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Chapter 806

the other side! On the unnamed desert island.

The night passed suddenly.


Early the next morning, when Darryl was sleeping in Zhengxiang, he heard the empress shout impatiently: “My palace is hungry, go get me some food.”

When she shouted these, the queen looked disgusted. This son-in-law was too incompetent. The sun was so high and she was still sleeping. Even a queen has to call him up!

“Good…” Darryl replied and sat up in a daze.

Last night, Darryl had been meditating and cultivating, and he would go to bed in the early hours of the morning!

At this time, Raquel also woke up, took Darryl’s hand, smiled and said: “Husband, let’s go fishing by the sea!”

As soon as the voice fell, the queen frowned and said beyond doubt: “Yueying, let him go by himself. You stay with the mother and the queen.”

With that, the queen thought of something, and said to Darryl: “By the way, this palace doesn’t want to eat fish today, it eats fish every day. Go and catch some hares!”


Hearing this, Darryl was stunned, very speechless.

This is a desert island in the sea. Fish are caught casually, but hares are hard to find!

However, looking at Raquel’s helplessness in the middle, Darryl didn’t want to say anything, and nodded with a wry smile: “Okay, I’ll go catch the hare!”

Immediately, Darryl said to Raquel: “Raquel, you can stay with your mother, don’t go out and walk around if you are okay.”

When the voice fell, Darryl strode out of the cave.

the other side!

Apocalypse Continent, imperial city prison!

The imperial prison is a forbidden place in the forbidden land for the people of the entire imperial city! The prisoners who can be held here are the prisoners who are personally imprisoned by the emperor. Therefore, there are countless jailers guarding the prison. Not only that, there are also many patrols around the imperial forest.

The entire imperial city prison is absolutely heavily guarded!

At this time, night fell, and the entire imperial city was shrouded in night.


Suddenly. A s3xy figure flew from a distance in the dark and sneaked into the roof of the prison entrance!

This woman is extremely s3xy, not to mention too charming.

Under the moonlight, I saw her in a black night clothes, which outlined her tight figure vividly, but the woman’s body was filled with a dangerous atmosphere that one would not dare to despise!

It is Xing Yao!

Not bad! When Darryl was rescued by Sikong Yanran, Xing Yao also left the imperial city taking advantage of the chaotic situation.

After Castro became emperor, Xing Yao did not want to support him. After leaving the imperial city, Xing Yao found a place to recover his strength, and quietly returned to the imperial city.

There is only one purpose, which is to rescue Darryl’s family and friends.

After all, Xing Yao and Raquel had a good relationship. Darryl was Raquel’s husband, and Xing Yao wanted to save Darryl’s family.


At this time, Xing Yao had reached the door of the prison, holding a Tang knife, she quietly walked into the prison.


As a result, at this moment, a flame was lit up!

Xing Yao looked at it subconsciously, and his mind went blank when he saw it!

I saw all around, suddenly hundreds of torches lit up, and people holding torches. All of them are royal guards, each of them is powerful, at least in the realm of a Wuhuang!

The headed one, wearing a long robe, with a sneer on his face, is Clint!

Not only that, there are also a large number of imperial forest troops, rushing here!

There is an ambush!

Seeing this scene, Xing Yao was shocked, but she was the goddess of war in the Apocalypse Continent. Faced with such a situation, she was still not afraid of danger! His eyes fixed on Clint.


At this moment, Clint showed a faint smile. In his smile, he couldn’t hide his pride and cunning: “Commander Xing Yao, I didn’t expect it. It was not Darryl who came to the prison first, but you…”

While saying this, Clint’s gaze. Constantly weighing Xing Yao up and down. That’s right, Clint lay in wait here, just wanting to catch Darryl alive. Because Clint knew that Darryl would definitely come to save the Ouyang family. But unexpectedly, Darryl didn’t come. This Xing Yao is here!

“It’s so beautiful.” Clint muttered, looking at Xing Yao unscrupulously. This woman is indeed the goddess of war in the Apocalypse Continent.


It’s really beautiful, even if you wear night clothes, you can’t conceal the heroic aura.

Especially the slender waist and straight long legs, this figure is simply perfect.

Perceiving Clint’s gaze, Xing Yao’s face was cold. There is no slightest fluctuation. But my heart is extremely contemptuous. This Clint is nothing but a despicable villain. Before, in front of Emperor Apocalypse, he used all kinds of flattery to please him. Only by flattering, he achieved the position of the first-rank master. Now he has taken refuge in the Castro, and he is starting to fight against others.

“Commander Xing Yao!”

