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Chapter 876

Seeing the Nanyun Guards rushing up, the four Binghuo Island brothers looked at each other and immediately blocked Sikong Yanran.

“Little sister, don’t be afraid.”

“Yes, with us, today, no matter what, they can’t let them take the little brother-in-law away.”

“At the time you went to court and got married, we haven’t had the wedding wine yet.”

Hearing this, Sikong Yanran was ashamed and angry.

These four seniors are really indifferent at all. When is this all, I’m still talking nonsense.

Thinking about it, Sikong Yanran’s internal force urged him to greet the tens of thousands of Yulin Army with the four brothers.

Ha ha!

This Ora and Sikong Yanran are finally about to fight.

Seeing this scene, Elisa sneered in his heart, and then, the figure flashed and came towards Darryl.

Elisa is very fast. Darryl’s internal strength didn’t recover, he didn’t react at all, he was grasped by the wrist tightly.


In the next second, Elisa did not hesitate at all, carrying Darryl. Flew to the distance quickly, while not forgetting the opponent’s command: “Take this Song Qian and Mu Xixi away too!”

“Yes, the lord!” All the big sects of the earth circle continent responded one after another, grabbing Mu Xixi and Song Qian, and quickly followed Elisa away.


Seeing this scene, Darryl was anxious and wanted to cry without tears.

I originally thought that Sikong Yanran and Ora were here, and they could be rescued safely, but I didn’t know that Sikong Yanran and Ora were fighting!

What was even more unexpected was that Elisa took the opportunity to take away herself, Song Qian, and Mu Xixi!



At this moment, seeing Darryl being taken away by Elisa, Ora and Si Kong Yanran both shook their bodies and couldn’t help but exhale.

However, when Sikong Yanran shouted, his face was full of anxiety. Darryl suffered such a serious injury and continued to be tortured by Elisa for fear of his life.

And Ora was unable to speak out. The princess of Nanyun Continent has nothing she can’t do, but today. It was really a shame to let Elisa take Darryl away under his nose.

“Oh, my little brother-in-law has been taken away!”

“It’s broken, it’s broken, that woman named Elisa has such a cruel heart, she won’t kill her little brother-in-law, right?”

“I blame this eldest princess, if it weren’t for her entanglement, could Elisa take away the little brother-in-law from under our noses?”

At this moment, the four brothers screamed and pushed the responsibility to Ora.


Hearing these words, Ora’s beautiful face was filled with endless anger, and he waved his jade hand: “Chasing!”

As the voice fell, Ora flew up, like a night elf, and swiftly chased him in the direction where Elisa had left.

Seriously, if the four brothers were so entangled in normal times, Ora would definitely kill them. But the most important thing now is to chase Darryl back, after all. Bringing troops to the Central Yuan Continent this time was to give the Queen’s order to rescue Darryl. The emperor’s order must not be violated! More importantly, one’s own face must not be lost!


Hearing Ora’s order, tens of thousands of Yulin Army, mighty and mighty, chased Elisa!

Seeing this, the four brothers scratched their heads and looked at Sikong Yanran one by one.

“Little Junior Sister, what should I do?”

“The little brother-in-law has been snatched away again!”

“Shall we chase after? Or, you can change your husband, this Darryl is too much trouble.”

Seeing them at this time, with his mouth full of words, Sikong stomped his feet straight and sweetly: “Chasing, hurry up.” As he said, Sikong Yanran tapped his toes on the ground and chased him quickly!

The four brothers glanced at each other, followed quickly, and yelled: “Little Junior Sister. Wait for us!”

At this moment, Darryl is here.

High in the sky!

Darryl was held tightly by Elisa. Hearing the sound of the wind coming from his ears, he felt anxious and complicated in his heart.

“Elisa. I admit that I was too indifferent to you before. In this way, I forgive you. You let us go. The things of the past two days, I think it hasn’t happened…”

Having said this, Darryl couldn’t help but tilted his head to look at Song Qian behind, only to see that her face was pale and very weak.

Ha ha!

Elisa smiled coldly, her beautiful face full of indifference. There is no room for negotiation: “Forgive me now? It’s too late!”


Feeling Elisa’s unfeeling, Darryl sighed in his heart, his face full of despair.

After flying for two full hours, Elisa finally got rid of Ora and Sikong Yanran behind.

Seeing a valley in front of the complex terrain, Elisa lightly breathed a sigh of relief, and said to everyone behind him: “Just rest below!”

At the same time, Elisa directed several orders to Hao Jian: “Fire, continue alchemy.”

