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Chapter 756

On the battlefield, the situation is changing rapidly. As long as you seize the key opportunity, you can control the overall situation. Judging from Darryl’s experience, this is a good time.


Sheri shook his head: “No, they are playing so messy, if we join, we will be deeply involved.”

As he said, Sheri’s eyes flickered, and he was very firm: “Let’s wait for work, watch the snipe and clam fight, and take advantage of the fisherman’s profit.”

D*mn it!

With such a good opportunity, are you still waiting for work?

Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry, and slowly said: “After Zhang Qiang’s four and defeat the other contestants one by one, we will have no chance.”

“You mean Zhang Qiang has four alliances?” Sheri asked subconsciously.

Darryl nodded.

Sheri frowned slightly, looking at the battle situation in front of him, slowly said: “Impossible, there are only two promotion places, how could the four of them be in an alliance?”

With that, Sheri shook his head, still refusing to attack.

Darryl smiled bitterly, very depressed. Although Sheri had a good literary talent, he was still on paper in terms of’arranging troops’, and lacked insight into the battlefield situation.

This strong, Zhang Tao four, the alliance is so obvious, she still can’t see it.

Thinking about it, Darryl shook his head and smiled bitterly, no longer speaking!

After all, it was difficult for Sheri to explain clearly what happened to him and Jiang Qing and was targeted by his friend for a while.

Soon, ten minutes passed.

The four Zhang Qiang and Zhang Tao cooperated with each other to quickly knock the other two contestants out of the competition area and successfully eliminated them.

Immediately, the four greeted their soldiers, joined together, and slowly approached Sheri and Darryl.


The four of them are really an alliance?

Seeing this scene, Sheri’s body trembled, very surprised.


At the same time, many people on the surrounding viewing stage also exclaimed.

“Four on two? This game is interesting.”

“The one in white is the young master of Mingjian Villa, Sheri? I heard that this young man is also a talented man.”

“Yes, although the strength of the two sides is very different, Young Master Ye is very powerful, and the outcome is unpredictable.”

Under the discussion, many people’s eyes gathered on Sheri one after another. In everyone’s hearts, among the remaining six contestants in the field, only Sheri had the strongest ability.

At this moment, this side of the arena!

“Young Master Ye!”

Slowly pushing to the front, Zhang Qiang was full of pride, and said to Sheri: “Seeing that you are also a smart person, why do you want to help Hu Mingyue? Even if Hu Mingyue is your follower, you shouldn’t form an alliance with him. Now! The situation is very obvious. The four of us, hit the two of you, and if we know each other, we can take the initiative to admit defeat and quit the game.”

“you guys…”

At this moment, Sheri bit her lip and looked at Zhang Qiang in anger: “Do you think that you have an alliance and you are determined to win? It’s just too early to say.”

When he said this, Sheri was very calm, without any expression on his face, but he was a little panicked in his heart.

Two on four, how do you fight this?

The point is that the next Hu Mingyue can’t help me with any help.


At this moment, Darryl came up and whispered to Sheri: “Don’t panic, we can’t lose, I can defeat them…” The voice was very small, only the two of them could hear.

Seeing Darryl whispering, Zhang Qiang thought he was scared, and sneered, very disdainful.

“You?” Sheri suddenly became a little anxious, and replied in a low voice, “What can you do?”

This Hu Mingyue, if he had the talent of a commander, would not ask for an alliance with him at first.

“If you don’t believe me, then let’s get rid of it together.” Darryl smiled slightly, very unpredictable.

Is it…

Does he really have a way?

Seeing his expression, Sheri was silent, and finally nodded: “Well, I listen to you…”

For some reason, Sheri finally chose to believe in Darryl.

After all, he just saw Zhang Qiang’s four alliances, but he didn’t notice it.

Of course, the more important point is that Sheri has nothing to do now.

“Zhang Qiang!”

At this moment, Darryl took a deep breath and said to Zhang Qiang: “Don’t be proud, it’s not always certain who wins or loses, my son said, let me talk nonsense on the game field, just come on if you want to attack! “

The tone was indifferent, but with deep contempt.

At this moment, Zhang Qiang and four of them were furious and stopped talking nonsense.


“Give me all!”

