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Chapter 651


As a result, just a few steps, Gonggong stopped, his eyebrows furrowed, and his beautiful face was a bit solemn!

These stones in front of me look a little weird!

Seeing Gonggong being cautious, Darryl mocked: “What? The dignified water god, facing a pile of stones, dare not come in?”

With that said, Darryl deliberately provoked: “I’m right here, even if you win when you meet me!”

“You…” Hearing these words, Gonggong said coldly: “You kid, you really can speak arrogantly, let’s die.”

His own dignified water god was provoked by a child!

Is it tolerable or unbearable!

In anger, Gonggong stopped thinking about it and flew in directly!


After all, I was fooled.

Seeing Gong Gong directly rushing in, Darryl was indescribably excited.

Yes, Darryl just moved the stone and set up a sleepy formation named Mixian Formation!

The Misty Formation is the most profound and mysterious formation among the Baiqi God Formation. As the name suggests, even if the gods enter, they will be confused and confused, don’t even think about coming out again.

Even if Gonggong was an ancient god, as long as he entered the maze, he would still be helpless.

Gonggong didn’t take these stones seriously at first, but after entering, she realized something was wrong. The distance between himself and Darryl was less than ten meters, but it happened that he couldn’t catch up with him. The surrounding stones, as if they were alive, were able to change their directions as they moved!

Time passed by, and Gong Gongqi’s delicate body trembled, but still couldn’t catch Darryl!


At this moment, Zhu Rong and his wife standing outside were also stunned!

Especially Zhu Rong, looking at Darryl’s figure, constantly changing and moving within the stone formation, and that Gonggong was played around by Darryl.

Seeing this scene, Zhu Rong was indescribably shocked!

Unexpectedly, my own brother who betrayed him would still do this! What an eye-opener!

At the same time, Raquel, who had always been worried, also smiled at this time.

To be honest, Raquel knows Darryl’s formation skills too well, because of the formation, Raquel had suffered several losses in Darryl’s hands. But Raquel never expected that Darryl could trap Gonggong with his formation!

After all, Gonggong is an ancient god! Powerful!

Finally, half an hour passed.

Darryl was chased in sweat, but Gonggong never touched him from beginning to end.

“The time is up, you lose!”

At this moment, Darryl stood still, looked at Gonggong with a smile, and said faintly, with a bit of abuse in his eyes.

“You…” Gong Gong stopped, his face flushed, staring at Darryl fiercely and speechlessly.

At this time, the co-worker was unwilling and angry! His own dignified water god was actually teased by a child. What a shame!

Darryl was relaxed, watching Gonggong ridiculed: “You are an ancient god, and you speak very well. We just made a bet, you won’t turn your face and deny it, will you?”

With that, Darryl walked out of the stone formation and stood in front of Zhu Rong.

In the next second, Darryl continued to say to Gonggong, “Come on, I would like to lose the gambling, and quickly call me to wish my eldest brother Dad! Call me uncle again! This is over.”


Hearing this, Gonggong’s beautiful face was instantly bloodless!

She bit her lip tightly, her eyes flashing with humiliation, she and Zhu Rong have been fighting for thousands of years, and she is an endless enemy.

Let yourself call Zhu Rong’s father, it is better to kill yourself directly.


At this moment, Zhu Rong came back to his senses, and couldn’t hide the appreciation in his eyes. He smiled at Darryl and said, “Brother virtuous, you really belong to you, awesome!”

After that, Zhu Rong looked at Gonggong and smiled: “Cogong, you don’t know how to speak, right? You have to admit it if you lose!”

As soon as the voice fell, Yuan Li next to him couldn’t help but mockingly said: “Yeah, if you go wrong, you would claim to be a god of water!”

“You…” Gonggong bit his lip tightly, almost bleeding from the bite, and stomped his feet with anger!

Immediately afterwards, Gong Gong gave Darryl a fierce look, and said coldly: “Okay, I am willing to bet! But I also remember you, kid, you wait for me!”

Having said this, Gong Gong whispered to Zhu Rong, “Dad…Dad!”

At this moment, Gong Gong was extremely ashamed and angry, and he looked down. How could there be the prestige of the ancient gods?

Hearing Gonggong yelling those two words, Zhu Rong was so happy, but still pretending not to hear, he cut out his ears: “Ah? What are you calling me? The voice is too small to hear!”

When I said this, Zhu Rong was extremely happy.