Elisa couldn’t wait to say this. She clearly felt that the power in Song Qian’s body was getting more and more violent, and if she didn’t refine her into a pill, it would be too late.

“Yes, the leader!” Hao Jian and the others responded and hurriedly prepared.

“Elisa!” Seeing this situation, Darryl was anxious, shouted, and stared at Elisa closely: “Elisa, let’s go, as long as you let us go, I can tell you a secret.”

“What’s the secret?” Elisa asked with a chuckle.


Darryl took a deep breath, looked serious, and started talking nonsense: “Two months ago, I went to the Beiying Continent Palace. I have seen the descendant emperor, you know, the descendant emperor bent his bow and shot the sun back then. Incomparably, he has a divine bow called the Lie Sun Bow. I was in the palace for a while and I knew where this Lie Sun Bow was hidden.”

Talking. Darryl looked expectant and continued: “As long as you are willing to let us go, I will take you into the Beiying Palace and find this scorching sun bow! How?”

Scorching Sun Bow?

Hearing this, Elisa’s eyes flashed beautifully. Suddenly there was interest: “What you said is true?”

The allusion of Hou Yi shooting the sun, in Kyushu, who doesn’t know.

Since becoming the leader, Elisa has been very informed, knowing that the descendant emperor has lived for thousands of years. It also rules the Beiying Continent. However, I have never heard of the scorching sun bow.

“It’s true!” Darryl nodded heavily, with a sincere expression on his face.

Yes, Darryl was lying completely, he said so, but it was a stopgap measure, he was just lying to Elisa.


Elisa bit her lip lightly, and began to ponder.


Seeing Elisa hesitated, Darryl was a little anxious, and said bitterly: “Even if you say that Song Qian has practiced a pill, you will only get a Skyfire Pill, but the Lie Sun Bow is a magical weapon. How to choose? clear.”

“Besides, Beiying Continent is very familiar to me. Don’t worry, you will be seen by the descendants of the Great Emperor.”

“With one life, exchange for a magic weapon, you can make money without losing it.”


Hearing this, Elisa breathed a sigh of relief, and was immediately moved, and said lightly: “Okay, I will believe you once for the time being. If I go to the Descendant’s palace, I will not see the Scorching Sun Bow. Not only will I take Song Qian Alchemy, neither you nor this piano sage can escape death.”

When he said this, Elisa’s pretty face was full of frost, and his eyes were even more murderous.

Chapter 877

“Don’t worry, I won’t lie to you!” Darryl looked at Elisa, nodded seriously, and squeezed out a smile, but he was a little uneasy.


Elisa has become much crueler than before, I’m afraid it’s not easy to deceive.

But anyway, Song Qian doesn’t need to be alchemy for the time being.

“Leader Zhou!”

At this moment, Hao Jian walked over quickly, with an anxious expression on his face: “Darryl is talking nonsense, he is lying to you. Don’t believe his words!”

When he said this, Hao Jian glared at Darryl fiercely.

In Hao Jian’s heart, he has always regarded Darryl as a thorn in his eye, a thorn in his flesh, and now he is in trouble with his own eyes. It is the time to relieve his hatred. How can Elisa let him forgive him easily?

“Shut up!” Elisa interrupted with a wave of his hand, without any room for discussion: “This is my decision, it is not your turn to tell me!”

With that said, Elisa instructed the various big sects: “Get ready now. Go to Beiying Continent.”


When the voice fell, everyone around responded one after another, and immediately began to prepare to leave.

Of it!

Seeing this scene, Hao Jian held the fire unspeakably in his heart, staring at Darryl fiercely. Can’t bear the resentment in my heart.

Darryl, you wait for me, with me here, you never want to leave safely.

At this time, Hao Jian had already thought about it, even if Darryl helped Elisa get the artifact, he would find an opportunity to plot against Darryl.

Soon, everyone assembled, followed Elisa, and hurried towards Beiying Continent.


the other side! Apocalypse continent.

In the Great Prison of Apocalypse, the Ouyang family, Peter, and Lorenzo all sat there one by one, their heads downcast and depressed.

It has been half a month, there is no news of Darryl, and I don’t know how he is.


At this moment, the prison door was pushed open, and then a dozen figures walked in quickly, and the two leading them were Mateo and Clint.

Mateo’s face was gloomy. A bit of arrogance.

Clint was accompanied by a smiling face, a dog-legged look.


Seeing this scene, everyone in the cell was taken aback, and at the same time they breathed in air-conditioning in their hearts.

Are these two people colluding together? What are they going to do?

“Master Prime Minister!”