“Break their formation and drive them out of the arena…”

In an instant, following the orders of the four Zhang Qiang, the eighty soldiers behind him rushed towards the two Darryl.

Eighty people competed against forty people, which was double the number of people. Although the scale was small, the momentum was very shocking.

Looking at the people who rushed up, a smile appeared on Darryl’s face. Immediately afterwards, Darryl whispered at Sheri: “Let the ten people on the left move forward five steps, the five people in the middle, move back three steps, and the rest, move ten steps to the left…”

When saying these, Darryl looked calm and unhurried, even very leisurely.

“Everyone listen to my orders!” Sheri didn’t hesitate. Darryl said, she repeated aloud: “The ten people on the left, go forward five steps, and the five people in the middle take three steps back..”

The voice fell, and forty soldiers, following Sheri’s command, quickly changed their positions.


At this time, Zhang Qiang, four of them, led the soldiers and rushed to the front.

But at this moment, a scene that shocked everyone appeared.

I saw forty soldiers, under the command of Sheri, closely cooperating with each other, both offensive and defensive, defending like a copper wall and iron wall, no matter how Zhang Qiang and others attacked, the formation was not messy.


Seeing this scene, everyone around watching the game suddenly exclaimed!

This Sheri pair of four, actually stabilized the situation?

This…is this too strong? !


The Emperor of Apocalypse sitting on the dragon chair also looked at Sheri with a smile, with admiration on his face: “Faced with disadvantages, he can be calm and unhurried. It is also a rare talent…”

At this time, Emperor Tianqi, and everyone watching the battle around him, didn’t know that the real command was actually Darryl, and Sheri was just repeating his words.

Therefore, everyone looked at Sheri in amazement, completely ignoring Darryl!

Facing the shocked gazes of everyone around, Sheri was also surprised and delighted, her body trembled, and the look in Darryl’s eyes was full of shock!

It was… actually blocked!

How did he do that?

Chapter 757

At this time, Sheri clearly felt that the words Darryl confessed to him seemed very ordinary, but they contained supreme mystery.

He… doesn’t he know how to line up troops?

For a while, Sheri looked at Darryl, full of doubts!

Darryl smiled, his face relaxed. What Darryl deployed just now was a relatively simple formation in the Bai Qi Shen Array, but it was more than enough to deal with Zhang Qiang and others.

Speaking of it, if it were not for fear of revealing his identity and attracting the attention of Emperor Apocalypse, Darryl would never use Sheri’s mouth to deploy formations. At the beginning of the game, Zhang Qiang and others would be defeated.

This…this is impossible! The four Zhang Qiang were shocked, and they were also extremely angry. It’s a shame to lose face if you have the advantage in the number of people on your own side, but behave like this.

“Zhang Qiang, Zhang Tao…Come on, knock them out.” At this moment, Jiang Qing in the stands had an extremely ugly expression and screamed like crazy.

The bad breath in my heart must be dealt with, this Hu Mingyue must lose!


Hearing Jiang Qing’s cry, Zhang Qiang gritted their teeth and led the soldiers again and launched a charge.

However, no matter how Zhang Qiang’s four attacked, they still did not break the formation of Sheri and Darryl. On the contrary, when their morale was low, Sheri got the hint from Darryl and did not hesitate to launch a counterattack, directly attacking the three of Zhang Qiang. Driven out of the arena.


At this moment, the whole audience was boiling, and everyone’s eyes focused on Sheri’s body, full of admiration.


“It turned the situation around and turned defeat into victory!”

“Wonderful, this game is really wonderful.”

Listening to the cheers around, Sheri was stunned, feeling extremely surprised.

At this moment, only Sheri knew that it was not himself but Darryl who had really won the game.

Without him, his formation would have been messed up long ago, and it would be impossible to stick to the end!

“That’s it!”

Seeing this scene, Jiang Qing was almost mad and stared at Darryl in the field: “Hu Mingyue, you are lucky this time, let’s wait and see!”

After talking to himself, Jiang Qing left the stands with a gloomy face.

Like everyone around him, Jiang Qing also believed that Darryl had occupied Sheri’s light.

“In this game, Sheri and Hu Mingyue advanced!” At this moment, Clint walked out and lifted his dantian with a clear voice from his mouth.


