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Chapter 91

“Don’t talk about those useless!” Liu Zhiyuan gave him a blank look: “Darryl, these three brothers and sisters, we can save them. If you can’t get used to it, get out of the car.”

What a shame!

Darryl was speechless for a while.

“Darryl, I think their three brothers and sisters are indeed very poor, let’s help them.” At this moment, Lily, who was sitting next to her, pulled Darryl’s arm and said softly.

If it was something else, perhaps Lily could continue to be silent, but how could he turn a blind eye to such a thing as he could not save him?

Darryl secretly shook his head and gave Lily a look.

Everyone in the car, you blame every word.

Finally Hao Jian reacted and sneered: “What are we talking to him? This outing is organized by my family, and the car is also sent by my family. I said, let them come up.”

Having said this, Hao Jian walked over quickly and pressed the door switch.

As soon as the car door opened, Wu Qiongda was the first to rush up, with a wicked smile on his face, instantly drew a dagger from his body and pressed it against the driver’s neck, and at the same time yelled: “Both. .Don’t move.”

At the same time, Wu Qiongxiao walked up with a sneer, and a dark gun appeared in his hand. With a pair of cross-eyed eyes, he looked around the carriage, squatted and said: “All are old… be honest, hit… hit… robbery.”

It is a bit funny to stammer these words. But I can’t laugh at this time!


Everyone in the carriage was blindfolded. Seeing the black muzzle, some timid people almost cried, and a few women shrank in their seats, their bodies trembling.


Darryl sighed secretly, very helpless.

The two brothers cooperated so tacitly just now, obviously they are habitual offenders. It’s too late to say anything now.

“Haha, big… big brother, this group of people… really stupid, so easy… it’s done.” Wu Qiongxiao grinned and said while smiling.

A few days ago, the three of their brothers and sisters learned the news that dozens of rich children in Donghai City organized an outing together. The location was in this area, and the operation was planned.

Wu Qiongda nodded in satisfaction, and then said: “I won’t talk nonsense with you, everyone here, take money to buy life!”

“Otherwise, don’t…don’t blame us…you’re welcome.” Wu Qiongxiao said, shaking the gun in his hand.

Hao Jian grimaced and said nervously, “Brother… buddy, we don’t have any money when we come out.”

In the nervousness, Hao Jian’s tone was also biased by the brothers, and he squatted a little.

He was right, now the rich kid, who is carrying cash with him.

Wu Qiongxiao’s eyes widened, thinking that Hao Jian was deliberately learning from himself. He rushed over and slapped him and cursed, “Fcuk me…you talk like me…speak?”

Then he took out a POS machine from his body and stretched it out in front of Hao Jian. At the same time, the gun in his hand was also pressed against his forehead: “Who wants the special code… for cash? Put… your bank card Take it all out, swipe the card, and start with… from you! Everyone, swipe…200 million for me!”


200 million?

D*mn, are you crazy about money? The three brothers and sisters, it is estimated that they want to finish the vote and go incognito directly.

Everyone was dumbfounded, although their family background is pretty good, 200 million is not a small sum.

But who dares to speak now.

With a gun on his forehead, Hao Jian almost peeed his pants. He dared to talk nonsense at the moment. He quickly took out the bank card and swiped the money. At the same time, everyone else took out the bank card, one by one.

Very professional.

Do you still carry POS machines with you when you are a robber?

At this moment, Darryl sighed, and then curiously asked Wu Qiongxiao: “Guys, you are quite advanced, with pos machines? If you swipe your card, there will be transaction records, so you are not afraid of us calling the police? “

Wu Qiongxiao smiled triumphantly, and showed a yellow tooth: “You…you don’t understand, I…our POS machine, which has been modified by professionals, is simply checked…cannot be checked. come out…”

Halfway through, Wu Qiongxiao came back to his senses and scratched his head: “Oh? I… I told you.. Why are you talking about this?! You have too much special nonsense! Get the money!”


It’s so funny.

Darryl was so happy that he nodded with a smile.

“I warn you, don’t play tricks on anyone, whoever gives money, money… money, whoever is fine!” At this time, Wu Qiongda said fiercely. Just after he finished speaking, his face sank. Quickly rushed in front of Liu Zhiyuan.

“Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to call the police. I don’t have a bank card. I can transfer money by mobile phone.”

Liu Zhiyuan was so panicked that he explained profusely.

Wu Qiongda didn’t listen to his explanation at all. He snatched the phone away, and then slammed Liu Zhiyuan on the head fiercely.

“Slot you, who are you lying to?” Wu Qiongda scolded viciously as he smashed it.

Even if it is not for the police, if you transfer money on your mobile phone, you will expose yourself. So Wu Qiongda was very angry, thinking that Liu Zhiyuan deliberately routined himself.

“Ah… don’t mess it up, I really don’t have a card.”

Liu Zhiyuan screamed when he was beaten, and blood flowed down his cheeks.

I really didn’t bring a bank card! Liu Zhiyuan wanted to cry without tears!