When he arrived, Darryl looked pleased: “Darryl’s family and friends are here. Your Majesty only promised to give you two. You can pick it yourself.”

To be honest, Clint is also a high-ranking position in the Heaven and Earth Continent, if it is someone else, he will never be such a humble attitude.

But Mateo is different. He is not only the prime minister of the Xicang Continent, he has a higher official title than himself, is more powerful, and has a magical weapon, which is not something he can provoke.


Hearing this, the Ouyang family, Peter, and Lorenzo everyone were shocked.

This… Mateo wants to pick two people? This piece of Yu is notoriously cruel and cruel, and it falls into his hands, how could it be dead?

I thought, everyone was frightened.


At this time, Mateo nodded. He looked around, then pointed at Oliver and Janis: “Just the two of them!”

Oliver and Janis, Darryl’s foster father and mother, are the closest people.


Oliver shook his body and stared at Mateo fiercely, full of hatred.

Back then, Mateo made a big stir in the Ouyang family and killed many family disciples. Oliver will never forget this blood feud.

Feeling Oliver’s hatred, Mateohun didn’t care.

“Quickly, bring people out!” Clint rushed forward and ordered.

When the voice fell, several guards walked quickly to the cell and brought Oliver and Janis out.

“Prime Minister.” Clint leaned over, with a look of flattery: “Would you like to send them to your resting station, tomorrow I will shoot the Yulin Army and escort you back to the Xicang Continent?”

“no need!”

Mateo smiled slightly, shook his head and said: “I’ll be interrogating here, anyway, your majesty promised to give me two people. In this case, I control the life and death of these two people, and the trial there is the same. Right! “

“Yes, yes!” Clint nodded repeatedly, then stepped aside.

At this time, Mateo chuckled and walked to Oliver: “Ouyang Piff, didn’t you expect that we would meet in this place?”

As he said, Mateo’s eyes suddenly became cold: “Let me ask you, where is Zhu Bajie?”

Mateo inquired that Zhu Bajie had been living in the Ouyang family some time ago. As the patriarch, Oliver must know his whereabouts. Zhu Bajie kidnapped his wife, Mateo just wanted to find Zhu Bajie!


Oliver spit out blood and scolded angrily: “You dog, don’t want to get any news from my mouth! Don’t say I don’t know, even if you know, I won’t tell you.”

Oliver is very arrogant, even though he has been detained for so long, he is still arrogant.


Mateo was furious. Eyes are extremely blood red: “You are looking for death!”

When the voice fell, Mateo’s internal strength broke out, and he hit Oliver with a palm!

With this palm, Mateo urged ten levels of skill, and saw the palm power surge, and the surrounding air was distorted!


Oliver was sealed off the acupoints and couldn’t avoid it at all. He only heard a muffled hum, and he flew out directly, spouting a mouthful of blood, life and death unknown!

“The Patriarch!”


Seeing this scene, Cynthia and Peter all yelled one after another, and at the same time, tears welled up.

Janis’s body trembled, and she felt that the sky was spinning, and she almost fainted.

I and Oliver have been in love with each other for decades, and they were going to grow old together. Unexpectedly, her husband died tragically in the prison of Apocalypse Imperial City.


Seeing the situation in front of him, Clint beside him couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air.

I’m going, this piece of Yu is really as hot as the rumored one.

If you don’t agree, you will kill you.

“Fcuk you!”

At this moment. Peter’s eyes were blood-red and blood-red, like a beast. He stared at Mateo closely and screamed hoarsely: “Mateo, if you have a seed, please unlock the acupuncture points for me. Let’s do it one-on-one, D*mn’s, and one seal. Those who have taken acupuncture points make a shot, what kind of a guy are you?

At the same time, Lorenzo and others around him. They also hated Mateo, raging to the sky.

Although Oliver is Darryl’s foster father, in Darryl’s heart, he is the closest family member. As the brother of Darryl, he watched the tragic death of Darryl’s family. This hatred was not shared.

“Mateo, our Tianmen and you are at odds!”

“D*mn’s, if I don’t die, I will kill Xicang Continent sooner or later and take your head!”

Everyone in Tianmen also yelled in anger, and the blood all over their bodies was ignited by anger.

Hearing what everyone said, Mateo didn’t care at all, and sneered: “A bunch of trash, it’s hard to protect itself, and still rant?”

When the voice fell, Mateo took a step forward, walked to Janis, and looked at her up and down.

This woman is Darryl’s mother-in-law. Unexpectedly, the charm still exists today. This figure is simply wonderful.

