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Chapter 721


Hearing this, Song Qian was stunned, looking at Mu Xixi with complicated eyes, and then looking at Darryl weirdly.

Master, what’s wrong? Normally, she has always been clear about her grievances, and if someone provokes Master, Master will definitely avenge her personally.

Today, the master has suffered such a big loss in the hands of the four dragons and four phoenixes, but he is not very angry. Also give Darryl the right to dispose of the four dragons and four phoenixes? More importantly, wasn’t Master going to take her brother-in-law to Tianyi Sect before? How come you trust him so much in a blink of an eye?

Master and brother-in-law…what happened in the room just now?

Just as Song Qian was muttering in her heart, Darryl smiled and nodded: “Okay, then you go quickly! The four dragons and four phoenixes outside, I will deal with them!”

With that, Darryl continued at Mu Xixi: “By the way, the grievances between me and Tianyi Sect, forget it, I won’t go with you to see the head of Ling, you help me to tell that Ling Xiaoxiao Just a word, don’t mess with me in the future.”

Since he and Mu Xixi had an agreement, they didn’t care about the previous things.

After all, that Ling Xiaoxiao is her friend.


Mu Xixi did not hesitate, smiled and nodded.

This Darryl is still open-minded, it is rare.


At this time, Darryl smiled and said, “My internal strength is still being sealed.”

Without internal strength, how to deal with the four dragons and four phoenixes later.

Hearing this, Mu Xixi smiled apologetically: “I forgot about it.”

With that, Mu Xixi walked over slowly, and Yushou lightly tapped a few times on Darryl to help him unblock the internal force.

After doing this, Mu Xixi Mu Xixi greeted Song Qian, “Qian’er, let’s go.”


Song Qian responded and was about to follow Mu Xixi away from the back door.


At this moment, Darryl thought of something and smiled at Mu Xixi’s back: “Don’t forget our agreement.”

Mu Xixi smiled lightly, nodded and said: “Don’t worry, I won’t forget.”

When the voice fell, Mu Xixi turned and left without looking back.


Seeing this scene, Song Qian was completely stunned.

What’s the matter with Master? I didn’t have any good feelings about my brother-in-law before, and within a day, the change was so big. What did my brother-in-law say and what should she do. Moreover, the two have an agreement?

Thinking about it, Song Qian took a deep look at Darryl, then chased after Mu Xixi, and couldn’t help asking: “Master, what is your agreement?”

“I’ll tell you later, let’s leave here first.”

“Master, can’t you talk while walking?”


Listening to the conversation between the master and apprentice, Darryl put away his smile, then sat cross-legged and began to practice.

At the same time, Darryl also kept an eye on the movement of the four dragons and four phoenixes outside.

I heard that the four dragons and four phoenix were still drinking and frolicking there, playing crazy.

Drink, make trouble!

When you get tired of playing, that’s when I shot.

A smile appeared at the corner of Darryl’s mouth, and then slowly closed his eyes.

Time passed by, and finally, Darryl suddenly opened his eyes, and at the same time, a powerful aura burst out of him!


The internal strength finally recovered completely.

It has to be said that Mu Xixi is not only strong, but the method of sealing internal force is also unbelievable. Although she had unblocked Darryl before, it took Darryl nearly two hours before her internal force was completely restored to its peak.

Perceiving the movement outside is much smaller, it seems that the four dragons and four phoenixes are resting.

Darryl couldn’t think too much, got up and walked out directly.

D*mn it!

When he got outside, Darryl was stunned when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw four dragons and four phoenixes, one by one, drunk, lying on top of each other, with the head of the big dragon resting on the thigh of the two phoenixes, but their arms around Sifeng’s waist.

Sanfeng is in Erlong’s arms…


The relationship is so messy, these four dragons and four phoenixes are simply weird.

Thinking about it, Darryl slowly walked over.


Before he got there, Dalong sensed something and opened his eyes in a daze.

At the same time, Erlong and several other people also woke up, looking at Darryl sleepily one by one.

The four dragons and four phoenix travel around the rivers and lakes, so they are very vigilant.


Waking up so soon?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl was very depressed.

“Brother Darryl!”

At this time, Dalong was sober a lot, and when he saw that it was Darryl, he smiled and said: “A spring night is worth a lot of money. Why aren’t you in the room and enjoy the gentleness of the beauty?”

“Yeah, it’s still dark! Why did you come out?”

“Haha, aren’t the two beautiful women coming together? I can’t help it.”

Two dragons, three dragons, and four dragons also laughed and joked.

Darryl showed a slight smile, and said: “The room is too hot, I will come out to let the air out!”

“Haha, too hot…”

“Brothers are so interested!”

Hearing these words, Dalong suddenly wanted to get crooked and teased one by one.

Darryl squeezed out a smile and responded casually, but he was too anxious in his heart!


