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Chapter 936

I saw that the deep hole I fell down was extremely huge, and it stretched endlessly around it, as if it had no end.

D*mn, this is not Zhoushan, it turns out to be empty?

For a while, Darryl and Chang’e were stupid there, shocked in their hearts, and felt at the same time. There is plenty of aura of heaven and earth in this cave.

Not only that, there are a lot of huge stone pillars not far away. Each of these stone pillars is more than 100 meters high, and it seems to have words on it, but after the baptism of years, it has long been weathered and mottled.

Obviously, here should be an ancient tomb.

Pay attention to these. Darryl thought of the Lu Bu ancient tomb he had entered before. To be honest, Lu Bu’s ancient tomb was big and majestic, and this place was in front of him. It is dozens of times larger than the ancient tomb of Lu Bu, or even hundreds of times larger.

D*mn it.

At this moment, Darryl was excited and shocked again.

Even the words on the stone pillars have weathered and fallen off. This ancient tomb has existed for at least tens of thousands of years.


At this moment, Darryl couldn’t help but open his mouth and said: “You are knowledgeable, do you know what this place is?” While speaking, Darryl looked at the nearest stone pillar with the archaic characters on it. It was too long. do not know.

Chang’e looked disgusted: “How do I know?”

When she said this, Chang’e’s expression was very indifferent, but her heart was a little complicated and shocked.

Yes, Chang’e has lived for thousands of years, knowing the characters on the stone pillars, but it is still unclear where it is.


Feeling Chang’e’s disgust, Darryl sighed lightly and laughed: “Anyway, it’s all down, let’s go inside and check it out.”

With that, Darryl took the lead to walk forward.


After just two steps, Chang’e’s tender drink came from behind him. The voice was not loud, but the command was full.

Darryl stood still. Looking back at Chang’e, she saw her pretty face flushed and her lips were biting, which was very charming.

“What’s your order?” Darryl said with a smile.

“Didn’t you see that I twisted my foot just now?” Chang’e said in an angry voice: “You quickly untie the acupuncture point for me, let me heal my foot injury, and then explore this place together.”

As soon as the voice fell, Darryl smiled and shook his head: “This is not good. If I solve your acupuncture point and you want to kill me on the spot, what should I do? I’m not as strong as you. Isn’t this looking for death?”

Chang’e was anxious all of a sudden: “Don’t worry, my palace will not kill you, so quickly relieve the acupuncture point.”


Darryl smiled and shook his head, and said seriously: “It’s not that I don’t believe you. I am always cautious and careful when doing things, so I should feel wronged. When I find Brother Zhu Rong, I will relieve you.”

This shameless spoiler.

Seeing Darryl’s face resolute, Chang’e was furious, but helpless, and finally thought about it and said in a low voice: “If this is the case, then you can help this palace…”

After saying this, Chang’e’s face. Naturally, there was a bit of high cold.

In her heart, Darryl’s ability to support herself is a great honor.

However, as soon as the voice fell, Darryl couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Manny, you are really joking, this place is so big, I am holding you, when shall we go?”

When saying this, Darryl’s eyes flashed with a bit of cunning.

Yes, Darryl said this deliberately, wanting to tease Chang’e. In fact, it’s okay to support Chang’e, but who makes her look down on herself all the time.


At this moment, Chang’e was in trouble, biting her lips tightly, seemingly unable to speak her teeth, glanced at Darryl, and lowered her head: “Or…or do you hug…Hold my palace?”

The last word fell, Chang’e’s delicate face. It was extremely red, with shame suppressed in his heart.

If it wasn’t for this place to be too gloomy, you would never want to hold yourself like Darryl.

I go!

Is this still Chang’e?

Darryl was stunned, staring at Chang’e blankly, speechless.

Haha… Darryl laughed. Nodded: “Well, Niang Niang Jinkou Yuyan, since I have said everything, then I will suffer a bit and hold Niang Niang.”


Hearing this, Chang’e’s face became hot, and she was extremely embarrassed: “Shut up to my palace…”

This unsophisticated man, he is not treacherous and cunning, and he is not serious at all. When he is safe, he will be innocent. Must kill him personally, vent his hatred.

Feeling Chang’e’s anger, Darryl closed it up when he was good, and didn’t say anything to tease him.

Immediately, Darryl picked up Chang’e and walked slowly forward.


At that moment, the soft fragrance entered his arms, and Darryl couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air.