Mateo showed a slight smile, stretched out his fingers, hooked Janis’s chin, and whispered softly: “Beauty, if you are acquainted, tell me where Zhu Bajie is. Don’t suffer from flesh and blood.”

Chapter 878


Janis bit her lip tightly and watched Mateo spit out a few words: “You’d better kill me directly, otherwise, I will break your body into pieces.”

Janis and Oliver have been married for so long and have been respecting each other as guests. At this time, her husband is dead and Janis has lost her thoughts. She has no nostalgia for the world, and only has endless hatred in her heart!

“Tsk tut!”

Seeing Janis’s face looking at death, Mateo’s face showed a bit of abuse: “It’s really a husband and wife. If that’s the case, then I will fulfill you!”

As the voice fell, Mateo slowly raised his right hand, and the internal force surged.


All of a sudden, the entire cell was like a ignited explosives storehouse, and everyone was frightened and screamed.

“Mateo, stop me with your special code!”

“Come to me if you have the ability!”

“Beast, beast!”

Everyone kept coming in anger, but Mateo ignored it. Seeing Mateo’s palm, getting closer and closer, Janis tears down her face, looking at Oliver not far away with endless resentment. I was totally desperate.

Husband, I’ll be with you right away.

At this moment, Mateo suddenly withdrew his palm strength and sneered: “You want to die? I won’t let you die!”

With that said, Mateo pointed at Clint next to him: “Master Yue, I can trouble you something!”

“The Prime Minister, please say.” Clint hurried up, accompanied by a smiling face.

Mateo’s mouth evoked a hint of cunning, and said slowly: “When you help me release the news, I will say that Darryl’s foster father, Oliver, died in my hands, and his mother is also in my hands. Go ahead, if Darryl wants this charming woman to be okay, he will take Zhu Bajie to the West Cang Continent to find me as soon as possible.”

To be honest, Mateo wanted to kill Janis with the palm of his hand just now, but he couldn’t bear to see Janis so stunning.

More importantly, King Castro only promised to hand over two people. He had already killed one. If he killed the second one, there would be no way to draw Darryl out.


Hearing this, Clint laughed and nodded, and patted his chest to make sure: “Your Prime Minister, don’t worry, these words. I will help you publicize them.”

In Clint’s heart, Darryl has always been his confidant.

Now that Mateo is helping to deal with Darryl, it is naturally hard to ask for.


Mateo nodded in satisfaction and glanced at Janis: “Take her out, follow me tomorrow, and return to Xicang Continent!” After the voice fell, Mateo strode out of the cell.

“Take people out!” Clint quickly ordered his subordinates, and then quickly followed out.


Several guards, not coming up soon, tied Janis’s five flowers.



Seeing this scene, the other people in the cell were very uncomfortable, and they couldn’t help screaming.

At this time, Janis was also ashamed. She tilted her head and smiled at Cynthia: “Cynthia, mother and father will not be with you in the future, you must take good care of yourself, remember, no matter who comes in afterwards, interrogate you Darryl Don’t say a word about his whereabouts.”

“Mother, don’t…” Cynthia was about to collapse, tears streaming.


the other side!

Beiying continent, on the hillside northwest of the palace!

Elisa and many of his subordinates grasped Darryl, Mu Xixi and Song Qian. After several hours of trekking, I finally arrived here. Opposite this hill is Beiying Palace.

The weather today is not so good, it is gloomy, just like Darryl’s mood at this time.

“Elisa, the Beiying Palace is heavily guarded. It is easy to expose the crowds. The best way is for you and me to sneak into the palace and steal the bow and arrow.” Darryl looked at the imperial city not far away. , Said slowly.


Elisa responded thoughtfully.

At this time, Elisa looked at the Beiying Imperial Palace on the opposite side, and saw that the imperial palace was majestic and majestic, especially its huge scale, which was even more magnificent than the imperial palace of the Apocalypse Continent!

Is the scorching sun bow hidden in this Qionglou palace?

“Leader Zhou!”

At this moment, Hao Jian walked out anxiously. Persuaded: “Only you and Darryl go in, absolutely not. This Darryl has many tricks. What if you set a trap inside and ambush you?”

The voice fell. Annie also hurried out and said anxiously: “Yes, Senior Sister in charge, this Darryl is the most cunning, you have to guard against it, or else, take a few seniors and sisters together.


Seeing this scene, Darryl was indescribably annoyed.

Hao Jian and Annie, these men and women, one is more bitter than the other. I finally lied to Elisa. We must not lose our power to defeat.


