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Chapter 766

Soon, half an hour came, and there were very few people who got out of the formation smoothly, and only eight people got promoted smoothly in the end.

At the end of the game, Darryl didn’t stop, and quickly left the playing field.

Today was a really good risk, and I was almost eliminated by cheating.

“Oh! Hu Mingyue!”

As soon as he left the playing field, a shout came from behind him.

Darryl turned his head and looked, and he saw Sheri trotting up to chase him, and his beautiful face was red and charming.

“What’s the matter?” Darryl asked with a smile, feeling very relaxed.

Wenbi also passed the semi-finals, so refreshed.


When he arrived, Sheri was very embarrassed, bit his lip and hesitated, and said softly, “Thanks to you today, thank you.”

When saying this, Sheri had a sincere expression on his face, and his words of thanks came from the bottom of his heart.

As the eldest lady of Famous Sword Villa, Sheri has a proud personality and rarely accepts help from others, but today is an exception.

Without this Hu Mingyue, he would be trapped in the formation and would be eliminated in the end.


Just because of this.

Darryl smiled and waved his hand indifferently: “It’s a little thing!”

With that, Darryl turned around and left.

“Hey, wait!” Sheri hurriedly shouted.

Darryl smiled bitterly, turning his head to look at her: “Is there anything else?”

Sheri, what do you want to do today?

Sheri’s face was a little red, but his eyes were serious: “Hu Mingyue, are we friends now?”

To be honest, Sheri looked down on Darryl very much at first, thinking that he was able to get to the present in the game by luck.

But today, Darryl’s performance directly subverted Sheri’s view.

“Yes!” Darryl nodded without even thinking about it.


Sheri lowered his head and said softly: “Since I am a friend, can you teach me the formation?”

Sheri is very eager to learn. He was almost eliminated in today’s semi-finals, and suddenly the idea of ​​learning the formation arose in his heart.

And Hu Mingyue in front of him is an ideal master.

D*mn it!

This woman wants to learn the formation from me?

Darryl was stunned, and then smiled bitterly: “This… is okay, but not now! There will be competitions in the next two days, I don’t have time to teach you.”

Raquel is still waiting for herself to take her out of the palace, how can she have time to accept an apprentice.

“It’s OK in the future!” Sheri thought for a while, smiled and said: “In the future, if you have time, I will look for you.”

With that, Sheri’s eyes were looking forward to: “So, you have to tell me your true identity, so I can go to you to apprentice in the future.”

D*mn it!

This is determined to be a teacher.

Darryl was stunned, with a smile on his face: “Forget it, after this martial arts contest is over, I have time, let’s go to you. Then, I will tell you my true identity!”

Although he knew that Sheri would not tell his true identity, but to be on the safe side, let’s continue to conceal it.

“Then… okay!” Seeing that Darryl still didn’t say who he was, Sheri was very disappointed, but still agreed.

Immediately, Sheri took out something from her body and placed it in Darryl’s hand: “This is my personal token. After you come to the famous sword villa and show this, someone will show you to me directly. Don’t lose it!”

This is a jade sword pendant, carved from the finest beautiful jade into the shape of a sword, with exquisite workmanship.

This jade sword pendant is Sheri’s personal object, and it is also a status symbol for the lady of the famous sword villa.

At this time, Sheri gave this pendant to Darryl, obviously, in his heart he regarded him as a true friend.

“it is good!”

Darryl took it in his hand and admired it, then put it away.

Afterwards, the two chatted again and said goodbye to each other.

Back at the inn, Darryl couldn’t express his excitement. In the Wubi semi-finals and Wenbi semi-finals, I advanced smoothly.

After a good night’s rest, to nourish enough energy, when he got up the next day, Darryl was full of energy. When I arrived at the martial arts field the next day, I saw the sign at the door that the teams had been divided.

The ten people who advanced in the semi-finals were divided into five groups to compete. Those who won were promoted, and those who lost were eliminated. This time, the confrontation is no longer about looking for an inner alchemy, but about real strength.


When he arrived, Darryl was stunned when he saw the lives of his team, and then smiled bitterly.

This Adrian helped himself a lot in the semi-finals before, and it was really difficult to fight against him.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl entered the arena.

Soon after the Emperor Apocalypse and the members of the royal family arrived, the game began.

