The Warmest Romance Chapter 1173 -1174

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Chapter 1173

After living here for more than a month, he consciously caused trouble to the abbot of the temple. Every time he thought of it, he felt that there was nothing in return. Now because he couldn’t abide by the rules, he felt even more guilty.

Su Yu prejudice he moved fire, quickly advised, “OK, I tell you the truth, in fact, these things also know! I once told him that you need to recover. At last, he acquiesced. He just said that we should keep secrets in front of the little monk. “

Smell speech, Yu Yimo tightly pursed lips still did not relax, can see Su Yucheng this appearance, also don’t seem to be lying, also didn’t say anything.

Su Yu becomes convinced that he is no longer angry. He is relieved. He immediately asks Du Yue to sit down in front of the stone bench, and then pours a glass of wine for each of them.

“Well, we haven’t had a drink together for a long time.”

Then he picked up the glass and motioned to raise the glass, which means that he was indifferent. Later, he didn’t know what he thought of, so he picked up the glass and touched it with them.

In a word, for more than a month, he has been living in a dark world,

all his emotions are depressing in his heart, and there is no outlet to express his excretion.

He picked up the glass and gazed at the clear liquid in it. Then he raised his glass and drank it.

Cold liquid down the throat to the stomach, soon set off a burst of hot.

Long time no see, strange feeling.

After three glasses of wine, the atmosphere on the table gradually eased a lot, it seems that under the blessing of alcohol, Yu Yimo’s words also gradually increased.

When the three people talk about things, they just don’t talk about practical problems, such as the current situation of Yu’s group in Jiangzhou City, or the recovery of Yu Yimo’s legs.

The three people’s silence and laughter in the face of those bad things made them feel that they were back in their youth, and their relationship was getting closer.

Seeing two bottles of wine on the table, Yu Yimo suddenly reaches out his hand, picks up the bottle and fills it for himself. Then he looks at Su Yucheng, who looks more serious and serious.

“Yucheng, I offer you this wine.”

Su Yucheng was stunned, obviously did not expect that he would suddenly be so serious to such a set, “old Yu, between us…”

Without waiting for Su Yucheng to say, Yu Yimo insisted, “even if it’s a good brother, it’s time to say thanks.”

Had it not been for Su Yucheng, I was afraid that he would have been taken away by wild wolves and beasts, and there were no bones left.

Although the two of them broke up some time ago, and their brotherhood for several years broke up in an instant, later, it turned out that he was a good brother.

At that time, he was beaten by Yu Gubei and Luo Jiuye’s people in turn. They beat him as if he were dead. His ribs were broken, his legs were broken, his whole body was bloody, and there was no good place in his whole body. He was thrown into the mountain, almost half disabled.

At that time, he almost felt that he was about to die, and he held on until the middle of the night, until a few beams of light came.

The moment Su Yucheng appeared in front of him, he thought he was dreaming.

They clearly said that they would no longer be brothers from now on. They were very stiff, but at last, Su Yucheng squatted in front of him, his eyes were eager, angry and resentful, and said to him, “Yu Yimo, please support me!”

Chapter 1174

He said, “have you forgotten what we said?”

He said, “I’ve been through life and death together, and I’ll be my brother all my life!”


Later, he woke up and found himself in a shabby old-fashioned room. Later, he learned that he had been sent to the Castle Peak monastery in the Castle Peak.

Qingshan temple was originally built by Qingshan temple’s people as the master of the temple. In order to keep quiet and private, the site was located in the deep mountains of Qingshan. Few people know about it.

Later, the castle peak temple gradually declined, and there was no incense. The monks in the temple gradually dispersed, leaving only one abbot, an old monk, and several young monks who were adopted into the temple since childhood. So they moved into the Buddhist temple from the temple, isolated from the world.

In this way, they have been living in the Zen house for nearly three years. They are poor but free and happy.

With the permission of the host, Yu Yimo lives here. From time to time, Su Yucheng asks his hand to deliver some daily necessities, such as rice flour oil, and occasionally comes to see him in the evening.

In the twinkling of an eye, more than a month has passed.

Now, Yu Yimo’s legs are not getting better.

At this moment, Su Yucheng listens to Yu Yimo’s thanks. He feels inexplicable. He takes his glass and touches him. Then he pulls his lips and his eyes fall on Yu Yimo’s leg.

Yu Yimo is sitting in a wooden wheelchair, which is made of wood by the old monk sweeping the floor and striking the bell and several young monks. It’s very rough, but it’s very practical.

Su Yucheng hesitated for a moment and said solemnly, “Lao Yu, your legs must receive better treatment, otherwise…”

He swallowed and didn’t say the rest.

If the delay continues, I’m afraid his legs will be broken.

Yu Yimo’s eyes darkened for a few minutes. Then he raised his eyes and looked away without focusing. He didn’t speak.

Next to Du more frowned, also followed the mouth to persuade, “he said right, to silence, your legs can no longer delay.”

Yu Yimo’s eyebrows faded a little, raised his hand, pinched the wine cup with two fingers, sipped a mouthful and said, “what can we do when we are cured? Can it change everything? “

Is leg good, can lose thing have afresh? Can the past failures be erased? Can those who choose to leave change their mind and come back?

Su Yucheng stares at him and doesn’t move. In the end, he has a look of hating iron.

Yu Yimo has never been like this. He never admits defeat, he is not afraid, he is not afraid of the future, and he will not hesitate. But now, he has changed a lot.

The three men fell into silence for a long time.

I don’t know how long after that, Su Yucheng’s eyes sank. He suddenly raised his head, looked at Yu Yimo and said, “old Yu, Ruan Shishi, she’s back.”

This sentence successfully made Yu Yimo’s dim eyes flash a wave. He raised his eyes and looked at Su Yucheng. Then his eyes narrowed down again, as if he didn’t hear anything. He drank and didn’t speak.

Su Yucheng was angry. He held out his hand and pressed Yu Yimo’s hand to raise his glass. He insisted and affirmed, “I’m serious, she’s really back! I came back last week and came to see me two days ago! “

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