The Warmest Romance Chapter 1313 -1314

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Chapter 1313

Yu Gu beiwen said, his brow wrinkled, and a trace of disgust flashed through his eyes. He stood up and stared at Lu Xiaoman, who was gasping on the bed. He said coldly, “since she doesn’t cooperate, I’ll find more people to drink it. I don’t believe that she can spit out a drop of it.”

Leaving this sentence behind, he stepped towards the door.

Lying on the bed, Lu Xiaoman raised his eyes and stared at the direction he was leaving. As he was about to go out, he suddenly said, “Yu Gubei, you have no heart…”

Yu Gu North step slightly, but did not look back, continue to go out, “bang!” He shut the door with a loud noise.

Since he brought Lu Xiaoman back from his last experience at the seaside, she seems to have completely changed. She is crazy, extreme and no longer believes anything he says.

He even wants to escape from him again and again. In the past six years, she has been with him. He has been used to her existence for a long time, and has determined that she will always accompany him. Therefore, he has absolutely no tolerance for her leaving.

Even if he keeps her by his side in this way, he will never allow her to leave. What’s more, she knows too many secrets of herself. If she is released, it is equivalent to throwing out a time bomb, which may explode at any time.

Before his goal is achieved, she can not leave her side.

Out of the room, not a few steps, he saw Shao Zhuo standing on the stairs.

Shao Zhuo saw him and immediately stepped over, “young master, there’s new news from the United States.”

Yu Gu Beimai opened his legs and kept walking towards the bedroom. At the same time, he asked, “how do you say that?”

“The master has recovered well recently. He began to ask for electronic products again and again.”

Yu Gu North Cold hum, “this old man, began to restless.”

When he came to the bedroom door, he said coldly, “OK, I know it. Go and have a rest.”

Leaving this sentence behind, he pushed the door open, stepped in, and closed the door behind him.

Now the situation is urgent. If he wants to find a way to get rid of Qiao’s family as soon as possible, it’s time to take Yu Qingshan back. Only in this way can he further his goal.

In a flash of time, two days passed.

Recently, Professor Ruan and Ms. Liu are busy preparing for their European trip. Although they are still some time away from their departure, they are already immersed in excitement and expectation ahead of time.

Originally, Ruan Shishi didn’t quite believe that there would be such a good thing, but later, Ms. Liu explained again and again. In addition, the two elders were busy traveling. It seemed that they were excited again when they were young, so she didn’t have the heart to break it.

In the past two days, she was basically alone with her two children, coming and going. She was familiar with Ziji a lot, but she was more or less tired.

In the afternoon, she just coaxed the three little guys to sleep. Not long after she came out of the children’s room, her mobile phone rang.

It was Xiaomeng who called. Ruan Shishi didn’t think much about it, so he answered it directly.


There came Xiao Meng’s gasping voice, “sister Shi, I have a breakthrough here!”

“It’s the person you asked me to check in private who may have betrayed the team. I checked the bank cards of all the people who went to Qingshan temple with us that day and found that one of them had a lot of income recently. I paid more attention to him and found the clue as expected!”

Chapter 1314

Xiaomeng’s excited voice came from the receiver. Ruan Shishi was stunned, and then asked in disbelief, “really?”

“Of course, it’s true. The man has been caught. He has admitted it himself. I’ll take him to your side now. There are more than 20 minutes left.”

Ruan Shishi heard the speech and said softly, “OK, I’ll wait for you.”

Although it has been a long time since the incident happened, she still felt annoyed at the thought that without the traitor, a series of things would not have happened.

If she saw the traitor with her own eyes, she might not be able to control her emotions. If she did it again, she would rather not have been to the Castle Peak Buddhist temple than lead the disaster there.

But now, it’s too late to say anything.

She made her own mistakes, but this time she had to finish by herself.

Twenty minutes later, wearing a coat, Ruan Shishi stood at the gate of the villa.

Far away, a familiar SUV came and stopped steadily in front of her. Then, Xiaomeng pushed the door open.

“Sister Shi, why don’t you wait in the room?”

Although the weather was not cold, Ruan Shishi’s hands around her chest were shaking. She moved her lips and said seriously, “I want to see that person earlier.”

See that traitor early, but the heart of hate!

Xiaomeng immediately understood, quickly walked to the back, opened the door, and then, a man who was bound with hands and feet was kicked off the car.

He fell to the ground and rolled a few times. He was so disheartened that his appearance was not bad.

When he was pulled up by Xiao Meng’s neck, Ruan Shishi saw his face clearly.

She was familiar with this face. Last time she went to Castle Peak, she did have him. However, he gave her the impression that he was extremely honest. He did things in a low voice. She could not imagine that the traitor would be him!

Xiao Meng said, “his name is Zhang Xu. He has admitted that he leaked the information to Yu Gubei. He said that Yu Gubei’s staff contacted him before and asked him to report the whereabouts of Yu Zong when you were looking for him. He gave him 50000 yuan in cash in private. Later, we went to Qingshan Buddhist temple. He passed the news to Yu Gubei’s people as usual and specially marked the three of us He was looking for a route, so later Yu Gu Bei came with people

Ruan Shishi heard the speech, and her eyebrows became deeper and deeper. She stared at the man on the ground with deep eyes, and her body trembled gently unconsciously.

She clenched her teeth and asked in a cold voice, “did you really do it?”

The man named Zhang Xu lowered his head and almost dared not look up at her. When he heard her ask, he trembled and replied, “I did it It’s me. I’m also for money. Please forgive me this time. I promise I’ll never do it again. I’ll be loyal to you and Yu from now on! “

Listening to his insincere and meaningless assurance, Ruan Shiqi clenched her fist, and a sense of anger rushed to her heart. She raised her hand and smashed Zhang Xu’s head with a hard fist. She said angrily, “do you know that your light apology is worth someone else’s life?”

At the thought of Abbot Zhenyuan, her nose was sour, her tears were surging up, and she said angrily, “I want you to pay for it. Can you afford to pay for this life?”

Zhang Xu was stiff all over, his head lowered and he did not dare to move. Next to the little Meng did not expect Ruan poetry will start, Leng in the side, the atmosphere dare not.

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