So soft and so fragrant.

Chang’e’s body was tight, feeling a heart. I was about to jump out, shy but also extremely nervous.

In order to hide the nervousness, Chang’e kept urging: “Go faster, why is it slow?”

“My mother, how can I walk fast when I hold you?”


For a while, the quarrel between the two of them continued to sound in the wide and deep hole..


On the other side, the Apocalypse Continent, the Imperial City.

In the Qianyuan Hall, hundreds of civil and military officials stood neatly in two rows, each with a serious look, and the atmosphere of the whole hall was unspeakably depressing.

Castro was wearing a dragon robe, sitting on the throne, his face gloomy.

After so long, there was still no whereabouts of Darryl, but Gary took the army and went to the Earth Circle Continent to look for Darryl. There was no good news, which made Castro very irritable and completely impatient.

Today, the cluster ministers are called, and the Castro prepares to discuss and deal with this matter. Darryl is not dead. Castro has trouble sleeping and eating! These days, Castro wanted to spend a good night with Kendra every night. But Kendra has been reluctant.

King Castro knew that his wife had Darryl in her heart, so she was hesitant to accept herself. and so. Darryl must die!

“Your Majesty!” At this moment, a prison guard captain walked in quickly and respectfully said to the Castro: “Bring the suspect here.”

Behind him, followed by a slim figure. There were chains on his hands and feet, but the heroic face was a bit lonely, but the breath that filled his body made people afraid to underestimate him.

It is Xing Yao.


Castro nodded and waved his hand to make the guard captain retreat.

In the next second, Castro’s eyes fell on Xing Yao, and he slowly said: “I gave you one day to think about it. Now that one day has passed, how are you thinking about it? Are you willing to submit to me? Above people, continue to be the goddess of war on the Apocalypse Continent.”

When he said this, King Castro looked indifferent, but his eyes showed some expectation.

King Castro caught Xing Yao and wanted her to submit to him. But Xing Yao was unwilling. So Guangping Wang said, give her one day to think about it. If you don’t submit to yourself, take off her clothes in public and let the Apocalypse soldiers humiliate her! Now one day is up!

Chapter 937


At this moment, the eyes of everyone in the hall were focused on Xing Yao.

Xing Yao bit her lip, staring at King Castro, and finally slowly said, “I am willing.”

Yes, Xing Yao is falsely surrendering, not really wanting to be loyal to Castro.

At the beginning, Xing Yao wanted to avenge Emperor Tianqi, but slowly realized that it was too difficult to kill King Castro. Therefore, Xing Yao could only pretend to return to King Shun Guangping, and look for opportunities to assassinate later.


King Castro was overjoyed, stood up quickly and nodded at Xing Yao: “Okay, OK! Xing Aiqing, you don’t have to kneel when you see me in the future!”

At the same time, the king of Castro ordered the guards outside the palace: “Quickly, let Xing Aiqing loosen it.”

The king of Castro at this time. Very excited and excited.

To make Xing Yao willing to be loyal, his two-day persuasion was not in vain.

At this time, King Castro didn’t know that Xing Yao had never intended to be loyal to him.

quickly. The guard came in to untie Xing Yao.

At the same time, the surrounding civil and military officials all hurried forward to congratulate.

“Congratulations, Commander Xing Yao.”

“Haha, we are going to serve as ministers again in the future, so gratifying and congratulating.”

Xing Yao squeezed out a smile and nodded symbolically to everyone.

At this moment, the originally depressive atmosphere became relaxed, but Xing Yao had a smile on his face, but his mood was always heavy.

Pretending to be loyal to Castro, he is fine for the time being.

However, Darryl’s relatives and friends were still in prison. Have to find a way to let them go. Xing Yao didn’t know why he cared so much about Darryl’s affairs.

“All right.”

At this moment, King Castro sat down slowly and patted the dragon chair. In a moment, there was no sound in the hall.

In the next second, King Castro looked around and said lightly: “Darryl has never appeared during this period of time. How to deal with his comrades, everyone Aiqing will talk about it.”


The voice fell, the civil and military officials. A heated discussion broke out immediately.

“Your Majesty, in that case, just kill it.”

“Yeah, those people haven’t led Darryl out after being locked up for so long. It doesn’t make sense to continue to be closed.”

“Yes, all of them are executed, this will also show your majesty’s majesty.”

