The Warmest Romance Chapter 1073 -1074

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Chapter 1073

She firmly believes that there is someone behind the scenes!

When he came out of the police station, officer Zhao sent them to the door. When he left, Ruan Shishi finally had time to look at Song yean, “yean, do you think it’s her?”

Song yean shakes his head, frowns tightly, “No.”

“I don’t think so.” Ruan Shishi clenched her fist, “this woman may have been sent to carry the pot.”

If the real murderer is ye Wan’er, it is not impossible for her to find another woman to replace her in order to clear her suspicion. After all, a person with a snake like heart like her will never care about other people’s lives.

Song yean’s eyes sank and said coldly, “since the police can’t find it, we can only find a way to investigate ourselves.”

Ruan Shishi turned his head and saw the man’s cool eyes. His heart was tight, “how to do it?”

Hearing this, song yean turned to look at her and said in a soft voice, “leave it to me. You can make sure that you want to go abroad as soon as possible.”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, didn’t think much, nodded and agreed.

Now they have roughly determined the time to leave. In a few days, they will leave Jiangzhou and go abroad, so in the last few days, the most important thing for her is to deal with and implement the things here.

Separated from the police station, song yean went to the company to deal with things, while she went to the nearby shopping mall to pick a new suit for Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu.

The decision this time was very hasty. She didn’t even have time to inform the elder. Now professor Ruan and Ms. Liu have just lived a new life for a few days. Now she suddenly wants to take Sensen Shasha away. I’m afraid they can’t accept it for a while.

However, now Ann’s situation can not be delayed, and she has no way but to make up for them from another aspect.

After a tour, Ruan Shishi picked out two clothes, swiped the card, waited for the gap between the clothes packed by the cupboard sister, and turned to the men’s area to choose clothes.

Think about it, and song ye’an know these years, she does not seem to have bought him a few clothes.

Just picked a silver gray dark grain shirt, she is trying to let the cabinet elder sister help pack, who knows a turn, saw ye Wan’er and Mrs. ye not far away to pick clothes, just as ye Wan’er also raised her head, two people’s eyes meet in midair, both sides are stunned.

For a moment, Ruan Shishi’s face sank down, his eyes grew a little disgusted, and he subconsciously looked away.

Unexpectedly, I met her here!

“Mom, look at that shirt, isn’t it beautiful?”

Not far behind came ye Wan’er’s voice, and then a sound of footsteps came towards her.

Without waiting for Ruan Shishi to respond, ye Wan’er had already pulled Mrs. ye to her side, pulled the silver gray shirt she was looking at just now, and motioned to Mrs. ye to see, “Mom, is this one very suitable for Yimo?”

“It’s pretty, but didn’t you come to pick out clothes for your father? Why do you think about Yimo! No wonder everyone says that the water thrown by the married daughter is now turning your elbow out! “

Ye Wan’er said with a smile, “where is it?”

On hearing this, Ruan Shishi subconsciously frowned and stepped away. Who knows, before she stepped out, she was stopped, “isn’t this Ruan Shishi! What a coincidence! I met you here

Chapter 1074

Ruan Shishi looks back at ye Wan’er. Her eyes look at her coldly, but she doesn’t reply.

As soon as Mrs. ye heard the words “Ruan Shishi”, she frowned and looked at her, “you are Ruan Shi

Ruan Shisi made no secret and admitted directly, “it’s me. What’s the matter?”

It seems that because her attitude is too rigid, Mrs. Ye frowned and her face became cold.

She was about to say something. Unexpectedly, ye Wan’er suddenly said, “Mom, you go to pick a tie for Dad first. I have something to say with her.”

What else does Mrs. Ye want to say? Hearing ye Wan’er say this, she hesitates for a moment, finally nods and walks away.

Mrs. Ye just left, ye Wan’er said with a smile, “I heard that the woman who ran into song yun’an was caught.”

Ruan Shishi didn’t expect that she would take the initiative to mention it. Suddenly, her eyes were cold.

She cold hum, “Miss Ye news is quite well-informed, it seems that you are always paying attention to ah.”

Ye Wan’er’s mouth rose and gloated, “of course, last time at the ribbon cutting ceremony, I heard you say that song yun’an couldn’t come. Of course, I was curious, so I asked someone to check it. I didn’t expect that she was in such a situation, which was quite unexpected.”

Looking at her triumphant appearance, Ruan Shishi felt a burst of anger rush to her heart, which was hard to suppress. She inhaled deeply and asked, “what’s the situation?”

Ye Wan’er chuckled, “what’s the situation? Don’t you know better than me? In my opinion, she is also very good. Before Song yun’an, she talked too much, but now she lies quietly in bed, which is more attractive! “

At that moment, Ruan Shishi only felt a thunder burst in her ear. She didn’t expect that ye Wan’er would dare to say this in front of her now!

Ruan Shishi clenched her teeth, stepped forward and approached ye Wan’er, “ye Wan’er, do you think it’s safe for you to have Xiao Xiaolin to take the blame for you?”

Ye Wan’er’s face turned white. After a few seconds, she denied, “what are you talking about?”

“You know, now I have the evidence in my hand, and the evidence in my hand is enough to send you to prison, so that you can stay in prison!”

Ye Wan’er turned pale and refused to admit, “Ruan Shishi, are you brain sick?”

Ruan Shi hummed coldly, suppressing his anger. “Ye Wan’er, we’ll see!”

What ye Wan’er said just now has successfully aroused her anger, her complacency and her defiance are unbearable!

Ruan Shishi gritted her teeth, looked at her pale face, threw the shirt she had just looked at in her arms, and walked away.

In any case, she must find out about it. She can’t watch ye Wan’er go on like this!

Ruan Shishi went to the counter, took the wrapped clothes and walked away quickly.

Ye Wan’er stood in the same place and stamped her feet angrily.

Just then, behind a clothes rack not far away, Xiao Liu turned around, went to a quiet place and dialed song yean, “Hello, sir, just now Ruan Shishi ran into ye Wan’er, they had a quarrel…”

After a thorough report of the situation here, it was song yean’s long silence there.

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