I have fought with Gonggong for thousands of years, and no one can take advantage of others. Now Gonggong is in front of him, and finally is a little shorter. How can I easily let her go?

Seeing that Zhu Rong was deliberately embarrassed, Gonggong’s body trembled and almost exploded, but he shouted again: “Dad!”

Zhu Rong accepted it as soon as he saw it, and nodded: “Oh, good girl.”

Gong Gong only felt that there were waves of humiliation in her heart, almost driving her crazy! Holding back the anger, looking at Darryl, he whispered: “Uncle!”


Darryl nodded in satisfaction and waved his hand: “Hey, you can go now! Just four steps forward and two steps to the left, you can get out of this formation.”

The chief co-worker breathed a sigh of relief, only feeling ashamed in his heart. She did not go, but stared at the stone next to her blankly, lost in thought.

How could this be?

Dozens of stones can actually trap oneself?

Zhu Rong laughed and pressed Darryl’s shoulders, very happy: “Brother Xian, I am so happy today. When we return to Big Brother Shennong, let’s have a few more drinks and celebrate!”

The co-workers, who have always been arrogant, are finally softened in front of him, and of course they have to celebrate.

“Big Brother has the final say!” Darryl responded with a smile.

Immediately afterwards, Zhu Rong and Darryl were talking and laughing as they walked away. Only Xia Gonggong stood there, looking at the stone in a daze.

Seeing Darryl’s back, Gong Gong’s eyes gushed with endless anger, and he gritted his teeth and said every word: “Darryl, I remember you, next time I run into you, you won’t be so lucky. .”

After the words fell, Gonggong slowly walked out of the stone formation, and then raised his jade hand, a powerful divine power burst out, smashing the stone, and then the graceful figure fluttered up and disappeared into the endless misty cloud. Among.

the other side!

The four of Darryl and Zhu Rong returned to Shennong Fudi.

As soon as I entered the Shennong Fortune Land, I saw Shennong sitting outside the thatched house with a solemn face.

“Master? What’s the matter? Why is your face so ugly?” Raquel walked up quickly and asked Xiang Shennong. After Raquel became Shennong’s medicine boy, he called him a master.

Shennong exhaled and frowned: “I was gathering medicine outside just now and saw many soldiers coming near Buzhou Mountain. Moreover, the clothes of these soldiers are very strange, like soldiers from the Apocalypse Continent.

On Buzhou Mountain, there are thirty-six caves and seventy-two blessed places, and those who live in it are all masters who live in seclusion. These masters do not ask about world affairs and do not want to be disturbed by the outside world. But just today, near Buzhou Mountain, there are many soldiers from the weather mainland. These soldiers are here to find Raquel.

When Darryl made a noise in the Tianqi Palace, Raquel used a magic talisman to bring Darryl to here.

The Emperor Tianqi was furious and sent troops to look for his daughter. Finally, the soldiers of the apocalypse found Bu Zhoushan.

Chapter 652

Raquel bit her lip, looked at Shennong, and apologized: “Master, the soldiers of the Apocalypse came to me. Actually…my identity is the princess of the Apocalypse Continent!”


Hearing this, not only the Shennong clan, but also Zhu Rong and his wife were stunned.

No wonder the temperament is different from ordinary girls, she turned out to be a princess with golden branches and jade leaves.

Raquel’s complex face apologized to Shennong, “Master, I know you live in seclusion here and don’t want to be disturbed by the world, so I decided to follow the Apocalypse soldiers outside and return to the Apocalypse Continent!”

With that said, Raquel was very embarrassed: “It’s just that, I can’t make you a medicine boy temporarily…”

Hearing this, Shennong suddenly laughed, looking at Raquel’s gaze, showing a bit of kindness: “Silly girl, I asked you to be a medicine boy at the beginning, but I was just trying your sincerity. You are just right. It’s a great time. Wouldn’t it be a waste of time to stay with an old man of mine to be a medicine boy?”

“Master…” Raquel whispered. During this time, she lived in Shennong Fudi, and she had already had a relationship with the Shennong family.

“Go, go, I have time in the future, come and see my old man!” Feeling Raquel’s discomfort, Shennong smiled and waved.

Raquel gave a hum, but didn’t move!

At this moment, Zhu Rong turned his head and smiled at Darryl and said, “Brother virtuous, your confidante is going to leave soon, do you want to go with her too? With your talents, you can be a horseman in the Apocalypse Continent. , More than enough!”