Everyone, every one of you, every one of me, is surprisingly unanimous. They all advocate the killing of the Ouyang family and Peter’s gang. After all, these people had been locked up for too long, and they didn’t attract Darryl, and it was useless to keep them.

“it is good.”

Hearing these suggestions, King Castro nodded, his eyes flickered with coldness, and he said: “Proclaim my will, tomorrow noon, take all these people outside the palace gate and beheaded to show the public.”

“Your Majesty is wise.” All civil and military officials responded in unison.


Xing Yao on one side trembled, secretly anxious!

How to do? King Castro was too cruel, and he wanted to put those people in prison. All killed.

At this moment, Xing Yao wanted to step forward to stop him, but the scene before him was already the general trend and could not be restored.

“Yue Aiqing.”

At this time, King Castro’s eyes fell on Clint, and he smiled and said: “Tomorrow afternoon, all people who have a relationship with Darryl will be supervised! This matter will be handed over to you.”


Clint strode out quickly and said loudly: “Your Majesty, don’t worry, the minister will definitely live up to the emperor’s grace.”


King Castro nodded, stopped talking, and stood up slowly: “Retreat to the court.” As he said, he walked out of the hall slowly.

“Send your majesty respectfully.” The hundreds of civil and military officials knelt down and watched.

After Castro left, the civil and military officials also got up and left one after another.

However, Xing Yao did not leave in a hurry, but stood there. Anxious.

No, save Darryl’s relatives and friends!

Xing Yao looked at Clint’s leaving back, and thought of an idea in her heart.

late at night.

In the prosperous area of ​​the Imperial City of Apocalypse, in a large house.

In the yard, there is a sumptuous banquet. Clint sat on the main seat with a coquettish woman in his arms, teasing and playing with each other.

In the open space in front, there were a few singers dancing lightly to add to the excitement.

I don’t know, I thought it was a brothel art academy.

Clint is notoriously afraid of his wife, originally he didn’t dare to be so carefree, but today the Castro ordered him to supervise the execution tomorrow, so Clint had an excuse. Tell Patsy that he will be very busy to strengthen the prison guard tonight.

In fact, Clint actually came to drink and have fun. .

“grown ups.”

At this moment, a guard walked in quickly and said loudly: “Someone asks for a meeting outside the door.”

Being disturbed by Yaxing, Clint was very angry, staring and cursing: “Made, haven’t you seen the officer busy? No one tonight, get out.”

The guard trembled. Cold sweat dripping.

“Ha ha.”

At this moment, there was a chuckle from outside the door, and then, a charming woman slowly walked in. With a bit of mockery on her beautiful face, she looked at Clint: “Master Yue, it’s such a big deal. The majesty.”

It is Xing Yao.


Seeing Xing Yao, Clint’s anger disappeared without a trace, his eyes were fixed on Xing Yao’s perfect curve, his eyes were straight, and he swallowed secretly in his mouth.

“Oh, it turned out to be Commander Xing.” A few seconds later, Clint reacted and said with a smile: “What a rare visitor, come on, take your seat.”

However, Xing Yao stood there without moving, but took a taboo glance at the singers next to him.

Clint suddenly understood. Waved his hand: “You all retreat first.”

“Yes, sir.” Several singers responded and left slowly.

For a time, in the lobby, only Clint and Xing Yao were left.

“Commander Xing.” Clint said with a smile: “Visit late at night. I don’t know any advice?”

When he said this, Clint’s gaze never left Xing Yao.


It’s so beautiful.

At this time, Xing Yao, although wearing a black casual dress, could not conceal her graceful posture. Especially the unique temperament of a strong man, any man will fall into it when he sees it.

Clint is famous for her lust, and naturally it is no exception.

“Master Yue.” Xing Yao’s expression was indifferent, without the slightest fluctuation. He said indifferently: “Tomorrow you will be responsible for the execution of repeated offenders. You have a heavy responsibility. Don’t you go to the cell and deploy to prevent someone from robbery, but you drink and have fun here. You are not afraid of being known by your Majesty and punishing you?


Hearing this, Clint was taken aback at first, and then couldn’t help laughing: “Commander Xing, everyone is smart, so you don’t have to scare me with these words.”

As he said, Clint narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at Xing Yao: “If I guess right, you are here tonight for those comrades in Darryl, right? And, in the hall today, you don’t really want to take refuge. Your Majesty, it was just a stopgap measure, right?”