The others around were terrified. Looking at Liu Zhiyuan, whose face was covered in blood, several girls burst into tears. This infinity is too cruel.

In the panic of everyone, Elisa regretted it, feeling guilty.

In the bank before, Darryl rescued a female college student who had never known each other, and rescued the little girl. How could he still doubt his sympathy?

How could he question his sympathy just now?

It’s okay now, everything is too late.

Lily also bit her lips tightly, looking at Darryl’s eyes, expressing apologies.

Why didn’t you believe him just now?

Seeing Liu Zhiyuan’s miserable situation at this time, all of them were too scared, so they had to spend money obediently.

There are more than fifty people in the car, all of which are done at this time. Infinity nodded in satisfaction, and was about to withdraw, but suddenly saw Lily and Elisa, and suddenly stared at Venus.

“Big…Big brother, I saw two…women, they are too…too beautiful.” After saying this, Wu Qiongxiao walked over, grabbed Elisa’s hand, and started rubbing it. .

These rich ladies are different from ordinary people, their skin is soft and smooth.

Elisa’s face was ashamed, and she was about to struggle away.

Feeling her resistance, Wu Qiongxiao smiled and shook the gun in his hand: “beautiful…beauty, don’t… don’t move around, be careful that my gun will misfire.”


Elisa bit her lip. Speaking of which, she is a major disciple of the Emei faction. She has reached a level of strength, but she is not willing to take risks, after all, the opponent has a gun in his hand.

Under tension, Elisa looked at Hao Jian subconsciously.

However, what disappointed Elisa was that Hao Jian was more scared than her at the moment, sitting there and dared not move.

“Hey, I also found a beautiful woman, tut, it’s quite hot.” At this time, Wu Qiongda also smiled and stared at Li Nan next to Peter.

The umbilical dress and denim shorts are unspeakably s3xy, and the phoenix tattoo on that beautiful back inspires a man’s desire to conquer.


This tattooed beauty is ready today.

Wu Qiongda secretly swallowed, and pointed at Lily, Elisa, Li Nan, and Bessie: “Tie these beauties together. Today, our brothers are early adopters, Ma De, haven’t played the rich girl yet. Third sister. , You stay in the car and let these brake brushes not move! Big brother and second brother will go back!”

Wu Qiongxiao nodded grinningly, and pointed his gun at Lily: “Quick…get off the car, obediently…don’t…don’t force me to destroy the flowers.”

Haha, I successfully grabbed the money today, and I can taste the taste of these rich beauties and make a lot of money.

Lily was frightened, her face pale, and she felt her legs were weak, but she had to get out of the car.

“Elisa, Elisa…Don’t be afraid, I will definitely save you.” At this moment, Hao Jian mustered up his courage and shouted loudly. However, under the panic in his heart, the tone trembles. Without the slightest confidence.

Elisa looked back at him, bit her lip tightly, and said nothing.

Regardless of whether he is pretentious or not, with his words, my heart is warm.

After getting off the car, the five women were tied to a tree and tied around the tree in a circle.

Chapter 92

In the carriage, the atmosphere was very depressing, and everyone was very regretful. It was time to listen to Darryl’s words just now and not let their brothers and sisters get in the car!

But now, it’s too late to regret!

Through the car window, one could clearly see that Lily, Elisa, Bessie, and Li Nan were firmly tied to the tree.

It was an ancient tree that had grown for hundreds of years. The thick trunk couldn’t hold ten people together. The luxuriant canopy was like a giant umbrella, with thousands of branches hanging down, almost covering the surrounding area.

Seeing the four beauties tied up in a circle, the two brothers Wu Qiongda were gulping in excitement, and they were happy.

At this time, Wu Qiongmei in the car became more and more anxious.

For this operation, the three brothers and sisters made detailed arrangements in advance, and the time was good, at most half an hour.

I didn’t know that the two brothers became lustful temporarily.

As a younger sister, Wu Qiongmei couldn’t help it. At that time, he said angrily: “Big brother and second brother, hurry up.”

Darryl clenched his fist, heard Infinity Beauty speaking, knowing that the opportunity was coming, at this moment, Darryl stood up all of a sudden, and slapped Infinity Beauty with a palm!

At the same time, Peter also stood up!


A sharp palm hit Wu Qiongmei’s body firmly. With a dull vibration, Wu Qiongmei barely reacted, and flew out of the car door.

At the same time, Peter suddenly rushed out and picked up Wu Qiongmei’s pistol that had fallen to the ground.


Infinite beauty fell heavily to the ground, a mouthful of blood spurted out!

She never dreamed that someone would dare to resist!

After being slapped by Darryl, she felt a sharp pain in her chest and fainted instantly.

“Big brother, little sister, something seems to have happened!” Wu Qiongxiao shouted, and he didn’t stammer in a hurry.

“Go and take a look!” Infinity rushed over and saw the comatose little girl, his anger exploded!

Because their parents died early, their three brothers and sisters have grown up dependent on each other since childhood, and their relationship is very deep!