Hearing what Hao Jian said, Zhou Qinxiu’s eyebrows furrowed, and she began to hesitate.


Seeing the situation, Darryl sighed and smiled bitterly at Elisa: “Elisa, if you don’t believe me, forget it, but I can tell you that the Beiying Palace is heavily guarded. If you bring a lot of people in. It will definitely be. Be discovered. The best way is for the two of us to sneak into the palace secretly. This way the chance of being discovered is small.”


Hearing this, Elisa lightly breathed a sigh of relief, nodded and said, “Okay, let’s go to the palace.”

As he said, Elisa tilted his head and ordered Annie: “You are here, take good care of Song Qian and Mu Xixi.”

“Yes, senior sister in charge.” Annie quickly responded.

Hao Jian was too anxious and wanted to continue to persuade him, but seeing Elisa’s face resolute, he had to hold back.

Soon, Elisa relieved Darryl’s acupuncture points, and then briefly prepared, and then headed towards the palace. Mu Xixi and Song Qian were both in her own hands. Even if they unlocked Darryl’s acupuncture points, they would not worry about his tricks. .

Night fell.

Taking advantage of the darkness, Darryl and Elisa sneaked into the vicinity of the palace gate.

Just see inside the palace. There are guards everywhere, and each of these guards is very powerful, and it can be said that they are heavily guarded. Not only that, there are hundreds of giant birds in the sky. Wandering incessantly, a few soldiers stood on top of each giant bird.


Seeing this scene, Elisa couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief, shocked in his heart.

It is worthy of being the palace of the descendants of the Great. With such a strict guard, I’m afraid that the flies won’t fly in.

Thinking about it, Elisa whispered to Darryl and asked: “Darryl, are you really sure that you will get in?”

When talking about this. Elisa looked calm, but he was a little nervous.

The guards of the imperial palace are so strict, and the strength of these guards is so strong, once he and Darryl are exposed, I am afraid that it will be difficult to fly.

Ha ha!

Elisa thought that if he became the leader of the martial arts, he would be fearless, even sometimes.

Darryl smiled secretly and nodded seriously: “Don’t worry, as long as you follow me, don’t go around, there will be no problems.”

Darryl was also a little flustered in his words seriously.

After all, Darryl had taken Zhu Bajie to escape before, and he had personally experienced the strength of the palace in Beiying Continent. You know, this is the palace where the descendant emperor lives. Once discovered, it’s over.

“In that case, you quickly lead the way!” Elisa urged, too lazy to talk nonsense.

Darryl smiled and said nothing more.

At this moment, the guard at the front door began to hand over. Without hesitation, Darryl greeted Elisa in a low voice, and quickly slipped in.


The moment he entered, Elisa was deeply shocked again when he saw the luxurious layout of the palace.

Such a majestic palace is really magnificent.

After I grow up with Emei, I will control the Wulin rivers and lakes of the mainland of Kyushu, and I will also build a more majestic palace than here, and be a female emperor who has no one before and after.

Chapter 879

Darryl took Elisa and carefully avoided the patrol guards while planning his own route.

Although Darryl had only been to the palace once, Darryl had a good memory, and even at night, he did not lose his way. Elisa always followed closely, not daring to walk around.

Although he became the martial arts leader of the Earth Yuan Continent, his mood changed. But Elisa was a little self-aware that this was the place where the descendant of the Great Emperor lived. How dare you be presumptuous.

Soon, Darryl took Elisa to the entrance of a special courtyard.

“Elisa, Lie Sun Bow, are in this yard, come with me quickly.” Darryl looked very anxious. Talking nonsense, and then walked in first.

Elisa nodded and quickly followed in.


But at this moment, I just walked in. Seeing the scene in front of her, Elisa’s body trembled, and she was stunned.

I saw that inside the entrance of the yard, there was a black pile of wooden piles. Each wooden pile was more than two meters high, like a huge maze.

Elisa felt that these wooden stakes seemed chaotic, but there were traces to follow.

Yes, the yard that Darryl brought her to was the place where Zhu Bajie was imprisoned, and it was also the restricted area of ​​the entire imperial palace. Darryl wanted to bring Elisa here, and then trap her. After all, this yard was closed to Zhu Bajie for thousands of years!

This…. Is this a formation?

It looks so mysterious.

Elisa bit her lip and looked around.

“Follow me!” At this moment, Darryl urged: “Through this wooden stake, you can see the scorching sun bow. Take advantage of no one to spot us, hurry!”

The voice fell. Darryl walked in quickly.

Elisa reacted and quickly followed.


