The Warmest Romance Chapter 1355 -1356

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Chapter 1355

She pointed to the skirt and whispered to the shopping guide, “try this one.”

The shopping guide’s eyes were shining, and he couldn’t Stop Praising and saying, “you have a good eye. This skirt is our new style of the season. It’s made of good materials and heavy workmanship. The upper body effect is really good.”

Then she took it down, walked in front, and led Ruan Shishi to the fitting room.

Ruan Shishi put on her skirt in the fitting room. The size was just right. Although the waist was a little tight, the good thing was that the material was soft and she didn’t feel bound at all. On the contrary, she made the waist lining more slender and had a unique style.

Ruan Shishi came out of the fitting room in a skirt. Chen Junzheng looked down at his mobile phone. His eyebrows were cold and serious. He looked up. The moment his eyes touched Ruan Shishi, his eyes suddenly flashed and softened.

Soon, he took back his eyes and said, “not bad.”

Hearing his “straight man” evaluation, Ruan Shishi twisted her eyebrows and wanted to laugh. She was about to turn back to the fitting room and take off her clothes. Unexpectedly, Chen Jun’s voice sounded behind her, “wait a minute.”

Ruan Shishi was stunned and looked back at him, “what are you doing?”

“You come.”

Chen Jun said something seriously.

After a pause, Ruan Shishi hesitated and turned to walk towards him. “What’s the problem?”

Chen Jun raised his hand, gently pressed her shoulder and asked her to sit down in front of the sofa beside him. He said in a low voice, “wait.”

Leaving this sentence behind, he stepped out on his long legs and walked towards the women’s shoes area on the side.

Ruan Shishi looked at him hesitantly, looked at the man’s wide shoulders and narrow waist, could not help but tut Tut, said with a smile, “good figure.”

She was muttering to herself. Unexpectedly, she was heard by the shopping guide standing on one side. The shopping guide hid her face and chuckled. She couldn’t help saying, “your boyfriend is really handsome and has a good figure. It’s a perfect match for you!”

When she said that, Ruan Shishi sneered and shook her head

Then she raised her hand and waved her wedding ring. She wanted to explain. Unexpectedly, the shopping guide suddenly apologized, “I’m sorry, you’re all married!”

Ruan Shishi was speechless. He was just about to correct this wrong idea. Unexpectedly, a man’s voice came from the side, “try this pair of shoes.”

As soon as she looked back, she saw that Chen Jun was holding a pair of exquisite silver short-heeled high-heeled shoes. Before she could react, the man had squatted down, touched the ground on one knee, gently lifted her feet, and took off the flat shoes she was wearing.

Ruan Shishi subconsciously shrinks her feet back. Unexpectedly, Chen Jun, who had been on guard for a long time, pinches her ankle, pulls forward with a little overbearing, gently pinches her feet and puts on the silver high heels.

I didn’t expect it to fit.

Ruan Shishi was surprised, “how do you…”

Without waiting for her to finish speaking, Chen Jun had already reached out to take off the other shoe on her foot and put on another shoe for her.

Chen Jun said quietly, “eyesight measurement, I still have this ability.”

When the shopping guide saw this scene, her eyes were already red. She couldn’t control it any more and said, “your husband is so nice. I’ve been working here for several years, and it’s the first time I’ve seen him wear shoes for my wife.”

Chapter 1356

Smell speech, Ruan poetry suddenly face rise a hot, she is about to correct shopping guide change, who knows Chen Jun unexpectedly face not red heart does not jump toward the shopping guide said, “thank you.”

Suddenly, Ruan’s poems were full of questions. What did he mean? Is it a default?

Before she had time to ask, the man stood up, stepped back and said, “I think it’s OK. Get up and have a look.”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, stood up and went to the mirror to have a look.

Don’t say, this pair of shoes is really more matching with this skirt. It’s a delicate little woman’s style.

Chen Jun looked at her and asked, “how do you feel?”

Ruan poetry slightly pick eyebrows, “not bad.”

Chen Jun, with a smile on his eyes, slightly turned his head to the shopping guide and said, “OK, let’s wrap it up.”

The shopping guide immediately laughed and said politely, “Sir, this way to check out.”

Seeing this, Ruan Shishi breathes a sigh of relief. It’s easier for her to choose a good gift earlier. What’s more, she and Chen Jun are wandering around here like this. If she meets any acquaintances, it will definitely cause misunderstanding.

Thinking about this, she immediately went to the fitting room and changed her clothes. After Chen Jun paid, she went out of the clothing store with him.

As soon as he got to the door, Ruan Shishi took out his mobile phone and took a look at the time. He said directly, “it’s still early now. I don’t think it’s time for dinner at all. I think it’s like this. When you have a chance next time, you can invite me to dinner and drink milk tea.”

By implication, she’s going home.

With that, she waved to Chen Jun and was about to walk away.

Who knows Chen Jun suddenly stepped forward, directly blocked her, looked at her condescending, asked with a smile, “who said it’s over?”

Ruan Shishi immediately opened his mouth, chin almost fell down, “the gift has not been bought?”

Chen Jun slightly pick eyebrow, “this suit of clothes, I’m afraid can’t kill my sister.”

Then he reached for Ruan’s sleeve and said, “let’s go! Go and pick jewelry with me. “

Ruan Shishi couldn’t help roaring in his heart, but he couldn’t help it. “OK, can you finish choosing jewelry?”

“It depends.”

With that, Chen Jun took her to another jewelry store.

At the same time, a familiar face appeared in the dessert shop next to the dress shop just now.

Ye Wan’er gets up and looks sharp at the transparent window. After a pause, she quickly steps out of the dessert shop and catches up with Ruan Shishi.

Watching Ruan Shishi and a tall and handsome man walk into the jewelry store, ye Wan’er’s eyes suddenly become fierce.

She clenched her fist and gritted her teeth.

I didn’t expect Ruan Shishi to be so hot-blooded and shameless. Now that her husband and children have both, she has been entangled with her brother Mo, and now she is shopping with another man! It’s a real Whore!

Ye Wan’er clenches her fist angrily. For a moment, she doesn’t know what to do. When she meets Ruan Shishi this time, she must do something, or she will be sorry for herself.

At this time, the little sister who is eating and chatting with ye Wan’er in the dessert shop suddenly catches up with her. She looks and looks in the direction ye Wan’er looks. She can’t help but ask, “Wan’er, what’s the matter! Well, why did you come out all of a sudden? “

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