In the first round of the game, Lu Jiechen and another contestant appeared.

Undoubtedly, within five minutes after the start of the game, Lu Jiechen defeated his opponent, won the victory, and won cheers from the audience.

“The next game, Adrian, confront Hu Mingyue.”

After two games, Clint came out and read out the list of the next duel.


As the voice fell, the eyes of the audience focused on Darryl.

Of course, none of the people’s eyes showed appreciation, but sympathy and disdain.

“Hu Mingyue, isn’t this in Wen Bi, the kid who has been drenched in Sheri?”

“Isn’t he who is? This kid is lucky. In the semi-finals of the civil and military competition, he has successfully advanced to the semifinals. However, today’s strength duel, he is sure to lose!”

“Does this need to be said? Adrian’s strength has always been in the top three, and the strength of the third stage of Wuhuang, Hu Mingyue is no more than Wu Sheng, and he can’t fight at all.”

Everyone, you and I kept talking about each other, and no one was optimistic about Darryl.

In addition, someone continued to yell at Darryl.

“Hey, Hu Mingyue, I don’t think you should fight anymore, just give in!”

“That is, be careful that Adrian accidentally killed you.”


Hearing everyone’s voices, Darryl’s face did not show the slightest fluctuation, and he slowly walked towards the ring.

On the other side, Adrian also had a complicated face, and walked up.

“Your Majesty!” At this time, on the high platform, Clint smiled and said to Emperor Tianqi: “You said Hu Mingyue, would you just surrender and give up the game?”

No matter how lucky Hu Mingyue was before, there is no possibility of winning today.

After all, the disparity between the strengths of the two sides is too great, and this Hu Mingyue has no possibility of winning at all.

“This Hu Mingyue seems to have only given up the game.” Emperor Tianqi said with a dull expression on his face.

How could a martial sage realm be an opponent of a martial emperor.

This kind of competition has nothing to look forward to!


Seeing this scene, Xing Yao secretly shook his head, and whispered at Raquel: “This time, I’m afraid this Hu Mingyue will lose. He is not a martial artist, and Adrian is a martial emperor.”

For the past two days, Xing Yao has been paying attention to Hu Mingyue, and it was a pity to see him about to lose at this time.

Raquel didn’t have the slightest fluctuation on her face, and said lightly: “It’s his business that he lost, sister Xing Yao, don’t mention this Hu Mingyue to me, okay?”

She knew that Xing Yao did this to make herself forget Darryl.

However, in his own heart, Darryl could not be replaced. As for the Hu Mingyue in front of him, compared with Darryl, it was a heaven and an underground.

“Well…Don’t mention it!” Xing Yao pursed her lips and nodded, but her eyes were still fixed on Darryl in the field. There was a trace of appreciation in his eyes. This Hu Mingyue is really interesting. Relying on luck all the way, he has been promoted.

Chapter 767

“Clint, let them start the game quickly.” At this moment, the queen sitting on the side said lightly.

When she said this, the queen glanced at Darryl, and then shook her head. This Hu Mingyue, only the martial arts realm has entered the top ten, it is simply a joke.

“Yes, Empress Empress!”

Seeing the queen speaking, Clint stopped talking nonsense, and hurriedly said to the two people on the stage: “Hu Mingyue, Adrian, you can start now.”

When the voice fell, Adrian hugged his fists at Emperor Tianqi, and said loudly: “Your Majesty, this game, I give up!”

When he said this, Adrian looked firm. Yes, Adrian was very unwilling, but there was no way.

This Hu Mingyue, but a member of the Nanyun royal family, his sect still depends on the Nanyun royal family, how can he beat him?

Moreover, to be able to enter the finals, I should also be satisfied.


All of a sudden, the audience was in an uproar.


This…. Adrian, even gave up the game?

Shouldn’t it be Hu Mingyue who gave up?

For a while, everyone who was still mocking Darryl opened their mouths wide, staring at Adrian dumbfounded, completely stupid.

Even Emperor Tianqi and Clint were stunned there, unable to speak for a long time.


The queen’s body was shocked, her delicate face was full of doubts: “Why did you give up? In this game, Adrian won no matter how he fights!”

This scene is really unexpected. This Hu Mingyue has been promoted smoothly!