“Cao D*mn’s! Don’t live anymore today! Don’t live anymore!” Infinity roared, suddenly drew out his gun, and clanged towards Darryl!

“Flap! Pop! Pop!”

The glass of the bus shattered, and everyone in the bus was so frightened that they were all lying on the ground.

Darryl clenched his fists and rushed out without a word!

If you don’t go out again, everyone in this car will die! The two brothers are crazy and can’t hide!


A bullet penetrated Darryl’s shoulder, just heard a muffled hum, blood was pouring out!


Peter’s eyes turned red all of a sudden, he rushed over and slammed out with two fists!


These two punches hit the two brothers firmly on the heads, and the tremendous power made them faint directly.

Peter is very famous in the society, and he is famous for daring to fight and kill. He is also a cultivator, a five-stage martial arts master!

“Darryl, are you okay, you must hold on!” Peter hugged Darryl, his eyes flushed red!

I finally got acquainted with a brother, so I couldn’t just lose it.


Seeing this scene, everyone in the car was completely stupid at this time, and it was too slow for a long time.

At this moment, Hao Jian quickly got out of the car and ran towards the tree, shouting as he ran: “Qin’er, Qin’er, don’t be afraid, I’ll save you!”

When he arrived at the tree, Hao Jian felt relieved when he saw Elisa’s clothes still in order.

Fortunately, fortunately, they have not been insulted yet.

While untying them, he smiled and said, “Qin’er, I was scared just now, it’s okay, I’m here.”

Elisa was surprised, watching Hao Jian closely: “Where are the three robbers?”

How did he come here? The opponent has a gun in his hand.

Moreover, I heard gunshots just now!

Hao Jian patted his chest and said, “I saw you were arrested, so I must fight with them. Darryl and Peter still had a conscience and helped me, so they knocked down the three brothers and sisters. Qin’er, for a while. You brought the three robbers to the police station and made another great contribution!”

“Hao Jian, thank you…” Elisa said softly, with a touch of inexplicable touch, she couldn’t help but hug Hao Jian, bit her lip, and said softly: “Hao Jian, you are so brave.”

Hao Jian had taken Shenxian Pill before, and now he is also a general. But dealing with three robbers with guns is really difficult. He actually did it.

Lily on the side looked sad. At that moment, Lily longed for Darryl to be the first to save herself.

But unexpectedly, it was Hao Jian who came.

On the bus, Darryl’s lips were already pale!

“Darryl, you will be fine, you must hold on.” Peter said anxiously with red eyes.

“Darryl? What’s wrong with you?” As soon as Lily got into the car, she was shocked when she saw the situation in front of her, and hurried over to ask.

Hao Jian didn’t say that he subdued three robbers?

Why is Darryl injured?

At this moment, Darryl only felt that his chest hurts badly, and his breathing was a little uncomfortable. He couldn’t speak, so he could only smile, saying that he was okay.

But the blood had already dyed his clothes and was running on the ground!

Hao Jian said lightly: “He is not strong enough. If he has to provoke the robbers, he will be injured. Without him, I can subdue the robbers myself.”

He was ambiguous and wanted to conceal the past.

Lily did not ask any more, but sighed inwardly.

Peter went on fire in an instant, and pointed at him and shouted: “Should you, you special code to shut up for me!”

This kid, the robber kidnapped a few women just now. He hid in the car and didn’t let go of any farts. Now that the danger is lifted, he ran out and said something cool.


Darryl was also anxious, he knew that this kid Hao Jian must be pretending to be forced again.

Darryl wanted to speak, but at this moment, suddenly his eyes went dark and he passed out.


The First Hospital of Donghai City.

Last time Darryl’s father suffered a heart attack. After these few days of treatment, Yue Tianheng’s condition improved. However, he must not be discharged from the hospital now, and he must be observed for at least a week.

After Evelyn became the dean, she has always been grateful to Darryl. She often visits the old couple and arranges the best ward for the old couple. As long as she has time, she will chat with the old couple.

This afternoon, when the old couple had just finished their nap, there was a knock on the door.

Thinking that Evelyn was here, Su Yue happily went to open the door. As soon as the door opened, a group of people broke in directly, holding steel pipes! The leader is Clint!

“You two immortal, do you deserve to live in such a good ward?” Clint shouted.

This ward is probably the best in the entire hospital, right? There is still a TV in the room.

Yue Tianheng said with a cold face: “What are you doing here? When you look for my son, go out and look for him. He hasn’t come for several days.”

In any case, I am also an elder, so it is too unruly not to call my second uncle when I come in.

Clint smiled: “What did I see your trash son doing? I’m here to look for you today!”

When the voice fell, he said to the group of brawny men: “Go, tie up these two old immortals!”

“Clint, you are too presumptuous!”

Yue Tianheng’s face flushed, he coughed twice, and then stared at him: “I have seen the elders, and I have no rules at all. Bring so many people to make trouble, get out of me.”

But the group of brawny men had already rushed forward and held the old couple firmly.

At this moment, the door of the ward was opened. Evelyn, in a white coat, walked in quickly on high heels, with a pretty face, and shouted: “What are you doing? This is a hospital ward, not on the street!”

