The Warmest Romance Chapter 1239 -1240

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Chapter 1239

“Don’t Ah! Don’t

Ye Wan’er suddenly broke away from Du Yue and ran to the side in a panic. Unexpectedly, when she slipped, she fell to the ground directly.

Then, ignoring the others, she quickly covered her cheek with two hands and shook her head in horror, “don’t touch my face! Don’t

She put down her hand which covered her cheek again, and saw the blood in her palm, and her face turned white. She took out her mobile phone in a panic and looked at her cheek with the reflection of the mobile phone screen. On her right cheek, she was gently scratched by the edge of the fruit knife. The wound was small, not deep, and slightly bleeding.

She took a cool breath. Suddenly, she was annoyed. She looked up at Du Yue angrily and said, “are you crazy! How dare you do that to me

As soon as she finished speaking, she felt a chill coming from the side. Subconsciously, she turned her head and looked at Yu Yimo’s cold face.

Anger rolled in the man’s eyes, for a while and for a while, but also with some obvious disgust and impatience, ye Wan’er immediately panicked, and immediately restrained her face.

Just then, Yu Yimo’s voice rang out, “don’t you want to die? Don’t you want to prove it? Why can’t you stand such a small injury? “

Yu Yimo showed no mercy and directly exposed all her false faces. Suddenly, ye Wan’er’s face turned green and red, which was extremely ugly.

Now, she knew that no matter how she argued or explained, Yu Yimo would never believe it again.

She gritted her teeth and did not speak. She stood up. In order to keep her last dignity, she said, “brother Mo, if you don’t believe me, I’ll stick to what I just said. Besides, Ruan Shishi’s medical expenses are mine.”

With that, without waiting for Yu Yimo to say anything else, she has already stepped out.

Yu Yimo clenches his teeth and gets angry at the bottom of his heart, which makes him feel helpless.

After a while, the sound of an ambulance whistle suddenly came from outside. Then, several nurses came down and asked about the basic situation. After seeing the injury, they immediately transferred Ruan Shishi to the ambulance and went directly to the central hospital.

Yu Yimo leads Du Yue to drive to the hospital. When he gets to the place, he is stopped by the doctor. The old lady follows him, pacing back and forth with worry and murmuring all the time.

After more than half an hour, Yu Yimo looked at the fidgety old lady, feeling a little distressed, “grandma, don’t worry, she will be OK.”

Then he reached out and took the old lady’s hand gently.

But the old lady was ungrateful at all. She threw away his hand and said angrily, “if it hadn’t been for you, it wouldn’t have happened today! If you don’t think about it, Yimo, it’s hard for a mountain to accommodate two tigers and a room to accommodate two wives. It’s strange that you keep them under the same roof and nothing will happen! “

Smell speech, Yu Yimo, the bottom of my heart suddenly emerged a wave of guilt.

Originally, he didn’t plan to let ye Wan’er come in, but later she cried and made a scene. He thought about the old love, but he softened his heart after all, but it turns out that his tolerance and connivance for ye Wan’er is the root of making her worse!

Ye Wan’er is more ruthless than he has ever seen. In the past, she did things that he had never heard of, but they didn’t touch the principle. But later, she did things that surprised him again and again, and even made such vicious behavior in front of him today. It’s absolutely unforgivable!

Chapter 1240

He took a deep breath, looked at the old lady and solemnly assured her, “grandma, it’s really my fault today. From now on, I will never let such an accident happen again.”

The old lady’s face was still ugly. She looked at him coldly and didn’t speak.

Just then, the door of the emergency room opened and a doctor came out.

Seeing this, the old lady immediately stood up and walked toward him, “doctor, how is she?”

The doctor shook his head and hesitated to say, “the situation is not optimistic. Although a large area of burn on the back has been treated, it will be a very painful experience for the patient.”

The old lady’s eyebrows trembled, “why So

The doctor shook his head, sighed, and said in a low voice, “the wounded is a delicate little girl. She has been scalded so much behind her back. It’s not for fun. It’s just that in the healing stage, the wound will be repeatedly inflamed and purulent. She can’t stand the pain.”

After listening to the doctor’s words, the old lady’s face became more and more ugly. She stopped for a few seconds, and then her tears rolled in her eyes. “You said it was done What will Shi Shi do in the future? “

Seeing the old lady like this, Yu Yimo was not happy either. He took a deep breath and gently advised, “grandma, wait until she comes out to see the situation.”

Before long, the nurse pushed Ruan Shishi out of the emergency room. She was lying on the bed with her back up. Her eyes were closed and her brows were locked. She looked very uncomfortable.

See, Yu Yimo’s heart involuntarily pulled.

The nurse sent Ruan Shishi to the ward, and then the old lady and Yu Yimo went in.

Looking at the motionless Ruan Shishi on the bed, the old lady asked nervously, “she What happened to her? Are you in a coma? “

The nurse came up quickly and explained, “the injured man fainted because of excessive pain when he was dealing with the wound. He should wake up soon.”

Hearing this, the old lady’s expression became more dignified. At last, she simply pulled a chair to the bedside and sat there waiting for her to wake up.

Yu Yimo didn’t like it either, but when he saw the old lady like this, he was inevitably worried. He drove the wheelchair close to the bed, looked at her and gently advised, “grandma, if you don’t like this, you go to have a rest first. I’ll guard here. If she wakes up, I’ll inform you to come to see her at the first time.”

The old lady waved her hand, but she didn’t agree at all? If she has a problem, how can I face those two little girls in the future… “

All of a sudden, her voice suddenly stopped. She turned her head and took a look at Yu Yimo beside her. Finally, she swallowed the rest of her words.

Yu Yi perceives what he has noticed. He raises his eyebrows slightly and asks softly, “grandma, what did you say just now?”

The old lady shook her head again and again, “nothing, I didn’t say anything…”

What she wanted to say just now was that she couldn’t face the two little guys. Before she finished speaking, she suddenly remembered that she had promised Ruan Shishi.

Finally, she sighed, took a deep look at Yu Yimo, raised her hand and patted him on the back of the hand, and said softly, “Yimo, come on.”

She is Yu Yimo’s mother-in-law. When she learned the real identities of Sensen and Shasha, she wanted to tell him for the first time. But later, because of some circumstances and Ruan Shishi’s request for her to keep a secret, she didn’t want to be a person who didn’t believe what she said, so she had to keep the secret.

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