The strength of these four dragons and four phoenixes is very strong, and it is difficult to win by fighting head-on.

Have to think of a way to defeat them one by one!


While Darryl was secretly pondering, Dafeng cast a wink at Darryl: “Is it because the two beautiful masters and apprentices don’t understand the mood and make you uncomfortable, you came out, or else? , Sister to accompany you?”

When the voice fell, Erfeng and Sanfeng, Sifeng all laughed.

Until now, the four dragons and four phoenix hadn’t realized that Darryl had let Mu Xixi master and apprentice away, thinking they were in the room.


Darryl’s eyes flashed, and he smiled at Dafeng and said, “Since my sister is so kind, if I refuse again, I can’t justify it.”

With that, Darryl pointed to the room: “Sister, come in and play together.”

“Okay.” Seeing Darryl’s agreement, Dafeng was exasperated and walked over with Yang Liu’s waist: “It’s no good to be too beautiful, and it’s no use to have no sentiment. Wait for my sister to accompany you, let the master and apprentice take a look! “

With that said, Dafeng took Darryl’s arm and entered the room.

In Dafeng’s heart at this time, he was just happy, but didn’t realize that what was waiting for him was not the joy of fish and water, but the true face of Darryl.


After entering the room, Dafeng was stunned when he saw that there was no one inside.


Before she could react, Darryl shot her acupuncture points directly, and at the same time sealed her dumb acupuncture points. In a moment, Dafeng’s body trembled and couldn’t move anymore.


Seeing Dafeng looking at herself in astonishment, Darryl smiled slightly: “I let you down!”

With that, Darryl walked out slowly.

“Hey, why did Brother Darryl come out again?”

Seeing Darryl, Dalong and others outside, they all looked confused.

Dafeng has gone to accompany him, are you still not satisfied? You know, Dafeng is the most sultry among the four women.


Darryl sighed lightly and made a very disappointed look: “That sister drank too much and fell asleep as soon as she entered. Brother, I can only sigh with excitement.”


Hearing this, Dalong suddenly burst into laughter.

In the next second, the dragon said to the three two phoenixes: “Two phoenix, three phoenix, and four phoenix, let this brother see your charm.”

In Dalong’s heart, Darryl was already his own, and of course the woman wanted to share it.


When the words fell, Erfeng, Sanfeng and Sifeng came over with a smile, and Darryl entered the room.

Bang bang bang…

Like Dafeng, as soon as he entered the room, Darryl tapped the three of them.

At this moment, Dafeng and Erfeng, who were tied there, were frightened.

This kid is so cunning…


Suddenly overpowering the four women of Dafeng, Darryl couldn’t tell the ease in his heart.

Half of the four dragons and four phoenixes have been caught by himself, and the remaining four dragons are not a cause for concern.

Excited, Darryl walked out again.


Seeing Darryl coming out again, the four Dalong looked at each other and frowned secretly.

what’s the situation?

Three beauties go in together, is he still not enough?

There seems to be something wrong.

Chapter 722

Dalong was the first to react and stood up and looked at Darryl: “Brother Darryl, what’s the matter? Sifeng has come in to accompany you, why are you coming out again?”

Darryl smiled slightly, his Dantian internal force rushed upwards, rushing directly to Dalong’s side with lightning speed, and he raised his hand to stop his acupuncture points.


Darryl’s speed was so fast that Dalong couldn’t react at all, his body froze, staring at him in anger.


At the same time, the two dragons and the three were also shocked and angry, and shouted.

“Good boy, dare to play with us!”

“How have you done Dafeng?”

“Stop talking nonsense with him, let’s go together!”

The words fell, two dragons, three dragons, and four dragons burst out of internal force and rushed towards Darryl directly.

The three martial emperor realms, united, burst out with terrifying power!

However, Darryl didn’t panic at all.

“I advise you to catch it with your hands. If you three go together, it won’t be my opponent.” After saying this faintly, Darryl waved his hand.


A powerful internal force burst out from Darryl’s body, and immediately after that, Bai Lian Leng Huo quickly summoned, forming a sea of ​​fire in front of Darryl’s eyes!


Feeling the scorching temperature of the cold fire of Bailian and the unique flame color, the expressions of the three two dragons changed drastically, and the big dragon that was restrained also instantly broke out in a cold sweat, exclaiming.

“This…this is…”

“The world’s first different fire? Bai… Bailian cold fire!”

“Quickly out of the way…”

Under an exclamation, two dragons and three quickly dodged to the side, their expressions showing deep fear.

The four dragons and four phoenixes are very knowledgeable, knowing what the white flame in front of them means, they will die if they touch them, and there will be no bones left.

Bang bang bang…

A smile appeared at the corner of Darryl’s mouth, and taking advantage of the opportunity for them to dodge in a hurry, rushed over and sealed their acupuncture points.