Although Evelyn was wearing a white coat, she couldn’t hide her graceful figure.

Clint’s eyes straightened, and he looked at her up and down: “Director Xue…oh no, now you are the dean! I haven’t seen you for a few days. Dean Xue has become more and more charming. You have recently been promoted to the dean. Didn’t have time to congratulate, someday have a meal together?”

“Don’t go.” Evelyn said coldly: “You will soon let go of the old couple! Uncle Yue’s illness can’t be angry!”

Just the dean of a hospital, still pretending to be reserved with me?

But don’t worry, there will be a chance to fix her in the future.

Clint spit on the ground: “It’s impossible to let people go. The old man wants to see them.”


Yue Tianheng shook his body and murmured: “Father… he left the customs?”

Clint sneered coldly: “Is Grandpa going out, does it have anything to do with you? You are no longer from the Yue family. Grandpa asked me to take the two of you back. I have to ask you face to face how I taught Darryl such a beast. .Understood?”

When the voice fell, a group of strong men pushed vigorously and dragged the old couple out!

Chapter 93

the other side.

Darryl, who was in a coma, seemed to have a long dream. Someone chased him in his dream, and he kept running. Finally, he slowly opened his eyes.

What you see is a luxurious palace!

“Darryl, are you awake?”

A joyful voice came. At this time Lily’s eyes were red, as if she had cried.

“Good wife, why are your eyes red?” Darryl said with a smile: “Are you worried that something will happen to your husband? Come and let me hug you.”

Darryl laughed forcibly, although the wound had been treated, it was really painful.

Yeah, in just a few days, I got two shots.

Lily blushed, and stepped back shyly: “I…I’m not worried about you, I’m not crying.”

What time is it, it’s not in shape yet!

The doctor said just now that he was seriously injured and the bullet almost hit the heart.

Fortunately, now he finally woke up.

“Darryl, I knew the situation at that time. It was you and Peter who saved us all.” Lily said softly, although she was touched in her heart, but her tone was a bit blamed: “You…you are a man, but why are you so stupid? The robbers have guns in their hands. What if something happens to you?”

Lily’s voice became smaller and smaller, a little shy.

Darryl looked at her with a smile, and said with relief: “Fool, how could something happen to me? Besides, you are my wife. In the circumstances at that time, even if I fight for my life, I will save you.”

Lily’s heart was warm, and she was touched.

“By the way, where is this?” Darryl gritted his teeth and sat up from the bed.

Such a luxurious decoration could not be the Liu family.

Lily said, “This is Peter’s home. His personal doctor saved you.”

Darryl nodded, this brother didn’t make it in vain.

I felt a little bit in my heart, and asked with a strange face: “Where is Peter?”

“It’s in the lobby.” Lily said: “Tomorrow, Grandpa Peter’s birthday, a few guests will come to congratulate me in advance. He will entertain him in the living room.”

His grandfather’s name is Sun Zhang. Two years ago, Sun Zhang handed over the business to Peter, and he no longer had to worry about the situation. However, Grandpa Sun is still in Donghai City, and he is very respected and respected.

Therefore, there must be many people attending his birthday.

“Really? I have to go and see.” Darryl endured the pain and walked out of bed slowly.

He and Peter are brothers, and his grandfather is celebrating his birthday, so he can’t lose his courtesy.

Seeing that his face was still pale, Lily hurried over to help: “Can you go downstairs like this?”

This Darryl, why didn’t he feel sorry for himself at all, it was really worrying.

Darryl signaled no need to help, and said with a grin: “I’m all right now, don’t think I have just finished the operation, in fact, the bridal chamber will be fine tonight.”

“You, can you be more serious!” Lily’s face rose with redness: “Shameless…”


Seeing her shy look, Darryl was in a good mood, feeling full of energy, and quickly walked downstairs.

As he went downstairs, he took out his cell phone and sent a text message to send someone some gifts. Since tomorrow is Grandpa Peter’s birthday, you shouldn’t be empty-handed if you are a brother.

In the lobby on the first floor, there were seven or eight people sitting. They are all famous people in Donghai City. These people were all in a hurry tomorrow and could not attend the birthday banquet, so they sent gifts in advance.

In the middle seat, Sun Zhang sat there smiling. The old man is in his seventies, but his body is tough and full of aura!

Yo, what a coincidence!

Darryl laughed and saw an old acquaintance! Senior high school monitor, Arnold.

Those who gave gifts to Grandpa Sun were all celebrities. This Arnold is not enough to give gifts!

But Arnold’s godmother has a close relationship with the Sun family. Godmother was too busy, so I asked him to give gifts.

At this time, Arnold was very excited!

The Sun family is in Donghai City, but it is a famous family! Today, by taking the opportunity of giving gifts for godmother, if you can get acquainted with people like Peter, you will be able to brag about it in front of your classmates and relatives in the future.

At this moment, Darryl and Lily also walked into the hall.

For a while, everyone cast a curious look.

