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Chapter 891

Seeing the words left by the descendants, for a while, everyone around was talking about it!

“What’s the matter? How come there are a few words engraved on this jade platform?”

“Remember that year? Zhu Bajie offended Empress Chang’e and was trapped in the great formation by your majesty…”

“Could it be that the empress and Zhu Bajie are dating… met by your majesty, and your majesty is alive?”

The discussion was quiet, but Chang’e could hear it clearly!

For a while, Chang’e blushed, his brain buzzed, and the whole person was a little dazed. How could this be? He and Zhu Bajie are innocent and have nothing to do with him. Why does Your Majesty have to engrave the names of himself and Zhu Bajie on the jade platform?

For a while, the atmosphere of the secret room was extremely solemn.

Only Darryl laughed in his heart.


This is the original clue? !

Darryl guessed that when he killed his descendants, he used his ventriloquist to imitate Zhu Bajie and Chang’e on a date, which Houyi believed it was true. With grief and anger in his heart, he used his fingers to engrave the names of the two of them on the jade platform.

Later, when the Great Emperor Houyi turned around and saw himself, he knew he had been cheated, but at that time. It’s too late.

“Yang Jian!”

At this moment, Chang’e reacted and looked at Yang Jian quietly: “What do you mean?”

“What do you mean?”

Yang Jian stepped forward, awe-inspiring: “You don’t need to say anything about the situation before you. You know it in your heart. Why did your Majesty engrave the names of you and Zhu Bajie on the jade platform?”

As he said, Yang Jian’s tone turned cold, and he stared at Chang’e closely, saying every word: “You honestly explain, is your majesty’s death related to you? Also, is Zhu Bajie also hidden in the palace?”


When the voice fell, Chang’e’s body trembled, and she was out of anger. Yu pointed at Yang Jian, “Yang Jian, you are presumptuous!”

As the wife of the Great Emperor Houyi, Fairy Chang’e, in front of so many people, Yang Jian was so questioned by Yang Jian, where should she put her face?

More importantly, he even slandered himself and Zhu Bajie…

It’s unbearable!

Feeling Chang’e’s anger, Yang Jian looked fearless and his expression did not fluctuate at all.


Seeing this scene, Darryl’s heart was extremely shaken. As expected to be the true monarch of Erlang. Even Chang’e dare to question!

The hundreds of civil and military officials around, even more dare not show up.

One is the Empress Chang’e, the mother of the world. One is True Monarch Erlang, with a superb status, and neither of these two dare to offend.

For a while, the atmosphere in the entire secret room seemed extremely solemn.

“Yang Jian!”

At this moment, a tall and burly figure came out with round lights in his eyes, and yelled at Yang Jian: “You are so bold, dare to slander your mother, what is your intention?”

This person is holding a pair of giant hammers, and the tall figure looks like a hill, giving people an oppressive aura, facing the viciousness, like a ghost from hell.

It is evil!

Evil comes, is a famous warrior in ancient times, and has been repaired for thousands of years. In the historical materials of the Three Kingdoms, Cao Cao once called Dianwei and compared it to “The evil comes from ancient times!” It can be seen that the evil comes with bravery.

Under Emperor Hou Yi. There are many fierce generals. The number one ranked first is True Monarch Erlang, and the second one is Evil Lai. However, Evil Lai rarely intervenes in political affairs. Instead, he was sent to Chang’e by Emperor Hou Yi to be responsible for her Safety.

It can be said that evil is Chang’e’s bodyguard.

Although evil looks fierce, but his heart is as fine as a hair. Knowing that Chang’e and Houyi are more in love than Jin Jian, Chang’e will never do anything to apologize to Houyi, so he saw Yang Jian questioning Chang’e in public, and he was ruthless, so he immediately tolerated it. Can’t help it.

To be honest, in Beiying Continent, the only ones who dared to challenge Yang Jian were evil.

At this time, Elai stared at Yang Jian closely. Loudly: “Only a few letterings, you can conclude that Niang Niang is related to Zhu Bajie? Yang Jian, you are the following offense, I tell you, before there is no conclusive evidence. You should not denigrate Niang Niang’s innocence!”


Hearing this, Yang Jian snorted, his handsome face did not show the slightest fluctuation, and said lightly: “I Yang Jian has always been upright and upright in doing things. Now I just want to find out the reason for your majesty’s sudden death, so you don’t want to make peace. I’m messing around!”

Yes, Yang Jian is upright. There is no room for sand in the eyes.

The Great Emperor Houyi treated him seriously, and now he suddenly died suddenly. Yang Jian couldn’t accept it. He secretly vowed that no matter how much the price was paid, he would find the murderer. Even if Chang’e was suspected, he would thoroughly investigate it to the end.