Seeing that Xing Yao did not respond, Clint took a step forward and continued leisurely: “We are also considered colleagues for ten years. The so-called people who know the current affairs are brilliant, as long as you follow me to see your Majesty now, show your allegiance, with your strength, He must still be respected commander-in-chief!”

Immediately, Clint looked sorry: “Why don’t you leave the glory and wealth, why do you want to mix with the mobs like Darryl and risk such a big risk to rob prison? Are you right?”

Speaking of it, Clint deliberately set up soldiers to ambush here, mainly to prevent Darryl from coming to save people, but he didn’t expect that Darryl didn’t see it, but Xing Yao was waiting.

Of course, Clint persuaded Xing Yao to surrender, not for Xing Yao’s sake, but to make meritorious service in front of King Castro.

After all, Castro had just ascended the throne and proclaimed himself emperor, it was when he needed talents, if he could persuade Xing Yao to be loyal to him. It’s a great achievement.

“Bah!” However, as soon as the voice fell, Xing Yao directly scolded: “Clint, you are all shameless, your majesty is not thin to you, and now the bones are not cold. You have taken refuge in the traitor of Guangping King, if I promise you, then It’s really in the same way.”


When the voice fell, Xing Yao held Tang Dao with a strong breath. It broke out! With eyes fixed on Clint, he shouted: “Even if you die today, I will not go to see King Castro with you! Moreover, I will cut off your dog’s head to comfort your majesty’s spirit in the sky.”

“Good, good!”

Clint’s expression became gloomy. He clapped his hands and sneered: “I don’t know how to promote, since you are a loyal minister, then I will fulfill you! Take it for me!”

After speaking the last sentence, Clint waved his hand!


When the voice fell, nearly a hundred royal guards and the Yulin Army jumped into the air, rushed towards Xing Yao, and directly surrounded her.


Xing Yao didn’t panic and greeted him directly!


At the same time, Xing Yao even released the Qiongqi spirit beast.

In the blink of an eye, the two are fighting together!

At the beginning, with Qiongqi’s cooperation, Xing Yao was still very relaxed, but gradually, she became a little anxious.

To be honest, with Xing Yao’s strength, it is no problem to deal with more than a dozen masters, but there are too many opponents, so a few retreats, and more guards and Yulin army rushed up!

Chapter 807

Although Xing Yao’s Qiongqi was mighty, he couldn’t hold back the many experts in the palace. After a while, Qiongqi’s huge body was chopped down a lot, dripping with blood!


Seeing that Qiongqi’s injuries were getting worse, Xing Yao hurriedly took it back, which was then. A palace guard took the opportunity to rush up and knocked out the Tang Dao in Xing Yao’s hand.


At the same time, Clint took the opportunity to attack from behind and quickly tapped Xing Yao’s acupoint.

Xing Yao couldn’t react at all, her delicate body trembled, and she couldn’t move anymore.


Immediately afterwards, several royal guards swarmed up and tied Xing Yao’s five flowers.

“Master Yue.”

At this time. One of the royal guards pleased Clint and said, “Do you want to put her in the prison too?”

“What is the prison?”

Clint glared at him and made an awe-inspiring look: “As the former commander, he sneaked into the prison in private. If she wanted to rescue Darryl’s comrades, she must know that Darryl was hiding there and took me to rest. Place, let the official interrogate well.”

With that, Clint walked over, leaned to Xing Yao’s ear, and whispered with a smile, “Xing Yao beauty, I will now give you one last chance, and join me in loyalty to the current emperor. Everyone will support each other and be promoted together.” It’s great to be rich…”


A cold word came out from Xing Yao’s mouth, her beautiful face was full of uprightness.

Still stiff!

Clint sneered and waved his hand: “Get me down!”

When saying this, Clint looked up and down Xing Yao’s figure, his eyes were extremely excited.


Xing Yao, give you a chance and you don’t want to, don’t blame me now.

Speaking of. When he first took refuge in Emperor Apocalypse, Clint had always coveted Xing Yao’s beauty, but Xing Yao’s status was too high, she was a famous female god of war in the entire Apocalypse Continent, so Clint had always had a guilty mind and was not guilty.

But now that Emperor Tianqi is dead, Xing Yao has no support, and now falls into his own hands.

This is a godsend. Tonight, we must enjoy the gentleness of the goddess of war.

Thinking about it, a smile appeared at the corner of Clint’s mouth, and he ordered the surrounding Yulin Army: “Continue to watch the surroundings. As long as Darryl does not show up, don’t bother me.”