“Darryl, you’re all right, haha, great, come and sit down soon.” Peter was very happy and quickly stood up and greeted him.


At this moment, Arnold, who was sitting on the side, couldn’t help shouting in surprise.

What’s the situation, is he here?

The last time the classmates reunion, this kid rode an electric bike, this thing is vivid. Can he come to the banquet too?

Oh, he is here to accompany his wife to give gifts!

A door-to-door son-in-law, who walks around a woman all day, is just as promising.

Muttering in his heart, Arnold couldn’t help but look at Lily a few more times.

What a beautiful woman! Perfect proportions, extremely s3xy! That beautiful face is not inferior to those popular stars.

This kid Darryl is really out of luck. But I heard that this kid has never touched his wife after three years of marriage. Everyone in Donghai City knows this. Haha!

“Old squad leader!” Darryl walked over with a smile and greeted enthusiastically.

“Do you know?” Peter asked curiously.

Ha ha..

Without waiting for Darryl to speak, Arnold smiled coldly in his heart, and then said in a strange tone: “The well-known door-to-door son-in-law of the Liu family, who doesn’t know the whole Donghai City.”

This kid is too shameless, and he is a classmate, ashamed! It would be too embarrassing to meet this kid in such a high-end occasion.

With this sentence, Darryl was stunned. Didn’t you mess with him? Old classmates for several years, what are you doing?

At this time, everyone around him also burst into laughter.

After doing it for a long time, it turned out to be the son-in-law of the Liu family.

Lily on the side, with a slightly unhappy expression, asked Darryl in a low voice, “Who is he?”

Darryl smiled lightly, and wrote lightly: “It’s just a clown.”

Since his mouth is full of feces, there is no need to give him face.

Arnold sneered. This shameless Darryl! Even the one who ate soft rice actually challenged yourself? !

Grandpa Sun on one side also looked over with interest.

Hearing from his grandson, he had made a friend, whose name was Darryl, he should be the young man in front of him.

Seeing Darryl, he couldn’t help but think of himself when he was young.

I was poor before and was looked down upon by others. But if someone bullied himself, he would have to do it with his life! Now he wanted to see whether this Darryl admitted or refused to accept it. Look at this Darryl, whether he is worthy of making friends with his grandson.

“Darryl, who the hell is the clown?” Arnold said coldly under the anger, “If I guessed right, did you come to give a gift with your wife? I tell you, you are also drunk. The light of the Liu family can only come here. If there is no Liu family, you are not a sh!t, and you don’t even have the qualifications to speak.”

Darryl laughed, and then said: “Listening to you, did you come to give gifts too?”

“I…” Arnold flushed slightly, straightened his chest and said: “Of course, I’m here to give gifts for godmother, do you know who my godmother is? I’m afraid of shocking you when I say it.”


Haha… such a big person, he even recognized a godmother.

Moreover, giving gifts to others is so arrogant and superior.

This kid is so funny.

Darryl was happy all at once, and he smiled and asked, “Who is your godmother? Tell me, let me know?”

Arnold sneered, “Just because you want to know my godmother’s name? Even if you say it, you can’t afford it, and you are worthy of doing housework at home.”

At this moment, everyone else in the room nodded.

When Arnold offered the gift just now, they all saw the signature on the gift.

Indeed, this kid’s godmother has an extraordinary background.

But the Darryl in front of him, as a door-to-door son-in-law, was indeed a bit stupid to challenge others.

If you have a low social status, you have to learn to endure it. If someone scolds you, you can endure it.

After saying this, Arnold pointed to the side: “Have you seen it? My godmother gave it to you.” His face was full of pride.

On the table of his fingers, there is a set of exquisite porcelain, shiny and luster, and the flower pomelo is exquisite, which is very valuable at first glance.

Darryl glanced.

Porcelain is genuine, and this set costs millions. It seems that his godmother does have some strength.

Chapter 94

At the last class reunion, Arnold said that he was a successful person, and he recognized a good godmother.

“How is it? How is my godmother’s gift?” Arnold looked at Darryl triumphantly, proud of the upper hand.

Darryl smiled softly: “It’s indeed a good thing, but… no matter how good it is, it is not yours. What can you be proud of?

With his godmother’s gift, you’re bragging here, and you have a thick skin. “


At this moment, the eyes of everyone in the hall focused on Arnold.

Yes, no matter how this kid shows off, it is also a gift from his godmother.


Perceiving the gaze next to him, Arnold suddenly became angry, but he didn’t have an attack. Instead, he sneered coldly: “Who said I didn’t have a gift?”

With that, Arnold stood up, walked to Peter in stride, and took out an exquisite gift box from his body.

“Mr. Sun, it is my honor to be here today to congratulate the old man on his birthday. This is a little bit of my heart. I also ask Mr. Sun to accept it.” When he arrived, Arnold opened the gift box and said respectfully.

Having said this, he didn’t forget to tilt his head to give Darryl a provocative look.


At this moment, seeing the contents of the gift box, several people in the room immediately stood up.

A pair of white jade pendants were quietly placed in the gift box.

