The Warmest Romance Chapter 1201 -1202

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Chapter 1201

Who knows that she pushed Yu Yimo’s shoulder too hard, but he slipped back and hit the wall behind him.

Ruan Shishi was stunned, and suddenly found that Yu Yimo was not sitting in a chair. Under him was a wheelchair with wheels!

She was shocked, and her mind was blank. She opened her mouth and couldn’t speak.

Yu Yimo twisted her eyebrows. Naturally, she also knew that she had found out. A strange feeling came to her heart.

In the dictionary of Yu Yimo, there was no shame at all, but now, he realized this feeling.

For him, this is to destroy all his pride and capital in the past 20 or 30 years, and to trample on his dignity.

It’s painful.

Ruan Shishi took a cool breath and said in surprise, “your leg…”

Yu Yimo’s eyebrows and eyes drooped, and his body was cold and angry, “go out.”

Ruan Shishi continued to ask, “Yu Yimo, what are you…”

Yu Yimo clenched his fists and suddenly raised his voice, “get out!”

For a moment, the whole room was dead silent.

A few seconds later, Ruan Shishi gritted her teeth and turned to leave.

The door slammed shut, implying that his tight body suddenly relaxed. He bowed his head and was immersed in complex emotions.

After more than a month of cultivating his body in the Zen academy, he thought a lot, including his legs. If his legs really can’t recover in the end, what kind of identity should he come back to face the public? How to face her?

At this time, the door was pushed open. Su Yucheng stepped in and looked at the dark room. He could not help frowning and turned on the light.

When he saw Yu Yimo with his head down, he was stunned and asked, “what’s the matter, old Yu? Did the woman say something about you? “

Yu Yimo looked up, saw him, and suddenly said, “Yucheng, do you think it’s meaningful for me to come back to Jiangzhou?”

The loss of his legs also made him lose his life. He seemed to be reborn, but he was deprived of many privileges.

Su Yucheng frowned slightly, suddenly became serious, and sat down beside him, “Lao Yu, it’s dangerous for you to think like this!”

Once upon a time, Yu Yimo never denied himself, but now he is not like him at all.

Su Yu said with a long mouth, “why is it meaningless? You should come back and let Yu Gu Bei experience everything you feel! Take back what belongs to you

“Besides, abbot Zhenyuan was killed by him. Don’t you want revenge?”

“Besides, there’s the old lady. She’s in Yu Gubei’s hands now!”


Su Yucheng’s words are like a heavy hammer, which makes Yu Yimo’s heart sink suddenly and wake up a lot in an instant.

Yeah, he’s right!

Even for the sake of his family and benefactor, he can’t just abandon himself and lose his determination to rise again!

Thinking of the woman who had just run out, he paused slightly and asked, “where is the poet Ruan Shi?”

Su Yucheng truthfully replied, “just ran out, and was caught in, looking at the mood is not very good, now people in the bedroom.”

Smell speech, Yu Yimo silent for a moment, didn’t say anything, a moment later, he whispered, “Yu Cheng, you contact brother long in your name, let them come here today.”

Chapter 1202

Su Yucheng nodded and went to do it immediately.

After he left, Yu Yimo fell into silence again. He picked up a dart on the table beside him and flew to the disk on the wall.

“Whew!” The sound of a dart hanging, the center of the heart.

At the same time, something suddenly flashed in Yu Yimo’s mind.

Once, before his accident, he had investigated a person, a woman, and now, it seems that it can be used.

The bedroom Ruan Shishi is in is similar to Yu Yimo’s. she sits on the sofa without resistance. On the contrary, she is extremely calm.

When she came out of Yu Yimo’s bedroom, she was angry and annoyed. But slowly, after all her emotions had settled down, everything was calm again.

At this moment, her mind is still the first to find Yu Yimo sitting in a wheelchair. For a moment, her heart is a little stuffy.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. She turned her head and saw Du Yue come in.

Ruan Shishi took a deep look at him and waited for him to speak first.

Du Yue said in a straight line, “the president ordered me. If you need anything, just let me know.”

Ruan Shishi hummed coldly, “is this going to imprison me?”

Du Yue hears speech, pause, slow a moment, this just says, “president should not be this meaning.”

Ruan Shishi opened his mouth with a thorn in his tone. “What does that mean? Think I’m in collusion with Yu Gubei? So I’m being held illegally? “

Du Yue was silent, but he didn’t leave. It seemed that after thinking for a long time, he came forward, looked at her and said, “since this period of time, everyone has been suffering. Maybe you don’t know, the president has experienced a lot, including…”

His voice stopped as his throat tightened.

Ruan Shishi’s heart flashed a trace of compassion, and he could not help asking, “what’s the matter with his legs?”

After a moment, Du said, “Yu Gubei wants to break the president’s leg, let him experience this kind of pain and then kill him.”

The two most peaceful words made Ruan feel a sudden chill.

“After that?”

Du Yue continued to explain, “later, after he and Luo Jiuye’s people raped the president, they threw him away in the mountains of Qingshan. It was su Yucheng who rushed to save him. For his safety, he was placed in Qingshan Buddhist temple. For more than a month, he was there.”

Hearing that he mentioned Qingshan temple, Ruan Shishi unconsciously clenched her fist slightly and kept silent.

Seeing that she didn’t speak, Du Yue continued to say, “for the president, those people in the Zen house are benefactors. Now, because he implicates innocent people, he feels sorry. That’s why it’s like this. You can forgive me a lot.”

All of a sudden, Ruan Shishi felt that her nose was sour. She and Abbot Zhenyuan and the little monk had only met once, and they felt very sad when they heard the news, let alone silent.

At this moment, the man’s question, doubt and anger just now seem to have a trace to follow.

“If the president leaves you here, it’s not just house arrest. On the other hand, it’s also protection. Nowadays, Yu Gubei’s influence in Jiangzhou city is intertwined. When he learns that the president is not dead, he will go to look for his weakness, and you are the safest to stay with him.”

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