The Warmest Romance Chapter 1235 -1236

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Chapter 1235

The old lady moved her lips as if she wanted to say something. She looked at Ruan Shishi and hesitated for a moment. Finally, she didn’t say anything. She turned her head and walked into the room.

Ye Wan’er’s eyes swept to Ruan’s back, and immediately cried more fiercely, “brother Mo, why can Ruan’s poems stay with you, but I can’t?”

Yu Yimo frowns slightly, “she is her, you are you.”

“Why?” Ye Wan’er is not willing to cry, “she is also ex-wife, I am also ex-wife, why she can, I can’t?”

Ye Wan’er’s words, suddenly choked Yu Yimo can’t speak, his brow locked, deeply looking at ye Wan’er, didn’t say a word.

It seems that the man’s eyes are too frightening. Ye Wan’er is cold and breathes cold. She slowly eases down. She seems to realize that crying alone can’t achieve her goal, so she has to change her tone. “Brother Mo, I’m worried about you too much. I’m looking at you now. It’s like I’m dreaming. I’m afraid you will disappear as soon as I wake up…”

As she said this, she wiped her tears, and her voice softened a little. Wei qubaba said, “I don’t have to stay with you, but at least let me stay with you a little longer, even an hour more, or have a meal together. I’m satisfied…”

She said emotional, red eyes, soft tone, it seems that she has long mastered how to exchange for men’s sympathy, every action, every look has its own purpose.

Just now, if she continued to make trouble, Yu Yimo would not be forced to accept it. But now she is reasonable and doesn’t ask too much. Yu Yimo moves her lips and doesn’t know how to refuse.

Ye Wan’er inhaled deeply, “brother Mo, just for the sake of growing up together, let me accompany you for a while. After lunch with you, I’ll leave. It’s absolutely not cheating!”

Yu Yimo heard the speech and was silent for a moment. He finally relaxed and said, “after lunch, I’ll let Du Yue take you back.”

Ye Wan’er nodded obediently, “OK, I’ll listen to you.”

After that, she went into the house with Yu Yimo and Du Yue. The old lady and Ruan Shishi sitting on the sofa looked different.

At first, the old lady was surprised, then she could not help frowning. She turned her eyes to Yu Yimo angrily, but Ruan Shishi was much calmer. She seemed to have expected that Yu Yimo would let ye Wan’er in.

As if nothing had happened, she continued to talk about health preservation with the old lady. Her mind was not on ye Wan’er and Yu Yimo.

On the other hand, Yu Yimo is bothered by Ye Wan’er. He can only give a concise answer to her numerous questions, and then he shirks his work and goes to the study.

Coincidentally, the old lady also arrived at the time, accompanied by her aunt back to the room to take medicine. For a moment, there were only Ruan Shishi and ye Waner in the huge living room.

Originally, one of them was in the East and the other was in the West. They were far away. Ruan Shishi sat close to the window, flipping through the magazine without any distractions.

On the other side, ye Wan’er drinks tea frequently, aiming at her.

Finally, she couldn’t bear it. She got up and approached Ruan Shishi.

Ruan Shishi looked at the magazine and heard the footsteps, but he didn’t move. He didn’t even lift his head.

Ye Wan’er directly sat on the sofa opposite her and hummed coldly, “Ruan Shishi, I really underestimate you!”

Chapter 1236

Ruan did not speak.

Ye Wan’er hummed coldly and continued, “last time you let people knock me out, you ran away. I didn’t expect you to be so vicious!”

Hearing the speech, Ruan Shishi finally had some movement. She turned the page of the book and looked up at her. Her face was cold. “How do you mean to mention last time?”

That time in the back of the hospital rockery, if Xiaomeng didn’t save her, I’m afraid she would be strangled by Ye Wan’er.

She continued to say in a cold voice, “Yu Yimo’s disappearance, you just pushed it to me. From the beginning, you just wanted to find an excuse to attack me. Am I right?”

“also, when it comes to the last thing, I suddenly remembered that you were putting up some Eyeliner on Grandma’s side. I haven’t told her yet. You’re here just now. Why don’t you say it clearly to your face, are you right?”

When ye Wan’er heard what she said, her face turned white.

Ruan Shishi took a panoramic view of her expression, raised her lips slightly, closed the magazine in her hand, put it on the side table, and stood up.

Ye Wan’er was startled, a little flustered flashed on her face. She quickly got up, stretched out her hand, grabbed Ruan’s wrist, and asked warily, “what are you going to do?”

is she trying to tell her to hide her eyes in this time?

No, absolutely not!

Ye Wan’er is ruthless, and the long nails on her fingers are pinched directly in the flesh of Ruan Shishi. Suddenly, Ruan Shishi frowns with pain.

She turned her head and stared at ye Wan’er, a thin layer of anger appeared at the bottom of her eyes, “you let go.”

Ye Wan’er clenched her teeth and said, “if you want to report me to the old lady, I advise you to give up this idea as soon as possible, otherwise you will definitely regret it!”

In the face of her threat, Ruan Shishi’s face became colder and colder. She threw away her hand and said coldly, “ye Wan’er, you can’t scare me!”

Ye Wan’er is flustered. Seeing that Ruan Shishi is about to leave, she immediately steps forward and grabs her arm again.

Two people look at each other, are angry, conflict is about to happen at this moment, who knows at this time, stairwell suddenly came downstairs footsteps.

They coincidentally went to see the aunt who came down from the second floor.

The aunt looked at them, and a little surprise flashed through her eyes. Then she recovered as usual and said with a smile, “Miss Ruan, Miss ye, are you hungry? I’m going to prepare lunch

Ye Wan’er holds Ruan Shi’s hand, releases it, smiles back on her face, and nods her head cleverly, “OK, do you need help?”

Then she walked away quickly, followed her aunt to the direction of the kitchen, and turned her head to stare at Ruan Shishi.

After more than an hour, lunch is ready. Ye Waner creates a clever and sensible image for herself. She helps her aunt to make a good impression on the old lady and Yu Yimo.

Yu Yimo comes out of his study and sees ye Wan’er putting vegetables on the dining table.

Seeing him, ye Wan’er was surprised and waved to him, “brother Mo, are you hungry? My aunt and I have finished the meal. Wash your hands quickly and you can eat it. “

Yu Yimo’s face was as usual. He responded with a “um”, and then drove the wheelchair to the dining table.

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