When the voice fell, Clint walked quickly toward his resting place, his face full of excitement, and couldn’t wait!

the other side!

Nameless desert island.

In the dense jungle, Darryl moved forward very depressed!


The queen is too difficult to serve. She doesn’t eat grilled fish, she has to eat hare…

It has been half an hour since I left the cave. Darryl hasn’t found the hare yet.

While depressed, Darryl couldn’t help but sigh in secret. When I first arrived, I didn’t realize how big this island was. At this time, walking through the jungle, Darryl knew that this island was much bigger than he thought! And the environment is complicated.


Finally found!

Suddenly, Darryl’s eyes flashed and he was very excited!

I saw a hare on a hillside a few hundred meters away, just jumping out of the cave, searching for food.

Darryl did not rush over, but picked up a branch on the ground and waved his hand!


There was a sound of breaking through the air, and the branches shot away like a sharp arrow. Pass the hare directly!

“Hare, hare, it’s not that I want to hurt you, it’s really hard for the empress to serve!”

Darryl muttered to himself, and was about to rush over. Pick up the hare.


As a result, at this moment, only a sound of footsteps came from the beach ahead!

D*mn it? !

There are people on this island?

Darryl listened to the footsteps, only felt that his mind was blank. There are still people on this desert island? And listening to the footsteps, this person who came not far away is very strong! It seems to be.. Crossing the Tribulation Realm!


Isn’t this a desert island? I searched it by myself last night, there is no one on the island!

I thought. Darryl quickly took out a Guixu Pill from his body and swallowed it!

The Guixu Pill, after taking it, can hide the true strength of the cultivator. Taking Guixu Pill was not for Darryl, but for the sake of caution.

No matter who the cultivator suddenly came to the desert island, Darryl’s first reaction was to be careful.

after all. My name in the mainland of Kyushu is too loud. For the sake of caution, it is better not to reveal your identity!


Just after Darryl was taking the Guixu Pill, he could only see a s3xy figure flying in the direction of the sea.

The speed of this figure was too fast, almost in the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of Darryl!


At this moment, Darryl was stunned, and couldn’t help but suck in the air-conditioning secretly!

Here is a very s3xy woman!

This woman looked like she was about thirty, not to mention how beautiful. This woman exudes a cold temperament. She wears a light purple long dress, beautiful and graceful, giving people the feeling, full of fairy spirit!


So beautiful. It’s a peerless stunner.

It is worth mentioning that this woman’s long skirt has a relatively low collar, just enough to be visible. There is a unicorn tattooed on her chest! That’s right, this woman has a unicorn tattoo!

What shocked Darryl even more was the strength of this woman.

It turned out to be…. It turned out to be crossing the catastrophe!

D*mn. Cross the catastrophe!

Darryl was extremely shocked. On this deserted island in the vast ocean, it was incredible to encounter a woman who had crossed the Tribulation Realm!

I saw this woman’s face. Without the slightest fluctuation, he looked up and down Darryl.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” A few seconds later, the woman’s red lips lightly opened, and she uttered a few words gently. The voice was very nice, but it was a bit cold.

When she said this, this woman secretly sensed that Xia Darryl was strength.

Sandan Wusheng!

At this time, this woman hadn’t noticed that Darryl had hidden her strength.


Feeling the coldness of the beauty in the purple skirt in front of him, Darryl swallowed subconsciously, and his mind quickly turned.

The beauty in front of her is unidentified, it is not clear whether she is a friend or an enemy. Don’t expose your identity at will!

Thinking about it, Darryl scratched his head, rolled his eyes, and started talking nonsense: “I am a fisherman. Yesterday I went to sea to fish. When I encountered a storm, the boat was destroyed and I fell on this deserted island!”


Hearing this, the beauty in purple skirt frowned, her delicate face was full of suspiciousness: “A fisherman will have the strength of a martial artist? You lie to me?”

The voice fell, and a majestic breath was released from her in an instant!

With this powerful breath, the pressing Darryl couldn’t breathe, and it was difficult to breathe!

“I didn’t lie to you…” Darryl looked very anxious and said loudly: “I am really a fisherman. When I was very young, I met a strange man in the rivers and lakes and taught me the practice method. I explored and practiced on my own, and I reached the realm now!”

When he said this, Darryl looked serious, but he was a little uneasy.

The strength of this beauty is really too strong, not to mention that her internal strength has not been fully recovered, but she also hides her strength, even if her internal strength is fully restored, it is not her opponent!

At this time, Darryl just wanted to fool around quickly so that he could go back to find Raquel and the queen.