At last it was all done.

In the next second, Darryl put away the cold fire of Bai Lian, turned around and carried the four Dafeng out one by one.


At this moment, the four dragons and four phoenix stared at Darryl closely, full of resentment, and shouted in their mouths.

“Boy, we treat you not so badly, you actually play yin?”

“Why, we still treat you like a brother.”

“Boy, wait, we are four dragons and four phoenixes, we will never end with you.”

Listening to their words, Darryl laughed: “You four dragons and four phoenixes really treat me not badly. But we are different and don’t seek each other. The eight of you, you play too much, and you don’t have the slightest guilt. We really can’t play together.”

At this time, Darryl didn’t have the lustful and wretched look before, but had a righteous expression, completely different from the two.

“You…” Feeling Darryl’s momentum, Dalong took a deep breath and frowned, “Who are you?”

At the same time, Erlong and Dafeng also looked at Darryl again. At this time, they all realized that they had underestimated this kid before.

“who am I?”

Darryl showed a slight smile, his eyes swept over the eight of them one by one, and he said word by word: “Sect Master Tianmen, Darryl!”


Is he the Sect Master of Tianmen? !

At this moment, the four dragons and four phoenixes were all there, staring at Darryl blankly, speechless.

In recent years, the reputation of Tianmen has become more and more prosperous, and its reputation has spread almost across nine continents, especially the sovereign Darryl, who is even more aware of it.

Although the four dragons and four phoenix have never seen them, they have long heard of Darryl’s name.

The four dragons and four phoenixes made friends and never asked each other’s origin, nor did they carefully ask Darryl’s identity before. I thought it was just the same name. Therefore, they did not expect that the person in front of them was the famous Tianmen Sect Master!

“Okay, don’t panic, I won’t kill you.”

At this moment, Darryl said lightly, then walked over, took out a few pills from his body, and stuffed them into the mouths of the four dragons and four phoenixes one by one.


The four dragons and four phoenix did not react, and swallowed the pill directly.


Dalong looked at Darryl closely, his tone was full of trepidation, “What did you give us to eat?”

The expressions of the two dragons changed.

It’s all shot, it’s definitely not a good thing to eat for myself.

Darryl smiled slightly and said slowly: “Oh, you four dragons and four phoenixes, aren’t you afraid of the heavens and the earth? Why, there was a panic all day.”

As he said, Darryl’s tone became colder: “I gave you something called Tongtian Pill, have you heard of it?”

“Tongtian Pill?” Hearing these three words, the four dragons and four phoenixes looked at each other, all panicked and inexplicable.

The Tongtian Pill was the leader of Tongtian, who controlled the medicine under him. Now, except for Darryl’s refining, the world can’t find a second one.

But the Four Dragons and Four Phoenixes had never heard of it, and it was precisely because they didn’t know what it was that they were inexplicably panicked.

“Within a year, if there is no cure, you will fester and die.”

Looking at their expressions, Darryl showed a sly smile: “If you don’t believe it, if you urge your internal strength and inject it into Tianyang acupoint, you will feel numb and sore, right?”

Hearing this, the four dragons and four phoenix secretly urged their internal forces and tried according to what Darryl said.


Immediately afterwards, all eight people secretly sucked in air-conditioning!

What Darryl said is not false at all! This time, the four dragons and four phoenix panicked even more. Dalong looked at Darryl closely, and said fiercely: “Darryl, what do you want?”

If Darryl wanted to kill a few of him, he would have done it a long time ago, and he wouldn’t be so troublesome.

Darryl sneered and looked at Dalong’s word by word: “It’s very simple. From now on, you, four dragons and four phoenixes, will follow me to join Tianmen, and stay loyal to me forever. Otherwise, you will just wait for Yaofa to die. .”

After speaking, Darryl sat aside, pouring and drinking leisurely.

Not bad! When he was arrested, Darryl thought about it.

Not only must he rescue Mu Xixi and Song Qian safely, but also conquer the four dragons and four phoenixes. You know, the four dragons and four phoenixes are still very young, but they have all reached the realm of Emperor Wu.

It’s a pity to kill this kind of talent directly, it’s better to use it for yourself. Therefore, Darryl pretended to mingle with them before.


At this moment, four dragons, four phoenixes and eight people were in an uproar!

Especially the leading dragon, his face flushed, and he couldn’t tell.

Since the establishment of the four dragons and four phoenixes, they have crossed the rivers and lakes, and have never bothered to submit to any power.

However, in the present situation, it is impossible not to agree to it! Otherwise, one year later, he would fester and die!

Thinking about it, Dalong gritted his teeth and nodded: “Okay, I promise you!”

At the same time, Erlong also nodded one after another, expressing surrender.

