The Warmest Romance Chapter 1221 -1222

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Chapter 1221

Ruan Shishi naturally knew that “she” in his words meant Lu Xiaoman. She sniffed and said firmly, “she and I are no longer friends. What she has done to us is her debt. She should pay it back.”

Leaving this sentence, she quickened her steps and left. Unexpectedly, the man’s voice came from behind, “well, when I trade with Yu Gubei, you will go with me.”

Ruan Shishi hesitated for a moment and did not look back. Then he left quickly without looking back.

Su Yucheng also came up from the basement. He took a look at Ruan Shishi’s back. Standing beside Yu Yimo, he suddenly laughed and said, “I’m not so disgusted with this woman.”

Yu Yimo slightly raises his eyebrows, “how?”

Su Yucheng said with a smile, “look, she’s stupid. She’s been calculated by her friends for so long. Now I can see it.”

Yu Yimo sniffed at him and gave him a cold look. He said coolly, “in that case, from now on, you should not make any more decisions about her.”

Said, he also drives the wheelchair to leave, leaving Su Yucheng standing alone.

Su Yucheng looked at the back of the two people who left one after the other. He couldn’t help scratching his head and muttering to himself, “what does this mean?”

Just now it was clear that he was talking about Lu Xiaoman. How can Yu Yimo’s words sound like a warning to him?

Yu’s wife was hijacked and taken away by a group of people at the gate of the hospital, which swept the whole Jiangzhou city like the wind.

The public opinion on the Internet is in a panic. Almost everyone is guessing who kidnapped the Yu family’s laotaijun, but there is no definite answer after all.

Recently, the Yu family has suffered a lot. First, the owner of the Yu family has not been heard from. Then, the eldest son of the Yu family has died. Finally, not long after that, the old lady has been taken away in public. It’s so strange that people can’t help but focus all their attention on the only person left in the Yu family, Yu Gu Bei, who is now the manager of the Yu group.

At this moment, Yu Gubei is sitting in the office of the president and meditating.

Shao Zhuo reported the latest situation to him, “young master, there are more and more reporters downstairs. What should we do now?”

Yu Gu pursed his lips and said in a deep voice. “No, the bigger the trouble, the better for us.”

“But now some media have taken the opportunity to spread rumors that the recent events of Yu’s family are all related to us, saying that you want to seize power…”

The rest of the words, even if Shao Zhuo does not say, Yu Gubei’s heart is clear.

“It doesn’t matter. I asked the public relations department to buy a big wave of water army, which will soon be able to reverse the public opinion. It’s just a matter of time before the comments come back to us. Yu Yimo will show up sooner or later. Once the media knows that he’s the one who tied the old lady away, the first impression of his return will be bad. This is just what we want.”

After a pause, he chuckled and said, “at that time, the company’s shareholders will not help him, and the online comments will not follow him. He is isolated and helpless, and we will sit in the back of the mountain.”

Shao Zhuo thought of something and hesitated, but he finally moved his lips and said, “but Lu Xiaoman is still in his hands now…”

Smell speech, Yu Gu Bei’s face suddenly changed, smile suddenly disappeared, at the same time, a chill from his body, together with the pair of warm smile eyebrows, all instantly sharp up.

Chapter 1222

He didn’t mention a word. After a moment’s pause, he finally had some reaction and said faintly, “I’m not stupid enough to destroy everything I have now for a woman.”

From the beginning, she was not in the plan that he was considering. This time, it was an accident. He did not expect that Yu Yimo would attack Lu Xiaoman and take her away with him. However, he could never break the overall situation of his design for such a woman.

Shao Zhuo saw this and wanted to say nothing, but at last he said softly, “young master, it’s good to know.”

At this time, a video was released through the media platform. Suddenly, a stone stirred up a thousand waves, and the whole city of Jiangzhou exploded.

No one expected that Yu Yimo, who has become a “dead man” and lives in our memories, even sent out a video on his microblog. This video is a clarification video of his “resurrection from death” to explain his experience to netizens and the media.

In the video, he told everyone that his “death” was an accident. He did go to the wild and had an accident. During this period, he had been receiving treatment and cut off contact with the outside world. He didn’t know what was going on. He apologized for wasting social information resources and promised to return to everyone’s sight after his body fully recovered He mentioned the old lady and explained that it was a misunderstanding. It was just that he took the old lady away, but some people with ulterior motives said that he was hijacked.

He suddenly appeared in front of the public with a good image and a calm attitude, personally defused the oolong, and at the same time clarified the truth of the matter.

This video, because it carries a huge amount of information, plus the attention of multi-media and the heat of online discussion, has been topped the list all of a sudden, and the heat is still high.

For Yu Gubei, this video is like a bomb, an uncontrollable bomb.

He looked at the man on the screen, and his face turned pale. Originally, he wanted to win a battle through public opinion. Unexpectedly, Yu Yimo suddenly made such a move, which caught him off guard and made him unable to fight.

His appearance was clear, which made some people unstable. It seemed that those who did not want to stand on his side of the company had a backing and began to rise one after another, so his position was naturally unstable.

In addition, Yu Yimo’s appearance will make everyone question the original autopsy results, and everyone will have all kinds of guesses about him. At that time, all kinds of comments will be very unfavorable to him.

Yu Gubei clenched his fist. Unexpectedly, a good card in his hand was so bad in the end!

He clenched his teeth, raised his hand and put his mobile phone on the desk, shaking slightly.

“Young master, what are we going to do now?”

Yu Gu North bit his teeth, spit out a few words, “stick to Yu group.”

Even if the public opinion now favors Yu Yimo, the real stocks and rights are still on his side. He has nothing to be afraid of. Even if yu Yimo really intends to drive him to Liangshan, in the end, he still has a trump card.

At that time, since he can’t get Yu’s mountain and river, Yu Yimo will never get it!

However, he did not expect that Yu Yimo would contact him so soon.

During the stormy two days, the public opinion in Jiangzhou city was almost turned upside down. Yu Yimo, the client, was leisurely and complacent. He could not be at ease in the western-style house with the old lady chanting Buddhist scriptures and playing with flowers and plants.

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