When he said the last sentence, Clint’s eyes were full of cunning.

Clint is cunning and insidious, and good at observing words and colors. In these years, as an official in the Apocalypse Continent, he has long been a human spirit. In the hall during the day, Clint could see at a glance that Xing Yao’s allegiance to King Castro was false.

After all, it was Xing Yao back then, who brought Clint to the Apocalypse Continent. How loyal Xing Yao is to Emperor Tianqi, Clint knows too well, how could he go against his faith and be loyal to King Castro?

Chapter 938

Clint smiled and said to Xing Yao: “Commander Xing, you used to despise me the most. Why did you suddenly come to me tonight? Isn’t there something to do, do you want me to help? You don’t want to save Yue. Darryl’s family and friends, right?”

Speaking of this, Clint showed a slight smile. Clint knew that Xing Yao had always looked down on herself. Now that she is visiting late at night, it is almost impossible to save Darryl’s family. Because today during the day, King Castro made an order to behead Darryl’s relatives tomorrow, and he is the supervisor and beheading officer. Xing Yao’s visit late at night must be because she wanted to let Darryl’s family go.

Upon hearing this, Xing Yao’s face changed slightly. Then he said lightly: “So what? So what? Not so?”

Clint guessed right, Xing Yao came for the Ouyang family and Peter’s gang.

Castro made the imperial decree and will beheaded for publicity tomorrow. Time is running out. Even if Xing Yao has the ability to reach the sky, it is impossible to say that so many people have been successfully rescued.

Therefore, Xing Yao decided to come to Clint after thinking about it. After all, Clint and the Ouyang family are on the same continent, even if Clint is bad. There is always a bit of hometown in the bones.

“Commander Xing.” Clint stood up slowly and said with a smile: “It seems that you have a good relationship with Darryl, and you want to save his family.”

Xing Yao frowned and was too lazy to talk nonsense: “Clint, you were originally from the Earth Round Continent. Tomorrow you have to supervise the people of the Ouyang family. They are all from one place, so you can get it off? If you still have a little conscience , Just help me and let them go.”


Hearing this, Clint suddenly laughed: “Commander Xing is indeed a cheerful person. Okay, now that you admit it, I will show your attitude. I can help you, but I have one condition. Commander Xing will stay tonight. Here, accompany me for a few drinks, how about? Commander Xing is so smart, he will definitely appreciate his face.”

While talking, Clint slowly walked over and grabbed Xing Yao’s hand.

To be honest, Clint has been thinking about Xing Yao for a long time. When he first saw Xing Yao that year, he was deeply attracted by the heroic demeanor.

However, at that time Xing Yao was highly regarded by Emperor Apocalypse, and she was also the goddess of war who moved the world. Clint could only look far away and didn’t dare to approach.

Later, King Castro proclaimed himself emperor and Xing Yao was arrested. Clint took advantage of his position and wanted to take Xing Yao as his own, but at that time Gary was in charge of the prison. Clint had no chance at all.

But today, Xing Yao took the initiative to send it to the door, how could Clint miss this great opportunity?


Seeing that Clint was about to grab Xing Yao’s hand, Xing Yao suddenly raised his hand and slapped it on Clint’s face without warning.

“Shameless.” Two cold words were spit out from Xing Yao’s mouth, the voice fell, Xing Yao did not hesitate, turned and left.

If you are innocent, you can exchange for Clint’s help.

Well, this is busy, nothing more than asking.

Clint covered his face, but was not angry at all. He smiled and shouted at Xing Yao’s back: “Commander Xing, you will be supervised at noon tomorrow. You don’t have much time, so think about it. I’ll just wait here. You haha…”

With that said, Clint sat down again and took a sip of wine.

He was not afraid that Xing Yao would go to the king of Guangping and play his negligence. After all, he also knew the secret of Xing Yao’s false allegiance.


After a night of whizzing, Xing Yao didn’t come to him either.

At this moment, in prison.

The sun rises outside and a new day begins. A living elephant, but in the cell, Peter and Lorenzo, as well as the Ouyang family, are depressed.

They all heard about Castro’s will. In a long time, people like myself will be beheaded one by one.

Did you die like this?

Very unwilling.


At this moment, the cell door was suddenly pushed open, and dozens of cell guards rushed in.

“Tie them all up and take them out to wait for Master Yue’s instructions.” One of the guard captains said coldly.


