The Warmest Romance Chapter 1243 -1244

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Chapter 1243

Ruan Shishi didn’t expect that he would agree so soon. She breathed a sigh of relief.

Yesterday, she told Du Yue that if he really wants to have a future with An’an, then at this time, he must accompany An’an and tide over the difficulties with her.

Even now Yu Yimo needs him very much, but when he leaves, there are little Meng Longge and them, and ANN is the only one.

Ruan Shishi’s lips can’t help rising, as if she has seen the dawn of Du Yue’s victory. She is excited and immediately wants to get the mobile phone on the table and tell him the good news.

But the hand just stretched out, was a big palm to hold down, the man’s low magnetic voice in the top of the head sounded, “you don’t move, I’ll inform you.”

Ruan Shishi’s cheek was hot, but she didn’t expect her little idea to be seen through by him. She angrily withdrew her hand and didn’t speak any more.

Catching a flash of small expression on the woman’s face, Yu Yimo couldn’t help hooking her lips and whispered, “have a good rest. Don’t move. I’ll call him and tell him personally.”

With that, he drove the wheelchair and left the ward.

He treats Du Yue like a brother. If he has more important things to do, he will not stop him.

Out of the ward, a group of family members of the patients quarreled noisily not far away. Yu Yimo frowned slightly and drove the wheelchair to the nearby window to dial the phone.

Just as he lowered his head and dialed, a man in a cleaning suit pushed open the door of the ward where Ruan Shishi was in. With a flash of his body, he quickly went in.

Over there, Yu Yimo, who is concentrating on dialing the phone, doesn’t find it at all.

In the meantime, in the ward.

Ruan Shishi was lying on the bed and heard a click coming from the door. She was overjoyed and asked subconsciously, “have you finished the call so soon?”

Just walked to the end of the bed man slightly a Zheng, then lowered his head way, “hospital cleaning, come to kill.”

The man’s voice is rusty, just like sliding on the sandpaper with a blade, which is inexplicably uncomfortable.

Ruan Shishi was a little surprised. He turned his head to see the man’s face, but he didn’t expect to see the man with his waist bent, his head bowed, his hat brim pressed very low, and he couldn’t see his face clearly.

saw that he picked up a white spray bottle and went to the corner of the window to start sterilizing.

Without a word, the man sprayed disinfectant liquid along the corner of the wall. Ruan Shishi turned her head and didn’t move on the bed. Soon, she felt cold on her back.

That kind of chill is the chill from the bottom of her heart when people stare at her. Ruan Shishi takes a cool breath and slightly tilts her head. Unexpectedly, she suddenly finds that the man has been standing by her bed and staring at her condescensively.

Ruan Shi’s heart emptied, and immediately raised her eyes to the man’s eyes. In an instant, her body could not help shaking.

This person, she knows!

When she went to Qingshan temple, the monk who swept the floor and worked as a carpenter in the courtyard was named Wu en. It was this man!

And at this moment, he suddenly appeared in her ward, what was he trying to do?


Before Ruan’s words came out, she suddenly saw a flash of silver light, and then felt something against her waist across the quilt. As soon as she bowed her head, she was shocked.

Chapter 1244

It was a dagger. The sharp edge of the dagger flashed a silver light, as if he had to force it gently, and the blade could penetrate the cloth and stab her.

The monk named Wu en was angry and manic. He almost bit his teeth and stared at her and said, “even if I kill you, I won’t get rid of it!”

Ruan Shishi was cold all over. She had been unable to move because of the injury on her back. Now the dagger was against her waist, and she was even stiff and did not dare to move.

She took a deep breath, calming herself and whispering, “I don’t know what I’ve done to make you hate me so much.”

“Where’s the man?” Wu en gritted his teeth and his eyes were scarlet. “The man who killed Abbot Zhenyuan!”

Ruan Shishi was surprised and suddenly remembered something. She gasped and said, “I don’t know…”

Before she could speak, she felt that the dagger at her waist suddenly stabbed her. She felt pain, and her body suddenly froze and did not dare to move.

Ruan shuddered, “I really don’t know. I’m not familiar with him.”

Wu en obviously didn’t believe what she said, gritting his teeth and saying, “nonsense! You are definitely a group! At the beginning, I thought you three were furtive at the gate of the yard, but Abbot Zhenyuan Liangshan received you! After you left, the man came. You said you were not in the same group. Who believed that? “

Ruan’s heart sank.

No wonder at that time, Yu Yimo suspected that she and Yu Gubei were on the same boat After listening to Wu en’s words, she probably guessed that Yu Gubei might have followed her to find the Buddhist temple that day, but since he wanted to start, why did he wait until she left? This is the most suspicious part.

Without waiting for Ruan to speak, Wu en’s voice of grief and indignation came again, “I want to avenge Abbot Zhenyuan! All of you should die… “

“Bang bang!”

Wu en’s words were directly interrupted by a sudden knock on the door. He was surprised and twisted his eyebrows to Ruan Shishi. The dagger on her waist didn’t move at all.

“Mr. Yu, sister Shi, can I go in?”

The voice of Xiao Meng came from the door, and Ruan Shishi trembled and couldn’t help stirring.

Without waiting for her reaction, the knife in Wu en’s hand suddenly moved to her neck, and the sharp point directly touched her white neck.

Wu en murmured to her, “it’s not convenient to let him in! Don’t play tricks! Or I’ll go straight through your throat! “

The cold touch makes Ruan Shishi feel cold. Although she knows that Wu en is not a bad person, he has lost his sense at this time, which is no different from a gangster. Once she disobeys him, she is afraid that he will do something.

She took a deep breath, nodded to Wu en and said in a low voice, “I’ll listen to you…”

Then she raised her voice and said to the door, “don’t come in. It’s not convenient for the moment.”

Even though she pretended to be calm, her voice was still a little trembling.

Soon, Xiao Meng’s voice came from outside, “OK.”

In an instant, Wu en was relieved and asked Ruan Shishi in a low voice, “where is that man? You’d better not hide anything and tell me exactly! “

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