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Chapter 951

When the voice fell, Gary held the Overlord’s Hammer tightly, and was about to rush up to stand in front of the cold ice.

However, at this moment, Gary suddenly stopped, frowning.


I was okay just now, why is my body sore and feeble now that I can’t get it out of any internal force? Dantian seems to be suppressed!

This is obviously a sign of poisoning!

In amazement, Gary only felt that he couldn’t even stand still.

Seeing Gary’s expression, Elisa was very proud. Smiling and asked: “What’s wrong with your Royal Highness? Are you drunk too much?”

At this time, no matter how stupid Gary was, he realized something and shouted at Elisa angrily: “Elisa, you poisoned me in the wine?”

“Hee hee…”

Elisa smiled and nodded triumphantly: “Yes, I poisoned you, and in this whole hall, only your wine glass is poisonous.”


Gary was shocked and angry, and his heart was extremely shocked! It’s really the poison of Elisa. This woman is so insidious.

It’s just… what kind of poison is this? It’s so powerful, I didn’t even notice it at all!

At this time, Elisa’s face grew with a smile, and Yushou took out a delicate jade bottle and looked at Gary. Said triumphantly: “His Royal Highness, knowing that you are powerful and ordinary poison, you will definitely be able to see through it, so I used a kind of strange poison in the world, “San Gong Pill”.

San Gong Pills! This kind of strange poison in the world has only appeared in legends! As the name suggests, after taking San Gong Pill, the internal force in the body seems to have disappeared out of thin air, and it can’t be displayed at all.

Speaking of it, after Gary became the prince, he was already very cautious, but just now he had been thinking about what was in his mind, so he didn’t care about the wine in the cup. He never expected that Elisa would be poisoned by the wine, and he was still such domineering San Gong Pills.

At this time, Gary was frightened.

This San Gong Pill is rare in the world. It is rumored that the prescription was lost hundreds of years ago. I didn’t expect Elisa to have it in his hands.

“You… why did you do this?” Gary was furious, staring at Elisa fiercely, and roared.

He is the prince of the Apocalypse Continent, with a transcendent position and a high position. But I didn’t expect that Elisa would use such a despicable means to conspiracy it, which is simply too shameful.

What is even more annoying is that he still regards her as a friend.

Feeling Gary’s anger, Elisa didn’t panic at all, smiled lightly, and slowly said: “His Royal Highness, why are you so angry? Actually, I also consider you a friend. I thought before, we two. Together, you can create a better future, but it’s a pity that you are fascinated by the evil kind of ice.”

As he said, Elisa continued with a smile: “To tell you the truth, today’s moon appreciation meeting is a game I set up. The purpose is to draw the ice out. In order to prevent you from making trouble, I can only tell you the wine glass in advance. You’re doing tricks, so just feel wronged.”

Hearing this, Gary trembled with anger: “Okay, very good, Elisa, you do this. Aren’t you afraid that my Apocalypse army will come to Mount Emei?”

At this time, Gary regretted it, because one day ago, he had listened to Elisa’s suggestion and withdrew the army from the mountain.

If I knew this, the army should be camped on the mountain.

Elisa smiled slightly: “His Royal Highness, the so-called teacher is famous, you are an outsider, must participate in the affairs of our Emei school, and the person you want to protect is still a wicked species, you said, if this matter spreads, Is your reputation damaged, or is our Emei faction affected? Also, if your father knows the truth, will he send troops?”


After a few words, Gary’s face was pale. No word can be refuted.

Yes, I came out this time to catch Darryl, but because of Monica’s affairs, it was delayed for so long.

The father knows. Will be furious.

At this time, Elisa was too lazy to talk nonsense and waved his hand: “If you take down the ice, everyone will have pity on Xiangxiyu, don’t hurt this evil kind, lest the prince will feel distressed.”

After speaking, Elisa sat down leisurely.

So many sect masters, it is more than enough to deal with a cold ice, there is no need to do it yourself.