When the voice fell, Raquel’s face was instantly blushing, and her heart was speechless.

As an ancient god, Zhu Rong didn’t speak seriously at all.

But after another thought, isn’t Darryl also this virtue? Darryl and Zhu Rong were really similar, otherwise they wouldn’t bow to each other.

“Uh…” Darryl was also extremely embarrassed, scratching his head and smiling: “I…I haven’t fully recovered from my body, so I won’t be with her.”

When saying this, Darryl quietly glanced at Raquel.

To be honest, when Zhu Rong mentioned her husband, Darryl was a little moved.

During this period of time, Raquel took care of herself in every possible way, completely devoid of the princess’s coquettish and noble, indescribable virtuousness, such an excellent woman, any man will be moved.

However, before he made a riot in the Apocalypse Imperial City, he almost killed the Apocalypse Emperor.

Even if he wasn’t hurt, he couldn’t go to the Apocalypse Continent with Raquel.

After saying a few words, Shennong, Zhu Rong’s couple, and Darryl sent Raquel outside the blessed land.

When he got outside, Raquel didn’t take a few steps, and suddenly looked back at Darryl, her eyes flickering, and she said softly: “Darryl, you…”


Before she finished speaking, Darryl couldn’t help but feel the sorrow of parting. He rushed over and hugged Raquel in his arms.

In the next second, Darryl whispered in Raquel’s ear: “Don’t worry, I will go to the Apocalypse Continent to see you whenever I have a chance.”

At this time, Darryl completely ignored the presence of the three Shennong clan behind him, and did not suppress his inner emotions. During this time, Raquel took care of herself, really caring. As a princess, Raquel has been so hard to serve her.

Darryl gritted his teeth and didn’t know what to think. He bent his head and gently kissed Raquel’s forehead.


Feeling the breath of Darryl, Raquel’s body trembled, her whole body softened and her cheeks flushed extremely. Want to struggle, but reluctant.

After ten seconds, the two finally separated, Raquel glared at Darryl angrily: “You…what are you doing?”

Raquel was very angry when he said this, but his heart was sweet.

The moment she was kissed by Darryl, Raquel also suddenly realized that she had already liked this man very early.

Before Darryl could speak, Raquel whispered again: “Darryl, you have to count your words. If you have time, go to the Apocalypse Continent to find me. I, I will wait for you…”

When the voice fell, Raquel was infinitely shy, and the little deer bumped and turned and walked away quickly.


the other side!

The land is on a barren mountain a hundred kilometers away from Donghai City!

Inside the cave, Elisa could hardly survive, and could not die! She was scratched by Gary’s shoes, and now she was about to collapse, giggling and begging for mercy!

“Please, stop now…”

Seeing Elisa’s smile, tears flowed out, like a pear blossom with rain, Gary stopped his hand and said with a smile: “Now let’s talk about it! I ask you, where is the ice?”

“Say, I said…”

The itchiness disappeared, Elisa secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and nodded quickly: “Tracy, Tracy is closed in the secret room of my Emei school!”

When saying this, Elisa lowered his head and did not look at Gary. Yes, what Elisa said was a lie, but she couldn’t help it. She really doesn’t know where the ice is!

Forbidden room?

Hearing this, Gary was stunned, frowning and asked: “What did Tracy commit? You want to be locked up in a forbidden secret room? You have to tell me honestly, and you can’t hide it!”

With the whereabouts of Tracy finally, Gary was very excited.

Elisa said: “Tracy’s mother is shameless! I have said it many times before, don’t you understand it now? Tracy’s mother, that is, our former head of Emei Han proudly, secretly and Darryl seven years ago An affair, gave birth to cold ice, but concealed it!”

As he said, Elisa continued bitterly: “A dignified head has done such a shameless thing. As the daughter of Monica, we have locked up Tracy. It is kind enough!”

Elisa felt angry at the thought of Monica’s relationship with Darryl.

Seeing Elisa mentioned Tracy, his tone was still mean, Gary’s face sank, and angrily scolded: “No matter what their mother and daughter do, you, as Emei, speak so mean, you can’t get any better!”

Immediately, Gary stopped talking nonsense. He first clicked on Elisa’s acupuncture point to seal her internal strength, then untied the rope from her, urging him impatiently: “Quickly, take me to the Emei Secret Chamber and find Tracy. !”

