The Warmest Romance Chapter 1359 -1360

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Chapter 1359

Chen Jun chuckled, “go in and have a look. There are more things I haven’t seen.”

Ruan Shishi immediately followed him to the inside.

As soon as he entered, Ruan Shishi was stunned by the scene. There were all kinds of plants in the whole flat floor. The tree with luxuriant branches and leaves in the middle was planted in the soil with a flower bed beside it.

The whole room is full of all kinds of plants, big and small, some strange shape, some emitting a faint fragrance, some placed on the table, some planted in a flowerpot, quite unique and rare.

Ruan Shishi couldn’t help sighing, “it’s so spectacular…”

Chen Jun looked at her with a smile, picked a table to sit down, then handed her the menu next to him, and said softly, “look what you want to drink.”

Ruan Shishi nodded, took over the book with all kinds of plants on the cover, and gently opened the inside page. All the drinks in it were named after plants, which was quite original but full of profound meaning.

Soon, a man came over and said hello to Chen Jun with a smile, “junzi, rare guest! Why don’t you come here and say hello? “

Then, the man looked at Ruan Shishi and asked with a smile, “Oh, who is this beautiful woman? There’s something strange about it! “

Chen Jun made an introduction with a smile, “my friend, Ruan Shishi.”

Ruan Shishi looked up and saw that the man had a round face. His face was gentle and gentle. Even if he didn’t smile, his face was smiling.

Without waiting for Chen Jun to introduce him, the man reached out to Ruan Shishi, “Hello, my name is Dacheng, and I’m Junzi’s comrade in arms.”

Ruan Shishi shook hands with him with a smile, “hello.”

Big city said enthusiastically, “you have a look, what would you like to drink?”

Ruan Shishi casually ordered a pop drink on the menu, and then said to Dacheng, “that’s it.”

“I’m just the same.”

“OK, just a moment.” Dacheng said, and suddenly hit Chen Jun with his fist. “Junzi, I haven’t seen you for a long time. We can have two drinks together some other day!”

Chen Jun laughs, “of course, it’s time to make an appointment.”

Dacheng put away the menu and turned to walk towards the bar. At this time, Ruan Shishi found that when Dacheng walked, one of his feet was lame.

Aware of her eyes, Chen Jun explained in a light voice, “Dacheng is one of my comrades in arms. He was injured on a mission once before, and then his foot became like this. He couldn’t recover. With regret in his heart, he didn’t want to delay us, so he took the initiative to leave the team. When he came back, he opened this shop with the comfort money from the team.”

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi was a little disappointed. She looked around and asked softly, “the person who can open such a shop must be kind-hearted.”

Chen Jun said with a smile, “when we were on a mission in Southeast Asia, we spent a month in the jungle. This guy was fascinated by all kinds of plants at that time, so after he came back, he opened such a shop with his heart in mind.”

Ruan Shishi took a deep breath, listening to the story, his heart suddenly softened.

She looked around and asked, “but don’t plants grow differently in different climatic zones? How can we survive here? And these plants are all in the room. Can they live without sunlight? “

“You’re very inquisitive.” Chen Jun smiles, then points to the pipes above, “see those pipes?”

Chapter 1360

Ruan Shishi nodded.

“In fact, the idea of indoor garden has long been popular in foreign countries. Some people have done perennial research. Through a special material ceiling and this kind of thin pipe, they can absorb ultraviolet and solar energy and irradiate the room. In this way, the plants can still survive and will not be affected. As for the plants in different climate zones, the big cities will do district management. More often, those precious plants are in different climate compartments upstairs and will not be placed below. “

Hearing this, Ruan Shishi suddenly realized, “it seems that he really loves plants.”

Chen Jun nodded, “to say that he is to rely on the profit of this shop, it is better to say that he is for his own interest.”

At this moment, Dacheng came over with a tray, put two different drinks in front of them and chatted with them. He heard the call from the bar and left in a hurry.

Ruan Shishi raised her eyes and looked at the lovely figure of Dacheng walking forward quickly. She couldn’t help but smile. Then, her eyes moved, just in line with Chen Jun’s.

She said with a smile, “it’s very good here. Thank you for bringing me here. Next time I’ll take my son and daughter to have a look.”

Smelling speech, Chen Jun’s face didn’t change much. He took a drink and said in a soft voice, “it’s good to cultivate children to love nature from childhood.”

On the other hand, ye Wan’er and Su Su are sitting behind a table, watching Ruan Shishi through the cracks of the dense plants, and they still take out their mobile phones to take pictures secretly.

At this time, Dacheng came over and saw their actions. Suddenly, her face became cold. “What are you two shooting?”

Su Su is surprised, immediately flustered put the mobile phone away.

Next to her, ye Wan’er said with a smile, “the plants here are really strange. My friends and I haven’t seen them. Is it OK to take some photos?”

She didn’t panic at all. She raised her head and looked at him. She also brought up a picture of the plant to show him.

Dacheng looked at them and the plants over there. His face softened a little. “I’m photographing plants. I think you’re furtive. Who do you think you’re photographing?”

Ye Wan’er smiles and glances at Su Su, “where is it? My friend thought we couldn’t take pictures here, so that’s why it’s like this. “

“Oh, I’m sorry. I read it wrong.”

Dacheng smiles at them and then walks away.

As soon as he left, ye Wan’er looked at Su Bai and said in a low voice, “it’s all your fault. Can’t you act naturally? We almost got caught

Said, she turned her head, looked at the direction of the big city left, pulled Susu, “go, we’ll go now!”

Say, she pulls Su Su, take advantage of big city not to notice, sneaked out secretly.

Dacheng walked around and came to Ruan Shishi and Chen Jun’s table. He tut tut twice and said with some doubts, “just now I saw two girls shooting at you all the time. I wonder if I know you?”

Chen Jun twisted his eyebrows and said, “clap to clap?”

Dacheng nodded, did not look back, said directly, “your three o’clock direction.”

Chen Jun twisted his eyebrows and looked keenly in the direction he said. After a pause, he said softly, “there is no one at that table over there.”

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