The voice fell. Dozens of martial arts masters burst out of internal strength and rushed directly toward the ice!

These masters are all outstanding people of various sects, and they erupted at the same time, and the aura that they gathered, the air in the entire hall was distorted, and the momentum was astonishing.


Seeing this scene, Gary’s eyes were extremely red, and he couldn’t help but yell, he wanted to rush to help. But I was weak and unable to try any strength, I could only look at it in a hurry.

Tracy Qiaoran stood there, his delicate face did not fluctuate in the slightest, he didn’t panic at all, his expression was proud.

“The sword turns to the clouds!”

The next moment, four cold words were spit out from Tracy’s mouth, and then he held the long sword firmly and swung it lightly.


Inside the hall, the situation was changing in an instant, and the next moment, a very strong aura burst out from the long sword in Frost Ice’s hand and swept toward the sect master who rushed!

“Ouch, my hand…”


In the blink of an eye, those dozens of martial arts masters screamed continuously, staggering back one by one, their faces pale. Everyone is hurt!

Yes, what Frost is displaying is the skill in the Indestructible Scriptures. Because they are all martial arts fellows, among them there are people from the Emei school. Therefore, Tracy didn’t make any cruel moves.

If not, these people are afraid that they have fallen in a pool of blood.


Seeing this scene, the others around couldn’t help sucking in air-conditioning!

This… or just a few days ago, that was forced to desperate. Jump off the ice of the cliff? In just a few days, the strength has become so terrifying?


Gary took a deep breath and looked at Tracy extremely excited, his eyes full of incredible.

When did Tracy become so powerful?

Haha…That’s good, the strength is so strong. Elisa couldn’t do anything to her either.

Elisa, who was sitting next to him, stood up all of a sudden, her body trembling faintly, her eyes staring at Tracy, unbelievable.

This… is this a skill in the eternal scriptures? !

How could she? !

Thinking about it, Elisa looked at Tracy closely, and asked in amazement: “Tracy, where did you learn this trick? Honestly, otherwise, I can’t spare you!”

When talking about this, Elisa was extremely anxious, and there was some inexplicable fear in his heart.

You must know that the immortal scriptures I learned from Lawrence, and Lawrence has been killed by himself, that is to say, in the world, only one can know it!

But the trick that Frost Bing used just now, “Sword Turning into Flowing Clouds”, is obviously the skill of the Immortal Scriptures.

Chapter 952

At this moment, Elisa suddenly sounded. Annie said before that she had issued a Jianghu order to chase Frost Ice, but Frost finally had no way to go, jumped off the cliff and fell into Lu Bu’s ancient tomb.

When listening to this, Elisa didn’t care. After all, Lu Bu’s tomb was heavily organized. If the ice falls in, it is fortunate not to die.

But now it seems that after falling into Lu Bu’s tomb, Tracy was not only okay, but also found the secret room where Lawrence was being held by mistake.

Could it be that on Lawrence’s corpse, there is a secret book of immortal scriptures? Was it taken by the ice?

At this time, Elisa did not know that Lawrence was not killed by her at that time.


As Elisa thought about this in secret, Tracy sneered. Softly said: “Don’t do bad things, don’t be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door, see me show the skills of the immortal scriptures, are you flustered?”

As he said, Tracy looked around. Continue to speak loudly: “Everyone, the Zhou leader you admire is actually a despicable, shameless woman with a feminine heart. Let me tell you a story about how Elisa learned the immortal scriptures. of!”

Immediately, Tracy explained in detail what happened to Lawrence.


After listening to Tracy, Elisa’s body trembled, her face extremely embarrassed!

Lawrence is not dead?


At the same time, the entire hall was in an uproar. Whether it was other sects or the Emei sect, they all looked at Elisa closely and were extremely shocked.

People in the arena are most concerned about credibility and morality.

If this matter is true, Elisa’s rebellion and killing Lawrence would be a violent act.

This kind of person becomes a martial arts leader, it is simply a joke.