Like Dalong, the Erlongs were not convinced, but at this time, there was no slightest violation of them. When I think that I don’t have an antidote, I will fester and die. The two dragons are all shivering and shuddering.


Seeing them all express their surrender, Darryl felt extremely happy in his heart!

In the previous few hours, I didn’t act in vain in my play, and I got eight powerful men at once.

With joy, Darryl unlocked the acupuncture points for them and waved his hand: “Let’s go, follow me back to Earth Continent!”

Having said that, Darryl took the lead, striding towards the direction of the Earth Circle Continent.

The four dragons and four phoenix dared not disobey, one by one followed in despair, without the prestige before.

Before you know it, it’s dawn.

After another long walk, Darryl and the Four Dragons and Four Phoenix came to a small town.

On the way, Darryl kept frowning. Because he found that in the several places that he passed just now, there were many people from the rivers and lakes going to the Apocalyptic City.

After finding a tavern, Darryl couldn’t help frowning after he took his seat: “Strange, has something happened to the Imperial City of Apocalypse? Why are so many people rushing there!”

If it had been before, Darryl would not have cared about this, but Raquel was still waiting for her in the Tianqi Palace, he couldn’t help but think about it!

When the words fell, the four dragons and four phoenix looked at each other, all with curiosity! Erlong stood up and said respectfully at Darryl: “Sect Master, I’ll go out and inquire!”

Darryl nodded!

Erlong stopped talking nonsense and walked out quickly.


After a while, Erlong walked back quickly, with a look of excitement, and smiled at Darryl: “Inquire into it clearly. The reason these people from the rivers and lakes are gathered here is because the Apocalypse Continent wants to host a ceremony for Princess Yueying. At the recruitment meeting, this group of people are all going to participate in the competition and want to be a horseman…I heard that Princess Yueying looks as beautiful as a fairy, Sovereign, you are so charming and suave, why don’t you join in the fun!”

Even though he had surrendered to Darryl, Erlong couldn’t change his lustful character. When he talked about beautiful women, he burst into joy.


In a moment, the three dragons also had their eyes straight.

A beautiful princess who wants to hold a martial arts contest to recruit relatives? Who is not excited after hearing this!

Chapter 723

D*mn it! Contest for relatives?

However, Darryl was taken aback and stood up all of a sudden, his face full of anxiety!

D*mn, isn’t it two months after the martial arts contest? It’s only half a month, why is it starting?

No, you must hurry to the Tianqi Palace and pick up Raquel!

Thinking about it, Darryl couldn’t wait to shout: “Walk, go to the Imperial City of Apocalypse!”


Seeing Darryl’s eagerness, Dalong couldn’t help but smile and said, “Even if the sect leader participates, you don’t have to be so anxious.”

The lord is really a man of temperament, and he can’t sit still when he hears of the beautiful princess. At the same time, Erlong’s gazes looking at Darryl also revealed a bit of playfulness. Like Dalong, they all thought that Darryl was going to participate in the martial arts contest to recruit relatives.

“Who said I want to participate in the incomparable solicitation of relatives? Princess Yueying is my woman.” Darryl replied without angrily, and hurriedly walked out of the tavern.

D*mn! You must dare to take Raquel out of the palace before the martial arts contest, otherwise everything will be too late.


Princess Yueying is… the woman of the suzerain?

Worthy of being the Sect Master, amazing.

In a moment, the four dragons and four phoenix looked at each other, their expressions full of admiration, and immediately followed closely.

After several hours of rushing, Darryl and the Four Dragons and Four Phoenix finally came to the Imperial City of Apocalypse.


As soon as he entered the city gate, seeing the scene in front of him, Darryl couldn’t help taking a breath.

I saw that the streets were bustling with people from all walks of life, making the already prosperous imperial city even more lively and extraordinary. Not only that, the taverns and inns on both sides of the street are also full of people, most of them are masters of the world!

In this martial arts contest, not only the various sects of the Apocalypse Continent have come, but also young and handsome young people from other mainland sects have also come to participate.

You know, Raquel’s reputation is well-known in Kyushu, everyone wants to see the beauty, and finally embrace the beauty!

Under this circumstance, the scene of Raquel’s martial arts and marriage recruitment meeting was extremely magnificent, even more lively than Lu Bu’s ancient tomb! This kind of rare scene in a thousand years, let alone ordinary people, is a master of the world, I am afraid I will never see it for a lifetime!


There are so many people here?

Darryl took a deep breath, and couldn’t help but secretly anxious.

At this time, the four dragons and four phoenixes were also stunned by the lively scene, and immediately began to talk.

“So many people come to participate in the martial arts contest to recruit relatives?”

“There are a lot of masters from all continents.”

“Sure enough, the charm of Princess Yueying is great…”

Hearing this, Darryl became even more anxious, and couldn’t help saying: “You go around first, and then find a place to stay. I’ll come as soon as I go.”