“Bright and aboveboard?”

The evil was stunned, and then he sneered and sneered: “Don’t be hypocritical here, Yang Jian. In the entire palace, except for your majesty, you are the strongest. You said, did you engrave these words and then frame the empress.”

As he said, Evil became more and more excited, and angrily rebuked: “You put the blame on the empress, and no one in Beiying Continent can take care of you, and you can ascend the throne and claim the emperor, right? I suspect that your majesty is your victim. Dead, all of this is your conspiracy, you say, you say…”

Chang’e next to her did not speak, bit her lips tightly, her body trembling with anger.

Chang’e also thought of the evil speculation.

Yang Jian’s position in the palace was detached, and the Great Emperor Houyi died. He is the most powerful person to proclaim the emperor. Therefore, he secretly harmed the Great Emperor Houyi and then framed himself. This kind of thing is very likely to happen.

just. Although Yang Jian is aloof, but loyal to Emperor Houyi, why did he do this?

But if it weren’t for him, who would be the real murderer?


At this moment, Yang Jianjian frowned. Suddenly he became angry, and looked at the evil coldly: “Your Majesty is so kind to me, why should I harm him? You don’t want to spit people!”

“Ha ha…”

Evil sneered, and anger rose in his heart: “Yang Jian, you said I spit someone? Then you slandered Niang Niang and Zhu Bajie. Isn’t it spitting?”

As he said, Eilai blocked Chang’e behind him, with a firm face: “I tell you, Yang Jian, today you just talked about breaking the sky, and don’t want to hurt your mother’s hair unless you step on my corpse.”

The tone is awe-inspiring, beyond doubt.


Yang Jian took a deep breath and was too lazy to talk nonsense. He pointed to the engraving on the jade platform and said lightly: “You say evidence, this is evidence, it’s evil, whether you say this engraving was written by me, or say I slander the empress, today, Niangniang must say it in public to understand!”

When he said this, Yang Jian looked firm and could not tolerate any rebuttal!


At this moment, the eyes of everyone present will be on Chang’e.

“Yang Jian!”

Chang’e bit her lip tightly, almost biting and bleeding, and said every word: “Well, since you have to do this, then I will do what you want.”

After speaking, Chang’e looked around: “I have nothing to do with Zhu Bajie. Since the last time he escaped from the palace, I have never seen him again!”

After finishing this, Chang’e turned her head to look at Yang Jian: “Are you satisfied?” The tone was calm, but an uncontrollable anger rose in her heart.

This Yang Jian insisted on embarrassing himself in front of everyone, it was simply too D*mnable.

Chapter 892

“that’s it?”

Yang Jian’s eyes flickered, and he asked Chang’e: “Then how does the empress explain the lettering on the jade platform?”

At this time, Chang’e was so angry that she paused Yuzu: “I said, I don’t know, I don’t know…” Is this Yang Jian, a tendon? Do you have to believe that your majesty’s death is related to yourself?


Yang Jian took a deep breath and shook his head: “If that’s the case, then I’m sorry, Niang Niang. I have the right to detain you in the prison to find out the facts.”

As he said, Yang Jian looked around slowly, his body filled with evil spirits, and his cold voice spread throughout the secret room: “The law is not merciful, your majesty’s death is of great importance. Having received the holy grace of your majesty, you must be reasonable and support the opinions of this seat. If you disobey, you will kill you!”


The last sentence fell, and a strong breath broke out from Yang Jian and swept the audience.


In a moment, everyone around couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning. There was deep fear on each face.

Yang Jian was called the true monarch of Erlang by the world, and he was named the sage general by the Great Emperor Houyi. He has a lofty status in the Beiying Continent, and his strength is strong. Once such a character gets serious, who dares to provoke him?


At the same time, Darryl couldn’t help swallowing his saliva, and was speechless in shock.

D*mn it!

As expected to be the true monarch of Erlang, the domineering power that shocked the audience is really shocking. Moreover, it was rumored that Yang Jian was so angry and his eyes could not tolerate the slightest sand. As long as he thought it was right, he would do everything he could. At this time, Chang’e dared to catch it, and it was indeed a well-deserved reputation.


At this time, Chang’e’s delicate body trembled, Yu pointed at Yang Jian, angrily speechless.

This Yang Jian is too bold. Not only does he slander his relationship with Zhu Bajie, but he also wants to imprison himself for trial?

“Yang Jian!”

At this moment, Eilai roared: “You slandered and disrespect your empress, and you want to do it at this time? I killed you, the rebel who committed the following crime!”

When the voice fell, Eilai’s eyes flashed with anger, and he came straight to Yang Jian!

Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned!

I’m going, this is going to fight?


At the same time, Darryl was very excited.