Chapter 808

“This…senior…oh no, it’s Fairy Sister, nothing else, I’m leaving now.” Darryl said politely, turning around and leaving.

Originally, Darryl wanted to call Senior, but he didn’t think it was right, so he changed to Fairy Sister.


Just two steps, this purple skirt beauty suddenly shot, grabbing Darryl’s wrist, and touching the ground with her toes. Flew up with Darryl, and flew towards the sea.

D*mn it!

At this moment, Darryl was shocked and angry, and clearly felt that his internal strength was completely suppressed, and he couldn’t display it at all!

“Sister Fairy, what are you going to do? I’m really a fisherman, don’t kill me.” Darryl pretended to be very frightened and shouted.

The beauty in the green skirt responded faintly: “Don’t shout, I won’t kill you.”


Don’t kill me. What are you holding me for?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl had been taken to the beach. At this moment, seeing the scene of the seaside, Darryl was shocked and couldn’t help taking a breath. The whole person was stunned for an instant!

I go…

The boss opened his mouth wide, and he rubbed his eyes with his hands, his face was full of disbelief!

He clearly saw that on the coast in front of him, there were thousands of sailing ships docked densely!

That’s right! Thousands of sailing ships!

These thousands of sailing boats, on each sailing boat, tens of thousands of people stood neatly! Although these people wear uniform robes, the colors of their clothes are obviously different. There are five colors, namely gold, cyan, red, blue, and yellow!

Obviously, these hundreds of thousands of people are all disciples of a certain sect!


This…what kind of sect is this?

Seeing this scene, Darryl was shocked!

Thousands of sailboats, hundreds of thousands of disciples! With such a strong strength, what kind of sect is this?

At this time, the beauty in purple skirt took Darryl to a big ship.

On this big ship, it was obviously much larger than the surrounding sailboats. On both sides of the deck, dozens of disciples stood neatly, holding long swords. Domineering.

“See Master!”

As soon as they landed on the boat, the dozens of disciples immediately knelt down at the beauty in the purple skirt, and looked respectful one by one, not even daring to show up.

Obviously, this beauty in a purple skirt has a high prestige in this sect, otherwise these disciples would not be so terrified and awed when they see her.


Darryl didn’t panic at all, looking around the boat. I saw a large flag standing on the boat with a towering tree embroidered on it, and two characters: Xingmu written on the flag.


Is it the name of this sect?

In the mainland of Kyushu, it seems that there is no sect called “Xingmu”.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl looked at the beauty in the purple skirt and couldn’t help asking: “You…you are…”

Just saying two words, she was interrupted by the beauty in the purple skirt: “What’s your name?”

“I…” Darryl scratched his head, thought quickly, and said, “My name is Darryl Tao!”

Since the identity and strength are hidden, let’s simply take another fake name.

Darryl Tao!

The beauty in purple skirt read it secretly in her heart, and then stared at Darryl closely, saying, “Would you like to worship me as a teacher?”

The young man in front of him, just inserted a hare with a branch, and pierced the hare a few hundred meters away. This young man can be seen. The martial arts has a profound background. It’s an individual talent.


In an instant, the disciples who were kneeling around, their eyes focused on Darryl, revealing envy and jealousy!

Who is this kid?

Can you let the master take the initiative to accept him as a disciple? You know, Master has always been arrogant and arrogant, no matter how good people are, they won’t catch her.

what is it today?



Darryl was also stunned, and then smiled bitterly: “Sister fairy, I am just a fisherman. My biggest wish is to have a stable life by marrying a wife and having children, but I never thought about apprenticeship.”

Are you kidding me? He is the dignified Heavenly Sect Sect Master, and is close to the strength of crossing the Tribulation Realm. What kind of master is needed?

More importantly, in my heart, there is always only one master, the sword demon, Nangong Jue.


This kid is not willing yet?

The surrounding disciples had complex expressions, looking at Darryl’s eyes. Even more exciting.

The first time the master took the initiative to accept a disciple, this kid even refused?

I’m afraid there is a problem with my mind…

“you are not willing?”

At this time, the beauty in the purple skirt also frowned slightly and said, “Darryl Tao, you are already a cultivator. How can you still be willing to be a fisherman? This is too unpromising. I think you have good qualifications, so I am willing to accept you as a disciple. .”

As she said, she showed a bit of aloofness and arrogance on her face, and continued: “Do you know who I am? How many people in the nine continents want to worship me as a teacher, do you know?”

“That…” Upon hearing this, Darryl asked quickly: “Dare to ask this fairy sister, where is it sacred?”