Seeing Darryl’s mouth chanting the mantra in a low voice, it should be the way to break the formation, Elisa couldn’t help asking: “Do you know what formation this is?”

Darryl smiled slightly: “Of course I know that this is called the Wanmu Xuan Chong Formation, it is a superior formation, very clever and mysterious.”

When saying this, Darryl couldn’t help but think of Zhu Bajie.

With Zhu Bajie’s strength, he had been trapped in it for thousands of years, once Elisa entered, he would never think of it.

Yes, Darryl made up a scorching sun bow and tricked Elisa into the imperial palace, with the ultimate goal of trapping her in this Ten Thousand Wood Xuan Chong formation. Darryl hoped that Elisa would think about repenting after being trapped.


Elisa responded, nodding silently, thoughtfully.

Why had I forgotten that Darryl had always been an almighty genius, he couldn’t hold back any difficulty, let alone a small formation?

at this time. Darryl took Elisa and successfully passed through this wooden stake.


You can finally get the artifact.

After passing through this formation, a small courtyard appeared in front of him. Zhu Bajie had lived in this small courtyard for thousands of years. Elisa was extremely excited, and asked Darryl, “Where is the Lie Sun Bow, in which room?”

When saying this, Elisa looked eager.


The corner of Darryl’s mouth raised, and he looked at Elisa with a smile: “Elisa, I don’t care about what you did these days. I hope that in this place, you can know your mistakes and repent. We will have a period of time later!”

When the voice fell, Darryl turned around and rushed towards that piece of wooden stake!

Although Darryl’s internal strength had not completely recovered. But when the incident happened suddenly, Elisa couldn’t prevent it at all. When she reacted, Darryl had disappeared among the wooden piles.

“Darryl! You…”

A few seconds later. Elisa calmed down, her beautiful face flushed, and at the same time, touching the ground with her toes, she also rushed towards the piece of wooden stake.

However, Elisa was dumbfounded when he rushed to the front.

These thousands of wooden stakes, which one is the way out?

No matter what, Darryl went out. You can do it yourself.

Thinking about it, Elisa bit her lip and rushed in. As a result, within a few minutes, Elisa lost her way. You know, this Ten Thousand Wood Xuan Chong Array, but an extremely clever array, is extremely mysterious. Elisa doesn’t know anything about the magic, how can he get there?

“Darryl, you ba5tard lied to me, I want to kill you.” Elisa couldn’t find a way out, and couldn’t help but curse softly.

the other side.

Darryl passed through that piece of wooden piles easily, seeing the exit in front of him, his heart was indescribably excited.


My own trick to “lead the monarch into the urn” was perfect.

Elisa, just stay in it and think about repentance.

Thinking about it, Darryl relaxed, walked out of this restricted area, and walked out of the imperial palace. Although Darryl was familiar with this palace, he was still cautious.

After all, there are too many guards in this palace.

“Darryl. You ba5tard lied to me, I want to kill you…”

At this moment, Elisa’s tender voice came from behind.


The tender voice immediately attracted the nearby patrol guards. One by one came together.



Elisa was trapped inside the big formation. Many guards couldn’t see it, but they saw Darryl, and they shouted for a while and quickly gathered around.


See this scene. Darryl couldn’t think too much, turned and ran towards the depths of the palace.

While running, Darryl muttered in his heart, almost crying without tears.

Elisa was successfully trapped. But in front of these palace guards. It’s not easy to deal with either.

To be honest, if it is Darryl’s peak strength, these guards are not in the eyes at all, but at this moment, the internal strength has not completely recovered, and when they encounter these guards, they can only escape.

The sky was gloomy during the day, and at night, the stars and the moon were dull.

I don’t know how long he ran, and finally got rid of the guards behind him, but because it was dark that he couldn’t see clearly, Darryl was very depressed to find that he was lost!


Darryl had visited this palace in Beiying Continent once. Although he remembered the various roads of the palace in his heart, he didn’t seem to have been to this place before him.

Darryl gloomily saw that there was a quaint stone forest in front of him, with a simple and vast atmosphere. At the end of the stone forest, there was a palace carved from white marble. Unspeakable quaint atmosphere.

The strange thing is that there are many guards patrolling other palaces, but there is no one around this white marble palace.

In front of the white marble palace, a white jade stele was erected.

The stone stele is more than ten meters high, and on it is written a few vigorous characters: “Holy Emperor’s place, trespassers die.”

Darryl leaned over, and when he saw these words, his heart trembled.

The holy emperor’s place?

D*mn, I won’t come to the palace where the descendant of the Great Emperor lives, right?