Hearing this, Sheri reacted, bowed to Emperor Tianqi, and walked out of the arena.

Darryl hurriedly followed.

Just outside the field, a lot of people gathered around and struck up a conversation with Sheri to please.

“Young Master Ye, how did you do it just now?”

“Such an excellent means of commanding troops is really eye-opening…”

Sheri squeezed out a smile, dealt with a few perfunctory words to everyone, and walked out of the arena directly with Darryl!


When he arrived outside the field, seeing that there were not many people around, Sheri called to Darryl and asked curiously: “What you deployed just now, is that a formation?”

Like those people, Sheri at this time was also full of curiosity.

At the same time, Sheri suddenly discovered that the Hu Mingyue in front of him was different from before, a little unfathomable.

“What formation?”

Facing Sheri’s question, Darryl made a confused look.

“It’s the formation you deployed just now!” Sheri stomped anxiously.

Is this guy still pretending to be himself?

Darryl scratched his head and slowly said: “I have read a military book before, which says how to deploy the formation. The situation was critical at the time. I suddenly remembered it, so I will tell you!”

Military book?

Sheri frowned, thinking secretly in his mind: “Which military book? Why haven’t I read it?”

As the eldest lady of Famous Sword Villa, Sheri is also considered a well-read book, and he has indeed never seen this kind of formation of troops.

She still didn’t know that this kind of formation was only recorded in the Bai Qi Shen Formation, and it was not in the general military books at all.


This Sheri is not easy to deceive.

Seeing Sheri’s perseverance, Darryl was helpless, and said with a smile: “What formation is it, is it important? Anyway, we have already won.”

“No way!”

Sheri looked resolute: “You must tell me!”

Sheri is a very persistent girl, no matter what happens, she must figure it out.

Darryl couldn’t help but smiled and nodded: “Well, let me tell you, this formation is called the’Four Elephant Formation’.”

Four Elephants?

Hearing this, Sheri frowned, and then couldn’t wait to ask: “Since you know the formation, why do you want to form an alliance with me in the first place, and let me command in the end?”

As he said, Sheri’s eyes rolled: “I understand, you don’t want to show your talents for fear of being noticed, right?”

D*mn it!

Is this Sheri so smart? I guessed my purpose all at once.

Darryl looked surprised, looked at Sheri, and slowly nodded and said: “Yes!”

“Why?” Sheri instantly became interested in Darryl’s identity: “Why do you want to hide your abilities? Who are you?”

A random formation easily defeated the alliance of Zhang Qiang’s four people, and Hu Mingyue in front of him was definitely an extraordinary identity!

“Young Master Ye!”

Darryl thought about it quickly, with a serious look on his face: “You are right, I am hiding my strength, and my real name is not Hu Mingyue, but I still can’t tell my true identity. you!”

After two days of understanding, Darryl could feel that Sheri was a kind-hearted woman, so he was not afraid to tell her a little secret.


Seeing him half-talking, Sheri was very depressed and stomped angrily.

At this time, Darryl smiled and continued: “Everyone has secrets. Just like you, a woman dressed as a man to participate in the martial arts contest, and me, too. Now we all know each other’s secrets and hope that each other can be tight-lipped. What do you think? ?”

Seeing Darryl’s serious face, Sheri went silent.

She is a smart woman, and Darryl has said this, and must have her own difficulties.


Thinking about it, Sheri breathed a sigh of relief, looked at Darryl and nodded: “Well, since you said that, I won’t ask more. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about this matter. “

“it is good!”

Seeing her promise, Darryl showed a slight smile: “Then it’s a deal!”

“Well, it’s a deal!”

After the agreement, Sheri didn’t stay, but turned around and left.

Seeing Sheri’s departure, Darryl smiled secretly and returned to the inn.

Chapter 758

Back at the inn, Darryl commanded the four dragons and four phoenixes: “Wait, go down near the palace and look for news about Princess Yueying…”

Although Raquel can be seen in the game every day, Darryl still wants to know her situation in the palace. To be honest, Darryl wanted to sneak into the palace to investigate by himself, but thought that there were many experts in the palace and he was now a contestant, so he gave up the idea.

“Yes, boss!”

When the voice fell, the four dragons and four phoenix dared not neglect, and quickly left the inn.

