The Warmest Romance Chapter 1421 -1422

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Chapter 1421

On the other hand, Ruan Shishi and song yean plan to go back after going through the hospitalization procedures.

Suddenly, song yean took her hand and said softly, “shall we go for a walk in the small garden? I think you are too nervous. It’s not good for your health… “

Ruan Shishi shook his head and said in a soft voice, “I’d better go back and stay at the door before I feel at ease.”

Song yean’s words stopped for a moment, and he didn’t know what to say, but he knew very well that at this time, I’m afraid the people in Yugu North hadn’t transferred Lu Xiaoman. If they went back, they might bump into each other, and things would be more difficult.

He took a cool breath, holding Ruan Shishi’s hand. He said word by word, “Shishi, I’m worried about your state.”

Ruan Shishi frowned slightly, looked at him and said seriously, “I’m really OK. Now I just want to stay at the door of the rescue room and wait for her to come out.”

Suddenly, song yean had nothing to say.

He took a deep breath and whispered, “all right.”

Then he let go of Ruan Shishi’s hand and walked slowly behind her.

Here, he can’t afford to delay, so he can only hope that the people in Yugu north will move them away as soon as possible.

Rush to the operating room, Ruan Shishi! It is found that the light at the door of the emergency room is not on, which means that the rescue is over.

As soon as she breathed, she went up to the nurse and asked, “what’s going on inside? Is the child safe? “

The nurse looked at her strangely, frowned and said, “a group of people just took people away, don’t you know?”

“What?” Ruan Shishi is like being struck by lightning. His brain is blank. He looks at the nurse in front of him in a chaotic way, thinking about all the possibilities in his mind.

She responded and immediately asked, “what kind of person?”

“A group of men, all dressed in black clothes, looked like some underworld. Before the operation started, they just snatched people away…”

Ruan Shishi’s brain rang for a while, and she almost realized what had happened. She looked at the nurse again and asked, “where did they go from?”

“Over there.”

The nurse gave her a direction.

Ruan Shishi didn’t dare to delay his thanks for a moment, so he ran to the other side immediately.

Most of those people are sent by Yu Gubei. She knows very well that if they go out from here, the nearest way is the back door of the hospital. They must have left from the back door with Lu Xiaoman.

Song yean frowned and strode to catch up, “poetry! Don’t go. Wait for me here. I’ll go after you! “

Ruan Shishi kept walking at his feet, “no, I lost people. I have to go!”

Suddenly, she thought of something, quickly looked back to song yean, “yean, you go to the front door to call a few security guards, said to go out an accident!”

At this time, if you want to stop them, you have to make some noise. She remembers that there are always several security guards at the front door of the hospital, and only one at the back door. If you can call those security guards to the back door, things may change.

Song yean hesitated for a moment, and finally agreed. He looked at Ruan Shishi’s back and took a deep breath. He immediately took out his mobile phone and sent a text message to Yu Gubei, “no matter what, don’t hurt her.”

Chapter 1422

If Ruan Shishi really catches up, if he shows up with Yu Gubei, it will be very embarrassing. After all, he did it secretly, so he can’t show up.

At the same time, Ruan Shishi ran out of the hospital building and ran to the door of the hospital. Before he could stand still, he saw a black car parked on the roadside not far away. Several men in black were pushing a wheelchair. The woman in white nightgown and long hair on the wheelchair was clearly Lu Xiaoman!

As soon as they got to the car, Ruan Shishi rushed up and yelled, “stop! Let the people go

Hearing this, they turned to look at her and saw that it was her. Two men quickly blocked in front of the car door and stared at her coldly.

Ruan Shishi takes a deep breath, bites her teeth and steps forward. Seeing that the unconscious Lu Xiaoman is about to be carried into the car, she immediately takes out her mobile phone and takes a few photos of them.

She clenched her teeth. “Let the man go! Or I’ll call the police now! “

No one paid attention to her. The men continued to move on and directly took Lu Xiaoman into the car.

Seeing that they were about to drive away, Ruan Shishi gritted her teeth and rushed to the car. But before she got close to the car, she was pushed back by a man.

Where is her opponent of those people? She was pushed hard, and the whole body staggered a few steps backward, almost not standing!

Just then, the door of a car opened suddenly, and a tall figure came down from the top. He said to the man who just started to push people, “I don’t know how to pity jade at all.”

The man’s tone with a smile, listening to disgusting, Ruan Shishi frowned, a look up to see standing not far away Yu Gubei.

He looked down at her with disdain and sneer, “Miss Ruan, for a woman who once betrayed you, why?”

Before she could speak, the door of the car in front of her suddenly closed, and then she left.

Ruan Shishi was stunned. Before she made any response, two tall thugs nearby had already come towards her, one left and one right surrounded her.

Looking at the far away car, Ruan Shishi was furious. She clenched her fist, looked angrily at Yu Gubei, and asked coldly, “are you doing all this?”

From the beginning, she thought it was strange. How could Lu Xiaoman suddenly bleed? After he was sent to the hospital, he was robbed by Yu Gubei’s people. This is not an accident, but a premeditation.

Yu Gubei looked at her with a smile, narrowed his eyes and said, “you taught me this move, didn’t you do it at the beginning?”

Suddenly, Ruan Shishi’s face became more and more heavy. She bit her teeth and took a deep breath, “Yu Gubei, you are so cruel! Dare to attack your own children

Lu Xiaoman lost so much blood, and then he was taken away without rescue. I’m afraid that child can’t be saved.

Who knows, Yu Gubei sneered, “tiger poison does not eat son, my own child, how can I do this? I’m just using a cover up. Don’t worry, your friend and her baby will be OK. It’s the right choice to give her to me. “

Ruan Shiqi’s body trembled slightly, “bah! Yu Gubei, don’t you know what you do? Don’t you think that other people don’t know that you are not as good as a beast, imprison her and torture her? “

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