Thinking of Tracy and being trapped in the forbidden secret room, Gary couldn’t wait to grow a pair of wings, and immediately rushed to Emei.

“Okay, I’ll take you there…”

Elisa rubbed his sore wrist and quickly responded!

To be honest, Elisa at this time wanted to kill Gary.

But there was no way, his internal strength was sealed by Gary, besides being able to walk, there was no chance of resistance at all.

More importantly, there is a hammer full of spiritual power in this little doll’s hand. Even if his strength is restored, he is not his opponent.

Chapter 653

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About two hours later, Gary and Elisa finally arrived at the Emeishan secret room.

The Emei Mountain Secret Chamber is located behind Emei Mountain. The entire chamber is made of boulders. The head of Emei in the past has often practiced in this secret room.

“Is cold ice in this secret room?” Gary asked joyfully when he reached the door of the stone room.

“Yes, she is in the secret room.” Elisa said nonsense.

But Gary believed it was true, and quickly walked into the secret room. This secret room was very deep, about a few hundred meters away, but the more Gary walked, the more it felt wrong. In this secret room, the furnishings are very simple, except for stone tables and stools, where can there be any shadow of ice?

Walking to the end of the secret room, Gary showed anger on his face and said to Elisa, “Where is the cold ice?”

Elisa pointed to the stone wall, only to see a red raised switch on the stone wall. Elisa said with a smile, “Have you seen this red switch? As long as you press it, a door will appear on the wall in front of you. The ice is shut behind the door.”

Hearing this, Gary was overjoyed and walked over quickly! Pressed the red button!


However, as soon as I pressed the red button, at this moment, I saw a giant net, which fell from the sky, directly covering Gary with a thunderous momentum!

In the next second, Gary only felt that his body was light, and his whole person was lifted by the big net!


When Gary came back to his senses, the whole person was dumbfounded. I feel that the big net that covers me is full of resilience, and I don’t know what material it is made of.

Gary was shocked, the whole person was hung up, and he was too anxious. He took out his portable dagger and tried to draw a big net, but the big net was very tough and cut constantly.

What made him even more angry was that the more he struggled, the tighter the big net was!


Gary trembled all over, through the big net, staring at Elisa fiercely: “You…you dare to lie to me!”

At this time, Gary could be considered to understand that Tracy was not here at all.

“Little baby.” Elisa looked at him with a smile: “Although you are strong, but you are not experienced in the rivers and lakes, fight with me, you are still tender.”

Elisa gritted her teeth when she said this. He was in charge of Emei, but was humiliated several times by a ten-year-old child.

Now I have finally caught the kid, and I have to take a good breath later.

Gary was furious, but couldn’t say anything to refute it. Elisa was right. He owns the Overlord Hammer, and the world moves at will, but his experience in the arena is very inadequate. I was deceived by this woman!

Thinking about it, Gary was very upset.


In the next second, Gary was not reconciled, holding the dagger tightly, and striding towards the big net again. However, it was discovered that the sharp blade of the dagger had been shot out of the hole, but the big net showed no trace at all.

Gary was shocked and angry, and wanted to use the Overlord’s Hammer.

However, his whole body was tightly entangled by the big net, and he couldn’t get it out with any strength.

Seeing this situation, Elisa laughed: “Little baby, you don’t have to waste your energy. Let me tell you. This big net is made of ice silk and ten thousand years of fine iron. It is extremely tough. No one can pull it in the world. Break it!”

As he said, Elisa’s face became more and more complacent, his eyes filled with playful abuse: “Don’t worry, little baby, I won’t kill you for the time being. I will keep you here forever and let you taste what it’s like to be a prisoner. .”

“You let me go!”

Gary was furious and shouted: “I can’t be locked up here, I still have very important things to do!”

“Very important thing? Looking for your sister Tracy?” Elisa asked with a smile.

Gary said anxiously: “It’s not looking for Tracy! I have more important things. I want to participate in the alchemy conference three days later, I must not miss it! I warn you, if this alchemy conference, I really missed it. I can never spare you!”

Alchemy Conference?

Elisa’s smile froze and looked at Gary in surprise: “You also want to participate in the alchemy conference? You little baby, what are you doing at the alchemy conference?”


Gary took a deep breath and said, “I participated in the alchemy conference, in order to get the’Nine-turn Exquisite Pill’ to save my master! So you must let me go, if I miss this alchemy conference, I will fight you hard. !”