For a moment, everyone looked at each other, whispered, and looked at Elisa’s eyes, all shining with strange light.

But no one dared to ask questions, after all. The masters of all sects had taken Elisa’s Black Heaven Pill, and her life was held in her hands. Who would dare to die?

At this time, Elisa reacted and looked at Tracy with a smile but a smile: “Yes, Xiao Nianzhong, who made up stories and made up stories, then I will ask you, you said that Lawrence was killed by me and didn’t die. What about others? ?”

While talking, Elisa watched the outside of the hall, calm on the surface, and panicked.

If Lawrence really comes, he will really be over.

But Elisa’s mind is quick and she bet that Lawrence didn’t come.

Sure enough, when the voice fell, a trace of loss flashed across Tracy’s face, and he coldly responded: “Master, an old man, has been trapped for too long, so he left the ancient tomb to see the outside world.”

As he said, Tracy bit his lips tightly. He said to Elisa, “But don’t get lucky. Dealing with you is enough for me. I don’t need the master or the old man to come forward.”

Ha ha..

Hearing this, Elisa suddenly laughed: “Edit, then edit, you said Lawrence, but a character from thousands of years ago, if something really happened, how could he not come to me for revenge?”

As he said, Elisa looked around and said seriously: “Don’t listen to her nonsense, this is an immortal scripture, in fact, it is the treasure of our Emei school’s town faction. Only the head of the school is qualified to practice, but this secret is too much. Profound. Thousands of years ago, the former heads of my Emei faction did not realize it…”

“I am not a talented Elisa, after taking over as the head. I was fortunate enough to understand the mystery of the Indestructible Scripture, so I wrote my own experience, but this cold ice took advantage of my attention. Look and steal it, I practiced myself.”

“The Pirate School Kungfu also made up a story, which in turn slandered this seat. This kind of person is the most shameful.”


Hearing this, many people nodded suddenly.

It turns out that the truth is like this.

In the hearts of everyone, Elisa’s statement has the most credibility. After all, she is the leader of the martial arts, and she will not talk nonsense, as for Tracy. Although the story of the previous general was very fascinating, no one could prove whether Lawrence was not present.

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Elisa smiled and looked at Tracy triumphantly: “What kind of mother you really have, what kind of daughter is there. When Han proudly is in charge, he will seduce a man to give birth to you as a wicked species. Our entire Emei sect is shamed. And now, you are born out of nothing, slandering this seat, you are really blue than blue.”


The icy body trembled, and said softly: “Elisa, what the facts are, you know the most in your heart, and the person who wants to cover it up is the most shameful.”

Elisa was too lazy to talk nonsense, and said coldly: “I won’t be arguing with you. If you bring it to your door today, don’t even think about leaving!”


As the voice fell, a powerful breath burst out from Elisa’s body. Then, the figure flew up and went straight to the ice.

In Elisa’s heart, even if Tracy learned the immortal scriptures, he would not be his opponent, after all. She is so many years older than Tracy, and she has cultivated for so many years, and her background is not comparable to her.

“The sword turns to heaven and earth!”

The moment he flew up, Elisa gave a cold voice, holding a long sword in his hand. A shock burst out, pierced directly to the ice, and heard this sword, which contained the sound of wind and thunder, and its momentum was astonishing.

Not bad. Elisa’s explosion is exactly the skill in the Indestructible Scriptures.


Seeing this scene, the masters of all sects present were extremely shocked.

“Leader Zhou is really a cultivator.”

“Yes, just use a sword. It has the power of wind and thunder, who can stop it.”

“This Frost, who has stolen the cunning of the leader of Zhou, dare to provoke, it’s just looking for death.”

Everyone’s discussion, every word from you to me, all agreed that Tracy was defeated.

On one side, Gary was anxiously unable to do so, his eyes tightly looking at Tracy, with worries.

Gary believed in Tracy’s narrative just now. But even if she also learned the immortal scriptures, I’m afraid she would not be Elisa’s opponent.