At this time, Raquel, who was sitting on the side, couldn’t help but look at Darryl at this time, frowning her eyebrows, unable to conceal the inner vibration.

How can this Hu Mingyue and He De make Yan Yun fly out of the game?

At this time, Raquel hadn’t realized that this Hu Mingyue was exactly the Darryl she was thinking about!


At this moment, Clint looked puzzled and looked at Adrian closely: “Are you sure you want to give up the game? As long as you win this game, you will be in the top five smoothly!”

As long as you can make the top five, even if you can’t get the first place in the end, you can get a very generous reward.

If this is someone else, it is impossible to give up anyway.

But Adrian in front of him was about to admit defeat, and his opponent could win with one hand. It is really confusing.

“Yes.” Adrian nodded without thinking about it.

Having said that, Adrian hugged his fists at Darryl, and smiled: “I’m going down, good luck!” He originally wanted to call an adult, but when so many people around him watched, he still held back.

When the voice fell, Adrian turned and walked off the ring.

Although he admitted defeat, his posture was high and admirable.


Looking at Adrian’s back, Darryl took a deep breath, feeling unspeakably complicated and moved in his heart. To be honest, Darryl did not expect that Adrian would take the initiative to surrender.

But in any case, his identity was successfully concealed from the past. After all, Adrian was in the realm of Emperor Wu, and it was easy to expose himself if he really wanted to fight.

“In this game, Hu Mingyue won!”

At this time, Clint looked at Hu Mingyue complicatedly and announced the result of the game loudly: “Hu Mingyue, smoothly advanced to the top five!”

Darryl didn’t speak, he hugged his fist at Emperor Tianqi on the high platform, turned and walked down the ring.

At this moment, no one around cheered, everyone’s eyes were the same as Clint’s, looking at Hu Mingyue in incomparably complicated way, one by one was puzzled.

This kid is just a cultivator in the martial sage realm, and Wu Bi is actually in the top five. Who would dare to believe it if it weren’t for seeing it with your own eyes.


Xing Yao’s body trembled faintly, staring at Darryl tightly, shocked in his heart: “This… Hu Mingyue, luck is also too good?”

This game, no matter who you say, it was Adrian who had won.

But who would have thought that Adrian would give up and voluntarily concede defeat?

Raquel’s eyes flickered slightly, and she glanced at Darryl who was off the court: “What is this? Obviously, this Adrian knows Hu Mingyue, and the relationship is not normal. Adrian wants to help Hu Mingyue make the top five!” At these times, Raquel’s tone was somewhat helpless.

In the arena, only by demonstrating strong strength can we win the respect of others, and this Hu Mingyue used this method to win, it is really disgusting.

Thinking about it, Raquel looked away from Darryl. Even if someone like Hu Mingyue is extremely smart, she doesn’t bother to take a second look.


At the same time, looking at Darryl’s back and slowly walking down the ring, Emperor Tianqi also secretly frowned.

This Hu Mingyue defeated Wudang Ye Wentian with swordsmanship in the previous game!

After the Wen Bi semi-final, together with Sheri, passed the formation smoothly.

Today, Adrian, who is several levels higher than him, voluntarily surrenders…

All of this is enough to show that this Hu Mingyue is extraordinary.

“Yue Aiqing!”

Thinking about it, Emperor Tianqi beckoned to Clint, “Which sect does this Adrian belong to?”

“Return your majesty!” Clint quickly nodded and bowed in response: “Adrian, Shenghai Pavilion from the Southern Cloud Continent, this person has already given up the game, why is your Majesty interested in him?”

Emperor Tianqi did not answer, but smiled slightly, and continued to ask: “Where is Hu Mingyue?”


Clint pondered, and responded carefully: “When this person signed up, he reported from Dongao Continent. What kind of sect did not say!”

This is weird!

Emperor Tianqi frowned, groaned, and said: “In the previous duel, Adrian voluntarily surrendered. He must have a lot to do with Hu Mingyue… You go and check the origin of Hu Mingyue.”

Having said that, Emperor Tianqi thought for a while and continued: “Hu Mingyue has hidden the identity of the sect. It is definitely not easy to check. You can start with this Adrian.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Clint was not a fool, he immediately understood something, and quickly greeted the guard next to him and went to investigate Adrian secretly.


the other side!

Darryl left the arena and returned to the inn.