This group of people is going to fight each other, do you have a chance to escape after the chaos?

“The courage of a man!”

Seeing evil comes to break out. Yang Jian’s expression didn’t fluctuate at all, he snorted coldly, his whole body was surging, and the three-pointed two-edged sword shook hands tightly, greeted him directly!


The three-pointed two-edged knife collided with the giant hammer, and everyone only heard a loud sound coming from the sky, and the entire secret room trembled violently. Then, they saw the evil stumbling back a few steps!

A puff of blood oozes from the corner of his mouth.

Although Evil Lai was known for his bravery, Yang Jian had the upper hand in the end. After all, he is the true monarch of Erlang who is famous all over the world, and against him, the evil is inferior after all.


Seeing this scene, everyone around couldn’t help taking a breath.


It’s so strong!

As expected to be the true monarch of Erlang, it was just a trick that hurt the evil.

“Evil comes!”

At this time, Chang’e’s body trembled and she couldn’t help exclaiming. She had been personally protected by the evil for so many years, and felt his loyalty. Seeing him at a loss at this time, she couldn’t help it!

In the next second, Chang’e stared at Yang Jian coldly: “Yang Jian, you are so bold, even my people dare to fight! Come, I won’t move, you come and imprison me!”

With that said, Chang’e stood in front of evil.


Seeing this scene, the evil was moved and angry. As a subordinate, how can I keep Chang’e in front of me?

When the voice fell, Eilai roared, bypassing Chang’e, and rushing towards Yang Jian again!

“I can’t help myself!”

Yang Jian snorted coldly, shot the electricity, raised his palm, and then sent it first, hitting the evil one!

This palm is like thunder! I saw the burly body of Evil Lai, like a kite with a broken wire, flew out directly, flying a full tens of meters away, and vomiting several mouthfuls of blood.


Seeing this scene, everyone around took a deep breath!

This is the strength of Zhenjun Erlang! Seeing this scene, those who wanted to stand up and speak for Chang’e were all jealous and dare not show up.

“Manny, I…”

Eilai looked miserable, and opened his mouth at Chang’e. As a personal guard, he was too incompetent for failing to keep his wife safe. The more and more evil I thought about, the more I held back the fire, the anger hit my heart, my eyes went dark, and I passed out, unconscious.

“Yang Jian!”

At this moment, Chang’e’s face was cold. He scolded Yang Jian, “Do you dare to take action against evil, do you still put me in your eyes? Well, you want to detain me and ask, right? Let’s see if you have this ability! “


The voice fell, accompanied by a crisp sound, and a sword appeared in Chang’e’s hands.

This sword is full of brilliance, and the blade is three feet one inch long, shining like stars and moons.

It is Chang’e’s personal weapon. Xingyue Sword!

Xingyue Sword, the main material, is rumored to be a kind of rare meteorite iron when the world was first divided. Later, Emperor Houyi got it by accident. He specially built this sword for Chang’e. When he first got this sword, Chang’e was very I like it, waving it on the spot, like moonlight, and because of this, Chang’e is called the fairy of the moon palace.

This sword is out. The aura of heaven and earth in the entire secret room suddenly gathered!

D*mn it!

Feeling the powerful aura permeating the Xingyue Sword, Darryl’s heart was shaken, and he was extremely shocked.


At this moment, Chang’e didn’t talk nonsense, and her figure was like a hungry figure, stabbing Yang Jian with a sword!


This sword contained Chang’e’s ten successful powers and the grief and anger in his heart. The Great Emperor Houyi had just died and had not yet come out of the grief, and was slandered by Yang Jian at this time. How can this be tolerated?

It can be clearly seen that wherever the sword passes, the surrounding air seems to be distorted!


Seeing Chang’e stabbed with a sword, Yang Jian sighed lightly without panic, standing there as steady as Mount Tai!

“Mother, I did this to investigate the cause of your majesty’s death. I have no choice but to offend you since you don’t cooperate!”

After saying this coldly, Yang Jian’s eyes fell cold. The aura of the whole body rose swiftly, and then, the three-pointed two-edged sword in his hand whizzed out to meet Chang’e!

“Clang clang!”

The Xingyue Sword and the three-pointed two-edged sword kept colliding. There was a burst of loud noise, which shook the ears of everyone around, and almost couldn’t stand it.


The fight finally started, and the opportunity came!

Darryl was so excited that he wanted to take Mu Xixi and Song Qian with him. Fleeing in the chaos, but seeing so many guards outside, I resisted it again!

Anyway, they are already fighting each other, and there will be plenty of opportunities in the future.

At this time, above Yutai.

Chang’e’s graceful figure constantly fought back and forth with Yang Jian.