When the voice fell, dozens of cell guards surged up and pushed Peter all out of the cell.

At this moment, Peter’s eyes were blood-red, and they were very angry. They knew that they would have their heads fallen to the ground when they left this cell and waited until noon.


Peter took a deep breath. His face was full of grief and anger: “Ma De, my grandson is standing upright, but he did not expect that he will die in such a wasteful manner.”


When the voice fell, Cynthia, who was not far away, burst into tears. Tears rippled: “I don’t want to die, I can’t die yet…” She was not afraid, but unwilling.

His father died tragically, and his mother was taken to the West Cang Continent. Such a deep hatred has not been reported, and he must not just die like this.

Krista, who was next to him, hurriedly comforted softly: “Second Miss, don’t cry, we will definitely be fine, the son will definitely come to save us.”

However, Krista’s consolation had no effect, and Cynthia cried more and more.

other people. All of them are extremely desperate.


At this moment, there was a cold drink from outside, and then a figure walked in quickly.

Dressed in a black robe, tall, with a white bone mask on his face, he is full of evil spirits.

“Master Ghost?”

The captain of the guard was stunned, his tone very respectful.

The ghost image is the personal guard next to Clint. It is named after wearing a white bone mask all the year round. The ghost image is vicious and vicious, and has helped Clint these years. He has done a lot of bad things. In the Imperial City of Apocalypse, it is notorious and because it is under the supervision of the army, so whether it is the imperial forest army or the guard of the imperial city, if you see a ghost, you have to retreat.

This kind of character, a cell guard captain, naturally does not dare to neglect.

However, this ghost image was fake, and it was Xing Yao’s disguise.

Xing Yao ventured to see Clint last night and found that Clint was not only cunning and treacherous, but also inhumane and impossible to help herself. Therefore, Xing Yao had to figure out a solution by herself.

“Master Ghost?” The captain of the cell guard quickly walked up to meet Xing Yao, “Why did you come here suddenly?”

I have to say that Xing Yao’s disguise is very clever, and everyone around did not recognize her.


Xing Yao was too lazy to talk nonsense, and took out a token from him. Coldly said: “Master Yue asked me to tell me that the place of execution of these serious offenders was temporarily changed to outside the imperial city. You ordered someone to take these serious offenders and follow me.”

I saw the token in Xing Yao’s hand, cast by Ujin, with a tiger engraved on it. Very delicate.

It is the symbol of the supervising army, Clint’s belongings, the supervising army order.

Yes, before leaving last night, when Xing Yao slapped Clint, he quietly passed the token on Clint. Clint drank alcohol last night. Xing Yao did not find that he had stolen the token from him.

“Yes, my lord.”

Seeing the token, the cell guard captain was even more convinced, and quickly ordered his men: “Quickly, take these repeat offenders. Take them outside the imperial city.”

Half an hour later, the captain of the cell guard, along with Peter and everyone, followed Xing Yao to a hillside outside the imperial city.

“Master Ghost.”

At this time, the cell guard captain politely said to Xing Yao: “Is it too hasty to bring the prisoner out so early? Also, should I send more people to guard the surrounding area?”

Up to this moment, he hadn’t recognized that, in front of him, was the famous goddess of war.

At the same time, Peter and Ouyang family members also realized that something was wrong.

The purpose of Emperor Guangping’s imperial decree was to slay himself and these people, with the purpose of telling the world, and at the same time eliciting Darryl, why suddenly, the execution site should be such a remote place?

Chapter 939


Xing Yao didn’t answer, and suddenly shot, slapped the guard captain’s heart with a palm, and only heard a muffled snort. The guard captain screamed in time, flew out dozens of meters away, landed heavily, and died.


“what are you doing?”

“Enclose him…”

The surrounding cell guards were shocked. Roaring in unison, they gathered around.

Peter and the Ouyang family were also stunned.

Why did you suddenly start fighting?

Xing Yao didn’t talk nonsense, and her charming figure directly greeted him.

Bang bang bang…

In less than two breaths, dozens of cell guards all fell in a pool of blood.


Seeing this scene, Peter, Lorenzo, and everyone from the Ouyang family. They all took a deep breath, unspeakable surprise and joy, and then many people couldn’t help but yell.

“Darryl, is that you?”

“My son. I knew that you would come to save us.”


At this moment, everyone believed that the person wearing the mask in front of them was Darryl, and only him could reverse the situation at the last juncture.