After all, Elisa has been the head of Emei for several years. How can Tracy compare to her background?

“The sword turns to heaven and earth.”

At this moment, I only heard a cry from Tracy, the jade hand reversed, the internal force surged, and he also used a sword technique, which looked exactly like Elisa’s, but the details of the display were slightly different.

However, no one can see these details.


In the next second, the two sword tactics collided with each other, and in an instant, a tyrannical aura swept across the entire hall.

At this moment, Elisa’s body retreated several steps, her face instantly ugly!


Elisa only felt that her chest was stuffy, so she steadied her figure, and looked at Tracy in shock and anger, with incredible writing on her delicate face!

This… how is this possible!

He and she are using the same skills, why is there such a big difference in power? And Tracy’s strength is far worse than his own!

Chapter 953

Tracy looked at Elisa and said coldly, “Isn’t it? I’m telling you that at that time, the old master, when he was passing on your unquenchable truth, he kept a hand and deliberately missed you a few. A phrase, therefore, the immortal scriptures you cultivate are incomplete. And what I display is the true indelible scriptures.”


Hearing this, Elisa’s body trembled, as if being slapped invisibly, his face was extremely pale.

In the next second, Elisa reacted and shook his head back and said: “No… this is impossible…”

This cold ice must have said this deliberately, with the purpose of disturbing his state of mind.

Thinking about it, Elisa bit her lip tightly, and yelled softly: “Small evil. Don’t talk nonsense and die.”

As the voice fell, Elisa clenched the long sword tightly, stabbing the ice again like a spirit snake.

Tracy didn’t panic at all. Catch up.

Clang clang clang…

Elisa’s and Tracy’s long swords kept colliding with each other, making loud noises. The two of them still displayed the immortal scriptures at the same time. At first, Elisa was very confident, but after a few rounds, he felt something was wrong.

Every time they played against each other, the two had the same skills, but the power of Frost Bing’s burst was obviously much stronger than Elisa’s.

At this moment, Elisa believed Tracy’s words.

My own indestructible scripture is indeed incomplete.


Aware of this, Elisa’s face suddenly became extremely ugly, as if he had been greatly humiliated, and his angry body kept trembling.

His own dignified martial arts leader, even the Frost Goddess who has been famous for many years, Monica is not his opponent, how could he be deceived by an old man who has been imprisoned for thousands of years? How to bear it?

It’s just that the immortal scriptures that he has cultivated are incomplete and can’t beat the ice at all.

This is how to do?

Anxious and anxious, Elisa accidentally saw Gary, and his inspiration flashed.

Next second. Elisa shouted at Annie: “Annie!”

As Elisa’s confidant, how could Annie not know what she meant? Suddenly nodded his head with comprehension.

“His Royal Highness, I’m sorry.” Annie shouted, raising her hand, and calling directly at Gary.


Gary’s attention was always on Cold Bing. He didn’t expect Annie to sneak attack. His complexion changed and he wanted to dodge, but he couldn’t use his internal force. How could he avoid him?


This palm hit Gary sturdily, just hearing a muffled hum, Gary flew out directly, flew a full ten meters away, and landed heavily outside the main hall gate, spouting blood.

To be honest, Annie’s raid was just to distract Tracy, so only three layers of internal force were used. If it exploded with full strength, Gary would have no internal force to resist, but he was afraid that he would have gone to the west.

“Brother Gary.”

Seeing this scene, Tracy’s body trembled and couldn’t help exclaiming. Tears also welled up.


Immediately afterwards, Tracy’s gaze locked on Annie, and he yelled: “Annie, you dare to attack Brother Gary, I can’t spare you.”

When the voice fell, the ice flew up, and the sword surged with a sharp aura, directly towards Annie.


Feeling the powerful aura contained in this sword, Annie’s body trembled, her face pale, and she couldn’t help calling for help at Elisa: “The head, help me…”

In panic, Annie’s tone trembled.

