The Warmest Romance Chapter 1147 -1148

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Chapter 1147

Yu Gu North slightly nodded, light voice way, “it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter.”

Shojo paused, then asked, “do you want someone to keep an eye on her?”

Yu Gubei said without hesitation, “stare.”

Now Yu Yimo’s body has not been found, and he can’t be 100% sure that he is over, so at the last moment, he should be on guard, and can’t make any mistakes!

And Ruan Shishi, no matter how clever she is, can’t be his opponent after all.

With this thought, Yu Gu Bei’s tight heart relaxed a little. Then he raised his hand and pressed the shortcut key on the desk to inform all departments of the company of the meeting.

After leaving Yu’s group, Ruan Shishi stopped a taxi and went to the cemetery of Xiling in the suburb of Jiangzhou. It is close to Jiangzhou River and has excellent geomantic omen. The cemetery is not affordable for ordinary people.

Ruan Shishi turns over the previous news. He once saw a marketing account describing the grand funeral held by Yu Gubei for Yu Yimo, praising him for his duty as Yu’s second youngest son.

Ruan Shi now wants to come, only feels laughable.

She got on the taxi and watched the car go to the suburbs. Somehow, she felt cold.

She recalled over and over again what Yu Gubei had just said in Yu’s president office, and her heart was inexplicably disturbed. Although she could see that Yu Gubei was lying, she was inexplicably flustered from his calm and high self-confidence.

Now, Yu Gubei is the president of Yu’s company. It seems that he has no worries at all. If yu Yimo had not died, he would not be in this state.

Either he really killed Yu Yimo, or he absolutely held the handle of Yu Yimo and could easily kill him or completely control his freedom.

At this thought, Ruan’s heart suddenly grew cold. As the car drove to Xiling cemetery, her heart became more uneasy.

If yu Yimo really had an accident

The thought flashed through her mind, and then a sour feeling came out of her heart, and tears came out of her eyes.

A few seconds later, she suddenly found that she raised her hand to wipe away the moist corner of her eyes. She inhaled deeply to stabilize her mood.

Why does she think so much? Before, she clearly hated Yu Yimo, but now, when she thought that he might really have an accident, she was inexplicably flustered.

Is it because he’s sam sam’s real father? That’s why she thinks so much and worries so much.

A few seconds later, her heart was slightly positive, like self hypnosis, summed up her complex emotions just now, and her burden gradually dissipated.

“Girl, go to the graveyard alone to visit Gu Qin!”

Maybe it was a long and boring journey, and the driver suddenly spoke to her and looked up at her through the rearview mirror.

Ruan’s poem, when he heard it, answered it softly, which was regarded as default.

“Ah The driver’s uncle glanced at her and saw that she was in a low mood. He sighed and said in a soft voice, “people have joys and sorrows, birth, old age and death. It’s perfectly normal. Girl, you need to be open.”

Listening to the driver’s advice, Ruan Shishi didn’t say anything until he arrived at Xiling cemetery. The driver’s uncle suddenly sighed, “the cemetery here is really more expensive than gold!”

Chapter 1148

Ruan Shishi hesitated for a moment and asked, “do you know the price of this cemetery?”

The driver’s uncle nodded with a smile and gestured to her, “this number!”

Ruan Shishi was a little surprised. Originally, she didn’t know the price. She only knew that it was expensive here, but she didn’t expect that the real price was much more expensive than she imagined.

While they were talking, they had arrived at their destination. The driver’s uncle stopped the car at the main entrance of the cemetery. After Ruan Shishi paid to thank them, he opened the door and got off.

Arriving at the gate of the cemetery, she looked at the gate, took a deep breath, slightly emboldened, and stepped forward.

Enter the cemetery, first to register personal information, she finished, picked up a cluster of white chrysanthemums from the side, walked towards the inside.

It’s not why, after she entered the cemetery, she somehow entered a state of solemnity and heaviness. When she thought that Yu Yimo might be gone, her heart was like being scratched by a sharp blade. It was painful and unbearable.

The first time she came here, she couldn’t find a specific location, so she asked the staff to join her.

Not far away, through a row of one meter high pines and cypresses, they arrived at a cemetery. Looking from a distance, rows of white stone tombstones, narrow boxes, carrying the souls of each dead.

The staff pointed in a direction, “go up from here, the third row from that end, close to the middle, you can see it.”

Ruan Shishi nodded to thank him, and then walked up the white stone steps on both sides and up the pines and cypresses.

Through most of the graveyard, she was just a little closer to the position that the staff said, when she heard a faint sob coming from there.

Because of the shelter of pines and cypresses, she could not see the figure, so she continued to walk forward. When she reached the row, she turned around.

In the middle of the row where Yu Yimo’s graveyard is located, there are several people standing, and the sobs are coming from there.

Ruan Shishi hesitated for a moment, took a deep breath, raised his feet and walked over.

She thought it was the family members of other cemeteries who came to worship, but when she came near, she was surprised to see the faces of those people.

Surrounded in the middle is the old lady of Yu family! Two bodyguard like men stood by, while another middle-aged woman was like an accompanying servant.

Ruan Shishi’s heart was choked, but before she could react, the weeping old lady of Yu family suddenly turned her head. When she saw her, she was also stunned.


Ruan Shishi stepped forward and called, “Grandma!”

Today’s grandmother is silver covered, haggard and old, which is not the same as the energetic and strong old man.

As soon as she saw Ruan Shishi, the old lady felt even more sad. She held out her hand and sobbed, “Shishi, I didn’t expect to see you here…”

Ruan Shishi was oppressed and distressed. She looked up at the tombstone next to him. Yu Yimo’s name was printed on it. In the gray photos, his face was as cold and noble as ever, and his lips were tight.

Ruan Shishi’s heart tightened and subconsciously asked, “grandma, Yu Yimo, he really…”

Halfway through, she doesn’t know how to export. After all, now that Yu Yimo’s tombstone is in front of her, how can she ask the old lady whether Yu Yimo is alive or dead?

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