The beauty in the purple skirt showed a slight smile, and said high up: “Have you heard of “Holy Sect”?”

Holy Sect?

At this moment. Darryl was shocked, his whole body was stupid.

At the beginning, Darryl was accidentally spread to Beiying Continent by Raquel with a magic talisman. When he was training in the Shennong Fortune Land, Zhu Rong used to ask him to drink and chat.

In that short time, Zhu Rong and Darryl talked a lot about the sect of the Beiying mainland, and they mentioned this holy sect at that time.

Shengzong, one of the sects of Beiying mainland, has been passed down for thousands of years! It is rumored to be the sect founded by Taishang Laojun!

The sect masters of the past dynasties are all famous people! They are all in the Beiying Continent. Shameful!

Thinking about it, Darryl couldn’t help but looked at the beautiful purple skirt in front of him, shocked in his heart!

D*mn it!

Could it be that she is the current Saint Sect Master?

Seeing Darryl’s face dumbfounded, the beauty in purple skirt thought he was ignorant, and said indifferently: “Shengzong is a sect. In the mainland of Nine Provinces, it can be regarded as the highest-ranking famous sect and authentic, and I am the Holy Sect. Under the sect, the altar master of Xingmu Altar! Mu Qingyue!”

When talking about this, Mu Qingyue’s beautiful face showed a bit of cold arrogance. Shengzong, there are hundreds of thousands of disciples! The disciples are divided into five sub altars. These five sub-alarms are named after the golden wood, water, fire and earth, and they are: Ryukyu, Xingmu, Yingshui, Miaohuo and Haotu!

There are tens of thousands of disciples in each branch! Mu Qingyue. It is the master of Xingmu Altar!

In Shengzong, of course, the lord is the largest. Further down, there are the five sub-altar masters. Mu Qingyue is the master of the Xingmu Altar, so the disciples of Shengzong are very respectful when they see her.


Heard this. Darryl breathed out softly and smiled inwardly.

I thought it was the Sovereign of the Holy Sect, but it turned out to be just a sub-altar master.

But… the strength of this holy sect is strong, the strength of an altar master to cross the tribulation realm. The strength of the saint sect master. Isn’t it more terrifying?

“So, Darryl Tao, the lord of this altar appreciates you very much and gives you a chance to become a teacher. I hope you don’t miss it!” At this time. Mu Qingyue stared at Darryl closely, and spoke lightly!

The expression did not fluctuate at all, but in Mu Qingyue’s heart, she looked forward to it very much.

This Darryl, at such a young age, has reached the state of Wusheng by self-study. It is a pity to be a fisherman with such a talent.


Darryl groaned, his face was hesitant, but his heart was secretly anxious.


This Mu Qingyue really regards herself as a fisherman, and she also loves talents, and insists on accepting herself as a disciple.

This is how to do?

Thinking about it, Darryl made a look of sincerity and fear, and squeezed out a smile: “Mu Tanzhu, I have just said that I am used to being free and I have never thought about entering the sect, let alone apprenticeship. So, thank you for your kindness!”

As he said, Darryl thought of something, and cautiously said: “By the way, you are a high-minded man, kind and kind, can you send me a sailing boat so that I can return to land?”


The entire deck was suddenly silent, and the gazes of dozens of disciples looked at Darryl closely.

The master has already invited for the second time, but he still refuses it?

You know, among the five altar masters of the Holy Sect, Mu Qingyue is not only strong, but also known for his beauty and glamour. At the disciple recruitment meeting every three years, I don’t know how many people smash their heads and want Adore her as a teacher.

But the boy in front of him refused so easily.

Not only did he refuse, but he asked for a boat from Master with a cheeky face?

This is nothing short of death.

At this moment, Mu Qingyue’s beautiful face suddenly became cold. You know, in front of so many disciples, being so rejected by this wind wave, where should I put my face?

Chapter 809

For a while, the atmosphere on the huge ship was extremely solemn. The surrounding Saint Sect disciples did not dare to breathe.

Finally, after more than ten seconds, Mu Qingyue chuckled and looked at Darryl and said: “Darryl Tao, you don’t worship me as a teacher. We don’t have anything to do, why should I send you a boat?”

After speaking, Mu Qingyue’s expression became cold and cold: “Also, let me tell you, it is tens of thousands of miles away from the land, even if you are in the martial arts realm, you will fly half the distance at most. You will have no strength. At that time you will not starve to death, you will be drowned…You can only live if you become my disciple, so I advise you to consider it.”


This is too stingy!

It’s just a sailing boat. She doesn’t approve of her teacher, and she doesn’t give it away. She even scares herself.