This cold ice, in just a few days, the strength has grown by leaps and bounds, and even the head Elisa can’t suppress her. How could he be an opponent?

“What are you afraid of?” Elisa replied coldly, and in the next second, he took out a green flute from his body, it was the Cuixian flute.

Has been suppressed by the ice before. There was no time to play the Cui Xian Flute, and now Annie attracted Tracy’s attention, Elisa immediately seized the opportunity.

Seeing Elisa take out the Cuixian flute, the strong men of all sects present couldn’t think much about it. Hastily covered his ears.

Everyone has experienced the power of the Cui Xian Flute, and everyone knows how terrifying it is.

In the next second, Elisa urged his internal force to inject the flute, and at the same time put the flute to his mouth, and began to play gently.


Suddenly, the quiet and gentle sound of the flute sounded.


At the moment when the flute sounded, I saw a powerful wave, which spread wildly around! in the air. Instantly form a layer of rhythm ripples!

At this time, Tracy was almost in front of Annie, and she could feel the fluctuation, her body trembled, and her delicate face was full of surprise. After hearing the sound of the flute, Tracy only felt dizzy and almost stood standing. Unstable!

Not only that, the internal strength of the dantian seemed to be suppressed!


At this moment. Tracy stopped there, staring at Elisa in amazement, shocked in his heart.

This…what kind of flute is this? The sound that comes out is so terrifying?

When did Elisa have this kind of artifact?


Seeing that Tracy was successfully disturbed by the rhythm of the Cuixian flute, Elisa finally showed a smile. Taking advantage of Tracy’s panic, Zhou Qinyu lifted his hand and slapped him directly with a palm!

The speed of this palm was too fast, and Tracy was affected by the rhythm, and couldn’t avoid it at all.


The two palms touched, and there was a dull vibration. At this moment, Tracy’s body retreated several steps, and his face was instantly ugly!

Although Tracy had learned all the truths of immortality and was able to suppress Elisa in terms of skills, his Dantian internal strength. But it’s a lot inferior. Putting aside the skills of the Immortal Scriptures, and simply fighting for internal strength, Tracy is certainly not Elisa’s opponent!


Tracy only felt his chest stuffy, and stabilized his figure. Looking at Elisa in shock and anger, his face was full of unwillingness.

This Elisa, too shameless, even ordered Annie to sneak attack on Brother Gary to divert her attention.

“Ha ha..”

Elisa sneered. With a smug face, looking at Tracy mockingly said: “Even if you can have all the immortal scriptures? In the end, it didn’t fall into my hands. Xiao Niezhong dared to fight with me, you are still too tender!”

When the voice fell, Elisa rushed over. He quickly raised his hand and tapped twice on Tracy’s acupuncture point.

In a moment, Tracy’s body stiffened and couldn’t move a single movement.

Seeing this scene, Gary’s face changed drastically, and he couldn’t help exclaiming: “Tracy, you…”

At this moment, Gary felt uncomfortable in his heart.

I blamed myself, I believed Elisa too much, and fell into her trap. If three days ago, I insisted on forcing her to let Monica go, there would not be so many things.

Now that he couldn’t use his own internal strength, Tracy was also caught, which was really suffocating.

“Elisa, you put Tracy!” Gary’s eyes were extremely red, and he shouted at Elisa, his voice hoarse!

“Let her go?”

Elisa showed a slight smile: “In order to catch this small evil species, this seat has arranged such a big game, and finally succeeded, you let me let her go? Your Royal Highness, is your brain flooded?”

Chapter 954

Originally, Elisa didn’t want to tear his face with Gary, after all, Gary was the prince, and his status was extraordinary. But he turned against himself for the sake of cold ice, and he didn’t have to worry so much.


At this moment, Han said coldly, “You don’t want to let me go. This is a matter of the Emei school, and it has nothing to do with Brother Gary. You let him go, and I am at your disposal.”

When talking about this. Tracy tilted his head to look at Gary, his eyes full of distress.