With that said, Darryl walked quickly towards the direction of the imperial palace.

According to inquiries, there are still five days in the competition, and he must take Raquel away before the competition.

Soon, Darryl arrived at the gate of the palace, and saw several rows of guards standing there, heavily guarded, Raquel’s contest to recruit relatives was about to be held, and the palace also strengthened its defense.

After all, the apocalyptic royal family did not dare to take it lightly after so many masters came.


The guard is so tight, it’s hard to get in.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl quietly hid in the dark, waiting for the opportunity!

Time passed, and it finally got dark. At this time, the guards at the palace gate began to change shifts.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Darryl didn’t hesitate at all, and slipped in quietly.

Before Darryl made a big disturbance in the Tianqi Palace, he broke in directly at the time and didn’t pay attention to the pattern inside the palace. As soon as he came in, Darryl suddenly became a little dizzy.

I have to say that this Apocalypse Palace is not only big, but also has too many buildings!

For a moment, Darryl only felt that his head was big.


No matter if there are many palaces, there are still guards patrolling everywhere. When can I find Raquel’s palace!

I had known the last time I separated from Raquel, I should have asked her what the name of the palace was.


Just when Darryl was extremely depressed, in the corridor next to him, an eunuch led two court ladies and walked over quickly.

Darryl saw that the court lady was holding a tray with a few delicate dishes on it.

Seeing this scene, Darryl hurriedly hid on the side.

“Quick!” The eunuch who walked in front kept urging: “Hurry up and send it over, Princess Yueying, I can’t wait anymore.”

Princess Yueying…

Isn’t this Raquel?

Hearing this, Darryl’s heart was overjoyed, and he hurriedly followed, at the same time, a trace of pity rose in his heart.

Drinking at this time, is it because of martial arts and soliciting relatives?

Raquel, don’t worry, I’ll pick you up.

Soon, when I arrived at the entrance of a palace, I saw the eunuch and the court lady entering.

Darryl didn’t rush to follow in, but waited for the eunuch and the court lady to leave before slipping in quietly.


As soon as he entered, and seeing the scene in front of him, Darryl couldn’t help taking a cold breath, his whole person was stunned.

In the luxurious and elegant palace, two slender figures are sitting on the soft couch and chatting with each other.

It is Raquel and Xing Yao.

Both of them wore short skirts, like pajamas. Under the skirts, the graceful curves of Xing Yao and Raquel were fully displayed.

It’s just that the two women wore the same short skirts, but they looked different. The feeling that Xing Yao gives to people still reveals a sense of reason and coldness, as well as a beauty that rejects people thousands of miles away.

And Raquel, who was leaning there, seemed to have drunk a lot, her beautiful face was flushed, and between her eyebrows, there was a bit of misery.

To be honest, this woman Raquel, no matter what kind of clothes she wears, can hardly conceal her figure. And her melancholy appearance at this time added a bit of s3xy and charming.

After watching for more than ten seconds, Darryl finally reacted, and his eyes fell on Xing Yao’s body.


Why is this woman here? But having said that, Xing Yao’s figure is really different from Raquel’s.

At this time, Darryl did not know that the last time Raquel escaped from the palace privately, Emperor Tianqi was very angry. In order to avoid such things from happening again, Emperor Tianqi specially appointed Xing Yao to look after Raquel personally.

Even at rest, Xing Yao would sleep with Raquel to prevent her from escaping again.


Just when Darryl was secretly emotional, Xing Yaojiao yelled, and his eyes suddenly turned towards Darryl.

As the first female god of war in the Apocalypse Continent, Xing Yao is not only strong, but also very vigilant. She felt it when Darryl came hurriedly.


At the same time, Raquel also looked over. Suddenly surprised and happy!

“Darryl!” Raquel only felt that her eyes were moist! Because the last time he sneaked out of the palace, the father not only sent Xing Yao by his side, but also advanced the time of the martial arts contest. As the days of martial arts competitions are getting closer and closer, in the past few days, Raquel can’t eat well, can’t sleep, and hopes Darryl will come soon every day.

I was really depressed today, so I took Xing Yao to drink together, trying to get drunk to relieve my sorrows, and at the same time I kept thinking about Darryl in my heart, but I didn’t expect that after thinking about it, Darryl really appeared!

Chapter 724

Is this… really Darryl?

Raquel drank a lot of wine, her mind was a little dizzy, thinking that she had made a mistake, she quickly rubbed her eyes.

It’s him!

It’s really Darryl!

Raquel’s tone was trembling, and she walked over quickly: “Darryl, you are here, you are finally here!”

When talking about this, Raquel couldn’t help but tears!

Feeling the excitement of Raquel, Darryl also had mixed feelings. I haven’t seen it for half a month, and Raquel has lost weight again, which is pitiful. Seeing her like this, Darryl felt a pain in his chest and opened his hands to embrace Raquel.