At the beginning. Chang’e was still very confident, but gradually she felt something wrong.

what happened? Has Yang Jian’s strength become so strong?

Thousands of years ago, Chang’e and Yang Jian fought against each other. At that time, the strength of the two sides was almost the same, but at this moment, Chang’e clearly felt that Yang Jian’s strength had surpassed him by a lot.

In fact, it’s not surprising that Chang’e, as a woman of Houyi the Great, is an empress. For thousands of years, she has been pampered and protected by Emperor Houyi, and she has already slackened in her cultivation.

And Yang Jian, who has been working hard for nearly a thousand years, has long surpassed Chang’e in strength.

Yang Jian didn’t want to be in love with each other. Seeing that Chang’e was a little stunned, he slapped him with his wrist!

This palm was so fast that Chang’e couldn’t avoid it. At that time, he could only use his internal force to meet him with a palm!


The two palms touched, and there was a dull vibration. At this moment, Chang’e’s body retreated several steps, her beautiful face was filled with surprise and shame!

In the next second, Yang Jian rushed over, quickly raised his hand, and tapped Chang’e’s acupuncture point twice.

All of a sudden, Chang’e’s body stiffened and couldn’t move a single movement.

“Take it down!”

At this time, Yang Jian was reluctant to talk nonsense, and gave a light command.


In an instant, a few guards came over and took Chang’e out. These guards were Yang Jian’s confidantes and only obeyed Yang Jian’s words!

Chapter 893


Seeing Chang’e being taken away by the guards, at this moment, the whole audience was silent, and you could hear clearly when you dropped a needle.

Although Yang Jian is the true monarch of Erlang and has a high position, but after all, he is a minister, so he exceeded his authority and arrested Empress Chang’e…

It’s really non-compliant…

But having said that, the death of Houyi the Great was too strange, before the descendant of the Great Emperor. On the jade platform, the names of Empress Chang’e and Zhu Bajie are engraved. Yang Jian’s arrest of Chang’e at this time was considered unselfish and handled it impartially.


At this time, Yang Jian put away the three-pointed and two-edged swords, and looked around the audience: “Although your Majesty is dead, but the Beiying Continent cannot be left alone for a day. Let’s discuss it and choose a sage first. On behalf of the emperor temporarily Position, stabilize the situation!”


When the voice fell, heated discussion broke out in the audience.

Yang Jian was right. The Great Emperor Houyi ruled the Beiying Continent for thousands of years and suddenly died suddenly. The entire Beiying Continent is in chaos. If a new ruler is not elected as soon as possible, the situation will definitely be more troublesome!

It’s just that the great emperor Houyi is superb, who can take his place temporarily, huh?

At this moment, a slender and charming figure walked out first and knelt down to Yang Jian in public: “Work together with your subordinates, see Your Majesty!”

To be honest, Gong Gong was unwilling to recognize Yang Jian as the emperor.

But there is no way, Yang Jian is too strong, he is not an opponent, it is better to push the boat along the river to be personal.

More importantly, Gonggong was worried about the Fang Tian painted halberd on Darryl’s body. If he supported Yang Jian as the emperor, he would be considered a great contributor, and it would be very convenient to do anything in the future.

“The minister, see your majesty!”

In a moment, the entire secret room knelt for a large area.

These civil and military officials were all smart people, and they recommended Yang Jian as emperor when they saw Gonggong, and they were not far behind.

Same as Gonggong. Everyone felt a little dissatisfied in recommending Yang Jian as emperor.

But Yang Jian’s strength is obvious to all, and Yang Jian is upright. Although he shot Chang’e just now, it was also to find out the cause of the death of Emperor Houyi, so it is most appropriate for him to be the emperor.

However, there were only three people standing there motionless, with an indifferent expression, and they were Darryl, Mu Xixi, and Song Qian. For Darryl, whoever became the emperor of Beiying Continent didn’t matter to him.


Looking at the kneeling civil and military officials, Yang Jian nodded slowly, his expression did not fluctuate at all, and said lightly: “Since everyone loves so much, then I should respect my fate!”

As he said, Yang Jian turned his head, looked at Darryl, and then asked Gonggong: “This person is called Darryl. Is that the kid who let Zhu Bajie let go?”

At the beginning, Darryl made a big trouble in the imperial city. Zhu Bajie was also let go, and the entire Beiying Continent was everywhere, and Yang Jian had a prominent position, and he naturally knew that.

“Yes!” Gong Gong replied, very respectful.

“Since he is Darryl…” Yang Jian groaned, then made up his mind, and said lightly: “Then put the three Darryl and Chang’e together! Bring them into the hall and interrogate them together at daybreak tomorrow!”

The name engraved before the death of the Great Emperor Houyi directly refers to Zhu Bajie and Chang’e.