But why is there no one around?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl walked in curiously.


As a result, as soon as he walked into the palace and saw the scene inside, Darryl’s expression was taken aback, and he took a breath.

I saw that the palace was empty, with only a secret road directly opposite the door.

Chapter 880

Darryl could see that this secret road was very deep and deep. On the stone walls on both sides, candles were lit, winding down all the way, I don’t know where it leads to?

What the hell is this place?

Darryl frowned and walked in without much thought.

To be honest, the situation in front of him is unknown, Darryl does not want to take risks, but there is no other way, returning the same way, waiting for him are thousands of guards.

Walked for a few minutes. Finally, Darryl came to an end!

D*mn it!

Such a big secret room?

Seeing the scene in front of him, Darryl opened his mouth, extremely shocked.

In front of him was an extremely empty chamber. It is a full thousand square meters, surrounded by lights and candles. The underground secret room is illuminated like the daytime. On the walls on both sides, carved dragons and phoenixes are carved. Although the lines are simple, they show vigorous atmosphere.


Anyone else?

Darryl looked around, staring at the center of the secret room, and he was stunned.

There is a square jade platform in the center of the secret room, on the jade platform. Smoky, a dressed man was sitting.

The man turned his back to Darryl, dressed in a golden dragon robe, and he was burly in shape. Although he couldn’t see his face, he could feel the majesty and domineering that permeated him from far away.


D*mn. Descendant of the Great Emperor?

Although he didn’t see the face, Darryl immediately recognized that this man was the descendant of the Great Emperor who ruled the entire Beiying Continent.

Oh oh oh oh….

It’s not good where I went, but I just broke into the place where the descendants of the great emperor practiced.

At this moment, Darryl froze there, crying without tears.

No wonder there are no guards around this palace. It turns out that this place is where the descendants of the Great Emperor cultivated.

Thinking about it, Darryl wanted to turn around and run away, but he felt the powerful aura permeating the descendant of the Great Emperor. This aura was almost overwhelming, and Darryl only felt that his legs seemed to be filled with lead. Same, I can’t move my footsteps.

However, what made Darryl wonder is that the descendant emperor did not stand up immediately, but sat there motionless.

Time passed by every minute.

I don’t know how long he stood, Darryl felt that his legs were numb, but the descendant emperor still did not respond.

Darryl didn’t know yet, the moment he just stepped into the secret room, the descendant emperor felt it, but the cultivation has entered a critical moment, and there can be absolutely no mistakes in the slightest.

The cultivation technique cultivated by the descendants of the Great Emperor is called “Xiantian Yujin”. This kind of cultivation technique emphasizes peace of mind.

and so. The descendant emperor noticed someone coming in, but he didn’t dare to stand up and catch Darryl.


This descendant is definitely cultivating, and it is a critical moment of cultivating! Finally, Darryl saw the clues and guessed that the descendant emperor should have reached a critical moment in his cultivation, so he ignored him.

To be honest, Darryl wanted to step forward, and attacked the descendant with a palm, directly killing him. After all, since Darryl rescued Zhu Bajie, the descendants had been sending out joint laborers to hunt down Darryl and Zhu Bajie everywhere.

If the descendant does not die, the woman who works together will always follow the descendant’s order to hunt down herself and Zhu Bajie. At this moment Darryl saw that the descendant was at the critical moment of cultivation, and he was moved to kill! Want to attack the descendants!

However, Darryl thought about it for a while, but still felt wrong. If he attacked the descendant with a palm, then the descendant emperor had just finished his cultivation, what if he suddenly shot himself? I haven’t fully recovered my internal strength, let alone counterattack, I have no chance to hide.

Thinking about it, Darryl’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he had an idea in his heart.

He can disturb the mood of the descendant of the Great Emperor, and make him fall into disbelief! Darryl laughed, he learned ventriloquist, and he could imitate the voices of Zhu Bajie and Chang’e and pretend that they are dating!

The descendant of the Great loves Chang’e, if he hears that Chang’e is dating other men, he will definitely get mad, and he will be crazy at that time!

Haha… Yes, just use this method.

Making up a good idea, Darryl slowly moved his steps. We separated from the descendant of the great emperor.

After retreating more than ten meters, Darryl cleared his throat, and then used his ventriloquist to imitate Chang’e’s voice.

“Zhu Bajie, what should I do?”

After saying this, Darryl imitated Zhu Bajie’s voice again: “Don’t be afraid, Chang’e beauty, the descendants seem to be practicing, and it is still a critical moment, Chang’e beauty, since we are secretly dating here, we met the descendants, wait for the descendants After the cultivation is completed, we will definitely be separated. Why don’t you go with me…We will go far and fly.”