At this moment, Xing Yao frowned, rushed over to block Raquel, staring at Darryl coldly: “Darryl, you are so bold, your majesty has issued a hunting order against you, you Do you dare to break into the palace without permission and throw yourself into the net?”

When the voice fell, Xing Yaoyu flipped his hand, and she held a Tang knife tightly in her hand! The billowing internal force gathered from her body!

Darryl didn’t panic at all, and looked at Xing Yao with a smile: “Then what do you want?”

While speaking, Darryl looked up and down Xing Yao.

It’s rare to see Xing Yao wearing a short skirt, so I have to appreciate it.


Darryl’s gaze made Xing Yao feel uncomfortable, his face flushed suddenly, and he bit his lips coldly and said, “If you know each other, you can catch it with your hands. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being polite.”

Darryl suddenly laughed, with a playful look: “Oh? But can you beat me?”

“You…” Xing Yao’s face flushed when she heard this, and she couldn’t speak.

“Sister Xing Yao!”

Seeing that the atmosphere suddenly became tense, Raquel eased her mind, and hurriedly pulled Xing Yao’s sleeves, and begged like a baby: “You don’t want to fight with Darryl, okay, let us both talk about it, okay? ?”

When saying this, Raquel let go of the princess’s majesty, eyes full of pleading. In Raquel’s heart, Xing Yao has always been respected. After all, Xing Yao paid too much for the Apocalypse Royal Family.

If someone changed, Raquel would definitely not be so polite.


Xing Yao lightly breathed a sigh of relief and nodded: “Well then, but I declare in advance that you can talk here, and Darryl will never take you away!”

In Xing Yao’s heart, letting Darryl and Raquel meet and talk was already the biggest concession.


Hearing this, Raquel had a bitter expression. She thought about it day and night, and wanted to leave the palace with Darryl. If it can’t be achieved, what’s the point of being alive?

Before she could speak, Darryl smiled, stepped forward, and looked directly at Xing Yao: “Xing Yao, I want to take Raquel away, I’m afraid you can’t stop it.”

“is it?”

Xing Yao was agitated, her delicate face was full of frost: “If you really want this, let’s try it.”

While speaking, Xing Yao secretly urged his internal strength, waiting for an opportunity.

The atmosphere was somewhat suppressed in an instant, and the air seemed to be filled with a smell of gunpowder.

“Darryl, sister Xing Yao…”

Seeing this scene, Raquel stomped anxiously: “You don’t want to be like this, okay? It’s up to my face. You don’t want to fight, okay?”

With that said, Raquel bit her lip and continued at Xing Yao: “Sister Xing Yao, I promise you that I will not go with him today!”

One is his beloved goddess of war, and the other is his beloved man. I really don’t want to see them facing each other.


Hearing this, Darryl suddenly became anxious: “Why did you agree to her?”

How can I return without success if I finally touched it in?

More importantly, I can’t just watch Raquel being trapped in a cage.

Feeling Darryl’s anxiety, Raquel was very moved, and at the same time she blinked at him secretly: “Darryl, don’t panic, we still have a chance.”

Raquel knew that Xing Yao was not Darryl’s opponent when fighting alone, but this was the imperial palace, and Xing Yao was not the only expert. Once the fight really started, Darryl might not be able to take him away.

Therefore, this matter can only be discussed in the long term, and the most important thing in front of us is to stabilize Xing Yao.

Perceiving Raquel’s eyes, Darryl was not talking.

“it is good!”

Xing Yao nodded and looked at Darryl and said, “Darryl, I will give you half an hour. If you have anything to say, talk to the princess as soon as possible, and then leave quickly.”

With that, Xing Yao put away Tang Dao and sat aside.


This woman, still negotiating terms with me?

With a whisper in his heart, Darryl looked at Xing Yao with a smile but a smile: “Xing Yao, honestly, did you want me to stop me from leaving with the princess? If you say it, I don’t mind your side One more woman to take care of!”

Darryl understood the look in Raquel’s eyes just now, knowing that he couldn’t force Xing Yao.

But I was too suffocated, so I had to tease Xing Yao and vent it out.


Hearing this, Xing Yao’s delicate body trembled and couldn’t help but sipped: “Whoever looks after you, don’t put gold on your face.”


At the same time, Raquel couldn’t help holding Darryl’s hand, and said in a blushing low voice: “Just say a few words.”

She knew that Darryl had deliberately punished Yao, but this was too rude.


Seeing Xing Yao’s embarrassment and anger, and the appearance of a bad attack, Darryl’s heart was relieved a lot.

At this time, Darryl ignored Xing Yao, took Raquel in his arms, and asked, “How are you doing this half a month?”