What Mu Qingyue said was right. It was tens of thousands of miles away from the land, and it was impossible for him to fly back with Raquel and the queen.

Originally, Darryl still had Qiongqi, but before the fierce battle in the imperial city, Qiongqi was also injured.

It seems…I have no choice! Can only apprentice. Let’s leave this deserted island first! Thinking of this, Darryl bends down slightly: “Disciple Darryl, pay homage to Master.”

Mu Qingyue nodded with satisfaction: “Okay, okay.”

“I don’t know the rules if I don’t kneel down after my teacher!”

And at this moment, a voice came from behind, and then a handsome male disciple rushed over, kicking in Darryl’s knee.


After being kicked, Darryl knelt on the ground uncontrollably.


Darryl was furious, turned his head, and saw a male disciple standing behind him holding his arms. Arrogantly.

The man was twenty-five and six-year-old, handsome and stylish, and had a good temperament. He was the eldest disciple of Mu Qingyue, Shen Lang.

Shen Lang has been following Mu Qingyue as his teacher for seven or eight years. He has excellent talents and has always been highly regarded and loved by Mu Qingyue. As a result, he developed a proud personality.

Seeing that Master made an exception to accept this Darryl as a disciple, and Darryl looked indifferent, Shen Lang felt very upset. At this time, seeing Darryl applauding his teacher again, but did not kneel down, Shen Lang suddenly couldn’t help it.

“Look at what?”

Sensing Darryl’s dissatisfaction, Shen Lang said coldly: “I am your big brother, you must understand the rules when you see me in the future.”

After that, Shen Lang impatiently urged: “Don’t you kowtow to Master?”

Mu Qingyue, who was next to her, quietly looked at her beautiful face without speaking. There is no slightest fluctuation.

Although this Darryl promised to apprentice a teacher, there is really no rule not to kneel to oneself in the presence of so many people!

After all, he is a master, so it’s hard to tell. It’s okay to let Shen Lang, a big brother, educate him for himself.


Darryl clenched his fists tightly. He was the master of the Heavenly Gate and was forced to worship Mu Qingyue as his teacher. Now he still has to be angry with her disciples. honestly! If he were alone, Darryl would not be used to Shen Lang, but when he thought that Raquel and the queen were still waiting for him, he could only suppress his anger in his heart.

Forget it, since you have a teacher, kneel down.

Thinking about it, Darryl sighed: “Master is here. Please be worshipped by the disciple. The disciple has never been involved in the world, and he doesn’t understand the rules. I hope Master will not blame it.”

See him kneeling. Mu Qingyue’s face finally showed a smile.

“Apprentice, I have to kneel three times and nine knocks.” However, Shen Lang still couldn’t see it. Looking at Darryl, he said coldly: “You only kneel for a while, even if it has passed? Who are you fooling?”

“Shen Lang.” Mu Qingyue interrupted him and looked at Darryl with a smile: “He said it all, and didn’t get involved.

Cross the rivers and lakes. If you don’t understand these etiquette very well, don’t care about it. “

When the voice fell, Mu Qingyue raised her hand, Darryl only felt a gentle force, and supported herself.

Of it!

Seeing that Master values ​​Darryl so much, Shen Lang feels even more upset.

Just a small fisherman, why can make Master look at him differently?

Darryl ignored Shen Lang’s gaze and looked around. I saw the Xingmu Altar and the other four disciples, moving things on the sailing boat in an orderly manner.

Most of them are the corpses of some sea spirit beasts, piled up into a small mountain, thousands of them, which is very shocking.

D*mn it!

So many sea spirit beasts?

Under the shock, Darryl guessed that these Saint Sect’s disciples came to this desert island to test, and the goal of the test should be to kill the sea spirit beast.

Immediately, Darryl deliberately observed the surrounding environment. The southernmost tip of this small island is open and suitable for sea spirit beasts to inhabit.

And the cave where Darryl rested before is on the north side of the island. The terrain there is more complicated, and sea spirit beasts generally won’t pass.

The sea spirit beast that I had encountered before, may have broken into the north of the island just to avoid the disciples of these holy sects. Then I ran into it by chance.


While Darryl was thinking about this, a Xingmutan disciple walked quickly, his face filled with excitement.

When he arrived, the disciple respectfully said to Mu Qingyue: “The two-day trial is completely over. The results have been counted. We Xingmutan has obtained a total of 1,080 inner alchemy of sea spirit beasts… ..”


The voice fell, and the other disciples around Xingmutan. All applauded.