After speaking, Darryl imitated Chang’e’s voice again and said: “Alright, Brother Zhu, anyway, I love you in my heart. With the descendants, I feel like being trapped in a cage every day. Do you know that, the one I love? It’s you!”

At this moment, Darryl used his ventriloquist, learning the voices of Zhu Bajie and Chang’e, and pretending to be secretly dating, it was simply vivid.

If there are other people present, it will definitely be shocked.

Because Darryl’s learning is so alike. It seems that Zhu Bajie and Chang’e are really dating here.

The descendant of the Great Emperor turned his back to Darryl, couldn’t see the situation, and thought it was true. He really thought that his Chang’e was dating Zhu Bajie!

For a time, the descendant of the Great Emperor had calm eyes. It suddenly became blood red, and my heart was even more angry!

This Zhu Bajie dared to snatch a woman with himself, and he was looking for death!

And Chang’e, she and her husband and wife for thousands of years, originally thought they could stay with each other forever, but unexpectedly, she finally changed her heart.


The descendant emperor became more and more angry when he thought about it, and his cultivation was interrupted. Suddenly his dantian internal force went retrograde, and he became confused! At this moment, the descendant roared wildly, and the inner strength of the whole body rushed out of the body in an instant. Swept toward the entire secret room!

The descendants at this time didn’t know that they had been fooled. There was no Zhu Bajie and Chang’e in this secret room, and there was no date at all. It was all an illusion created by Darryl using ventriloquist.

In a moment, the air in the entire secret room was distorted under the fluctuation of the descendant’s internal force!


Darryl felt extremely excited when he felt the descendant’s ecstasy.

Haha… succeeded.

Although this descendant of the great emperor is a generation of arrogance, but his brain is not so good, a simple ventriloquist can deceive him.

“Ah!” The descendant’s expression was distorted, and the whole person was completely mad!

“Zhu Bajie. Chang’e, you guys…” The next second, the descendant emperor roared, suddenly stood up, turned his head and looked over.

At this sight, the descendant emperor was stunned.

Behind him, where is Zhu Bajie and Chang’e? There was only one man standing at the exit of the secret room, looking at himself with a smile on his face.

It is Darryl.

“Your Majesty, I’m sorry, I rushed into your practice secret room, and made a joke with you on a whim.” Darryl said with a smile, his appearance was leisurely, but his body was tight. The posture of the deputy turning around and fleeing at any time.

“Good boy, it was you…”

The descendant emperor reacted, completely violent, and shouted angrily. He just cursed a few words, his face suddenly turned blue and white, and his whole body couldn’t stop trembling.

At this time, the descendant emperor finally understood that all this was a ghost of Darryl.

At this moment, the descendant emperor wanted to kill Darryl immediately, but his Dantian internal strength was completely violent. I am completely out of my control.


Finally, the descendant emperor roared to the sky, and a mouthful of blood came out! The descendants at this time have been completely enchanted!


At the same time, a wave of violent internal forces broke out from the dantian of the descendant emperor. It attracted the entire secret room and formed a storm tornado, which was very shocking.


The forces that broke out are so terrifying, what realm is this descendant of the Great Emperor?

Darryl wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and forced to retreat outside the secret room. Incomparable shock!


Finally, the last trace of internal force flowed from the descendant’s dantian, and the stalwart body of the descendant also fell suddenly. No breath!

Wow, wow…

At the same time, the surrounding walls. It split like a spider web, revealing the hidden grid inside.

Obviously, the descendant emperor’s internal forces were raging just now, and these secret grids were shaken open.

D*mn it!

Seeing the things in the secret grid, Darryl’s body was shocked, surprised and delighted.

I saw a dazzling piece of dazzling in the secret grid, astonishingly a few pills, Nayuan Pill, Tianling Pill, and Nine Heavens Zhuan Blending Pill. Each of them is a rare and unattainable spirit pill!

Haha, I didn’t expect that there are so many good things in the cultivation chamber of the descendant emperor.

At this moment, Darryl was indescribably excited.

To be honest, Darryl himself could refine these pills, but the materials needed for these pills were difficult to collect. Seeing so many ready-mades at once, I am naturally very happy.


Excited, Darryl turned his gaze to the Descendant Great Emperor and couldn’t help but swallowed his saliva secretly.

He bleeds from all seven holes, he should be dead.

Thinking about it, Darryl cautiously walked over and saw that the descendant emperor had no breath for a long time.

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