“Who is your master?” Elisa asked with a smile. She has a keen interest in Gary’s identity.

You know, a ten-year-old child has a magic weapon in his hand, and his martial arts is superb! Then the master behind him is definitely not an ordinary person.

“Who my master is, you don’t need to know!” Gary said coldly: “I warn you, let me go quickly, if you miss my business, you can’t bear the consequences, I can tell you from the person in charge, I The forces behind it will be easy to destroy the Emei faction!”

Gary was right.

Seven years have passed since Mingjiao made a comeback. During these seven years, Mingjiao has developed rapidly. Although not as good as the peak state before, it is also one of the best sects in the Apocalypse Continent.

And Emei!

Without Monica and Miaoyuan Master, the overall strength will be reduced by half, and if Mingjiao really violates it, the Emei faction will be wiped out if it can’t stop it for a day!


Elisa’s expression changed when he heard Gary’s words! This kid was caught by himself, and he dared to speak wild words!

But… this little baby dared to say such words, it proves that his background is indeed capable of destroying Emei!

I have just taken over the Emei faction, and the position of the head has not yet been firmly established. If Emei is destroyed, then his own head would be too incompetent.

Elisa stood there, feeling a little tangled inside. This is how to do? Did you let this kid go? But let him go, Elisa was not reconciled! This kid just tortured himself so much, he can’t be let go easily!

After a full ten seconds, Elisa breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Gary: “Okay, I can let you go, but you have to promise me three conditions!”

Three conditions?

Gary frowned: “What three conditions, you say!”

Elisa smiled charmingly, with a sly look in his eyes: “I haven’t thought about these three conditions yet. Don’t worry, these three conditions are definitely within your power.”

Gary frowned and did not respond. He didn’t know what Elisa was going to do, but he had just been fooled by her, so he was very alert!

Seeing that he had been reluctant to agree, Elisa smiled and said, “As long as you agree, I will not only help you find the cold ice. At that time, at the alchemy conference, if someone really develops the’Qiqiao Linglong Pill’, I will I’ll get it for you too. How?”

Elisa has already thought about it. It would be worthless if it provokes the little evil star in front of you and brings disaster to the Emei faction.

There is a saying that is good, but if you can’t bear it, you will be chaotic! I am now the head of Emei, and I need as many miraculous medicines as I need. When I become stronger in the future, I will find this kid to avenge my humiliation!


Seeing Elisa’s sincere expression, Gary took a deep breath and nodded and said: “Okay, I promise you three conditions, you quickly let me go!”

Chapter 654

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On the other side, Donghae City.

In a coffee shop, Lily and Alexandra are sitting there, sipping coffee.

The weather is good today, and Lily’s mood is exceptionally good. In the morning Lily sold the villa and returned a sum of cash to buy medicine to restore her appearance from Chen Qi’s hands. At this time Lily was here, waiting for Chen Qi to come over and trade.


At this time, Lily smiled at Alexandra: “I sold our villa, don’t you be angry.”

“My stupid daughter! How could Mom be angry?” Alexandra responded with a smile: “As long as you can return to the way you were before, no matter how much money we spend, Mom won’t feel distressed!”

My daughter is both smart and capable. I made a lot of money by doing live broadcasts before!

As long as the daughter’s face is better, she will go live again. Alexandra believes that it won’t take long for her daughter to make money back from selling the villa!

Hearing this, Lily was very moved, holding Alexandra’s arm and said: “Mom, don’t worry, when my face is better, we will buy a bigger house!”

“Well, mom believes you!” Alexandra smiled and nodded.

Just as he was talking, a man in a suit and leather shoes came into the cafe. It was Chen Qi.

As soon as he entered, Chen Qi saw Lily and walked over with a smile.

When he arrived, Chen Qi put the medicine in his hand on the table and smiled at Lily: “Miss Lily, are the money ready?”

Lily nodded.

Chen Qi was very excited and hurriedly asked Lily to transfer the money, and then handed over the medicine.

Immediately afterwards, Chen Qi took out an agreement and said with a smile: “Ms. Lily, I have to trouble you to sign. As you know, our drug has just applied for a patent and has not yet been mass-produced. What about this agreement? I just hope you don’t leak this medicine, you know what I mean!”


Hearing this, Lily didn’t have the slightest suspicion. As a result, she glanced at the agreement and signed it.


However, as soon as Lily finished signing, there was a big laugh at the door, and then a man slowly walked in.