Originally, Tracy was surprised at why Gary was here, but only just now did he know that Elisa calculated that he was trying to save his mother. And just now, Brother Gary was slapped by Annie for himself.

When I thought of this, Tracy felt distressed, and at the same time, he thought about it. Today, when he fell into Elisa’s hands, he was inferior in skill. But Brother Gary must not be involved.

“Xiao Niezhong, what qualifications do you have to negotiate terms with me?” Elisa sneered, step by step walked to the front of the ice and slapped fiercely. Throw it in her face!


After this slap, I heard Tracy’s tender cry, and a slap print suddenly appeared on that white face.

“You mother and daughter are both lowly women. Your mother seduce men and gave birth to you as a wicked species, and you learned to seduce people at a young age. Tsk tsk, your majesty majesty, was fascinated by you. You really give your mother a long face…” Elisa looked at Tracy coldly, almost squeezing these words out of his teeth!

I don’t know why, seeing Gary getting more nervous and freezing, the more jealous Elisa felt.

Tracy clenched his fists and stared at Elisa bitterly: “Shut up, my mother is not a b!tch, you are a b!tch, and brother Gary and I are not as shameful as you said, we are clear. For nothing, you are not allowed to slander.”

When I said this, Tracy’s delicate body trembled.

Elisa is too D*mning this time. He slandered his mother’s reputation before. Now I am discrediting my innocence.

Such a woman’s heart is more poisonous than a snake and scorpion.


When the voice fell, Elisa slapped it over again!

“Little b!tch, this seat teaches you in the name of the head of the Emei school, dare to talk back?” Elisa’s eyes were cold, and his emotions were completely out of control!

He is the dignified leader of Emei and the leader of the martial arts, but he was smashed by the ice in front of so many people. Where did he put his face?

Elisa got more and more angry, raised his jade hand, slap after slap, and slapped it.


A slap is heavier than a slap, and Tracy is young, so where can he bear it?

While playing, Elisa said coldly: “What kind of mother you really have, you have what kind of daughters, relying on yourself to have a little bit of beauty, go to seduce men, do it well or not, today I will fight until you admit .”

Tracy bit his lip tightly, but didn’t let out a cry.

Like Monica, Tracy has a tough personality, not to mention being beaten, even if he is beheaded, he will not frown.

“Elisa, Fcuk you!”

See this scene. Gary was completely mad, his eyes were blood-red, and he kept screaming at Elisa. At the same time, he wanted to rush over, but he couldn’t use his internal force, and was slapped by Annie, which made him unable to rush.

Finally, Elisa was tired from playing and stopped.

“Tsk tut.”

Feeling Gary’s anger, Elisa smiled slightly, and couldn’t help but ridicule: “His Royal Highness and this little evil kind, are really deep and righteous, I haven’t done anything to her, you feel distressed?”

“Elisa, you give me a special code to let her go, let her go.” Gary kept howling, his murderous eyes locked on Elisa: “Hurry up and let her go, otherwise I can’t spare you. !”

In Gary’s heart, he always regarded Tracy as his closest person. Seeing her being beaten so cruelly by Elisa at this time, my heart was almost bleeding.

“It’s impossible to let her go.” Elisa sneered, with a playful tone: “However, since His Royal Highness cares about her so much. I can keep you together and let you get closer.”

After the words fell, Elisa walked over, pinched Tracy’s chin, and then took out a pill from his body and threw it into Tracy’s mouth.


Tracy didn’t react at all, so he swallowed it subconsciously.

“What are you giving me?” Tracy asked with a trembling body.

Elisa was so vicious that he ate for himself. It’s definitely not a good thing.

“Elisa!” Gary also yelled, staring at Elisa with blood-red eyes: “What kind of poison do you give Tracy, please take out the antidote quickly. If she has three long and two short, I will step on it.” Flatten your Emei.”

“If she has three long and two short, I will flatten your Emei.”

This roar echoed endlessly in the hall.


Feeling Gary’s anger, the martial arts master present. They all looked at each other, and their hearts were shocked.