As soon as I arrived at the inn, I saw Adrian sitting in the lobby on the first floor.

“My lord!” Seeing Darryl, Adrian hurriedly got up and greeted.

“Today! Thank you very much!” Darryl smiled and said sincerely.

Seriously, if it weren’t for Adrian’s abstention, he would have to show his strength. When the time comes, it would be easy to be suspected by Emperor Tianqi.

Adrian looked free and easy, and smiled and waved his hand: “My lord is polite, it is my honor to be able to help my adults get promoted smoothly!”

With that said, Adrian looked around to make sure that no one was eavesdropping, and lowered his voice: “My lord, I can’t continue the game. I should return to the South Cloud Continent, but before I leave, I still have a merciless request. “Starting

“Please speak!” Darryl smiled.

Adrian got serious and asked cautiously: “I don’t know yet, what is the status of the lord in the Nanyun imperial family?”

When asked about this, Adrian felt a little nervous. After all, it is very impolite to ask the other person’s identity directly.

However, Adrian wanted to clear up the confusion in his heart before leaving.

Chapter 768

“This one….”

Seeing Adrian’s look of anticipation, Darryl groaned, and said in a low voice: “Actually…I am the princess’s husband.”

To be honest, Darryl didn’t want to tell Adrian the facts, but everyone gave up the game for himself. Such a big sentiment would be rewarded for himself. If he concealed his identity again, it would be impossible to justify.

More importantly, Darryl could feel that Adrian was a very loyal and principled person and would not reveal his secrets.


Hearing this, Adrian was taken aback for a moment, and then took a breath of air-conditioning!

In the next second, Adrian trembled and he was about to salute!

Before the Queen of Nanyun, she announced that she would be the eldest princess canonize her husband, who didn’t know about the entire Nanyun Continent!

Ora, the long princess, is second only to the Queen of Nanyun in the Southern Cloud Continent, and one person is more than ten thousand people. Her position is even more respected!

Darryl’s eyes were sharp and quick, and he stopped Adrian in time: “Don’t salute, there is a reason why I hide my identity, understand?”


Adrian nodded repeatedly and complimented: “Don’t worry, Lord Ma, I won’t tell the second person.”

At this time, Adrian was indescribably excited. Haha… So it turned out that I helped him, it was Mr. Ma. With this level of relationship, in the future, Shenghai Pavilion’s status in the arena of the South Cloud Continent, can’t it be improved?

After chatting for a few words, Adrian bid farewell to Darryl and left happily.

Walking out of the inn, Adrian was about to return to where he lived, packed his luggage, and returned to the Southern Cloud Continent.

However, Adrian didn’t notice that he was secretly watched by a few Yulin soldiers.

These Yulin soldiers were sent by Clint.


On the other side, Darryl rested in the inn for a while, and went to Wenbi early!

Wubi, he has already made the top five. In the afternoon, if he is in the top four, he will be able to participate in tomorrow’s finals smoothly. When entering the arena, Darryl was full of confidence!


When the game was about to start, Darryl suddenly laughed when he saw what the guard brought up.

See, there are a few tables on the playing field, and there are eight delicate wooden utensils on the table.

It is Luban lock!

Lu Ban lock is the land round the continent, the ancient generation of master craftsmen, Lu Ban’s most famous work, seemingly simple, but exquisite and complicated, do not understand the tricks, you will never try to unlock it for the rest of your life.

Even if you understand, it will take some time.

Is the Luban lock unlocked in today’s game?

At this moment, Darryl was all relaxed. You know, when Darryl was a child, he liked to play with some toys with mechanisms the most, and Luban lock was one of them.

At this time, there was a lot of discussion around.

“What is this?”

“Wooden mechanism?”

“It looks very simple, but there seems to be another mystery…”

Everyone watching the game frowned and talked in a low voice. Although the nine continents have been communicating with each other for a long time, some ancient things have not been completely popularized, like this Lubansuo, there are very few people who really understand it.

At this moment, Clint came out and told the rules.

Today’s game is very simple, eight people, two people in a team, the game unlocked Luban locks, the fast people advance, and they are too slow to be eliminated.

After talking about the rules, start grouping.

D*mn it!

After dividing into groups, Darryl was still very relaxed, and he was stunned.

The one with himself turned out to be Sheri.