A few hours later, the four dragons and four phoenix brought back the news.

Knowing that Raquel had committed suicide several times in the past few days, he was discovered in time, and Darryl couldn’t tell.

This night, Raquel was all in Darryl’s mind, and she didn’t fall asleep until the latter half of the night.

Early the next morning, Darryl rushed to the martial arts arena, and he was stunned! I saw that the Wubi contestants did not enter the arena, but gathered on the street outside the entrance.

In addition, there are many imperial forest troops on both sides of the street, maintaining order.


What’s the situation?

What went wrong with today’s game?

Seeing this scene, Darryl frowned secretly, and walked over quickly.

When I got to the front, I saw that on the high platform inside, the Emperor Tianqi and the civil and military officials had arrived.

However, there is no one in the competition field, and all the contestants are concentrated on the street outside.

Seeing this scene, Darryl was even more puzzled.


What the hell is the royal family going to do in this weather?


At this moment, Clint slowly walked out of the playing field and slowly said: “First of all, congratulations to you all to the present. Today is Wubi’s semi-finals.”

The semi-finals are coming so soon?

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help but looked around, feeling very moved in his heart.

I saw that the tens of thousands of people who signed up for Wubi at the beginning, after two days of competition, now there are only more than two hundred people left.

In today’s final, the top ten will be determined and enter the final finals.

For a moment, Darryl clenched his fists secretly, his heart filled with infinite fighting spirit. No matter what the rules of today’s semifinals are, I will advance anyway.

“Your Majesty’s imperial decree just now.” At this time, Clint continued to speak: “Today’s semi-finals will be held at the Royal Trial Ground. In the Royal Trial Ground, there are often wind spirit wolves. Everyone should know that Darryl Ling The wolf is also a kind of spirit beast, and once the strength reaches the martial sage realm, the inner pill will be condensed in the body.”

Speaking of this, the corner of Clint’s mouth evoked: “Today’s game rules are that everyone enters the royal trial ground, kills the wind spirit wolf, obtains the inner alchemy, gets the top ten with the most inner alchemy, smoothly advances and enters the final total. In the finals, all the rest are eliminated.”


All of a sudden, the audience was in an uproar, and the nearly two hundred contestants were shocked in their hearts.

As we all know, the strength of spirit beasts, like human cultivators, is also divided according to’masters, generals, and sages…

Wind spirit wolf is a kind of spirit beast. It is known for its speed. It comes and goes like the wind, especially the wind spirit wolf in the martial sage realm. It is as fast as lightning. It is difficult to catch, let alone get it after killing. The inner alchemy in its body is gone.

For a time, many of the lower-strength contestants secretly complained.

For them, today’s semi-finals can be said to be very difficult.

However, Lu Jiechen and some of the top-ranked contestants looked relaxed and comfortable.

However, some wind spirit wolves are just a matter of fact.

Darryl stood there with a smile on his lips.

No wonder there was no one in the game field. It turned out that today’s game was held at the Royal Trial. As for those wind spirit wolves, Darryl didn’t pay much attention to it.

In the realm of his five-stage martial emperor, killing Darryl Linglang was nothing at all.

“All right!”

At this time, Clint waved his hand to signal everyone to be quiet: “The time is almost there, now I will take you into the trial site.”

When the voice fell, Clint rode on the horse, and under the protection of many imperial forest troops, with many contestants, slowly walked out of the imperial city and marched towards the trial ground.

The Royal Trial Ground, a few miles south of the imperial city, is actually an ancient battlefield site. There are many ancient battlefields in the Apocalypse Continent. Because this is very close to the imperial city, it is listed as a forbidden place by the royal family for the trial of the royal children. use.

In the semi-finals of this contest, the Emperor Tianqi specifically allowed it to be opened to contestants as the venue for the competition.

Soon, everyone arrived at the ancient battlefield.


At this moment, seeing the ancient battlefield in front of him, Darryl couldn’t help taking a breath.

I saw that the ancient battlefield in front of me was not only extremely wide, but the environment was also extremely complicated. There were lots of vegetation everywhere, among the vegetation, some broken walls and shingles were vaguely exposed, revealing an ancient and mysterious atmosphere.

