The Warmest Romance Chapter 1133 -1134

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Chapter 1133

Not far away, Yu Gu Bei stands there, just like a theater goer, with a smile on his mouth and a cold look on his eyes.

Yu Yimo raised his eyes and saw that Yu Gubei’s eyes were filled with hatred and anger. He turned his head slightly to watch out for everything around him. But as soon as he turned his head, he saw Du Yue half kneeling on the ground, his right hand covering his abdomen, and blood spilling from his fingers and dripping on the ground.

For a moment, Yu Yimo’s nerves were tense. He immediately stepped forward and called in a low voice, “Du Yue!”

Du Yue’s face was white and frightening. He moved his lips, but he couldn’t speak in pain. Yu Yimo saw this. A surge of anger surged into his heart, and all the cells in his body were shouting.

He didn’t expect that someone would do it! A group of people attack them with sticks. They even use daggers!

He raised his eyes, his scarlet eyes full of blood swept the crowd, and his eyes were cold. A man in the fight turned his eyes and carried his right hand behind him.

Yu Yimo’s brain is hot. He rushes forward regardless, grabs the man’s collar and smashes his fist like a raindrop on the man’s face!

He wanted to kill the man at once!

Soon, the next thug rushed up and pulled at him, which separated them.

Next to him, Yu Gubei didn’t speak all the time. He raised his hand slightly. The crowd stopped, and several people suppressed Yu Yimo, making him unable to move.

Yu Gu glances at Du Yue, sees his bleeding wound, frowns slightly, and turns to Shao Zhuo.

Shao Zhuo immediately stepped forward to check Du Yue’s injury, and then turned back to report truthfully, “young master, it seems that he has stabbed an organ. If he doesn’t deal with it in time, he may…”

Shao Zhuo’s voice is long, and Yu Gu Beili immediately understands what she means. He picks his eyebrows and glances at Yu Yimo, who is angry in the other side’s eyes. He hooks his lips and says with a smile, “Du Yue, he can’t die yet. Take him to treatment.”

Shao Zhuo smell speech, slightly nod, immediately step, to Du Yue, let his hands take him away.

Yu Gubei turns his head, looks at Yu Yimo with red eyes and glares at him. He smiles, picks up his mobile phone, dials a phone, and says with a smile, “you can come.”

After a slight pause, he put away his mobile phone, hung up, looked at Yu Yimo with a smile, and said nothing.

Yu Yimo looked at him and felt cold in his back. An indescribable restlessness and fear came out of his heart.

He didn’t know what Yu Gubei wanted to do, but now it seems that his means have just begun.

The Buddha Hall was silent, and there was a faint smell of blood in the air. Yu Gu Bei didn’t speak, and all the thugs stood still.

After more than ten minutes, there was a sudden sound of footsteps outside. About seven or eight people came in from the door. When the black umbrella was removed, Yu Yimo saw the person walking in front of him. His pupils suddenly dilated and his eyes flashed with shock.

It’s Lord Luo! He and Yu Gubei are together!

The man’s black and thin figure and wrinkles on his face, coupled with his unique walking posture, exudes a cold and chilly.

Luo Jiuye raised his eyes and locked his sharp eyes on Yu Yimo. After two seconds, he raised his eyes to Yu Gubei and said with a smile, “Gubei!”

Chapter 1134

He strides towards him with a big laugh. When he passes by Yu Yimo, he doesn’t give him a second glance.

Luo Jiuye’s followers followed him, mostly looking at Yu Yimo with complicated complexion.

Luo Jiuye and Yu Gubei said hello. They exchanged greetings with each other with a smile. Then Yu Gubei said with a smile, “Luo Jiuye, I’ve delivered this birthday gift!”

Luo Jiuye smiles and looks in the direction of Yu Yimo. Suddenly, his face changes and he pretends to be surprised. He steps forward and says, “isn’t this Yu Zong of Yu group? Why are you lying here? Like a dog? “

Yu Yimo frowns and slowly clenches his hand to form a fist. He never thought that Luo Jiuye, who has disappeared for several years, and Yu Gubei are on the same boat! They hide so deep!

Luo Jiuye went to his side, raised his hand suddenly, patted him hard on the back of the head twice, and said with a smile, “I’ve never seen Yu Zong before!”

Yu Yimo’s body is tight, subconsciously wants to fight back, but who knows he just moved, next to Luo Jiuye’s hand immediately surged up, press his arms, let him have no way to move.

Seeing this, Luo Jiuye stepped back and looked at him coldly. “Unexpectedly, at this time, you are still so stubborn!”

With that, he turned his head and looked at his men. Someone immediately handed over a silver aluminum suitcase.

Luo Jiuye took it, opened it and looked at it. He sneered and said, “give him a tube. I’ll see if I can subdue this stubborn dog!”

Yu Yimo body a cool, vigilant raised his eyes to the suitcase, “what do you want to do!”

Luo Jiuye saw that he finally spoke. He sneered twice. He stepped back and looked on coldly. “Yu Yimo, have you not forgotten the hatred between us?”

Then he raised his hand, pulled down the long sleeve and showed his finger. He reached out and took down the black paper cover on his little finger. Suddenly, the broken little finger appeared. It looked strange and frightening.

“In those days, you cut off my little thumb!”

Luo Jiuye said calmly, “over the years, we have been fighting openly and secretly, hiding with you, playing cat and mouse games. I’m tired of this kind of life long ago!”

“Yu Yimo, you should disappear too!”

Then he turned his head and looked at Yu Gubei. They laughed and reached an agreement.

Yu Yimo snorted coldly, “Lord Luo, do you think you can escape like this? Even without me, there will be countless people scrambling to put you in prison and sentence you to death. You can’t escape the crimes you committed if you kill me

His voice was sonorous and powerful.

Luo nine Ye smell speech, the facial expression on the face immediately stiff a few minutes, see to his vision many several minutes fierce light!

“Yu Yimo, I’m satisfied that I can see you die with my own eyes!”

Luo Jiuye said, and immediately motioned to his men. Then, Yu Yimo felt something stabbed into his back neck, and a cold liquid entered his body. Then, not long after, he became soft all over and couldn’t make any effort.

His heart suddenly became fast. He inhaled deeply, feeling that his limbs were out of his control, but his brain was awake.

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