At this time, Sheri also trembled with her tender body, and her heart was bitter.

How come I and Hu Mingyue are grouped together?

If it had been before, Sheri would not have been so depressed, but after two days of contact, she knew that Hu Mingyue was deeply hidden.

Therefore, seeing that he and Hu Mingyue were in the same group, Sheri only felt that the pressure was like a mountain, and he couldn’t breathe.

quickly. The game has started!

Darryl and Sheri walked to the table and looked at each other, both smiled bitterly.

“It seems that I am going to lose this game!” Sheri smiled lightly and said in a low voice.

When she said this, Sheri’s mood suddenly became free and easy. To be honest, Sheri didn’t even think about taking the first place when attending the Wen Bi recruitment conference this time.

After all, my purpose is to meet the talents of nine continents, and by the way prove my talents.

More importantly, since I am a daughter, how can I be the princess’s husband?

Darryl gave her a comforting expression, smiled, and said nothing. Starting

If it were normal, Darryl might deliberately let Sheri.

But no way.

In order to take Raquel away, in this martial arts contest, the martial arts are the first, and Darryl will win.


The game in the field was very calm. The eight contestants all stared at Lu Bansuo in their hands.

The people around watching the game were enthusiastic and exclaimed from time to time.

“Young Master Dugu is so fast!”

“This quick thinking and dexterous technique really makes people feel uncomfortable!”

Under the discussion, many people’s eyes focused on the group of Darryl and Sheri.

“Haha… this Hu Mingyue is in a group with Sheri…”

“It is said that this Hu Mingyue is Sheri’s follower…”

“Really? No wonder Sheri took care of him so much before, but…With that said, Hu Mingyue is going to be eliminated today, how can the minion win the master, right…”

Darryl didn’t pay attention to the discussion of the people around him, and earnestly unlocked Lu Ban’s lock, not hurriedly or slowly, but Sheri was in a hurry.

She was right, she really was going to lose this game.

Because of Lu Bansuo, Sheri had only heard of it, but had never seen it before. It was natural to be in a hurry to unlock this delicate thing for the first time today.


After a while, Darryl completely unlocked the Luban lock, smiled slightly, and placed the Luban lock on the table.


Seeing this scene, the audience was in an uproar.

This… Hu Mingyue actually won Sheri?

Isn’t he Sheri’s follower?

On the high platform, Xing Yao couldn’t conceal his excitement, and muttered to herself: “This Hu Mingyue is really interesting. Every game is not the most brilliant, but he can be promoted smoothly. Now he is in the top four of Wenbi. Up…”


Hearing this, Raquel breathed a sigh of relief, her expression not fluctuating at all.

This Hu Mingyue saw that he had played Luban lock before, and it was normal to be able to unlock it so easily. In short, if he can win this game, it can only be said that he is lucky and has nothing to do with talent.

“This Hu Mingyue actually won again.”

At this time, the queen on the side also had her eyebrows furrowed, her beautiful face slightly moved.

In the empress’s heart, Hu Mingyue was simply despised. With ordinary appearance and average literary talent, he is not worthy of his daughter at all. It is a miracle to be able to successfully advance to the present.

Emperor Tianqi didn’t speak, but his gaze also looked at Darryl in a daze.

This Hu Mingyue is a bit interesting.

Thinking about it, Emperor Tianqi asked Clint: “Yue Aiqing, what happened to you in the morning?”

In the morning at Wubi, Adrian voluntarily abstained and gave the right to advance to Hu Mingyue. At that time, Emperor Tianqi suspected that Hu Mingyue had a problem with his identity.

At this time, seeing him in the top four of Wenbi again, I became more and more curious about his identity.

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Chapter 769

“Dodge, the minister is still investigating Hu Mingyue’s identity, soon, soon!” Clint wiped the sweat from his forehead and quickly responded.

At this moment.

In the game.

“Hu Mingyue, you must win to the end, and I will cheer you on.” Sheri smiled at Darryl, and after speaking, he turned and walked off the court.

Darryl didn’t speak, smiled and nodded.


Seeing this scene, many people around were in an uproar again, all of them were blinded.

what’s the situation?

Sheri actually cheered for Hu Mingyue?

Are they not in a master-servant relationship?

Among the crowd, Jiang Qing’s face was extremely ugly.