This sentence, if someone else utters it, is definitely a big joke. You must know that under the leadership of Elisa, the Emei faction is no longer what it used to be, and it is not comparable to any other force.

But Gary is different. He is the prince of the Apocalypse Continent, and he has the strength to level the Emei faction.

Elisa was also shocked, and immediately looked at Gary with a smile: “His Royal Highness, you should calm down your anger first, don’t worry, I won’t kill Tracy, you care about her so much, how dare I, as for her You will know what you are taking in a while.”

When he said this, Elisa had a smile on his face.


Hearing this, Gary frowned.

Elisa is so cunning. Do you want to believe her this time?

Thinking about it, Gary looked at Tracy nervously, and saw that her expression was calm and there were no signs of impropriety.

At this time, Elisa was too lazy to talk nonsense. Turning his head to Annie, he said: “Go, put the prince and Xiao Niezhong together, the prince is so pitiful and cherish jade, it seems that he can’t wait.”

Seriously, Elisa didn’t want to have such a stiff quarrel with Gary. But seeing him so protect the ice, Elisa was jealous, and suddenly couldn’t manage so much.

Moreover, Elisa was not afraid of Gary’s revenge, just as he said before. After all, this is the family affair of the Emei school, Gary has to intervene, even if he is the prince, it can’t be justified.

Under this premise, even if the Apocalypse imperial family knew it, there was no reason to send troops to attack the Emei faction. After all, the division was unknown.

“Yes, head.” Annie replied, beckoning to a few Emei disciples, and took Gary and Tracy away.

The two were taken away, and the atmosphere in the hall suddenly became less tense.


Elisa looked around and smiled slightly: “Okay, it’s okay, everyone, go ahead, I have something to do, so I won’t accompany you, don’t be restrained, you must not get drunk or go home today.”

As the voice fell, Elisa walked out of the hall slowly.

“Thank you for the hospitality.” The masters of all sects responded in unison and watched Elisa leave.

Chapter 955

Leaving the hall, Elisa went directly to the dungeon.

As soon as I entered the dungeon, I saw Han proudly sitting in the cell, closing his eyes and resting.

“Tsk tut.”

Elisa’s mouth curled up and mocked: “Very calm, Monica tells you a good news, your daughter is here to save you.”


Hearing this, Monica opened his eyes instantly. Locked Elisa tightly, but didn’t speak.

“There’s another bad news.” Elisa looked smug, very leisurely, and continued: “She was caught by me. Not only was she caught by me, but she was also locked up with Gary.”

At this moment, Monica couldn’t help it suddenly, and stood up all of a sudden. Jiao shouted: “Elisa, you ungrateful villain, what are you going to do?”

The tone was Ling Ran, but in Han’s heart proudly. But some inexplicable anxiety.

Gary, who was also Darryl’s child, was locked up with Tracy. Elisa did this deliberately, and it must be no good.

Elisa slowly walked to the iron fence: “As far as I know, this Gary is the child of Darryl and that Kendra. It is also a wicked species. In this way, he and Tracy are half-parents. Brother and sister, right.”

As he said, Elisa’s smile grew thicker: “Furthermore, Gary and Tracy seem to have a good affection for each other, so I shut them together for the beauty of adulthood, and also gave Tracy “Mei Xiang San”. Come and help them make good things, Han proudly. I’m helping your daughter as a matchmaker. You have to thank me.”


Hearing this, Han arrogantly trembled, his delicate face instantly turned pale, his eyes turned black for a while, and he almost fainted with anger.

Yes, what Elisa gave to Tracy before was not poison, but Meixiang powder.

Meixiangsan is an extremely powerful love potion in the world. It is said that no matter how strong the cultivator, regardless of men and women, as long as they take Meixiangsan, they will completely lose their minds, and there is only endless desire for the opposite s3x in their minds. It can be said that this is the most shameless love potion for people in the world.

And Elisa in front of him, as the head of the Emei Sect and the leader of the martial arts, used such despicable means.