When saying this, Darryl quietly paid attention to Xing Yao’s reaction.

You have to stay here, for fear that I will take Raquel away, I will deliberately stay with Raquel to see if you can leave!


Darryl’s movements made Raquel very shy. She wanted to break free, but she was reluctant, so she lowered her head and said softly: “What do you mean? I am looking forward to you coming to me earlier for half a month, day and night, and the result is You just came today.”

The tone was complaining, but there was a sweet smile on his face.

Speaking of it, Raquel didn’t want to be so close to Darryl in front of Xing Yao, but the days of lovesickness were so tormented, and now it’s hard to meet, do you care about other people’s opinions?

Thinking about it, Raquel put down her restraint and hugged Darryl tightly.

These two people…

Seeing this scene, Xing Yao’s delicate face suddenly blushed.

It’s fine if Darryl is not serious, princess, can’t you be a little reserved?

At this moment, Xing Yao was very embarrassed and wanted to turn around and leave the palace.

But after another thought, he couldn’t go. If he left, would he create a chance for Darryl and take the princess away?

Thinking about it, Xing Yao gritted her teeth secretly, pretending that she couldn’t see anything.


Quite tolerable!

Seeing the change in Xing Yao’s expression, Darryl was secretly amused.

In the next second, Darryl stretched out his hand to treat the flowing sea in front of Li Raquel’s forehead, then sat on the soft couch with a big thorn, and said with a smile: “Ah, Raquel, I can’t take you away today, I will accompany you to drink a good drink. A few cups.”

This was still said to Xing Yao.


Raquel was clever and smart, naturally understood what Darryl meant, and sat over with a smile without breaking.

As long as he can get Xing Yao away, he will have the opportunity to leave with Darryl.


Xing Yao finally couldn’t help it, her eyebrows furrowed, and she yelled: “This is the princess’s bedroom. Don’t be too presumptuous. You are qualified to sit in this soft collapse?”

There are many exquisites in the palace. The bed where the emperor sleeps is called the dragon bed. The bed where the princess sleeps is called Darryl Tiao. Can others sit casually?


Darryl pretended not to hear it, took a sip of the wine, and smiled at Raquel: “The wine in the palace is delicious. I don’t know if I have a chance to drink it in the future.”

“If you like, drink a few more glasses.” Raquel smiled lightly, picked up the jug, and filled Darryl himself. At the same time fill myself up.

At this time, Darryl made a very regretful look: “Even if I drank all the wine in the palace, what can I do? Three days later, the martial arts contest will begin. You can’t be my woman… “

“It’s not serious again.” Raquel glared at him, and then held the wine glass: “Even if the martial arts competition is starting now, in my heart, you will always be my man. I remember that you have a cup of wine in the Continent. Say, come, let’s try…”

“it is good…”

Darryl smiled and picked up the wine glass, and had a drink with Raquel. The two looked at each other affectionately.

Seeing the two of them ambiguous, Xing Yao, who was next to him, was uncomfortable, turning his head to the side, seeing nothing.

Chapter 725

After drinking a cup of wine, Raquel picked up the chopsticks, pinched a peanut, and handed it to Darryl’s mouth: “This side dish is very good, I’ll feed you.”

“Raquel is so kind to me, come, I’ll pour you wine!” Darryl said grinningly.

Raquel blushed: “Let me come, as your woman, I should serve you…”

The two were whispering, completely forgetting that there was a Xing Yao next to them.

Of course, these were deliberately shown to Xing Yao.

Both Raquel and Darryl are smart people. After they have a tacit understanding, they work together seamlessly and get together, just like a married couple. The two just wanted to take Xing Yao away.

“you guys….”

Seeing that he hadn’t ignored it, Xing Yao stomped his feet angrily.

Especially Darryl and Raquel, cuddling together, you pour me a glass of wine, and I feed you a bite of food, Xing Yao couldn’t bear to look straight, as if he was hurt by a crit in his heart.


Finally, Xing Yao couldn’t help it at all, she stood up abruptly, and shouted at Darryl: “Half an hour is coming, you, as the Sect Master of Tianmen, are also a person with status. Your words count, and no one comes in. You go quickly.”

“Xing Yao!” Darryl said with a smile: “I just drank two glasses of wine, you have to send me away? Or you sit down, let’s drink some of the three.”

With that said, Darryl stopped Raquel’s exquisit wai5t and continued: “Neither I nor Raquel would mind, right, Raquel!”


Finally, I can’t stand it. If I can’t stand it, go out and give Raquel and I a space in the world of two people.

“Right!” Raquel also smiled and nodded, and said to Xing Yao: “Sister Xing Yao, come over and have a drink too.”

When she said this, Raquel smiled, but her heart was secretly anxious.

Sister Xing Yao, you really can’t help but go out quickly and fulfill Darryl and me.