Yes, after being eliminated, Jiang Qing did not leave. Instead, he watched the game live and had to watch Hu Mingyue’s elimination with his own eyes.

As a result, not only did Hu Mingyue not be eliminated, he also successfully entered the final top four.

“Young Master Ye!”

At this moment, seeing Sheri walking out of the arena, Jiang Qing and many others gathered around and couldn’t help asking: “Isn’t Hu Mingyue your follower? Why did you let him?

When asked about this, Jiang Qing was puzzled.

Other people nearby also responded.

“Yeah, why are you still cheering for him?”

“Even if the relationship is good, the subordinate is the subordinate after all, how can you win the master?”

Everyone’s inquiries kept coming, Sheri smiled, calmly.

In the next second, Sheri looked around and said lightly: “Who told you that Hu Mingyue is my follower?”


Hearing this, everyone around was stunned.

Sheri continued: “I and Hu Mingyue are friends, not a master-servant relationship, and I admire him very much, so don’t guess randomly!”

When saying this, Sheri looked back at Darryl in the field, and his eyes flashed with strange brilliance, full of admiration.


Not a master and servant? is a friend?

Moreover, Sheri still admires Hu Mingyue very much?

Sheri is the young master of Mingjian Villa. What kind of person can he admire?

At this moment, Jiang Qing and the others subconsciously looked at Darryl, all their brains were blank, completely dumbfounded.


Night is coming!

In a tavern on the outskirts of the imperial city, several people gathered around the wine table and were able to drink vigorously.

The one sitting in the middle, tall, with extraordinary momentum, is Adrian.

The few around, all wearing bright armor, were all soldiers of the Imperial Forest Army, and the one headed, with a shrewd face, was the leader of the Imperial Forest Army, Du Yinghai.

“Brother Yan, come and have another drink!”

At this time, Du Yinghai raised the cup at Adrian, very respectfully and politely: “Seriously, brother Yan and I have seen each other at first sight. You want to return to Nanyun Continent, I really can’t bear it.”

When he said this, Du Yinghai’s eyes turned, and a faint smile appeared.

Yes, Du Yinghai was ordered by Clint to investigate the relationship between Adrian and Hu Mingyue.

Of course, the main purpose is to find out Hu Mingyue’s true identity.

Speaking of it, Du Yinghai and Adrian were not very familiar at first, but learned that Adrian had a broad nature and loved making friends from all over the world, so he came to bid farewell in the name of admiration!

Adrian didn’t know Du Yinghai’s purpose. He thought that the other party was really making friends with him. Facing Du Yinghai’s hospitality, he agreed to sit down and have a few drinks.

“Come on, drink!”

At this moment, Adrian had a drink with Du Yinghai without even thinking about it.

Three wine rounds!

Seeing that Adrian was almost drinking, Du Yinghai leaned over and made a very casual look: “Brother Yan, I really don’t understand. With your strength, it’s okay to get the top two in the end. Why face that Hu Mingyue? , Do you want to abstain?”

“Haha…” Adrian smiled, shook his head and said, “It won’t work if you don’t abstain, Hu Mingyue is a big man.”

Big shot?

Hearing this, Du Yinghai suddenly came to his senses and asked, “Where is the big man? Brother Yan can help me solve my doubts?”

When he said this, Du Yinghai made a very curious look, but his heart was unspeakably excited.


This Hu Mingyue’s identity was about to be asked soon. After such a big game, he was finally a little ugly, and he could deal with Master Yue.

“This one…”

Although Adrian was drunk, he still remained awake, shook his head and smiled: “I can’t say, I can’t say…”

Of it!

It seems that the drink is not enough.

Du Yinghai cursed secretly, then squeezed out a smile, and continued to persuade him to drink: “Well, since I can’t tell, I won’t ask more, brother, let’s continue drinking, and I won’t be drunk tonight!”

“it is good!”

The voice fell, and the two clink glasses again!

At this moment, when he raised his head and drank, Du Yinghai’s mouth was a little sinister.

As the captain of the Imperial Forest Army, if you haven’t seen anyone before, you won’t believe it. You can’t detect Hu Mingyue’s true identity.


the next day!

Apocalypse Imperial City, Jiuyang Altar.

The weather is nice today, the sun is shining, and the competition field is full of people.