One thousand…More than one thousand sea spirit beasts’ inner alchemy? In other words, this Xingmu Altar killed more than a thousand sea spirit beasts?

Darryl opened his mouth wide, where he was completely stupid, shocked in his heart.

Having fought a sea spirit beast before, Darryl knew that this kind of spirit beast had a strong defensive power. After he was injured, it was not easy to kill a sea spirit beast!

And this disciple of Xingmutan actually killed more than a thousand sea spirit beasts within two days…

Moreover, the Xingmu Altar, just a sub-altar of the Saint Sect, killed so many! Then the whole Saint Sect can kill the sea spirit beasts nearby?

Worthy of being the sect of Beiying Continent, strength is formidable!

“Good, good!”

At this time, Mu Qingyue also had a smile on her face, and she was in a particularly good mood. She looked around: “Everyone has worked hard during these two days of trials. To return to the sect tomorrow, every disciple will have a reward.”

“Thank you, Master!” The words fell, and all the disciples around, all overjoyed, knelt down and cheered.


At this moment, Mu Qingyue looked at Darryl and said with a smile: “Wait, let the big brother, take you to the cabin to rest, tomorrow morning, follow us back to the sect.”

“Yes, Master…” Darryl smiled bitterly and nodded.

Immediately, Darryl thought of something and hurriedly said: “By the way, Master, my wife and mother-in-law are still in the cave not far away, can you also bring them?”


Wife and mother-in-law?

Hearing this, Mu Qingyue was stunned, her eyes full of surprise: “Are you married? Besides, are you still taking your wife and mother-in-law out to go fishing?”

“No way!” Darryl scratched his head and smiled: “Life is forced…”

Chapter 810


Just when Darryl was muttering in his heart, Shen Lang walked out and shouted loudly: “You are so bold, Master accepting you as a disciple is already a great gift, you still want to drag your family away. What do you think of Shengzong? Is it an inn?”


I ignore you, you are not over yet!

At this moment. In Darryl’s heart, there was a burst of anger, but he still suppressed it, and looked at Mu Qingyue, waiting for her response.

“In this case…” Mu Qingyue groaned for a few seconds, and then said to Shen Lang: “Shen Lang, you accompany your younger brother and brother, and take his wife and mother-in-law over.”

To be honest, I learned that Darryl has become a pro. Mu Qingyue felt a little conflicted in her heart. You know, the Saint Zong has strict rules, and in order to allow the disciples to concentrate on the cultivation, early marriage is not advocated.

Like Darryl. It’s impossible to become a disciple of Shengzong when he married his wife and brought his mother-in-law with him. But since Darryl Tao has already been apprentice, let him drag his family.


Let me pick up this kid’s wife and mother-in-law?

Hearing this, Shen Lang’s expression changed, his heart was full of resistance, and he shouted: “Master, I…I don’t want to go…”

He is a big disciple of Shengzong Xingmu Tan, and accompanying a fisherman to pick up his family members is really a shame.


Hearing this, Mu Qingyue’s expression suddenly changed, and she glanced at Shen Lang coldly.

Shen Lang trembled, and quickly closed his mouth.

Although he is a big brother, he is very appreciated by Mu Qingyue, and he is usually arrogant in front of the other brothers, but he dare not make a mistake in front of the master.


Darryl breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Mu Qingyue and said, “Master, I’ll go back by myself, and I will be able to pick it up soon.”

honestly. This Shen Lang does not follow the best. Now that the mother and daughter Raquel don’t know the situation, they rushed to see Shen Lang, and it was easy to reveal them!


Mu Qingyue frowned slightly and began to ponder!

Of course, she was not afraid that Darryl ran halfway, but was worried that Darryl was in danger. After all, this deserted island is not big, there are many sea spirit beasts, and it is very dangerous.


At this time, a clear and sweet voice came from the crowd, and then, a slim figure slowly walked out.


Seeing this figure, Darryl couldn’t help but breathe in the air, and was stunned.

This woman, in her twenties, wearing a light blue long skirt, is beautiful and shocking, standing with Mu Qingyue, each has its own merits. However, there is no such high cold as Mu Qingyue that rejects people thousands of miles away, but the indescribable skill and gentleness, which makes people feel good at first sight.

This woman is Darryl’s second senior sister, Liu Qingqing!

At this time, Liu Qingqing smiled at Mu Qingyue and said: “Or, I will accompany my younger brother to pick up the family. The trial is over, and I just happen to be fine.”

Liu Qingqing was kind-hearted, and when she saw that Shen Lang was unwilling to go, he took the initiative to come out to make ends meet.

