The Warmest Romance Chapter 1257 -1258

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Chapter 1257

Song yean looked at her smile, eyes full of love, quietly asked, “poetry, do you want to taste the cake we three make together?”

“Mom, this is a cake made by the three of us. It’s very delicious!”

“Yes, mom, try it!”

The two little guys were making a great effort, and Ruan Shishi’s eyes narrowed with a smile, full of sweetness, “OK, I’ll try it!”

Song yean immediately took out a plate, knife and fork, cut a small piece for her and sent it to her.

Ruan Shishi had just tasted a mouthful, and suddenly his eyes widened, “it’s delicious!”

Two little guys see her such reaction, immediately happy giggle.

Yu Yimo looks at the scene of a happy family of four in front of him. He can’t help but feel pain. He slightly tightens his brow and hesitates to open his mouth. Unexpectedly, Sasha suddenly takes a plate of cut cake and sends it to him, “Uncle Shuai, you can eat it too.”

Her voice is Grandma’s, her cheeks are round, red, soft and cute, which makes people unable to refuse. It means that her lips are hooked, but her smile is bitter.

“Thank you. I won’t eat it.”

He said, then raised his eyes to the direction of the bed, light voice, “I still have something to do, go first.”

This is obviously to Ruan Shishi. He said that and then drove his wheelchair to leave.

When he arrived at the door, song yean’s eyes darkened and suddenly said, “Mr. Yu, I’ll see you off.”

Then he put down his cake plate, turned to smile at Ruan Shishi, and strode toward the door.

The two of them left the ward one after the other. The door closed and Yu Yimo didn’t return. He said coldly, “don’t send me.”

Song yean’s eyes flashed over his legs, and his eyes flashed over his arm wrapped with gauze. A little coldness appeared at the bottom of his eyes. “In your present situation, what’s the qualification to leave Ruan Shi beside you?”

Yu Yimo was slightly surprised by his directness. The next second, Yu Yimo’s sword eyebrows closed and looked at him coldly. “What’s my state?”

Song yean sneers, suddenly reaches out his hand, holds the handle of his wheelchair from the back, pushes forward, and says word by word, “the future is unpredictable, helpless, powerless, and helpless.”

Song yean’s words are like a needle, like a flash of lightning. He fiercely splits Yu Yimo’s heart. His hand on the handle of the wheelchair is slightly tightened, and his face is a little terrible.

Just then, a force behind the wheelchair pushed him forward. Song yean leaned slightly over him and said in a low voice, “what is a man who can’t even protect a woman?”

He said the most vicious words in a very light voice. Even though Yu Yimo didn’t care about other people’s opinions, these words still made him feel pain.

His mind suddenly flashed the scene when Ruan Shishi was scalded. At that time, she was like a wounded little animal, huddled pitifully, shivering and pitiful.

If it wasn’t for him, the scald incident could be avoided. It was his fault, but it didn’t mean that he didn’t even have the chance to protect her from now on. It didn’t mean that he should feel sorry for himself and break his mind because he lost everything and broke his legs.

Chapter 1258

I feel that the force behind me is pushing faster and faster. Yu Yimo looks at the crowd not far ahead and suddenly frowns. His hand on the armrest suddenly presses the button. The wheelchair automatically starts the emergency brake function, and the wheel is stuck and does not rotate.

Song yean felt the resistance and could not push it. He frowned and released his hand. He looked down at Yu Yimo and hummed coldly, “Yu Yimo, you will never get her.”

Without waiting for Yu Yimo to answer, he had already stepped forward, turned around and walked towards the ward.

At that moment, Yu Yimo clenched his fists, raised his blue tendons on the back of his hand, and ignited a layer of anger at the bottom of his eyes.

He had never suffered such humiliation from others. For a moment, his anger ran like a stream of anger in his chest, almost burst out.

This experience of “resurrection from death” made him realize for the first time that he was once superior to others. He was miserable, sad and despised.

All of a sudden, the anger in his heart gradually faded, and he was inexplicably amused. It turned out that he would have such an experience in his metaphorical life.

He felt a sense of rebirth after all the difficulties and obstacles, and his anger disappeared at this moment, which made him more clear what he was going to do next.

As for Ruan Shishi, he would never let her be with song yean, because this man is not as pure and simple as it seems.

Just as the mobile phone rings, Yu Yimo takes out a look. It’s a message from Su Yucheng, “the doctor has made an appointment. You can go to have an examination at any time.”

He took a deep breath and quickly returned the message.

As for the legs, he has seen many doctors since he came back from Castle Peak. This time, he doesn’t hold much hope, but he can’t live up to Su Yucheng’s good intentions.

He went to see it again. No matter whether it was effective or not, in a few days, he would be preparing to go back to Yu.

Because the wound on Ruan Shishi’s back needs to be treated every day, she can’t be discharged from the hospital in her present condition.

I’ve had enough fun and trouble with the two little guys. At last, when they heard that Ruan Shishi couldn’t go home, their faces dropped down and they were very disappointed.

Sensen seems to be sleepy, his eyes are almost narrowed into two cracks, little head bit by bit, but he still insists on grasping Ruan Shishi’s hand and refuses to let go.

Ruan Shishi is distressed and uncomfortable. She also wants to go home and hug them to sleep, but now her physical condition doesn’t allow it at all.

Finally, song yean couldn’t see it any more. He said, “well, I’ll take you to see my mother tomorrow. Can I go back to sleep today?”

Ruan Shishi also hurriedly answered, “yes, you go back first and come back tomorrow. It’s the same. I won’t run.”

Sensen and Sasha look up at her and seriously verify, “really?”

Ruan Shishi nodded in affirmation and said, “of course it’s true!”

Looking at her repeatedly promise, plus they are really sleepy, the last two little guys are finally relaxed, willing to go.

Song yean immediately called the driver and asked him to take the kids to the car first, while he went back to the ward.

Ruan Shishi is sitting on the bed. As soon as Sensen and Sasha leave, the room is empty.

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