After a few days of screening competitions, today is the finals. Early in the morning, the people watching the game, and people from all walks of life, arrived early.

The royal family of Apocalypse wanted to recruit the princesses for the princess, and to the final finals, this is a grand event that has not existed in the Apocalypse continent for thousands of years.

Especially this final final, it must be very exciting, no one wants to miss it.

In a short while, the top five contestants in the martial arts competition were ready, and the final finals began immediately.

Of the five contestants, Lu Jiechen still had the loudest voice. As soon as he came on the field, he caused the cheers of everyone around him!

“Master Lu…”

“Master Lu is mighty…”

In the crowd, Gary’s face flushed, and he was indescribably excited.

Among the last five people, the master is the strongest. As long as he wins the first place, he will have the opportunity to marry the Hui Mingjiao. Can you be unhappy?

But Darryl, standing beside Lu Jiechen, was no one cares about, and no one even wants to take a second look.

This Hu Mingyue, all along the way, depends on luck.

Today’s final is definitely the first one to be eliminated.


At this moment, Emperor Tianqi slowly stood up from the dragon seat, scanned the audience, and finally landed on the five people Lu Jiechen, smiling and saying: “Congratulations, five people, entering the finals, today’s game , I hope you can show your strength, and I wish you good luck!”

The voice was not loud, but it was full of majesty, everyone in the entire Jiuyang Altar heard clearly!

“Thank you for your kind words, Your Majesty!” At this time, Lu Jiechen, Darryl and others responded in unison.

Emperor Apocalypse nodded, stopped talking nonsense, waved his hand: “Okay, the game can start!”

When the voice fell, Emperor Tianqi sat back on the dragon chair, very happy.

Wubi selected the last five. Except for Hu Mingyue, the other four are very satisfied.

Chapter 770

Emperor Tianqi looked at these contestants and nodded in satisfaction. These contestants are all among the best! Especially this Lu Jiechen, who is stable and strong, and strong, if he becomes a consort, he will be assured of a hundred.

“Game start!”

At this moment, Clint walked out, looked around the audience, and said loudly: “In the first game, Lu Jiechen will face Zhang Xiangsheng!”

When the words fell, Lu Jiechen and Zhang Xiangsheng slowly walked onto the ring.


In an instant, everyone’s eyes focused on the two of them.

Zhang Xiangsheng came from the Tianquan Sect of the West Cang Continent, and the four-stage martial emperor of strength. In the previous martial arts competition, he has consistently ranked in the top five, and his strength should not be underestimated.

Lu Jiechen looked relaxed, and smiled at Zhang Xiangsheng: “Don’t talk nonsense, take it, I can let you do it!”


Lu Jiechen wants Zhang Xiangsheng a trick?

How confident can you speak such big words at this time?

Hearing this, there was an uproar around him.

Zhang Xiangsheng’s face flushed, he felt greatly humiliated, and shouted angrily: “Lu Jiechen, who will win this game is still unknown! I don’t need you!”


As the voice fell, a powerful aura erupted from Zhang Xiangsheng’s body, and immediately afterwards, his whole body quickly flashed, punched out, and hit Lu Jiechen directly.

With this punch, Zhang Xiangsheng exploded ten levels of internal force, and he saw that where the figure passed, the air was distorted!


Lu Jiechen didn’t panic, a trace of contempt at the corner of his mouth, he didn’t mean to evade at all. Instead, he threw a punch lightly and met Zhang Xiangsheng!


The two fists collided, and there was a dull vibration, and Zhang Xiangsheng’s face was pale, and he was directly shaken out, flying a full tens of meters away, and finally fell under the ring.


Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked, their eyes focused on Lu Jiechen, full of shock and admiration!

One move… unexpectedly defeated Zhang Xiangsheng with one move.

As expected to be the vice-master of Mingjiao, this strength… is too strong!

“In the first game, Lu Jiechen won!” At this moment, Clint strode out and announced loudly with excitement.

Lu Jiechen smiled slightly, hugged a fist at Emperor Tianqi, then turned around and walked off the ring slowly, with a very arrogant expression.

“Master Lu is mighty!”


At this moment, everyone around kept shouting Lu Jiechen’s name, cheering!

D*mn! This Lu Jiechen’s strength is so much stronger than before?

Seeing this, Darryl frowned secretly.