It is Liu Zhiyuan!

“Liu Zhiyuan?” Lily was confused when she saw him.

At this moment, Chen Qi greeted him and smiled at Liu Zhiyuan: “Brother Yuan, it’s done! The fifty million has already arrived!”

“Okay, okay!” Liu Zhiyuan nodded excitedly, and took the agreement from Chen Qi with a smile on his face.

“Liu Zhiyuan…you…”

“What’s the matter?”

Seeing this scene, both Lily and Alexandra realized something was wrong, and looked closely at Liu Zhiyuan.

Liu Zhiyuan was so proud and said with a big smile, “Lily, don’t you understand? Chen Qi and I are in partnership. The drugs we sell to you are simply fake! Understand, b!tch!”



Upon hearing this, Lily’s body trembled, her face suddenly changed.

“Liu Zhiyuan, you are an inhuman thing!”

At this time, Alexandra came back to his senses and pointed to Liu Zhiyuan’s nose and cursed: “You partnered with others to lie to us for money, are you still not a human? Has your conscience been eaten by a dog!”

When I said this, Alexandra trembled all over!


Liu Zhiyuan sneered coldly, with resentment flashing in his eyes, and looked at Alexandra with a sneer, “Are you embarrassed to tell me about your conscience? Just because of your ugly daughter, Darryl used his relationship to make the entire Liu family bankrupt. Do you know that? How did our Liu family survive this time? And what about you?”

With that, Liu Zhiyuan couldn’t conceal his inner resentment, and said cruelly: “Why are you mother and daughter still living in a villa and driving a luxury car?”


Hearing this, Alexandra became annoyed: “Liu Zhiyuan, the villa in my house was earned by Xuaner’s hard work. It has nothing to do with your Liu family. Moreover, the Liu family ended up like this, and it’s all on your own account. Can’t blame others!”


Liu Zhiyuan’s eyes flickered and couldn’t help laughing: “I’m not talking nonsense to you. In short, the reason why the Liu family is ruined is all thanks to Lily! Therefore, I got your money for buying a house, and it’s your retribution. God willing!”

“Liu Zhiyuan!”

At this moment, Lily finally couldn’t help it, her delicate body trembled faintly, and said coldly at Liu Zhiyuan: “You lied to my money, aren’t you afraid to go to jail?”

Hearing this, Liu Zhiyuan showed a bit of pride on his face, and said leisurely: “Cheating you money? You gave it to me voluntarily. The last few paragraphs of this agreement are clearly written. You just signed it. of!”

With that said, Liu Zhiyuan raised the agreement in Yang’s hand with a very sinister expression.


Lily’s body trembled, she was weak and weak, and she suddenly slumped in the chair, speechless.

At this time, Lily felt very regretful in her heart.

Just now I was only concerned about getting the medicine as soon as possible, why didn’t I think about taking a good look at the agreement?

I really responded to that sentence and went to the doctor in a hurry!

At the same time, Alexandra was also dumbfounded. The situation in front of him is very obvious. Just now Lily signed the agreement. The fifty million belongs to Liu Zhiyuan. Even if he is sued, it will be difficult to recover!

How could this be?

At this moment, Liu Zhiyuan’s face was gloomy and he looked at Lily with a smile: “Lily, from now on, the kindness between you and the Liu family is truly written off. If you are not convinced, you can sue me, but I persuade you. You should give up, if I guessed right, you don’t even have the money to hire a lawyer now, haha…”

Having said this, Liu Zhiyuan left with a big smile.


Lily almost fainted angrily and sat down on the chair.

“Liu Zhiyuan, you ba5tard, you will not end well!” Alexandra trembled all over, tears falling down.

The house is gone and the money is gone.

How can I live the rest of the day?

“Mom! Don’t be angry, blame me, it’s too easy to trust people.” Lily bit her lip tightly and said guiltily.

Alexandra sighed, shook his head and smiled bitterly: “Why can mom blame you? I’m just thinking, mother and daughter, what should we do in the future.”


Lily took a deep breath, looked at the familiar street outside, and said softly: “Leave the East China Sea, find a new place, and start again.”

When she said this, Lily’s expression did not fluctuate at all.

Since Darryl’s’seven-year agreement’ didn’t come, Lily has been frustrated!

Now the money for buying the villa has not been scammed, almost nothing. For Donghai City, Lily no longer feels nostalgic.