And Darryl let Zhu Bajie away…In this way, Darryl and Chang’e were accomplices. Or the death of Emperor Hou Yi, Darryl also participated! In this case, let Chang’e and Darryl be locked together.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

When the voice fell, several guards walked quickly and tied up the three Darryl.

At this moment, Darryl wanted to cry without tears, and shouted at Yang Jian: “True Monarch Erlang…oh no. Your Majesty, I am innocent. I just happened to pass by here before. What are you doing with me… The death of the Descendant Great has nothing to do with me. It’s fine for you to catch Empress Chang’e, what are you doing with me…”

When saying this, Darryl looked innocent and his tone was very sincere.

To be honest, the biggest lie that Darryl has told since he can remember is this time. But there is no way.

The death of Emperor Hou Yi is no small matter. If he admits it, he will not only be buried with him. Mu Xixi and Song Qian, and even people from the Earth Round Continent, will be implicated.


Yang Jian ignored it at all, waved his hand and motioned to the guard to take the three Darryl down.

Soon, the three Darryl were taken to the prison.


As soon as he entered the prison, Darryl couldn’t help but suck in the air when he saw the scene in front of him!

I saw guards standing around the entrance of the prison, one by one wearing armor. Holding a long knife, it can be said to be heavily guarded, I’m afraid that a fly won’t fly in.


Seeing this scene, Darryl wanted to cry without tears!

With so many guards, I’m afraid there is no chance to run away!


At this time, Song Qian was also extremely nervous, and said softly: “What should I do?” With so many guards, each of them is still so strong, even if she and her master, the internal strength is completely restored, cooperating with her brother-in-law is not an opponent.

Mu Xixi on the side, although her expression was calm, she was also a little nervous in her heart.

As a piano sage, Mu Xixi has also experienced a lot of winds and waves, but the situation before him is the first experience. You know, this is the imperial city of the Beiying Continent, and it is really too difficult to escape here.

Feel the tension of Mu Xixi and Song Qian. Darryl showed a slight smile, and said in a low voice, “It’s okay!”

After speaking, the three were taken into the cell.

D*mn it!

The moment he entered, Darryl saw Chang’e inside at a glance.

I saw Chang’e sitting quietly inside. The beautiful face is full of shame and anger. But even if he was detained in a cell, he still couldn’t conceal Chang’e’s cold and arrogant temperament.

“Go in!”

At this moment, the guard pushed the three Darryl in, and then closed the iron gate with a bang. Ready to leave!


An icy voice came from Chang’e’s mouth: “Who asked you to lock the three of them in?” While saying this, Chang’e looked at the guards, his tone was not loud, but it was a bit majestic.

The guard did not dare to neglect. Respond quickly: “Return to the mother, yes… Your Majesty meant it!”

After all, Chang’e is an empress. Although she is suspected of the death of the Great Emperor Houyi, she still has to be respectful before the truth is found out.

His Majesty?

Hearing this, Chang’e’s body trembled, and she was stunned.

In the next second, Chang’e stared at the guard: “What is your majesty? Who is your majesty?”

Your Majesty has just died, and now the court is headed, and there is no leader. Where is your Majesty? Just now when Yang Jian proclaimed the emperor, Chang’e was already in prison, so she didn’t know who the majesty was in the guard’s mouth.


Feeling the aura of Chang’e, the guard secretly swallowed his saliva and replied: “That’s… True Monarch Erlang, just now a hundred officials of civil and military affairs, have jointly elected True Monarch Erlang as the emperor…”


As soon as the voice fell, Chang’e’s body was shocked, her face was extremely pale, and her heart was even more frightened.

Yang Jian, this thief, your Majesty has just died suddenly and his bones are still cold, did he begin to claim the emperor?

Chapter 894


At this time, the guard watched Chang’e’s face change, and said cautiously: “Jerlang Zhenjun is loyal and never thought of proclaiming the emperor, but when the first emperor died, there must be a chaos in the DPRK, and there must be someone to stabilize the situation. He is Yang Jian’s confidant, so he naturally needs to explain.

However, before he could finish speaking, Chang’e interrupted him.

“Go away. I don’t want to listen!”

An icy voice came from Chang’e’s mouth, faintly trembling in her delicate body.

The guard didn’t dare to say anything more, so he responded and was about to withdraw from the cell.


However, at this moment, Chang’e thought of something, Yu pointed at Darryl’s three, and said coldly: “Take these three Diaomins, also take me away!”

I am a magnificent empress, with a delicate status. How can I be locked up with three civilians? Too lost identity.



Hearing this, Darryl felt a little upset, but he didn’t say a word.

“Niangniang!” The guard also looked embarrassed, and said with a wry smile: “It is your majesty’s intention to shut the three Darryl and Niangniang together. The subordinates dare not resist the decree, I hope Niangniang will bear more!”

