by Darryl!

Darryl was no longer provoking, but trampling on the royal majesty!

Today, Darryl must die! !

Whoosh whoosh…

When the voice fell, the hundreds of palace guards who had already gathered outside the hall burst out their internal forces and rushed towards Darryl!

These palace guards are mainly responsible for the safety of the palace. The lowest strength is Wuhou level, and most of them are Sandan Wuhou!

The aura exploded by hundreds of royal guards was also very powerful.

Darryl looked mad, without a word of nonsense, slowly raised his hands!

“Die, die for me!”

“Nine! Dragon! Ascend! Heaven!”

A frantic roar came from Darryl’s mouth. The moment the voice fell, the air around his body suddenly tore, and the nine golden dragons roared out, rushing to the hundreds of royal guards.


In the blink of an eye, hundreds of royal guards screamed and screamed continuously, one by one fell from the air and fell into a pool of blood.


Seeing this scene, whether it is the Emperor of the Apocalypse, the civil and military officials, can not help but breathe in the air!

Darryl is just a person, so brave, hundreds of royal guards can’t even stop him!

In shock, the eyes of Emperor Tianqi became more and more angry!

This person is not removed! There must be endless troubles!

At this moment, Darryl looked directly at Emperor Tianqi, his whole person was completely crazy, and shouted: “Today, I want you to pay for your debts!”

When he said this, Darryl thought of Master’s miserable situation in his mind, and his heart was cut!


Feeling Darryl’s suffocating aura, Emperor Tianqi suddenly felt a little flustered, and shouted: “Guardian, guardian…”

As soon as the voice fell, two figures leapt out, blocking the front of Emperor Tianqi.

It was Guo Shi and Xing Yao.


The national teacher had a gloomy look, and said coldly at Darryl: “You despise the royal Tianwei, today, you are doomed to escape!”

Xing Yao, who was on the side, did not speak, but stared at Darryl closely, and his delicate face also showed a bit of coldness.


At the same time, with a burst of breath fluctuations, more than a dozen figures came quickly! Protected around the Emperor Apocalypse! These people are filled with a powerful atmosphere!

It is the Twelve God Guards!

The twelve gods, named after the twelve zodiac signs. When Raquel went to Diyuan Continent, Emperor Tianqi sent twelve guards to guard Raquel’s safety.

Just now, knowing that your majesty is in danger, twelve guards immediately rushed to escort him.

At this time, each of the twelve god guards was in the realm of Emperor Wu, and the strongest tiger guard had even reached the third stage of Emperor Wu!

Da Da Da… Da Da Da…

Not only that, outside the Qianyuan Hall, there was a neat footsteps, and all the royal guards rushed over, full of tens of thousands!

“Darryl, just grab it with your hands.” At this time, Xing Yao took a deep breath and said coldly.


Hearing this, Darryl laughed up to the sky, his expression frantic: “I’ll catch it with my hands? I tell you, today I want all of you to be buried with my master, and all of you will be buried with my master…”

Even if you have many masters! He Darryl is not afraid at all!

Chapter 630

The moment the voice fell, Darryl raised his hand and waved, a golden light flashed, and a golden pagoda appeared, which was the Linglong pagoda!


In the next second, in the first and second layers, a total of 700 strong people in total, roared out one after another!

“Yuan Tiangang, Pang Tong, Confetti Bear King, Scarlet Flame Snake King…I want you to step down on this palace hall and slaughter everyone present!” Darryl yelled wildly, completely losing his mind!


As the voice fell, seven hundred strong men burst out one after another, rushing towards the twelve god guards and the royal guards.

In an instant, the royal guards fought with seven hundred strong men, and in an instant, blood stained the golden palace! Screaming constantly!


This Darryl is a lunatic!

Seeing this scene, the ministers of civil and military affairs, one by one, looked shocked, and hurriedly hid in the surrounding corners, shivering.

For a time, in front of Emperor Tianqi, only the Guoshi and Xing Yao were left.


Darryl didn’t hesitate, Chun Yang’s internal force urged, and he rushed up directly.

Guo Shi and Xing Yao looked at each other and immediately greeted!


In the next second, the three figures collided fiercely! Hearing a loud noise, a tyrannical internal force fluctuation swept the entire Qianyuan Palace!

Xing Yao and Guo Shi snorted at the same time, and stepped back more than ten steps at the same time!

And Darryl is as steady as a rock!


This Darryl is one enemy and two, but he won’t let the wind fall?

Seeing this scene, the hundreds of civil and military officials hiding around were all shocked!

You know, Guo Shi and Xing Yao are the patron saints of the Apocalypse Continent. Together, they are almost unmatched in the Apocalypse Continent!

However, facing Darryl at this time, he didn’t take advantage of it at all.

If you don’t see it with your own eyes, who can believe it? !