“Okay,” Mu Qingyue nodded.

“This…” Darryl reacted with a very embarrassed look: “Senior Sister, don’t bother, let me go back by myself…”

Before he finished speaking, Liu Qingqing smiled lightly. Interrupted: “You don’t have to be polite, Junior Brother, just let Senior Sister accompany you.”

With that said, Liu Qingqing took the lead to get off the boat.

Darryl had no choice but to keep up.

Liu Qingqing is very considerate. Feeling that Darryl was a little restrained, he kept asking him about the situation at home along the way.

In Liu Qingqing’s heart, he also believed that Darryl was a fisherman who had never set foot in the rivers and lakes. Darryl reacted accordingly, and dealt with every problem calmly.


When approaching the cave, Darryl smiled and said: “My wife and mother-in-law are ordinary people who have never seen the world.

How about…you wait a moment here. I’ll go in and talk to them…”

In order to avoid revealing things, we must first let Raquel and the queen be psychologically prepared.

“Good!” Liu Qingqing smiled and nodded.

She understood what Darryl meant. When ordinary people saw a powerful cultivator, it was inevitable that they would feel a little panicked!

Seeing her promise, Darryl was not talking nonsense, and went straight into the cave.

“Husband!” As soon as he entered the cave, Raquel greeted him. The delicate face is full of joy. She is used to calling Darryl her husband now. Raquel’s face was a little worried: “Why have you been here for a long time? Are you in trouble?”

The voice fell, and the queen next to him couldn’t help but said: “Do you think he is in trouble? Hit a hare for so long. It’s really useless.”

Darryl didn’t care about her, looked at Raquel with a smile and said, “Raquel, we can leave the deserted island.”

When he said this, the smile on Darryl’s face revealed a bit of bitterness.

“Really?” Raquel was stunned and asked quickly: “Is there a boat coming?”

After staying here for one night, Raquel had thought about building ships by herself, but neither she nor Darryl had the skills to build ships. Moreover, even if the ship is built, it will not be strong, in case there is a storm. It’s in trouble.

“No!” Darryl shook his head and said with a wry smile: “There is a sect here to try, and I have already become a disciple of this sect, we can leave by this sect’s boat!”

In the next few minutes, Darryl explained the situation in detail.


The Holy Sect of Beiying Continent?

After listening to these, Raquel’s body trembled. Looking at Darryl blankly, his heart was complicated.

As the princess of the Apocalypse Continent, Raquel has an understanding of the conditions in all continents of Kyushu. Of course, I’ve heard of the Saint Sect of Beiying Mainland. Knowing that this saint sect is very strong, it is rumored that it was founded by the Supreme Master.

Speaking of which, if other friends join the Saint Sect, Raquel will definitely be happy for him.

But Darryl is different…

He is an irreplaceable hero in his heart, the master of Tianmen, but he condescended to become a disciple of the Holy Sect.

Thinking about it, Raquel held Darryl’s arm and said softly: “My husband, I really wronged you.”

When she said this, Raquel’s eyes flashed with affection, and her heart was also indescribably moved.

She knows Darryl too much, she doesn’t have any seriousness on weekdays, but she is very arrogant in her heart. She must change her name and surname for the sake of the safety of herself and her mother and join Shengzong.

Darryl smiled slightly, indicating that it was all right.

At this time, the queen couldn’t help but snorted and said coldly: “I just joined a holy sect, what’s wrong?”

In her heart, no matter what status Darryl was, she would never be worthy of her daughter.

“Mother Queen!” Raquel was anxious and stomped her feet: “Just say a few words.”

Immediately, Raquel looked at Darryl: “Then…what shall we do next? Are we really going to Saint Sect?”


Darryl nodded, helplessly: “For now, it can only be like this! Let’s leave this deserted island first.”

He hadn’t fully recovered his strength yet, and there was no way to return to the mainland. Moreover, Sikong Yanran and the others were separated again, unable to go to Ice Fire Island.

The situation in front of him can only be left with Shengzong.

Immediately, Darryl remembered something, and said to Raquel: “By the way, before meeting my senior sister, you and the empress must dress up and don’t make her suspicious.”

“I understand.” Raquel Bingxue was smart, and immediately understood what Darryl meant, and then began to dress up herself and the queen.

After dressing up, Raquel and the queen looked quite ordinary. But the mother and daughter are naturally beautiful, no matter how they dress up, they can’t hide their beautiful faces. Darryl suddenly became anxious, and wiped two handfuls of soil from the ground and rubbed them on the faces of Raquel and the Queen.

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