When the voice fell, the guard quickly turned and slipped away.

For a time, Darryl and Chang’e were left in the cell.

Chang’e was so angry, but he didn’t bother to pay attention to the three Darryl, and sat there quietly, closing his eyes to calm himself.

Chang’e’s cold arrogance, Darryl would naturally not take it to heart. After all, she is a well-known figure and a fairy of the moon palace. It is understandable that she has been in jail with an injustice and her bad temper.

More importantly, Chang’e was arrested because of herself.

Had he not deceived Emperor Houyi with his own ventriloquist, Emperor Houyi would not be angry and die, nor would he use his fingers to carve the names of Chang’e and Zhu Bajie on the jade platform in the secret room.

“Brother-in-law… I’m so tired!” At this moment, Song Qian took Darryl’s arm and gently said: “I’m so tired!”

The power that Mu Xixi had expelled the Heavenly Fire Pill before, although his life was not a major issue, but after so many twists and turns just now, the whole person was extremely weak.

Mu Xixi next to him did not speak, but had a beautiful face. It was also exhausted.


Darryl responded and went to the corner to take some hay. Simply decorate the cell.

After getting it right, Darryl asked Mu Xixi and Song Qian to lie down and rest for a while.

“Oh, who asked you to rest here?” However, at this moment, Chang’e’s cold voice came: “You sleep here, where can I rest in this palace? There are really no rules at all for ignorant people. “

When she said this, Chang’e stared at Darryl, her face full of displeasure.

D*mn it!

Darryl was stunned for a moment, and he was upset in his heart! Even if you used to be a lofty empress, but now everyone is a prisoner, you even put on airs for me?

Thinking about it, Darryl looked at Chang’e with a smile: “Niangniang, it’s not easy? If you want to rest, you can just squeeze!”

With that said, Darryl deliberately moved his body inside to make a little room.

“You… presumptuous!” Chang’e flushed, she was so ashamed, she scolded: “What are you? Why do we want to tell you… I tell you, this place has the final say, this palace has the final say, this palace has the final say. To rest, you have to stand honestly…understand?”

D*mn it!

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry!

This Chang’e. In such a situation, how about a woman who thinks she is a superior woman?


At this moment, Song Qian couldn’t help but step forward, and said to Chang’e: “Manny Chang’e, I know that you are imprisoned and feel aggrieved, but please respect others. Now everyone is locked together. Why can you rest, we can’t rest?”

Song Qian is kind-hearted. Under normal circumstances, she never quarrels with people, but she can’t help seeing Chang’e being so unreasonable.


Hearing this, Chang’e gave a sneer, a lofty posture, and his eyes were full of contempt and contempt: “But do you have the right to talk to me about respect?”

With that, Chang’e’s tone was extremely firm. There is no room for refutation: “I said it again in this palace, here, I have the final say, I said that if you are not allowed to rest here, you cannot rest.”


this moment. Darryl’s face changed, and his heart felt unspeakable.

What if you are Chang’e? Isn’t it the same as us, locked in a cell?

It’s nothing more than disrespect for people, and now you still call us as if you are a servant. Do you really think you are still in the magnificent palace?

The more Darryl thought about it, the more depressed he became.

“Oh, although it is a straw mat, it is quite comfortable!” Darryl sighed and made a very comfortable look. At the same time watching Chang’e’s reaction.

Seriously, Darryl didn’t want Chang’e to turn her face, but Chang’e was too much.

“Darryl, you are so bold.”

Seeing this scene, Chang’e stomped her feet with anger, and yelled: “You get me up. Who made you lie down?”

This Darryl was too presumptuous, so he dared to disobey his orders. How can I be squeezed with a man if I am a maid?


Darryl took a deep breath, a dead pig was not afraid of boiling water, and said leisurely: “Why should I get up? Now we are all prisoners. The treatment is the same, why should I listen to you?”

With that, Darryl showed a bit of playfulness on his face, and continued: “Manny Chang’e, I said just now, if you are tired and want to rest, I will give you some space, don’t be embarrassed!”


Upon hearing this, Chang’e’s chest rose and fell sharply, but she was speechless to respond.

Because what Darryl said was right, everyone is now a prisoner, and he forced them to get out of the way, which is indeed a bit arrogant.

However, it was too much for Darryl to contradict himself in this way.

At this moment, Chang’e wanted to kill Darryl with a palm, but the acupuncture points around her body were all sealed by Yang Jian, and she couldn’t use any internal force.


Seeing this scene, Song Qian couldn’t help laughing.

My brother-in-law. It’s really bold enough to be so mad at Chang’e. I guess there are not many people who dare to talk to Chang’e like this in the world.