Around the ancient battlefield, it was surrounded by hundreds of thousands of imperial forest troops to prevent others from entering, leaving only one exit.

“Okay, everyone can go in.” At the entrance, Clint smiled and said: “Remember, before dark, get the top ten with the most inner alchemy and advance smoothly. Good luck!”


The voice fell, and nearly two hundred contestants poured in one after another.

Darryl didn’t have time to think about it, and rushed in. After entering, Darryl did not go with the other contestants, but went to a place with few people.


In this trial ground, there is no invigilator next to it, so you don’t need to hide your strength, you can perform the exercises at will.


Soon, when he arrived in a woods, Darryl saw a white shadow flashing in front of him, the speed was very fast, the snow-white hair all over his body, revealing aura, a pair of blood-red eyes, gleaming with frightening light.

It is a wind spirit wolf!

I was lucky. I just came in and bumped into a horse.

Darryl was overjoyed and hurriedly chased after him. He felt that the batch of wind spirit wolves in front of him belonged to the martial arts realm, that is to say, there must be inner alchemy in his body!


A few seconds later, Darryl succeeded in overtaking and killed the wind spirit wolf.


Get an inner alchemy! The moment he took out the inner alchemy, Darryl smiled, and his mood was very relaxed and cheerful.


There seems to be more inside!

Darryl clearly perceives that there are some spiritual fluctuations in the depths of the woods. Obviously, there are wind spirit wolves inside, and there is more than one.

“Ouch? You are lucky!”

Just when Darryl was about to enter the depths of the woods, a light smile came from behind him, and he saw a man in a black tights walking over with a smile.

This man was called Wu Cang, from the Shenfengmen of the Xicang Continent, and the second-tier Wuhuang Emperor.

In the first two days of Wubi rankings, Wu Cang always occupied the top five.

Seeing Wu Cang, Darryl frowned and did not respond.

“Tsk tusk.” At this moment, Wu Cang looked at the Darryl Linglang corpse next to him, and said lightly to Darryl: “Your kid is lucky, he killed one as soon as he came in.”

As he said, Wu Cang stretched out his hand, no doubt: “Hand over the inner alchemy.”

Just turned around, and didn’t see a wind spirit wolf. Seeing that Darryl had obtained one at this time, Wu Cang suddenly became interested in snatching.


Are you here to grab Neidan?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl chuckled and looked at Wu Cang: “Wu Cang, the rules of the game are very clear. When you enter the royal trial site, everyone depends on their ability. Why should I give you the inner alchemy I got on my own? “


Hearing this, Wu Cang sneered, his eyes flashing dark: “I am better than you because of my strength!”

Chapter 759


The moment the voice fell, a powerful aura burst out from Wu Cang, directly locking Darryl.

In Wu Cang’s eyes, Hu Mingyue in front of him was no more than the realm of Martial Saint, and he could easily crush it with one hand.


Darryl suddenly became angry, and didn’t panic at all: “Really? If you want to grab it, come and try.”

When talking about this, Darryl secretly ran his internal strength and was ready to make a move.

Anyway, no one around saw that if Wu Cang really wanted to die, he would show his true strength and fulfill him.


Seeing that Darryl dared to challenge himself, Wu Cang grinned and walked over slowly!

For a while, the atmosphere was very tense, and there was a smell of gunpowder in the air.


At this moment, there was a footstep not far away, and then, a tall figure appeared in front of Darryl and Wu Cang.

This person was tall and mighty, and the powerful aura permeated all over his body, which made his heart palpitations even more.

“Adrian Yan?”

Seeing the person coming, Wu Cang was stunned.

Adrian, the Saint Sea Pavilion from the Southern Cloud Continent, the four-stage martial emperor, is tyrannical in strength, and shines in this martial arts competition!


Why another one!

At this moment, Darryl also frowned secretly.

A Wu Cang, he is still good to deal with, at this time another Adrian will be difficult to handle. If the real strength is used and the two cannot be killed quickly, his identity will be exposed.

“It’s very lively!”

At this moment, Adrian looked at Wu Cang and Darryl, and said slowly: “You two are here, are you going to form an alliance?”

With that, Adrian looked at the Darryl Linglang corpse on the ground.