The jade pendant is white and shiny, without a trace of impurities, and the birds and beasts on it are very delicately carved and lifelike.

“Look at the carving craftsmanship of this jade pendant, is it from the Ming Dynasty?” someone said.

Those present were all social elites, and they all knew a little bit about Guwenwan.

Hearing this, the others nodded one after another.

The price of this jade pendant is probably not less than two million. This young man is not bad, he will come out if he is willing to give such a gift to others.

“Your eyesight is really good. It’s not bad. This is from the Ming Dynasty.” Arnold smiled: “I know that Lao Sun is interested in antiques. I bought this pair of jade pendants in the hands of a private collector, hoping for the father. I will like it.”

I have to say that this pair of jade pendants is so exquisite that even people who don’t understand antiques will love it when they see it.

“You spent a lot of money on this jade pendant, right?” At this time, someone asked.

Arnold smiled slightly and said lightly: “It’s not much, it’s only five million.”

five million?

This young man is fine, knowing that with these five million, he can exchange the Sun family’s contacts, which is absolutely worth it.

Several guests nodded silently and continued to appreciate. Even Lily, who was on the side, couldn’t help but glanced a few times.

Only Darryl remained silent, and when he saw everyone admiring him again and again, he finally shook his head and smiled.

“What are you laughing at?” Arnold went on fire all of a sudden.

The corner of Darryl’s mouth raised and said lightly: “I want to ask, how much did you spend on this pair of jade pendants?”

Arnold was stunned, and then reported a number: “Are you deaf? Five million can’t you hear? Why? Is five million an astronomical number for you son-in-law?”

Darryl shook his head secretly, with a look of disdain: “It’s too much.”

As soon as the words landed, Lily hurriedly pulled him, and whispered: “Darryl, stop talking nonsense…”

Although he has a good relationship with Peter, the people who come here today are all celebrating the birthday of Grandpa Sun after all, and they are in a special situation.

Besides, all the people present said that this is good for Yu Pei, so don’t come out and stir up.

At this moment, everyone present looked towards Darryl! Several women were puzzled.

too much?

What does it mean? Did you lose money?

This jade pendant is very beautiful. Even if it is a little expensive for five million, it is not too expensive, right?

Arnold said with a calm face, coldly: “Darryl, what do you mean? Then you are talking, how much is my jade pendant worth?”

Darryl stretched out two fingers.


“Two million?” Arnold sneered: “You know what a fart, my jade pendant is worth two million? Are you crazy?”

Peter was surprised and curious: “Darryl? Do you still study antiques?”

My brother knows a lot.

Darryl nodded and smiled: “Understand a little.”

“Darryl, shut up if you don’t understand!” Arnold was directly angry, pointing at Darryl’s nose and yelling: “What are you arrogant about?! Why are you worth two million?”

Mad, is there something wrong with this silly pen? This jade pendant was bought from his uncle. Uncle has been playing antiques for decades! The actual price of this jade pendant cost more than three million! Just now I deliberately said five million, but I actually wanted to pretend to be a comparison.

But Darryl said that it was only worth two million, which was pure fart!

Darryl shook his head: “This kind of paired jade pendant has another name, do you know what it is called?”

Everyone was curious and shook their heads.

Darryl sighed and slowly said: “This kind of paired jade pendant was called’Mandarin Duck Pei’ in ancient times. It was the most special dowry thing for women in the Ming Dynasty when they married. The Ming Dynasty paid the most attention to etiquette, so this Mandarin ducks were very prosperous in the Ming Dynasty.”

“After the jade pendant is brought by the woman to her husband’s house, one piece will be given to the husband, and the other piece will be worn by herself, and the other party’s name will be engraved on it, which means eternal union and good harmony.”

When talking about this, Darryl picked up two jade pendants and took a closer look: “So, the real mandarin duck pendants of the Ming Dynasty will have lettering on them, and you…it’s a pity not. It’s fake.”

Darryl’s voice was not loud, but everyone in the entire hall could hear clearly!

Everyone was stunned.

This paragraph of knowledge about Mandarin Duck Pei is well-founded and full of emotions, and it is more detailed than what those master appraisers said!

As they sighed, everyone came back to their senses, and doubts arose in their hearts.

Could it be that this pair of mandarin duck and jade pendant is really fake?

“Sure enough, there is no lettering.” At this moment, Peter took the jade pendant in Darryl’s hand, looked at it carefully, and frowned.

For a while, several people around immediately gathered around to take a look, and Lily also stepped on high heels and leaned forward.

Sure enough, on this pair of jade pendants, except for those fine carvings, there were no traces of lettering at all.


Arnold’s face flushed, his eyes flickered, completely unacceptable, and then he pointed to Darryl with a sneer, “What can I prove without engraving? You just said, this kind of mandarin duck pendant is a dowry article for a married woman, if this pair of jade pendant The hostess, died before she got married? She didn’t have a husband, where did the lettering come from?”

At this time, Arnold admired his wit very much.


What if the woman is not married?

At this time, several guests also slowed down, and turned to Darryl with inquisitive gazes.