If you don’t go, I can’t leave the palace with Darryl.


Xing Yao bit her lips tightly, embarrassed, and refused: “I don’t drink…”

D*mn? Darryl smiled and lay down slowly: “Oh, I drank too much, this palace bed is so soft, I really want to sleep here.”

With that said, Darryl patted the side and said to Raquel: “Raquel, you also lie down and accompany me!”

Raquel understood, lying next to Darryl, smiling: “Okay, I’ll beat your back!”

When the voice fell, Raquel stretched out her hand and rubbed Darryl’s shoulders on her back, very virtuous and gentle.


Seeing this scene, Xing Yao’s delicate face suddenly reddened to the base of her neck, and her inner shame instantly reached its extreme.

This… how come these two people are getting more and more excessive? Will they still have more…and do something about men and women later?

Thinking of the depths, Xing Yao slammed into the deer and couldn’t sit still. At this time, Xing Yao didn’t expect that Raquel could also let go.

Too shameful!

Do you want to stay and watch?

Thinking about it, Xing Yao bit her lip tightly and was about to go out.

“Your Majesty is here!”

However, Xing Yao hadn’t waited to go out when he heard a eunuch’s call from outside. Immediately afterwards, there was a sound of footsteps outside the palace.


The Emperor Apocalypse is here?

At the same time, Darryl and Raquel who were lying there were taken aback and quickly sat up.


So many masters?

At this moment, Darryl clearly felt that in the footsteps coming from outside, there were a total of five people, all of them in the realm of Emperor Wu! And the lowest strength is Sandan Wuhuang! The strongest, turned out to be Wuduan Wuhuang!

Feeling the powerful aura coming from outside, Darryl suddenly became a little nervous. In this apocalyptic royal family, apart from the national teacher, isn’t Xing Yao left? How come so many masters suddenly appeared?

Where did Darryl know that since the last time he made a noise in the Tianqi Palace, Emperor Tianqi was scared. In order to avoid another disturbance in the palace, Emperor Tianqi desperately summoned masters. During this period, many masters went to the Apocalypse royal family. These masters, follow the Emperor of the Apocalypse day and night, never leave!

“Darryl!” Raquel was anxious: “Quickly, hide under the bed.”

Sister Xing Yao has a good relationship with herself and can give herself a chance to get along with Darryl, but the father is different. If the father sees Darryl, he will definitely kill Darryl on the spot!


Hearing this, Darryl nodded and was about to get under the bed, but at this moment, Darryl’s gaze saw Xing Yao, and his heart sank.


When Emperor Tianqi came in, Xing Yao told the secret, wouldn’t he have nowhere to escape?

“Sister Xing Yao!”

At this time, Raquel pleaded at Xing Yao: “When Father Father comes in, you must not say that Darryl is here, okay, even if I beg you!”

Raquel was clever and smart, and she also thought of the questions Darryl thought of.

Feeling the urgency in Raquel’s eyes, Xing Yao’s eyes flickered and smiled: “Why should I help him? He broke into the palace privately, and his sin is unforgivable!”

When he said this, Xing Yao was full of smiles. The hateful Darryl, just teased me, now the retribution is coming!


Perceiving the sneer at the corner of Xing Yao’s mouth, Darryl was very depressed.

Raquel suddenly became anxious, walked over, pulled Xing Yao’s clothes, and said coquettishly: “Sister Xing Yao, even if I beg you, Darryl hides under the bed, don’t tell your father…”

Seeing Raquel’s look of expectation, Xing Yao couldn’t bear to refuse, and his tone eased a little: “I can agree, but… Darryl has to beg of me.” As he said, Xing Yao looked at Darryl with a smile.

Hearing this, Raquel was overjoyed and hurriedly said to Darryl: “Darryl, hurry up, beg Xing Yao sister!”

I go!

Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry, looked at Xing Yao: “How do you want me to beg you?”

When saying this, Darryl gritted his teeth secretly! OK, Xing Yao, give me a blow, let me get the chance next time, and see how I fix you!

Xing Yao thought for a while, and said with a smile: “It’s very simple, please, call me Sister Yao again.”

Since I met Darryl, I have fought him several times, and never took advantage of it. This time I must find some face.

Sister Yao?

Luckily you can figure it out!

Hearing this name, Darryl’s face turned black, standing there, the internal force in his body surged. Can’t ask! Big deal, go shopping!

“Darryl, please beg Sister Xing Yao…” Raquel was sweating, pulling at the corner of Darryl’s clothes: “If a man can bend and stretch, please ask Sister Xing Yao…”

“Don’t ask.” Darryl gritted his teeth and said.

“Darryl!” Raquel stomped anxiously: “May I beg you, Darryl.. You beg Xing Yao… Good husband, good brother, I beg you… You just ask Xing Yao Sister, please..”

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