“The next game, Hu Mingyue will fight Wu Cang!” Just as Darryl muttered secretly, Clint’s voice came from the field.

D*mn it!

It’s my time so soon. Darryl’s spirit was shocked, and he quickly stepped onto the ring.


At this moment, as soon as Darryl entered the ring, there was a burst of laughter around him.

“Haha, this Hu Mingyue again!”

“Yesterday’s duel, this kid got lucky, Adrian gave up, he can only be promoted, what should I do today?”

In the hearts of everyone, they always thought that Darryl had good luck, so he could persist until now.

However, today is the finals, no matter how lucky he is, there is no chance of winning.

After all, this Hu Mingyue is just the realm of Martial Saint.

“Why is this Hu Mingyue again!” At this time, the queen sitting on the high platform could not conceal her impatience: “His game has no meaning at all.”

This Hu Mingyue was lucky before, and he had no real talents at all.

At the same time, Xing Yao, who was next to him, couldn’t help but say to Raquel: “Princess, this Hu Mingyue is on the stage, do you think he will win this game?”

For some reason, Xing Yao couldn’t stop excited when he saw Hu Mingyue on the stage.

Perhaps it was because this Hu Mingyue was so special. You know, it is a miracle that a cultivator of the martial arts realm can enter the finals of Wubi.

“It doesn’t matter whether he wins or not, it’s up to me, sister Xing Yao.” Raquel responded lightly, without any mood swings on his face.

Seriously, if before, Raquel would have also paid attention to Hu Mingyue.

But since knowing that Darryl was dead, Raquel’s entire world was gloomy, and she couldn’t be interested in anything.

Seeing her uninterested, Xing Yao smiled and stopped talking.

At this time, in the game!

“Hu Mingyue!”

At this time, Wu Cang slowly stepped onto the stage, his face full of abuse and mockery, and smiled at Darryl: “I didn’t expect that he would fight me!”

When he said this, Wu Cang felt a sense of revenge.

In the previous semi-finals, at the imperial trial site, Wu Cang tried to snatch the inner alchemy that Darryl had obtained, but was driven away by Adrian.

Wu Cang is a man who must repay him, and he has always been grudged about this incident!

Before Adrian was here, Wu Cang didn’t dare to do anything to Darryl, but yesterday Adrian gave up the game and left the imperial city. Wu Cang had no worries in his heart, and naturally would not put Darryl in his eyes.

At this time Wu Cang didn’t know that Darryl didn’t need Yan Yun to fly for shelter at all.


This shameful pen!

In the face of Wu Cang’s ridicule, Darryl cursed inwardly, with danger on the surface, and did not respond.

“Haha…” Seeing that Darryl didn’t speak, Wu Cang became more and more proud: “Hu Mingyue, by the way, what method did you use yesterday to make Adrian give up the game? Tell me, Maybe, I will also give up the game…haha…”

Before he finished speaking, Wu Cang couldn’t help laughing, his eyes full of contempt.


For a time, the audience also caused a lot of laughter.

Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense, chuckled, looking at Wu Cang and said lightly: “Wu Cang, stop talking nonsense, do it now, I’m still waiting for the first place!”

When he said this, Darryl looked firm.


This kid still wants to be number one?


As soon as the voice fell, many people present were taken aback, and then burst into laughter again, almost all the tears came out.

This kid is too capable of pretending.

You are a martial sage, how can you beat Martial Emperor?

Do you really think that all the contestants, like Adrian, just abandon the competition?

At this moment, the corner of Emperor Apocalypse’s mouth on the stage evoked a chuckle and secretly shook his head.

Hu Mingyue’s previous performance was pretty good, he was very clever and exciting, but he was very unhappy to speak big words.

“Just like him, he’s still bragging about being first?” The queen next to him was also disdainful.

As for Raquel, who was sitting on the other side, needless to say, her delicate face was full of disgust.

This Hu Mingyue is really thick-skinned, bragging to the finals of the martial arts contest, if he really won the first place, he might as well die.

Lu Jiechen, who was sitting in the seating area, smiled contemptuously.

Did this kid know that he was going to lose, so he deliberately said a few big words, so as to attract the attention of the Apocalypse Royal Family?

But what’s the use of talking big? Without strong strength, let alone the royal family, the people around would not even look at you.

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