“Haha, Adrian, you are too good at joking, even if I find someone to form an alliance, I won’t find this kid.” Wu Cang laughed blankly, looking at Darryl’s gaze with a trace of contempt.

Immediately, Wu Cang looked at Adrian: “Adrian, it’s better to join hands. In this semi-final, we will definitely be able to advance smoothly. In order to show my sincerity, the wind spirit wolf inner pill on this kid belongs to you. How?”

When he said this, Wu Cang’s eyes were full of expectation.

This Hu Mingyue is not at the realm of Martial Saint, so he is too lazy to take a look at how it is possible to form an alliance with him.

But Adrian is different, his cultivation realm is higher than himself, if he can successfully form an alliance, he will be properly promoted today.

“it is good!”

Adrian showed a slight smile, and without thinking about it, he nodded and agreed.

In the next second, Yan Yun flew up to Darryl: “Hu Mingyue, the person who knows the times is a good man, give me the inner alchemy on you.”

Like Wu Cang, Adrian didn’t put Darryl in his eyes at all, thinking that he was an unknown pawn in the martial sage realm.


Facing the situation in front of him, Darryl sneered secretly.

The two boys in front of them, as cultivators, are bullying and have no sense of justice at all. They don’t know how the weather royal family let them pass during the sea election.

It’s just a joke for this kind of person to really be a messenger.

Thinking about it, Darryl didn’t bother to talk nonsense, and looked at Adrian and the two of them lightly said: “I won’t give you the inner alchemy. If you want, you can get it by your ability!”

When he said this, Darryl’s eyes flashed with coldness.

Darryl had already thought about it, even if he risked revealing his identity, he would take these two people down!

“Okay, okay!” Seeing Darryl’s face resolute, Adrian was stunned, and then sneered: “The kid is quite principled. In that case, don’t blame us for being impolite!”

At this moment, Wu Cang rushed up: “Adrian, this kid is not worth your shot, let me deal with it!” The voice fell, and he slapped Darryl directly.

In Wu Cang’s heart, Adrian was stronger than himself, and if he wanted to form an alliance with others, he naturally had to treat him well.


Wu Cang shot quickly, and saw that that palm contained extremely strong internal force, and the surrounding air was distorted.

Seeing this palm, he was about to reach Darryl’s eyes. Suddenly, Yan Yun wailed out loudly: “Fcuk, wait a minute!”

Wu Cang was confused and withdrew his palm abruptly and stepped aside.

what’s the situation?

At this moment, Darryl also frowned secretly, very puzzled.

To be honest, Darryl was confident that he would defeat Wu Cang with one move, but he didn’t expect Adrian to stop suddenly.

This…. Found your conscience?

At this time, Yan Yun walked over quickly, staring closely at the piece of white jade around Darryl’s waist, with a complicated tone, and a little surprised: “Hu Mingyue, where did you get this jade brand?”

When saying this, Adrian tried his best to restrain the excitement in his heart!

Because of this white jade waist card, Adrian is too familiar with it! It is the token of the Nanyun royal family!

The Shenghai Pavilion where Adrian is located, although of the Jianghu school, has an inextricable relationship with the Nanyun royal family. More than ten years ago, in a dispute between the rivers and lakes, Shenghai Pavilion nearly wiped out the door. At a critical moment, the Nanyun imperial family stopped the dispute and supported Shenghai Pavilion.

It can be said that without the Nanyun royal family, there would be no Shenghai Pavilion today.

And Adrian, as the elder brother of Shenghai Pavilion, has been summoned by Queen Nanyun more than once, so he knows the tokens of the royal family best.

The white jade waist badge on Darryl’s body, whether it is texture or carving craftsmanship, belongs to the Nanyun royal family!

This Hu Mingyue actually has a token of the Nanyun royal family, his identity is not trivial, and he can’t call the wrong person.

At this moment, I felt that Adrian’s attitude was obviously different from the previous one, and his expression was somewhat subtle. Although Darryl didn’t understand what was going on, he also vaguely guessed something!

In the next second, Darryl was very calm, and said lightly: “This is my thing!”

Darryl was right. He and Ora had a marriage contract. The empress originally appointed Darryl as a husband, and specially rewarded him with this token.


This is his thing?

Could it be that… this is… the royal family member of the Southern Cloud Continent?

