The Warmest Romance Chapter 1249 -1250

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Chapter 1249

Feifei is frightened, “you dare to touch my face…”

Before she finished speaking, ye Wan’er had stepped forward, reached for her hair, and grabbed her face with her other hand.

Next to Feifei’s companion, Xiao Tong was completely shocked, “don’t fight…”

Feifei screams at Xiaotong, “Xiaotong! Call boss gu! “

Ye Wan’er’s eyes were red and she hummed coldly. She grabbed her and refused to let go? Today, I can’t save you when I come here! “

She said, raised his hand is a slap fan up, but suddenly, someone from behind a pinch of her hand, a hard force, she felt her bones are almost broken.

As soon as she looked back, she found that there was a group of people behind her.

Several bodyguard like people, as well as a few men in suits and shoes, before she had time to see them, she was severely dragged aside by a bodyguard.

A stout middle-aged man looked at the farce in front of him and cheered coldly, “what’s the matter?”

Feifei, who had been beaten to the ground, got up and cried, “President Gu…”

Said, she rushed to the man, a pull the man’s arm, crying miserably, “you can do for me!”

As soon as the person called President Gu saw that his latest favorite’s little face was caught like this, he immediately became angry and ordered, “bring that woman to me!”

Before ye Wan’er could react, she was suddenly pushed from behind and almost fell to her knees.

President Gu raised his finger to Xiaotong and said coldly,

“go and slap her a hundred times!”

Ye Wan’er is shocked that someone dares to slap her. When she looks up, she suddenly feels familiar when she sees the stout president Gu.

All of a sudden, she was shocked and thought of something.

Is it Mr. Gu who just came back from Singapore some time ago and is rich in finance and real estate?

Looking at his posture of supporting Feifei, the relationship between them is absolutely not simple. Does she really get into trouble today?

As ye Wan’er looks up, Gu, who is standing beside her, sees her face clearly. Suddenly, a dark light flashed through his eyes. He squints his eyes slightly and looks up and down at ye Wan’er.

Just now, the woman lowered her head. Her long hair covered both sides of her cheeks. He didn’t see her face clearly. Now, she looks very handsome.

Standing on the other side, Xiao Tong was suddenly ordered. After several hesitations, she looked at her little sister’s face with nail marks, and the battle of President Gu beside her. Then she summoned up the courage to go forward.

Xiao Tong looked at ye Wan’er and said, “don’t blame me for being cruel!”

Ye Wan’er stares at her coldly. She doesn’t believe that she really dares to do it!

Xiao Tong said, and raised her arm to wave toward her face. Unexpectedly, a voice came from the side, “wait a minute!”

Xiao Tong is surprised. She turns her head to see that the speaker is Mr. Gu himself. She is even more surprised.

He asked her to hit people. Now he has to wait. What’s the matter?

Even though she was dissatisfied, she didn’t show it. Instead, she looked attentively at Mr. Gu, “Mr. Gu, what’s the matter?”

Gu’s eyes looked at ye Wan’er’s face without concealment, and uttered tut Tut’s voice, “it’s a pity that such a face is broken.”

Chapter 1250

On hearing this, Feifei, who was next to him, was shocked and turned pale. He quickly reached out and hooked up president Gu’s arm, half coquettish and half wronged, and said, “boss Gu, she has hit me. Look at my face…”

Said, she was wronged tears, tears in the orbit spin, as if at any time may fall down in general.

Boss Gu waved his hand and gave her a look. He seemed to be a little impatient. “If you hurt your face like this, I’ll let someone accompany you. Go to the hospital first.”

With that, he waved to one of his subordinates. Even though Feifei was reluctant, he didn’t dare to refuse. Finally, he followed his subordinates.

As soon as Feifei leaves, Xiaotong naturally has no reason to continue to stay, and quickly follows.

For a moment, it was just them and ye Wan’er who stood there and didn’t speak.

Boss Gu seems to be spending money in the entertainment club next to him. He is also followed by several other bosses. They are all fat and have greasy eyes.

Ye Wan’er looks at them, raises her foot and is about to leave, but she is suddenly stopped by boss Gu’s men.

She frowned. “Anything else?”

Gu chuckled twice and said, “what’s the matter? Little beauty, people who bully me want to run. Is that reasonable? “

Said, his eyes again unbridled in ye Wan’er back and forth.

Ye Wan’er said, “what else do you want to do?”

Just now, she was still wondering if boss Gu was the one who came back from Singapore. Now, judging from his words and deeds, he is just a arrogant upstart.

“It’s a little hot pepper to talk so fast!” Gu boss ha ha laughs, afterwards the speech says openly, “you beat my little beauty, that must not sacrifice oneself to accompany me?”

Ye Wan’er suddenly turned her eyes to the sky, grabbed the bag and left.

But who knows, just after two steps, the bodyguard who pulled her hair just now came up and stopped her, and her way was directly blocked by the steel arm.

Ye Wan’er gritted her teeth angrily, “do you know who I am? How dare you take advantage of me

She just divorced Yu Yimo for more than a month. Is that the end of it? Her arrogant heart, how can such a middle-aged greasy man bully her?

The more she thought about it, the more angry she was. Finally, she said coldly, “toads want to eat swan meat, and they don’t look in the mirror.”

Then she bypassed the bodyguard and was about to leave.

But who knows, just now when President Gu heard her talking like that, his face suddenly became cold, and the other bosses nearby were also secretly surprised.

Half a second later, President Gu’s voice rang out coldly, “hum! If you don’t cherish the opportunity, don’t blame me for being impolite! “

As soon as his voice fell, the bodyguard next to him held out his hand and buttoned ye Wan’er down, pushing her to President Gu with a pull.

Ye Wan’er was surprised and was about to resist. But unexpectedly, her two hands were tightly clamped by the bodyguards, and her back was behind her. She couldn’t move at all. At this time, President Gu suddenly reached out and pinched her face. He made a great effort to squeeze ye Wan’er’s face out of shape.

He raised his other hand, slapped her cheek impolitely, and said with a sneer, “the kind of woman I hate most is to be shameless. Today, I’m offended. Do you think you can escape?”

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