Seeing the excitement of the crowd, Xing Yao didn’t respond, but slowly took off the bone mask, and looked around at the crowd, her delicate face was calm.


Seeing Xing Yao, Peter and the Ouyang family, all smiles froze on their faces, one by one in amazement.

“Commander Xing Yao?”

“How could it be her?”

“Why did she save us…”

To be honest, everyone present was very surprised. You must know that ten years ago, Xing Yao led an army of Apocalypse and came to invade Earth and Yuan. How could such a person risk saving himself.

However, this is how it happened.

Xing Yao was too lazy to talk nonsense, and looked around the crowd. Softly said: “You don’t need to be curious, I just respect Darryl’s behavior, and I can’t bear to watch his family and friends die in such a wasteful manner. Moreover, Raquel is Darryl’s woman, and I have a good relationship with Princess Yueying. For the face of Princess Yueying, I will save you.”

With that, Xing Yao gently urged, “Take advantage of the imperial forest army and the royal family, but you haven’t noticed it yet, please go.


Upon hearing this, Peter and Lorenzo looked at each other, and they all nodded suddenly.

In the next second, Lorenzo walked out and looked at Xing Yao and said, “Commander Xing Yao, in that case, you can go with us.”

When Xing Yao let go of these people in private, King Castro would definitely not let her go. Although Xing Yao was very strong, the masters around King Castro were like clouds, and it was too easy to deal with her.

When the voice fell, everyone else hurriedly spoke.

“Yeah, come with us.”

“It’s dangerous for you to stay here alone.”

In the face of everyone’s invitation, Xing Yao smiled lightly and shook her head: “Your kindness. I understand from my heart, I still have very important things to do, so I won’t leave.”

When he said this, Xing Yao’s face was calm, but his tone was very determined.

I risked “infidelity” to serve Castro. The purpose is to find an opportunity to assassinate Castro. Now the plan has just begun. How can he leave like this?

Although Xing Yao is a woman, her personality is extremely tough, so she must do everything she decides.

Seeing Xing Yao insisted so much, Peter didn’t say anything anymore.

Soon, after bidding farewell to Xing Yao, Peter and the Ouyang family quickly rushed towards the Earth Continent.

At this time, the sky was bright, Xing Yao did not stay, and immediately returned to the imperial city.

The felon escaped and the king of Castro was furious.

In the Qianyuan Palace. Castro sat there with an extremely ugly expression, and the hundreds of civil and military officials below were silent as a chill, and did not dare to breathe.

Clint knelt there. Cold sweat dripping.


At this time, King Castro glared at Clint: “What the hell is going on? All the people who have a relationship with Darryl have all ran away. How do you explain?”

“Your Majesty.” Clint wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and said tremblingly: “The minister doesn’t know, someone stole the minister’s military supervision order and released the prisoners privately. The minister is still investigating.”

When saying this, Clint was full of misery.

I originally thought that I could take this opportunity to add officials to the jue. Unexpectedly, the prisoner was rescued overnight.

Just as he was talking, Xing Yao walked in with soft armor.

Seeing Xing Yao, Clint’s eyes lit up, and he said loudly: “Your Majesty, this matter must be related to Xing Yao. She went to me last night. I asked me to release those felons. Yes, the minister’s military prison order, for sure. Xing Yao stole it, so please check it out.”

With that, Clint stared at Xing Yao closely, with resentment in his eyes.

From last night to now, only Xing Yao has come to find herself, and her token must have been taken away by her.


When the voice fell, the eyes of everyone in the hall focused on Xing Yao.

“Xing Aiqing.” Guangping Wang frowned, looking at Xing Yao and said solemnly: “Clint said, but the truth?”


Xing Yao ignored the gazes of the people, sighed lightly, looked at King Castro and said softly: “Return to your Majesty, Master Yue, this was born out of nothing. I rested early last night. How could I go to the Superintendent of the Army?”

As soon as the voice fell, Clint exclaimed excitedly: “You lied. Last night you went to me and specifically interceded with Darryl’s accomplices, and said, let me miss my hometown and let them go.”

The last sentence. Clint’s eyes were blood red, almost roaring out.

Xing Yao didn’t panic at all, and smiled: “You said I went to find you last night, do you have evidence?”


Hearing this, Clint’s body was shocked. He opened his mouth and couldn’t speak.