At this moment, Lily just wanted to leave this place that made her sad.


On the other side, Zhongzhou City! Tianzhong Square!

Tianzhong Square, the largest square in Zhongzhou City, is located in the center of Zhongzhou City.

Tianzhong Square is nearly 100,000 square meters, more than ten times larger than Neptune Square in Donghai City.

The weather today is very good, the sun is shining, and there are crowds of people near Tianzhong Square.

Not bad!

The alchemy conference held by the Alchemy Association was held in Tianzhong Square. In this alchemy conference, all alchemists from all over the land will come to participate, and the scale is unprecedented!

Not only the various sects from the rivers and lakes came to watch the game, but also families and ordinary people from all over the country came to watch the excitement! It’s really crowded! It can be said that this alchemy conference has caused a sensation throughout the whole continent!

At this time, in the center of Tianzhong Square, a huge alchemy arena was built early! Around the ring, the flags of various sects are flying.

I saw that Shaolin, Wudang, and Xiaoyao were all here.

At this moment, only a dozen women walked slowly outside the square. These women, all white dresses, give people the feeling that they are indescribably beautiful and refined!

It is the disciple of the Emei school!

Headed by the new head of Emei, Elisa!

Chapter 655

Elisa at this time, wearing a moon-white long skirt, her tight figure is full of expression! After becoming the head, Elisa also has a special temperament on him, which is eye-catching!

And behind Elisa, there was a young man behind! Like the disciples of the Emei school, the young master wore a white robe, gentle and handsome, with aloof temperament. It is Gary!

Elisa trapped Gary and asked him to agree to three conditions before letting him go. Later, Gary stayed in the Emei faction, and today followed Elisa to participate in the alchemy meeting.


At this moment, seeing the Emei faction rushing, everyone present was in an uproar, and many men’s eyes gathered on Elisa!

“Is this the new head of the Emei school? It’s also pretty!”

“Beautiful, so beautiful!”

The surrounding exclamation kept coming, and Elisa showed a smile on his face.

Especially seeing the admiration of some people, Elisa’s inner superiority was greatly satisfied.

The feeling of being the head is really great.

The disciples of Emei walked to the ring, and the heads of the various schools stood up to greet each other.

“Zhou Sect, don’t come here unharmed!”

“The head of Zhou is here…”

At the same time of greeting, Shaolin and Wudang martial arts also presented gifts one after another. Congratulations to Elisa for becoming the head of Emei.

For a while, Elisa’s heart was full of joy.

“Master Kongwu, real person Lingbao, you are so polite!” Elisa asked his disciples to hand over the gift, and nodded to thank Master Kongwu and others.

After being polite, Elisa looked aside. I saw Oliver sitting not far away.

“Patriarch Ouyang, I haven’t seen him for a few days, how is my health?” Elisa asked with a smile.

While talking, Elisa looked around and was disappointed to find that Darryl had not come.

Not only did Darryl not come, but his confidantes, Elsa, Bessie, Krista, Kendra and other women also did not come.

Oliver barely squeezed out a smile, his tone was very cold: “My body is still very tough, hehe, Zhou Zhangmen need not be polite!”

After that, before Elisa responded, Oliver sat directly on the chair!

Oliver had a bad impression of Elisa.

Moreover, Elisa publicly told the scandals of Han proud of the Millennium Ceremony of the Emei School. After this incident, Oliver’s impression of Elisa became even worse. Oliver was a person who couldn’t tolerate the slightest sand in his eyes. He had a straightforward personality. He was extremely disdainful of Elisa’s behavior of deceiving his master and destroying his ancestors.

Under such circumstances, Oliver would naturally have no good expressions on Elisa.

Seeing Oliver’s attitude, Elisa was a little embarrassed, but still couldn’t help asking: “Patriarch Ouyang, today’s alchemy meeting, Yue…Darryl won’t come?”

When I said this, Elisa’s heartbeat speeded up a bit.

Oliver didn’t have any expression on his face, and said lightly: “You want to know if the wind will come, and ask me what to do? You should ask the people in Tianmen.”

Uh …

Elisa’s face was flushed with soft nails repeatedly, and he was very embarrassed, and was speechless for a while.

Because he understands Oliver’s temperament, the other leaders around him shook their heads with a wry smile, and they couldn’t say anything.

For a while, the atmosphere was a little delicately suppressed.

