The Warmest Romance Chapter 1339 -1340

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Chapter 1339

After he pushed the door open, he said a few words to the staff inside. He quickly stepped out and asked Yu Yimo to go in.

In the monitoring room, the staff quickly locked the area according to the information, direction and time provided by Yu Yimo.

Yu Yimo asked the staff to one side, while he sat in front of the computer and looked back and forth again and again. The monitor caught the subtle sound, which he could hear vaguely, and he probably had the answer in his heart.

To hold a wedding, it turned out that Ruan Shishi and song yean would hold a make-up wedding in Jiangzhou.

In an instant, Yu Yimo’s heart tightens and bitterness rushes to his heart.

Although he knew that he was far away from Ruan Shishi, when he heard the news, his mood was still out of control.

After all, is it because of care?

Yu Yimo raises his eyes, looks deeply at the screen, then drives the wheelchair and turns to leave.

Leaving Zhisheng, he just got on the bus, and then was pulled out of the door, Du Yue got on the bus, “Yu Zong.”

Yu Yimo looks at him, pauses and asks, “have you finished all your work?”

Du more nodded, “almost.”

Yu Yimo asked in a low voice, “well, from today on back to work?”

Du Yue heard the speech, hesitated for a moment, and said, “yes, some time ago it was…”

Yu Yimo quietly interrupted him, “don’t explain. Now that I’ve come back, I don’t have to think about the past. With you, I’m much more at ease.”

Du Yue’s eyes showed some gratitude and nodded, “I will.”

Yu Yimo asked the driver to drive. Suddenly he thought of something. He turned to Du Yue and asked, “what’s the matter with that USB flash drive?”

Du Yue will that day they U disk to the police station to call the police thing said once and for all.

Yu Yimo’s brows were already twisted. Then Du Yue said, “it may have been transferred, but there is no surveillance video, so it’s not easy to check.”

Yu Yimo hesitated for a moment and asked, “have you ever doubted me?”

Du Yue immediately shook his head and denied, “No.”

He believes that Yu Yimo has been with him for so many years, and he still knows his character. If he really doesn’t want to hand over the USB flash drive, he won’t go around in such a big circle. It’s hard for him and others.

Yu Yimo chuckled, then looked a little more serious. He paused and said, “you say, who is the biggest beneficiary of the loss of this U disk?”

“Ye Wan’er.”

The video evidence in the USB flash drive is enough to put ye Wan’er in prison, so she must be the one who is most afraid that the USB flash drive will fall into song yun’an’s hands. Therefore, the person who can spend so much effort to change the column must be ye Wan’er or her subordinates.

Du more deep inspiration, “but can do so seamless, I’m afraid she is not a person.”

“Remember that huochuan? So many things happened before, those that hurt Ruan Shishi, those that hurt song Yunan, including those that hurt sensenshasha, which one is not related to him? If ye Waner is an emissary, Huo Chuan must be an actor. “

Yu Yimo calmly analyzes it. Then, Mou Guang calmly looks at Du Yue, “so, to be on the safe side, you have to catch him first to stabilize ye Wan’er temporarily. He is also the witness of all the conspiracies.”

Chapter 1340

Du Yue awoke, “the most important thing now is to catch huochuan!”

Yu Yimo nodded gently, “so to speak.”

It was like finding a ray of light in the dark. Du Yue suddenly had the direction to look for. He nodded, “Yu Zong, I know what to do!”

Yu Yimo nodded and said in a soft voice, “there is Yu Gu in the north. You can’t relax.”

Now he is in a dangerous situation. If he is careless, he will lose everything. He is surrounded by enemies that should not be underestimated. If he takes a wrong step, he and Yu are likely to be destroyed.

Now, he can only be cautious in his words and deeds, step by step.

For Ruan Shishi, the ring on her hand is like magic. Since she took it, it seems that she naturally has a sense of responsibility. She and song yean have been intimate unconsciously, and it seems that she has gradually accepted him.

On the same day, when she and song yean went home hand in hand, they met Ms. Liu as soon as they entered the door. Seeing them like this, Ms. Liu immediately widened her eyes, surprised and pleased.

Before dinner, song yean offered to help Ms. Liu. Ms. Liu was obviously happy and smiling. She cooked several dishes that Ruan Shishi liked to eat, but the process was complicated and she didn’t usually cook much.

Before the last soup came out of the pot, Ms. Liu had taken the lead to come out of the kitchen. She picked up a handkerchief and wiped her hands. Smiling Chao Ruan Shishi came over and said in a low voice, “finally, I want to understand. You and song’s son-in-law are fine. Your father and I will be relieved. You can rest assured that your father and I will definitely attend your wedding and then come back Let’s go. “

“What?” Ruan Shishi was slightly stunned, and his heart beat to his throat, “Mom, who did you listen to?”

“Who else can say? Song’s son-in-law! ” Ms. Liu naturally said, and then changed her tone, “what’s the matter? Do you want to keep it from me? “

“Where is it?” Ruan Shishi’s cheeks are slightly red.

She wanted to wait until the right time to tell Ms. Liu and Professor Ruan about it. She didn’t expect that song yean was so worried that she said it that day. She didn’t have any preparation in her heart!

Just then, song yean came out of the kitchen with the last soup and put it on the table. Then he walked towards them with a smile, “Mom, what are you talking about?”

“What else? It’s your wedding with Shishi

Ms. Liu said with a smile. Then she held out her hand and seized Ruan Shishi’s hand. She said softly, “I want to say it! This is a good thing. I agree with you with both hands. When you were married abroad, your father and I didn’t attend your wedding at all. When you come back, the children will be able to make soy sauce. Now it’s OK to hold a make-up wedding. I think it’s good to call some relatives and friends to come and have a lively gathering! “

Ms. Liu’s tone is funny. Ruan Shishi listens to it and laughs unconsciously.

Ms. Liu said, “I won’t get involved in the wedding. You two decide. In a word, your father and I agree 100 times! How wonderful it will be to let sensenshasha be a flower boy at that time

Hearing what Ms. Liu said, Ruan’s mind unconsciously came up with the picture of imagination, but suddenly, she thought of something, and her heart hurt.

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