Darryl laughed and stared at Arnold like a fool: “What you said is very logical, but I can tell you that this kind of mandarin duck wear is half a month before the woman’s marriage, and her family specially invited a craftsman. Made it for her.”

Speaking of this, Darryl shrugged: “If you insist on telling me that the woman died of a sudden illness in the half month before marrying, then I can say something.”

Arnold was not talking, a layer of cold sweat oozes from his forehead.

“In addition, I will correct you a mistake.” Darryl stepped forward and said with a smile.

“What is wrong?”

The corner of Darryl’s mouth turned upwards: “I just stretched out two fingers, I didn’t say that it is worth two million. What I said is, this jade pendant is worth two hundred. If you don’t believe it, look at it for yourself.”


When the voice fell, he instantly threw the jade pendant to the ground, smashed to pieces!

The jade pendant is broken, and you can clearly see that there is plastic glue in the jade, which is obviously a fake!

Quiet! The whole hall is silent!

Arnold shook his body, his face as ugly as he was squashed.

“Slap, slap, slap!”

At this moment, Li Nan couldn’t help it anymore and applauded. Then there was thunderous applause!

Wonderful, wonderful!

Arnold clenched his fists tightly and yelled: “Darryl, even if I am a fake, it is considered a courteous and affectionate. And you? You can come here by relying on the relationship of the Liu family, you Have you brought a gift?”

It’s all this shameless Darryl, you make me fool, and I won’t make you feel better!


Darryl took a deep breath and looked at Arnold helplessly: “You are wrong, I really brought a gift this time.”

When he went downstairs just now, Darryl sent out a text message.

It is estimated that at this moment, people should also be there.


He also brought a gift?

“Darryl…” Lily stomped anxiously: “You just learned about Lao Sun’s birthday, where did you get the present?”

Chapter 95

Lily was really anxious, and Darryl couldn’t bring out the present for a while, and was about to be laughed at again.

Even if you have a good relationship with Peter, then you can’t just make up nonsense.

“Haha, Darryl, where’s your gift? Are you still bragging about it? Your wife doesn’t believe it!” Arnold laughed, his eyes full of jokes: “Come on, take your gift, and let me have a look. “

“It should be here soon.” Darryl looked at the time, and said lightly: “I was sent here.”

Did someone bring it here? Hahaha, too special code is funny!

Arnold clutched his stomach and laughed: “Haha, everyone! You guys don’t know anything. A few days ago, when our classmates reunion, this Darryl was riding a broken tram. No one took care of him at all! He had no friends at all, who would help? He’s here to give gifts? Did you order a takeaway? Haha…”

Hearing this, a few girls couldn’t hold back, and they covered their mouths and chuckled.

“Mr Chen is here!”

At this moment, a voice came from outside the hall, and suddenly everyone looked out of the door!

I saw Chen Shishi wearing a formal suit, a hip skirt and high heels, walking quickly.

I have to say that Chen Shishi is very beautiful, and the hip skirt shows her figure perfectly, and at the same time she is s3xy, she has the kind of high queen aura.

After all, she is a well-known strong woman. Today’s Yashi company is in the cosmetics industry, in the best possible way!

Only at this moment, Chen Shishi looked very anxious.

“Godmother! Why are you here?”

Arnold stood up all of a sudden, his face full of consternation.

what’s going on?

Godmother said that there was something important to deal with today, so she asked herself to give her a gift. So Arnold was shocked when he saw Godmother coming.

However, Chen Shishi was very anxious, didn’t even look at Arnold, walked past him directly, and put the gift in his hand on the table.

The gift is a set of high-end tribute tea.

“This tribute tea seems to be a Tiancha series? A set of millions…”

“Didn’t Mr. Chen entrust her god son to give gifts? Why did he give another one?”

Everyone in the hall was dumbfounded. Each one looked at each other!

When everyone was talking about it, they saw Chen Shishi turn around and walk in front of Darryl.

“Brother Darryl, I’m sorry, there is a traffic jam on the road, the gift you asked me to prepare, I put it on the table.”

Chen Shishi’s tone was very careful, and she leaned slightly and said!


The whole hall was in an uproar! Everyone at the place was dumbfounded, each of them opened their mouths wide, and their faces were incredible.

Wind…Brother Darryl? !

Chen Shishi was in charge of this door-to-door son-in-law, called, called Brother Darryl? !

She is a few years older than Darryl!

At this moment, Lily’s body trembled! Those with weak legs can’t stand anymore!

This…what’s going on? !

On the other side, Arnold’s face was pale at this time!

Godmother calls him Brother Darryl? !

Three years ago, he recognized Chen Shishi as a godmother. Although this woman is only five years older than herself, without her, she wouldn’t even be a fart! She cultivated herself alone.

In the past few years following my godmother, I have never seen her be so polite to anyone!

This this..

“It’s not too late, just right.” At this moment, Darryl’s faint voice sounded. He asked with a smile, “Arnold, is your godson?”

Chen Shishi nodded immediately: “Yes.”