Mu Xixi next to it. There was also a smile on his face.


the other side.

At the junction of the Apocalypse Continent, the Diyuan Continent, and the Zhongyuan Continent, there is a majestic mountain range. It stretches for thousands of miles.

In the deepest part of this mountain range, there is a valley, like spring all seasons, like a paradise, inside the valley. There is a quaint ethnic group.

It is Wangyougu!

Wangyou Valley is a cultivation organization far away from the world. It has been passed down for thousands of years. The disciples in the valley rarely walk around the rivers and lakes, so few people know about it.

Rumor has it that the ancestor of Wangyou Valley, who was hurt by love and stayed away from the red dust, created Wangyou Valley here.

The disciples in Wangyou Valley are almost all people who have been hit in the world and are disheartened to Hongchen.

Today’s Valley Master Wangyou Valley has been passed down to the 32nd generation. The owner of the valley is called Situ Wangqing!

Situ Wangqing is a charming woman, but she is only thirty years old. Because she was deceived by her beloved man twelve years ago, she was heartbroken and she joined Wangyou Valley in the end!

The Lords of Forgotten Worry Valley in the past dynasties have no intention of disputes between the rivers and lakes.

However, Situ Wangqing is a talented talent, a rare cultivating genius. When he first joined Wangyou Valley, he was still a military commander. Now ten years later, he has reached the strength of crossing the tribulation realm.

Chapter 895

At this time, in the hall of Wangyou Valley, Valley Master Situ Wangqing sat there. She is wearing a white dress, close to her body! That tight figure is extremely charming!

On both sides of the hall, dozens of Wangyougu disciples stood quietly, all looking solemn!

“Valley Lord!”

At this moment, a man walked in quickly, with an elegant temperament. There is a smile on his face. It is Patsy’s good friend, watch!

Yes, looking at the dress, he looks like a person in the Taoist door, but he is actually a person from Wangyougu, and his identity is unusual. He is one of the five elders of Wangyougu.

“Just watch!”

Seeing him, Situ Wangqing said indifferently: “I asked you to go outside to inquire about the outside world. What have you found?”

For thousands of years. Wangyougu has always adhered to the idea of ​​”being detached from the world,” not interacting with the outside world, but this concept has gradually changed since the barrier of the Kyushu Continent was broken.

Especially after Situ Wangqing became the owner of the Valley, he thought about the strength of the Valley of Forgotten Worry. Develop and grow.

Therefore, Situ Wangqing sent a quiet watch and went out to inquire about the situation in various continents.

“Return to the Lord Gu!” Jingguan took out a piece of paper from her body, and said politely: “I found out everything about the conditions of the continents and wrote them down!” Remember to read in one second, .net

Immediately, he watched and walked up, with a mysterious look: “Moreover, I brought back a person.”

“Who?” Situ Wangqing frowned.

Jingguan smiled and clapped his hands!

Suddenly, two Wangyougu disciples walked in slowly with a slender figure.

The woman wears a long purple dress, her skin is white as snow, her facial features are exquisite, she looks like a fairy, but her breath is weak.

It is Elsa!

Patsy was humiliating Elsa in the Military Supervision Mansion of the Apocalypse Continent. Watching the proposal, let Patsy hand Elsa to her own disposal.

At that time Patsy had no idea, so she agreed to the suggestion of Jingguan. Elsa was handed over to Jing Guan.

At that time, Jing Guan took Elsa out of the imperial city at night, without stopping all the way, returning directly to Wangyou Valley.


In an instant, many male disciples in the hall stared at Elsa one by one. Inextricable.

Is the woman in front of me a fairy descending to the world? The exquisite face and s3xy figure are really intoxicating.


Charming, s3xy, and all the beautiful words in the world are not enough to describe her beauty.

Most of these male disciples were hurt by love before joining Wangyou Valley. They had given up on women in the world, but when they saw Elsa, their hearts ignited again.

Even Situ Wangqing was attracted by Elsa’s temperament and beauty.

In her heart, she was beautiful enough, but compared with Elsa, she was a little embarrassed.

“who is she?”

Finally, a few seconds later, Situ Wangqing reacted and couldn’t help but ask softly.

Jing Guan took a step forward and responded with a smile on his face: “Gu Master, her name is Elsa, she is the Sect Master of Wen Sect of Dongao Continent, and also the woman of the Sect Master of Earth Round Continent, Tianmen!”


Is she Sect Master Wen Zong or Darryl’s woman?

Heard this. Situ Wangqing was immediately moved, and his delicate face was a bit shocked.

Over the years, Darryl has become famous in the Jiuzhou Continent, and Wangyougu has been inquiring about the outside world and is very familiar with him.