I drank and had fun last night, and I removed all the guards around me. If someone had to testify, it would only be the few singers.

just. How can these singers be brought to the hall? Moreover, the matter of drinking and having fun with the singer cannot be known to His Majesty.

“Master Yue”

Seeing Clint’s tangled face and speechless, Xing Yao chuckled and slowly said: “If you have no evidence, let me speak.”

As he said, Xing Yao pointed at King Castro: “Your Majesty, the minister has something to do. The minister just heard that Lord Yue called a few singers in the Department of Supervision and Military Command last night to drink and have fun there. I think, He must have lost his token when he was playing ecstatically, so he just found an excuse to blame me.”

“Your Majesty, nothing…” Clint’s expression changed drastically, he quickly explained, and stared at Xing Yao fiercely.

This b!tch actually gave a rake.


King Castro frowned and asked Xing Yao: “You said that Clint had fun last night and neglected his duty to allow the felon to escape. Do you have any evidence?”

King Castro was fair. Since Clint didn’t produce evidence for the situation just now, what Xing Yao said at this time also needs to be proved by facts.

“Yes!” Xing Yao nodded without even thinking about it, then clapped her hands, and suddenly two palace guards walked in with a few slender women.

It was just a few singers who danced for Clint last night.

Yes, Xing Yao was late for the court meeting. On the one hand, he had just let Peter and the others go. On the other hand, he went to find a few singers who were in the Supervision Army Division last night.

When Peter was released, Xing Yao had already thought about it. At that time, Clint would definitely doubt himself, and would also report to King Castro that instead of sitting and waiting for death, it would be better to attack.

Chapter 940


Seeing these singers, Clint trembled, almost slumped on the ground, and shouted at His Majesty: “Your Majesty, I…”

Before the words were finished, Wang Guangping interrupted coldly, “Clint, how do you explain?”

Seeing a few singers, Castro was immediately convinced, and the anger in his heart rose steadily at this time.

This Clint. I trust him so much, but what about him, at a critical time, spend time and drink?

The sin is simply unforgivable.


At this moment, Clint only felt his brain humming, and he replied in a low voice unwillingly: “The minister… ashamed of His Majesty Longen, but I really don’t know how the repeat offender escaped.”

When he said this, Clint wanted to cry without tears, and there was an indescribable resentment in his heart.

Made. This Xing Yao is too yin and ruthless. I knew it would be like this. When she went to the Superintendent of the Army last night, she should find a way to keep her, and then report to her Majesty. Cure her.

However, it is too late to say anything now.


King Castro took a deep breath, his face was extremely cold, and he looked at Clint coldly and said: “Clint, you made such a big mistake, I should have put you in death row, but during this period of time, can you help me do it? Little things, I will spare you a dog’s life.”

As he said, King Castro looked around: “Proceed my will and dismiss Clint from his post!”

“Your Majesty Xie, Your Majesty Xie…” Clint knelt down and thanked him, and then left the hall in despair under the escort of the palace guards.

The clouds were overcast outside, like Clint’s mood at this time, depressed and heavy.

How could this be? I should have been prosperous and wealthy all my life, so why did I suddenly end up in such a field?

Yes, it’s all a b!tch like Xing Yao.

Back at the mansion, she saw Patsy sitting in the lobby, drinking tea leisurely, and several maids waiting next to her.

“What’s the matter? I cried and lost my face as soon as I came back?” Patsy stood up and asked angrily: “Aren’t you going to punish those felons at noon?”


Clint took a deep breath and smiled bitterly: “Madam, something has happened…”

Talking. Clint briefly said about the escape of the felon and the investigation and handling of his dismissal.

Of course, Clint didn’t dare to say that he spent a lot of time in the Supervisory Army Division last night, only saying that he hadn’t made arrangements and let the felon escape.


Hearing this, Patsy shuddered, anxious and angry: “Why are you so useless? The imperial city prison is heavily guarded, and you let all the repeat offenders run away?”

Patsy didn’t fight and stared at Clint and said, “It’s really useless waste. Now that the official is lost, he has to be investigated. What do you think?”

“Wife.” Clint scratched his head, with a bitter expression on his face: “I think King Castro won’t reuse me anymore. Rather than waiting to be investigated, it would be better to leave earlier.”

During these years as an official in the Apocalypse Continent, I have done all kinds of bad things, so I can stand the investigation. It’s better to slip early!