Hearing this, Yan Yun Feihu’s body trembled, cold sweat came out, and he immediately bent over to salute. However, Darryl stopped him with his eyes in time.

No matter who this Adrian regards himself as, there is Wu Cang watching next to him. If Adrian is too excited, his identity will be exposed!

After all, in this semi-final, whether you can kill or not kill. “Don’t salute, let alone let others know my identity. Do you know?” Darryl whispered to Adrian.

Darryl’s words made Adrian nod his head again and again. The person in front of him must be a member of the Nanyun royal family. He doesn’t want to reveal his identity, because he doesn’t want to be too public! No matter what his status in the royal family, he must not ruin his plan!

“Hey, Adrian, what’s the situation?” At this moment, Wu Cang, who didn’t know why, said in a puzzled manner.

Adrian looked at Wu Cang coldly: “Wu Cang, I am here today, don’t try to catch Hu Mingyue’s attention, just get out of here!”

When he said this, Adrian was full of evil spirits. D*mn’s all was Wu Cang, and he almost offended his own people.


Feeling the killing intent in Adrian’s eyes, Wu Cang couldn’t help but breathe in the air, and his face was confused: “This…”

what happened?

In a blink of an eye, this Hu Mingyue became Adrian’s own person?

“Isn’t it going?” Seeing Wu Cang still there, Adrian yelled again.

At the same time, Adrian turned to Darryl for instructions. As long as Darryl nodded his head, Adrian would move without hesitation.

Chapter 760

“Okay, okay…” Seeing that the situation was not good, Wu Cang was frightened and didn’t dare to stay. He responded twice and walked away desperately.

no way.

Hu Mingyue can ignore it, but Adrian can’t afford to offend it.


Watching Wu Cang walk away, Adrian took a deep breath. Then he respectfully said to Darryl: “My lord, let me help you get the inner alchemy, I will definitely help you to promote smoothly!”

“No need!” Darryl smiled slightly, and shook his head: “Let’s go separately.”

In the hearts of everyone, he was just an unknown person, suddenly walking with Adrian, it was easy to be suspected.

“okay then.”

Hearing this, Adrian no longer insisted, and waved goodbye to Darryl and left.

Seeing Adrian leaving, Darryl didn’t stay long, and turned around and entered the depths of the woods.

Soon after passing through the woods, Darryl saw that there was a hole under the ruins in front of him! At the entrance of the cave, there were several wind spirit wolves walking back and forth.

There are two of them, both in the realm of Martial Saint.


It seems that I was lucky today. I met three heads after a while.

Darryl was overjoyed, and before he could think about it, he urged his figure to rush over.


After a few breaths, Darryl easily killed a few wind spirit wolves and obtained two inner alchemy again.

“Ooo, oooo…”

However, at this moment, only a wave of howling wolves were heard around, and then, a group of white and swift figures gathered together!

D*mn it!

So many wind spirit wolves? Did you break into their nest?

Seeing this scene, Darryl was shocked and delighted. With so many wind spirit wolves, there must be a lot of inner alchemy. He must be promoted steadily today!

Thinking about it, Darryl’s internal force turned, his whole body burst out with a powerful fighting spirit, and he rushed into the Fengling wolf pack!

In a short while, Darryl killed more than a dozen wind spirit wolves in the martial sage realm, and the Wuhuang realm broke out with all his strength. Although there were many wind spirit wolves, they were not Darryl’s opponents.


Just when Darryl was killing himself, a roar that shocked the world suddenly came from a cave not far away.


Darryl hurriedly turned his head and took a look, his body was shocked, and he couldn’t help but breathe in the air!

I saw a huge figure jumping out of the hole, covered with snow-white hair, like silver satin, bursting with a powerful aura, almost breathless.

The roar that shook the soul just now was from this huge wind spirit wolf!

This wind spirit wolf is more than ten meters long and three meters high. There are several eye-catching lines on the forehead, and a pair of eyes are shining with scarlet light!

D*mn it!

This is a wind spirit wolf king?

Darryl was stunned, and only reacted a few seconds later, his heart was shocking!

Darryl guessed right. The giant beast in front of him was the Wind Spirit Wolf King. It was resting in the cave nest. It sensed that there was a strong human being and slaughtered its own group, and it rushed out.