Chen Shishi and Darryl have known each other for many years, knowing his temper, and if nothing is wrong, he would not ask.

So while responding, he glared at Arnold.

“It’s okay for you godson, and with your godmother’s support, it’s not a world, no one will look at it.” Darryl said slowly.

There is no sound in the huge living room at this time!


Sure enough, it was this ba5tard who caused trouble for himself.

Chen Shishi’s delicate face turned white when he brushed the floor, and his legs became soft. He hurriedly apologized: “Brother Darryl…I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I can’t help but discipline.”

“Godmother, why do you apologize to him?” At this moment, Arnold was relieved, with a suspicious expression on his face, and shouted: “He is just a door-to-door son-in-law, he…”

“shut up!”

As soon as the voice fell, Chen Shishi shuddered and snorted. Then stepped on high heels and walked quickly.


Without warning, he slapped Arnold’s face fiercely.

After this slap, five fingerprints appeared on Arnold’s face in an instant!

“Fcuk… Godmother. Why are you hitting me…”

Arnold was completely stunned, covering his face, choked with speech.

These years, godmother loves herself very much and treats herself as her own son. Suddenly he was beaten, and he was full of grievances.

“What did you say about beating you? You almost got into a big disaster.” Chen Shi was so poetic that he slapped him twice.

If you can’t provoke anyone, you must provoke Darryl! Without Darryl, there would be no self today!

“Go, kneel down and apologize to Brother Darryl.” After slapped a few times, Chen Shishi hurled angrily.

Arnold’s body shook, he dared to ask more at this moment, walked over and knelt in front of Darryl, squeezing out a smile: “I…I was wrong, I’m sorry…”

Other guests present couldn’t help taking a breath.

Chen Shishi’s aura is really too strong, the aura just now made men feel ashamed.

Faced with such a strong woman, who would dare to speak.

Sitting there, Darryl didn’t have the slightest expression on his face, just staring at Arnold so coldly.


At this time, the whole hall was silent.

Everyone’s eyes gathered on Darryl’s body.

Chen Shishi stood aside, and saw that Darryl did not speak, but also bit her lips tightly, not daring to say a few more words.

Jingle Bell…

At this moment, Darryl’s cell phone suddenly rang!

I took out my cell phone and saw that it was my mother Su Yue. I went out for an outing these few days and didn’t go to see my parents. Why did my mother suddenly call me today?

After picking up the phone, she heard Su Yue on the other side of the phone before she could speak.

“Xiaofeng, hurry… Come on, save your dad, save your dad!”

Hearing this, Darryl’s hair stood up instantly!

“Mom, don’t worry, what’s the matter? Where are you!”

Isn’t my father treated in the hospital?

Has the condition worsened?

“At Yue’s house, at Yue’s house. Come on, your dad is about to die, come on!” Su Yue’s tears fell down, the voice fell, and the phone was hung up!

Hum! At this moment, Darryl’s mind went blank!

“Darryl, what’s the matter?” Peter walked quickly and asked Darryl.


“Something happened to my parents.”


The sun is shining today, and the men and women on the street wear cool clothes.

But in the Yue Family Villa, there was a cold breath.

Elder Yue sat on the chair with no expression on his face! Beside him, there are nearly a thousand people standing! Everyone in the Yue family is present!

In the audience, Darryl’s father was firmly held down, his lips pale!

Behind him, a strong man was standing, waving a cane in his hand.

The cane is soaked in oil, it is very tough, and it has barbs on it, and if you throw it on your body, you can bring a bloody mouth.

“Pop!” The brawny man’s cane lashed on Yue Tianheng’s body! The blood has soaked the clothes!

Su Yue was also dragged tightly by people, her eyes were bewildered with tears, and she almost cried.

“Tian Heng, I have been in seclusion for these years and ignored the Yue family’s affairs. That’s how you taught your son? Defile your younger brothers and sisters, and do all this kind of injustice! Also, where is Darryl and others?” Asked.

Even if it was his own son in front of him, Grandpa Yue was not merciful, and Grandpa Yue had always been very strict in disciplining his family.

Yue Tianheng shook his head, his lips were pale and pale: “Mr. Darryl can’t do this kind of thing, he can’t do it!”

“You still have a hard mouth!” Patsy took a step forward: “What do you mean, we are all lying? The whole Yue family, only Darryl is a good person, we are all villains born out of nothing? Darryl that beast, defiled Brother and sister, this is a fact, do you still want to deny it?!”

“Bah!” Yue Tianheng gritted his teeth tightly and took a bite.

“You still don’t admit your mistakes, do you? Keep hitting me until he admits your mistakes!” The old man Yue was furious and shouted angrily.

Suddenly, the strong man behind him waved the cane in his hand again.


With a loud whistling sound, Yue Tianheng’s body twitched suddenly, gritted his teeth tightly, did not shout, but his face was full of cold sweat!

“Don’t fight, you guys don’t fight…” Su Yue on the side wailed loudly, trying to rush to protect, but was dragged by several people, unable to move, tears streaming down her eyes.

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