At the same time, other disciples around also burst into heated discussions.

No wonder the temperament is so special and so beautiful.

It turned out to be the woman from Darryl.

“Just watch!”

At this time, Situ Wangqing beckoned at Jingguan, and after he approached, he whispered: “This Elsa’s identity is so special, you brought her into our Forgotten Worry Valley, aren’t you afraid of incurring trouble?”

Over the years, Darryl’s reputation in the mainland of Kyushu has become more and more famous, and Wangyou Valley is just when it is developing and growing.

“Don’t worry about the Valley Lord!” Jingguan smiled slightly: “Valley Lord, during this time. Elsa and Ouyang’s family members were all imprisoned by King Castro and locked up in Tianqi prison. If Darryl wanted to save them, he would have saved them long ago. I guess that Darryl doesn’t want to save them anymore. So the Valley Master doesn’t need to be afraid of Darryl. This Elsa is very strong. If it can be used by us, it will be a great help to the future development of Forgotten Worry Valley. “


Upon hearing this, Situ Wangqing breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “You mean, give her Wangyou water?”

Wangyou Water is a kind of spring water in the depths of Wangyou Valley, whether it is a cultivator or an ordinary person. If you want to take it, you will forget everything before, which is amazing. People who drink Forgotten Worry Water are like amnesia.

The disciples who joined Wangyougu, if their souls are hurt too deeply, they will be given Wangyou water, so they can forget their worries.

“Not bad!”

Jing nodded her head, with a smile on her face: “This Elsa has an extraordinary status and strong strength. If she is persuaded by words, I am afraid it will be difficult for her to surrender. Only by giving her Wangyou water can she willingly forget about us. Worry Valley do business!”

“it is good!”

Hearing this, Situ Wangqing smiled and nodded approvingly: “Just do it, I’ll leave this to you.”


Quietly in response, he immediately ordered his disciples to take Elsa out of the hall.

Soon, Elsa was taken into an elegant courtyard.

“Bring the holy water!”

After entering the room, Jingguan ordered the two disciples! Holy water is forgotten water.

“Yes, elder!” When the voice fell, a disciple responded quickly and walked out quickly.

After a while, a disciple came back with a glass of Wangyoushui in his hand.

After Jingguan took it, he signaled the two disciples to leave, and then slowly walked towards Elsa.

When he arrived, he watched Elsa quietly. He smiled and said: “Beauty Su, don’t be nervous, I won’t hurt you. I rescued you from the guardian’s wife, but I just can’t bear to see you disappear. Come, drink this glass of water. , No worries!”

With that said, Jing Guan will forget the worry water and hand it to Maria’s cigarette holder.

See this scenario. Elsa was embarrassed and angry, and was too anxious. At the same time, she struggled desperately, but the acupoints on her body were blocked, which was of no avail.


the other side!

Beiying continent. In a tavern a few miles north of the imperial city!

Zhu Bajie and Xu Qingyi were sitting there, and the table in front of them was full of wine and food.


At this time, Zhu Bajie drank heavily and ate meat, very excited: “Hou Yi is dead, and finally there is no need to avoid his chasing soldiers!”

When he said this, Zhu Bajie was very happy.

In Shengzong before, Darryl suddenly disappeared, Zhu Bajie was anxious, and took Xu Qingyi down the mountain quickly to inquire about Darryl’s news.

As a result, the news of Darryl was not heard, but the news of the sudden death of Emperor Houyi was received. You know, once was the Tianpeng marshal, Zhu Bajie was not afraid of the sky, but was deeply jealous of the Great Emperor Houyi. The sudden death of Hou Yi the Great was a surprise to Zhu Bajie.

Xu Qingyi next to her was eating with restraint, her beautiful face showing no fluctuations. Zhu Bajie has been accustomed to stray waves.

“Beauty, hurry up and eat your stomach, Lao Zhu, let me take you to experience the majesty of the imperial city!” Zhu Bajie smiled at Xu Qingyi.

When the Great Emperor Hou Yi was here, he didn’t dare to make trouble in the imperial city.

Now, why don’t you just go if you want, or just leave if you want? Who can stop yourself? Hahaha!

More importantly, after leaving this time, I don’t know what happened to Chang’e…

Thinking of Chang’e, Zhu Bajie’s eyes were full of excitement, and he couldn’t wait.

The Great Emperor Houyi is dead, Chang’e must be very sad, and he needs someone to comfort him.



Xu Qingyi responded and said nothing.

During this period of time with Zhu Bajie, I have almost understood his personality. I can’t wait to see a woman.

But Xu Qingyi didn’t care, after all, Zhu Bajie was lustful, she had long been used to it. Zhu Bajie had already conquered the woman Xu Qingyi thoroughly.

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