This wind spirit wolf king has reached the realm of Wuhuang, and has a certain amount of intelligence!


At this moment, seeing that Darryl had killed more than a dozen of his own tribe, Darryl Linglang’s eyes were extremely bloody red, and he let out a roar, the huge figure, like lightning, rushed directly towards Darryl.


In the blink of an eye, the Wind Spirit Wolf King arrived in front of Darryl, his front paws suddenly swung out, and a burst of thunder and lightning broke out.

Fcuk, this wolf king actually has a thunder and lightning attack.


Darryl was taken aback, but he didn’t panic too much, sneered, and fought fiercely with this Fengling Wolf King.

“Ooo, oooo…”

At this moment, the surrounding wind spirit wolves all raised their heads and howled, cheering on their leader.

Seeing this scene, Darryl sneered secretly.


Darryl Chunyang’s internal power broke out, and he slapped Darryl Ling Wolf King’s head with a palm, and saw its huge body tremble with a mournful cry, then crashed to the ground, swallowing his last breath.

“Ooo, oooo…”

Seeing this, the surrounding wolves suddenly exploded their fur, baring their fangs, and roaring at Darryl. The appearance of besiege at any time.

Although Darryl killed the Wolf King in seconds, aD*mnls like wolves are never afraid. If someone kills their kind, they will try their best to avenge their companions.

Seeing the wolves rushing, Darryl didn’t panic at all. The wolf king was killed by himself, and the rest of the wolves are nothing to worry about.


Just when Darryl was about to take out the Wolf King’s inner alchemy, he suddenly found something and was stunned.

I saw that there was a rope tied to the neck of this wolf king. There was a black ring on the rope. The ring looked like jade but not jade, and there were faint fluctuations in spiritual power, which was very magical.

What is this?

Darryl frowned, and tore off the ring, holding it in his hand to look at it.


At this moment, the surrounding wolves were about to besiege, and when they saw the black circle in Darryl’s hand, they let out a low roar, and slowly backed away, looking very jealous.

D*mn it, can this thing drive away wolves?

Seeing this scene, Darryl was surprised and delighted, and he was even more confused about this circle.

“Pang Tong, do you know what this is?” Darryl couldn’t help asking. Pang Tong is a well-known adviser in the three countries.

“Back to master!”

As soon as the voice fell, Pang Tong responded slowly: “This thing should be the beast ring.”

Royal beast ring?

Hearing this word, Darryl was stunned, and he was even more puzzled.

Without waiting for him to continue to inquire, Pang Tong slowly explained: “The beast control ring is a token for the master to control the beast. Through the beast control ring, the beast control can communicate well with the beast…”

With that said, Pang Tong simply talked about some things about the master of the beast control.

It turns out that in addition to alchemists, there are beast control masters in the cultivation world. It’s just that over the past thousand years, as the number of spirit beasts has become less and less, the beast control masters have also broken their inheritance. The figure of the teacher is gone.

“the host!”

When Darryl was secretly shocked, Pang Tong continued: “This beast ring can deter wolves. Presumably, its owner was once a great beast master. This thing must be kept well, maybe It will be useful to you in the future.”

When he said these, Pang Tong’s tone was serious.


Darryl nodded, deeply agreeing.

This beast ring can make the wolves so afraid, it must be a good thing, how could it be lost.

Thinking about it, Darryl placed the Royal Beast Ring on his body, and immediately uncovered the wolf king’s corpse and took out the inner alchemy.


At the moment when the Wolf King’s inner alchemy was taken out, Darryl’s spirit was shocked, and the whole person was surprised and happy!

I saw the inner alchemy of the Wolf King, not only twice the size of the other inner alchemy, but also golden, full of lustrous and radiant light.


Golden inner alchemy.

With this one alone, he will be able to advance steadily. At this moment, Darryl was indescribably excited.


At this moment, there was a strong aura fluctuating in the sky not far away, and then a figure flew over quickly.


Why is he?

Darryl looked up, frowning suddenly, what was originally a relaxed and happy mood, suddenly became very bad.

I saw the arrogant face of the incoming person, showing incomparable self-confidence, and the whole body was filled with a powerful aura.

It is Lu Jiechen!

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