“Elisa. You are still not a human being.” Monica bit his lip and scolded Elisa angrily: “It doesn’t matter what you do to me, how does Tracy say, you are also your little junior, but you use such despicable means, If you ruin her innocence, you are not afraid of being struck by lightning?

Although Monica is usually very strict with Tracy, she loves her daughter very much in her heart, and she feels heartache when she learns that her daughter is about to become chaste.

More importantly, Gary is Tracy’s brother, how can the two of them…

Monica became more and more anxious as he thought about it, and almost fainted under the agitation.

“Junior sister?” Elisa sneered: “In my heart, she is a wicked species. I tell you Monica, Darryl and your mother and daughter. I will ruin my life, I will let you two mother and daughter, in the future I don’t have the face to see people anymore, and I want to make Darryl completely ruined.”

“Hehe…even if he is the sect master of Heavenly Gate. The heroes of the Earth Yuan Continent, if people know that they secretly have s3xual intercourse, what kind of public opinion will they trigger? It is really exciting.”

“Monica, you will slowly wait for the news, your good daughter has the results, I will send someone to inform you.”

When the voice fell, Elisa walked out of the cell proudly.

Elisa at this time. There was madness on the delicate face, and he had completely lost his mind.

In her heart, both Darryl and Gary, father and son, have a special status. As for the mother and daughter of Monica, the mother took Darryl away, and the daughter confused Gary again.

This makes Elisa unacceptable.

Under jealousy and resentment, Elisa only wanted to take revenge before taking this step.

“Evil disciples. Evil disciples…”

“Elisa, you will not die, you will not die…”

The moment Elisa walked out of the cell, a cold and proud drink continued from behind him.

At this moment.

Houshan Stone Cave of Emei School.

This stone cave was a place where the former heads of the Emei School used to practice in retreat, and ordinary disciples were not allowed to approach it at all.

But Gary and Tracy were brought in.


The moment Gary and Tracy were pushed into the cave, the stone gate behind them was closed.

The light dimmed suddenly and it was depressing.

“Tracy, are you okay.” Gary didn’t check the environment of the stone cave, but asked Tracy.

She must have been very painful for being beaten by Elisa just now.

“Brother Gary.” Tracy replied: “I’m fine…”


Gary hurried over to see the situation of Tracy. Because the light is too dim, I can only look closer. To see clearly.


At this look, Gary couldn’t help taking a breath, and the whole person was stunned.

I saw Tracy’s delicate and pretty face, which was extremely red. His body was hot, curled up there at this time, and Jiao’s body was trembling slightly. Seems extremely painful!

This is…what’s the situation?

The poison Elisa gave her before happened?

I thought. Gary was in a hurry, and quickly took Tracy’s arm and persuaded him: “Tracy, don’t be afraid. I’ll help you detoxify, don’t be afraid!”

At this moment Gary didn’t know that what Elisa gave to Tracy was not poison, but love potion.


On the other side, Xuanye Continent.

After Darryl and Chang’e left the casino, under Li Heihu’s driving escort, they quickly left Wanhai City and rushed towards the Beiying Continent.

Speaking of which, Darryl didn’t want to trouble Li Heihu. As long as the acupuncture points of Chang’e are unlocked, the two can fly away.

But Darryl thought and thought, and decided not to relieve Chang’e.

After all, Chang’e was too strong, and if he couldn’t get angry, Darryl couldn’t stop it suddenly.

After several hours of driving, Li Heihu drove with Darryl and Chang’e and finally arrived at Fengyun City, a border city on the Xuanye mainland.

“Brother Darryl.”

As soon as he entered the city, Li Heihu squeezed out a smile and said in kindness: “After walking for so long, do you want to find a place to take a break with your sister-in-law?”


Before Darryl responded, Chang’e’s face blushed immediately. On the way, Li Heihu didn’t know how many sister-in-laws had been called. Every time she called, Chang’e would blush with shame.

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