After the embarrassment, Elisa couldn’t say anything, greeted the disciple behind him, and sat down in his place.

Just sitting down, Gary, who has been silent, couldn’t help but whispered: “You, the head of the Emei faction, don’t everyone give you face, I feel aggrieved for you!”

Although Gary was young, he could see that Oliver was very upset with Elisa in his heart.

Tong Yan Wuji, Gary said directly what he was thinking.


Hearing this, Elisa was very depressed. He couldn’t help but glared at Gary and said in a low voice, “Do you still want me to help you find Tracy and take the’Qiqiao Linglong Pill’?” Just be honest and talk less!”

When he said this, Elisa’s delicate body trembled. Even a child started to mock himself.

Gary was a big kid, seeing Elisa getting a little angry, he hurriedly smiled and closed his mouth.


At this moment, there was a wave of restlessness around.

Immediately afterwards, I saw a woman in the alchemy arena in front of me, slowly walking up, wearing a purple dress with a tight and graceful figure, a beautiful face, an indispensable beauty!

It is the president of Jiangnan Alchemy Association, Ren Feifei!

Seeing Ren Feifei, the entire square exploded!

“This President Feifei is really beautiful again!”

“Is this chairman Ren presided over this alchemy conference?”

“Of course, although the chairman is only the chairman of the Jiangnan Association, it is also famous in the alchemy world of the entire Earth Garden. It is also popular for her to preside over this alchemy conference!”

Many ordinary people around, as well as some wealthy children, looked at Ren Feifei without blinking, unable to move their eyes.

Even Gary was attracted by Ren Feifei’s temperament.

At this moment, Ren Feifei walked to the center of the arena, looked around, and said with a smile: “Everyone, this alchemy meeting is unprecedentedly huge, thank you for coming to join us. Okay, now it’s almost time. Alchemy players, get ready to play!”

The voice fell, and there was thunderous applause around.

Elisa looked at Gary and whispered: “Have you seen this beauty on stage? She is the president of the Jiangnan Alchemy Association. When the alchemy conference begins, all the elixirs practiced by the contestants will be temporarily taken by her. custody!”

“You mean…” Gary whispered softly: “If someone really develops the Qiqiao Linglong Pill, if we want to get it, we must first control this Ren Feifei, and then grab it from her hand. Take the pill?”

“That’s right!” Elisa nodded approvingly, and said: “When the game is over, I will lead her to the lounge. Then you find a chance, click on her acupuncture points, and snatch the medicine away.”

“Okay!” Gary nodded heavily, and the two hit it off.

It didn’t take long for the alchemy meeting to begin.

I have to say that this alchemy conference, unprecedented, has gathered many alchemy wizards. It can be said that those who came to participate in this competition had extremely deep attainments in alchemy.

In the first round of the competition, some people practiced a lot of peerless elixir, which drew exclamations from the surroundings.

Gary, who was standing there watching the game, couldn’t help but speed up his heartbeat.

Qiqiao Linglong Dan!

Someone must make Qiqiao Linglong Pill.

Time passed by every minute.

The alchemy conference finally entered the final finals.

At this moment, accompanied by a spiritual shock, a pill furnace was opened in the arena, and immediately after that, a pill flashing with colorful rays appeared in front of everyone.

For a while, the heads of the various sects sitting around stood up one after another, shock and scorching in their eyes.

Ren Feifei was trembling even more, stepping on high heels, walking over with excitement.

“Qiqiao Linglong Pill?”

After getting the pill, Ren Feifei was unspeakably excited, and looked around the audience: “Everyone, this contestant has refined the Qiqiao Linglong Pill. It seems that this competition is no accident. The champion is none other than him. Yeah!”


When the words fell, the entire sky square was boiling, and everyone’s eyes were on the Qiqiao Linglong Pill in Ren Feifei’s hands.

According to the rumors, Qiqiao Linglong Pill is an elixir that is really rare in a century! It’s just that this kind of pill formula, few people know about it, but they didn’t expect that at today’s pill refining conference, someone would be able to refine it.

Gary in the audience clenched his fists, his face flushed, and his heart was extremely excited!


There really is a Qiqiao Linglong Pill.

I didn’t come in vain for this alchemy meeting.

Thinking about it, Gary looked at Elisa with a smile, and couldn’t wait to say: “Sister Zhou, wait on you. You must lead this Ren Feifei to the lounge. I took the opportunity to tap her acupuncture points.”

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