Guo Shi and Xing Yao were also suddenly shocked in their hearts! The strength of the two of them is higher than that of Darryl, but at the moment when they fought against Darryl, both of them clearly realized that Darryl’s internal strength was unfathomable!

Neither Guo Shi nor Xing Yao knew that in the past seven years, Darryln has practiced more, and Chunyang Zhenjing has reached a state of culmination! Moreover, Darryl’s strength is already in the second stage of Wu Huang’s late stage! The current Darryl, if he had all his cards, it would be really terrifying!

However, Xing Yao is the world-famous female god of war. She calmed down quickly and said coldly to Darryl: “Darryl, I am here today, you can’t want to be presumptuous.”

When the voice fell, Xing Yao opened the beast bag on her body!


The next second, a roar burst out, and then a huge behemoth appeared in front of Xing Yao, the whole body was dark blue, and the whole body was filled with black mist.

Yes, it is Xing Yao’s peculiarity.

In the secret road of Mingwang Mountain, Darryl and Xing Yao were instructed by the old Qiongqi, and they were given a poor egg by themselves. Now that Xing Yao’s poor and strange, he has already grown up!

As soon as Qiongqi came out, the mighty beast coerced in every corner of the palace hall! All the people present were heart palpitations!

At the same time, those civil and military officials are also very excited.


Xing Yao released the Qiongqi Divine Beast, and now he has a greater chance of winning against Darryl.

Darryl laughed and said, “Xing Yao, you seem to have forgotten that in this world, you are not the only one who is very strange.”

When the voice fell, Darryl immediately released his Qiongqi from the spirit beast bag.


Suddenly, accompanied by a breath of vibration, the other dark purple Qiongqi appeared in front of everyone.

This Qiongqi is the same size as Xing Yao’s Qiongqi, but with a different color! This Qiong Qi of Darryl is surrounded by purple lightning and possesses lightning attributes!



Two Qiongqi bite together instantly!

Speaking of which, these two Qiongqi, the same mother and child, have a blood relationship.

But after acknowledging the master, they only listen to their master’s commands, so even if they know that the other party is their compatriot, they have no scruples at all.


Seeing the two Qiongqi fighting together, everyone around was dazzled, all of them were stupid.

Two sacred beasts are fighting each other, this scene is really rare in a thousand years! A rare encounter in a thousand years!

At this moment, Darryl held the blood-drinking sword and rushed towards the national teacher and Xing Yao!

Although Darryl relies on the Pure Yang Zhenjing and has a strong internal force, facing the close cooperation between the national teacher and Xing Yao, it is difficult for Darryl to win for a while!


At this time, the national teacher looked abusive and coldly said: “Just because you want to subvert the royal family? Not only can you not touch your Majesty’s finger today, let alone leave alive! I also tell you that the lame fatal one back then The blow was struck by your own teacher. If you are capable, kill me to avenge him!”

When I said this, the national teacher’s eyes were full of contempt!

He said this, nothing more than to disturb Darryl’s state of mind, but he didn’t know that these words directly caused a murderous disaster for himself!

At the moment when the voice fell, Darryl’s eyes were extremely bloody red, and he directly locked the national teacher: “Okay, okay, okay! I want your life, pay homage to the spirit of my master in the sky, you die! Death!”


Darryl flipped his wrist, a white flame tumbling and jumping in the air, and finally transformed into the shape of a lotus!


In an instant, the surrounding temperature rose rapidly, as if the air was about to burn!

It is Bailian cold fire!

“This…this is… Bailian cold fire?”

Feeling the scorching temperature, Guo Shi instantly paled, and there was a panic in his heart!

As a national teacher, how could he not know Bailian’s coldness? Bailian is cold and fire, ranking first in the abnormal fire list, and can swallow other abnormal fires, which is very scary.

For thousands of years, I don’t know how many people wanted to integrate Bailian with cold fire, but they all failed. Some people even gave their lives!

However, he never expected that Darryl in front of him would have Bailian Lenghuo!


Darryl didn’t talk nonsense, and waved his hand, Bai Lian coldly floated directly to the national teacher!


Bailian’s cold fire seemed to be slow, but she arrived in the blink of an eye! The national teacher had no time to react, and was instantly overwhelmed by the cold fire of Bailian. After a scream, the whole person was burned completely, and there was no ashes left!


Whether it is the Emperor of the Apocalypse, or the civil and military officials, they can’t help but breathe in the air.

The patron saint of the dignified Apocalypse Continent, a powerful national teacher, just… just died?

Suddenly, the huge palace hall was deadly silent.

Even if a needle is dropped, you can hear clearly!

Feeling the horror of Bai Lian’s cold fire, Xing Yao’s face was pale, and she had to step back to avoid her sharp edge!

For a time, no one dared to approach within a hundred meters around Darryl.

“The emperor old man!”

At this time, Darryl fixed his eyes on Emperor Tianqi, and his cold voice spread throughout the audience: “Next, it’s your turn!”

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