The Warmest Romance Chapter 1387 -1388

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Chapter 1387

Because she was especially docile and obedient during this period, Yu Gubei “amnesty” changed her room and took off her chains, so she gradually found out the way to survive in this villa.

As long as she doesn’t mention running away, rebellious and against him, Yu Gubei will be much better to her.

Lu Xiaoman just reflected that she was the one who was against him in the past. In the end, she was the one who suffered. Now, she pretended to be dead and left him. Gu Bei is better to her.

In this way, she has more chances to escape.

For Yu Gubei, she loves, but how much she loves and how much she hates, she wants to run away. The farther away, the better.

She sat by the window, feeling the sunshine. All kinds of things flashed through her mind. Her brain, which was not awake because of drowsiness, slowly woke up. She went to the bathroom to wash, change her clothes, and then went downstairs.

Yu Gubei is already sitting at the dining table. There is a tablet in front of him. He drinks coffee while watching the video.

Lu Xiaoman’s eyelids drooped, a gentle and submissive appearance, she slowly sat opposite him, almost silently picked up the food in front of him, and slowly bit.

At this moment, Yu Gubei, who is opposite, suddenly looks up and looks at her. He doesn’t say anything, but turns the flat panel and the screen faces her.

Lu Xiaoman hesitated for a moment and looked at the screen. His body was a little stiff.

It’s a wedding of Ruan and song families reported by entertainment media. The exaggerated explanation and gossip tone satirize the joke from beginning to end.

Yu Gu Bei picked an eyebrow, with a bit of ridicule in his tone, “you are a good friend. It’s really rough. What happened to her is like an idol drama.”

Suddenly, Lu Xiaoman didn’t know what to say. She frowned slightly, looked away, drank a mouthful of soybean milk, and continued to talk as if nothing had happened.

Looking at her reaction, Yu Gubei said nothing, raised his lips and laughed, took the tablet away, and got up to leave.

Lu Xiaoman sat at the dinner table, eating breakfast. His heart was filled with guilt.

She felt very guilty about Ruan Shishi. If it wasn’t for her, Ruan Shishi would have been happier than she is now. At the beginning, she did a lot of things to hurt her for Yu Gubei. From now on, she will have no face to face her again.

At this time, the kitchen aunt came out with a plate, looked around and said strangely, “where’s the gentleman?”

Then she put the foie gras on the table.

Smelling the smell, Lu Xiaoman suddenly changed his face, and a sense of nausea rolled up from his stomach.

“Miss Lu, have you seen your husband?”

Lu Xiaoman resisted the nausea and took a deep breath before he said, “it seems that he has returned to his room.”

As she went to the stairway, she murmured to herself, “Mr. Wang wants to eat foie gras today. She specially told me to make some. Now I’ll ask him if he wants to eat it.”

When she walked away, Lu Xiaoman’s face was red. She looked up at the foie gras in the white disk. Her nose smelled the smell. Suddenly, a strong sense of nausea came up.

She quickly finished the soy milk in the cup and immediately got up and left.

Chapter 1388

When she got back to the room, she felt better.

She sat by the bed, frowning and thinking, what’s the matter? Did you get anorexia because you didn’t eat much before?

After thinking about it, she couldn’t find the answer until lunch, when she saw a table of dishes in front of her, she had no appetite. At this time, she realized that it was wrong.

Since she returned to normal eating, Yu Gubei sent her aunt to stare at her and ask her to report her eating situation every day. This time, her aunt brought up a plate of double cooked meat. Lu Xiaoman just looked at it and couldn’t help retching.

The aunt was startled and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Lu Xiaoman shook his head. As soon as he sat up straight, he asked about the taste of the food. It was disgusting again.

I don’t know why, now her sense of smell has been expanded. When she smells greasy, she can’t help feeling sick.

Aunt some worry, quickly came to help her pat the back Shun Qi, “what’s the matter? Would you like to tell your husband to go to the hospital for an examination? “

Lu Xiaoman waved his hand, “it should be nothing.”

Aunt shook her head, still worried, she hesitated for a moment, suddenly thought of something, surprised blurted out, “is it difficult to be pregnant!”

Lu Xiaoman is also secretly surprised, the next second immediately shook his head to deny, “impossible.”

“It’s not good. I’d better take a test. I’m more at ease.”

Aunt said, immediately to get things.

In a few minutes, she came back in a hurry with a pink box in her hand. She handed it to Lu Xiaoman and said, “Miss Lu, just in case, we’d better test it first.”

Smell speech, Lu Xiaoman can’t help but frown, she some resistance of looking at the pink box, hesitated did not speak.

After a pause, she said firmly, “Auntie, I’m definitely not pregnant, or I have a bad appetite…”

Aunt is very firm, “test a test, we all rest assured, otherwise I told my husband, we go to the hospital to do a check.”

Yu Gu tells her to keep an eye on her. If she is pregnant, it’s a big event. She’s naturally cautious and doesn’t dare to miss anything.

Lu Xiaoman pulled his lips, looked at his aunt and asked, “if you don’t have a test, you won’t go to the hospital. I know my body very well.”

The aunt thought about it, nodded and said, “OK.”

Lu Xiaoman picked up the box and went to the bathroom reluctantly.

She is a nurse, very clear process, although it is the first pregnancy test, but soon completed, she will stick flat on the washing table, silent waiting for the results.

She watched the liquid slowly wet the test strip, a red line appeared, and then a second red line appeared.

At that moment, she was as if she had been struck by lightning, and her whole body was stiff.

She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and then opened her eyes. The stick still showed two lines!

Did she fall for it!

She held out her hand, some trembling took it up, repeatedly confirmed that it was two lines, absolutely right!

When she slowly realized that it was true, she suddenly felt a little desperate.

How at this time, I was pregnant with Yu Gubei’s child! He is about to join hands with other women into the palace of marriage, but she is pregnant!

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