Hearing this, Patsy frowned, and said coldly: “We have been dealing with Darryl and the various sects before. The Earth Round Continent must not be able to go back, and now the Apocalypse Continent can’t stay. Where do you say to go?”


Clint took a deep breath, was silent for a moment, and said slowly: “Or, let’s go to Xicang Continent? I just got the news that Xicang Prime Minister Mateo killed the Xicang Emperor and proclaimed himself the emperor. He and I are still worthy of the news. There are some friendships, let’s go to him, when the time comes, we will still be inexhaustible to enjoy the glory and wealth.”


Patsy’s body trembled, and her heart was extremely shocked.

That Mateo is going to be emperor?

“No!” Two cold words came out of Patsy’s mouth, with a firm attitude, beyond doubt!

Patsy’s expression did not fluctuate at all, but her heart was filled with endless resentment.

Mateo’s various humiliations to her back then will never be forgotten in this life. My innocence has been trampled on countless times by this man!

Speaking of. In Patsy’s heart, the number one enemy was not Darryl, but Mateo. In many dreams, Patsy wanted to kill Mateo himself. In order to vent his hatred, how can he go to him?

“Why?” Clint asked in a daze, puzzled.


Patsy took a deep breath and said faintly: “I said that this piece of Yu is cruel, and has insoluble grievances with the rivers and lakes of the Earth Round Continent. After all, you and I are all people from the Earth Round Continent. ?”

When she said this, Patsy was anxious and angry.

The matter of being tainted by Mateo. I definitely can’t tell Clint, I can only use these as an excuse.

Uh …

How did Clint know that his wife was defiled by Mateo? Hearing what Patsy said, Clint couldn’t laugh or cry, and slowly said: “My good wife, why do you have such a deep love for the hometown of Earthland? Even if we don’t look for Mateo, what we did before, We can’t go back to Earth Continent, do you still think about it?”

Having said that, Clint continued patiently: “Now life-saving is the most important thing. Let’s leave as soon as the king of Guangping has not sent anyone to ransack the house.”

After finishing the last sentence, Clint hurried to pack his things.


At this moment, looking at Clint’s busy figure, Patsy bit her lip tightly and wanted to say something, but she didn’t know where to start, so she could only sigh lightly. Can only pack things up, follow Clint to take refuge in Mateo.


the other side.

Gary rescued Elisa from the Beiying Palace, and after some setbacks, he finally got rid of the guards of the Beiying Continent Palace and returned to the Diyuan Continent.

After several more hours of flying, the two finally arrived at Mount Emei.

At this moment, seeing Elisa’s figure, the disciples on Mount Emei cheered.


“It’s the headmaster who is back.”

“Welcome to the head.”

Annie, who was waiting for news in the hall, also walked out quickly, and said to Elisa in surprise and joy: “Senior Sister, it is great to see you safe and sound.”

At that time, all the big sects of the earth circle continent. Blocked by the God of Erlang, Darryl pretended to be the descendant of the Great Emperor and rescued the various sects of the Diyuan Continent. Later, Annie took all the big sects and returned to the Diyuan Continent first.


A smile appeared on Elisa’s face and looked around. Finally, I looked at Annie and said, “How can something happen so easily in this seat?”

As he said, Elisa remembered something, and quickly ordered: “Go and prepare the banquet. Today, I am here to treat your Royal Highness well.”

When saying the last sentence. Elisa tilted his head and glanced at Gary, smiling Yingran.

To be honest, thanks to Gary, I was able to escape from Beiying Palace this time, and moreover. This kid is still the prince, and there are still many things to depend on in the future, so naturally he has to be entertained.

“Okay, I’m going to prepare now.” Annie quickly responded.

“Hold on.”

At this moment, Gary said lightly and stopped Annie.

In the next second, Gary looked at Elisa tightly: “The banquet will be forgotten. If the leader of Zhou is thanking me for the truth, he will let Han proudly go.”

The sound is not loud, but full of aura, beyond doubt.


Elisa was stunned, and then smiled: “My prince, you are kidding, that Monica is a sinner of our Emei faction. As the head, how can I just let it go?”

Elisa’s mind is quick, and he doesn’t need to ask more, knowing that Gary is proud of it because of the cold ice.

After all, the friendship between the two is obvious to all.

But… As the former head, Monica had no shame, had a relationship with Darryl, and gave birth to the evil seed. In this matter, Elisa kept holding a grudge in his heart, how could he easily let Monica go?

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